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The Rock

Written by tsuper :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 19:46] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:20]

Written for the SWM Workshop Fall 2020

Beth was a lonely librarian whom was spending Saturday night unpacking boxes. Janet was looking in sad shock as her roommate was working this late.

“Look I not going to the party. I am too busy plus the stuff from my parents came in super late.” Beth said in-between moving boxes.

“Beth you need to get out more this library is not the best place to meet people.” Janet pleaded with her roommate. Janet realized it was an uphill battle but she worried her bookworm friend would not interact with anything that was not made of paper.

Janet did eventually start to help Beth with unpacking the boxes. “Where does this last one go?” Janet asked

“That’s offices supplies so in the back of the office” Beth replied.

Janet walked with the box into the office but when she fished unloading the box, she found a strange stone. It was a blue gemstone wrapped in green packing paper. Janet unwrapped it and found a note attached to the rock.

“Make a wish on a full moon and it will come true from Gram Gram” Janet read it in an almost mocking way.

Just then Beth snatched the rock away from Janet. “It’s nothing important, ok. It’s just a birthday gift from when I was young.” Beth says putting the rock in the drawer of the desk they set up yesterday.

Janet starts to look around the office and finds a picture of Beth and her grandmother. “So this was your dream right to own your library?” Janet looked up from the photo at Beth. Beth was wearing a baggy sweater and brown slacks with white tennis shoes. Poor flat Beth Janet thought Beth’s small boobs did nothing for her slim frame.

“So are you ready to open this place?” Janet questioned Beth. “I mean it's still two days from now. I should be ready by then it’s been my big dream.”

“Oh yeah you have that dream journal don’t you baby Beth?” Janet teased her roommate.

“Stuff it, Janet”

Janet smirked and Beth started to leave “ I am gonna uber back to the apartment so you go to that party.” Janet waited until Beth left the room and looked for the magic rock. Janet thought about the possibilities the rock had but decide that it was Beth’s gift. So Janet thinking in case this was a monkey’s paw kind of deal, Janet decided Beth would be the guinea pig. “I wish Beth’s dream would come true. Janet thought of what could happen to her roommate. Possible success or tragedy if her dream backfired. Janet figured in the mourning she would see the results but for now, she had a party to get to.

It was almost midnight and Beth was still in the library she was so nervous about her place opening up in two days. She started to pace up and down the aisles of books and eventually she started to get tired from it and after going back to the office he sat down at the chair and started to unwind. Beth drifted off and began to dream. it was one she had when she was little and her grandma gave her the blue magic rock. As she dreamed of the wish she made and the feeling of flying returned to her memory. The desk drawer started to glow bright blue and a bolt of energy emerge from that and into Beth. Which caused her to start moaning in pleasure. After a while, Beth woke up and rubbed her forehead. She opened her eyes which were changing color from brown to blue and realized her glasses were no longer need. As when she removed them she had twenty-twenty vision. “What the… I can see?” Beth decided to look at herself in the mirror, so she went to the bathroom.

Beth looked over herself self she seemed still normal but when she looked at her eye she noticed they were blue. “What the...?” was all Beth was able to say before a blue aura started to appear on her body. It started to send pleasant feelings into Beth like she was being massaged. Beth’s scalp started to tingle as her hair started to change in tone from a drab brown to a golden blonde. The aura grew bright and Beth’s clothes started to change starting with her tennis shoes which turned into red boots that grew up to her calves and yellow trim around the top. Beth started to grow in height from a tiny four feet nine inches into a six-foot five inch giant. Beth’s pants started to rip and tear and turn red. the pants start to shrink and change form into a skirt with a yellow belt around the waist. As Beth’s chest started to feel weird as her sweater started to change into blue spandex like cloth. Beth moaned as her breast started to feel bigger.

“What's happing to me?” Beth said as she watched her breasts grow into c cups. As the s symbol formed on her chest she knew what's going on. “Ooh my god I am turning into Supergirl!” Beth exclaimed as a caped rolled down her back. She started to examine her now perfect body. Beth wondered if she was really supergirl. suddenly it hit her, a wave of pleasure that flooded her brain with such intensity she climaxed instantaneously on top of that knowledge of her new powers were poured into her brain as she floated in the air.

Beth composed herself as newfound feelings and urges filled her mind. she posed hands on her hips “I have a job to do.” She flew out the front door and into the night.

Janet was living it up at her friend's place, the party was still going strong and she was getting pretty buzzed from the three beers she had. As she walked toward the fridge she over heard two people talking while looking at a video on the phone. “No way this is so fake.” One of the two partygoers said. Janet caught a glimpse of said video. It being some girl in a hero get up stopping a car from falling off a cliff. After a while a thought creeped inside Janet’s head, what if Beth’s dream was to be a superhero?

Beth was flying around the city after saving that drunk driver from the cliffs she felt her presence was need in the downtown side of LA as she neared what was a shady part a cry for help signaled Beth to land in an alleyway. A man was assaulting a woman.

“Really you can't keep it in your pants” Beth proclaimed the man with a ski mask and in all black sweatsuit pulled a knife with saying a word he ran at Beth and with great force thrust the knife into her only for him to wine in pain as he broke his wrist trying to penetrate Beth’s steel flesh. Beth looked for the girl and saw with her superior vision that she was being helped by a police officer. Beth then took the ski mask off the man and with super speed tied him up with the mask used as a makeshift rope. Beth was about to hand over the criminal to the officer when she had an urge to return to the library, her library to be exact. She leaped into the air leaving the officer confused as he found the criminal tied up and alone.

Janet wondered if the wish was a good idea? She wished Beth would meet her at the library and that could have been a waste. However when something landed nearby Janet knew it had worked as she saw Supergirl enter the Library and walk right up to Janet. “Beth?” was all Janet could muster to say to her now beautiful powerful roommate from krypton.

“ I um… don’t know who you’re talking about but I assure Beth is fine and her Library isn't open yet so…” Janet retorted with “I never mentioned it was Beth’s library.”

Beth started to get nervous as she didn't know how to explain to Janet that she just turned into Supergirl. However, Janet showed Beth the rock. Instinctively Beth snatched from Janet’s hand. Beth started to put the pieces together.

“So Janet care to explain why I'm the girl of steel?” Janet sighed nervous afraid a tiny bit of the idea of a mad super girl Beth “ Look Beth I wanted to test the rock and see if it worked and it does. I mean you’re actually Supergirl! I guess as long as it’s a full moon you can make any wish you want.”

Beth started to smile a bit devilishly as an idea crept into her head. “I wish the library will be very successful. Beth heard the office phone ring and after picking it in a split second thanks to super speed. came back to Janet real quick “ So I have thirty people ready to work for me and a four million dollar bonus headed my way.” Beth said in an amazed tone that even though she had superpowers now she was still shocked to see the rock worked. “Now Janet I going to ask something really important do you want to be my partner?

“like in Crime-fighting or..?” Beth’s deep kiss answered Janet’s questions after a couple of minutes of making out passed Janet answered “Yes”. So Beth looked at the rock and command “ I wish Janet would turn into Wonder woman. Janet had this sudden urge to spin as she spun she morphed into a perfect copy of the famous amazon. Janet after transforming put her hands on her hips and posed heroically “Well Supergirl don’t we have crime to fight?” Janet asked Beth to which Beth replied “Yes Wonder Woman we do, let's go kick some butt.” As Beth and Janet walked out. they stop for a moment both smiled at one another and after they kissed both leaped into the air ready to save the world.

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