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Seeking the Seer, Chapter 1

Written by Woody :: [Tuesday, 06 October 2020 09:40] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 10 October 2020 20:57]

It started out like any other day, but due to a series of events that no one could foresee; it would change her life forever. Julie Torpor was called into her bosses’ office on a Tuesday morning. When she walked in she saw a handsome man sitting in a chair. As she sat down, her Boss introduced them. “Julie, this is Harrison Watt, one of our senior clients. He has asked that you personally join his company as our representative for a tender process. He insists your skills will help secure the best deal for him and his company going forward. He will even give you a 20 percent pay rise for the duration of the time that you are employed with him.”

“I don’t know what to say.” said Julie “But does he know about.”

“The narcolepsy.” interjected Harrison. “Yes I do, I have a family member who suffers from it so I’m aware. I’ve set up a room at my business where you can sleep whenever you need to. What do you say.”

“But what about….”

“You’re other clients. The company really values his patronage. We’ll cover for you.”

“Just say yes please.” said Harrison

“Then no problem.” Said Julie “Just let me get a few things.”

As Julie was packing up her desk Harrison approached. “So you’re a fan of Dozer hey.”

“Is it that obvious.” Julie blushed

“Just a tad but I’m a big fan as well, I met her recently actually.”

“Oh My God I would do anything to meet her.”

“Never say never Julie.” Harrison said grabbing a box. “Let me take you to our place and show you around.”

A limo pulled up and the two hopped in. Julie soaked in the luxury as she and Harrison were chauffeured to his place of business. They arrived at a bustling building and took the elevator to the 15th floor. They walked through the crowded floor to an office in the corner. They walked in and as Julie sat down Harrison shut the door.   

“Julie I’ll be honest. I need your help to save the world. What I’m about to show you is an understanding of proof that I’m telling the truth.”

Julie looked at Harrison and her jaw dropped. “I’ll do whatever you want, count me in.”

As the two talked the limo drove off. In the rear view mirror a half finished construction site with the words “No Access.” out the front, and no 15th floor.

Later that night a woman was slinking through a museum. She arrived at a doorway at the entrance to the exhibit for the Jade Dragons eye, a 35 carat green diamond and one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet. She flicked open a small disc and gently blew a fine powder into the air. Red beams flickered to life showing the complex grid of electronic protection. Suddenly she felt an intense headache. “But, I’m at home, what happening.” She thought just as she felt a hand placed on her shoulder. Alone and without her usual escape measure she slowly turned. She wasn’t greeted by a security guard but rather a hooded person.

“Judging by that recoil you can’t escape. I know you’re after the diamond Multiplex.”

“How do you know my name.” the woman replied.

Suddenly the power gut and the lasers died. The hooded figure casually walked up and lifted the Jade’s eye from it display walking back and casually tossing it back to Multiplex. The second he exited the area the lasers flashed back into life.

“I know more than you could possibly comprehend. But that diamond is chump change compared to what I’m offering you. I need someone with your “talents.” to acquire something for me.”

“After that display, get it yourself, you obviously don’t need me.” Multiplex asked.

“Like I said, I need someone with your talents. But you will be richly rewarded. How much do you know about Pandora’s box.”

“You’re kidding right.” she said back. “That story, that box is mythical at best.”

“Oh it is very much real, and I can very much get you to it. You can keep the box. I just want what is inside.”

“And what exactly are you going to do with hope?” she asked

“Oh this is far more valuable than just hope to me my dear. But that is for me. You keep the box, I get what’s inside. Don’t think too long.” he said as the alarms started ringing out “do we have a Deal.”

“Deal, when will you be in touch.”

The figure was gone and Multiplex saw two guards in the distance. “Shit.” she said as she jumped up her zip line. As she flew up the diamond fell to the ground

“Dammit.” she said as she scurried to safety “This box better be worth it.”

The next day Ashleigh and Belle arrived at the beach. It was packed with day trippers and locals getting their dose of the brilliant day. Ashleigh had convinced Belle to get out of the house and accompany her as her “photographer.” for her Instagram account. The girls found a spot and lay out their towels. Ashleigh was wearing a pink bikini with a white wrap over her waist. Her blonde hair perfectly manicured. Belle on the other hand was wearing a loose fitting shirt and shorts, hair in a ponytail and pearl earrings. After a few shots on the beach, Ashleigh suggested that she get some in the water to round it out.

“Can’t I just sit here and read.” said Belle.

“Just a couple of shots and then you can do what you want.” said Ashleigh.

“If you’ll give me some peace sis, then fine.” Belle said. She took off her shirt revealing an off the shoulder black one piece swimsuit.

“Nice suit sis, conservative but sexy at the same time.”

“Can we just get this done.” replied Belle grabbing her camera.

The girls headed down to the water. Ashleigh went waist deep in the ocean and put her head underwater. She flicked her hair over her head as the water cascaded over her. Belle snapped the shots. After two minutes she asked “Are we done now?”

“Just one more… Arrr.” Ashleigh set off a stifled scream as she was pulled underwater. Belle threw the camera and ran toward her sister. She dived underwater but couldn’t see her sister anywhere.

She ran up the beach, her wet hair bouncing off her over the shoulder swimsuit. She stopped between two marquees and checked she wasn’t being watched. Then she crossed her arms around her chest then pulled them down. Immediately her pearl earrings turned blue and shot out two streams of water that swirled around Belle. A white light flashed and Belle transformed into the Heroine Manta. She took to the skies then ploughed into the water. She searched the water for her sister but she came up with nothing. She landed, visibly distraught at having seen Ashleigh disappear. She landed between the marquees and clicked her gems together transforming back into her swimsuit. She grabbed the camera, and called the lifeguards.

The beach was closed and everyone was mobilised. The police arrived and divers joined the search for Ashleigh. Belle slipped off and re-joined the search as Manta. She scoured high and low but there was no sign anywhere. It was like she had disappeared. She landed and spoke to the commander but they had found nothing. “They won’t.” said a man in the distance as he turned a corner. Manta dashed after him.

“What do you mean they won’t.” demanded Manta to the man. It was just the two of them in an alley. “Your sister’s been taken Belle, I don’t know where but I need you to follow me.” “What do you mean Belle.” said Manta.

“I know all about you and your sister, how she was Black Manta and that you protect the civilians as Manta. I suspect the Black Manta connection is why she was taken.” He clicked a button on a hand held device and a blue sphere opened up behind him.

“She cannot be Black Manta, She’ll be killed.” said Manta

“Then come with me and save her life.” he said as he disappeared.

Manta was beside herself but weighed up the options. This man knew everything and she hadn’t told anyone her secret and no one was present when her Sisters powers were taken. “What choice to I have.” she said to herself as she went into the blue sphere. It disappeared, and Manta and the man were nowhere to be seen.


Ashleigh lay unconscious on a stone slab. Around her was a hooded figure and a woman dressed in a sleek black cat suit.

“Can you read her memories?.” the figure asked.

“There have been a number of walls put up.” the woman replied. “They look to be a defensive mechanism of sorts, but she is the one you are after.”

“Can you get her active? She will be required.”

“I think so, while scanning I found this phrase, virtute Oceanum, in Manta Radii.”

“Well done.” said the figure

A few days later Stacey was at Heathers catching up over Brunch. The two girls were laughing when there was a knock at the door. Heather got up and when she answered there was no one but a black box. She brought the box in and opened it with Stacey. All that was in there was a card

Asimus Avenger; I know who you are

And we need your help.

Bring the Dazzling Diamond with you

She’s with you right now if I’m not mistaken

Turn the card over – meet us here.

“Ahh Stacey, you might want to read this.” said Heather with the colour draining from her face.

Stacey grabbed the note off Heather. “How do you think.”

“I’m not sure but I want to find out.” said Heather cutting her off and pulling a pendant out from her shirt.

Minutes later the Asimus Avenger and the Dazzling Diamond arrived at the address on the card. It was a nondescript house on the outskirts of Craters. As they approached the gate it creaked open.

“I’m not liking the vibe of this place.” said the Asimus Avenger. “What are your thoughts.”

“I can’t sense anything, but they know who we are which mean I have questions they have answers to.” said the Dazzling Diamond, “Shall we.”

“Yeah but not like this.” Asimus said as she pulled off the medallion on her belt

“You’re right.” the Dazzling Diamond said looking around

“DD Deactivate.”

The girls then went up to the door and rang the bell. A woman answered. She was 5’6.”, short brown hair, with a slim build and a rather conservative dress sense holding a coffee. She adjusted her glasses as she spoke in a cheery disposition.

“Stacey, Heather. My name is Julie. Thanks for coming on such short notice and sorry about the ominous letter. I told my boss is wasn’t the nicest letter but he takes effectiveness over niceness apparently. My boss is getting some others but he asked me to bring you inside. Come on in and take a seat.”

“Should we?” Asked Heather

“We’ve come this far.” said Stacey, she then addressed Julie

“Lead the way.”

“Follow me then.” she said as she led the girls inside

- - - -

“Gees what was an ordeal.” Hannah said to H as we walked into the front door.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” a foreign masculine voice said sitting on a chair facing the door. H Slipped immediately out of view while I walked in.

“Hannah Watt.” he said, funny I thought there was two of…” Hyperwoman appeared and went to punch him into next week. “You.” he said catching her hand. “I probably should have expected that.”

As Hannah went to transform he said “Look, I know your BOTH Hyperwoman, or Hyperwomen, and I need your help, Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Harrison Watt.” He then ripped his shirt like we do “But you can call me Hyperman.”

“Seriously can you fuckers just stay in your own dimension already.” H yelled looking a Hyperman. This house is already full. No offence Hannah.”

“None taken, but she does have a point.” Hannah reaffirmed

“Oh I’m not here to crash the party. I’m here to bring you to help. Like I said.” 

“Ahh help where?” Hannah asked.

He clicked a device in his hand and a portal opened up in the kitchen.

“I’ll explain on the other side. You coming.”

“Do we have a choice?” H asked

“Well I’m basically you and I know what I’d do.” he replied as he walked into the portal.”

“Damn curiosity, you in Hannah.”

“If you are.” she said as they both walked through the portal.

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