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Seeking the Seer, Chapter 5

Written by Woody :: [Sunday, 01 November 2020 08:24] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 31 October 2020 21:19]

The concussive blast emitted by the macguffin blasted the heroines off their feet and into the air. They landed with varying degrees of poise. Dozer flipped and landed gracefully on her heels. The Asimus Avenger crashed into a pylon and straight through it, H managed to land on her feet while Hannah faceplanted.

“Oww” sighed Hannah as she got up. They regrouped around the Dazzling Diamond and Sally.

“That Fuckwit!” exclaimed the Asimus Avenger. “Played us for fools”

The heroines surveyed the situation

On one side of the battlefield, they stood. On the other was the Seer. He had grown to be a 7-foot tall hulking beast, with his arms now glowing in fire and ice having taken Freezerburns powers. Above him, the macguffin spun magically in the air. Between them was a broken mess of no man’s land. It was riddled with debris and bodies, mostly second squadron being unwitting victims of Siren and the explosion.

And one other peculiar thing. A ginger cat.

“So what do we do” Asked Sally

“You go get to safety,” Dazzling said to Sally. “We don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Looks like you need all the help you can get,” said Sally as she raised her hands. A shadow oozed out and seconds later she had duplicated herself.

“Does everyone on this planet have superpowers?” Exclaimed Hannah.

“We’ll take it,” said Asimus to Sally.

In their heads all at once, they heard a voice

“You insolent heroines think you can beat ME.” It was the Seer using his newfound Psionic abilities.

“The macguffin will soon be fully charged and all the Earth will obey me”

“Get out of my head!” said the Dazzling Diamond

“You’ll pay for this.” said Dozer and she took off flying towards the Seer.

He pointed his arm out and commanded “Sleep”

Dozer fell to the ground, landing with a thud. Her limp body started to float and a light started to spin around her.

“Shit she’s transforming back,” said Hannah.

Hannah then witnessed a stream of water blast into Dozer. She turned and saw Manta drop her arm.

The light disappeared and Dozer fell to the ground. She got up and faced the other heroines Sally’s mouth dropped. She saw the impossible; Dozer in full costume but without a mask and a familiar face looking back at her. “Julie” she exclaims. “You’re Dozer.”

Dozer flew back and landed next to both Sally’s. “I am but not as you understand it. I’ll explain later, we have bigger problems right now” said Dozer pointing at the Seer. She said to the girls. “We need another plan”

The Dazzling Diamond went to Manta. “How is your sister Belle?”

“I took her to the hospital, She’s in a coma.” She said holding back tears “Is that...”

“That’s the Seer, otherwise known as Hyperman,” said the Asimus Avenger cutting her off.

“What! Really!” Manta cried in disbelief

“Yes. We were all played” confirmed the Dazzling Diamond

Suddenly the Seer spoke in their heads again

“Ahh, you second-tier heroines. I don’t even need these powers to beat you, but since I have them, oh boys”

Suddenly the remnants of the second squadron stood up. Like a mob possessed they lurched uneasily, like they were learning to walk for the first time.

“Fucking hell now Zombies, COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL YOU B GRADE WRITING HACK” screamed Hannah to the Seer

The men then all started running at the hero’s, guns tracked on them

“Split up” Said Sally

“Easy for you,” said Asimus. The heroines then disbanded.

Seven heroines, seven different ways.

Dozer and Manta took skyward. Manta started with air support and Dozer flying around drawing fire.

The Sally ran to flanking positions.

H, Asimus Avenger and Dazzling Diamond went head-on into the fray.

Meanwhile, Hannah had disappeared. She jumped into time dilation; she needed to do something.

It was 40 meters away and under the hail of gunfire quivering. The cat seemed to like it was going to be an innocent victim when it was plucked into the air and carried 3 feet off the ground.

When it stopped Hannah materialized dropping out of time dilation. “There you go Kitty, all safe now”

“Thank you,” said the cat

“What?” said Hannah.


“Great, now I’m hearing things,” said Hannah as she took off

“Thanks for saving me Hannah,” said the cat to itself. “Go kick the Seer’s butt”

The fight was exhausting on the heroines. The Seer punctuated the fight with flame and ice from his higher vantage point. The Asimus Avenger was dispatching the 2nd squadron easily one on one, but they kept coming back by nature of the reanimation. Occasionally Manta would break the scene with water jets and Dozer would crash through the horde. But they barely made a dent. The Dazzling Diamond teleported to try and get the Macguffin, only to be met by a burst of flame from the Seers glowing orange hand. One of Sally’s met up with H, and the two met up with their counterparts. The four of them planted a four-way attack the same way that the Hyperwomen had taken down Psionic. This time however the Seer simply ducked to the ground. The girls swung and collected each other rebounding before retreating.  

Dozer hung back. She felt powerless knowing he could force her to transform back into Julie at any time. She decided that the best thing she could do with the 2nd squadron, they were generally no match for her and she joined the Asimus Avenger in attacking the horde

As time worn the heroines found themselves in a corner. Showing varying degrees of wear amongst them, they were bruised, beaten, dejected.

“Fuck this guy’s strong,” said Sally.

“We can’t give up,” said a puffing Asimus.

“Not in our style,” said H “but a break would be nice.” said Hannah sucking in the deep ones.

Dazzling Diamond walked to Sally.

“Thanks for your help in this, it’s noble of you”

“That bastard, he stole something, from me. It’s, the least, I can do” said Sally, having remerged to gain some strength but still gasping between breaths

“Wait, did you day stole?” said Dozer.

“What would you call it?” Sally panted between breaths.

Dozer and the Dazzling Diamond just looked at each other and nodded. “This is going to sound crazy, but I know what to do” Dozer said

Dozer made a scribble on the ground

“ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?” said the Asimus Avenger “how is thinking “I’m a little teapot” going to stop the Seer”

“Just do it” said the Dazzling Diamond.

She then scribbled 4 words

“Ohh,” the heroines said in unison

“We surrender.” said Sally coming out with her hands up, with a makeshift white flag. She was followed by the remaining heroines. All eight made their way across the battlefield, the soldiers stopping as they walked the length of the field, their guns still trained on them. The devastation was immense. Rubble was everywhere; blood, fire, corpses.

The Seer read their minds trying to get an idea of what they were thinking. All he heard was various renditions of “I’m a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, and here is my spout”.

They walked and stood at the base of the station where the Seer was. He looked down with gleeful joy. He didn’t care. He had won.

“You pitiful fools! I knew your powers couldn’t beat me. That is why I didn’t even bother obtaining them.

“You win,” said Manta.

“The macguffin is yours,” said Dozer.

“And with it, I will reshape the world.”

The Seer grabbed the macguffin with his hand and held it to his chest. It started vibrating. It took on a visible red hue then blasted the Seer in the chest. He doubled over in pain. He looked down at the hole straight through him.

As he collapsed the girls walked up. “I, I, I don’t understand,” he said coughing up blood. The glee stripped from his face replaced with horror

“It’s simple really, you said it yourself,” said the Dazzling Diamond. “The macguffin had to be given freely. When 6 heroes walk up and demand an object. Exactly how free are you to hand it over?”

“Not very, it’s kind of like you stole it” said Sally, with a grin.

“But I, planned everything, final battle and all” he gasped, and then he collapsed, dead.

“He really didn’t see that coming did he?” Hannah said.

H lost it laughing. “Who’s writing the B grade movie NOW Hannah?”

“Have you got Pandora’s box still?” said Dozer to Sally.

“It’s behind a wall over there” she pointed. The Dazzling Diamond teleported and returned two seconds later with the box in hand. She opened the box, placed it around the coin and closed it. Dozer grabbed the box and bent the edges, effectively sealing the box.

“What are we going to do with this?” said The Asimus avenger grabbing the box

“Keep it for a sequel,” said Hannah.

“We’ll take it with us and we’ll work out what to do later.” Dozer clicked the button on her device and a blue portal opened.

“Let’s get out of here”

“Hey what time is it” Said Hannah

“4:05” said Sally looking at her watch

“Dammit, At least I saved the cat though,” Hannah said walking through the portal.

As the other stepped through the hole, Dazzling Diamond turned and spoke to Sally.

“You coming Multiplex.”

“Ah, I’m not really the hero type” replied Sally, “Also did you know”

“From the first time I saw you; don’t worry I think you’ve proven yourself here today. We’ll talk about your other, shall we say deeds, later.”

Sally shrugged “got nowhere else to be” and followed the Dazzling Diamond

Just as the portal started to close one more figure jumped in.

“Who let the cat in?” said Heather as he jumped over her towards Hannah. Hannah caught the tabby in her hands.

“Are you, that cat?” she said

“Meow.” said the cat with a slight nod

“H, we’ve got a new pet.” said Hannah as she went to show H their new housemate

“WHAT!!!” exclaimed H?

About 20 minutes later the girls were all back in their normal attire bar Dozer. She was sitting alone when Stacey walked up to her.

“You did well today” said Stacey.

“Thanks, same to you.” said Dozer. “It’s just” she paused

“Are you going to change back into Julie, We’re looking to head off if you want some time. We’ll look after her; you don’t need to worry about that”

“In a matter of speaking. Can you please get the girls over here?”

The girls gathered; Stacey and Heather, both Hannah’s, with one cradling a new cat, Belle and Sally

“Ladies it has been an absolute please fighting alongside you all. But my time has come to pass the torch. You all know my successor. Please guide her and help her realize the full potential that she has inside her.”

She then walked over to Sally

“Please stay with her best friend. What you do in your own time is your business, but look after her please”

“Ok, but what are you talking about?” said Sally

Dozer took a step back and closed her eyes. She then darted with a jolt and her azure eyes popped open with a start. “Where am I?”

“Julie?” asked Stacey.

“Yeah Stacey” She looked at Sally. “Sally, she said running and giving her a hug.”

“Sorry I haven’t been at work, I’ve been working a secret assignment.” Julie then looked down and saw herself in Dozer's uniform.

“Ahh” she screamed as she desperately trying to cover up.

“You don’t need to hide Julie, be proud.” said Heather.

“Hang on a second. Why am I dressed like Dozer?” Julie asked. Suddenly she recoiled with a fierce headache. The girls went to catch her but she steadied herself. In her mind’s eye, she saw everything. Dozer, the two identities. The last battle. About a minute later in her head, she heard a voice. “I am within you now. Be the hero you are Julie, or should I say… Dozer”

A broad smile grew on Julie’s face. “NO WAY” she exclaimed. “NO FREAKING WAY! I’m Dozer! ARRGH” she screamed with delight. She hugged the Girls.

Sally turned to Stacey and Hannah, “Imaging finding our you are one of your biggest idols” she pointed at Julie “that’s just happened”

Stacey and H looked at each other. “Ohhhh” they said in unison.

The girls walked down the corridor Julie piped up. “Hang on, where are my clothes?”

“Beats me,” said Hannah.

Julie then stopped. She noticed her finger ever so slightly glowing. Instinctively she put her finger above her head and made circular motions. After a second a series of red and white sparks cascaded in a circle around her. As they fell the girls saw her red and white costume morph into her regular clothes.

“Oh I am going to LOVE this” beamed Julie

She pulled her glasses out of her pocket and put them on running to catch the others.

Heather turned the Stacey. “Now that is cool”

That night the girls sat down to dinner. “What now?” said Julie?

“Well we go back to our lives and I try to get home?” said Hannah “the bastard lied to me about that as well”

“And I think the boss wants you back Monday Jules,” said Sally

“I’m going to stay with Ashleigh,” said Belle. “The doctors say she will make a full recovery.”

“And what do you think Heather” said Stacey “back to the usual”

“You know” Hannah said between bites “We have a great set of digs here now; It’d be a shame to get rid of this place”

“What are you getting at?” said Julie

“I mean how about keeping this place as a base of operations.”

“You think so” said Heather

“Think of it this way, there’s some decent tech in here and we all know each other pretty well by now. While you guys continue with your lives, me and Fluffy here” pointing to the cat “can see what’s actually here, if you need me or we need each other you know where we can get in contact”

“Meow” the cat looked up perplexed

H looked at Hannah

“Is this your way of saying you moving out?”

Hannah got up and gave H a huge hug

“H you’re more than a sister to me but the reality is here I don’t exist. Let’s use this to our advantage and study this place. Let’s see what other secrets the Seer left behind”

“Well. if you ever get bored you know where your room is,” said H

“Then it’s settled. This will be our new base” said Stacey. “Hannah, you will be the Custodian”

“Are we going to call ourselves something?” asked Sally

“We’ll leave that for another time,” said Hannah staring off like she was staring down a camera lens.

The girls gathered their things and after a series of goodbyes the girls left through the portals. Soon Hannah and the cat were left in the house

“So what now,” Hannah said to the cat

“How about you start by why you’re calling me Fluffy” replied the cat

“I knew you could talk,” said Hannah…


A few weeks later Julie was back at work when she felt a familiar pull. “I’m going to lie down,” she said to her manager and stepped into her room.

She locked the door and looked at her finger which was emitting a partial glow only she could perceive.

“I guess I’m needed,” said Julie as she put her finger in the air and drew circles around herself. Sparks or red and white emitted from the circles and cascaded down Julie’s body. As the sparks fell her clothes morphed from the loose-fitting shirt and skirt to a red and white bodysuit which molded around her shapely physique, with gloves, a mask and boots. In a final burst of light, Julie completed her transformation into her new heroine form. Grinning from ear to ear she looked at her new super form in the mirror. She still couldn’t believe she was her idol. “Time to get out of here,” She said. She hovered to the top shelf, pulled a book and a secret compartment that she remembers from her mind-meld. It opened a passageway in her room leading to the roof. “I hope no one ever needs that book,” she said to herself as she ascended the stairs to take to the skies, as Dozer.

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