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Written by Woody :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 19:27] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:17]

“Officer in pursuit!” she relayed through her intercom, giving chase through the crowded night markets. Her long lean legs pumping as she rounded another corner, Bianca was a natural runner but even at her advanced fitness level this chase was a struggle. “Why do I get the fit ones?” she wondered to herself as she dived and dodged through the stalls. The other officers would much prefer stakeouts and donuts, but Bianca loved the thrill of the chase. Jumping over a stocked table, she lunged at her target only to fall agonisingly short. She dusted herself off and resumed the pursuit.

Two corners later he made an error and cornered himself in a walkway. Bianca rounded the corner, gun drawn.

“Gig’s up, hand yourself in.” Bianca said confidently.

“Not likely.” said the perpetrator. His eyes started glowing red then an energy beam flew in Bianca’s direction. She dived narrowly avoiding the blast, but it was close enough that she felt the heat through her uniform.

As he was preparing for a second shot a voice from above commanded.


Bianca and the perp looked up to see a light descending from on high. It wasn’t just any light. Slowly landing in between the two was Quasar.

Quasar was one of the heroines in the city. Her lustrous blonde hair flowed majestically down her back. Her piercing blue eyes locked onto the perpetrator. Her body was adorned with a white patterned corset, barely containing her legendary cleavage. Her skirt covered half her legs showing muscular thighs and perfectly toned calves. She wore white heels, and emitted an aura of visible white light around her.

The perp looked at Quasar summing up his options, before clicking a device on his belt. This opened a black hole behind him. Quasar started on an interception course but he stepped into the hole and it immediately closed.

“Dammit.” said Quasar before turning to Bianca. “You know it’s quite an effort tracking down Jack you know.”

“What do you mean?” asked Bianca.

“Jack has been advanced by some unknown force and can run at 5 times the regular speed of humans. Keeping up with him is really impressive.”

“Ahh, thanks.” said Bianca, slightly puzzled.

She walked forward and shook Quasar’s hand.

Quasar thought for a moment. “What’s your name officer?”

“Bianca.” she replied.

“How’s the force these days?” asked Quasar.

“To be honest it’s a little frustrating.” said Bianca. “I seem to be the only one willing to do this, stuff.” She motioned her hands to indicate the chase

Quasar reached into her cleavage and pulled out a card. She gave it to Bianca.

“Like I said, I’m impressed. If you’re off tomorrow swing by here and talk to Debra. Wear gym wear. I might have something you could be interested in.”

“Ahh ok.” Bianca replied. Quasar then lifted off into the night.

Bianca looked at the card. It was blank bar an address - 137 Woodmark Lane. She put it in her pocket and continued her shift.

The next day Bianca rocked up to the old building. 137 Woodmark Lane was nothing special, a relic of 80’s architecture in a precinct of carbon copy buildings. Dressed in leggings, joggers, and a gym top she decided she only went because she didn’t want to piss a Superheroine off. She reasoned if a Superheroine wants you somewhere who could probably easily kill you, you better do what they want.

She opened the door and walked in. Alone at the desk was a lady in her early 30’s. She was dressed in office attire, with black glasses and her hair in a bun. “Can I help you?” asked the lady.

“Yeah, my name’s Bianca. I was told to come see a Debra.” Bianca replied.

“I’m Debra. It's nice to meet you. This way please.” She led Bianca down a hallway.

“So how do you know Quasar Deb?” Bianca asked during the walk.

“I don’t, I just run the office.” replied Debra opening the door to a gym. “So Bianca, did Quasar happen to mention why she wanted you here?”

“No, she said just something about a possible opportunity and to show up here in gym wear.” replied Bianca.

“And why did you?” asked Debra.

“Show up? I figured I didn’t want to piss a superheroine off; and also I must admit I’m a tad curious about this.” Bianca replied.

“Good an answer as any.” said Debra as she made some notes. “This is going to sound weird but do you mind doing a workout. I don’t want to piss Quasar off either.”

“Yeah no problem. Saves me going to the gym later.” said Bianca.

Bianca stepped onto the treadmill and started running. During the run she noticed numbers like 1.0, 1.2 km. Debra nodded as she took notes.

The rest of the workout was pretty standard for Bianca. Debra took yet more notes.

After the workout Bianca sat in the office. Debra came up to her. “Thank you for that. Have a good day.”

Bianca got up and walked out. “Fuck that was weird.” she thought as she walked out. She got into her car and drove off. When she got home a somewhat familiar face met her.

“Sorry to follow you home.” It was Quasar.

In daylight she was even more beautiful. She was the epitome of confidence and strength. And she had Bianca’s full attention.

“I want to offer you a position. I’m part of a team called the SSS. Your tests results are phenomenal. If you’re in, meet back at the warehouse tomorrow. If not, I completely understand.”

 “Is this a red pill/blue pill moment?” Bianca asked.

“You’ll know tomorrow.” said Quasar as she flew off.

That night Bianca couldn’t sleep. A million thoughts raced through her head. She tried to research the SSS but nothing came up. Not even in her police database. But Quasar herself had asked her to join. A real superheroine wanted HER to join a secret team. She went to bed with no idea.

The next morning she was back at 137 Woodmark Lane. “I hope you made the right decision Bianca?” she said to herself as she opened the door.

Debra was back at the desk.

“Welcome back Bianca, What is your decision?”

“I’m in.”

Debra walked over and hugged her. “Well done, and congratulations on joining SSS.” she said as she stepped towards Bianca. She led Bianca into a separate room.

“So you’re ready to become a superheroine?” Debra said.

“WHAT!” said Bianca.

“You know what SSS is right?” asked Debra.

“Actually I couldn’t find out fuck all about it.” replied Bianca.

“SSS stands for the Secluded Society of Superheroines.”

“You want me to be a superheroine?” Bianca replied startled.

“Indeed. The gym workout yesterday was a simulation of potential powers. Do you want to see your results?”

“You’ve lost me.” said Bianca as she was handed a sheet with her workout numbers.

Most were pretty standard. But one number stood out. Her treadmill numbers.

“This can be right. I read 1.0 to 1.2 but not”

“You actually hit 1.7.”

“Kilometres/Second!” exclaimed Bianca.

“Yes Bianca. We simulated you running at Mach 5. Bianca, you’re a speedster.”

“Awesome.” was all Bianca could get out of her mouth.  

Debra took off her glasses and put them down. “Now we need to talk about secret identities”. She undid her bun and shook her lustrous blonde main loose. As she stepped forward she undid the top two buttons on her blouse, showing the top of what Bianca realised was devastating cleavage. 

Bianca shuffled back slightly awkwardly to Debra’s advance. “I’m not sure if I mislead you but what has this got to do with a secret Identity.”

Debra stopped, feet shoulder width apart. “Because.” She then reached up and touched her necklace at the top of her cleavage.

It started glowing as she adopted a power pose with her hands on her hips. Suddenly the outer layer or her clothes stated to melt away. Bianca’s mouth dropped as she saw Debra’s black shoes dissolve showing perfectly pedicured feet. Her stockings ran up her legs, revealing perfectly toned calves. Her skirt faded from the hem up, unveiling muscular thighs that demanded attention. Her shirt also faded from front to back; rock hard abdominals that were covered came into perfect view along with a half cup bra Bianca guessed was at least a DD cup, struggling to contain their bulging contents.

Bianca rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Debra stood proudly in front of her in nothing but her lingerie, commanding a body no one would have known about 30 seconds earlier. Around her curvaceous rear a white fabric appeared, flaring out the sides then pleating before Bianca’s eyes. They drew together and formed a tight but flowing skirt around Debra’s enviable hips and halfway down her thighs. A fitted garment started to inch up from the top of her newly formed skirt. It knitted its way up her washboard stomach and stitched itself halfway up Debra’s breasts. Her bra straps then dissolved leaving her barely contained in her new corset. The pendant of her necklace then slid down and attached to the tip of the corset right in the middle.

Debra then spoke “There are times when I don’t need to be.”

“Quasar.” Bianca gasped. “It was you all along.”

“Yes. Sorry for the deception. When you chased down that man I witnessed you’re potential and I wanted you in our organisation. I’m glad decided to join us.”

“Happy too.” said Bianca.

Bianca and Quasar then walked into another room with a machine. Quasar addressed Bianca.

“This is the machine. This will allow you to customise how you transform into your superheroine persona. Have some fun with it, experiment. See what you come up with.” Quasar then stepped out of the room, leaving Bianca alone. She stepped into the machine and in front of her was a series of monitors. Some had costumes. Some had trinkets. Some had actions. On one side was a full length mirror Bianca saw herself in.

“Welcome Bianca.” said the machine in a voice much like Siri.

“Ahh, Hi.” said Bianca.

“Are you ready to change into a superheroine?” enquired the machine.

“Yeah” Bianca said pensively.

“Ok. We’ll start with the basics.” and with that Bianca’s body was scanned with a red beam light.

“Your dimensions have been scanned. Any outfits will be tailored to your body.”

“Please pick your test costume.” said the machine. The screen flicked into life with a series of classic heroines.

“I always wanted to try this one” said Bianca as she selected the Supergirl Costume.

“Costume selected” said the machine. “To commence the sequence say the word Transform.”

Bianca looked down at her clothes. She was currently wearing a pale green top with black leggings, trainers and her hair in a ponytail.

“Let’s see how this works.” said Bianca. “Transform.”

The effect was instantaneous. Bianca’s top and leggings changed in a blink of an eye to the iconic costume of the girl of steel. Bianca couldn’t believe her eyes. She ran her hands over the Blue Tunic. It was contoured perfectly to her body. It was soft, luxurious, nothing like she had felt before. She twirled her red skirt. She looked amazing. To the casual bystander she really could have been the Iconic hero, if she was a brunette. After a minute of examining every aspect of her costume, she decided to move on.

“Transform,” said Bianca and again, instantaneously she was back in her gym wear.

“Oh, this is so good.” Bianca said to herself. The Machine then spoke. “Transformations can also be initiated by movement or by totems.”

“Oh no way, I got to try this,” said Bianca. She punched in some keys. “Yes,” she said as she found what she wanted. “Input transformation method.” and Bianca typed some keys.

The beam then scanned Bianca again. “Transformation ready.”

Bianca took a step back. Looked left and right. Then she spun.

As she spun Bianca smiled with glee. Then she stopped. She was Wonder Woman.

She reached up and felt the tiara on her head, then looked at the red and white striped boots. She saw her defined legs and calves in full view, only ending with those ever so perfect fitting Satin tights. She felt the red corset with the gold adornments and how it moulded perfectly showcasing her body. But there was a slight problem, she lacked the iconic bust.

The machine spoke. “Anomaly detected.” and the beam scanned Bianca a second time. Suddenly Bianca felt a surge in her bust. She looked down and gawked as she saw her breasts swell to perfectly match the costume. She looked in the mirror. Now she would have given Linda Carter a run for her money.

“Please change back and retransform to confirm anomaly correction.” said the machine.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” said Bianca as she spun and changed back into her gym wear. She took a breath “take 2” she said as she again did the iconic spin. This time Bianca felt the surge in her breasts as she spun. She stopped and smiled. This time she was just like the iconic version of Wonder Woman, including her iconic bust.

One spin later and back in her gym wear Bianca had a thought. She tapped some keys, and a draw opened revealing a necklace. She put the necklace on, then pushed a hidden button and entered a power pose.

Bianca watched as her own outer layer or her clothes started to melt away. Her runners dissolved showing her own feet. Her leggings ran up her legs, revealing her toned calves and thighs. Her shirt also faded from front to back revealing her own sexy waist with her own sports bra.

She saw herself in nothing but her Bra and pants. Then around her own posterior a white fabric appeared, flaring out the sides then pleating before Bianca’s eyes. They drew together and formed a tight but flowing skirt around her hips and halfway down her thighs. A fitted garment started and inch up from the top of her newly formed skirt. It knitted its way up her flat stomach and stitched itself halfway up her breasts. Her sports bra straps then dissolved leaving her in her new corset. The pendant of her necklace then slid down and attached to the tip of the corset right in the middle. Then her “Anomaly” kicked in again. The feeling causing Bianca to moan as again she felt her breasts swell to fill the corset.

Then it was finished and she looked in the mirror. She was Quasar.

She then had a thought, as fun as this all was she really should pick out her own costume. “Hey, machine” she whispered. “How do you transform back with a totem?”

“Push the totem a second time and think transforming back. The totem will take care of the rest.” Replied the machine.

“As much as having these is fantastic;” Bianca said grabbing her enhanced breasts through the costume “if I’m running, I don’t want to continually get smacked in the face.”

She touched the pendant at the tip of her cleavage. In a flash, Bianca had returned to her gym wear and her regular bust. The necklace was back around her neck.

She thought long and hard in the machine, for the next hour trying different costumes, methods of transformation, everything. When she eventually exited the machine, Debra, having transformed back from Quasar, met her and she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

“Just wait until Halloween Bianca, this machine really gets a workout.” said Debra “So have you worked out your costume?”

“I think I have.” said Bianca.

“So let’s see it Bianca.” said Debra.

“Oh it’s not Bianca;” she said whipping a pair or sleek sunglasses out of her pocket and placing them on her head. She put her hands down and Debra watched as a deep blue black fabric with wisps of purple unfurled itself starting at the base of Bianca’s neckline. Bianca’s clothes were engulfed as it made its journey downward.

Debra smiled watching the transformation and clapped when she saw her protégé’s finished form.

Bianca was dressed in a sleek speed suit of her own design. Its fit was amazing, forming itself perfectly to her like a second skin. Her slender arms showed the definition of her biceps and triceps, leading down to gloves encasing her hands. The form-fitting suit hugged her curves, highlighting her natural beauty, and punctuated by her two buoyant breasts that seemed to defy gravity. Her long, lean legs, already sculpted to perfection, were even further accentuated by the suit. Ankle boots with a small heel that had molded around her feet completing her look.

Bianca smiled, then ran rings around Debra so fast she was a blur. She stopped right in front of her.

“Call me Vortex, and the bad guys better be ready. I’ll run rings around them.”

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