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Story Concept by Koopa16

Written by HikerAngel

“I’m paying you for results, not to ogle my ass, you idiot!” Laura scolded her personal trainer. She couldn’t really blame him for looking. She was the most attractive woman in the place. She was always the most attractive woman in every place. But she always wanted to be fitter, better, more attractive. It was part of an overall obsession with power that she’d had since she could remember.

Most women would be satisfied with a body that could compete with that of any supermodel with a face to match. But Laura Kingsford was never satisfied. Attractiveness meant power. There was a reason that beautiful women graced the covers of both men’s and women’s magazines, after all.

After her workout was over, she showered in her private stall at the club, and changed into her stylish black silk business suit, drawing the belt tightly about her slender waist. As she put on her Cartier necklace and earrings, she admired sleek, slim legs that flowed elegantly from the custom-tailored skirt that ended at mid-thigh. At least her insipid trainer had managed to turn her modelesque legs into something a little more dancer-like, as she’d demanded. She pulled her beautifully styled blonde tresses into a tight coil at the back of her head, sending a sharply-pointed platinum bun-holder down its center with a swift, lethal stab. Her luminous ice-blue eyes surveyed her sexy-but-professional appearance with clinical precision before her chin gave the mirror a satisfied nod.


When she strode purposefully into the office, all eyes followed her every movement. Men watched her because she was stunningly gorgeous. Women watched her because she was the CEO of a fast-growing, successful company. Though there were exceptions, she’d been propositioned by more than one woman in her 28 years.

Laura had started her own company upon graduating magna cum laude from Yale. Always possessing a fondness for expensive fashion, she had decided that she would give Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry a run for their money. And she had. With a tiny little $10 million dollar gift from her father as seed money, her company had exploded onto the scene. The press had launched into a feeding frenzy when she’d made her first calculated appearance at fashion week in Milan at an age when most women were still for their first entry-level job, looking every bit as sexy as the seven-figure-per-show models she’d hired to display her avant garde clothing line.

The publicity had been a boon, and in the six years since, her company had blossomed, turning her original $10 million investment into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that was on the verge of entering the Fortune 500.

Never stopping at her office, Laura walked directly into the boardroom, where her marketing team awaited her. Her assistant closed the glass door behind her as she took a seat at the head of the table.

“This had better be good. Especially after that last disaster this group presented,” she warned her team ominously, making eye contact with each man and woman seated around her. She was amused by their twitching lips and obvious nervous swallows, but it was what she wanted to see. Her people always performed best when they were afraid for their jobs.

At the far end of the table, a man nervously cleared his throat and rose to his feet, smoothing out his Armani suit. He turned to the screen on the wall and pressed a button on the remote in his right hand.

The screen came to life with an image of a thickly muscled man soaring through the air in a tight, vividly white costume.

Laura sneered. Synergy was the epitome of insipid, masculine heroism. He spent his days rescuing women from burning buildings, helping old women cross the street, and countless other complete wastes of time. A real hero would use his power to seize control of the bloated, rusty machinery of government and end the pointless bickering of elected officials. Democracy was a relic of a pre-social media age. Did he not see how absolutely moronic the people were? Look who they chose to lead them! No, a real hero would choose to rule.

Who cared about one wretchedly pathetic human life when millions met their end on a daily basis? A true leader with power of the sort that Synergy possessed would use it to bend humanity to his will. To turn the eddies and swirls of wispy, random human motivations and desires into the smoothly oiled machinery of progress.

That, Laura thought, was what she would do.

Her Vice President of Marketing began to speak. “Who better to represent the Kingsford brand than the most stylish, most powerful superhero in existence: Synergy!”

The man cast an uncertain glance at Laura, every eye in the room quickly following suit, awaiting her initial reaction.

Laura considered. Despite the way he chose to waste his tremendous power, she had always wanted to meet Synergy. There were few men whom she would consider worthy of the opportunity to date her, and the handsome, exquisitely muscled superhero was at the very top of that list.

“Very intriguing,” Laura said, leaning back in her chair. The presenter visibly relaxed, his shoulders slumping slightly in relief. The rest of the team applauded. ‘Intriguing’ was about as close to praise as Laura ever approached.

The presenter launched into the rest of his idea, confidently outlining his idea for their multimedia ad campaign, now that the most difficult hurdle – Laura’s tacit approval.


Three weeks later, Laura stood outside at the shooting location where they would film Synergy’s ad, holding the fluttering flaps of her trenchcoat closed as the wind whipped her curvy figure. A lock of blonde hair pulled free from her normally perfect bun, and she growled softly in irritation. Where was this inane superhero? Didn’t he know how valuable her time was?

A few moments later, the white-clad hero swooped down from the sky, startling her as he handed in a gracefully half-crouch. Rising to his full height, he towered above her modelesque 5’10” frame, extending a gloved hand.

“I truly appreciate your willingness to provide clothing for those in homeless shelters across America, Ms. Kingsford. I’m honored to be a part of announcing your new ad campaign. I hope it leads other companies to be as generous with their profits as yours is.”

Laura hid her irritation behind a superficial smile and sparkling blue eyes. It wasn’t difficult with the best-looking man she’d ever seen standing before her. What Synergy didn’t know was that the cost of the unsold and damaged inventory that they were to donate was paltry in comparison to the money they would make with the popular superhero’s endorsement – to say nothing of the tax benefits. She wouldn’t be doing it if there weren’t far more in it for her than anything else.

“Of course, Synergy. I always try to put the interests of society before my own,” she lied. “But sometimes a girl has to treat herself too. Which is why I was wondering if you would have dinner with me after today’s shoot…”

With calculated precision, Laura chose that moment to let her grip on her trenchcoat slip. The coat flew open in the wind, revealign her luscious body. An expert on fashion, she knew exactly how to catch a man’s eye. The tight cocktail dress accentuated her elegant curves and fit body to devastating effect.

Smiling innocently as Synergy ogled her sumptuous décolletage, Laura gave him a long moment. She clasped her hands together to push her breasts inward and upward, intensifying their mesmerizing effect before clearing her throat to draw the superhero’s attention back to her face.

When his gaze met hers, he looked embarrassed. Good. Reeling and on his heels was exactly where she wanted him. She fully intended to seduce Synergy tonight. It would do wonders for her personal brand to be dating the most eligible bachelor the planet had ever known. Doubly so if she dumped him shortly thereafter. She would be sure to feed the tabloids some juicy tidbits about how Synergy didn’t feel adequate for her divine body and insatiable sexual appetites. God, her socials would absolutely explode with followers when that gossip hit!

She gave him a predatory smile.

“I can see that you find me attractive, Synergy,” she said, adding a sultry undertone to her voice. “And I know that you’re a busy man, but you do eat, don’t you? An hour for dinner with an adoring woman is a meager price to pay to consummating our partnership for aiding the homeless, don’t you think?”

Laura could see the reluctance drain from the man’s face as he considered her words.

“Then it’s settled,” she said, before he could give her an answer of his own. Giving him a seductive wink, she turned and began to walk toward her waiting helicopter. “I’ll meet you back here at 6:00 PM.”


That evening, Laura and Synergy strode from her helicopter into the nearest five-star restaurant. The employees, instantly recognizing the hero and his gorgeous date, scurried to seat them immediately. Hushed murmurs and surreptitious glances from the other patrons followed in the wake of the power couple as they were led to a corner table.

“I love your costume, Synergy,” Laura purred, running her index finger along this overdeveloped triceps as they walked. “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you have it made? It seems tailored specifically for you. Speaking as someone in the fashion industry, I must say the fit is absolutely perfect!”

The subject of his costume seemed to make Synergy uncomfortable. Laura noted the slight twitch of his lips and the slight hesitation in his eyes as he responded. “Thank you, Ms. Kingsford. My costume is… unique.”

“Of course, the costume wouldn’t be so eye-catching if it weren’t for the perfect body inside,” she winked.

Synergy flushed. Laura hadn’t thought it would be quite this easy to work the most powerful man on earth into such a pliant state. It was almost as if he weren’t accustomed to the attention of a gorgeous woman. But surely many of the world’s most attractive women had thrown themselves at him. Hadn’t they? A man with his deliciously masculine jaw, chiseled cheekbones, and thickly muscled build? He was an amazing specimen, his body as magnificent an example of the male form as her own was of the female.

Laura frowned as she dissected the information she had gleaned from her few minutes with the powerful hero. He acted like a far less attractive man. Like someone who wasn’t sure of himself. It was odd. Synergy had burst onto the scene about six months ago. Could it be that the superhero hadn’t always had his powers? Could it be that he hadn’t grown up looking as he now did? And if that were the case, how had he gotten his powers and his knee-weakening looks?

Laura’s mind whirred with the possibilities. What if she could find whatever had given him his powers and take it from him? A satisfied smirk tugged at her lips. The idea had more than a little appeal.

The first step, she decided, was to identify what the man most wanted to hide. He had been a bit reluctant to discuss his costume, so that would be where she would start. His bright white, skin-tight costume.

“May I ask who designed it for you?” She tugged at the strange fabric, but couldn’t seem to pull it away from his skin in the slightest. It was as if the shiny white material were glued to his skin.

“Um, the designer isn’t someone you’d know,” the tall hero answered evasively, not meeting her eyes.

She called his bluff. “Oh, I don’t know. I know most in the industry. Try me.”

The two celebrities took their seats at the small corner table overlooking the twinkling lights of the city far below.

“Let’s just say the entity that made this suit wasn’t from this planet.” He quickly changed the subject. “Now, what would you like as an appetizer?”

Now she was getting somewhere! Entity? Not from this planet? Yes, there was definitely something to the costume. She was certain of it now. That was convenient. She’d been planning to get him out of his costume tonight anyway.

She leaned forward in her seat, giving him another generous view of her perfectly formed cleavage, sapphire eyes gleaming with a predatory flash in the dim light of the restaurant. “Your choice. Appetizers aren’t what I hunger for tonight. I’m thinking more along the lines of a main course.”

She punctuated her words by slipping off a Jimmy Choo stiletto and reaching her foot toward Synergy’s leg. As her arch touched his calf in a languidly sensual caress, the heavily muscled man started, as if jolted by an electric current.

The middle-aged waiter came to the side of their table, giving each of them a curious glance, suppressing a smile at Synergy’s wide-eyed expression.

“Good evening, sir! Madame! It’s not every day we find ourselves in the company of such distinguished guests. May I get the two of you anything to drink?”

Smiling, her eyes never leaving Synergy’s, Laura began to glide her small foot gracefully up the interior of his leg as she answered their server. “A cocktail for each of us. Something strong, just like my date here.”

She gave him a wink.

“Martinis, perhaps?” the waiter offered.


Laura leaned back in her chair eyes intent on the man before her like a cat watching its prey. She arched a thin eyebrow as Synergy’s eyes darted from side to side. The chiseled man opened his mouth as if to speak, then clapped it shut, instead nervously reaching for his water.

Laura began to descend the sinuous muscle of his leg with the soft underside of her toes.

“Cat got your tongue?” Laura intoned, continuing to take the initiative.

“Yes, well, I just…” Synergy stammered.

Yes, this man definitely wasn’t used to the sensual attentions of a beautiful woman. This night would be so much fun…


A pair of cocktails and the majority of their full bottle of Bordeaux wine later, Laura detected the slurred speech that she’d been angling for. She leaned against his beefy arm, pressing her breasts to his steel-hard sinew as she laughed lightly at his unfunny quip.

Laura whispered into his ear as her driver brought the town car brought them to a gentle stop outside her city brownstone. She could see the excitement in Synergy’s glassy eyes after an evening of tantalizing touches and not-so-subtle innuendos. It would hardly be difficult to get him to remove his costume at this point.

She opened her door and pulled him inside with a nefarious grin, kicking the door shut behind him. She moved inward, pressing her luscious body against his. Rising to her tiptoes, she gave him a long, passionate kiss. She slithered her fingers along the smooth surface of his latex-like costume, roaming her hands over his sculpted physique. She felt him do the same.

Smiling as her tongue continued to twirl over his, she walked him to her bed. Their kisses becoming more intense, she gave him a light shove, sending his inebriated body sprawling to the cushy mattress of her king-sized bed. He looked up at her with desirous eyes.

Giving him a dark smile, she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Straightening her arms, she let the fabric fall away, leaving her sleek, seductive body clad in nothing but a sheer, lacy black bra and elegantly-cut matching panties.

“Your turn,” she said breathily, watching him expectantly.

She expected Synergy to peel off his tight costume to reveal a sculpted body that she actually was, if she was being completely honest with herself, looking forward to seeing uncovered.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he closed his eyes in apparent concentration. A moment later, his costume began to descend from his neck as if it were melting, until it puddled at his feet. Once there, it rolled away from his legs of its own accord in an undulating, jellyfish-like motion, to the corner of the bed.

What in the world?

That thing wasn’t a costume, it was some sort of organism!

Synergy, meanwhile, didn’t seem to notice Laura’s wide eyes, nor where her attention was focused. Instead, his smoldering eyes hungrily drank in her curves. He beckoned for her to join him, his tongue wetting his lips as they trembled in simmering anticipation.

But she was no longer interested in the naked man on her bed, regardless of how well-endowed he was. Her attention was now exclusively focused on the shiny white puddle at the corner of the bed.

She reached out a fingertip to touch its rippling surface. As she did, she saw in its glassy veneer a reflection of her admittedly unbelievable, nearly-nude body. But it wasn’t what she usually saw each day in the mirror. Instead, the strange creature displayed an awe-inducing version of her, a hyperfit, hypersexy body that looked even more stunning than usual. It was as if the curiously mobile liquid were offering her something. Perhaps something it could offer her?

Entranced, Laura pressed her index finger further into its malleable surface. An electric sensation pulsed into her, sending intensely erotic pleasure to every corner of her sleek, feminine body. She shivered.

Her touch seemed to activate the strange creature, sending it lurching into tremulous motion. It rippled, transforming from the purest white to the pitchest black as it rolled over the edge of the bed to splatter on her bedroom floor.

The odd, sentient liquid pooled about her feet, affixing them firmly to the floor. Laura instinctively attempted to take a step back, away from this oddly aggressive puddle. But she couldn’t. Its grip on her feet was far stronger than it appeared.

Laura cast her alarmed gaze downward, when she began to feel it. Her eyelashes fluttered. The creature’s touch felt warm, like the enveloping touch of a lover giving her a foot massage. Small tendrils coiled into long, slender fingers as they rose from its tar-like surface, rising first over the tops of her dainty feet, then over her slender ankles.

Laura bit her lower lip as she felt an achingly sensual tingle wash over her skin everywhere the dark creature touched. It climbed her rounded calves rapidly, encasing them inside its body, which appeared more like latex than an actual being. The creature’s tender embrace felt wonderful as it spread rapidly over her flawless skin. Its touch was at once relaxing and exhilarating, like the talented hands of a skilled masseuse as it channeled itself into the smooth, sculpted grooves of her toned thighs.

The alien being seemed to caress the entire surface of her legs at once, working itself into every striation of their fit, lightly muscled surface. It felt as if she were stepping into a hot tub with lavish, bubbling warmth ascending her legs.

Except so much better.

The arousing feeling was all-consuming, a visceral experience the likes of which she’d never felt. Had never even come close to feeling. She couldn’t remember a time when anyone – or anything – had turned her on this quickly.

As the liquid creature moved up her inner thighs, she felt herself moisten with arousal.

“Oh GOD!” Laura gasped.

The thing had reached the top of her thighs and was at her entrance now, dissolving the fabric of her lacy panties and teasing the outside of her tingling folds with its probling black tentacles. Its touch was torrid and tantalizing, stoking feelings of desire far stronger than anything she’d ever felt before. It sent a wave of sensual pleasure crashing into her body, dizzying her. Only the viscous fluid’s iron grip on her feet kept her from collapsing under the knee-weakening weight of her welling arousal.

Her left hand dropped to the smooth warmth of the creature's surface as it painted itself over the rest of her thigh. Her right drifted inward, her index finger extending to trace a line down her now-covered sex. The contact rippled the alien fluid, sending a rush of electric sensation radiating into her belly.

Laura sucked in a quick breath, attempting to calm herself, but it was no use. Her heart rate continued to rise. Her tongue flicked out to coat her panting lips in a thin film of saliva as her lungs began to puffed air more rapidly inward and outward over their soft, fleshy surface.

Laura shuddered as another wave of pleasure rolled her eyes upward, her long eyelashes fluttering closed.

The feeling of this creature climbing the contours of her body was absolutely unbelievable! It was overwhelming… It was…

…absolute ecstasy!

The inky alien continued its languid flow over the curves of her hips, the sensation akin to plunging into a bath of liquid pleasure. The firm, probing caress of its climbing tendrils licked flickers of sensual hunger into the succulent swells of her ass as it wove its swirling black fingers between its cheeks. The swirling, feathery touch of its rising feelers caused a rumbling moan to escape her tongue-moistened lips as they covered her lower abdomen on their way to her slender waist.

As the creature continued to attach portions of its consciousness to her body, it connected with her deepest, darkest desires. She felt her hunger for power swirl into its simple mind, her desire for perfection driving it to radically change her body into something better. Stronger. Sexier.

Laura felt the warm tingles on her skin suddenly turn to fire. Her eyes blazed with manic desire as the creature crawled over her stomach. “More!” she ordered the symbiote, her mind now completely connected to its mission-driven nervous system. “Give me everything…”

The curvaceous young woman had never been satisfied with what she had. She wanted to take everything this alien was willing to give – and more. More than it had given to Synergy. More than it had given to anyone before.

Her unquenchable desires resulted in exactly that, coaxing the rippling alien further up her sleek stomach, causing the creature to send a burst of flood of energy into it. Her abs, faint etchings before, erupted into steel-hard cobbles, chiseling themselves into beautifully sculpted columns of definition.

“Yessssssssss,” the words slithered from her lips in a hazy purr. She tensed her new stomach, feeling it explode into powerful bricks of feminine muscle.

As her word ended, the sound did not. Her utterance of pleasure turned into enraptured moans, her throaty voice aligning with the seductive, pulsating dance of the creature’s oily tentacles as it began to whisper unspeakable power into the welcoming muscles of her legs.

The effect was dizzying, her dancer’s legs sculpting themselves into something better.

Something sensual.

Something erotic.

Something almost… divine.

She could feel herself changing as the creature infused her abs with incredible strength. She could feel the alien’s power flowing into her womb, radiating through her increasingly luscious body. She felt unstoppable, the nascent thrum of orgasmic energy beginning to heat her sumptuous body from the inside.

As the organism slipped its liquid fingers upward onto the sensitive lower slopes of her breasts, Laura sucked in a sharp breath, squeezing her eyes shut. When the black creature’s slithering tendrils found her rapidly hardening nipples, she felt euphoria wrap its adrenaline-charged talons around her fluttering heart.

How was it possible for this alien creature’s touch to feel this good?

Her moans intensified, and she felt the muscles in her feet and abdomen tense in anticipation as the heat continued to build in her body. She pressed her fingers to her shiny ebony body, running her fingertips down the sculpted ravines that ran the length of her now-ripped stomach.

Suddenly, she heard a masculine voice cry out, snapping her mind into quasi-alertness, partially removed from its aroused haze.


But the scream seemed strangely distant, as if it were coming from somewhere far away. Far closer were the soothing whispers of the symbiotic consciousness, enticing her back under its sensual spell as she drank deep from its overflowing goblet of unspeakable power.

She felt fingers clutch at her flesh. Wait, not at her flesh exactly, but the alien’s. It felt like hers. She realized that she could sense the alien’s glistening black skin as it covered her own, knowing instinctively that her nervous system was now completely interconnected with its. Focusing her attention on the alien’s body, she could feel the eddy of air around her, sense every goosebump of her flushed skin inside its erotic caress.

It was as if the alien material were amplifying her senses. Laura supposed that was fitting. It should give her improved senses, just as it was infusing her with immense physical strength, and – she smiled with the thought – amplifying her already prodigious sex appeal. The alien wanted what she wanted. Her desires drove its own. It wanted to feed her insatiable lust for power, as badly as she wanted to devour everything it could give her.

A gasping cry escaped Laura’s lips as she felt the alien’s spreading tendrils kneed her shapely breasts. Its touch felt soooo good. Far better than that of any man she’d been with. Its tiny tentacles roaming her twin hemispheres, the creature coaxed the soft swells of her breasts upward, pushing them outward, gorging their rising voluptuous swells with delicious feminine power. As the creature’s glimmering black expanse poured over their sensitive flesh, it pulsed thrilling sensations into her chest so rapturous that they bordered on overwhelming.

Another cry rang out, louder than before, though still muffled by the thudding of her rapid heartbeat in her ears.

Feeling fingers claw at the alien covering her increasingly voluptuous body, she laughed. She opened her eyes as the alien continued its work, sculpting her flesh into feminine perfection.

Voice slightly hoarse with the sensations that continued to pour into her being from every direction, she whispered to the desperate man before her. “You don’t know how powerful I’m becoming, Synergy. You have no idea!”

As if to illustrate her point, she clenched a fist, causing her shoulders, biceps, and triceps to ripple into iron-hard swells and ridges slim, sexy muscle. The powerless superhero gazed into her eyes in shock as they rose to pull even with his own, her height increasing as the alien added luscious inches to her already magnificent legs.

Laura gasped as she felt a wave roll through the symbiote from her feet to the top of her expanding breasts. The alien reached upward, absorbing its own finger-like tentacles as they reached her neck, sealign itself over her shoulders and upper back.

Now fully covering Laura’s body from the next down, the shimmering alien gave her body a single, all-encompassing squeeze, delivering a staggering surge of power to her already buzzing body. She felt each vibrating fiber of her sleek muscles expand, rippling with waves of definition that would make even the most dedicated fitness models green with envy.

Laura’s jaw tensed. Smoldering tremors began to grip her, harbingers of a massive orgasm’s coming quake.

Then, the alien released its initial squeeze, its sensual grip on her body now taking the form of massaging undulations that rolled over her sensitive flesh. She felt her glutes filling out with firm, sexy muscle.

“Fuck!” Laura gasped as the creature’s rippling body ignited sparking fuses of arousal in rapid succession over her entire body.

Her climax was imminent now, quivering her lips, clenching her ridiculously defined abs. A searing flame sparked at the core of her hyperstimulated womb, and her orgasm finally exploded outward, blasting through her body in a roaring inferno.

The creature squeezed her body again, just as it seized in the nascent throes of orgasmic pleasure. Hard.

Laura screamed.

It was mind-shattering.

Absolutely fucking unbelievable.

Her head flew back, long blonde hair splashing down the sinuous muscles of her shiny black back, and her mouth widened into an obscene circle. She roared her ecstasy into the sky, body convulsing with the shuddering culmination of a lifetime of desire.

Her jet-black toes pushed off of the floor as her long, deliciously sculpted legs curled into an airborne fetal position as her body was racked with orgamsic convulsions. Floating in midair, fireworks crackled through her vision in clustering bursts. Her toes curled. Her arms tensed. Every muscle in her perfect body exploded into perfect relief inside her glimmering alien covering.

Synergy fell backward, bouncing onto her mattress, paralyzed to inaction by a whirling mix of terror and desire.

Laura screamed until she had no more breath. As the last of the air emptied from her lungs, she bit her lower lip, which swelled into flushed fullness. She opened achingly blue eyes that became larger and more luminous even as her long lashes rose to reveal them. Her hands drifted upward to cup her breasts, which continued to expand under the shimmering black surface of her alien costume.

Letting out a long, shaky breath, Laura’s shoulders slowly dropped. Her legs unfurled, tensing occasionally as her core continued to twitch in powerful aftershocks. Gaze wandering downward, she realized she was hovering several inches above the floor with a dazzling, joyous smile.

She glanced at the former Synergy, still gaping at her from the bed. He seemed awestruck, completely smitten by the mere sight of her perfect body.

Laura’s dancing eyes drifted to the mirror beside the bed. As she looked into its glistening surface, she gasped. Tears began to well in her eyes as she was overcome with emotion.

Her body was a masterpiece.

Absolute perfection.

Magnificent curves flowed sinuously throughout her elegant form. Ridges and swells of hyperfeminine muscle rippled all over her body, enhancing the contours of her nubile body, coaxing it into an image so shockingly sexy that it was devastating to behold.

Her body didn’t drip sensual appeal, it thundered tsunamis of erotic power outward, rendering anyone who laid eyes on her speechless and entranced under its mesmerizing sway.

“Mmmmm,” she exhaled in a breathy purr, licking her lips like a cat after a succulent feast. “Delicious.”

Synergy whimpered from the bed, causing her to cast him a sidelong glance. Laura floated over to him, reached down and picked him up with a single hand by the scruff of the neck. As he dangled before her, she rotated him this way and that, eying him curiously.

“I think your costume looks better on me,” she said huskily, an amused smile curling the edges of her lips. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Y-yes!” stammered Synergy, unable to keep himself from staring at the large, gravity-defying swells on her chest. “Y-you’re so…” He struggled for words.

“Perfect? Or were you searching for a word more fitting. Überperfection, perhaps? Nothing like starting with perfection, then bringing it up a few notches to redefine the term, is there?” she asked before giving the poor man an erection-detonating wink.

Synergy’s body convulsed in pleasure as he dangled from her left hand. Smile broadening, she released her grip, and he fell back to the bed below. Sliding her hands over the shiny ebony curves of her alien-enhanced body one last time, she leapt for the window, rocketing into the sky, bursting the glass outward in a shower of tinkling shards. She reached mach 1, then mach 2, then mach 3 before decelerating to come to a landing just outside the entryway doors of the United Nations. She extended her arms, slamming the doors inward without breaking stride.

White helmeted guards startled, looked at each other as she waltzed through their security check, then drew their guns and fired. But the symbiote absorbed every bullet before it ever reached her skin, greedily devouring the lead as Laura continued to walk purposefully toward the main assembly chamber. Laura laughed, her luxurious platinum blonde hair shimmering as it flowed behind her black-suited form.

By the time she reached the speaking podium, all eyes were on the bold, hyper-curvaceous vixen at the front of the room.

“Good evening,” she said as the room fell silent in shocked awe. “And welcome to the new world order.”

She beamed, beautiful azure eyes aglow as she savored the moment. Her final word rose from her sensual, scarlet lips like a newly emergent butterfly launching itself into a sunny spring morning for the very first time.


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