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The Amazing Adventures of Superior Girl

Written by HikerAngel :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 14:02] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:11]


Story Concept by Thero

Written by HikerAngel

Fresh off her first mission as her alter ego and world’s newest superhero SUPERIOR GIRL, Ariana has the opportunity to be trained by her childhood idol and leader of the SUPER TEAM, MIGHTY MAIDEN! We join them in the middle of their sparring session…


Ariana’s back met the mat suddenly with spine-tingling force.

“Ouch!” she said, snaking a hand between her lower back and the mat to rub feeling back into her flesh as she lay there squinting in pain. “Darn it, Eva! I don’t have powers until I need them, remember?”

Eva looked down, gorgeous green eyes sparkling, and gave Ariana a wicked grin. “Sorry, Ari. My bad.”

Ariana furrowed her brows, well aware that her superheroine sparring partner had fully intended every bit of extra oomph in that throw. Ari had probably said something bitchy to the ginger-haired heroine on their last rescue. She didn’t remember any such comment, but it would certainly be in character for her alter ego.

Ari rose to her feet with a grimace, still rubbing her back. Her eyes met Eva’s defiantly. “Just remember: you might get hurty if you choose to fight dirty.”

“You and your corny rhyming platitudes… What’s that one supposed to mean?” Eva asked, adjusting her cleavage inside the strategically placed oval-shaped hole of her Mighty Maiden costume.

Ariana, already on her way to the changing room, frowned and called back to Eva in a singsong voice. “You’ll see…”

Later, back at home…

Sarah ran into her sister’s bedroom and flopped onto her bed. Her head rotated forward until her chin came to a rest on her chest. She eyed Ariana, who was evening her lipstick at her vanity. “Your lips look fuller than mine, Ari.”

“You’re imagining things, Sare. We’re identical twins. That means we look exactly the same, remember?”

“We used to look exactly the same. Your lips are definitely fuller than mine. And your legs are longer too!”

“Good grief, Sarah!” Ari said, turning to her sister in exasperation. “Identical. Twins!”

Sarah smiled, causing Ariana to grin as well, melting away any brewing potential for conflict between the tight-knit sisters. Ariana came over to the bed and lay down beside her sister, stroking Sarah’s hair affectionately. “You’re every bit as pretty as me, sis.”

Sarah smiled, pleased at the compliment. Her sister always had a way of making her feel better. She thought of the time when the notorious villain, DASTARDLY DAN had kidnapped their parents and ransomed them for a lifetime supply of taffy from their father’s candy company. Ariana had reassured her with a sisterly hug that everything would be okay. And she had been right.

“But you were bitten by that radioactive, magically animated Barbie doll, remember?” Sarah chided her sister. “What if it changed you… the real you, I mean.”

Before she could reply, Ariana’s phone dinged with a message. Opening it, she read aloud. “Mighty Maiden, Superior Girl, we need you. Super Team unite!”

“Good luck, Ari,” said Sarah, waving her sister goodbye.

Ariana felt a familiar sensation wash over her. Power flooded into her muscles. She grew taller, sexier, stronger. Her blonde hair lengthened and thickened to become a massive shimmering wave of platinum.

Ariana’s clothes rippled and transformed into a form-fitting ensemble of blue and red. Her midriff, bare under the skimpy crop top of her uniform, carved itself into defined columns of etched steel. Her ass inflated into two firm, perfectly shaped spheres beneath a tiny red skirt. The satin thighs that flowed from beneath the skirt’s hem, endless. Shapely calves and petite feet found themselves encased in thin, form-fitting boots.

Ari’s breasts surged outward, rounding into gravity-defying, mouth-watering hemispheric spectacles. They stretched the tight, exotic fabric of her costume nearly to the breaking point before they were finished growing.

Ariana’s breathtaking face took in the sight of her waving sister, and her mouth twisted into a sneer. “Like I need luck, sis. Especially from someone as insignificant as you.

The final word came out like an epithet as Superior Girl practically spat it.

The words stung. Sarah had never been with her sister during a transformation before. She was unaccustomed to her caring sister addressing her in that way, and it came as quite a shock.

Sarah’s eyes roamed her sister’s sickeningly gorgeous face, her full, perfect breasts. The girl’s abs looked strong enough to stop a tank, and her legs were so ridiculously long, they seemed never ending. She looked like a supermodel who had gone through a second round of puberty and then decided that doing cardio 12 hours a day for a year sounded like a good idea.

“I’m the strongest, most stupidly gorgeous superwoman in existence,” Superior Girl sneered, noticing her sister’s ogling. She launched herself out the window.

Stupid is right, thought Sarah, vengefully, still hurt by her sister’s words. She shook her head as she walked back to her room, thankful, at least, that mental telepathy was one power that her sister didn’t have in her Superior Girl form.

We rejoin our delightfully obnoxious heroine on her way to meet the rest of her SUPER TEAM for a daring rescue…

Superior Girl rocketed through the sky toward the factory fire, Scarlet cape billowing behind her, Superior Girl rocketed through the sky. She arrived on the scene a split second before Mighty Maiden.

“You’re as slow as you are fat, Mighty Maiden,” Superior Girl sneered, flicking her eyes to the red-clad heroine’s prodigious breasts to punctuate her comment on the voluptuous girl’s appearance.

Eva frowned, her fists clenching in anger. “Why don’t you leave this one to me, Inferior Idiot, or are you afraid I’ll bruise your precious little ego by doing a superior job?”

To Eva’s surprise, Superior Girl made a welcoming gesture, inviting Eva to take care of the fire herself.

Eva stared at the fire, biting her lower lip as she considered her approach. The thing was, nothing in her power set could actually do much about the fire. All of the workers had been evacuated, and she didn’t have any way of dealing with the actual flames.

Mighty Maiden turned to Superior Girl with a helpless look in her eyes, unsure what to do. Superior Girl laughed at the other heroine’s hesitation and launched herself into the sky, the whirling air from her rapid ascent forcing Mighty Maiden to raise an arm to protect her eyes. Ariana sucked in a lungful of air, then blasted it into the burning building.

Superior Girl’s powers adapted to fit the situation at hand. She was always superior to the needs of the moment.

Frost began to form at the edges of the building as Ariana’s supercooled air continued to slam into it. The flames flickered, then faded.

Superior Girl descended gracefully to land next to Mighty Maiden. She noticed Eva’s eyes tracing the seductive curves of her luscious body. Superior Girl thought she detected a hint of envy in those shining emerald irises as they compared her spectacular body to Eva’s own. Ariana looked down her nose at her buxom partner. “So that’s how it’s done. On the next one, I expect you to have learned something from me, grasshopper.”

Mighty Maiden, feeling jealousy toward another woman in both the power and attractiveness departments for the very first time, growled something almost certainly profane but unintelligible, even to Superior Girl’s super hearing. It didn’t help matters that the woman who showed her up wasn’t even a woman at all, but an eighteen-year-old girl. She flew away in anger.

The following day, at the home of our magnificent SUPERIOR GIRL…

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“AM NOT!!!” Ariana grew impatient with her sister’s insistence that she was growing prettier with every transformation to Superior Girl. She’d had enough.

Sarah sighed. “Let me prove it to you, Ari.”

She disappeared from her sister’s room, appearing a moment later with a measuring tape. Ariana tapped her foot impatiently as Sarah drew the tape upward. It read 66 inches.

She handed the tape to her sister. Ariana rolled her eyes, but did as her sister bade her, pulling the tape upward until it drew even with the top of her sister’s head. 65 inches.

Ariana plopped on her bed, looking stunned.

“I am becoming better than you…” she whispered.

“Better than me?” Sarah repeated, an uncertain smile quivering her lower lip.

“Well, you know what I mean. Taller. Prettier,” Ariana said dismissively.

“I think you might be inheriting something else from Superior Girl too…”

“Oh?” asked Ariana, meeting her sister’s eyes as she cocked her head slightly, curious. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I think you’re starting to act superior.” Sarah crossed her arms and frowned.

“What?!” cried Ariana, leaping up from the mattress, eyes wide in surprise. “You don’t think that…” She trailed off, as if afraid that saying the words would make them true.

“…that Superior Girl is beginning to bleed into Ariana? Into your normal self?” Sarah finished her sister’s thought. “Unfortunately, I do.”

Ariana seemed to deflate before her eyes, no longer looking quite so superior. In fact, she looked downright worried.

The following day, our favorite pair of sisters walk into school to find… 

Sarah and Ari walked down the hallway to the sight of two of their classmates in the midst of a scrum.

“Let him go,” cried Sarah, rushing to Steven’s side as Burt, the biggest kid in the senior class, held him by the scruff of the neck, cocking his fist and preparing to slam it into his slender opponent’s face.

Burt simply brushed Sarah to the side, however, sending her sprawling.

Ariana frowned, eyes blazing, and felt the change to Superior Girl ripple over her features at the sight of her sister on the ground.

She stalked up to Burt and broke his hold over the skinny boy with the casual wave of her hand.

Eyes widening, Burt swung at Superior Girl’s stomach. His fist made an abrupt stop as it crunched against abs of something-far-harder-than-steel. Ariana smiled and blinked coquettishly for a moment before placing one hand under the large, muscular boy’s jaw and lifting him off the ground with her outstretched thumb and forefinger.

“Just remember: Never be a bully when someone Superior can lift you like a pulley.”

The huge boy’s eyes squinted in confusion. “That… doesn’t even… make any… sense,” he gasped fearfully, legs dangling over the floor.

Superior Girl simply shrugged. “Well, it’s better than anything you could come up with. That’s sort of my nature. I’m Superior to any challenger in every way.”

With that, she gave a dazzling smile and released him. He crumpled to the ground.

While Superior Girl dealt with Burt, Sarah had crawled over to Steven to check him over. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m okay,” Steven reassured her, grateful for her caring touch. Sarah gazed at him with soft eyes, seemingly about to say something to him, when her sister reappeared, looming over them.

“Do I look different to you, Sare?” she asked, her expression clearly conveying her concern.

Sarah studied her sister carefully. “No. I don’t think so…”

“Good,” Ariana breathed, shoulders slumping in relief.

“Did you see Superior Girl?” piped in Steven, drawing both girls’ eyes. “She is a total knockout. Wowzers!”

“Yeah,” Ariana smiled wryly. “She is.”

Sarah simply frowned, rising and crossing her arms over her unremarkable chest.

“I mean, do you think I would have a chance with a girl like that?” Steven continued to gush.

Ariana and Sarah exchanged a glance, then turned to face him, answering in unison. “No!”

Steven’s hopeful expression fell, and he began to gather his books from the floor. Ariana spun on her heel and walked away, but Sarah remained.

“So you’d really like to be with a girl like that more than someone at school that really liked you?” she asked the slender boy hesitantly.

“Well, I mean, she’s super good looking. Way better looking than anyone at school… but you’re right. That’s not what I should be attracted to.” He thought about the prospect further, rubbing his chin. “She’s a little bit condescending, I guess. It might be better to be with someone nicer. Someone that actually liked me.”

Sarah’s expression brightened. “Yes? Go on!”

“But there isn’t anyone at school that likes me! I’m just the unremarkable school nerd. No one seemed to like me any better when I was accidentally zapped by a synapse-enlarging alien genius-ray…”

Sarah bounced on the balls of her feet eagerly. She leaned toward him, arms unfurling from her chest to tug nervously at the hem of her skirt. “But what if someone at school is interested in you. What if someone finds your Wonderbrain really sexy?”

“Pfft. I wish,” Steven replied. “But there isn’t anybody like that. My brilliant deductive reasoning skills would have worked it out instantly if that were the case.”

Shrugging, Steven turned, then walked away.

Sarah’s face contorted for a moment. She clenched her small fists in frustration, staring at the oblivious genius as he walked down the hall. When the bell suddenly rang, snapping her out of her reverie, her shoulders slumped in resignation, and she  followed Steven to first period with a longing sigh.

Back at SUPER TEAM headquarters, we rejoin MIGHTY MAIDEN and her increasingly powerful nemesis SUPERIOR GIRL in their next sparring session…


“Geez, Eva,” cried Ariana as she attempted to blink away the fireworks of pain that were flashing in her vision. “Overkill much?”

Ariana lay on her back on the mat, wiggling her jaw back into place. “Contrary to popular belief, I’m not actually a supervillain bent on trying to kill you! You could take it a little easier than that, Mighty Mass.”

The thinly veiled reference to her weight sent Eva into a rage.

“Get up,” said the well-endowed heroine. “I want to put you down again!”

Ariana, sensing a true threat to her well-being this time, transformed as she rose to one knee.

Eva gasped as she witnessed Ariana’s transition to Superior Girl for the first time. Ariana’s cheekbones rose, her eyes enlarged, eyebrows rising and thinning. Her lips grew fuller, her breasts larger and perfectly formed. Her arms, while still slender, sculpted into hard, feminine muscle. Her abs, made visible by her smaller, tighter clothing, rippled into chiseled perfection that exploded in definition as she contracted them to rise fully to her feet.

Ari placed her hands on the slopes of her rounded hips, her tiny skirt rising behind her over the swelling curves of her ass, its hem fluttering around smooth, silky thighs. She took a step toward Eva on still-lengthening legs, and glared at her powerful opponent.

“How about I put you down instead, Milk Maid?”

With that, Ariana cocked a fist and unleashed an earth-shattering blow to her rival’s jaw. Eva moved to block it, but Ariana was too strong. Her fist connected with the voluptuous heroine’s hand, driving it back into her face as if it provided no resistance.

Eva flew backward into the training room wall, then slid to the floor in a heap, dazed and shaking her injured hand.

Superior Girl walked up to Mighty Maiden and looked down her nose at the pathetic heroine.

“So you’re the undefeated champion of the Super Team, huh? Not anymore, you’re not. Thanks to Superior Girl.” Ariana polished her knuckles against her chest, then blew on them, a look of satisfaction lighting her eyes.

Amused, Superior Girl lightly kicked the foot of the fallen hero. “It’s a good thing you softened that blow with your hand. Just remember: if you pick on me, you’ll be flicked like a flea!”

The taunt seemed to rouse Eva back into awareness, and her lips curled into a snarl as she rose, once more, to her feet.

“Let’s just see you try that again!” she said, tensing her muscles, preparing to escalate this fight.

There was a click of the door, and a half dozen of the most senior members of the Super Team walked in, eyes curious, wondering what was going on after hearing the shuddering impact of Mighty Maiden’s body on the sparring room wall throughout the complex.

“Ari, be careful!” cried Razzle Dazzle. “Mighty Maiden can’t be beaten. She’s the strongest of all of us, by far. And she can be pretty mean when she gets angry!”

Ariana frowned. Couldn’t be beaten? She looked into Eva’s eyes, seeing nothing but supreme confidence within them.

Mighty Maiden loosed her fist, and it slammed into Superior Girl’s nose. Her hand glanced off to the side, turning Ariana’s face to the side, but doing little in the way of actual damage.

Ariana’s hand shot out, gripping Mighty Maiden by the throat. She raised the buxom heroine off her feet as she grasped at Ariana’s hand, unable to dislodge it.

Turning to the other heroes, who stood just inside the sparring room door in stunned silence, Ariana spoke cruelly. “Well, she’s just met her superior…”

Ariana refocused on the struggling woman before her, and sent blow after blow into her stomach until her struggles subsided. Superior Girl released her neck, and she dropped to the floor, coughing and sputtering, crawling on all fours.

Ariana gave her a hard kick in the ribs, smashing her once again into the wall of the room, leaving her crumpled and moaning at its base in agony.

Her humiliation of Mighty Maid before the rest of the Super Team complete, Superior Girl laughed as she surveyed the reactions of the team. They ranged from awe to absolute fear. Seeing that Eva was in no condition to reply, Ariana simply gave her a final, condescending smirk, then flew away, waving to the rest as she rose into the sky.

Her SUPERIORITY over her rival now demonstrated to the rest of the SUPER TEAM, SUPERIOR GIRL returns home, transforming back into her alter ego, albeit with a few IMPROVEMENTS…

“You’re two inches taller than me now, Ar! And you look amazing!” Sarah exclaimed in awe, pinching the measuring tape between her thumb and forefinger.

“But I didn’t change much at all after taking care of that bully. Why so much now?” Ariana intoned, frowning.

“Well, you beat the heck out of Mighty Maiden—that has to take a lot more power than taking care of Burly Burt,” Sarah reasoned.

“True,” Ariana said, putting her finger to her lips. “Do you think the bleed is stronger when I become more powerful, more… superior?”

Sarah considered, then nodded. “Sure seems like it. I mean, you only grew an inch when you used the power, like, a dozen times for small rescues and things. Then, when you need to take down a superhero, you gain another whole inch in one change!”

Ariana plopped onto the bed, hands rising to her face, covering her eyes. “So you mean I should try to use as little power as possible? Like not tackle any superpowered villains or whatever?”

“I think that would probably be a good idea, if you don’t want to keep becoming bitchier,” said Sarah, circling the bed to stand beside her sister.

“Bitchier?” Ari snarled, suddenly annoyed. “More like you, you mean.”

Sarah stepped back, a hand rising to her chest before she realized it was simply Superior Girl talking. She cocked her head and gave Ariana her best “I told you so” look.

Ariana blinked, then shook her head. “Oh, God. My personality really is changing, isn’t it.”

Sarah simply nodded slowly, letting her sister’s realization sink in.

The side effects of her TRANSFORMATIONS confirmed, ARIANA must decide whether she should continue on the journey to becoming her SUPERIOR self or…

Ariana’s phone chimed with another text.

“Superior Girl, we need you. Super Team unite!”

The lovely girl rolled her eyes. Couldn’t the Super Team come up with a better slogan than that? she thought.

Transforming into her alter ego, she launched herself into the air and raced toward the location indicated in the text message.

When she arrived, Ariana’s eyes widened in disbelief. There, floating before her, was an enormous flying saucer. Military jets rocketed toward the invading alien ship, firing missiles and bullets at its smooth hull.

The projectiles failed to do anything, however, their momentum halted by some sort of gravity field a short distance from the metallic surface of the ship. The missiles and slugs simply hovered within the aura of the field, like bees trapped in honey.

Razzle Dazzle, spotting her presence, quickly flew to her side. He looked worried. “It’s the Blargorian Empire! They always said that they were going to get revenge on us after Wonderbrain defeated them in that intergalactic Scrabble tournament last year. But no one thought they were actually serious! Their technology is light years beyond anything that we have on earth. We don’t stand a chance! The earth is doomed!!!”

Superior Girl watched another plane fire uselessly at the Blargorians. Sneering at the pathetic, useless attempts by the sniveling U.S. Air Force to destroy the ship, Ariana launched herself toward it, confident that she would succeed where they failed. However, when she reached the strange field, she was caught in its massive gravitonic energy in the same way, slowing quickly to a complete halt.

Superior Girl was unable to move! She was trapped! She saw Razzle Dazzle cringe in horror, then fly in the opposite direction.

Ariana felt a surge of power roll through her body. Her muscles didn’t grow but seemed to harden as they became denser, rippling with incredible power—power far beyond even that which she normally possessed.

The rush of power was so overwhelming, that Ariana cried out, momentarily overcome by the mix of pain and pleasure. Her lips curled into a haughty smirk.

Who did these aliens think they were? Trying to stop HER?

Ariana flexed her arms inward, sending a shockwave of earth-shaking force blasting outward, collapsing the aliens’ protective field, detonating all of the weaponry that had previously been frozen in stasis, and sending the people far below running for cover.

Laser blasts, which had been firing at swooping planes and other random members of the Super Team suddenly focused exclusively on her.

Ariana felt dozens of searing beams crash into her in unison, stinging her flesh. She screamed a second time, and another wave of power roared through her body.

As another series of beams fired at her in rapid succession, Superior Girl laughed them off. They couldn’t hurt her any longer; she was completely invulnerable now, immune to the worthless aliens’ pitiful attempts to do damage to her body.

“Stupid little aliens who like to fly,” Superior Girl giggled as she sunk her insanely powerful fingers into the previously indestructible metal of their flying saucer, the meltal softening as it bent and heated under the unbelievable pressure of her fingers, as they punctured it in search of a good grip. “I think it’s time for you to say buh-bye!”

Superior Girl tensed her gorgeous glutes, twisted her steely abs, and swung the colossal spaceship around her magnificent body several times. At the apex of the third spin, she released it, flinging it away from the planet toward the sun.

Zooming her Superior-Ray vision to watch as it sailed toward the massive star, she watched in satisfaction as it began to glow red, then incinerated in a bright burst of light.

Wiping her hands together as if she’d just taken out the garbage, Superior Girl called out to the other members of the Super Team that were watching her in awe. “When I’m here to save the day, all the rest of you just get in the way!”

She laughed as she rocketed away, the air in her wake swirling with such force from her prodigious speed that the rest of the superheroes in the sky, including Razzle Dazzle, were scattered in all directions.

Her most powerful feat of SUPERIORITY now behind her, ARIANA must face the unintended CONSEQUENCES of the continued use of her POWERS…

“Holy Sexypants, Ariana! You look absolutely stunning!” exclaimed Sarah when she saw her sister, transformed back to her normal self, walking into the house.

Ariana’s clothes no longer fit her very well, her longer legs causing the hem of her jeans to end at her lower calf. And they were so tight they appeared as if they’d been painted over their coltish curves.

Her hips had widened, her waist had tapered inward to become more narrow, and her breasts had become fuller, giving her figure a more exaggerated hourglass shape. Where her tighter top had pulled up from the top her jeans, Sarah could see a sliver of flesh—in the form of deliciously sculpted abs—peeking out.

Sarah glanced down at her own chest. Her sister was so well-endowed. All the guys at school were going to go crazy when they saw her! As Sarah looked back up to examine the impact of the lush curves on her taller, more athletic sister, she had to admit that the entire package was absolutely jaw-dropping. The changes gave Ariana a fit, ultrafeminine appearance that seemed to sizzle with sensuality.

“Of course I do,” said Ariana, looking as bored as her sister was excited. “You sound like you didn’t expect me to be better than you and everyone else.”

Sarah took a step backward. “Oh no! It’s happening again!”

“I’m becoming more gorgeous, you mean? Again, hardly a surprise. It’s only natural that I look superior, seeing’s how I am superior.”

Sarah’s brows furrowed. Looking at her twin sister made her strangely jealous. It was like looking in a funhouse mirror, except that the distorted image that it returned was a good four inches taller and pretty enough to put a model to shame. Ariana must have transitioned at least halfway from her original appearance to that of Superior Girl. Whatever she’d done for the Super Team, she must have used a tremendous amount of power to cause such a drastic bleed of Superior Girl into her regular self.

Ariana noticed her sister ogling, smiling darkly. “Jealous, sis?”

She strode up to Sarah. “You should be, looking as pitiful as you do, seeing what you could be if you were just a bit better…”

Sarah, stung by the repeated insults, swung an open hand at Ariana’s smug face, intending to slap her.

Ariana caught it in mid-flight by the wrist. “Tut tut, Sarah. If you wanted to touch me, you should have asked first.”

She pulled her sister’s hand forward, touching her fingers to a breast several cup  sizes larger than Sarah’s own now. “See how it feels to be an actual woman, not a plain, silly girl.”

Sarah’s mouth trembled in horror. Was this her sister now?

Ariana’s swept Sarah’s hand down to her firm, sculpted stomach. “See what actual abs feel like?”

Sarah’s eyes grew glassy as tears threatened to well. Ariana was being so awful to her now. Was her sister still in there at all?

With a laugh, Ariana released Sarah’s hand. She cheerfully bounced to Sarah’s closet, thick blonde tresses flouncing behind her. She pulled two dresses from their hangers and examined them critically.

Holding up the first, a flowery yellow sundress, Ari commented. “This one looks like something an eight-year-old would wear.”

Turning her critical eye to Sarah, she sneered. “Appropriate, though, I suppose for that ironing board figure of yours…”

She threw it to the side, moving the other dress upward.

“Now this one could be sexy…” Ari held it up to her own luscious body before finishing. “…on me.”

“But I don’t think my chest would fit inside those little cups, so…”

Thin, nearly transparent twin beams of red energy crackled from Ariana’s eyes. The fabric beneath her gaze began to sizzle, a wisp of smoke rising from two points. A moment later, two small flames erupted, burning away the thin material.

Ariana smiled and dropped the dress into the trash can beside Sarah’s desk, then picked up the metal can and wadded it into a compact ball to put out the fire within.

Sarah gaped at her sister. Even as Ariana, she now had superior abilities! The bleed between personas was becoming complete! Her sister was in the process of becoming Superior Girl full time!

Ari danced back to her sister, delighted with her obvious supremacy over her twin.She leaned in, voice dropping to a sultry whisper. “Face it, Sarah. I’m a better version of you. And I’ll just. Keep. Becoming. More. Superior.”

Ariana smirked as she straightened, then turned on her heel and marched confidently out of the room.

Sarah simply stood there, stunned, tears rolling down each cheek.

As SARAH is beginning to realize that SUPERIOR GIRL’s growing influence over her twin sister has consequences for them BOTH…

Sarah never left  her room, laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. As the sun set, she sniffed away the remnants of her tears.

She had always been close with her sister, but she didn’t see how that closeness would continue as Ariana continued to develop her superiority complex. Her increasingly beautiful sister was no longer supportive and friendly, now seeming to delight in belittling her at every opportunity. There seemed to be more Superior Girl than Ariana in her now.

It pained her to know that Ariana’s attitude was only likely to worsen as the insufferable personality of the superheroine that she’d become continued to tighten its control over her regular personality.

Maybe there was a way to stop it? Maybe there was a way to get rid of Superior Girl completely and return her sister to her!

Sarah’s thoughts turned to the cause of her sister’s changes—the Barbie doll.

Sarah crept past her sister’s room, glancing in as she snuck by. Ariana had apparently decided to rearrange her furniture, holding her desk by the corner in one hand and her dresser with the other as she pondered where to place them.

Sarah frowned. To her, the amazing feat of strength was simply another reminder that her sister’s kindness was being replaced by Superior Girl’s arrogance.

Tiptoeing the rest of the way past her sister’s door, Sarah went to the garage, grabbed a shovel, then ran outside to the yard under the cover of darkness. Sarah surveyed the yard, zeroing in on the back corner by the fence where she’d hidden the source of her sister’s abilities.

She stalked to the spot and sunk in the point of the shovel before determinedly scooping out a pile of dirt.

Thirty minutes later, wiping the sweat from her brow, she stared down a two-foot deep hole. Setting her jaw, she continued her efforts. The shovel hit a hard surface on her next downward thrust.

Dropping to her knees, Sarah’s eyes shone. She reached into the hole, and began to brush away the dirt from the edges of the lead box within. Eventually, she worked it free, setting it on the grass beside her.

Collapsing to the cool lawn, Sarah considered what to do. Deciding that she needed help, she picked up her phone and began to scroll through her contacts. As Steven’s name rolled by, she paused. Perhaps he could help? She liked the idea of spending time with him, even if he was impervious to her strongest signals of interest. And with his Wonderbrain, he stood a very real chance of actually helping her. She pressed the green “call” button.

“Hello?” came his curious voice.

“Steven? Hi. I’ve got something I’d really like you to take a look at. Mind if I come over?” asked Sarah.

Sarah didn’t see the curtains in the upper window of the house close quietly above her.

SARAH pays STEVEN, the town’s resident WONDERBRAIN, a visit, hoping to discover a CURE for her sister’s Barbie-induced SUPERIORITY COMPLEX…

Steven pulled the door open as Sarah was about to knock. He noticed Sarah’s look of astonishment and grinned sheepishly as he explained. “I’ve, um, been waiting for you to get here.”

Sarah nodded, happy that Steven was so eager to see her. She had an ulterior motive for calling Steven, hoping that spending some time together on her Ariana reclamation project might result in Steven asking her out. He was shy, but he had always seemed to be attracted to her.

Steven stepped aside, ushering her in. When they arrived at his room, Sarah thrust the lead box forward.

“I need you to take a look at this, Steven,” Sarah told him. “But be careful. It bites.”

Steven’s brows furrowed in curiosity as his eyes scanned the outside of the dirty, unremarkable lead box. He glanced at Sarah questioningly, and she smiled encouragingly in return.

Steven set the box on his desk, lowered his eyes to the latch, and released it carefully, one hand atop the box, ready to slap it shut should whatever was inside attempt to escape.

Gradually, he lifted the lid of the box upward, his wide eyes searching the dark interior as the light from the room began to fill the interior shadows. When the lid rose high enough, he finally saw its contents.

“A Barbie doll?” Steven turned to Sarah, giving her a wry look. “Seriously? You had me expecting some sort of monster or something…”

As he spoke, the doll leapt out of the box, her tiny mouth snapping open, ready to sink her teeth into his arm. Sarah’s hand flashed out, grabbing the doll by her slender waist, halting its lunge an inch from the inner flesh of Steven’s forearm. It’s miniature jaw snapped shut with an audible clack.

Steven took a step backward, belatedly dodging out of range of the odd doll’s attack. He stared at the Barbie for a moment in disbelief before his shocked eyes slowly rose to meet Sarah’s.

“Told you to be careful, Steven,” she laughed, amused at his stunned reaction. “This Barbie’s more dangerous than she looks.”

As if to illustrate her point, the small doll struggled in her grasp, jaw opening once more, ready to bite should anything come within range.

“Holy Hasbro, Sarah! Where did you get that thing?” Steven crouched to examine the squirming plastic toy more closely.

“Long story,” she said with a sigh. “But she’s radioactive, so we don’t want to be exposed for too terribly long. Let’s get to work. I need to know whether this thing’s bite is reversible. I need to know whether we can change my sister back to normal.”

“Radioactive?” repeated Steven, giving Sarah another questioning glance. She shrugged.

Then, scarcely able to believe he was about to look at the effects of the bite of a Barbie doll, he walked over to get a pair of tweezers, a glass slide, and his microscope. Jaw set, eyes focused, he set about his work.

Two hours later, WONDERBRAIN has finished his EXAMINATION…

Steven rubbed his eyes as he leaned back from the microscope.

“What is it, Steven? Can you do it? Can you reverse the effects of the bite?” Sarah asked hopefully.

Steven’s shoulders slumped. “I… don’t think so. I’m so sorry, Sarah. It looks like this thing’s bite changes its subject at the molecular level somehow. Attempting to change her back would probably kill her.

Sarah frowned, and she began to pace the room. What should she do? Her sister was getting more like her alter ego with every transition. Soon, Ariana would become Superior Girl full time!

Then, she had a thought. “Do these molecular changes dictate personality?”

Steven considered for a moment. “I’m not sure. I suppose they would have an influence, at least. But the exact effect probably depends on the person.”

Sarah thought about that, biting her lower lip in concentration. “So I might not respond to it like my sister?”

“I don’t know. Brain chemistry and personality are not well understood things. You might react the same way; you might not.” Steven shrugged.

Sarah looked at the Barbie doll, now strapped to the surface of Steven’s desk, its mouth still open wide, head turning to each side as it searched for something to bite. “So if it bit me, I would become powerful enough to match my sister, but possibly without the superiority complex?”

“I guess. Why? Are you seriously considering letting that thing bite you?” Steven asked uncertainly.

Sarah continued to stare at the doll, lost in thought. “I am…”

Steven opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, the door of his room suddenly flew open, and Ariana stepped inside. She instantly focused on the doll on the desk before snapping to her sister’s, eyes simmering with anger.

“You told me the doll was gone, Sarah. You told me that it had disintegrated after it bit me!” Ariana’s eyes and lips trembled with rage.

“I… I…” said Sarah, taking a step backward in fear, hands rising before her in a defensive posture, despite the fact that she knew she would never be able to keep her sister at bay should she decide to attack. Especially if she transformed fully into Superior Girl.

Ariana stormed to the desk, picked up the doll, snapping the straps that held her to the desk with ease, and placed the doll’s mouth on the inside of her wrist.

Sarah gasped in horror as the doll bit Ariana a second time.

Ariana threw her head back, her thick blonde hair rippling into the now-familiar platinum mane of Superior Girl.

But this time, it didn’t stop there.

Her hair continued to grow longer, fuller, more vibrant until its ends curled past her lower back to tickle the swelling cheeks of a heartbreakingly perfect ass.

Ariana’s face, turned upward as she panted in pleasure, grew literally breathtaking in its enthralling, ethereal beauty. The slim muscles of her willowy arms sculpted themselves into graceful, elegant slopes and ridges of feminine power.

Her breasts, now covered in the blue and red Superior Girl costume, strained the indestructible material into submission, their mesmerizing, succulent curves becoming absolutely glorious.

Her abs, seemingly perfect before, now redefined the term, their strength evident in the rippling definition of each chiseled brick. The skin that covered them was so soft, silky, and flawless that there would be no confusing her musculature as anything other than that of a woman.

Her legs lengthened still further, becoming endless, far stronger, and beyond gorgeous. Her tiny skirt rode scandalously high on tight, firm thighs, and red boots struggled to match the sensuously rounded lines of her shapely calves.

Ariana lowered her chin, costume still creaking from the pressure of her impossibly firm, voluptuous breasts as they swelled with every breath. She fluttered long, bold lashes open to reveal huge, shimmering blue eyes. As she looked down on her sister, her naturally scarlet lips curled into a haughty smile.

“Did you really think you could use the doll to compete with me?” Ariana asked incredulously. She reached out her right hand to the top of her sister’s head and forced the awestruck girl down to her knees.

“The only thought in your hideous little head should be spent thinking of the best way to drop to your knees and bow,” she continued. “I am pretty much a goddess, after all.”

Ariana glanced at the doll in her left hand and squeezed her slender fingers. It erupted into flames as it shattered, the remnants of its plastic parts smoldering as they fell, incinerating completely before they even hit the ground.

Wiping her hands with a smile, she seemed to notice Steven for the first time. “If it isn’t my sister’s little boy crush…”

Smirking, Ariana turned her back on Sarah and approached the ogling, awed boy. She leaned in conspiratorially and whispered to him. “Better not tell Sarah who you’d actually sell your soul to fuck.”

She winked, watching the bulge in his pants stretch the denim fabric to its limits. Snaking her powerful arms around him, she reeled him into her seductive curves, hearing his soft gasp as her body touched his. She pressed her lips into his in a deep, languid kiss, feeling his hips spasm as she did.

“Oh, God,” he said in a breathy, straining whisper as she slowly drew back, releasing the kiss.

Ariana glanced to the growing wet spot in his pants with a satisfied glimmer in her eyes, then turned to face her horrified sister.

“Sorry, Sarah. But your only chance with boys now is that they never see me. Just remember: if there’s a boy, he’s my toy.” She followed her matter-of-fact pronouncement with a brilliant smile, then launched herself through Steven’s bedroom window with an outward explosion of glass.

The moment she exited the house, however, a blur of red and gold slammed her into the lawn beside Steven’s house from above.

Superior Girl rose to her feet, dusting herself off, and gazed directly into the eyes of her Super Team rival—Mighty Maiden. The woman seemed far more endowed, and substantially more muscular than the last time the two had faced off. Around her waist was the Lighting Lasso of Lumarth, and on top of her ginger hair sat the Terrible Tiara of Teramapi.

“Well, look at you,” Ariana laughed, waving a hand dismissively at her opponent. “Looking all buff and thinking you’re up to snuff. I’m going to have fun showing you precisely how wrong you are.”

Mighty Maiden’s mouth twitched, her smoldering eyes betraying her anger at Ariana’s contemptuous dismissal.

“You have no idea how powerful I am now, ‘Superior’ Girl,” she said with a snarl. “Every woman on Amazon Island lent me her strength, so that I could finally teach you a lesson. I have the power of my entire people flowing through my veins, not to mention the Artifacts of Ultimate Power at my disposal”

She raised a hand before her, the Ridiculous Ring of Ronesia sparkling on her middle finger, and balled it into a fist that virtually crackled with power. “You’ll soon find out just what this Amazon is capable of, especially when paired with the most powerful objects known to the galaxy, fiend. The Artifacts are probably overkill, but I didn’t want to take any chances this time. You’re in dire need of a lesson, and I intend to administer it in a way you won’t soon forget!”

Superior Girl focused on Mighty Maiden's fist and felt a tsunami of strength crash through her magnificent body. She closed her eyes, taking a moment to relish the earth-shaking levels of power of which she now found herself in possession as her body attempted to amp up her power level to surpass that of the woman before her.

When she opened them, her hypnotically blue eyes looked calm, relaxed. “So you think you can teach me something about power, do you, Mighty Maiden? This’ll be rich,” she said quietly, words infused with a strange intensity as she stared down her rival. “Bring it, bitch.”

Mighty Maiden did exactly that. Digging toes into the ground, she launched herself into the mind-blowingly sexy blonde. Her shoulder struck Superior Girl’s tensed, steely abs, and the ultra-powerful Mighty Maiden ricocheted a dozen yards away.

Mighty Maiden rose, shaking the stars from her vision. She ran at Superior Girl again, this time touching her tiara, ring, and lasso to activate their combined effects. She seemed to glow as the Artifacts of Ultimate Power crackled to life on each part of her body.

Ariana examined her nails as Mighty Maiden approached, puffing a burst of air from her lips that whipped Eva’s hair back, stopping her momentum in its tracks. Mighty Maiden’s tiara flew off her head, and Superior Girl moved so quickly to catch it that, to Eva, it was as if she had simply flickered momentarily in place.

Holding the Terrible Tiara of Teramapi before Eva, Ari crumbled it to dust in her hand.

Horrified and again enraged, Mighty Maiden threw a fist into Ariana’s jaw. Ariana slapped it to the side, and its momentum, combined with that of Ariana’s slap, spun Eva in a circle until she collapsed in a dizzied daze.

Superior Girl reached down and tugged off the Lighting Lasso of Lumarth, feeling the prickles of powerful electricity jagging down her arm from her fingers.

“Oooo, that tickles,” Ariana said, then snapped the magical rope in half. Its energy flickered, then faded.

“Y-you can’t destroy the A-artifacts of Ultimate P-power!” cried Mighty Maiden. “That’s impossible! They’re our secret weapon against the evildoers of the world, should they ever become too powerful for the Super Team to contain!”

Superior Girl plucked the ring from Mighty Maiden’s finger with a flash of movement, blasted it with a quick burst of heat vision, then put the melting metal between her teeth and blew it into a glowing bubble. As its glow began to fade, the absurdly powerful heroine removed it from her mouth, dropped it to the ground, and crunched the now-spherical Ridiculous Ring of Ronesia into a shower of tiny, sparkling metal fragments under her heel.

Mighty Maiden looked heartbroken as Ari destroyed the final Artifact of Ultimate Power with creatively casual ease. Sucking in a breath, her features scrunched in anger as she lurched toward Superior Girl, desperate to actually do something to this arrogant, eighteen-year-old high-schooler that was tossing her about with comical ease.

But her effort was all for naught. Superior Girl jumped toward her, letting the red-clad heroine collide with her firmer-than-steel breast. Mighty Maiden flew backward, bouncing off Ari’s massive mammary with whiplashing force.

Superior Girl laughed heartily as she watched the other woman groan in pain on the ground. “I may have gotten my own little upgrade, Mighty Mush. And my upgrade doesn’t involve any silly little trinkets.”

As Mighty Maiden struggled to pry her curvaceous torso from the ground, Superior Girl was there in an instant, resting the toe of her boot lightly upon the red-clad heroine’s prodigious chest.

Mighty Maiden attempted to throw the red boot off of her, but even with both hands, she could do nothing to budge Ariana’s foot.

“Having trouble?” mocked Ariana in a light, singsong voice. “Still seeing double?”

To Ariana’s amusement, Mighty Maiden blinked a few times, as if testing her vision. Then she noticed Superior Girl’s delighted smirk and scowled. She redoubled her efforts to twist Ariana’s foot away, but Ariana’s foot wasn’t budging.

“How… are you… so… strong?” gasped Eva, as she used every ounce of her massive strength to push away Superior Girl’s foot without so much as a modicum of success.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Ariana giggled, before putting a finger to her lips in thought. “Unless you’re the one that put radioactive Barbie in that old shoe?”

“Radioactive Barbie? Old shoe? What are you talking about…?” asked a puzzled Mighty Maiden.

“I guess not,” Ariana shrugged, unconcerned. “That’s what I thought.”

Using her toe, Superior Girl snagged the upper edge of Mighty Maiden’s cleavage-baring costume cutout, and flicked upward. The movement sent Eva sailing upward before her, until she stopped the other woman’s momentum with an iron grip on the high neckline of Eva’s red and gold outfit.

Stunned by the casual ease with which Ariana was handling her, it took Eva a moment before she began to try to pry Superior Girl’s fingers loose with her own.

Superior Girl laughed again at the other woman’s futile attempts to free herself, then casually launched an uppercut into the other girl’s sexy, lycra-clad stomach. Eva’s eyes bulged as her lungs expelled their entire supply of oxygen and her organs rattled around inside her body.

She had never felt a blow so powerful. It had caved her enhanced defenses effortlessly, and it hadn’t even appeared as though Ariana were even trying very hard.

Ariana released her hold on Mighty Maiden’s uniform, and the second most powerful woman in existence, slumped to the ground as she gasped in an attempt to get her pain-paralyzed body to begin breathing once more.

As Mighty Maiden struggled to recover, Superior Girl stepped beside her. Eva’s eyes started at Ariana’s slender ankles, then rose the length of her insanely long legs to her carved-in-steel abs. They came to rest on the face that loomed above her, peering between the two perfect hemispheres of her breasts, Ariana’s luminous sapphire eyes seeming to laugh at her from high above.

Mighty Maiden swallowed hard as she attempted to absorb the staggering level of attractiveness her rival now possessed. She had never seen anyone as strikingly gorgeous as Superior Girl before her latest transformation. Now? The girl’s body was absolute perfection. Eva realized that she had absolutely no hope of competing in either the strength or the looks department after so many years of being the pinnacle of both in both the Super Team and in the world at large. Eva licked her lips. She couldn’t help it. Ariana’s body was utterly magnificent.

“It’s okay,” Ariana prompted huskily, watching Eva’s reaction as the other woman’s eyes truly took in the seductive power of her mouth-watering curves. “I know you’re attracted to me. It’s only natural. My sexiness is far superior to yours now.”

Eva, still panting, rose to her knees, and, eyes flashing with suddenly surging desire, kissed the inside of Ariana’s knee. Ariana smiled, and gripped a handful of Eva’s hair, pulling the other woman’s mouth upward, sliding her soft lips along the firm interior of her lower thigh.

Eva’s eyes rose timidly to meet Ariana’s, and the magnificent heroine gave her a slight nod, as if to encourage her to proceed. Eva focused her attention on the tiny skirt that fluttered against Ariana’s perfect legs immediately before her eyes. Mighty Maiden placed her fingers on either side of Ariana’s rounded, athletic hips, and tugged the lower half of her costume downward.

The fabric of the skirt grew taut as it descended the smooth slopes of Ariana’s hips, ass, and upper thighs. Then it loosened and fell to the ground with a soft thump as it reached the inwardly tapering line of Superior Girl’s interminable legs.

Ariana wore nothing beneath, and Eva smiled hungrily as she touched her lips to her slit. Reaching around, Eva placed both hands on the perfect satin skin that encased the steel-hard swells of Ariana’s glutes to hold herself steady before this tantalizing creature.

Eva’s tongue darted out, barely strong enough to part Arian’s delicate folds. She tasted the sweet, tangy evidence of Ariana’s arousal before hearing Ariana's sultry voice falling down to her ears like a gentle spring rain.

“Just remember: you might get hurty if you want to get flirty.”

Eva believed it. Ariana’s body felt like steel under her fingers. It was unbelievably powerful, a masterpiece of both strength and beauty.

Meanwhile, as our two SUPERPOWERED heroines vie for dominance in the yard, SARAH and her BOY GENIUS look on…

Sarah gazed out the window, watching the scene unfold in the yard in stunned silence. Steven came up behind her, eyes locked on the scene outside as well.

“How is she doing that?” he whispered.

“Doing what?” asked Sarah, raising an eyebrow as she turned her attention toward the object of her high school crush. “Beating Mighty Maiden?”

“Well, yeah, that too, I guess. But I was talking about that position there, where she, um, intertwined her body with, um, Mighty Maidens, um…” The shocked boy trailed off, eyes widening at yet another development.

“Well, she is superior at everything,” sighed Sarah, following Steven’s eyes to her sister’s latest sexual maneuver and looking pained. “Even sex, I guess.”

The two each cocked their heads to the side in unison, eyes following the movement out the window.

“And flexibility too, I suppose,” Sarah whispered.

Their heads straightened once more. Again in unison. They cringed.

“And creativity?” asked Steven.

“Yeah,” said Sarah, eyes never leaving the sight in front of her. “That too.”

“Is this, like, um…” Steven blushed as Sarah managed to peel her eyes away long enough to give him a sidelong glance.

“Is this… what?” asked Sarah, honestly confused.

“Well, is it, like, turning you on?” Steven said, his red cheeks now turning crimson.

“Turning me…” Sarah repeated before she seemed to fully realize what he was saying, a blush of her own traveling up her cheeks. She whirled to face him, covering her mouth with a small hand. “Oh my gosh, Steven!”

He looked away in embarrassment, but quickly felt her hand reach out and touch his warm cheek, turning his face back to hers. Her eyes searched his meaningfully, and she leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips.

Steven’s hands reached around Sarah, descending her back, and began to pull her sweater upward from behind. Sarah bit her lower lip and did the same to his t-shirt. She shimmied out of her skirt as he unbuckled his belt and let his stained pants fall to the floor.

Sarah’s lips found Steven’s, hungrily this time, and they kissed passionately for several moments. Sarah could feel him harden against her lower abdomen.

Their kisses became more urgent. Their hands began to roam each other’s now-naked bodies, the intensity of their passion escalating quickly… when the moment was interrupted by an escalating series of cries outside.

“Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!” shrieked Mighty Maiden as her body undulated in a rapid succession of literally earth-shaking orgasms on the lawn.

Feeling the walls of the house rattle, Steven and Sarah turned to look outside. Mighty Maiden lay collapsed on the ground, her expression evidencing a mixture of exhaustion, ecstasy, and pain as her limp body panted for breath. Ari’s magnificent face was staring directly at them as she extricated herself from Mighty Maiden’s still-shuddering form.

Suddenly, she appeared in the room with her sister and her lover-to-be, as quick as thought, her speed so great now that it was indistinguishable from teleportation.

Sarah gaped. Her sister was impossibly sexy now, her appearance seemed to have transformed still further in the time she was outside.

“I know, sis,” she said, her voice taking sensuality to a whole new level. “Mighty Maiden challenged me to be superior at sex. And now that I’m always far superior to anything I’m challenged with, well…”

She used both hands to gesture down her sumptuous curves and smiled beatifically.

Long, sultry eyelashes lowered slightly as Superior Girl shifted her long, sleek legs and cocked a lusciously rounded hip. The mind-bendingly gorgeous girl’s iridescent eyes and impossibly seductive display seemed to hit her with almost physical force. Sarah swallowed hard, feeling the staggering power of her sister’s sex appeal, in spite of herself.

There was a clatter as Steven collapsed the ground, knocking a pile of books and papers from his desk as he fell. His neck was strangely taut, even as his legs had become jelly. His eyes were locked on the goddess-like beauty before him, his breathing rapid and shallow.

Ari gave Steven a knowing wink of her insanely long lashes, and his rigid cock exploded. He gasped out a gurgling moan as desire the extent of which he was ill-prepared to handle tore through his body, leaving him breathless and virtually incapacitated by rapture.

Sarah’s gaze turned slowly to see the impact her sister had had on her near-lover’s bucking body. She hadn’t even touched him! Sarah’s eyes were as glassy as they were wide when they returned to meet her sister’s.

Ariana adopted a look of faux innocence, shrugged, then blew her sister a kiss. “Don’t be sad, Sare. He’s only a guy. And no guy could possibly resist me anymore.”

Ariana’s eyes twinkled as tears began to roll down her sister’s cheeks.

“I would apologize, but I’m afraid I can’t. Just remember: goddesses named Ari don’t need to say sorry.”

With a smirk that did justice to her namesake, Superior Girl was gone.

SARAH returns home to find her SUPERIOR sister awaiting her return…

Sarah opened the front door to find Ariana laying on the couch, watching television. She was as fit and lovely as her original incarnation of Superior Girl now, even dressed as her normal self.

Sarah dropped the lead box that had previously contained the Barbie doll, letting it hit the ground with a loud *thump*.

Ari turned to her sister, thick, shimmering blonde hair cascading over her shoulder as she examined a face that was red and puffy from crying. Ariana’s expression grew increasingly puzzled. “What happened to you?”

Sarah responded sullenly. “Nothing.”

Ari cocked her head to the side, her luminous, sapphire eyes glinting. “Did I do something?”

Sarah sighed resignedly. “It’s fine. I’ve been told that goddesses named Ari don’t need to say sorry.”

Ari grinned, displaying rows of brilliant white teeth. “I like that one. A lot.” She winked sexily, then resumed watching her show, reaching into the bowl of taffy on the end table and downing a few.

I’m sure you do, Sarah thought wryly to herself, again relieved that her sister hadn’t developed the ability to hear thoughts.

Just remember: don’t be too certain when your thoughts go blurtin’, Superior Girl’s sultry voice echoed inside her mind.

Sarah’s eyes widened in fear. Her stomach sunk under the leaden weight of horrifying realization.

Slack-jawed, eyes slowly rising to meet her sister’s, Sarah thought she caught a hint of a superior smile tug at Ari’s perfect lips.

Next time in THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SUPERIOR GIRL, we’ll see just how SUPERIOR our fantastic fantasy heroine has truly become…

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Fair enough. Thanks for the comments, Woodclaw! This story was a tough tightrope of dark comedy to walk, and I may have missed the mark at times. Still, I really enjoyed the challenge of it and have no doubt that the experience of writing it...
Fair enough. Thanks for the comments, Woodclaw! This story was a tough tightrope of dark comedy to walk, and I may have missed the mark at times. Still, I really enjoyed the challenge of it and have no doubt that the experience of writing it helped me improve... :)
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Ok, I've been trying to put this story into perspective for several days now... and I'm not even close to do it :P
From a technical standpoint, there's really nothing I can say: Hiker knows the craft pretty well and actually uses many tropes in an...
Ok, I've been trying to put this story into perspective for several days now... and I'm not even close to do it :P
From a technical standpoint, there's really nothing I can say: Hiker knows the craft pretty well and actually uses many tropes in an effective way.
Still, this story didn't resonate with me at all. I had a bit of similar issues with Sisters, but this one was a lot more jarring. Perhaps it was the feeling of disconnection between the argument and the style. Associating the campy tone of '60s television with a supervillainous character it's pretty damn hard. This story manages it... most of the time, but it still remains weirdly uneven for me.
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Thank you so much, wf711022! I will continue to write, in both this genre and others... :)
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I like such a wicked superwoman, who can use her super ability without any scruple. I hope to continue to write.
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I vote for this story!
By smoki07

Thank you so much, smoki07! :)
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I vote for this story!
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