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In a Class of Her Own – Part 3

Written by HikerAngel :: [Thursday, 24 September 2020 00:02] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 24 September 2020 09:21]

In a Class of Her Own

By HikerAngel


The next day, I walked into the school building to find Fiona at the entrance, eying me suspiciously.

“Lilly, stop,” she ordered. I didn’t have a choice. I had to obey or risk some sort of painful retribution. So I stopped.

“What have you been up to?” she asked, slinking around me like an unbelievably sexy snake coiling around her overmatched prey. I smelled the heady floral scent of her gorgeous blonde hair as she circled me and shivered, feeling my perpetual desire for her sumptuous curves begin to rise in her presence. It made it difficult to think of her as an enemy, when all I wanted to do was explore that unbelievable body of hers whenever she came near me. I briefly wondered what that made her. My frenemy? No. Lovernemy? Was that a thing?

“Up to?” I questioned, swallowing nervously but masking my true feelings from her – I hoped.

“Yes,” she replied, eyes narrowing as she came to stop before me, perfect cleavage on display inside her straining tank. She shifted her weight, pushing out a single elegantly curved hip. “Last week you were lobbying nonstop for me to take away Emily’s extra levels and give them to you. You were practically begging me to increase your power. This week, I’ve barely even seen you.”

She reached out, resting a hand on my shoulder. Her slender fingers pinched together with impossible strength, and pain exploded from the spot. It was a clear reminder of the balance of power between us. Which was to say she had all of it, and I had none. Inwardly, I seethed. But I had a plan. One that would change that balance forever. Or so I hoped. I just needed to be patient.

Too bad patience was not one of my strengths.

Determined not to cringe under her steely grip, I looked her in the eye and lied. “I finally realized that you like having a powered-up Emily too much, and that it wasn’t going to change.”

She released her grip and cocked her head to the side, her eyes curious. She seemed to be honestly surprised for once. “Really?”

Still, I could tell that she didn’t entirely believe me. She seemed to consider for a moment before continuing. “You’re right that I like having Emily where she is now. She looks good as a 5, don’t you think?”

Did I ever?! As I thought of my asian friend’s divine ass in those yoga pants the other day, I felt my level of arousal jump a notch higher. I couldn’t help but give a little gasp. At least my padded bra should hide my stiffening nipples.

Fiona noticed my reaction, and from the smirk that began to form on her luscious lips, I could tell it amused her. “You do agree with me then.”

She began to walk around me, long legs flexing deliciously as she sauntered around me, brushing her sexy, sinuous body against mine as she moved around me, much as I’d done to Liam the previous day. Feeling the tingles of desire that erupted with her every touch, I knew why that was such an effective tool in my seduction arsenal. Damn!

“You know, this is why I like empowering people like her. Helping the little gal realize her potential and all that. Helping you be more than nature ever intended. It’s such a wonderful feeling—”

She stopped suddenly, seeming to realize that she’d been on the verge of saying more than she’d meant to. Not that it mattered. I already knew she was a siphoner. But she didn’t know I knew. At least I hoped she didn’t know I knew. This whole thing was getting pretty convoluted, wasn’t it?

“Anyway, we’re agreed. Emily stays as she is. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t give you more levels to bring you even with her.” There was something in her eyes as she said it. Something I’d never seen before. Excitement and… kindness?

We’d been rivals, but now she was giving me power. And asking nothing in return? That wasn’t like Fiona, was it? From what she’d said, it seemed like she wanted to share the joy of transformation with me. As if she wanted me to experience what she had, even if it was to a lesser degree.

But wait, what? How could she give me two more levels without taking them from Emily? She had taken four of Felicia’s levels for herself and given Emily the other four. If there were two more, that would make Felicia not an 8 but a…


A 10!

What was that? That couldn’t be right. A Class 3 was supremely powerful. A Class 5 was insane. Fiona, at a 7, seemed to be the paragon of femininity. Beautiful beyond belief. Powerful beyond imagining. I had been having trouble wrapping my head around Felicia potentially being a Class 8. But a 10?

Before I could muse any further, however, Fiona completed her circuit around me and kissed me. I felt her lips envelope mine, caressing, sucking. It was heaven.

Her steel-hard arms slipped around me; her long tongue snaked into my mouth. I felt my knees weaken as desire for my archenemy welled within me. Her body was just so unbelievably strong, so mind-blowingly sexy.

I collapsed into her, my breasts compacted by her far firmer, far larger pair. I felt something enter my body. Some sort of energy. It felt…


Very good.

Amazingly good.

I gasped even as we kissed, the rush of power startling me. I’d never felt anything so wonderful. I hungrily devoured her lips, eager to suck every last drop of the power she was feeding me from the overwhelmingly erotic attentions of her perfect mouth.

I felt my body stretch and fill out. It felt like stretching in the morning. Except that when I stretched my legs in the morning, they didn’t permanently grow an inch or two. When I filled my lungs with air, thrusting my breasts outward, their outward thrusting curves never pulled back inward as I exhaled, their size growing at least an inch. Maybe two. As I raised my arms above me, I could see them grow more toned, defined. It was sensual euphoria, feeling my body shifting and molding itself into another whole level of sexual perfection.

When Fiona finished and released our embrace, I fell to the floor, my wobbly knees unable to support me, breathing heavily.

“There,” Fiona said. “You can thank me later. When you’ve recovered. Then we’ll have to have a little contest between you and Emily to see who gets to be my right hand.”

With that, she spun on her heel and walked away with a happy bounce in her long-legged step.

I rose shakily to my feet and leaned on the wall, still feeling the effects of the dizzying dose of power I’d received, not to mention the strange feelings that Fiona’s uncharacteristic generosity had awoken within me. I felt gratitude toward her now. I felt indebted to her. She had given me something amazing and asked nothing in return.

It felt really fucking strange.

Maybe I shouldn’t go through with my plan, after all. But then, those levels hadn’t really been hers to give, had they? They had been Felicia’s. Still, for her to give them to me without expectation or strings attached? That marked a decided change in our relationship.

But enough of all that. Right now, I needed to find a mirror. To see what I now looked like. As I turned to find one, however, I came face-to-face with Emily instead.

“Oh my God, Lilly! You look soooo insanely yummy right now…" Emily breathed, her eyes flickering with flames of desire. "Did Fiona power you up too?"

Emily slipped her arms around me and moved her lips toward mine, but I slithered out of her grasp, backing away. I just didn't have time for Em right now.

The breathtaking brunette looked hurt.

"Look, Em. It's just… I just… I've got something I've got to do right now," I said. Somehow Emily's puppydog eyes were actually making me feel bad. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was getting all soft and gooey inside these days. First feeling fucking gratitude toward Fiona, then empathetic toward Em? Jesus!

I walked away, a strange twisting sensation wrenching my stomach. I tried, with limited success, to shake away the odd feelings and focus on my mission.

Finding a private corner in the library, I took a selfie, admired my heartbreakingly sexy new body for a few minutes, then pulled up Fiona's diary on my phone and read the most recent entry from the day prior.



There's something about Lilly. Emily's cute, but I just can't stop thinking about her friend. I'm even thinking about giving Lilly the last of Felicia's levels. She's so pretty already that I'm dying to see what she'd look like with another couple of levels. Just the thought gives me the chills. In a good way.

Anyways, I think I will. Power up Lilly, I mean. Having her and Emily at equal levels of power and pitting them against each other should make for some entertainment, at the very least…


I bit my lower lip. Geez! So Fiona was on Team Lilly too? She was into me; Liam was into me; Emily was into me. I was beginning to feel pretty damn smug. Now this was how things should be! Just wait until Liam works his mojo on me, bitches…

Feeling a wicked smile tugging at the corners of my stunning lips, imagining how absolutely fucking magnificent I'd be with last every one of Felicia's 10 levels, I struggled to focus my mind instead on what I needed to do to get that to happen.

I needed to get Liam close to Fiona. It would be best if she was distracted. We weren't sure if she was powerful enough to resist Liam's power, so if we surprised her, there was a far better chance of success. And Fiona's diary had just given me some great insights into how to do that.

I raised my phone and texted Liam to meet me in the library.


“Liam, you really need to work on your power-up technique this time. Fiona makes you look like a total fucking amateur. She’s just so much sexier about how she does it, with the kissing and the touching, and the…" I trailed off as I saw that Liam simply looked confused.

Exasperated, I realized that I wasn't going to get anywhere with this. "Never mind. You’re just a guy. Sexiness is beyond you.”

He looked chagrined. Poor, clueless little fucker.

Now just hide back here behind the bookshelves, okay? I just texted Fiona, and I'm pretty sure she'll come. I'll distract her, then when the moment's right, you come up behind her and put the whammy on her."

"The whammy?" repeated Liam with a crooked grin.

"You know what I fucking mean!" I seethed. Why did I have to be stuck with the shittiest possible partner for this little power heist? This was why I hated boys! They were soooo stupid.

"After that, you touch me and give me the powers," I finished. "Easy peasy."

"Okay. But don't you think I should maybe give them back to Felicia? I mean, they are hers after all."

My jaw dropped. Okay, so stupid didn't even begin to describe this boy-shaped moron. For once, I was too floored to curse. And for me, that's really saying something!

"You can't be serious right now."

He looked thoughtful. How's that for irony? Liam. Thoughtful. I decided that I was going to have to remind him what was in this for him.

"Do you think Felicia would be as grateful as I am?" I ran a fingernail along the center of his chest, watching delightedly as he shivered. I leaned closer. "Do you think she would do what I'll do to reward you?"

I watched his gaze fall to my lips and suppressed a smile, instead dropping my voice into husky territory. "I guarantee that no one will give you an experience like I will. Not Felicia. Not Fiona. Just me. And just think of what I'll look like as a fucking Class 13…"

I let those words hang in the air and accelerate Liam's heart rate for a few seconds.

Before I could continue my seduction and finish wrapping Liam completely around my little finger, however, I heard the double doors of the library's entrance swing swiftly open. Shit! Fiona was here already.

"Hide!" I told Liam in an urgent whisper.

He ducked behind the shelves, as I straightened the white button-up shirt of my uniform and stepped out into the open.

"So what did you want to see me about, Lilly?" asked Fiona. She was playing it cool, but I could detect a hint of anticipation in that lilting voice of hers. Yep, she wanted me. Good, I thought smugly.

I smiled broadly, gliding gracefully toward her. "I just thought that I should say thank you. You know, for what you did this morning." I gave her my best innocent look, which admittedly wasn’t that good. Innocent I just wasn’t.

Felicia stopped before me, arching an eyebrow suspiciously. "Well, you're welcome, I guess."

"Wait! That's not what I meant, I mean…" I babbled before stopping myself.

Smooth, Lilly. Really smooth.

I let out a frustrated breath. "This is how I wanted to thank you."

I closed my eyes, stepped into her, wrapped my hands around her stunning body, and kissed her deeply. She went rigid for a moment, then relaxed, her eyes fluttering closed, her expressive lips beginning to suck the sensitive flesh of my lower lip, her mouth moving slowly against mine.

When I knew she was fully engaged in the kiss, I popped my eyes back open, scanning the room behind Fiona for Liam. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, I saw him sneaking around the bookshelves until he was directly behind her. He paused to ogle as I continued to suck face with Fiona.

I gave him my best "what the fuck, dude?!" look with my eyes, and it seemed to spur him back into action.

He touched her back, eyes closing in concentration. I felt the impossible firmness in Fiona's body begin to soften in my arms. Suddenly, her eyes opened in shock. She began to struggle in my grasp, but her strength had already faded to the point where I could hold her. Barely.

Her exertions intensified, and she managed to turn part way around, catching sight of Liam. As her strength continued to decline, she screamed, the cry equal parts frustration and anger. I felt my own power decline, the two levels Fiona had given me, apparently drawn into Liam, just as her own stolen levels were. I had wondered whether Emily would need to be drained, but it appeared that her extra four levels from Fiona would be pulled into Liam without the need to touch her directly. Her gifts to us were apparently as suckable by Liam as her own stolen levels.

As Liam finished draining her, stepping back, Fiona managed to push me away. We were on even terms now. She was a Class 3 now, just as I was.

"Liam!" I cried, now realizing the flaw in my plan. Fiona was standing between us, turned toward Liam, hand extending. Shit! She was going to simply siphon Felicia’s stolen power right back out of him! Would that work? Was she a more powerful sucker than Liam? Probably. Liam was kind of a pansy compared to Fiona.

Desperate, I grabbed Fiona’s other arm, and pulled her backward as hard as I could before releasing her. I hoped the brief, unexpected contact hadn’t allowed her to siphon me. It didn’t feel as if it had. There was no telltale tingling sensation.

She stumbled backward and fell to the floor. I tipped a bookshelf onto her, burying her in a giant crash of crinkling books and crackling hardwood. That should delay her a bit.

I spun, scanning the room for Liam, but he was gone. Where the hell…?

Before my mind finished the question, I already knew the answer. He'd gone to Felicia to give her powers back.

Mother. Fucker!!!


Panting, I arrived at Fiona's house at a full run, finding Liam’s car parked outside. My lips curled into a sneer. That aggravating little punk!

I'd thought I had a chance of beating him here, but he'd driven a damn car. I lowered a shoulder into the door, accelerating into it with a chorus of splintering wood. Stumbling inside, I regained my balance and sprinted upstairs to Felicia's room.

I stopped as I entered, eyes widening in horror.

Liam was reaching out, about to touch Felicia’s arm.

“Liam, no! I’m here. You can give her powers to me!” My voice cracked in desperation as I half ordered, half pleaded with the boy.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Liam turned to face me, just as his fingertips brushed the back of the pretty blonde’s hand.

I saw an expression of surprise and perhaps something more flash in Felicia’s eyes. Her shoulders fell back, her chin rising.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! I was too late!

“Oh God,” she breathed, clearly feeling the nascent rapture of the coming ascension. Felicia glanced at me, astonishment written all over her face.

“W-who are you?” the girl whispered as she began to tremble.

Liam had been right to be unsure whether Felicia was a powered before we had first visited Fiona’s house. As a regular, this girl, dressed in a tight, pastel sweater and short skirt, had to be one of the most naturally beautiful women alive. As a Class 10… I swallowed hard, unable to fully comprehend what I was about to witness.

Already beautiful, within seconds Felicia was well on the way to completely stunning. I had never watched another girl go through the transformation before, and it was a sight to behold. The memory of my own transformation was hazy at best, the sensory experience a hazy, pleasurable blur.

The girl’s blonde hair lightened in color, seeming to lengthen and thicken in vibrant undulations before my eyes. Her eyebrows rose and arched. Her eyes grew larger, wider, more expressive, increasingly bright. Her face grew more symmetrical, more heart-shaped, her cheeks, more sculpted. Her lips puffed into a sexy pout, reddening as they began to tremble.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream, and I could see the waves of rapturous sensation crash through her – a feeling I remembered all too well from my own transformation. I could just make out her teeth whitening beneath her wide open lips.

The transforming girl staggered toward me, and my gaze dropped to her body as I reached out my hands to steady her by the shoulders. Her breasts came to a stop a few millimeters from mine. I tensed as I felt them press into mine as they swelled. I saw the upper slopes of two rising spheres rounding into luscious perfection. Her arms put on a bit of muscle, though it seemed to carve them more into elegant feminine steel than bulk. They remained slim and willowy, but their defined, rounded curves somehow whispered their coming power into my consciousness.

The sight shook me into action. My eyes rose once more to her face, finding her eyes, now increasingly luminous and mesmeric.

I was a Class 3. I had to do something now, before she passed me. Maybe I was still powerful enough to hold her so that Liam could siphon her power again. She probably didn’t understand what was happening. I could take advantage of her surprise.

I reached out a hand and gripped her neck. Her eyes bulged as I lifted her feet off the ground. I felt her hand clamp over my arm, but she couldn’t pull it free. Yet.

Realizing I was still the stronger, I smiled. Her fingers seemed to gain strength with each passing second, however. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her for long.

“Liam, you’ve got to touch her again. You’ve got to take her power. NOW!!!” I screamed at the imbecilic boy.

Liam, previously entranced by the girl’s rapidly rising attractiveness, startled, but rather than jumping into action, he simply looked at me helplessly.

Fuck me. I should have known better than to team up with this idiot.

I looked down to see the rest of her body as it continued to transform. Her skirt was becoming absolutely minuscule as her increasingly gorgeous legs grew longer. Her hips strained the poor fabric of the outfit to the point where each individual fiber seemed to pull apart and begin to fray.

Her legs packed on shapely sinew as I held her, nearly long enough to reach the floor again, despite the fact that I had been holding her well above the ground. I raised her a bit more, though I wasn’t sure why. If Liam wasn’t going to do anything, she would be far more powerful than I was in a matter of seconds.

I looked at her dangling legs, unable to help comparing them to mine. They were completely fucking amazing. More gorgeous than mine now? Probably.

Her hand, still grasping at my arm, was feeling tighter and tighter as her strength grew. It was becoming painful. And her ascension wasn’t slowing down; it was speeding up.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Just how powerful was this girl going to become?

I turned to Liam, who looked as if he were a puppet held up by a string. He seemed content to simply ogle her ever-more-ravishing body.

The pain in my arm under her fingers continued to intensify until I couldn’t hold on any longer. Felicia didn’t fall, however, from my opening hand. Her legs had grown so much longer that her toes now touched the floor.

I tried to pull my hand away. I couldn’t. Her fingers were like a vise, pressing ever-harder into my whitening skin.

I tried again. No luck. She was just too strong for me now.

Her delicate fingers dug into my flesh all the way to the bone. It was soooo painful. Fuck!

“Aaaaah!” I finally cried out, unable to take the agony in silence any longer.

Felicia looked first confused, then startled as she realized she had been gripping my arm so tightly. She released her grip.

Thank God!

I instantly retracted my arm, inspecting the flesh and the red finger marks all over it, feeling the tingle of blood flow replace the dull agony of her inexorable pressure. I knew that it would bruise, but for now, I was just happy to be free of the pain.

The faint, delicate hairs on my arms began to rise as I inspected my damaged limb. The aura of power that was radiating from the girl in front of me was incredible. It reminded me of Fiona’s, when I had been a Class 3 to her 7. Except more. So much more.

I remembered something from physiology class during one of the rare times that I actually paid attention. Power classes weren’t linear in power gain. They were exponential.

“She’s on her way to becoming a ten,” said Liam in a voice so quiet, it was practically a whisper. He sounded awestruck… and more than a little terrified.

Her body’s development accelerating, Felicia had now left gorgeous far behind. Hell, she well on her way to leaving perfection behind. She was working on absolute fucking divinity, somehow stacking perfection on top of perfection as her beauty continued to ascend.

Her platinum satin tresses glowed with matchless magnificence, falling around her like the veil of a goddess. Her eyes were achingly blue oceans of unthinkable power.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Had I thought that already? I didn’t know. I was too shocked right now to remember my own thoughts. She was going to be as strong as what? A hundred people? A thousand people? More?

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Parting, her lips formed words. I think they did, anyway. All I could hear was the seductive purr that was now her voice. It drew me magnetically toward her with almost physical power.

Her complexion redefined the term flawless. Its exquisite splendor was absolutely devastating. I couldn’t believe it. I felt a void of hollow euphoria form within me. No one could be this perfect, could it?

Except that it could.

The evidence was right before my eyes.

I swallowed hard as I tore my eyes away from that divine face. My eyes widened as I watched her body continue to develop. I couldn’t believe she was actually becoming more beautiful at this point. How the fuck was that possible?

I tried to remember to breathe, feeling my knees go weak. What was that scent? It was unbelievable! So seductive, so erotic…

Was I standing? I couldn’t remember right now. I looked around to check. Yes. I was.

I stole a glance at Liam. He had collapsed and was now writhing on the floor. As overwhelming as the experience of witnessing Felicia’s ascension was for me, a Class 3, it had to be far more intense for Liam, who, aside from his power, was a regular. He didn’t seem to be doing too well.

Ha. Served him right.

My eyes couldn’t help but be drawn inexorably back to Felicia, however. I couldn’t help it. I had to see. My eyes zagging diagonally across her ultrafeminine form, they drank in impossible beauty everywhere they turned.

Her arms looked impossibly toned, despite their slender profile. The invisible, crackling aura of power that surrounded them instantly burned into me the visceral knowledge that they were capable of strength beyond anything the world had ever seen.

Sweater tearing vertically down the middle, the flawless flesh of unthinkably perfect breasts was exposed on each side of her sternum.

Their shape? Perfection.

Their size? Perfection.

Their firmness? Absolute fucking perfection.

It was nigh impossible to think of any other words to describe them.

I was close to collapsing to the ground now, simply from the sight of her. If that sweater pulled away to reveal any more of those shapely swells, I would, quite literally, be floored.

Her abs, exposed now beneath her rising sweater, which continued to pull upward in a doomed effort to keep up with her burgeoning breasts, looked every bit as earth-shakingly powerful as her arms. Probably more. How could she be so slim, with such a tiny waist, and have abs so chiseled that no Greek artisan could possibly have conceived of sculpting them?

Thinking of when I had punched Fiona’s abs two weeks ago and broken my hand, I wriggled my slender fingers. What would those things do to me? Power increases were exponential, not linear, right? My thoughts were growing fuzzy as her body continued to addle my brain. Or maybe my mind simply boggled as it attempted conceive of the power this girl possessed.

Felicia seemed to notice her own body in the mirror, twisting to see her own backside. The movement brought her mind-blowingly spectacular ass into my view.

It was too much. My trembling knees gave out, and I finally collapsed to the floor.

Voluptuous didn’t even begin to describe her sumptuous curves. The twin hemispheres were unthinkably delicious, so utterly succulent that my tongue involuntarily swept along my lower lip as I imagined touching it.

Oh, God. To touch that…

I shuddered, my heart rate quickening to dangerous levels. I felt my lower lip trembling even as my tongue moistened it.


The spellbinding beauty’s skirt gave way to the mind-shatteringly sexy swells of her lower body as a tear worked its way upward until the waistband snapped. Fabric wafted in a patterned billow to the floor.

Fully revealed save for a thinning line of overtaxed panty that would soon snap, her thighs were rivetingly sexy. The nubile skin that encased them was so perfectly smooth that it appeared as though it were painstakingly polished satin, almost glowing with tanned, radiant health.

The muscles that slithered beneath their surface could likely move mountains with their phenomenal power. The sinuous flow of those luscious thighs continued for what seemed like miles until it intomesced again into sleek, sculpted calves. As she rubbed the elegant swells of impossibly firm flesh against each other, I was fascinated. My eyes grew glassy as they watched her feminine muscles ripple within her magnificent form like cables of hot liquid steel.

Searching for relief from the awesome sight of her divine body, my eyes found the floor, only to be entranced by admiration for her sensually curved feet. My fluttering stomach leapt further into my throat, however, when I saw those feet lift from the ground, rising off the floor completely.

I gasped, my eyes finding the cool heat of her angelic face once more. Her eyes were closed, lashes so long, they touched an inch down the graceful lines of her youthful cheeks. Felicia seemed to be concentrating.

I watched her rise, floating above the ground, putting the final touch on her ascension to goddesshood by showing that gravity no longer held her under its sway. It, just as everything else on this planet soon would, bent to her will.

Her eyes suddenly opened to reveal bottomless sapphire pools of liquid seduction. She breathed out, and I felt my hair whip back.

I wondered if I should bow or something. It seemed appropriate. But I shook my head. Fuck that. I wanted to be the most powerful, the most beautiful, the… most.

And now I was back to being nothing. This girl was so far beyond me that I was nothing to her.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

I had been so close to having what she had. More, even. Now? Liam has to grow a fucking conscience and turn Fiona’s sister into some kind of supergoddess of female perfection?

Damn it!

That could have been me!!!

I eyed Felicia, my gaze turning lascivious as her hair floated about her, swirling around her impossibly elegant face. So it wasn’t enough that her breasts defied gravity, apparently. Or even that her body could defy gravity? Her hair could do it too? Her fucking hair!

Despite my best efforts to fight it, I felt my heart flutter with desire for this impossible beauty.

Oh, God. Here it comes. I remembered the effect Fiona had had on me. And even Emily.

I thought back to Emily, and to the look on her face when I had pulled way from her. Emily was so gentle and kind. It made me wonder for a moment what Felicia would become, possessing this much power.

No one had ever held power like this. No powered. No military general. Not even any world leader. I watched waves of power shimmer around Felicia. They seemed to roll off her body. It was as if she was brimming with such mind-boggling strength that it didn’t matter if a few kilotons of power could simply dissipate into the air around her without concern.

Felicia slowly lowered back to the floor, toes touching first, then heels. She breathed in, widening the gap in her sweater, exposing more of the glorious globes that were her breasts. I felt my own nipples tighten in anticipation.

As the girl walked toward me, I felt the beginnings of moisture below. Suppressing a moan as she neared me, that seductively sexy fragrance wafting over my body, I felt my overwhelmed body tremble.

But she walked past me. I let out a shaky breath. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d been expecting. But it wasn’t to be ignored. My eyes found Liam on the floor trembling and occasionally spasming with his eyes closed. He didn’t appear to be fully conscious.

Felicia walked outside. I heard her enter Fiona’s room. I heard the sound of drawers opening and jewelry jingling. A moment later she re-entered her room, a pile of necklaces, rings, and earrings into her palm. As she walked leisurely between Liam and me, she squeezed her fingers over the mass.

She seemed to delight in the feel of gold and silver heat dripping through her fingers, melting into a shimmering river under the power of her grip, the metal softening as she crushed her most valuable possessions together into a messy sphere. She used her other hand to pack it like a snowball, tossing it and catching it a couple of times casually.

I scowled, not surprised by her feat of strength, but definitely not happy about it. A surge of anger coursed through my veins, suddenly giving me the strength to rise. How dare this bitch take this much power. Power that should have been mine!

My sudden movement caught Felicia’s eye. Amused at my less-than-pleased reaction, she extended a slim leg and used her toes to knock me into the wall. Her toes! I bounced off the drywall, leaving a large dent behind me as I collapsed on the floor once more.

“Fuck! What was that for?!” I asked, looking up at her, anger making me defiant.

“Fun,” she replied with a wicked smile, tossing her hair as if the answer were obvious. “Now lick my calves.”

“Your… calves?” I said, giving her a questioning look.

“Yes, my calves, bitch! When I say to do something, you better damn well do it! Do not question me, just DO AS YOU’RE FUCKING TOLD!!!!”

I was stunned. If the rest of the day hadn’t been shitty enough, this just took the cake. Felicia was turning out to be even worse than Fiona had been. What was it they always said about power corrupting?

Why couldn’t I be the one corrupted by absurd levels of power?

I felt tears welling in my eyes. Oh, hell. Fucking Liam. I was going to kill that stupid boy when this was all over.

I ran my fingers along the back of her silky calves, the feel of her skin electric as it pulsed with power. The smoothness of their breathtakingly shapely curve was intoxicating, and I closed my eyes, delighting in the sensation of touching her impossibly perfect body.

I leaned down, pursing my lips before pressing them against the tanned expanse of tantalizing flesh. I extended my tongue and licked upward in a zigzag pattern with an eroticly charged shiver.

As I finished, my pink tongue withdrawing languidly into my mouth, she smiled.

God, her legs were perfect.

I began to hyperventilate, the feeling of admiration and desire for the physical perfection that was right before my eyes overwhelming.

“Now my thighs,” she commanded, her bewitching eyes flashing.

I looked up at her questioningly. Her eyes were hard, without mercy.

So I shifted my gaze to her thighs, leaning in once more. I extended my long tongue again, working it up the inside of her thigh.

As I neared her sex, she seemed to consider, then evidently decided to make this last a bit longer.

“Now kiss my breast,” she said, her gorgeous voice raising goosebumps along my skin.

I rose to my feet, swaying as I pressed my lips to the inner surface of her full breast, just inside the frayed fabric that was straining to cover her nipples. As my lips suckled her sleek flesh, I could tell she felt the electricity of my delicate touch. The girl quivered under my ministrations.

As I pulled away, my chin trembled. I wasn’t sure whether it was from the odd intensity of the moment, my burgeoning arousal, or my impending humiliation. Maybe it was some combination of all of the above.

She guided my head down gently until I was kneeling before her, staring at the smoldering space between her supple hips where her thighs met.

She licked her lips.

“You know what comes next,” she whispered breathily. I did. And God help me, as my anger drained to leave behind a hollow, burning mixture of despair and desire, I realized that I wanted it more than I’d ever wanted anything in my life. To please a divine creature like this…

Before I could start, however, Felicia’s head jerked up. Twisting my body, still on my knees, I turned my head to look.

At the entrance to Felicia’s bedroom, gaping in terror, stood Fiona.

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