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July 28, 2073

We are three days away from D-Day. The experiment has been a complete success, their capabilities are beyond anything I could have conceived at the beginning of my investigation. And I even finished under budget and ahead of schedule! I’m so eager to see Irons’ stupid, wrinkly face contort in anger and terror! I’m sure General Johnson will make me the Lead Scientist of the whole Weapons Division of the Army.

Wait, why even settle with that? This is probably the most revolutionary discovery in history, I might even win a Nobel prize! As a matter of fact what I have created might even change the power dynamics of the entire planet, it’s just that transcendent…

I just need to perform a little more stress testing with real equipment tonight. Just to be 100% sure of my victory.

Cherish this log, Mary. It will tell everyone the process of how you became the most important human being ever. And how your genius gave birth to a new era.

D-Day, Mojave Desert, Nevada

Three people arrived at the cold and soulless military hangar almost at the same time. They were scarcely illuminated by big, round spotlights on the ceiling and surrounded by old vehicles that had been decommissioned long ago. Apache helicopters, jets, rusty tanks… After all the place had been abandoned long ago now that those machines were completely outdated and it was going to be used as a testing facility due to it being totally disposable.

Doctor Mary Cheong was one of the most important figures in the fields of anthropology and genetics. For the untrained eye it would be impossible to discern this pageant worthy beauty had an IQ of 220 though. Mary was extraordinarily curvy and busty and her lab coat buttons were always in danger of bursting. Her hair was dark, curly and tied in a bun which exposed her round and beautiful face which also somehow gave off an aura of villainy and lack of moral principles that was fitting of someone that was used to toying with nature to get her science done like her. Her extremely pale skin, alongside her black eyes betrayed her Eastern Asian roots. Not even her dorky, geeky glasses could contain the sheer feeling of evil gorgeousness emanating from her, which was also accentuated by a well placed beauty spot under her plump lips.

Her rival, Doctor Rasheed Irons was however clearly half Indian and half Caucasian. His lanky build and dark eyes filled with determination embodied his extremely perfectionist and relentless nature when finding the optimal solution to a problem was required. He was one of the most brilliant minds on the fields of robotics and weapon development. His confidence in the technological prowess of his creations highlighted the fact that he was General Johnson’s favorite candidate.

Both had been handed the task to come up with a functional array of prototypes to upgrade the US government’s military equipment to a new, more modern standard. For this they were given three years and a hundred billion dollars each in funding for their research.

Of course, Irons had gone balls to the wall, spending everything to get the best of the best in materials and workforce for his machines.

The two geniuses shook their hands in respect and acknowledgement for each other’s talents but both were sure of their superiority. “Nice to meet you Rasheed, I’m expectant to see what you have cooked up.” She was lying through her teeth. The only thing on her mind was winning this contest.

“It will be fun.” He was implying that this was won and it was just a game for him at this point.

Both understood what each other subliminally meant and were ready to crush their rival without mercy.

General Johnson appeared from the shadows. He was shorter and older than Irons but much stockier, built like an actual soldier. “I hope you are ready doctors. I will still give you both some prep time. We will be observing your armies from the hill site and the one who totally defeats the other will receive our approval.”

“I appreciate that, General. I will need some time to set it all up. Don’t worry though, my machines can do it themselves.”

“Excellent, that’s a point in your favor, Dr. Irons. What about you, Dr. Cheong?”

“I don’t need time to prepare. My weapons are ready to fight at any moment.” The other two exchanged weird looks. They were incredulous, both because of her statement and because of her strange emphasis on the word weapons.

“Are you sure, Mary? Surely you are underestimating my technology.” He chuckled. Confused and slightly crisped at her overconfidence. “I would advise you to prepare for every eventuality, regardless of how diminutive the probability of it happening is. I did so myself.”

“I have to agree with Dr. Irons over here. There is no problem with giving you some prep time too.”

“I appreciate your concern but I’m good.”

Her smug, shit eating grin made Irons feel small and impotent. He clenched his fist in instinctive rage but managed to maintain his composure. After all, he had the superior prototypes. His victory was all but assured. “Good luck, Doctor. You will need it.”

The three individuals used an industrial sized elevator to get out of the basement. There were miles of barren land around them, perfect for testing weapons. A group of 50 feet tall humanoid mechs were already setting up Irons’ war network plan. Their hyperalloy chassis was borderline futuristic and painted in a menacing championship white color and despite them being able to perform labor-related tasks Mary could also appreciate they were armed with appropriately sized axes.

“What are they doing?” Asked the general.

“Setting up the pillars of the monorail system.” Irons answered.

“Pfff.” Mary couldn’t help but to chuckle. “The what?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

Suddenly, a string of vehicle fortresses with the size of castles and caterpillar treads came from behind some hills in the background. They looked terrifying and the noise and pollution they produced were both overwhelming. They weighed so much their march caused miniature earthquakes. However, by the time they arrived to the field, Mary was still unimpressed. The general however was astounded, these would probably destroy their current technology just with their sheer size and mobility alone. And he hadn’t seen what they could do yet.

Irons smirked and used his tablet to control the mobile fortresses. A hatch opened and hundreds of smaller machines came out of it. So these are only carriers. All bark and no bite as always. A pitiful display. She thought to herself as a horde of 7 feet tall humanoid robots with guns for arms started parading in formation, these were supposed to replace the human infantry on the enemy lines.

Behind them followed more mechs that were similar looking to the ones building the monorail but packed with giant jetpacks to assure optimal speed and dexterity. Gundam inspired much, you nerd? She giggled to herself as their eyes glowed and they practiced some embarrassing moves with their axes with each other. Clearly just for show.

Once those were all out more conventional but still extremely futuristic weaponry paraded out of the transports. Dozens of tanks that made the then current ones look like toys and thousands of drones equipped with the latest in artillery and miniature nukes with an explosive power superior to a MOAB, plus toxic gas dispensers for good measure.

By the time the mechanical army was completely deployed the monorail had been finished. It was a ring that surrounded the perimeter guarded by the tallest mechs and different garrisons of tanks. From each one of the carriages protruded a weirdly shaped cannon that Mary deduced was some kind of high caliber energy weapon. No target could survive such firepower unscathed.

“What do you think, General? Before we start I will give you a last chance to admit your mistake and concede, Mary. Think about it, whatever you have in store can’t measure up to this.” Irons said smugly, enjoying how his imposing creation had the veteran officer in awe and getting ahead of himself. He couldn’t even contain his shitty personality any longer.

“I’m afraid I have something better than those toys, Rasheed. And unlike that obnoxious display of yours, it doesn’t use a single machine and it takes much less space and preparation.”

“Y-You must be joking.” Johnson couldn’t believe her. But she was truly not even a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry, General. She must have gone mad after witnessing my work.”

“No, it’s true. I’ll show you.”

Mary pulled a single remote out of her lab coat’s pocket. It was old, simple and had two buttons. Probably designed decades ago for the base. When she pressed it, a much smaller hatch a few feet away from them opened, it was probably originally used for an anti-air turret, but now it held something completely different inside.

Four of the most outlandish looking women that had ever set foot on Earth rose slowly, silently and without any fanfare unlike Irons’ mechanical cavalcade of death.

They didn’t look like weapons, in fact they didn’t even look like soldiers. As the conniving female scientist smiled knowingly, the two men dropped their jaws at the attires they were wearing. For starters they looked extremely frilly, colorful and tacky, as if they came from one of those cheesy magical girl themed Japanese cartoons marketed towards little girls, only worn by adults.

And they were clearly adults. Their bodies looked ridiculous but also undeniably arousing, with proportions that didn’t make sense in a world ruled by the laws of thermodynamics but instead reminiscing of highly stylized anime porn. For starters, their legs were extremely long and thin but with thighs so juicy and hips so wide someone would think the toothpicks supporting them would give up at any moment.

However their most distinctive assets were their breasts. They were completely exposed by a hole in the chest section of their otherwise inoffensive, girly outfits. And not only that, their tits with no exception were gigantic. Udders would be a more appropriate term to define them. Despite the fact they looked completely natural they didn’t sag a millimeter, being perfectly perpendicular to their prodigiously thick yet also thin bodies and possessing a healthy shin to them, as if they had been recently polished.

The four women didn’t look like they belonged in reality, let alone a battlefield of any kind. Their hypersexualized bodies caused an erection in both men present however. No matter how out of this world their appearance was, they were still a prime example of what boxes to tick when summoning the primal sexual instincts of men. Simply put, they were stupidly hot.

Not only that, but their faces were nothing short of angelic. As Mary would sometimes describe in her research notes, they hinted at humanity’s ultimate evolutionary potential. Beings so beautiful and adorable with soft skin, big, weirdly pastel colored, giant eyes and tiny, almost non-existent noses unintentionally projected an air of smooth and refined superiority over the realistic and mundane facial features you would find in any other woman. Even supermodels felt brutish in comparison to these living sexdolls.

Their hair was just impressive, unending as their legs and impossibly voluminous, it could been seen and appreciated in total detail from a distance. As everything else, it gave off an unrealistic and otherworldly yet natural vibe that contributed to the gorgeous and healthy package that was their bodies. Each one had a different crazy hair color that combined perfectly with their eyes and dresses. Irons thought at first that they might have been androids purposefully manufactured to look like that but their movement, their breathing, their everything was so...human


Mary looked askance at the two marvelled men and failed to contain the biggest shit eating grin in her life. “Well gentlemen, what do you think? Aren’t they impressive?” As she said that, the girls found the three of them somehow. Irons thought that was weird since from their distance it was impossible for a human to see other people, let alone hear them. They were only able to do so because they were using binoculars after all. And not only that, they started doing obscene poses and dancing erotically with each other, to the point of caressing their perfect bodies and kissing each other lustfully, as if they knew they were being watched, who was watching them and how to push their buttons.

Irons took a moment to regain his composure after watching such a display of sheer and unabashed sexuality. Even from there, with so few discernible details, he found them irresistible. However, he managed to break out of it and realize that despite their sexiness, they had to be Cheong’s joke answer to his much superior military prototypes. If these were trained soldiers with weapons it would be cute, but girls in pretty princess getups? No way. He snickered at the thought of it.

“What is the meaning of this, Doctor? Did you prepare a show before the battle? Where is the army? The machines?” The general sighed and brought his fingers to his temple. He was growing tired. His old age and temperament made him not have the patience needed for what he was perceiving as womanly nonsense. “If you have nothing to compete with Irons’ project then we will cancel the simulation right away.”

“Yes, after all this would be suicide for those four civilians.” Irons added, then his smirk turned smug once again. “Mary, I reckon being so behind my project has made you lose your mind. It’s okay, I won’t hurt them if you stop this immediately.”

“Who’s gonna hurt who?” The most melodious and beautiful voice he had ever heard came ringing out from behind. The scientist turned around and jumped like he just saw a ghost. Then looked back, searching for an answer. The girls weren’t in their spot anymore but at the hill site with them instead. How was that possible? He had only looked away for one second. A lot of hypotheses started popping inside his head as the mischievous looking cutie in front of him displayed a wide smile. “Nice to meetcha, I am Pink! The leader of Mary’s army.” Then he noticed she was accompanied by the other three.

“H-Hi…” His eyes darted back to Cheong, who was enjoying every single moment of this awkward encounter. She had probably planned this for months just to unnerve him. Somehow the presence of this much shorter than him, pink eyed princess with giant blonde twintails and equally big assets was very intimidating. He couldn’t explain why but knowing Mary’s background on genetics they were probably some kind of mutant breed she had concocted. That would explain their weird looks.

“General, Doctor. These girls are my project. They will fend off the army by themselves, unarmed.” She stated with total confidence in their abilities, despite that claim being impossible to take seriously at face value.

Irons didn’t answer to that. He instead broke into laughter due to the absurdity of it all which made Pink put her hands on her extra thick hips and pout. The General had a look of disappointment on his face. “Is this your idea of a joke, Doctor? We have given you billions for your research and you come up with this? Well, I personally don’t find it funny at all, you could get court-martialed.”

The tallest of the bunch, who was wearing a lapis colored dress and ironically had the smallest and most reasonable breasts--yet still world record breaking, turned her slender frame towards him and frowned upon him with a model-like pose that was as elegant as it was flamboyant and a serious, dignified expression. Her voice had incredible power behind it. “Why would you think this is a joke? We are more than capable of taking care of something like this.”

“Are you talking to me?” General Johnson’s pride had been clearly insulted by her callous display of rudeness. “Do you know who I am? You shouldn’t even be talking to me, you shouldn’t be here at all! The battlefield is no place for...”

“Girls?” The illustrious beauty raised her eyebrow and for some reason a shiver run down his spine. Why was she so scary? He had met terrifying and hardened warriors before but this glorified porn star was triggering his fight or flight response that easily?

“N-No...I meant civilians, and particularly civilians that are clearly unprepared to fight, let alone against an army of that caliber. Are you aware of the fact that if something happens to you we will be made responsible for it?”

The second tallest one, who was sporting a red dress with a very different design to the rest put one of her well manicured hands on her shoulder and she instantly calmed down and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, Blue. You know that the world is full of sexist bigots like him. But it’s time to prove our worth to the world.” The woman with the giant pink mane and wing shaped head accessories took the cheek of the now blushing Blue and disregarding any decorum they broke into a passionate and wet makeout session, including touching each others’ bodies and whispering I love yous and You are so sexys every time they stopped to breathe. Mary and the other two strange girls admired their actions while Johnson and Irons couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A second erection sprouted inside their pants, unable to resist more sensuality.

“Dammit Red, I lost the track of what I was about to say. Why must you be so horny all the time?” In front of Red, Blue had lost all her uppityness, acting like a shy schoolgirl instead as the shorter woman played with her humongous violet ponytail.

“What does it matter? We are going to leave them even more speechless in a moment.” The red eyed goddess responded.

“I’m getting jealous, I want to join in!” Pink protested.

“Come on girls, let’s focus on what we came to do here.” Mary calmly said.

“I’m afraid nothing is going to happen here.” Answered Johnson, having regained some confidence and authority.

“Yeah, he’s kind of right, Mary. I would indirectly become a murderer if my machines killed them.” Irons fake concern was obvious.

“Believe me, that won’t happen.” Cheong responded rudely, finally abandoning any pretense of respect for her so called rival.

“I mean, how can you be so sure? Have you gone insane or something?”

“How do you think they have climbed up here so fast? If you haven’t noticed already my girls are not normal people.”

“Well you are right in that they are not precisely normal but I don’t buy that they are that fast. Come on now, you must have set it all up. Those four...” He blinked and suddenly there were three instead. Where did the fourth one go?

Mary smiled as Irons fell on his knees as something jiggly pushed him from behind. It was the girl that had just disappeared from sight. She was giggling and making her gigantic mammaries, which were by far the biggest of the bunch, bounce like crazy. “Hi Mr. Irons!” He was totally sure they had been trained by Cheong to not call him a doctor under any circumstance. It was humiliating.

“What are you doing?!”

“Oh sorry! I just wanted to hug you but you tits are too big! My name is Yellow!” Her name betrayed her dress and hair color. She looked the youngest and by fair the cutest of them all. Her breasts were way past macromastia territory but she didn’t seem to have any problem carrying them around. “Is everything okay? You are still kneeling on the floor. Lemme help ya!” The tiny bombshell was about to give him her hand but instead decided to grab him by the shoulder and, with the ease of someone lifting a sack of feathers, she hoisted his entire body up in the air with a single hand just to smoothly lower him again. “There!”

“W-What was that? How could you lift me like that?” Irons had clearly felt her impossible strength. Her arm looked like a stick yet she could do that with his 155 lbs frame.

“It was easy silly. We are all very strong!”

“Aren’t you curious to learn how, Irons?” Cheong interrupted. Then she turned to the general. “How about we make a deal? If you let me show you the power of my girls I will answer for anything that goes wrong.”

“I guess that can be arranged but…” The old man grabbed his phone and forced her to repeat those words so they could be usable in court just in case. She was charmed to do so.

“Tsk. That makes no sense.” Irons crossed his arms. Angry about Johnson listening to such a ridiculous petition. No matter how strong these mutants were, they were clearly going to get smashed by his machines. It was pointless. “Why are you so insistent in sending them to their deaths? I don’t understand it.”

“You will in a minute. Girls! To the battlefield!”

Pink, the leader, nodded in acknowledgment. “Alright ma’am.” The scantily clad bombshells glanced at each other smugly, finally allowed to break free from their restraints.

Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind swept everyone off their feet, including Mary, who, unlike the other two terrified suckers, had the cheekiest smile on her face. Coincidentally, the sonic boom also sent the poor buttons on her coat gating her prodigious bust to kingdom come, now displayed behind a sexy black tank top and jiggling like crazy as her nerdy bun loosened up and let her glorious dark mane fly. She paled in comparison to her soldiers, but she was still incredibly hot.

“W-What happened?” Irons struggled to get up after that, his heart was racing.

“Take a look at the battlefield.” She answered.

There they were, and in less than a few seconds. Pink was proudly standing next to one of the giant mechs with axes, with the others behind her. Her hands were on her hips and her expression was proud and confident. The difference in height was ridiculous, the metallic humanoid would tower over all of them even if they were stacked on top of one another.

“Tell them to attack her.” Cheong purred. Already turned on by the imminent situation about to unfold.

“You are crazy, I’m not going to-”

“Do it, Irons! I’m tired of this charade so let’s get it over with!” The general barked.

“Whatever. I hope you enjoy getting court-martialed, Doctor.” Right after saying that, Irons pulled a pretty hefty device from a case on the floor and pressed some buttons. Suddenly, the entire mechanical army initiated its combat protocol, visualized by their futuristic cyan colored lenses turning bright red.

As the units mobilized and the monorail system started working in the background, pulling out its cannons and travelling around the circular track, the mech right next to Pink raised its mighty, robotic arm and shifted it down with such force that it could have cut a tank in half like a paper sheet.


Pink didn’t even blink and tilted her head towards the now extremely malformed, almost molten axe blade that had taken on the shape of her shoulder after the hit. Not only she was completely unaffected after a full power attack but her impossibly durable body had also taken a visible toll on the mech’s mangled servo.

After a few seconds of anticlimactic silence, the entire chassis started vibrating at high speed. It was feeling the blowback of hitting an unstoppable force and it quickly came to the attention of those observing that an increasing number of bolts and plates were being detached from the main body and, once a full minute had passed, it was completely disassembled into a pile of scrap on the floor.

“Pfff.” Pink contained the laughter that the situation deserved as best as she could and instead let out a damsel-like, posh “Teehee~”

The big haired cutie casually picked the axe that was still stuck on her shoulder and wielded it with much more ease than the machine it was designed for could. That thing weighed tons yet she swang it around like a toy. “Girls, I think this is going to be much easier than Mary told us.” The others chuckled as Pink decided to choose another poor mecha as her target as her hand and the axe became a blur. After a second she stopped moving her arm at super speed and before it could even react her opponent found itself slashed into tiny, perfectly shaped cubes from a grid of molten metal.

Irons couldn’t believe it. In less than it took him to blink, she had cut the armor so many times, and with such millimetric precision too. Besides, she wasn’t even close to her target, so that meant the sheer kinetic force projected by her movements had caused that.

Blue, Red and Yellow rushed to their unharmed comrade and hugged her, forming a pile of bouncing titflesh around her. Of course, they made out as if nothing had happened right there and then.

“You were so awesome, leader!” Yellow exclaimed, kissing Pink’s cheek.

“Let’s show these tin cans who’s boss!” Red added.

“I have no doubt in my mind it will be easy now.” Blue kept her serious and dignified tone despite her participating in the group hug.

“I’ll start wi-” Red was about to say something but suddenly everything around them exploded. A dark cloud of smoke rising up and obscuring the view.

Irons was watching them intently, wishing it was over. Six tanks had shot their explosive rounds at unison, apparently atomizing the four women. “I guess it’s done.” He confidently declared, although internally phewing in relief. He laughed and scoffed at the prospect at first, but after seeing their strength he legitimately had felt threatened. But of course, no matter how powerful they were, they couldn’t survive ammunition of that caliber. Nothing could.

“I hope you are happy, Doctor. You have sent those innocent girls to their deaths.” Johnson commented with a somber expression.

Irons joined. “Indeed. Though I must admit their strength was something else. But a supersoldier program in this day and age is too inhuman and nonoptimal to-”

“Hush.” Mary said. “Take a second look.”

The engineer sighed and watched again. “What?!” The smoke had cleared and they were all there. Their humongous, exposed breasts covered in shrapnel but otherwise completely fine. “E-Explain tanks wouldn’t miss at that distance and they can’t be invulnerable. This must be a trick!”

“They are invulnerable, you are seeing it with your own eyes, right?” Cheong assured calmly. “But enough talk, let’s enjoy the show.” Her voice had a devilish undertone and Irons could only fume at the sight of her shit eating grin.

Back at the place of the explosion, even the girls were impressed at the little damage the tanks had done. However, Red was particularly angry at them, her dress was all messed up and, worse of all, she had been interrupted. “Tsk. A goddess like me doesn’t have to stand for this. “

“Fire, dammit, fire!” Irons manically pressed the buttons on his pad, unable to accept reality.

With a gracefulness that could put the greatest ballerina on the planet to shame, Red reminisced the moves her father forced her to learn as a child and performed a dance so fast and precise that she basically became a crimson lightning sweeping through the battlefield. A whole battalion of robot soldiers got cult in half just by being in her proximity, still melting after their halves fell to the floor. Of course none of the energy bolts from their built-in miniature railguns or the tank shells that were constantly being fired could hit her.

She decided to stop right next to one of the tanks, which by the way dwarfed her, and finished her gorgeous routine with a tour en l’air, then stuck her bountiful ass out to bonk one of the metal behemoths, which was futilely shooting at a spot where she had been seconds ago. As her juggalicious derriere collided with its body, the armor was instantly dented inwards and the sheer power of the strike sent the whole thing flying miles away. It didn’t seem to stop or lose momentum at any point just before it disappeared into the distance, engulfed in flames due to the atmosphere trying its best to slow it down.

Both men were watching, mouth agape, flabbergasted at the destruction of one of the tanks by her ass bop. Red wasn’t finished though, she flashed behind another one of them and just as its sensors realized she was there, the turret started rotating. With the ease of someone lifting a piece of cardboard, the big titted supersoldier raised her stick arms, and the whole rear of the war machine was carried upwards by them.

“So light...I’m not even putting any effort into it.” Red was impressed by her own strength. She didn’t expect lifting hundreds of tons would be so painfully easy. Her training exercises had mentally prepared her to know she was strong, but this was really arousing.

The engine screeched in protest and the treads failed to find traction in the air as she hoisted the entirety of the tank over her. The gorgeous bombshell smiled as the turret pointed right at her face. She was confident nothing was going to happen to her. She was powerful. She was invincible. “Give me your best.” She playfully teased, despite knowing an AI was controlling it.

A boom was heard in the distance but the other girls were smiling, knowing no harm was coming to their sister. And they were right. Despite the earth around her being destroyed by the explosion, she was as good as new. “Ok big guy, nice try. Now it’s my turn.” She gave the tank a light push with one hand, making it go airborne. When it came down she stopped it with a single fingertip which was more than enough to support its entire weight. Enjoying how not only her physical prowess but her sense of balance were superhuman, she gave the tank a spin similar to how a globetrotter handled a basketball. However she overdid it and it rotated so fast on top of her finger that it became a blur. A few seconds later the only thing left was a molten pile of goo running down her body.

Red laughed at how it wasn’t even hot enough to faze her and cleaned herself by spinning at super speed. The molten tank splashed on a garrison of robot grunts that were close to her and burnt holes through their bodies.

Suddenly, her roaring laughter was stopped by the only surviving 7 feet tall android, which ambushed her from behind and bearhugged her, trying to break every bone in her body. “What are you even thinking? Are you an idiot? I’m invulnerable, jackass.” It was true, no matter how much pressure it exerted, her much smaller and leaner body didn’t even feel its attempts to hurt her. In fact, she didn’t even move, no matter how much it tried to pull her into a favorable angle. The whole scene looked awkward and pathetic. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me, you piece of shit.” Not even bothering to smash it into pieces, Red decided to vibrate her body at super speed instead, exterminating every single particle in the robot’s body, basically disintegrating it on the spot. “Weak.”

She smiled once again as the adrenaline of battle and her total domination took over her and gazed at the rest of the tank formation. Red blinked out of existence and then reappeared next to them. The other girls followed her movement with their eyes pretty easily but for everyone else it was like she was just teleporting around. Virtually imperceptible.

Irons was frozen in place, watching the carnage ensue alongside General Johnson who was in awe and filled with curiosity as to how it was possible to create supersoldiers this powerful when all of a sudden he felt someone blowing on her neck. It was Red!

The scientist squeaked and turned his back quickly just to find the giant boobed woman next to Cheong. They were holding hands and giggling. “Liking our power so far, Doctor?” Red bragged.

Cheong hugged Red with a warm smile and motherly mannerisms Irons wasn’t aware she was capable of. She had always been a cold woman of science but there she was now, caressing her pet’s cheek. “I bet he is dying to know why you are so much...better…” The big breasted geneticist whispered.

General Johnson broke his silence to alert Irons. “Look!” He pointed at the battlefield and they found that Red of all people was still there! They caught her using her crimson colored nails to carve a line on the chassis of one of the tanks, after a couple of seconds the top of the vehicle fell off. She had cut it in half horizontally, like a hot knife through butter, the bisection marked by a thin layer of molten metal, perfectly straight.

She then began punching and kicking the tanks so fast and so hard that in a matter of a few seconds they all had become battered and a shadow of their former selves. By the end of it, the whole formation looked like a string of short-circuiting, smoking metal trashcans with their cannons bent in weirdly shaped ribbons and their armor so deformed they were unrecognizable.

Yet Red was still with them while she was doing that! “How can you do that? Can you multiply or something?”

“Nah, I’m just fast enough that I can be at many places at the same time.” To demonstrate and, admittedly, show off, she started going even faster, creating more copies of her around Irons. They cackled at his misery while pointing at him, then faded out.

“This is makes no sense…”

“Oh but it is happening, Rasheed. I will explain it in a bit. Meanwhile you can enjoy how my girls tear your weak, silly army apart.” She knew she could get away with being impolite now since she had the loyalty of the strongest beings on the planet.

“Well since Red is about done with her anger issues I guess it’s my turn now.” Blue joked with the most deadpan delivery possible and headed towards the monorail. Its cannons were supposedly hundreds of times more powerful than the ones on the tanks but they needed some time to charge, drawing from the energy generated by the train’s rotation.

As the elegant model-like woman swung her motherly hips and sumptuous tits, clacking her heels towards the extravagant design, she was met with the blade of one of the giant axes that the mechs wielded, now stuck on the ground a few centimeters off her face. “Are we doing this now?” Blue stated calmly, not a single hair out of place.

A tiny skip was enough to get over the obstacle and keep moving, ignoring the giant robot, which reacted in a way that could almost be interpreted as anger and bolted towards her, swinging its weapon to cut the much smaller woman in half. The ponytailed beauty sighed and brought the robot’s attack to a halt, stopping the axe with a single, polished nail. It was completely intact while the blade was heavily damaged. The young goddess deliberately brought her hand to her mouth and yawned, signifying the futility of its murderous attempt. “You bore me.”

She then proceeded to shift the blade so she could hold it between her index and middle fingers just to get a better grip. The mechanic colossus tried to pull the axe away from her but it found it completely impossible. No matter how much power it put into the task, its whole body was being effortlessly overpowered by her two fingers. And she wasn’t even paying attention! “Is that you that I feel trying to pull the axe? Damn, you are pathetic. Sorry but I have no time to play with you.”

Blue applied a trivial fraction of her strength with her digits and the weapon was quickly raised off the ground, alongside the entire mech that was trying to contest it. The AI wasn’t programmed to willingly let go of the axe so it went along with it. Her gorgeous face still portrayed a minimal effort despite the awesome feat she was performing.

“T-Those are 507 tons in total…” Irons was terrified.

“Nothing for them, really.” Mary stated. “Not only are your toys weak but they also have those glaring programming mistakes. Real amateur stuff.” That made him almost pop a vein. He was the most brilliant engineer in the world. That level of humiliation shouldn’t be possible. A geneticist of all people was lecturing him about AI!

Blue finally got tired of playing and shook the axe up a little, causing the mech to forcefully abandon its weapon. The push sent him upwards so fast that he disappeared out of sight almost immediately.

“Wow that is new, I didn’t know they could fly?” The snarky geneticist pointed out.

The big breasted supermodel took a single glance at the sky and thanks to her magnified vision she detected the mech slowing down around the stratosphere. Its joints were freezing due to the low temperatures at that height. As if it was just an afterthought, Blue put a tiny bit of power into her two fingers and launched the axe in its direction. It quickly broke the sound barrier and cleared the clouds, searching for its original wielder like a homing missile, and, inevitably, as the robot began falling to its death, its chest was pierced by its own weapon.

A minute later everyone could finally see it falling, impaled from one side to the other and enveloped in electricity. Blue wiped her hands and kept walking towards the monorail as it hit the ground with a very loud metallic thud, not even looking at it like a badass.

The goddess posed with her hands on her hips in front of the monorail, which at this point was more than ready to shoot. She turned and looked directly at Irons from that distance and muttered. “Shoot.” Somehow, he was able to hear her. And he obeyed, for reasons also unknown to him.

After he pressed a big, red button, the monorail passed just by Blue’s side and the six cannons on the left row pointed towards her. The silence was tense but the sound of the blasts coming out was even worse, almost breaking the ears of those fortunate enough to be normal humans, even when they were miles away. A blinding light covered the battlefield and suddenly everything around the girly super soldier was obliterated, including the few tanks that were guarding the track.

General Johnson, for the first time in the last ten minutes, was impressed by Irons’ efforts since he saw the whole area disappear into nothingness as the firepower went way beyond its original projected trajectory and reached the hills in the background. Millions of tons of rock and dirt were disintegrated by the sheer energy of the monorail’s barrage.

Mary whistled jokingly, as if something like that could impress her. The girls seemed not to be particularly in awe either so she deduced Blue could take something like that, even if their homemade training simulations weren’t able to produce something that powerful to test the girls.

“I guess you are down one, Mary.” Irons declared. Finally embracing his role as the kind of person that would enjoy killing a girl.

However his jaw dropped when he saw her. In the middle of a giant crater, sitting on top of a comically thin column of rock, a unharmed Blue was polishing her nails. “Is that all? Well I suppose it’s my turn now.”

A speed clone of her appeared right besides Irons and she whispered in his ear with a cold, emotionless tone. “If that’s the best you’ve got, then we have already won.” Then she disappeared, just like that. Irons almost soiled himself, fearing the power and ruthlessness of this one woman, and Cheong smirked at his terrified expression.

In the meantime the rest of the army approached Pink and Yellow, who were not particularly busy and wanting in on the action. A mixture of human sized robots with plasma guns, mechs and an entire flock of hyper advanced drones on their paths to kill and destroy.

“I hope you don’t mind Yellow but I’m gonna have some fun!” The intrepid leader of the big titted super soldiers dashed through the hordes of machines, using her super speed and super strength to rip their limbs off or tear them in half before they could even react. She giggled as she used her punches as machine guns, turning the clankers into smithereens.

To further humiliate her opponents, she jumped on top of them and stood there with an insultingly perfect balance as they looked for her in confusion, then sat on their shoulders just so she could crush their metal heads between her fat thighs. Their advanced hyperalloy could not resist her sexilicious power as she flattened them and then decapitated them, one at a time.

As one big mech approached her from behind she turned and low kicked its much thicker leg, making it trip and fall, burying its smaller peers under its hefty body just for them to perish collectively in a huge explosion. Pink didn’t even bother to dodge it as the flames licked her beautiful skin and made her colossal boobs tingle with pleasure.

Another one of them flanked her by surprise. It apparently had calculated the risk of facing someone as powerful as Pink and decided to activate a secondary function of its weapon to deal with more powerful foes. A smart one. Pink thought and then gestured to prompt it come at her with absolute confidence in her eyes.

She was in disbelief when the mechanical axe began changing shape, integrating into the mech’s arm and forming a sharp, gigantic drill that started spinning at nine thousand revs per minute. “Your creator is totally a nerd, isn’t he?” The goddess snickered at the thought of Irons designing this thing only to look cool and giving elaborated excuses to his underlings to justify putting it in.

Nonetheless, she thought it would be fun to prove to him how utterly ridiculous and useless of an idea it was. Right before the mech tried to mince her with the drill, she pulled her pinky and stopped it on the spot. No matter how much energy the mech redirected to its weapon, Pink’s nail just wouldn’t budge, easily enduring the assault. As a matter of fact, the drill was plainly getting bullied and losing efficiency while not penetrating even a little. She gently chuckled as she resumed walking and pushing the mech that was ten times bigger than her, destroying its weapon even further.

At a certain point, it wasted its final drop of energy and shut down completely while part of the drill was still spinning. Not wanting to dignify this opponent any longer, Pink decided to spin her finger at super speed, completely overpowering it and reversing the situation. The whole mech did about a hundred barrel rolls on the spot and ate the ground, now unusable.

The unharmed, twintailed goddess licked her lips as another row of useless robots shot her point blank with their plasma. Each discharge could easily melt through a solid titanium wall many meters wide but her body was too powerful to even register the heat. She posed erotically as they kept shooting, some of them even tried to hit her directly and even pulled from her limbs to tear them off. To no avail of course, she would easily change her posture and drag them with her as if they weighed nothing, unintentionally ripping their servos in the process.

“Ok guys, gotta test something so I will have to kill you~ Mkay?” Pink smirked smugly and turned herself upside down, holding her entire body weight with one hand, copying a capoeira dancer. She then began rotating her arm, and with it, the rest of her.

Her speed kept increasing to unreal levels and she soon became an unidentifiable blur of different pink, red and yellow shades. The units that were close to her quickly found themselves forcibly attracted due to the centripetal effect of her spinning and once they were too close for comfort, they got inexorably cut into pieces by the blades that were her shapely legs and juicy thighs.

As she kept accelerating and absorbing more pieces of junk, the blur became bigger and bigger until it resembled a human sized twister with incredible suction power. It shredded everything on its way with little to no slowdown. In fact, the moment it sucked up an entire mech into it and turned it into powder, its pace grew even faster, devouring the whole army in the form of a monster tornado.

Irons couldn’t help but to kneel, the control falling off his trembling, sweaty hands. Everything was going so horribly wrong. They are invincible...WHY ARE THEY INVINCIBLE?! THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

The last leftover of his sanity he didn’t know he had disappeared as he watched Yellow, the cutest and yet biggest of the bunch walking towards the hundreds of drones, swaying her mammoth puppies like the boobalicious blobs of udder flesh they were. “Sorry boys, you don’t get to play with Pink! You will have to go through me first!”

The shortstack giggled as she was showered with a carpet bombing designed to erase the entire population of a megalopolis the size of New York. For a whole ten minutes, a rain of hellfire in the form of high powered bombs, heavy machinegun bullets and poisonous gas covered the perimeter around Yellow. They were throwing their everything at her at this point because the AI had learned to consider each one of them as a maximum priority target.

Between this inferno of explosions and gunshots and the growing pink storm ripping through the infantry and literally disintegrating even the tallest mechs, the battlefield looked pretty hectic now. Mary oversaw the massacre her girls were committing, proud and sure of her victory.

On the rightmost corner, Red was almost done with the last of the tanks. Her method of dispatching it was almost like torture. She would breathe in with her almighty lungs, basically vacuuming her surroundings. The tank would try to run away but its 5.000 horsepower engine was being easily overpowered by her lazy inhalation, its treads going backwards until it flipped on its belly, rushing towards Red’s kissable lips.

However, just before it was about to hit her invulnerable body, she stopped sucking, slowing its momentum...just to exhale with even more force a sliver of a second later, propelling the 200 ton machine towards a wall of solid rock like it was made of paper. It was destroyed almost instantly, its AI not functioning anymore. But it was not enough, oh no. Red inhaled again, sucking in so much air that the tank came out of its tank shaped hole at even greater speed than before just to stop in front of her face for the second time, then be sent towards the mountainside by her breath. Red kept repeating this process many times, basically throwing the now rugged form of the reinforced metal monster against the wall like a kid playing with a ball, just with a minor application of her unlimited lung power.

By the end of it, the tank was just a shapeless piece of half molten hyperalloy. Red was visibly tired of her toy so she inhaled one last time and sucked it all into her mouth in an instant like it was liquid. Then she turned with an almost malicious smile on her precious doll face, munching on the metal and morphing it to her liking.

She gazed at the drones carpet bombing her partner and giggled with red hot, liquid metal dripping from her untainted lips, then spat a ball of hyper condensed tank alloy, the whole thing now reduced to the size of a marble. The small projectile crossed the mile wide gap in seconds, following a perfect ballistic trajectory. The moment it reached the first drone in its path it exploded into tiny bits. But that was not all. The former tank kept jumping from drone to drone, destroying them almost in a row, resembling the pastime of stone skipping in lakes. By the time it lost its power and fell it had taken about two dozen drones with it.

“Hahaha! It’s so easy, and I feel so much more power inside…” Red winked at Mary, who waved back at her enthusiastically. For the talented geneticist all of this began as a quest to get more funds and being in the good side of her higher ups, but it now represented much more. She loved these girls and wanted to see them trump their competition and enjoy their newfound powers. And not only that, she also had her agenda on the side, waiting to be fully revealed to the world…

The gorgeous scientist ignored the perplexed general and her mindbroken rival and stared into the distance, to the left this time. Ah, that monorail thing. Let’s see what Blue has in store for it.

The serene beauty hopped once, leaping over the 120 feet tall infrastructure without breaking a sweat and landing with a soft and dignified clack of her heels. The monorail still had a long way to go until it reached her position on the oval shaped track.

She perceived the sound of mechanic steps behind her. A group of robots had followed her by climbing the pillars and were pointing at her with their guns.

Instead of giving them the privilege of her divine attention, she instead flipped her enormous purple ponytail, creating a localized gale that swept them away, towards the train, which dismantled them on contact. At that speed it was no surprise. “Are you charging your weak cannons again?” She noticed the energy gathering around them. They were targeting Pink’s tornado in a desperate attempt at stopping it.

Blue raised an eyebrow and let it shoot. Once again, the blinding light flashed everyone and the miles and miles of terrain around the miniature hurricane were blown no avail. If anything, the monorail had only destroyed more of its own army while Pink was still spinning in a maelstrom of unstoppable destruction.

“Hmpf.” The unimpressed beauty stood in the middle of the track with her arms crossed under her exposed, mighty melons. Now that it had shot its second load, it had to run in circles again to recharge and it was coming towards her at a thousand miles per hour. The incredible noise the engine produced would have deafened anyone else but her super ears were powerful enough to no-sell it.

Fearing nothing, Blue stuck her arms out and waited for the collision. However, when it happened it felt like she didn’t expect the train to carry such a punch. She was completely pushed with almost no resistance. “H-Hngggg…” She grunted as she put a titanic effort in stopping the train, but it wasn’t working and her heels were now grinding the track, generating a rain of sparks.

Irons was watching it all and a glint of hope appeared in his eyes. They were not unbeatable after all. But it made no sense to him, they had performed much superior feats up to that point. So why was she struggling so much against the monorail? Perhaps it was a trap...or perhaps their powers were limited by time and they were running out. He pleaded to all kinds of gods it was the case.

His happiness didn’t last long though as Blue started uncharacteristically laughing. First it was soft and slow, but then it became loud and intimidating as she kept being pushed around by the train. “Is that all? Well I guess I have to start actually trying!” Her eyes became fierce and her smirk ferocious, the opposite of her former, cold demeanor. She began pouring more of her unlimited power into her lean muscles as the monorail’s velocity dropped dramatically. “HOLY FUCK! IT KEEPS COMING, THE POWER NEVER FUCKING ENDS! HAHAHA! OH MARY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO US?! LOOK AT ME I’M NOT EVEN FUCKING TRYING AND IT’S ALREADY GRINDING TO A HALT!” Her crazy yelling reached Irons and Cheong and his hopes finally shattered. It was over.

“I JUST SUMMON IT AND IT COMES, I’M A FUCKING GOD!” She decided to remove one of her arms but her performance against the moving vehicle got progressively better anyway. “NOT EVEN TRYING YET! HOLY SHIT THIS FUCKING POWER!” The feeling of completely stomping her opponent was erotic and overwhelming, so much that it had completely done away with her usually composed personality.

Then the monorail finally stopped, now pitifully screeching against a single feminine hand and losing, despite being a marvel of modern human technology.

Blue corrected her posture, now that she had the upper hand and lifted the front of the train completely off the track with one of her nails. Her face was one of absolute wonder. “You are so totally fucking outdone…I have all the power...” She knew she was basically talking to a machine, but to her, it represented the collective effort of many of the greatest minds of humanity, and she was plainly making it look like shit.

She dropped it carelessly and put both her hands on it again. “Let’s go...I’m going to fuck you up.” To add insult to injury, she helped herself by pushing her humongous milkers against it, carving their shape into the hyperalloy frame like nothing. “Can’t even stand the softest part of me, eh weakling?”

Blue started pushing. First slowly and deliberately, showing it was no problem for her at all. Her breathing coordinated with each step, breaking the track with their weight and power. “Gonna take you for a ride, big boy.”

More and more power was added to the push, but to Blue it still felt like her limitless strength pool was hardly drained at all. Now it looked like she was slightly jogging, making the monorail perform it usual routine, although in reverse.

Then she really sped up.

The monorail became a blur going at thrice its usual max speed being pushed by an indistinguishable blue and purple thing. Still not even trying but feeling increasingly euphoric, Blue screamed. “HOLY SHIT, I’M FUCKING UNSTOPPABLE. I’M THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE! I KEEP PUTTING MORE POWER IN MY SUPER SEXY MUSCLES AND YOU CAN’T KEEP UP!” The tracks was getting completely destroyed because it was not ready for that kind of punishment but Blue didn’t care, she kept augmenting her speed and power until she was surrounded by a sea of sparks and jarring metal on metal noises. The adrenaline on her veins pumping her up and motivating her to humiliate Irons’ best effort, his biggest pride. “I’M DOMINATING YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I’M COMPLETELY OWNING YOU, YOU NEVER STOOD A CHANCE!”

As the train finally caught on fire due to the friction, beginning the process of melting, a few leftover tanks and mechs surrounded the monorail system and pointed their weapons at Blue, but she had a deliciously ironic idea. With all that speed, the cannons on the monorail, still barely functional, could shoot again. So she kept going faster and faster until she was lapping the entire oval about a hundred times per minute, charging it with energy way beyond its capacity. “I feel nothing...nothing is really pushing against me...heh…” The AI finally bugged out and shot unprompted, destroying the units around them like nothing and scorching the wasteland.

Not wishing to keep the charade any longer, Blue cloned herself with super speed and run in the opposite direction, meeting the back of the train. Both Blues collided, one with her tits, the other with her tight model ass, and the whole thing was completely flattened like a pancake. “WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! SERVES YOU WELL FOR DEFYING AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING GODDESS LIKE ME! DO YOU HEAR ME, IRONS? WE HAVE NO LIMITS. I HAVEN’T USED ANY OF MY AMAZING POWER YET!” She laughed maniacally, surrounded by fire and explosions and picked what was left of the monorail.

To drive the point home even further, she easily lifted the now disc shaped superweapon and threw it away. It flew so fast it cut a whole mountain in half before exploding in the distance. “Sorry, but I’m a super mega ultra fucking woman now...the world will kneel to me.” She really loved hearing herself talk.

Almost satisfied, Blue jumped down and began bringing the whole track down by destroying the pillars in a matter of seconds. Now the whole construction that took so much pain to build was nothing but rubble. She dusted her hands off with her eyes closed and a proud smile on her delicious face.

“Ah, missed a spot.” She walked towards a malfunctioning mech, flailing on the ground and charred by the monorail’s blast. It took her a few milliseconds to go around it, shaping it with her tiny hands into a ball of metallic garbage, similar to rugged tinfoil. She picked it up with her right leg and then humorously tossed it like a football so hard it landed on top of one of Las Vegas’s most popular casinos, collapsing the entire building. “Done.”

Pink’s tornado had finally subsided but only because she wished so. “Oops, sorry guys. I didn’t mean to forget about you~” She saw a group of giant mechs running from her. Their AI was apparently well trained enough to recognize danger and retreat. They had finally gotten the clue.

She brought her hand to her cheek and pouted. “What? You don’t want to play anymore? I dislike bad boys~” She said with a faux-husky and seductive tone and stomped with one of her boots.

Everyone but the super soldiers fell to the floor almost immediately as it seemed as if the planet had been hit by a meteor. “W-What is happening?” General Johnson was scared for real now. These women were so extraordinarily powerful that they could easily change the world’s status quo by themselves. He wasn’t interested in keeping them anymore. He just wanted to be done with the situation and find some way of defeating them. Beings so powerful...they can’t be controlled. They are a threat to the free world…

Suddenly, the ground started shaking hard, an earthquake formed by the incontestable power of Pink’s foot. It lasted for a minute as a big chasm opened in front the hyper busty beauty. It kept encompassing more land, getting wider and deeper with each passing second and basically dividing the battlefield into two isles. Eventually it reached her enemies, which were too slow to dodge and were swallowed by the darkness of the depths.

“Hey there~” Irons got spooked once again. By her girly, slutty voice of all things. Pink was already there with them, this time not a clone.

“Having fun, Pink?” Mary asked, smiling at her in delight at her performance.

“Well, not anymore. I’m kinda bored you know, there is so much I can do with such weak opponents~” She winked at Irons, as if laughing at him. She infuriated him. If she wasn’t able to crush him with a single finger, he would unleash all the sexist rage inside him and kill her.

“Still, you’ve done a perfect job for your first field exercise. C’mere.” Cheong embraced Pink and they kissed lovingly, with their eyes closed. After retreating, both were blushing, with lovey dovey sparks in their eyes.

“Hey, leave something for us too.” Red said after popping out next to them, as well as a calmer Blue, who simply grunted in controlled jealousy at their sexy display.

“Sorry for that, it was unprofessional. As you can see we are all in a polyamorous, lesbian relationship.” The scientist explained.

The now insane Irons finally burst into a childish fit of rage, his eyes betraying his madness. His voice was loud and cracking. “WHO CARES ABOUT THAT SHIT?! Nothing of what has happened so far makes any fucking sense! Can you explain it to me or what? You have been ignoring me all the time! I refuse to believe four girls have defeated all of my carefully planned army that has costed billions to develop and produce, there must be a reasonable explanation!”

“Well, actually we haven’t destroyed it all. The drones are still there but Yellow will take care of them in a moment.” Red added nonchalantly, not intimated at all by his childish tantrum. It was true, nonetheless. After all this time, the carpet bombing was still going on somehow.

Ignoring her, he glanced paranoidly at General Johnson. “I’m sure you have planned all of this out with her to laugh at never had the intention of promoting me, right? If so, explain! EXPLAIN THIS FUCKING MADNESS, I FEEL LIKE I’M FUCKING DREAMING HERE!”

Johnson cringed at the madman in front of him. “I don’t have any idea of what you are babbling about…”

He sobbed after all the cursing, feeling weak and defeated. Reality finally set in and he realized the truth. He was done for and was acting pathetic now. Cheong had completely surpassed him in the most humiliating and ridiculous way possible.

Mary sighed. “Well, if you insist I guess I can explain some of the intricacies of my research. But I don’t have my notes here and I don’t believe you would be able to understand everything anyway.” Irons didn’t even bother getting angry at that. He just wanted to know how and now.

Before revealing anything, she handed four ID cards at Irons to show him some context. He didn’t recognize the women on the pictures.

Name: Faye Lawrence
Codename: Pink
Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Former profession: Hairdresser

Name: Angela Scheele
Codename: Blue
Age: 19
Height: 5’9
Former profession: Model

Name: Juniper Penelope Watson
Codename: Red
Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Former profession: Dancer

Name: Lara Ramírez
Codename: Yellow
Age: 24
Height: 5’1
Former profession: Kindergarten teacher

“I don’t get it. Are you telling me these are…” It was impossible. The women in the photos were pretty, even gorgeous, yes. But they looked clearly human and didn’t resemble the walking, breathing sexual fantasies with exposed udders that were in front of him now. Not their faces, not their best the only thing they shared was the height.

“Indeed. I was very careful to pick the women with the highest potential available for my experiment that weren’t particularly famous. No offense, girls.”

“Meh.” Red and Blue blurted at the same time.

Cheong breathed in, her big boobs straining her bra. It was long-winded exposition time. “I’m sure you have heard of estrogen and its correlation with feminine traits. Well, to make it short I found that there is a microscopic gland in the back of our brains that produces a different kind of hormone. We just didn’t have tools precise enough to detect it until now. I have called it feminium and it’s found in everyone, just in irrelevant quantities. However, in the right conditions, with the right research subjects and with the right stimuli…” She smiled back at the girls lasciviously and bit her glossy lip. “...we apparently can trigger a greater production of the hormone. I had another testing phase with male research subjects but while they were able produce it, nothing I did triggered the same reaction as with these four, which led me to believe men have an extremely capped potential production of feminium.”

“And why would secreting more of that hormone make them into these...invincible monsters?” He still had trouble believing it. “Are you lying to me for a cheap laugh or something? Nothing known to science can produce this kind of power. They defy physics.”

“The secretion of feminium fully unlocks the cerebral capacity of women. 100% usage is usually represented in pop culture by making the person impossibly intelligent, perceptive and intuitive. While this is partially a good guess, and they have become magnitudes of order smarter than before, it actually correlates more with the way our brain assimilates the information from stimuli. A brain that is high on feminium helps them react in alternative ways, rejecting reality and letting them manipulate the world around them with unprecedented performance. So that’s were their incredible physical prowess comes from. Feminium lets them interact with everything in their own terms, no longer tied to lowly limitations.” She chuckled. “Well at least that’s the abridged version. The deeper details on how the science works are well kept. But let’s say I have just proved the innate superiority of females over males since we are genetically predisposed to produce a lot of feminium. My girls happened to be the most genetically gifted in this regard but I’m pretty sure I could easily develop a more optimal treatment to bring out a similar degree of potential in other women.”

Irons blinked a few times, completely dumbfounded by such a cartoonish explanation. “Let’s say I believe that. Even in that situation, why are they dressed like that? And why would they listen to you if you are much weaker than them?”

“Oh please, they don’t follow my orders. We are girlfriends and love each other very much. They are just doing me a little favor by participating in this little charade.” They all giggled together. To Irons it sounded a thousand times more ominous than it should have. “About their getup, I found wearing pretty dresses with pastel colors that expose their more umm…womanly areas happens to help them secrete even more feminium. Besides, feminium also prompts the overproduction of many other hormones, which is why they have undergone such a beautiful transformation.”

“So what are you going to do with your precious discovery?” Irons didn’t like where the conversation was heading. She had admitted the contest was a joke and she only wanted to prove her supposed female superiority, so perhaps she had darker plans in mind.

She had wanted to hear that question since she found about feminium. Mary pronounced her next statement slowly and clearly with a deliberate accent and tone, almost like it had been rehearsed. “Share it with the rest of my female sisters and ascend together. Then occupy our place as rightful rulers of the Universe, of course.” Her grin turned shady.

Irons was really fearing for his life, and everyone else’s right now. She had gone completely mad with power. But if everything was true, there was nothing mankind, no, malekind, could do against them. “You must be joking…”

“Oh no, I…”

“Darling, that silly old man is trying to tell the army our secret~” She looked at General Johnson, who was frantically talking on the phone, presumably to his pals at the nearest military base.

“It’s not like it matters at this point. But I don’t want to be careless.”


“We have to do something, they are too powerful. Tell the scientists to find some way to counter feminium, we have to be quick or…” Johnson then was shocked to find that his phone wasn’t in his hand anymore. Pink had used her super speed to take it away.

“Sorry grandpa but no matter how superior we are, my cute gf doesn’t want to take any risks so I gotta burst your bubble~” She tightened her grip and the device was completely crushed. “Oops, how clumsy of me!”

“Y-You little monster...I-It doesn’t matter, I already told them the gist of it anyway!” A seasoned warrior like him couldn’t come to terms that such a beautiful and girly woman triggered his flight or fight response in such a terrifying way. He was about to sprint away when he found himself completely unable to move. Blue and Red were now gently holding his shoulders down, and, just like that, he found himself frozen in place. Their unlimited strength was truly impossible to resist even with his greater build and muscles.

“That’s no problem.” The buxom geneticist added and then whispered the coordinates of the base in Pink’s ear, making her giggle because it tickled.

“I get it. You want me to get rid of them all, right?”

“Pretty much. 100 miles is not much for you, correct?”

“Not at all, darling! Step back, I dedicate this to you~” Pink turned in the direction of the base, impossible to see at that great distance and leaned forward while sticking her fat booty out. Despite the weight of her giant boobs, her flexibility was out of this world, easily managing to form a perfect 90 degree angle with her body.

“Oh no…” Irons anticipated.

“W-What are you going to do?” Johnson couldn’t help but to stutter.

The goddess dressed in magical girl clothes brought her hand under her lips and blew a kiss.

It took a moment for them to realize what had happened until they saw the biggest explosion in history take place in the background. It quickly took on the form of a ten thousand tall mushroom that ate up the entire horizon, like a large scale nuke. Yet it was completely silent.

Mary pulled some fuzzy ear mufflers from her pocket and put them on, anticipating its effects.

Then the sound came and even where they where it could have tripled the record of loudest noise ever recorded, had they done so. Both Johnson and Irons screamed in pain at the auditive torture, wishing they could rip their bleeding ears off.

But it wasn’t over, not by far. The shockwave took a few more seconds to come but when it finally reached the place they were standing on, it was so hellishly powerful that it simply blew Irons away. His body got pathetically ragdolled against rocks and sand as he rolled down the hill.

However, Johnson’s fate was worse, since he had to endure it all upfront while Blue and Red, still completely unfazed by it, were holding him in place. He screeched like a banshee as his skin almost got peeled off his muscles and got cuts all over the place while his clothes and hair got torn to shreds in seconds.

Pink stood in front of Cheong, guarding her from any harm as the scientist hummed a tune to herself, enjoying her girlfriend’s protection. Meanwhile, the general had lost consciousness.

It kept going on for minutes until the still very visible explosion deflated and seconds later both the sound and the wind decreased and stopped.

“Damn, I didn’t know you could do that. I’m impressed!” Mary stated. And rightfully so, Pink had just nuked the whole base by blowing a single kiss from a 160 kilometer distance, no less.

“Umm...I made the blast too powerful though, s-sorry…”

“What do you mean? That was super hot! I loved it, Pink.”

“No! That’s not what I meant, I meant that...oh do I say this? I can see the damage of my kiss from here and...I didn’t just blow up the base but half of the state of Nevada. I’m pretty sure I just killed a few million people…” She felt really sorry for that. Despite being convinced women were superior, she didn’t wish people that didn’t directly antagonize her to die.

“Hey, I get ya. It’s a shame so many people are dead but you girls are still learning to handle your power. So don’t worry, we’ll recoup the loss when we enslave men as sexual pets and breed them to exhaustion. After all, the world needs much more women now that we know what we know!” Cheong’s morality was questionable at best. “So let’s consider those few million as a necessary sacrifice for progress.”

“You are right! Okay~” Her short moment of guilt and weakness quickly disappeared after a few cheap words.

Irons opened his eyes, his fragile body was broken after getting dragged by the sandstorm caused by the shockwave. He wasn’t sure where he was but there was no carpet bombing in the background anymore. The drones have run out of ammunition. He thought.

“Hey sleepyhead! Are you alright?” The sweet voice of Yellow woke him up from his stupor. He tried to recoil but he was unable to move. A pitiful moan of pain came out of his lips.

She was kneeling next to him with a curious look on her face, evidently unharmed by the thousand drone strike that went on for a whole quarter of an hour. Neither the bullets, nor the missiles, let alone the gas bombs were able to even bother her. “M-Monsters…” He managed to say as blood dripped from his mouth. Some internal organs must had broken too when he hit one of those rocks before.

“I’m not a monster, I’m just Yellow!” She pouted childishly. “Doctor, I’m super unimpressed with your machines, so weak! So don’t get mad if I have too much fun toying with them!”

Not even caring to help him, she looked back at the murder of drones. They were as powerless compared to her as before, but not able to make noise with their shooting anymore. They just stood there, waiting new orders that would never come. “You are all such good boys! Let mommy try a new thing and see how it goes!”

The adorable shortstack pridefully pointed her humongous naked tits at them and, as impossible as it sounds, she made her thick nipples vibrate. The effects were quickly seen as they produced a sound similar to an anti-air turret or a minigun, shooting at incredible speeds.


The sky became a pyrotechnic show as the drones started exploding, their super durable alloy unable to endure the caliber of Yellow’s super fast, kinetic nipple blasts. She kept going, dispatching a high number of them each second, it was so preposterous Irons laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. He just wanted to wake up from that terrible nightmare. 

“Ahhhh! It feels so good!” Yellow yelled, clearly aroused by the fact she was destroying a legion of next gen drones with just her tits. In fact, it got to the point that she began lactating an inordinate amount of milk, which splattered all over the place, creating shallow ponds.

By the end of her shameless demonstration of unlimited power, the thousand drones were all scrap on the floor, covered by a layer of motherly liquid. Yellow gasped heavily for air and sat down to properly moderate her horniness. “Those were some pretty fireworks...Don’t you think so, Doctor?!” She said, clearly enjoying her handiwork.

Irons rejected the notion of even answering to that. He was devastated and close to death.

She stood there for a moment in an exaggerated thinking posture with her hand on her chin and her tongue out. “But we can’t leave all this trash here. It would be bad for the environment…” Then she found the last things left of Irons’ defeated robot army. The oversized transport crawlers! “Aha!” There were four of them, still parked in their original spot. Weighing thousands of tons, they were too heavy for any of what had happened so far to disturb them.

“What are you thinking…?”

“I just thought they are perfect to store all the scrap. Let’s see, first off…” Yellow inhaled and then breathed it all out instantly, letting an air bomb escape from her pretty lips. A whirlwind of sand turned everything into a disorienting mess for a few seconds. Irons would have screamed in terror but he didn’t have the strength and his eyes were slowly closing, making everything more difficult to process. One thing was for sure, though, by the end of it all the sand in the desert had been cleaned up, leaving a barren, exposed bedrock soil. He couldn’t believe it, terraforming of that scale was childsplay for them.

Then the next thing seemed to him like something proper of a hallucination. He did feel drowsy and tired, his mind could easily be prey of mirages at that point. But knowing how powerful these chicks were, it might as well have happened for real. Yellow giggled happily and then started flapping her colossal boobs from one side to the other, swinging both of the fleshy orbs to the left, then back to the right. “Time to put the toys back in the box!” She said with the voice she used to convince children to be tidy during her kindergarten teacher days.

The rhythm of her swaying tits was almost hypnotic, they were so stupidly big Irons could see most of their awesome circumference from behind. And they began swinging faster and more violently.

It didn’t take long for the effects to be noticeable. The entire pile of thousands of drones. Tons and tons of metal, were being swept away by, once again, the sheer kinetic force generated by her tits. They flew away like nothing, and for some reason, she had enough precision to fit them exactly inside the cargo hold of one of the crawlers. It was quite a sight to behold, the power of a God being unleashed right in front of him.

“I think I’ll only need one! When they are in pieces like this, they occupy much less space!” She kept going, turning to the leftovers of the destruction caused by her sisters in arms. The mechs, the human sized robot soldiers, the monorail, everything got dragged away from their original position and effortlessly stored into the crawler in less than a minute. It was mindblowingly cartoonish but it seemed that once a woman unlocked her 100% brain potential, everything was possible. And these were inexperienced and untrained examples of such potential, he couldn’t even begin to imagine the reign of terror they would unleash upon the world once they started using their powers for more complex applications and not just augmenting their physical performance. The key to ascension…

His thoughts raced as fast as his heartbeat when the last bunch of scrapped metal entered the cargo hold and the 100 ton heavy door was hard shut by a final swing to the right, this time with a single tit. Like she wasn’t even trying and had learned she only needed to use one. “Donezo!”

She stood pensive for a moment. “I don’t need the other three now. They are completely useless. What if…”

Yellow decided to attempt to use the same power in a different way. Instead of focusing her strength in her boobs, she instead did it with her beautiful golden eyes. She gazed in the path of one of the unused crawlers and instantly formed a gigantic hole on the side. She had just heavily damaged a machine with so much reinforced armor and size that it weighed thousands of tons by looking a little bit hard at it! She felt so happy she jumped around, celebrating her new godly status. She didn’t need to be afraid because of her weakness anymore, there was no one more powerful than her! “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!” She chose to toy with it, for a while, denting it with weaker looks and then proceeding to drag it around and even throw it up in the air by shifting the position of her eyes. It was like she was using telekinesis but no, it was just the physical pressure exerted by her cute peeps.

She went overboard with it however, moving her eyes to the left too fast caused the crawler to fall into the chasm created by Pink’s earthquake earlier. “Oops...I wanted to play more with it! No biggie, I have two to go still! I wonder if…” She looked at the third crawler this time but focused extremely hard on it, trying to make the most damage possible. The entire thing exploded into tiny bits, as if hit by a weapon of mass destruction, chunks of it raining down for a full minute. “Oh my! This is so fun! My eyes are super powerful!”

“Wow, that is cool!” Commented Red, watching from the background. “She is always so inventive. I want to do that too.”

“We might not even need to wait for it. Look who’s coming to visit.” Blue pointed out after hearing a turbine in the distance.

“Ah, sorry girls. I destroyed the base but it seems like they sent a few doggies after us before that. What do you say we give them a warm welcome?~” Their leader said with a sultry tone.

Mary nodded. “Don’t mind if you do.”

As four fighter jets entered the area, Red looked at one of them. Repeating what Yellow had done earlier, she tensed her ocular tissue and the plane was unceremoniously dispatched in an explosion that looked pretty small from so far away. “This is lovely.” She chuckled.

The pilots were scared shitless and tried to turn away, for some reason their communication channels with the base were cut and they didn’t know why. They still weren’t aware of its fate at this point.

The moment one of them tried to shoot the girls with missiles in retaliation, he found that Blue was coldly gazing in his direction. Before he could react, he found himself surrounded by fire and exploding chunks of metal. He died almost instantly inside his aerial coffin.

After watching how fast and easily his comrades were dealt with, the third pilot decided to eject himself from the cockpit. However, Pink was already shooting at him with her lovely eyes and unfortunately for him, he wasn’t in a safe distance from his fighter yet. The explosion caught him and incinerated his body, which was promptly flattened against the floor. He now looked like a splatter of meat.

The leader of the goddess squadron was not done yet and jumped so fast that she produced a double and it was instantly up there, sitting on the nose of the plane. She had closed a 2000 feet gap in a millisecond. The terrified pilot instinctively screamed in fear and recklessly tried to shake her off the fuselage by tilting the plane but it was as if she was tied to it with glue. Pink giggled and stuck her tongue out like the devilish and very sexy scamp she was and augmented her speed once again, causing a third clone to appear on the left wing of the jet.

He knew it was over when she blew a cute, mocking kiss at him and then slapped the wing so hard the plane lost balance and started spinning like crazy. Unable to control his own machine, he found himself crashing against a mountain.

The original Pink admired the explosion from a distance.

“Hey! Who told you it was your turn to kill the fourth one? We were supposed to decide it together!” Red complained.

“Yeah, that was not cool.” Blue blew the hair from her forehead.

“I am the leader. If any of you has a problem with it, you might as well say it now~” Both girls suddenly felt compelled to obey and Pink noticed it, which pleased her greatly.

Cheong observed that there seemed to be a hierarchy established among them long ago, but she hadn’t researched why and how that came to be yet. However, she still found it very interesting.

“Grrr...Ok, but I only tolerate it because you are the only one that can handle this crazy hair of ours now.” And there was the answer.

Blue then stood between them, her height was imposing despite her tits being the smallest of the team. “Well, I still want to break stuff. So...” She looked at one of the two crawlers left and, from that distance and applying a much lesser effort than Yellow, she atomized it.

The explosion spooked the shortstack, who was standing next to it right then. “What are you doing, Blue? That one was mine!” Yellow protested, her girlish voice clearly heard from miles away.

The supermodel answered in the same loud but calm tone. “You had too much fun already, I barely participated today.”

Yellow pouted, not particularly happy that she only had one toy left to play with. “I had other plans for you but oh well.” She reached underneath the crawler that contained all the scrap from Irons’ defeated army and easily hefted the building sized machine by scooping one of its vertices. It felt like holding an air balloon to her.

She then threw it up in the air and let it fall just enough to hammer it with her humongous cleavage as if she was hitting a ball with a bat. It instantly disappeared from sight and never came down. Yellow smiled cheerfully, being able to appreciate how it left the planet, then the solar system, then the galaxy with her limitless vision.

The short haired beauty jumped back to the hill where her lovers were with a powerful thrust that cratered the floor like a meteor. Ironically, she landed with the grace of a butterfly. “Well girls, it’s sad but I guess that there’s nothing more to do. Not more toys to play with for now.” She said.

“Eh, we just wanted to test our powers anyway. It’s pretty clear no army in the world can harm us.” Although that was true, Red still had fantasies involving punishing silly male rebels once they conquered the world.

“Mhm. We are pretty much invincible.” Blue stated matter-of-factly.

“What do we do with this guy, Mary?” Pink referred to General Johnson, still unconscious on the floor.

“Just leave him here. He is a nobody anyway, we don’t need him.” The scientist answered.

“OH!” Something came to Yellow’s super eidetic memory that the others weren’t taking into account. “I kinda remember seeing Irons earlier, he looked badly wounded.”

“Whatever. He got what he deserved anyway. That’s what happens to those that oppose women from now on.” Red proudly proclaimed.

“Yeah, I won’t particularly miss that asshole.” Blue still hated him after that sexist comment he made before the battle.

“You are right~ So...Mary…” Pink looked lovingly at Cheong. “I guess we are done here. What do we do now?” She was the alpha of the pack but her respect for her intellectual lover made her follow her plans. The Asian bombshell had created them after all, which meant that she was definitely pretty good at thinking.

“We can wait out our world conquest plans for a while. First I need to come up with a way to ascend other women. You girls are valuable exceptions and I need to do research on you for a little longer but luckily you are invulnerable and that will let me try almost anything, so that will speed up the process.”

“Sounds good! And I guess you will be the first one to join us in our divinity, am I right?” Pink’s smugness right now was unquantifiable.

“Most likely.” Mary played with one of her dark hair locks, feeling wet under her panties. She knew what ascending would entail. She had also found out that the secretion of feminium was highly correlated with naughty lesbian sex, and there was no sex like the one these superior women could offer.

“Well, allow us to help you then~” They all smiled lasciviously at each other as Pink lifted her scientist girlfriend and carried her in her arms like a princess with pussy-melting ease. “We can start right now if you wish…”

“I’d be happy to do so…” She caressed the alpha’s cheek.

“Let’s go back to our base of operations then~”

And with that, they jumped so hard that they disappeared into the horizon in mere seconds, leaving all the destruction and death they callously caused behind.

The last thing Irons saw as he drew his last breath were multicolored blurs travelling the sky like shooting stars. He then closed his eyes forever, glad not to have to live in their world any longer. The nightmare was over.

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