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The Dictaphone – Powering up Pop Stars

Written by The Highlander :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 17:46] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 24 November 2020 09:26]

Author’s Note: This story is based on a series of chapters I wrote for a interactive story (take a guess which one!) extended and modified. It was originally written largely for my own amusement and enjoyment, which is why the end result is so FMG heavy and something of a self insert fanfic. However, since even an unoriginal and rambling finished story is still better than an unfinished one here we are.

The night was falling over a quiet, residential street somewhere in the North of England. In one of a row of nondescript houses, the letterbox in the front door suddenly scraped open, and a small, brown cardboard package dropped through onto the mat. Curiously there had been no sound of anyone approaching the door, and, as silence returned to the house, there was no sound of anyone departing either.

Half an hour later, the house’s occupant, a young man called Alistair, opened the door after returning from an evening out. His thoughts had been on getting changed and heading to bed until he spotted the mysterious package lying just inside the door. “Where did this come from?” Alistair muttered to himself as he picked it up, only to become even more confused when he discovered that the only thing written on the package was his name. With a shrug, Alistair shut the door and headed up to his room to drop off his stuff from the night out before opening the strange package. Inside he found an ordinary-looking dictaphone and a handwritten note.

Here's a present, just for you
Coming right from the abyss
May all your wishes come true

Alistair found himself curious as he examined the Dictaphone, searching for some USB plug or something but not finding anything, not even a battery compartment, which was weird. He checked the package and note again, but there was no indication of where it had come from or who had sent it. Eventually, Alistair was left sitting on the side of his bed with the dictaphone in one hand as he stared again at the strange note. “‘May all your wishes come true’… eh, I wonder what that means?” Normally Alistair would have simply written the whole thing off as a joke and put the dictaphone away to be forgotten about later however, something about the note intrigued him, so he figured it was worth a shot. Pressing the record button, Alistair said, "A glass of water will appear on my night desk,” deciding to try something simple just to see what would happen.

Alistair almost dropped the device as there was a strange sparkling sound, and, suddenly, there was a glass of water on his night desk. He felt his mouth slowly drop in disbelief as he returned his gaze to the innocent-looking device in his hand."Okay, either I'm a lot more tired than I thought I was, or this thing actually works." Alistair felt a bit dizzy as the full implications of what he could do hit him. He had been looking forward to getting to sleep, but now he was too excited by thinking about all the possibilities that opened up before him. “Time to see what this thing can really do," he muttered to himself, looking around the room for inspiration. His gaze settled on one of the posters on his wall of Alistair's favourite pop group, Girls Aloud. He had been a huge fan of theirs for years (despite the occasional comment from some of his friends), but to Alistair, there had always been one small problem with the group: they were far too skinny.

Secretly he loved the idea of big, strong, muscular women, so, while Alistair regarded the members of Girls Aloud to be very hot (particularly Nicola Roberts), he'd always wished that they were bigger. Now, thanks to this magical dictaphone, he had his chance. Trembling slightly, Alistair raised the dictaphone and pressed the record button. "All the members of the pop group Girls Aloud are extremely buff and busty strongwomen, as famous for their strength as their singing." Then another thought struck him and he quickly added one final comment. "Especially Nicola Roberts, the strongest of the group."

The air shimmered as reality warped before settling down again. Looking at the poster on his wall, Alistair stared in amazement at the changes. The poster now showed a gym scene with the girls posing seductively with a range of workout equipment. Each member of Girls Aloud was still recognizable, but now instead of their previously skinny bodies, each one was now a symphony of power. All of them were wearing skimpy workout outfits that revealed chiseled abs and long powerful legs while their tops strained to contain firm bulging breasts; however, it was their upper bodies that were most impressive. Alistair started to drool as he ran his eyes over the wide shoulders and monstrous biceps on display, bigger than any man or woman he had ever seen in real life. Each girl was now showing off with some form of weight: Cheryl and Sarah were seductively curling massive dumbbells; Kimberly held a large kettle bell like a waitress with a tea try; and Nadine was sat on a leg press machine supporting a mountain of weight. The most impressive was Nicola: standing in the middle smiling happily, a huge barbell resting casually on her shoulders. Even at a quick glance, it was clear that she was the largest, strongest and hottest of the group, just as Alistair had wished.

None of the girls looked like they were straining. As Alistair's memories adjusted to the new reality, it suddenly made perfect sense. These five girls were by far the strongest women on earth; indeed, there were only a handful of men who could beat them. He remembered seeing their TV specials where they performed incredible feats of strength like pulling huge trucks, lifting massive objects and bending thick metal bars. Why would they have any difficulty with what were for them lightweights? As the last of his new memories slotted into place, Alistair suddenly remembered something even more exciting.

Girls Aloud were performing a strength show at a local arena tomorrow, and Alistair had a backstage pass! Alistair remembered his excitement when it was announced that they would be visiting his town as part of their latest tour, how he counted down the days until the tickets went on sale, and how had been up early in the morning on that fateful day to make sure he was first in line. His Platinum VIP ticket had cost him over £300, but he would have front row seats for the show and a private meet and greet with the girls themselves beforehand!

Of course, Alistair realised he was now so excited (and turned on) that there would be no way he could get any sleep that night. Fortunately, Alistair also realised he could solve that problem with the Dictaphone, so he quickly recorded, “As soon as I go to bed, I will fall asleep and wake up tomorrow feeling completely refreshed.” After quickly getting changed (and making sure the Dictaphone was safely under his pillow), Alistair got into bed and immediately drifted off to sleep, his mind filled with visions of muscle-bound pop stars.

Alistair was up early the next day and was first in line at the arena when the doors opened. After security had checked his ticket, he was led by one of the guards through a side door and through a maze of corridors into the backstage area. Eventually, he arrived outside a dressing room door with 'Girls Aloud' on it and was told to wait for a few minutes while the guard checked if the girls were ready. After a short while, the guard emerged and ushered him into the room. As he entered Alistair stared around him in amazement. It was a bigger room than he had been expecting and looked like a cross between a traditional dressing room and a gym. There was a series of mirrors around the walls complete with sleeves full of various makeup and beauty products ready for use, as well as racks of brightly coloured costumes for the show; however, the centre of the room was dominated by a collection of weights and other equipment that would put most well-equipped gyms to shame.

The girls were obviously in the middle of warming up for their show as the room resounded to feminine grunts and the clank of metal. Alistair felt overwhelmed as he took in the scene before him: an overwhelming display of female power. Blond bombshell Sarah Harding was sitting on a weight bench slowly curling a pair of 40kg dumbbells, her biceps swelling hypnotically each time. She smiled at Alistair as he stared at her and gave him a seductive wink. Next to Sarah, sultry Irish songstress Nadine Coyle seemed to be lost in her own world as she deadlifted a barbell over and over again, the bar bending each time under the weight of the 230kgs loaded on it. The striations on her long, muscle-packed legs stood out sharply with each rep yet somehow still remained shapely despite their massive size.

"Like what you see pet?" asked a Northern voice, breaking Alistair out of his reverie. Turning towards the source of the voice, he found himself staring at Newcastle lass Cheryl Cole sitting on a second weight bench, steadily pressing two 45Kg dumbbells over her head. She might be the shortest member of Girls Aloud, but Cheryl was just as muscular as the others, and the lift she was currently doing was having a very interesting effect on her top. Each time she pressed the weights up, it also pushed her breasts outwards, straining against her tight top and threatening to tear right through. However, Alistair's attention was quickly taken by the captivating sight of Kimberley Walsh working on her squats just next to Cheryl. His eyes bulged as she pumped out rep after rep with a huge barbell resting on her shoulders. The bar was bending slightly under all the disks loaded on it; with a shock, Alistair realised it must weigh over 250kg! Despite that Kimberley barely seemed to notice the weight, cranking out squat after squat with a steady rhythm. She was wearing tight gym shorts that struggled to contain her world-famous 'iron bum'. Each time Kimberley squatted down it bulged outwards threatening to tear through the stretchy material.

Such overwhelming displays of female power and beauty were having a serious effect on Alistair. He had been becoming more and more aroused from the moment he entered the dressing room, and by this stage, he was starting to get overwhelmed. The sight of Kimberley's magnificent backside in all it's glory hardly helped matters. With some difficulty Alistair tore his gaze away from Kimberly, only to find himself confronted with an even more captivating sight. Nicola Roberts, the strongest and most beautiful member of Girls Aloud was lying on a bench, her long muscle packed legs stretching out on either side of it, bench pressing another groaning barbell loaded with 175kg again and again. Alistair couldn't see Nicola's face; his view was blocked by the massive pair of breasts standing out proudly from her chest, despite the attempts of her top to contain them. As with Cheryl, each time Nicola pressed lifted the weight her breasts swelled in response, the nipples sticking out prominently from the overstretched material. As Nicola lowered her weight for her next rep, letting the bar sink slightly into her soft breasts, the overwhelmingly erotic sight was finally too much for Alistair to cope with, and his vision turned to black as he collapsed in a dead faint.

Slowly consensus returned to Alistair as he gradually became aware of a babble of noise. This soon resolved itself into several female voices arguing amongst themselves. "I told you we were overdoing it but did you listen? You're a fine one to talk to, I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack when you confronted him with that backside of yours! Hey, just cause you can't keep your hands off my bum doesn't mean everyone's as obsessed as you, and anyway what about Nicola's breasts? That's not my fault, you know how hard it is for me to find anything to control them. I know, it's such a 'terrible' problem for you." Opening his eyes, Alistair saw that all five girls were bending over to check on him, unintentionally giving him a very good view of their breasts. "Are you ok?" Kimberly asked, concern written over her face. "We just wanted to have a bit of fun."

Realisation came to Alistair, the girls had been playing with him! They had guessed that he would be a fan of strong women (hardly surprising, who else would pay so much for a backstage pass?) and had deliberately set up their workout just to show off. He did feel a little annoyed at being used, but he was still too excited at being close to his idols to care. "Don't worry, I'll be ok," Alistair replied groggily, still trying to get his head around what had happened. "I just need to clear my head a bit." The girls relaxed visibly at this, and Nicola held her hand out toward him. "Come on, I'll help you up." Alistair accepted the proffered hand, and Nicola hauled him to his feet in an impressive display of strength (which ended with him brushing up against her delightfully soft beasts and almost passing out again). He managed to mutter a quick thanks as he settled unsteadily back onto his feet, still trying to process what had happened to him. The rest of his time in the girl's changing room passed quickly, with Alistair's brain too scrambled by the close proximity of five muscle-bound beauties to ask any meaningful questions. However before he left he was able to get a picture with the girls, all of whom took the opportunity to poise in the most outrageously sexy manner they could, full of jutting breasts and bulging muscles. All too soon it was over and a security guard escorted Alistair away from the backstage area and into the main arena. As he took his seat in the front row and waited for the show to start Alistair was still struggling to contain his excitement at what he had seen backstage. The incredibly erotic sight of the girls pumping massively heavyweights with ease in their revealign workout clothes was burned into his brain, however, it had also planted the seed of an idea.

Eventually, the lights rose on a stage full of stacks of weights, thick metal bars, oversized circus barbells and even several cars ready for use in the strength show. The crowd cheered as loud thumping music started up, and to a defending roar of excitement Girls Aloud walked out, looking even more pumped than Alistair had seen them backstage. They were all carrying heavy dumbbells and wearing extremely skimpy workout shorts which showed off their long muscle-bound legs and tight crop tops struggling to contain their bulging breasts, were all emblazoned with the famous superman symbol, except the S had been replaced with a stylised GA for Girls Aloud. The outfits made the girls look like a group of sexy superheroes, which got Alistair thinking. As Nicola waved to the excited crowd (while casually curling a 40kg dumbbell with the other hand) and the girls began their opening song, Alistair slipped the Dictaphone out of his pocket. 'Girls Aloud are all superhumanly strong’ he recorded into the Dictaphone, his voice almost drowned out by the thumping music of the opening song. But the magic device heard him fine, and there was the by now familiar warping as the world adjusted itself to this new reality.

As everything settled down again Alistair saw the effects of his change. Surprisingly the girls themselves looked almost the same. Their muscles might have looked a little bit more defined but they certainly hadn't gotten any bigger. However what had definitely grown were the girls' breasts, each one was several cup sizes larger and standing proudly on their chests, unaffected by gravity. 'I guess big breasts really are the most common superpower’ Alistair thought to himself. However, while the changes to the girls had been slight, their surroundings had been transformed. Instead of a stage, the group was now standing on the arena floor, nothing else would have been strong enough to support the weight of their new props. The equipment around them had grown hugely, the collection of dumbbells and barbells had changed from normal-sized to an almost cartoonishly large range of bars and plates that must weigh tonnes. Next to them, the thin metal bars had become a massive stack of steel beams and pipes along with a collection of large concrete blocks, while the cars had been joined by a fair-sized bulldozer. The group was still belting out their opening song, but instead of normal weights, each one was now carrying a giant dumbbell bigger than a washing machine without any visible strain.

Satisfied with his changes so far, Alistair decided to sit back and enjoy the show. And what a show! Over the next few hours, the audience was treated to a collection of Girls Aloud’s greatest hits (most of which Alistair noticed had changed from the ones he remembered to reflect the new reality), interspersed with some of the most erotic and effortless displays of strength imaginable. Even better, the entire show was done extremely tongue in cheek, with girls behaving in a very casual manner all the way through. Of course, Alistair knew it was all an act, but he still enjoyed the group pretending as if it was normal for a group of young pop stars to play around with multi-ton weight like they were toys.

As part of the show, there were plenty of casual displays using ‘traditional’ weights like dumbbells, but the numbers involved were astonishing. Ten-tonne dumbbells were curled or pressed overhead single-handed with ease, while even a giant barbell weighing a massive 50 tonnes proved no challenge for the girls to deadlift. At one point, after Cheryl complained about how light a 5-ton barbell was, she rested the weight across her prominent breasts. Although the thick metal bar sank a little into her soft flesh, Cheryl still had no difficulty supporting the weight and indeed bounced it up and down several times using just her pecs. The other girls tried similar tricks with other weights, culminating with Nicola's 'breast pressing' 20 tonnes before complaining that it was still too light for her. Of course, the sight of her lifting such an immense weight with the softest part of her body brought huge cheers from the audience.

In addition to the weight lifting, there were also a number of very one-sided tugs-of-war, with different members of the group effortlessly overpowering their opponents, human or machine. Sarah partially enjoyed herself as she casually overwhelmed a huge group of 100 men: holding them all at bay with one arm while making a big show of checking out her nails and chatting casually to the rest of the girls. She seemed utterly oblivious to the strain the mass of struggling humanity was exerting on her, and, when she finally got bored, Sarah pulled them all off her feet with one quick tug of her hand.

Meanwhile, the piles of concrete blocks and steel beams were used in a series of dramatic displays of destruction as the girls took turns crushing, twisting, snapping or grinding them into mangled piles of rubble. The heavy concrete blocks ranged in size from relatively small reinforced beams to giant cubes over two meters square, however, all of them offered as much resistance as dry kindling to these mighty young women. The smaller beams were broken over the group's knees or across their broad shoulders like twigs, while the larger blocks were hugged to the girl's chests and crushed until they shattered. Nadine had particular fun disposing of one medium-sized block. She casually wrapped her long legs around it and started to squeeze. The concrete shattered very quickly, but Nadine kept going until the concrete between her legs had been ground to powder by her mighty thighs.

Just as with the concrete blocks, there was a collection of different sized metal beams, from relatively small steel piping all the way up to gigantic meter-deep structural columns normally used to hold up skyscrapers. However, no matter how big the beams were, they all proved no match for the super-strong pop stars. All the girls took great pleasure destroying the beams, bending and twisting them like they were made of soft clay and not high-quality steel. Several of the smaller pipes were crumpled up into metal balls while the larger beams were bent in half or twisted into spirals. At one point Nicola asked Kimberly just how hard her famous 'iron bum' really was. In response, Kimberly picked one of the largest structural beams and held it behind her across her bottom. She proceeded to slowly bend the massive piece of metal across her backside, accompanied by loud groans from the tortured metal as it was forced to yield to her incredible strength. When she was finished, Kimberly held the mangled beam high in the air like a baton despite it weighing several tonnes. Everyone could clearly see the large indentation left in the metal, proving that Kimberly's famous bum was a lot harder than mere iron.

Alistair's favourite part of the show, however, was when Nicola faced off against the bulldozer. The mighty earthmoving machine clanked noisily across the concrete floor until it reached Nicola, who effortlessly stopped it in its tracks with her outstretched hands. The sound of the engine rose to a deafening bellow, and the tracks tore up the arena floor as the driver tried to overpower the muscular pop star to no avail. As the noise increased, Nicola leaned into the dozer blade to shout at the driver, taking her hands away as she did so to gesture to him over the noise while holding the machine in place with just her chest! After about a minute, Nicola appeared to give up, and with a shrug put her hands back on the blade and started to push. Unbelievably Nicola began driving the bulldozer backward, steadily forcing it all the way across the stage. Eventually, the engine gave up and broke, overwhelmed by the young pop star's sheer power. When Nicola stepped back from the machine, everyone could clearly see the two large dents her bulging breasts had left in the 'hard’ steel, showing that even her chest was capable of overwhelming the thick metal with ease.

For the finale each of the girls picked one of the cars on the stage, handling the heavy vehicles like they were empty cardboard boxes. They then began to bend and crush their car into a ball, twisting and mangling the metal like paper. Soon each girl was holding a rough sphere of mangled steel, which they then proceeded to casually toss back and forth between themselves like they were beach balls rather than one-tonne lumps of metal! Nicola ended up juggling several of the crushed cars before 'accidentally' dropping one of them, leading to an almighty crash and some humorous acting from the girls.

As the show finally finished, Alistair joined in the thunderous applause and cheers from the delighted (and very turned on) audience. As the lights rose and the crowd headed for the exits, talking excitedly about one of the most erotic evenings of their lives, part of him was thinking of more changes he could make with the Dictaphone. After such an erotic show, Alistair was desperate to see Nicola again, especially in her new 'super’ form. By now, however,she would be back in her dressing room; while he knew he could just use the Dictaphone to make himself invisible or force security to let him through, Alistair had far too much respect for Nicola to do something so voyeuristic. He quickly realised there was another solution. Lifting the Dictaphone he recorded, “Nicola Roberts is my girlfriend.”

As the warping of reality faded, Alistair’s phone buzzed with an incoming text. Opening it he saw the contact name was 'Super Nic’, clearly Nicola. “Hi lover boy, I saw you in the front row tonight. Hope you enjoyed the performance, can't wait for you to get back here so I can give you your private show!”

Alistair stared in amazement at his phone as he realised his dreams had finally come true. He quickly hurried back to the stage door; this time the guard just waved him through, obviously used to his presence. Alistair continued through the busy backstage area with some instinct guiding him through the maze of corridors. Eventually, he arrived at the door to the rear car park which was crammed full of lorries for moving all the equipment needed to put on the show.

Alistair started hunting through the vehicles for the group's tour bus figuring that Nicola would probably have gone back there; however, he got a surprise when he finally found what he was looking for. Alistair had expected an ordinary coach, but instead, the 'bus’ was a massive mobile home built on top of a giant articulated lorry with six reinforced axles that looked like something designed for carrying heavy plant -- not a bunch of young pop stars!

As Alistair approached the tour bus, one of the doors opened, and Kimberly emerged followed by Cheryl. Both had changed out of their show costumes and were instead wearing elegant dresses (that still served to emphasise their bulging muscles), clearly heading off for a night on the town. Kimberly spotted Alistair and gave a friendly wave, clearly used to seeing him around.

Seeing the two muscle-bound beauties up close was a little unnerving, particularly as Cheryl's prominent breasts looked like they would explode from her top at any minute. With some effort, Alistair dragged his mind back to the matter at hand. “Have you seen Nicola?” he asked while doing his best to focus on the girls’ faces.

“She's in the gym, of course,” Kimberly replied, jabbing her thumb towards a pair of massive multi-wheeled trailers that had been joined together. “You know how Nic likes to work off her excess energy after a show.”

“You better hurry,” Cheryl added with a grin. “She's really horny tonight; best not to keep her waiting. We're just off to town to drink a couple of clubs dry and see if we can get some action… well, if I can keep my hands off Kimba’s arss!” Cheryl laughed and gave Kimberly a 'playful’ slap on her bum. The shockwave from the blow staggered Alistair and left his ears ringing, unlike Kimberley who barely seemed to notice.

“Hey, I'm quite happy with my boyfriend,” Kimberley responded while giving Cheryl a gentle shove that would have sent Alistair flying. “Not my fault your last bloke was an idiot and couldn't keep it in his pants.” The Gordie bombshell just shrugged, “His loss. I think he realised his mistake when I crushed his Lamborghini into a cube! Besides it's not like I'll have a job pulling anyone with this body,” Cheryl commented. To emphasise her point, she thrust out her mighty chest giving Alistair a close-up view of cavernous cleavage just barely contained by her dress.

Kimberley just shook her head at this display. “Come on; we better get going before you rip your dress, and we have to get changed AGAIN!” She bent down and gave Alistair a quick kiss that left his head spinning before the two pumped-up pop stars headed off, Kimberley's mighty bum moving seductively under her dress.

After the girls left, Alistair made his way towards the gym. He could hear what sounded like a powerful generator running nearby but didn't pay it much attention. As Alistair entered the gym, he stared in amazement at the inside of the room. It was unsurprisingly rather cramped, but brightly lit and colourfully decorated. However, the space was dominated by several massive workout machines, great assemblies of thick metal, and hydraulic rams designed to replicate traditional exercises. After a moment's thought, Alistair realised this made perfect sense. It would be impossible to fit the huge weights the girls would need to challenge them into a small space like this. It also explained the generator as machines like these would have huge power requirements.

Alistair quickly recovered when he spotted Nicola lying on one of the machines pressing a thick metal bar to the sound of powerful hydraulics. As he approached, Nicola finished her set and swung her long legs off the machine. Standing up she gave Alistair a brief view of her powerful body before she swept him up in a massive hug. His head swooned as it was pressed into Nicola's soft breasts (which were significantly larger) while his feet dangled half a foot off the floor.

Just as Alistair was starting to get light-headed from lack of air, Nicola pulled him out of her chest and immediately gave him a massive kiss. “It’s so good to see you again!” Nicola gushed, still cuddling Alistair tightly. “I've missed you so much!” She finally released her hug and put Alistair down where he staggered slightly, still recovering from the effects of Nicola's hug. “It's always hard when I'm away on tour. It was so good to finally be able to perform in your hometown. And now that it's over, we can make up for lost time!

Up close she was even more impressive with her massive but surprisingly sleek muscles pumped even larger by her workout. Nicola had changed from her stage clothes into a more comfortable T-shirt and shorts, but even these were stretched tight particularly across her mighty chest with its prominent nipples. Alistair was also surprised just how tall Nicola had become as he stared up nearly a foot to meet her eyes.

Alistair was just recovering his bearings when he spotted the reading on the machine Nicola had been using. His jaw dropped; according to the display, she had been lifting 130 tonnes! Nicola chuckled as she noticed where he was looking. “Yea, just a light workout tonight, but I needed to blow off some steam. You know how hard it is for me to keep my real strength under wraps, but I don't want to scare people too much." Alistair was staggered by Nicola's casual mention of just how strong she was!

“Anyway, that’s enough talk for now,” Nicola said, taking Alistair's hand in a soft grip that nevertheless hinted at the immense power behind it. “It's time for me to give you a proper workout! She led him out of the gym and towards the tour bus where over the next few hours Alistair learnt just why the group needed such a heavy-duty vehicle as she pounded him restlessly leaving the massive lorry heavily on its axles.

The next morning Alistair awoke confused by his unfamiliar surroundings before his memories of the previous day's incredible events returned. He leaned back on the bed as he remembered the long erotic night he had spent with the new Nicola until a quiet cough brought him back to reality.

Nicola was standing at the end of the bed looking as incredible as she had the night before. She was dressed in a simple nightie that was stretched tight across her massive chest and did little to hide her incredible muscles. However, what grabbed Alistair's attention and made his blood run cold was the dictaphone in Nicola's hand.

"You were still sleeping when I got up to do my morning exercise, so I thought I'd tidy up your clothes. After all, you were in such a rush to get rid of them last night," Nicola explained in a friendly voicewith a hint of amusement. "I was very surprised when this fell out of your pocket; after all, why would someone bring a dictaphone to a concert? Then I thought you might be trying to record something to sell to the papers, and it wouldn't be the first time one of my boyfriends tried to try and take advantage of me like that. So I decided to find out what you had recorded, only that turned out to be far more interesting than I could ever have imagined…"

Alistair had been listening to Nicola with mounting alarm, but now he panicked and made a desperate lunge for the dictaphone. Nicola easily evaded his clumsy grab before sending him flying back onto the bed with a gentle flick of her fingers. "Really?" she asked in an amused tone as struggled to sit up amidst the tangled bedsheets. "You watched me lifting well over 100 tonnes last night for a light workout. Did you think that was going to accomplish anything?"

"I don't know what you're talking about; that's just an innocent voice recorder," Alistair spluttered unconvincingly.

"In that case, you won't mind me doing this then," Nicola replied with a smile, bringing the Dictaphone to her mouth. Alistair gave a shout of despair and frantically scrambled forward, ignoring the utter impossibility of stopping a powerhouse like Nicola. Before he could even get close, Nicola spoke and time froze.

Alistair suddenly found that he couldn't move a muscle; he could only watch as the world seemed to shimmer and drop out of focus. The only thing that remained clear was Nicola who had closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating. Even as Alistair watched, a smile spread across the young strongwoman's face, and she began to change. Her already impressive muscles swelled even larger and seemed to harden while her hair streamed down her back in a bright crimson tide. Nicola's already generous breasts pressed even further forward as her formerly loose nightie contracted around her growing body; it then morphed into a thick rubbery blue and white leotard that looked a lot like something she had worn on a previous tour. Knee-length black boots snaked up Nicola's legs before she started to drift upwards, her feet leaving the ground as she hovered in mid-air. Nicola's smile widened, and she opened her eyes which now glowed with a bright blue light. The newly transformed superwoman let out a shout of triumph and flung her arms wide, her might chest thrust forward and her jaw-dropping breasts jutting out proudly in defiance of gravity. The world around Nicola grew brighter as if a star was erupting behind her until all Alistair could see was a faint outline of the former pop star. Even this quickly vanished as everything was consumed in a blinding flash of light.

The next thing Alistair knew he was lying face down on the floor in the darkened remains of some smashed shop surrounded by collapsed shelves and debris. He scrambled to his feet as an explosion sounded from outside, and he desperately looked around for some way out but found the only exit blocked by a wrecked truck crushed beneath lumps of broken concrete. Another boom from outside shook the room and triggered a cloud of dust that left Alistair coughing, and he started to panic that the whole building might collapse on top of him. But then the pile of rubble at the entrance shifted, and amazingly the crushed truck started to rise. The mangled wreck rose smoothly into the air, lifting the rest of the debris with it and opening a hole to the outside. Alistair was momentarily blinded by the sudden influx of light and the fresh cloud of dust as well as being deafened by the noise of grinding lumps of concrete. When his vision returned, Alistair was able to get a better look at his saviour only to be left staring in stunned amazement.


Nicola Roberts stood in the remains of the shop doorway holding the crushed truck and pile of rubble effortlessly overhead with one mighty arm. She was wearing the same costume as the last time Alistair had seen her, stretched tightly over her mighty frame. Despite lifting untold tonnes of steel and concrete, there wasn’t a hint of strain in Nicola’s arm, although her muscles were bulging even more impressively than when she had been working out in the gym. A sly smile crept across her face as she stared down at Alistair. “So, what do you think of my little changes?”

Before the shocked and amazed Alistair could answer, he was interrupted by panicked shouts and screams from outside, accompanied by fresh explosions. Nicola sighed and tossed the pile of rubble she’d been holding aside, momentarily deafening Alistair as the concrete and steel crashed to the ground. “I thought I’d got them all, but apparently I missed a few,” the superwoman muttered to herself before smiling down at Alistair. “Excuse me for just a moment; there’s just something I have to deal with.” With that Nicola launched herself into the air like a rocket, her long red hair streaming behind her. Alistair stumbled out into the street to be greeted with a scene from a warzone. All around him were piles of rubble from damaged buildings and cratered holes in the road, carpeted with broken glass from smashed windows and the burnt-out remains of vehicles. He whirred around as a massive crash sounded behind him only to be stunned by what he saw.

Two giant-tracked machines were rumbling down the road, each nearly as tall as a two-story building and covered in guns and rockets. Alistair could just make out the mangled remains of a third machine behind them and as he watched Nicola shoot up from the wreck to hover in midair. Two brilliantly blue beams erupted from her eyes and sliced into one of the machines, cutting off several exposed weapons. Both of the machines tried to traverse to engage the super redhead, but before they could bring their guns to bear, Nicola rocketed forward and slammed into the undamaged machine, knocking it over with a massive crash and leaving a huge dent in its armour. Nicola followed up her attack by dropping onto the stricken machine and tearing into it, ripping off huge chunks of metal and tossing them aside like cardboard. The other machine turned and unleashed a storm of fire from its remaining weapons but only succeeded in messing up her hair. In response Nicola threw a huge chunk of metal at the machine, making it stagger under the impact. This gave her the opening to leap onto its front and dig her hands into the thick armour plating. Nicola’s muscles flexed harder than ever as she heaved at the machine, and in an incredible display of strength tore the massive construct in half. The earth shook as the two mangled sections crashed to the ground before finally everything was still.

As the dust settled, Nicola emerged from the mangled wreckage to be greeted by cheers and applause from the grateful civilians. She waved happily to the crowd and struck a quick double-biceps pose while several of them took pictures, obviously enjoying the opportunity to show off her magnificent body. Then Nicola’s gaze shifted back towards Alistair and a confidant smile crept across her lips. With a final wave to the crowd, the muscle-bound superwoman started striding back towards him, moving with a powerful grace like a tiger. Despite her smile, Alistair couldn’t help feeling like a small animal being stalked by a predator, and he had a momentary urge to flee in case Nicola was about to get even with him for all the changes he had made to her life. The rational part of his brain realised just how pointless any escape attempt would be, so he just waited with increasing concern as she approached.

Nicola stopped when she was a few feet away while a still shell-shocked Alistair could only stare straight ahead as he struggled to collect his thoughts. A gentle cough jolted Alistair back to his senses, and he realised he was looking straight at Nicola’s very generous breasts. Quickly raising his eyes, Alistair found Nicola gazing down at him with a smirk on her face that made him feel even more like a helpless little mouse. “I think the two of us need to have a little chat, don’t you?”

Alistair started babbling frantically, but Nicola silenced him with a finger on his lips. “How about we go somewhere a bit more private first?” She scooped up Alistair and held him firmly but gently against her chest. He found himself in the enviable position of having his head pressed between Nicola’s large, firm but surprisingly soft breasts while at the same time being cocooned in her unbelievably powerful arms. With her passenger secured, Nicola leapt into the sky and streaked away, accelerating rapidly once she had cleared the surrounding buildings. Alistair was spared the sight of the ground hurtling past at hundreds of miles per hour from tens of thousands of feet up. The wind noise made any attempt at a conversation pointless, and he rapidly lost track of time, although fortunately, Nicola’s embrace protected him from any other effects of the flight. Eventually, Alistair felt Nicola begin to descend, and soon after she gently touched down before releasing him from his delightful confinement.

As Alistair was feeling very disoriented and unsteady after the flight, it took a little while for him to recover, while Nicola gently supported him. When he was finally able to look around, Alistair realised he was standing in front of a large white building that looked like a cross between a high-tech office and a bunker. To his surprise, he saw a familiar logo above the door: a stylised shield with the letters “GA” inside it-- the same logo that Nicola and the rest of the band had on their tops during their show back before she had found the dictaphone. “You are still in Girls Aloud?” Alistair asked incredulously, unable to believe that someone so powerful would still be part of a pop group.

Nicola chuckled and shook her head. “Not quite I’m afraid. That’s the logo of our superhero group, Girls Almighty. But it’s still got the rest of the girls in it after I’ve spent long enough working with them already. Besides, you already made them stronger than anyone else on earth, so I figured I might as well just go ahead and make them superheroes as well. Anyway, let’s get inside; there’s still a lot we need to discuss!” Nicola put a massive arm across Alistair’s shoulder and gently but firmly guided him through the door and down several corridors before finally arriving at a comfortably furnished lounge. She sat in one of several large and obviously reinforced chairs and gestured for Alistair to sit opposite.

Alistair took his seat with some trepidation, the unease that had been building since he saw Nicola with the dictaphone now greater than ever. “The dictapho—” Alistair blurted out before Nicola firmly cut him off. “Is hidden somewhere no one else is going to be able to get to any time soon. I might have to make a few small tweaks with it to prevent any more supervillain attacks, but your days of using it are over.” She paused and fixed Alistair with a disapproving look worthy of a headmistress. “And right now that is the least of your concerns.”

At that, the last of Alistair’s composure vanished. “I never mean things to go so far,” he blurted out in a panic before beginning to babble frantically. “It’s just I was looking at a Girls Aloud poster just after I first found out what the dictaphone could do, and I’d been a fan of yours for so long, and I’ve always liked strong women, so I thought about how great it would be if you were all big and strong. And then after I got to meet you backstage and saw all the props for the show, I got the idea to make you all even stronger, and I wanted to see you again, but I didn’t want to be a creep, so I thought the best way would be to become your boyfriend, and then you were so pleased to see me and I got to sleep with you and everything was so wonderful, and and and….”Alistair finally stopped talking and dropped his gaze to the floor, unable to look Nicola in the eye any more. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I never meant to hurt you.”

For several long seconds, there was silence, and then Nicola took a deep breath. “I have to admit that I was rather mad when I first found out that you had decided to twist the life of someone you had never met just to suit your own sexual fantasies.” Alistair squirmed at that, feeling even more embarrassed and guilty over what he had done. Then Nicola put a gentle hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to find her stern expression replaced by one of forgiveness before she continued in a much gentler tone.

“When I thought about it a bit more, I realised just how lucky I had been. You were a bit selfish, but you meant well, and it could have been so much worse. You had the power to make me into your personal sex slave, and there would have been nothing I could have done about it. Instead, you turned me into the most powerful person the world had ever known with the most incredible body ever.” Nicola flexed one of her giant biceps for emphasis. “So, overall, I think things worked out pretty well.” She smiled sweetly and then chuckled at Alistair’s stunned expression. “It’s ok. I forgive you. In fact, I’m so happy with my new life you can even remain, my boyfriend, if you want.”

Alistair couldn’t believe what he was hearing! “Of course I want to be your boyfriend! But why me? With your beauty and power, I’m sure you could have anyone you wanted.” Nicola just shrugged in response. “Because I have you to thank for all this. After all, you are the one who first turned me from an ordinary pop star into a muscle goddess. And you certainly seem like a nicer guy than some of the blokes I dated before you started making changes. Of course, after I found out what the Dictaphone could do, I figured that since I was so strong already I might as well go all the way and turn myself into a full superhero. After all, who wouldn’t want to fly and be able to move mountains with their bare hands? ”

That last sentence grabbed Alistair’s attention. “Hang on, does that mean you’re as strong as Superman now?”

“Not exactly,” Nicola replied with a wide grin, before she leaned in and whispered seductively in Alistair’s ear. “I’m more than twice as strong as him!”

Alistair's eyes went wide at this news, and he shuddered with arousal. Nicola smiled approvingly at his reaction and gently took his hand. “Why don’t I take you to the workout room,” she said, helping Alistair up and leading him towards the door. “Why don’t you come and watch me press a few million tonnes, and then maybe you can help me out with some more exciting exercise!” Alistair nodded enthusiastically as he followed his new super-powered girlfriend, reflecting that, despite the loss of the dictaphone, he already had everything he could ever have wished for.

Thanks to caturchandra for the great picture of Nicola Roberts and algae2k for proof-reading.


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I enjoyed this story very much, although I'm wondering if it would have been better from first person perspective. Since Alistair is a clearly an audience insert.
Even so, I like how the story turns out to be, essentially, very good natured,...
I enjoyed this story very much, although I'm wondering if it would have been better from first person perspective. Since Alistair is a clearly an audience insert.
Even so, I like how the story turns out to be, essentially, very good natured, although one might question the rationale of adding supervillain to the world... unless it was unintentional. :) :-*
By Woodclaw

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, that means a lot coming from you.

As for your questions the lack of first person is partly because the very start of the story was originally written by someone else which largely set the style. However it is mainly because I really struggle with writing emotions and I am much better at just describing events. Given the time constraints and the fact most of the story was already written (everything up until Nicola finds the dictaphone) I just stuck with my preferred style.

When it comes to the supervillain robots in universe it’s a side effect of Nicola’s recording as I hinted at when she mentions making some tweaks. In case you’re interested the dictaphone is now hidden under a large rock on the moon (or possibly an asteroid) which is why she say’s no-one else will be able to get to it.

Out of universe I added the robots as a chance to show off all of Nicola’s powers. My other idea for the ending was for Alistair to wake up in the headquarters and following tremors to find Nicola working out with some ridiculously huge weights. But it didn’t give me much chance to show off any other powers, and I wasn’t sure if my story would still qualify if I only featured super strength.

Plus this ending was more existing so I went with it!
The Highlander
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I enjoyed this story very much, although I'm wondering if it would have been better from first person perspective. Since Alistair is a clearly an audience insert.
Even so, I like how the story turns out to be, essentially, very good natured,...
I enjoyed this story very much, although I'm wondering if it would have been better from first person perspective. Since Alistair is a clearly an audience insert.
Even so, I like how the story turns out to be, essentially, very good natured, although one might question the rationale of adding supervillain to the world... unless it was unintentional. :) :-*
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Love the music connection. Really fun story! The dictaphone is a pretty amazing interactive. Soooo many chapters... :)
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