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The Power of Booty and Bosom

Written by rednecko :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:59] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 31 December 2020 11:40]

Special thanks to Algae2k for editing assistance with the story.

Art by AntZurser

Dr. Lashawn Balihead, a 31-year-old chemistry professor at Ballymore University, sits in her office knowing she has hours of research to do today. Living in the city as a black woman wears on her. She has shoulder-length straight hair almost covering her horned rimmed glasses. Her milk chocolate skin shimmers on her face. Her body is 5’9” tall with a modest 34B cup and about 120 pounds. Wearing a modest skirt and blouse, she looks a lot like Jasmine Tookes without the lab coat.

Dr. Balihead had only weeks to go until her tenure track decision was up. It was the biggest struggle in her life because she hadn’t produced clear results yet. She wanted to create a natural female enhancement formula. She had a promising candidate in Black Cohosh, which was used with Native American tribes in the west hundreds of years ago. She had only gotten minor changes with Black Cohosh and needed something to accelerate the changes.

She was going to couple of radiation and a concentrated injection of Black Cohosh today with a diverse group of college women. Then the phone rang off the hook with bad news. All of her trial subjects had bowed out due to various issues. This made her despondent saying, “All of this work for months, and I may not even get a successful trial. I am going to have to try this on myself.”

She went over to her lab with her assistant, Jessica Hornswig. A 24-year-old chemistry graduate student who believed in her. She was a 5’4” tall white woman with an even smaller 34A cup, 34-inch hips and 115 pounds. She also had short red hair that was a Mohawk most of the time. Having heard about this, Jessica said, “We’ve supported each other through all of these challenges. Let’s be the ones who make this last test together. I have been wanting to try these outfits that would stretch to show results. Let’s wear them and see where this irradiation theory leads us.”

Lashawn agreed to wear the outfits to see if the results would show sooner. Both of them slipped into the outfits, which fit more like dresses on them due to being designed for superheroines, covering their bodies from the collar bone to the ankles with a honeycomb design to allow for their bodies to cool quickly.

Lashawn was the first to take the injection of Black Cohosh, estrogen and other vitamins and then step into the irradiation chamber. Jessica was ready at the controls. Lashawn gave the thumbs up to start, and the chamber was powered up. Jessica had preset the chamber for 50% power hoping to activate the power of the herb without killing them.

Lashawn was seeing the gamma radiation coming towards her. She was knocked onto her knees at first, but then something started to happen. Her brown eyes were the first to change to garnet. Then, her hips and legs started to grow. Her 34-inch hips and butt started to grow. Her butt started becoming voluminous. Her green unitard was showing growth throughout. Her legs were lengthening and building muscular definition to them.

Then her upper body started showing changes. Her torso was becoming flat and developing her abs. It was starting to concern Lashawn because the lengthening of her limbs happened so quickly. She had never felt such pain, causing her to blacked out. Jessica saw Lashawn on the ground and turned the irradiation chamber off. Lashawn kept growing with her bosom being the last to change. Her 34B cups started becoming bigger until reaching 40D. Then, the changes stopped, and Lashawn woke up.

She saw that her changes had stopped and walked to a mirror. She had become a powerful 7’9” woman with 52-inch hips, a 40D bosom, a 30-inch waist with muscular arms. She started crying, “Yes! Yes! I have never been more thick and amazing in my life. Let’s see what this has given me.” She started with a running leap across the room. As soon as she left the ground, she felt lighter than she did before. Then, gravity pulled, and she arched back to the ground about 100 feet away, creating a crater.

She sprinted another 120 feet to a nearby gym bag much more slowly than her leap. Her arms did little to punch the bag except move it. She then wondered what her legs could do with the bag. With one shot, she could launch the bag back to her astonished assistant, Jessica. Jessica and Lashawn embraced their success carefully, and Jessica was ready to see what could happen to her.

Jessica takes the super-secret formula and steps into the Irradiation chamber excited for what would happen to her. Lashawn flipped the switch and Jessica saw the radiation come towards her. Within seconds, Jessica started seeing different changes showing in her purple suit. Her 34A bosom started to change first, showing in her suit. They ballooned quickly from a modest C to a much larger 44J. The next thing was the most painful part of the transformation for her. Her limbs and body were starting to grow larger as Lashawn’s did.

Jessica grit her teeth and said, “Ggggrrrr! Must let the growth happen! I want to experience every second of this!” Seeing the pain Jessica was in, Lashawn turned off the machine. Jessica's arms and back started showing her muscular growth along with her legs. They also made her bosom appear even larger than they were. The one part that didn’t grow much was her hips. Her hair was the last change with her Mohawk growing to a shoulder-length mane of hair as Lashawn has.

The growth stopped, and she ended up as a 7’4” powerhouse with a 44J bosom, 30-inch waist and 40-inch hips. She had even more muscle in her arms than Lashawn did. Jessica started to run and ended up being faster than Lashawn was. She launched the punching bag that was just hung back up over 300 feet away out of the room they were in. She tried kicking her legs to Lashawn’s face to see how strong her legs were and grazed her slightly.

Their playful exhibition was interrupted by a radio news bulletin. “WBLY News here at the corner of National and Harbor Street where the police are trying to rescue hostages.” Jessica said to Lashawn, “We need to get there and help those hostages! Lashawn replies, “We aren’t superheroines! We don’t even know if the powers will continue past minutes.” Jessica counters, “We have to try and see if we can save those lives. It would be an amazing use of our superpowers. I even have face masks to protect us. They are bulletproof just like our suits.”

image0image1She presents cowl type masks that let their hair flow. Lashawn said, “Okay. Let’s see if these superpowers and physical changes last more than a little bit.” They both leave their lab and step outside of the building. Lashawn said, “What are our superheroine names? I think I should call myself ‘Power Booty’. I want to embrace who we are physically for those who get picked on for who they are.” Jessica said, “Agreed. I call myself the ‘Incredible Bosom.’” Power Booty starts her sprint and uses her powerful lower body to leave the ground; the Incredible Bosom starts running at close to 200 mph. They start their adventures as superheroines.

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Love the science angle and the strategic use of present tense. Nice little story! :)
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