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The Big Fall

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The Big Fall (Alternate version as told in Superboy 143)


One night on the outskirts of Smallville, a shadowy figure walks toward a pyramid that had been flown over from Africa! Local girl Lana Lang is slowly creeping up on it and thinks, “Superboy said that it mustn’t be open, but I am dying to see what is inside. I wish I could read the strange hieroglyphics on the stones.”

She pauses to rest and places her hand on the structure and suddenly, a huge stone door opens. Lana can’t resist going in as a carved face on the wall is beginning to glow, lighting up the room revealing three huge Sarcophagi.

At that moment, Superboy is on his patrol and checks on the Pyramid only to find that Lana is about to be destroyed by the jewel face on the wall. In the nick of time, he darts in front of Lana and absorbs the energy but falls to the floor. Lana sees him fall and asks why he fell as the huge door closes locking them inside.

Superboy replies and says, “Don’t worry Lana, I will break us out.” He gets up and tries to break the door, but all he accomplishes is skinning his knuckles.

“I have lost my super-strength and invulnerability,” he shouts! “We are trapped.”

“But how could this happen”, Lana asks.

“Magic Lana. The hieroglyphics say that this is the mummy of Ra-Mose who was banished from Egypt for practicing evil sorcery. His whole household is entombed here. He created the Guardian Jewel so that tomb raiders could not loot his treasures. I was waiting for an eclipse of the moon so that I could safely enter the tomb.”

“Oh Superboy, it’s all my fault that you lost your powers. If only I could break us out,” Lana said as she made a fist and hit the door and punched a hole right through it.

“Great Scott Lana, you now have my Super Strength!”

“So I have. Let’s go outside where I can fix the door using super pressure. I don’t seem to have heat vision, so can you try and see if yours is still working so that we can repair the door and seal off the pyramid?”

Superboy complies, but accidently lights Lana’s dress on fire. “Lana, your sleeve in on fire,” he shouts.

“Thanks Superboy. I didn’t feel a thing.”

“Do you know what this means? The Jewel somehow transferred my super- strength and invulnerability to you!”

“Well then, I guess I’d better team up with you. After all, you’ll need my powers now.”

If you like, Lana! All you have to do is fly alongside me, Ha, Ha, Ha!

“But I can’t fly”, she shouts to the Boy of Steel as he soars off into the night.


Walking home, Lana starts to think about what she can do with her new powers.

“Humph,” she thinks to herself. “I bet if Pete Ross got these powers Superboy would be more than happy to team up with him! He just doesn’t think that a girl can do anything, even a Super one, well I am going to show him!

Instead of walking, Lana starts running and in no time she is up to 50 miles an hour. “Wow, I am not even trying. I wonder how fast I can go?” She speeds up to 100 MPH, but her dress starts ripping. “Oops, I better slow down or I will end up naked.” She turns down a dirt road and stops. “If I can run fast, I wonder how high I can jump. No time like the present to find out.”

“Here goes nothing,” the new maiden of might thinks to herself. She bends her legs and tries to take an easy jump, but ends up 100 feet in the air and lands on her derriere. “Wow, I jumped 100 feet in the air and I wasn’t even trying that hard. I bet I could jump over the Empire State building if I wanted too. I wonder how strong I really am.”

Lana takes off running and in no time she comes to a railroad siding. She stops and picks up an old rusty rail which she bends 90 degrees without any noticeable effort. “Wow that was so easy. I have to find something else to test my strength.”

She heads out to the abandoned cement plant and notices an old rusty mixing truck. She picks it up and throws it 500 feet in the air and then runs under where it is going to land. She leaps up into the air and smashes it with her fists sending metal debris flying in a half mile radius.

She fell back to the ground but this time she kept her balance and landed on her feet. “That truck felt like a paper plate. I can’t even imagine how strong I really am. Unfortunately, I destroyed my dress so I better get home before somebody sees me.”

Meanwhile, across town Superboy is in his secret lab pondering what to do. “I still have all my other powers, Flying, Super Breath, Super Speed, Hearing, Telescopic, Heat and X-Ray Vision. My uniform can protect me from bullets so I can still carry out my patrols but I will have to be careful when I do them. I don’t want people to know that I have lost my invulnerability and Super Strength. My only chance of getting those powers back is to go inside the Pyramid during the eclipse.”


The following morning Lana gets up and starts thinking about a costume to wear.

“Hmm,” she ponders as she looks through her wardrobe. “I need to make a uniform that is similar to Superboy’s. I think my blue short sleeve blouse along with my red cheerleader skirt would work very well. I could take the red S off of my freshman sweater and sew it on to my blouse and my red winter boots should complete the outfit nicely.”

That evening, Clark went to the bowling tournament. Suddenly, four robbers with guns burst in who demanded that they empty the cash register and give them the valuable trophies. Clark slips away and changes into his Superboy uniform.

“This will not be easy, but I should be able to capture the group using my other superpowers,” he thought to himself.

He flies across the bowling alley where he confronts the thieves. A very confident Superboy hovers in front of the bandits and says, “Gentleman, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.” Two of the bandits fire at Superboy, but the bullets just bounced off his invulnerable uniform. He quickly uses his super breath to send them crashing into the wall across the room. The other two pull their weapons, but the Boy of Steel uses his heat vision to melt their guns. He turns his attention back to the first two crooks and picks up their weapons and puts them in the secret pouch in his cape. Out of frustration, one of the crooks picks up a bowling pin and throws it at Superboy which strikes him in the back of the head. Superboy falls to the ground in a daze as the hood runs over and hits him again which renders him unconscious.

“Don’t kill him,” the head man ordered. “I am sure that the boss would love to do that himself.”

Meanwhile, Lana heard a police siren and decided, “Maybe this is a job for Supergirl!” She followed the squad car to the bowling alley. A man came running out the alley just as the crooks were making their getaway. He went up to the police car and shouted “they got Superboy and he looked unconscious when they loaded him in the car!”

Wasting no time, the Maiden of Might ran by the police car at super speed. In a blink of an eye, she was in front of the getaway car, standing in a power pose with fists on her hips and a scowl on her face. The driver hit the gas and tried to run her over, but the car just folded like an accordion. She raced to the back door and ripped it off freeing the men in the back seat. “If any of you have hurt Superboy you are in deep trouble,” she yelled. Slumped over in the middle seat was the former Boy of Steel moaning with a knot on the back of his head.

“We will take it from here Miss Supergirl,” Chief Parker barked.

“Alright, you take care of the crooks, and I will take care of Superboy,”

the Princess of Power responded. Before the chief could get out another word, Lana had already whisked Superboy away from the scene to safety.

She laid him down carefully in a meadow and asked, “Are you all right, Superboy?”

“Yea, I think so. I have a throbbing headache, some sore ribs and my balance seems a little off.”

“I think I will take you to my house tonight so I can keep an eye on you. My parents are in Africa and my aunt is out of town for two days so you can sleep in my room and I will sleep in hers. I am after all, a candy striper at the hospital. I have stayed in the room with head injury patients before and I know what to look for.”

“There is no way I am doing that,” the former Boy of Steel replied.

“Oh, I think you will,” Lana replied as she tightened her grip on Superboy’s

forearm. “It’s for your own good and if you do ok over night, I will turn you lose in the morning. I am sure that you don’t want me to tie you up to keep you in bed.”

Clark thought long and hard about it. Better than being in the hospital which would be humiliating and in his present state, he was no match for Lana. “OK,” he said.

Lana picked up her helpless passenger and carefully ran about 30 mph taking only dirt roads to avoid anyone seeing them. After twenty minutes, they arrived at her house. She took off his cape and boots and placed them on a chair. “I am sorry to say that I am going to have to wake you up every two hours to see how you are. That is our hospital protocol.” She tucked Superboy in and then kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Clark watched Lana walk out of the room. “God she is pretty,” he thought to himself, “but how in the world did I get in this predicament? What was I thinking when I brought that pyramid over to Smallville? What did I have to gain that was worth this risk? Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Now my only chance is to wait for the eclipse and hope that taking Lana back inside with me will restore my powers.”

The next morning Lana came into her room with a tray of mini pancakes, two scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice. “Time to wake up, sleepy head. How are you feeling?”

Superboy opened his eyes and looked at Lana. “What a cutie” he thought to himself. Hard to believe that she is now the most powerful being on the planet. That is just not right! I have to fix this. We can’t have a girl running around the world trying to be a true Superhero! “I feel a lot better than last night. Still a little sore in the head, but my ribs feel better and I don’t have any more dizziness.”

“Well, you can go any time AFTER you eat your breakfast!”

“Yes nurse Ratchet,” he jokingly replied. “And thanks for taking such good care of me. I am not used to that.”

“You are very welcome Superboy, but please be careful and don’t try to be such a hero and put yourself in danger again. Leave that to the police.”

“Even without all my powers, I am still a hero and I will continue to help people in need as much as I can.

“Typical guy thinking letting your ego override your brain. And that is the difference between boys and girls.”

“No, the difference is that boys are braver than girls and that is why we make much better Superheroes.”

“No, it is your powers that give you your courage. A Supergirl could do just as good if not better than you if she had a chance,” Lana thought to herself.

She watched as the Boy of Steel took off quickly and flew through a low lying cloud deck. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could fly? It must be an incredible rush. Oh well, I guess I can use my powers to help our local farmers bale hay and mend fences. I doubt there will be very much criminal activity around Smallville now that the crime ring has been busted.”


Lana was out walking in her yard on a beautiful evening. She was smiling as she thought about all the farmers who were so grateful for all she had done today. “They didn’t care that I was a girl. They were just happy to have the help. I wish Superboy felt the same way.”

Superboy was flying high over Smallville. He stopped in the air thinking, “It’s about time for the eclipse. I better see where Lana is.” Using his telescopic vision, he quickly found her in her back yard. “As soon as the eclipse is full, I need to get her so that she can help me get back into the pyramid.”

He didn’t have to wait long. “Time to get Lana,” he thought to himself as the eclipse was nearly full. Then suddenly, he began falling. In a panic, he tried to use his Superbreath to slow down but it wasn’t working, nor was his Superhearing, or his Telescopic Vision. “Oh no, I have lost my superpowers and I am going to die! Only one slim chance but I don’t want to do it!” The ground was getting closer. “It’s now or never, he decided. Help Lana help! I lost my powers and I am falling to my death!”

Walking in her yard, she heard his cry and turned to look at where the sound was coming from. Immediately her telescopic vision kicked in and she leaped into the air accelerating as fast as she could towards him. Within seconds, her sweater top was ripped to shreds and her red skirt was destroyed as she broke through the sound barrier. “I have got to save Superboy, but I can’t let him see me stark naked!” She poured on the speed and then started slowing down as she got closer. From a position above and behind him the now fully powered Supergirl changed her trajectory and dove down to get him. She grabbed him from behind and started to level off. Instead of slowing down, she pulled up into a 6G ascent. Lana put Superboy’s cape over his head and arms to shield him from the wind. She prayed that his uniform and boots would protect his legs and feet. She finally stopped at 25 thousand feet! Superboy was out cold from the G loading and the lack of oxygen.

“Wow that was a rush! These powers are unbelievable,” she thought to herself.

“I think I will hang here for a few minutes so that Superboy will stay out for a while. And now let’s see if my suspicions are true.”

Lana focused her x-ray vision on Clark’s room. “Hmm, no Clark. What a surprise, and what is that tunnel under his house that leads to his secret workshop. As I have long suspected, Clark Kent and Superboy are one in the same!”

She was taking it all in and enjoying the moment when Lana realized, “I had better get Clark in bed and then get back to my house before the eclipse is over, or I might fall out of the sky myself!”

The Kents were not home so Supergirl took Clark through the unlocked back door and flew him up to his room. Swiftly, she took off his uniform and put him in his pajamas and tucked him in for the night. Then using her super speed, she put on

Superboy’s uniform along with his boots and cape and flew out of the house back to her place.

Arriving home, she sat down in a backyard chair and waited to see what would happen when the eclipse ended. To her delight, when it was over, she still had all her super powers! “Well, it looks like I need to make some alterations in my current uniform because I am going to have a busy night tonight!”


Clark woke up at 8 am tired and sore. “What happened last night? Was it a nightmare or did I lose my Powers?” He tried hard to use his X-ray Vision to see through the wall, but no dice. Ditto for his Superhearing and Telescopic Vision. “But how did I get home?” he said aloud.

“I brought you,” said a familiar female voice that entered his room carrying a tray with waffles drowning in syrup along with a glass of orange juice, “and I have been looking in on you every two hours.”

Clark turned to look at her and he was shocked at what he saw. Lana was wearing a long sleeve blue top with a red “S” exactly like his uniform which really showcased her breasts. She had red gloves covering her forearms along with

a very short red skirt held up by what looked to be his old belt! A small red cape came down her back stopping at the hemline of her skirt while her feet were covered in 3 inch high heel red boots that almost went to her knees. “Let me guess. You heard my cry for help because all of my powers were transferred to you!”

“That’s right. I was sitting outside in my back yard watching the end of the eclipse when suddenly, I felt fantastic and I heard your cry for help. I turned to where the sound was coming from and I saw with my telescopic vision that you were falling from the sky. I leaped into the air and poured on the speed. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get to you in time. I caught you about 20 feet from the ground and I think the speed that I was going as well as the need to slow you down to keep you from hitting the ground knocked you out.”

“That makes sense, but how in the world could you rescue me?”

“Why, because I am a girl?’

“No because it took me a long time to learn how to fly and get control of my other powers.”

“I have a theory on that,” Lana said. “I think that not only did I get all of your powers transferred to me, but I also got all of your knowledge and skill on how to use them.”

“Lana, take it from me. It takes a long time to learn how to control your powers.

Hopefully, we can figure out how we can transfers my powers back! Is there anything going on at the Pyramid?”

“No there isn’t because I buried it last night where no one will ever find it.”

“Lana that Pyramid is the only hope I have to get my powers back!”

“Yes I know Clark, but it is just too dangerous!”

“But the Earth needs a Superhero like me to defend it.”

“And what makes you think that I can’t be Earth’s Superhero. Is it because I am a girl?”

“Well no, it just that I have way more experience that you”

“Then let me ask you a question Clark. If it is so important that the Earth have a Superhero, why would you risk losing the only one it now has by messing around with magic we don’t understand? It seems to me that the best course of action is to go with the sure thing, and at this point in time, it’s me!

“If you hadn’t messed around with the Pyramid, we would not be in this situation.”

“If you hadn’t brought it over from Africa, this would not have happened!”

“Well I saved your life!”

“Well I saved yours!” Lana fired back. “When are your parents coming back?”

“They should be home for dinner.”

“Good! Maybe they can talk some sense into you. Here is your breakfast. I hope you enjoy it.” And with that, the new Maiden of Might zipped out of his room.

“Lana wait!” he shouted but it was too late. “Now what have I done. I have pissed off the only person in the world that can help me. Can things get any worse?”


Still mad at Clark, Lana decided that she would build a fortress in Antarctica

where she could do research to benefit mankind as well as to understand more about her powers and Clark’s home world.

“Wouldn’t it be sad if there was a cave-in along the tunnel leading to his secret lab which would allow me plenty of time to take all his things to my new Fortress? I would like to know everything I can about Krypton and my new powers.”


Lana was having a wonderful time traveling all over the world doing fabulous Super Deeds. She frequently went to Africa to see her parents who were thrilled that she was now a Supergirl. With the summer ending, she did not want to be away from her Fortress and her Super Duties. So as not to be saddled with school, she made a deal with the principal to test out of her senior year by getting a perfect 1600 score on the SAT’s. His only request was that she come every Friday to keep up her social life with her friends. She was more than happy to do that which allowed her to keep up with all the gossip and continue her cheerleading.


“Oh Lex, that was wonderful, as usual. You are absolutely the best guy in the World!”

“I don’t know about that,” he responded.

“Well I do! And I hope MIT knows just how lucky they are to have you! I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my Fortress. You really are a computer genius!”

“Speaking of that, how is your work with Kryptonian science going?”

“Great thanks to you. I now know 100 times more about the universe that anyone one on earth does.”

“Will your parents be home for Christmas? “

“Yes. Will you be home as well?”

“Yup. Say, I got a letter last week from Clark. His father died. You know that he couldn’t go to Kansas State because of their farm.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Well he wants to see you, but I don’t know why. He says he has something very important to tell you. Given what all has happened to his family I just thought that you might want to visit him when you go home.”

“If it will make you happy, I will!”


“Mom, I am going over to the Kent’s to see Clark.”

“Are you going as Supergirl or as his friend Lana?”

“You know I always like to have my uniform with me.”

“Yes I know, but how about we compromise and you wear this new Christmas

dress that I made for you. You can wear your uniform underneath and your red super boots will go nicely with the blue fabric.”

Reluctantly, Lana did what her mother asked and leisurely flew over near the ground so as not to damage her dress. She landed on the porch and knocked on the Kent’s door. Clark opened the door.

“Lana! It is so good to see you. Come in and sit down. I was hoping that you would come. I have a very special Christmas present for you that I would like for you to open now.”

Being cautious, the Maid of Might peeked at it with her X-Ray Vision.

“Clark was really sweet to do this” she thought. “I need to look surprised when I un-wrap this Plaque.”

“Go ahead, open it!”

“Oh Clark, I can’t believe this. Do you really think that I am the Best Superhero Ever!”

“Yes I do. Lana, I am so sorry that I yelled at you. You were so right about not taking any more risks, but I was mad about losing my powers and I wasn’t thinking clearly. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course I can,” Lana said. She stood up and walked over to Clark and planted a Super Kiss on his lips and then gave him a big hug. “I am so glad that we can be friends again.”

“So am I. Thanks for coming over. Maybe after Christmas you can stop by and see my mom. She is dying to see you.”

“I promise that I will do that,” Lana remarked as Clark was escorting her out the door.

At the same time Clark leaned into the doorbell and a green rock fell from the porch.

“Clark, I feel faint!”

“I’ll bet you do,” he said as he picked up the glowing green rock and stuffed it down her dress between her breasts and pulled her back inside.

“Clark, No! Don’t do this!”

“Why not? You stole my powers which I could have used to save my Dad.

My life has been ruined by you. I will never get to go to college and I will be stuck on this farm until we lose it which won’t be long. If it is any consolation to you,

I am sorry I have to kill you. If there was some other way I could strip your powers from you, I would.”

“Clark please stop this! It hurts so bad. Who will look after Earth if I die?”

“I would love to, but YOU took away my Powers.”

“But I have only used my powers for Good! I stopped a potential nuclear war with the Russian Cuban missile crisis and I saved President Kennedy’s life!

“Big deal. I could have done that too if I had my powers.”

“But what about the rest of the 5 Billion people on this Planet?”

“Who cares. Not my problem.”

“Some Superhero you are,” Lana said as she stood up and took off her dress

revealing her Super Uniform underneath.

“This is real Kryptonite, I know it is,” Clark screamed.

“No one said it wasn’t,” the Maid of Might replied.

“But why doesn’t it affect you,” a terrified Clark yells.

“Because you have a Kryptonian Y chromosome and I DO NOT, which of course makes me way more super that any Kryptonian male. Now I am going to give you a choice. Confess to attempted first degree murder and go to jail for 30 years, or take your punishment right here and now.”

“What will that be?”

“A good hard spanking with forty hits,” Lana replied. “We will see just how tough you really are.”

Clark pondered his options. “If anyone in prison found out that he used to be Superboy he would be a goner in less than a week. I don’t think I could ever survive 30 years so I guess I will have to take the spanking,” he thought to himself.

“Times up,” Supergirl said. “What is it going to be?”

“I will take the spanking.”

“OK then, get on your hands and knees and take your pants and underpants off.”

Reluctantly, Clark did as he was told.

“Now would you like a one, two or a three?”

“What are those?”

“I am so glad you asked. Allow me to demonstrate. 1 is your left buttocks, a 2 is you right buttocks and a 3 is both at the same time. Now what will it be?”

“I will take a 1,” a frightened Clark managed to get out.

“Are you sure you don’t want a 2 or a 3,” as a steel hand came down and hit both cheeks and then the Right one.


“Ok, let’s begin. “One, Two, Three.”

Clark was not used to pain. He hadn’t ever felt it until he lost his powers.

“How can I survive this,” he thought to himself as the pain became worse and worse. After 10 hits, he screamed for Supergirl to stop which she did.

“So, are we ready for prison? Or perhaps let’s see how you do with a number 2.”

Lana was enjoying Clark’s pain immensely as she started the first of 10 strikes to his right buttock. He cried and begged for mercy, but she kept hitting his right buttocks until she got to ten. “Well congratulations, you are half way there. I think this time we will try a three for you.”

He burst out screaming obscenities at her. “Now, now Clark, that is only going to make me hit harder. Try screaming more and less obscenities.” After 27 hits he suffered a cardiac arrest. “I guess he has had enough for today,” Mistress Supergirl concluded.

Lana rolled him over on his back, and gave him a chest thump followed by two deep breaths. She then started chest compressions at 120. Watching his heart with her X-Ray vision, it started after twenty seconds so she continued rescue breathing until he started breathing for himself.

Two hours later, Clark woke up face down on his bed with the worst pain in the ass that he had ever known. He had been a fool to take on Supergirl, and he vowed to himself to never so much as think a single bad thought about Lana, because he had finally learned the hard way that Girls can be better Superheroes than Boys!

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