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Seeking the Seer, Chapter 3

Written by Woody :: [Tuesday, 13 October 2020 09:35] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 17 October 2020 17:19]

Psionic looked at the newly transformed Black Manta as she lay unconscious on the ground. Suddenly the hooded figure appeared behind her.

“She transformed just as you said she would. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to talk to her before she passed out.”.

“This is a consequence of the mind blocks you saw when you scanned her head. But since she has transformed we will be able to use her as I have intended. How are your puppetry skills, Psionic?”.


Back at the house, the girls were acclimating to their new surrounds. Harrison had given them dossiers of the four minions of the Seer that they would face.

Stacey was reading over Psionic's, Julie was reading the Sirens, the Hannah’s were reading over Black Manta and Belle had Freezerburns.

“So what are your powers Julie?” asked the Hannah wearing a red shirt.

The other one, wearing a blue shirt joined in “Yeah I mean we’re all got something going on, what do you bring to the table?”.

“Just admin I suppose.” replied Julie “Harrison requested me specifically. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he transformed into Hyperman and told me what he was going to do. I jumped at the chance to be a part of this even if it is just a support role. I’ve been a huge fan of Dozer since I found out about her. It must be awesome to be superheroines like yourselves.”.

“It’s not all sunshine and roses.” quipped Heather. “You have to keep excusing yourself from everything. You’re always on call.”.

“And your always under scrutiny for everything you do.” Added Stacey. “Even with the best intentions it’s not always a clear cut course of action.”.

“It’s not like we can get paid for this stuff.” said Hannah in the blue shirt. She turned to the other Hannah “Hang on, can we actually get paid for this stuff H.”.

“Not without revealing who we are. I’m assuming that’s the same with you guys. You don’t want to reveal who you actually are to protect the people you most care about.”.

Belle cut in. “I can’t even tell my twin sister that I am Manta and she was Black Manta.”.

“You mean your sister doesn’t know she’s Black Manta?” asked Stacey.

“No. In order to save her life I had to take her powers from her. I can’t even tell her my identity or she’ll die.”.

“Gees that sucks.” said Stacey “But that leads me to the bigger question, How does Harrison know who we all are and what we can all do when we are all so secure in telling anybody who we are. Doesn’t that ring anyone else’s alarm bells?” said Stacey.

“I suppose that I owe you that explanation, but I assure you there is no ill intent.” said Harrison walking in. “Firstly. though I’ve been in touch with Dozer and she’s on board with our plan. As for how I know who you all are; I’m from the future.”

Hannah burst out laughing “Macguffins, Pandora’s Box, you’re from the future. If I wake up and this is all a dream I swear I’m going to hurt someone. I know you’re the male equivalent of me but for fuck’s sake can you stop making this thing sound like a B grade movie?” she said exasperated.

“How do you explain the portals then Hannah?” said Harrison.

Hannah thought for a minute, she had nothing.

“Fine, continue. But I get to save the cat.” she said.

“In the future you are all heralded for your sacrifices and triumphs during your respective lifetimes. You are studied in schools. Other heroes in the future look up to you, your achievements and sacrifices. When we found out about the Seer, I was chosen to come back and rally you to help save the future. I was chosen due to my connection with the Hannah’s being their equivalent.”

“So why did you not just get the Seer earlier in history.” asked Belle. “I mean why get us together just go back earlier in the timeline.”

“Because in all history this is the only time we found where he physically appears. All other times are just stories.”

“Okay Harrison.” said Stacey. “I believe you.”

“That means a lot Stacey.” Replied Harrison “I hope the rest of you can trust me in time as well.” and with that he left the room.

“Do you really believe that.” asked Heather.

“What choice do we have?” Stacey sighed going back to her notes.


Later at an abandoned warehouse Black Manta was soaring all over the place. She was cartwheeling in the air, hovering, firing water jets form her wrists ad flying through the loops that they created.

Underneath was Freezerburn, moving left and right and in the corner was Siren surrounded by her eager entourage. In the middle of the room Psionic had her hand to her head with two fingers at her temple. She blinked and let go of her hand, and Black Manta fell unceremoniously. Freezerburn just managed to catch her diving before she hit the ground.

“Hey I was over there woman.” Growled Freezerburn.

“Enough; stop your whinging.” she said holding up a finger.

Freezerburn went to speak but his mouth wouldn’t open.

“Hmm, hmm.” he mustered struggling to get air into his lungs. Psionic dropped her hand and he dropped onto his knees sucking in some deep breaths.

“So it looks like you can control her.” sighed Siren “It’s a shame she doesn’t have any consciousness. With her abilities this would be far easier.”

“She was just going to be a distraction anyway. I’ll just have to play a bit more of a support role.” Psionic said. “This is what I’m used to doing anyway.”

“Get me a drink.” snapped Siren to one of her entourage promptly shuffled off. “Hey where is that other girl. Multiplex I think her name was.”

She said she had to get her tools.” said Psionic. “Though when I went to read her mind all she projected a middle finger. She knows where to meet. She’ll be there. The Seer has foretold it.”


That night Sally was all suited up. Not in her regular thieves suit but in a different uniform altogether. She was acting as her job as PA for her brokerage firm she worked at. Their satellite office was hosting an exhibit of rare antiquities and Sally was there for support. Dressed in a black dress with jewels on Sally watched as her bosses mingled with their potential clients. About an hour into the party Sally ducked off to the bathroom holding a glass. In the bathroom she locked the door and placed her hands in front of her. Soon a shadow oozed out her hands and began to form a silhouette of a young woman. When it completed the form flesh and fabric materialised. Sally was now face to face with her clone, and her real work for the night could begin.

As Sally returned to the party her clone slipped off into the darkness. Bearing nothing but a beam torch and a bag she made her way through the empty museum and out the back to the store room. She came to the lock which was a fingerprint machine. She felt through the bag, carefully grabbing the glass which she had taken from one of the guards. Deftly she rolled tape over the lip and picked up the fingerprint left behind. She placed the print on the scanner and a green light blinked into life. She pushed open the door and the lights obliged to help Multiplex with her latest endeavour.

As Multiplex walked the aisles she helped herself to any manner of rare artefacts and gemstones. Suddenly she came across a green diamond. It was the Jade Dragons Eye she was after then the Seer had recruited her. As she pocketed the diamond into her bag, out of the corner of her eye she noticed a metal box. It was the size of her palm and had some engravings on it. She looked at the box “I might get a couple of grand for this.” she said to herself as she put lifted it. She continued on her way and 30 minutes later met up with Sally in the bathroom. She fused back together then grabbed the bag and promptly excused herself from the event.

As she headed to the hotel room she heard faint sirens in the distance. “Glad I’m gone.” she thought as she walked into her suite. She was greeted by Psionic was sitting on the bed, her eyes almost glowing red, seething in anger.

“Have a good night Multiplex.” she scowled through gritted teeth. Sally grabbed the diamond and held it aloft to show Psionic.

“Yeah I didn’t do too badly.” Sally quipped. The jewel then jumped out of Sally’s hand and crashed against the wall.

“You idiot. That museum is where Pandora’s Box is located. They are shutting down the Museum tomorrow for increased security. That was when you were meant to get in.”.

“Well I guess that is my problem to deal with.” retorted Sally. “It’s not like I haven’t broken into other places before. Speaking of which, what does this Pandora’s box look like so I have an idea what I’m meant to be stealing.”.

“Here.” said Psionic waving her hand as a bit of paper flew over to Sally. “Don’t fuck this up for us. I don’t want to die for your petty little greed.” She said as she got up and strode past her leaving the room.

In her head she heard “if The Seer doesn’t kill you I will. Tomorrow. Be at the place with the box. Or else.”. She then heard the elevator button ding then the motors kick into action. She looked at the print out of Pandora’s Box.

“Well isn’t that convenient.” she aid to no one in particular. “No worries Psionic. I’ll be there with bells on.”.


The next morning Heather, Stacey, Belle and Julie were sitting around the table in the kitchen. “I may not have any powers but I feel honoured to have helped in preparing you guys for this confrontation. The Seer is not going to know what he’s up against.” Said Julie.

“Jules you’re just as much a member of this team as anyone else.” said Stacey. “We need someone of your calibre in our squad. Your information has been undeniably helpful.”

“Yeah and you make a great cup of coffee.” added Heather.

Suddenly Julie felt a familiar pull. “Thanks girls. I’m feeling a little tired. I’m going to lie down.” she indicated as she got up. Heather, Stacey and Belle sat as Julie lay on a nearby bed. The Hannah’s walked in just as Julie unconsciously mumbles something. The girls turned and looked on in shock as her unconscious body started to float.

“Are you guys seeing this?” asked Hannah as a small bead of light appeared above Julie and started to spin around her. Her clothes draped down over her body as the light travelled to her heels and started its journey along her body. As the light circled the girls witnessed a stunning change. Her black heels pointed, and as the light spun passed them they changed to a red colour. As the light moved to her ankles and up her calves her heels filled in and a pair of red boots magically materialised. As the light met her knees it intercepted the hem of the skirt. The skirt seemed to vanish, exposing Julie’s flawless porcelain thighs.

At her hips a costume stared appearing, Julies loose fitting clothes changing with each spin of the light revealing the body of a goddess. As the skirt dematerialised a pristine perky posterior emerged. The folds in her top gave way to a sexy flat stomach as the uniform stretched over it. Simultaneously as the light passed her arms red gloved adorned her hands. As the light passed over her bust Julies true endowment was revealed. The suit slid gracefully up the underside of Julie’s large natural breasts, peaking with two slight pokes before sliding down the mounds and continuing up her décolletage.

As the light moved over Julies face her glasses became a form fitting red mask. As the light finished it’s expedition of her faultless body, Julie floated into an upright position and then there was a final burst of light.

The group’s collective mouths dropped. Before them was another heroine. Her brown hair framed her face perfectly and the red mask covered her glistening azure blue eyes. The suit was feminine yet commanded attention; her curves were perfectly and expertly accentuated by a white and red costume. She sported a red cape that matched the highlights in her suit and her red boots. A pair of red gloves completed the look.

“Julie! You were holding out on us. You didn’t tell us you were a superhero as well.” H exclaimed.

“And OH MY GOD, where have you hiding that illustrious figure of yours?” chimed in Heather.

The heroine replied. “My name is Dozer. To answer your first question Julie does not know we share the same body. Harrison has explained to me the Seers plan and I’m on board to stop him. If you don’t mind me asking; as you have now seen me transform, who are each of you?”.

Stacey stepped up into the middle of the room and straightened the hem on her dress. “It’s best that we show you Dozer. You might want to step back. DD ACTIVATE.”

The girls then watched Stacey’s neck snapped back, her arms went wide and she started spinning. Her dress flowed outwards as she started to turn faster and a light started emanating from her body. The light shone brighter and brighter, forcing the girls to shield their eyes, until it engulfed her. Soon after the light faded, and the girls were looking at a completely different woman. Stacey’s long brunette locks had morphed into a short blonde do and her eyes changed from emerald green to a brilliant blue. Her Loose flowing dress had also disappeared and she now bore a purple bodysuit, with her signature diamond emblazoned on her chest. Her shoes were now purple boots up to her knees and a purple cape flowed over her back.

“I’m the Dazzling Diamond, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Dazzling Diamond.” Dozer returned the courtesy.

“Me next.” said Heather as she grabbed her necklace from under her shirt and closed her eyes. The heroines saw the pendant grow to a medallion the size of Heathers palm and float in the air. Her eyes jolted open and her body thrust forward as if it was being pulled to the medallion. It started glowing, and then attached itself to the front of Heathers tights. As it did, thin beams of light flashed in all directions around Heather. They moulded to her body, snaking themselves around her. Once the lights filled in her silhouette they vanished, transforming Heather’s clothes into a blue form fitting full suit. Her red hair seemed brighter, almost emanating fire at the tips. Her face, like Dozers was obscured by a form fitting eye mask, this time in blue.

“You must be the Asimus Avenger.” said Dozer shaking her hand. “Good to have you on board.”

The two Hannah’s stood up in unison. And put own their glasses. “Well our transformations aren’t nearly as flashy as those but me and my girl here are both Hyperwoman. You ready H.” she said to the second Hannah.

They both simultaneously ripped their shirts apart. As their arms extended outwards, their clothes magically changed into matching blue and red suits. Capes adorned both their backs. Gloves materialised onto their hands and up their arms and red boots adorned their feet.

“So you’re identical in every way even when you transform. Doesn’t that get confusing?” asked the Asimus Avenger.

“No, we know who we are.” replied Hannah “it’s nice to meet you Dozer.” said the other Hannah, extending her hand to shake it.

Belle was last to stand. She was now surrounded by 5 superheroines, each whose amazing transformations she had just witnessed.

“You joining in?” asked Asimus.

“Ahh I’m not sure, I’ve never changed in front of others before.” I’ll be back shortly.” she said as she got up from her chair.

Dazzling Diamond put her hand on her shoulder and said to her. “It’s ok. You’re among friends. We all understand that the nature of our identities is our biggest secret and we don’t give this out lightly.”

“It’s just that you’re all so gorgeous. And I’m well…” she pointed at her loose clothing.

Dozer joined in “our opinions on you are not based on what you look like. You are a strong capable Heroine who has shown immense love to her sister. It’s that quality that is endearing to us. We all trust you and will back you whatever you decide. If you want privacy we will respect that.”

Hannah chimed in “Plus we already know you’re Manta. Please show us how you change into your costume.”

Hearing the positive remarks gave Belle sense of confidence. “You’re right.” she said. She took the centre of the room and slowly turned. Dozer, Dazzling Diamond, Asimus Avenger, both Hyperwomen. They all nodded at her. Belle then lifted her arms, crossed them around her chest then pulled them down. Immediately her pearl earrings turned blue and shot out two streams of water. The streams flow grew in intensity as they swirled around Belle, obscuring the heroes’ view of her. Once the water completely covered Belle it moulded to her, briefly showing her own amazing silhouette, and with a flash of light, Belle transformed into Manta.

She had black boots and a figure hugging white bodysuit. A Black belt snuggly hugged her hips. There was a black manta ray in a circle emblazoned on her bust. Her Blonde hair cascaded down a black cape that had two prongs either side of her head. It sprung out on the sides and tapered to a tail. It was black however the underside was the same white as her costume. Her Green eye’s glistened and two blue gems had appeared on her wrists attached to the suit. Her pearl earrings were now the same radiant blue as the gems.

“Damn, where were you hiding that figure? Don’t tell me you’re not gorgeous.” said the Asimus Avenger to Manta, who promptly blushed.

The heroines sized each other up. Between them they had built a comradery that they would now take to the biggest fight of their lives.

Hannah giggled as she looked around. “You know apart from you two.” she pointed at the Asimus Avenger and Manta “does anyone feel like a pallet swap, I’m sick of looking like her.” she pointed to her Hyperwoman twin.

“Ladies.” Dozer called the heroines to attention. “We have been chosen for this mission. We must not let the Seer get his hands on the Macguffin. This will be the biggest fight of our lives. Millions are counting on us.”

“No pressure then.” whispered Hannah to H.

“Ahh Dozer, I see you’ve met our other heroes.” said Hyperman coming around the corner in full costume, mirroring Hyperwoman's. “I’ve just had word that the museum where Pandora’s box is located had a robbery last night with many items stolen. Security had been increased, but they have all disappeared.”.

“The Siren.” asked the Dazzling Diamond.

“I think so.” he said as he threw a device to Dozer. He clicked a second device and a blue portal sprung out. “I'm going on ahead. The time has come ladies. Let’s stop the Seer from getting Pandora’s Box, and the Macguffin.”.

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