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Seeking the Seer, Chapter 4

Written by Woody :: [Tuesday, 20 October 2020 09:27] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 October 2020 18:06]

Security had been increased in response to the theft last night at the museum. 2nd Squadron had been assigned to cover the front door. Around the corner, a woman walked right up to the man on the right. “Where’s the commander?” she asked. He pointed left and as she started toward him the men started to trail in her wake. When she got to the commander she sidled up and whispered in his ear

“You’ve been relieved, follow me.”

She then walked down the stairs. The entire 2nd Squadron following her.

30 minutes Later

Behind the museum, there was a slight crackle in the wind. A blue portal opened and the heroines stepped out.

“Where’s Hyperman? Shouldn't he be here already?” asked H

“Yeah, we were like 15 seconds behind him.” added Hannah

“He’s probably doing surveillance. He’ll be here.” Said Dozer “Can anyone get a read of the situation.”

“I’m on it,” said the Dazzling Diamond as she teleported away. She landed on the roof of the museum where she spotted a sniper, lying motionless on the ground. She went to survey him but stopped in her tracks. She teleported back to the group and confirmed their suspicions.  

“It’s them alright,” she said.

“Well, how bad is it?” Asked Dozer

“You probably need to see it for yourselves.” She said as she grabbed Heather and teleported the two of them back to the roof. The others all hovered up to the roof and met the Dazzling Diamond and the Asimus Avenger.

In front of them, not 200 metres away; three people and an army had gathered.

The first was a man. Half orange and half ice blue. He held a fireball in his hand

The second was a woman. She didn’t seem to care too much about this situation.

And the third was airborne. She wore a black suit with a white belt and a white emblem they could barely make out from their distance. She had a Cape that resembled Mantas.

And in front of them the entire 2nd squadron. Guns trained on the roof at the heroines

Hannah turned around “Do you think they know we’re…?”

Suddenly a burst of water fired directly into her throwing her up and back to the other edge of the roof. The 2nd Squadrons guns then erupted into life around them

“Yep.” she groaned picking herself up

“Split up.” yelled Dozer as the heroes scattered under a barrage of fire.

They split into 3 teams. Hyperwoman Hannah and the Dazzling Diamond, Manta and Hyperwoman H and Dozer with the Asimus Avenger.

Manta made a beeline for Black Manta firing water from her wrist gems. H followed but could not keep up with Manta's speed. Black Manta responded in kind firing water jets from her wrists. Below the onslaught it caused a torrential downpour as the sisters fired at each other, saturating the battlefield. As she continued to fly Manta effortlessly dodged each attempt to hit her form Black Manta.

Dozer and Asimus headed for Freezerburn. As the fallout from the Manta fight started affecting the ground a steam cloud rose around him. Dozer flew at a breakneck speed towards the steam cloud. All of a sudden out of the steam cloud an icicle fired straight at her direction. With lightning reflexes she dodged the ice shard leaving it right in the path of the Asimus Avenger. She ducked into a running crouch, and as the shard came she threw an almighty uppercut. The shard burst into a thousand pieces and she continued to towards Freezerburn.

Manta drew level with Black Manta and looked at her sister

“Ashleigh, what are you doing?” she said as she flew closer. There was no response. She drew eyelevel with her twin and gasped. In place of the sparkling blue eyes were two pure wells of inky blackness. “Who are you?” Belle asked. There was no reply. Just a gush of water that blew Manta Back over fifty metres.

H flew up and met her. “Are you ok?”

“I got to take her out. Whoever that is, that’s not my sister.”

“Follow me.” Hyperwoman H said and dove down below Black Manta. She flew into a dive in an ever tightening circle. The funnel of air created a tornado trapping Black Manta in a spin. Manta added to the trap by flushing it with water.

While this was going on Hyperwoman Hannah was fighting her way through the squadron. She frequently slipped into time dilation to avoid the bullets and move through the crowd to Siren. During one of her Time dilations she spied a woman, dressed in a sleek black cat suit behind some buildings. She had one hand on her head and the other pointing in the air. She followed the hand and saw Black Manta flying and attacking Manta and H having broken free from the trap. Hannah deviated and ran towards the woman. Just as she was getting close the woman turned, motioned her arm and a boulder threw towards Hannah.

“Not so fast,” said Psionic.

Up above Black Manta stopped, and no longer controlled by Psionic, dropped like a tonne of bricks.

“ASHLEIGH!” Manta screamed. She went into a dive bomb trying to catch the sister. She swooped in and caught Black Manta 5 metres from the ground.

She flew outside the battle arena and the Dazzling Diamond teleported over. Manta clicked the gems on the wrists of her sister together and in a swirl of water Black Manta transformed back into her sister Ashleigh. She lay lifeless; her eyes back blue and she was wearing a grey tracksuit.

“I have to get her to hospital.” said Manta, tears welling in her eyes. “I can’t lose her.”

“Go.” Said Dazzling Diamond. “We’ve got your back.”

Manta then shot off carrying her unconscious sister from the fight.   

With Black Manta out of the picture and Psionic entering the fray the context of the battle changed. H had joined Hannah and Dazzling started to head back towards Siren.

Meanwhile, Dozer and the Asimus Avenger were trying in vain to get near Freezerburn. Between the fireballs and the ice shards they just could not get close enough. Then out of nowhere Freezerburn jumped with a jet flame and an icy wind propelling him from his hands. He landed with a crash straight in front of the Asimus Avenger and swiftly grabbed her with his right fiery hand. She screamed in agony as the searing heat from his arm pressed against her body. Dozer turned to react but before she got to Asimus Avenger, Freezerburn grabbed the medallion on her belt and pulled. Suddenly the belt broke free and a light engulfed the Asimus Avenger. When it subsided Heather was back in her gym shirt and tights. “I don’t think you’ll need this anymore.” he scoffed as he threw the medallion away.

Turning his attention back to Heather, She saw a glean in his burning orange eyes. “Let’s see how you burn.” he said with a wicked smile to the helpless heroine. He went to apply his fire hand to her quivering body. Heather closed her eyes, waiting for the pain. But it never came. She opened her eyes, and the Dazzling Diamond was there. An instant later, Dozer, also reacting to save Heather, rammed into Freezerburn; knocking him back 40 feet startling him.

The Dazzling Diamond had teleported Heather behind a wall and into a degree of safety. Heather was gasping for air. “Thanks Stace.” she managed to get out between the heaving breaths. “I’ve got your back, you know that.” Dazzling Diamond replied.

“Sorry I can’t fight anymore.” Heather heaved.  “I can’t fight without my Amulet.”

“You mean this thing.” said the Dazzling Diamond as she pulled out Heather's pendant from behind her back.

“But how?” Heather Asked.

“Thank your flash transformation. I saw the flash and the amulet flying. I grabbed it just before I grabbed you, now do you want to get back in the fight.”

“Give me that,” said Heather. She closed her eyes. Seconds later she was the Asimus Avenger again and they teleported back to the fight.

Freezerburn had recovered from his hit from Dozer and she was flying around him avoiding the heat and the cold bursts from his arms. Steam intermittently flared as his bursts interacted behind Dozer. Silently the Asimus Avenger stepped up, grabbed a bar and swung. Connecting with his head, Freezerburn dropped like nothing and Dozer flew down to Asimus.

“Quick get that! she screamed, pointing to a steel sheet. Asimus grabbed it and threw it to Dozer, who punched it around Freezerburn. The heat melted the steel and Dozer spun it 180 degrees. The ice cured the weld and he was trapped. Dozer landed next to Asimus Avenger, but as they were about to finish the fight, a portal opened behind Freezerburn. A green beam struck out at him and he screamed as he visibly convulsed in his metal cocoon, then dropped. The green beam recoiled into the portal and it disappeared.

The Heroines approached Freezerburn. He was lifeless and had no eye movements, and his arms were no longer the colour of the elements. “What was that?” Asked Dozer. “Beats me. But hey, at least he’s done. Siren next?” replied Asimus Avenger

“Let’s go.” Said Dozer as she flew off. Asimus ran on foot. They joined the Dazzling Diamond with the Siren as their next target. Sensing she was under pressure, Siren directed her minions to attack the three heroines. They found themselves up against a wall of the 2nd squadron, one of the most renowned fighting units in the country known for protecting the country’s most valuable assets. Every step forward from the trio was met with a step back as the two and fro continued; in the end the squadron though were no real match for the 3 heroines. Dozer was attacking from the air, sweeping down taking throngs of gunfire while the Asimus Avenger ploughed through the ground forces, the gunfire bouncing off the super form. The Siren herself was eeking her way backwards planning her escape.

The Dazzling Diamond had other ideas though. When Dozer and Asimus joined the fight she teleported back to the roof. She bided her time and then when the Siren started her retreat she struck. She teleported direct to the Siren and landed a right hook at her. She stumbled and before she could react she was hit with a flurry of blows. She staggered backwards; hopelessly outclassed by the Diamond. Then, as with Freezerburn, a portal opened behind her and a second green beam struck out at the Siren. She screamed as Freezerburn had, along with the entire 2nd squadron, all of whom still under her control. The beam then whipped back and the portal disappeared, leaving a second lifeless body, as well as an entire squadron, in its wake.

That left Psionic. Alone against the 5 heroines she knew she was outnumbered but it didn’t phase her. Dazzling launched the first attack, teleporting next to her but Psionic got the jump on her. The second that the Dazzling Diamond landed she was hit in the solar plexus causing an explosion of pain. Next Dozer came at high speed. Psionic simply jumped and Dozer flew directly under her. Asimus started an approach but was hit by a telekinetic boulder forcefully stumping back. H and Hannah Both started assaults separately but Psionic easily disposed of them all. The heroines backtracked and landed and Psionic went on the offensive.

Picking up anything and anyone she could, Psionic simply started bombarding the heroines. Shrapnel here, a squadron member there, to Psionic it didn’t matter. As she went on her rampage all the heroines could do was scatter. The Hyperwomen landed together. Under the barrage Hannah said. “I have an Idea.” and bent down to the ground. Suddenly both Hyperwomen flew in opposite directions

Psionic thought she was in full control. In her mind she could read everything the heroines were thinking and reacting accordingly. Ducking Dozer, Parrying the Asimus Avenger. Then she heard something

“Left.”, it was Hyperwoman. She turned to parry her when she felt a crunch from her right side. Psionic screamed as her rib exploded.  Then she heard “right.” and as she turned she felt her left leg collapse form a second blow. From the other side the other heroines were seeing Both Hyperwomen launching a coordinated attack. Hannah’s plan was to think the same thing as her doppelganger. Psionic had no hope as she only heard one voice in her head.

The attack worked and Psionic was clueless, trying desperately to regain her thoughts. Hannah and H were ruthless using Psionic as a punching bag. With each sickening blow they were weakening her.   

Stumbling back in intolerable pain it was all Psionic could do to barely stand. The two Hyperwomen landed and started to advance. As they high fived each other they saw a blue portal open again. A third green beam struck Psionic who immediately let out a blood curdling scream. “NO. This wasn’t a part of the deal.” she projected into the heroine’s heads as she succumbed to the beam. When it disappeared. She collapsed as the other had.

“What do you think that meant?” asked Hannah

“Beats me.” replied H

The heroines gathered with the Hyperwoman and they advanced on her position. As they reached Psionic's lifeless body, they saw an unexpected sight. Behind Psionic was a woman cowering behind some rubble holding an old box. She looked as the five Heroines started to run towards her to help.  Hyperman swooped in front and landed in front of the Dazzling Diamond who was leading the charge.

“Please don’t hurt me.” said the woman clutching the box. “My name’s Sally, I work for the museum.”

“Nice of you to show up.” said Hannah to Hyperman

“Open the box and give me what’s inside.” commanded Hyperman

The Dazzling Diamond turned.

Again Hyperman commanded, “Open the box and give me what’s inside.”

Sally opened the box and saw a coin; she picked it up and started towards Hyperman

As Sally opened the box a series of thoughts ran through her the Dazzling Diamonds head.

Pandora’s Box was built to house the macguffin.

The macguffin holds the power to reshape the universe

In order for it to be activated it must be freely given to the person who wants it, in this case.

The Seer

Sally looked at the coin, she picked it up

“DON’T DO IT!” Yelled Dazzling Diamond as she teleported to her

Just as she gave the coin to Hyperman.

He looked at the coin and smirked. “Yes, after all this time. Yes.” And he held the coin aloft

The next words out of the Dazzling Diamond shocked everyone


She grabbed Sally and teleported. Just as an explosion went off.

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