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Superman II – Alternate Ending

Written by HikerAngel :: [Wednesday, 18 November 2020 03:20] Last updated by :: [Friday, 20 November 2020 20:18]

Superman II - Alternate Ending

Story Concept by Legfan71

Written by HikerAngel

This story takes place immediately after the three villainous Kryptonians have been vanquished in the 1980 film Superman II. Consider this an alternate ending to that story as conceived by Legfan71… :)

“I knew you'd double-cross me, Luthor. A lying weasel like you couldn't resist the chance.” Superman spat the words at Lex Luthor, his voice tinged with bitterness toward the man who had been willing to sell out the rest of humanity for a modicum of power.

Lois gazed down the crevasse where Ursa had fallen to her doom, rubbing warmth into her arms, chilled as much by the far-too-close-for-comfort encounter with the trio of Kryptonian supervillains as by the frigid temperatures in Superman’s arctic fortress.

As the two men bickered, Lois walked over to the control station where Luthor had, minutes before, unwittingly changed the configuration of crystals to extract powers from the enemy Kryptonians. She withdrew the crystal, turning it over in her fingers as she turned her gaze to Superman. Not long ago, he had given up his powers for the opportunity to have a normal life with her. But in doing so, he had nearly allowed the world to fall into the hands of an evil alien triumvirate.

She would never ask Clark to give up his powers again. She couldn’t. Not after what they had just been through. The potential consequences were simply too great.

But what if he didn’t have to give up his powers for them to be compatible as a couple? What if she could rise to his level rather than the other way around?

Lois smiled as an idea began to form in her mind.

Superman had stripped himself of his powers, then gotten them back. And he’d just stripped Ursa, Zod, and Non of their powers. Lois reasoned that the powers of the last Kryptonian drained may still be trapped in the machine. Could she access them?

She slipped the crystal back into its original position – where it had been prior to Luthor’s thwarted attempt at betrayal. That should bring it back to the setting Superman had last used to restore his own powers. If the powers of one of the evil Kryptonians were still in there, this setting should be able to give them to her. If this worked, she could become a Superwoman worthy of Superman. She could be with Clark as an equal without asking him to give up anything!

As Clark approached Luthor, resolving to take him back to the prison he’d escaped, Lois hustled in the other direction, slipping silently into the crystalline pod. She knew that Clark would probably stop her if she told him her idea, not wanting to risk any potential harm from a device never intended for human use.

But Lois’ impetuous nature, as always, threw caution to the wind. If this was the only way that she could be sure Clark wouldn’t be tempted to throw away his gifts once again, then she needed to chance it. She couldn’t allow earth to be deprived of its most powerful champion again. Particularly not because of her.

Once inside the chamber, Lois felt around until her fingers brushed against the button that slid the door closed.

Super-hearing picking up the sound of the door to the pod sliding shut, Superman turned from Luthor to stare at Lois in confusion.

A soft glow beginning to radiate from the interior of the tiny room, Lois felt strange warmth prickle her skin. It continued to grow stronger until she could feel waves of energy rippling into her body. Somehow, she knew intrinsically that the energy was female in nature, coming from Ursa.

Lois’ body began to change as Ursa’s essence became part of her. The sexy brunette’s strength expanded her rapidly firming muscles. The stored feminine energy added inches to Lois’ breasts, doubling their size. Lois’ waist slimmed even as her abs grew taut and increasingly defined. Her athletic hips added inches of smooth, rounded muscle that flowed down her lengthening legs. Her arms hardened with Kryptonian might as her shoulders, biceps, and triceps eagerly lapped up Ursa’s stolen strength.

From his position next to Luthor, Clark gaped at Lois’ face through the clear surface of the sparking chamber. He was stunned as he watched her change, transitioning rapidly from pretty... to beautiful… to breathtaking… to absolutely spellbinding. He gasped as her brows thinned and cheekbones rose. Lois’ brown eyes grew larger and more expressive, the color of her irises transforming to an iridescent blue. Her features grew more refined and delicate as they combined the most attractive elements of Ursa’s face with her own.

“What is she…?” Clark breathed, when the realization of what she had done struck him.

Superman startled as he heard a wry chuckle from behind him.

“Clever girl,” came Luthor’s voice. “I wish I had thought of that…”

The two men continued to watch, entranced, as Lois’ body continued its ascension.

Lois felt the nipples on her enlarged breasts harden as the continuing influx of power began to arouse her sexually. Her tongue slipped from between increasingly plump lips, sweeping along their soft, slowly inflating surface as if tasting their growing attractiveness. She moaned softly with the building pleasure coursing through her increasingly luscious body.

Rubbing her sleek thighs together under her skirt, she felt them growing, bringing her ever closer to six feet in height. Her red blouse, straining to contain her burgeoning bust, pulled apart, its buttons beginning to pop off one by one, each one rattling against the interior of her crystalline prison as they ricocheted to the ground. Her top now hanging open, Lois’ hands rose to cup her swelling breasts. The electric touch of her slender fingers against her most sensitive flesh sent shudders through her gorgeous, still-improving body. Lois’ lengthening eyelashes fluttered shut, and she moaned again, more loudly this time.

Mind racing as he attempted to come to terms with what Lois had done, Clark leapt from his position, landing gracefully beside the crystal case surrounding her. “Lois! Come out of there! I’m not sure what will happen to a regular human that absorbs the powers of a Kryptonian!”

Lois scarcely heard him over the thudding of her racing heart as it rang in her ears. Soon, however, the changes in her body began to slow.

She opened her eyes and looked down, examining the changes that the Kryptonian device had wrought in her body. Her eyes widened as she took in the view. Her long, slender legs; flat, firm stomach; and full, perfect breasts gave her a body far better than that of any supermodel. She reached up to fun her fingers over her regal cheekbones and pillowy lips, stomach twisting with the dawning realization that she must now be the most beautiful woman alive.

She turned to look at a dozen images of Clark’s concerned face through the kaleidoscopic crystal that surrounded her. She opened her mouth to speak, intending to explain her actions to him, however before she could, the chamber began to glow once more. She felt another, stronger surge of power into her body.

“Oh, God!” she breathed, stiffening as she felt Zod’s power, laced with charisma and confidence, begin to fill her. The white, striped sleeves of her suit jacket tightened against the growing muscles in her arms as the strength of a second Kryptonian filled them. They expanded in an effort to contain strength beyond even Superman’s level.


Tears emerged in the overtaxed fabric as ridged triceps emerged from the growing gaps in the cloth. Lois’ hands grasped at her hips as she felt the seams of her skirt pull apart, leaving a long, vertical expanse of sexy thigh bare. The depths of her core brimming with power, Lois widened her stance, perhaps influenced by Zod’s typical power pose. The outward movement of her legs tore apart what remained of her skirt, and it dropped to the floor, landing with a soft *whoomp* on the ice beneath her.

Superman looked stunned as he watched the woman he loved gain the staggering power of a second Krptonian. The sound of her skirt tearing away brought his widening eyes to Lois’ legs as they grew still longer, bringing her eyes level with his own. But their length was the least of their changes. Sinuous tendrils of steely, sexy Kryptonian muscle wound around her thighs all the way to her knees, creating deep trenches of definition as they tensed with her every movement. Ripples in her hardening flesh pulsed in time with Lois’ sonorous groans of intensifying arousal.

Lois’ calves quivered as they bulged into smooth balls of steely sinew, hovering above her scarlet heels as the points her shoes dug into the ice, drilled downward by the ongoing vertical expansion of her increasingly magnificent form. The cheeks of her heart-shaped ass swelled into dramatic spheres of mind-boggling perfection. Glimpses of her waist inside her tattered blouse revealed that it was slimming even further as it twisted into twin columns of deeply carved muscle.

Another ripping sound echoed through the chamber as Lois’ massive biceps shredded what remained of her sleeves. Her arms were beyond incredible. Larger than Superman’s now and growing rapidly, their ultra-defined swells and valleys looked impossibly strong, as if they had been carved from steel.

Still issuing moans that continued to escalate in volume and urgency, Lois’ neck thickened, tightening against the collar of her blouse. She reached up a slender finger and tugged it loose, tearing away the last of her blouse’s clinging buttons in the process. Her mangled jacket and red silk shirt slid over the smooth, deliciously rounded muscles of her rippling back as ridges of muscle continued to rise along the vast expanse of tanned, flawless flesh.

Panting heavily, more aroused than she’d ever been in her life, Lois rested one hand on the interior of the pod to steady herself, the tight muscles of her powerful physique beginning to relax after a second infusion of earth-shaking power.

Superman pounded on the surface of her transparent enclosure. “Lois! That’s enough!” His voice cracked. “Please come out of there now! Please!!”

Lois turned to look at him uncomprehendingly, still overwhelmed by the sensations that continued to course through her magnificent body. Before she could focus on his words, however, both of Lois’ hands shot out, pressing against the glassy surface of her again-glowing cage as a third wave of power began to penetrate her already beyond-perfect body.

Her muscles tensed, clenching tightly under the overwhelming onslaught of Non’s impossible strength. Lois’ biceps surged anew, fueled by the strongest Kryptonian of the three. Lois’ arms, legs, chest, back, and stomach absolutely erupted with strength as they gulped from the massive man’s vast pool of unspeakable power.

Lois’ breath came in ragged gasps as she became not simply stronger, but far stronger than any being that had ever existed.

Cables of thickly corded muscle erupted with inconceivable might from her already supremely powerful physique, destroying her tattered bra and thinning, threadbare panties. Ridges, swells, and staggeringly deep trenches of striation exploded all over her staggeringly sculpted body. Every fiber of her muscles seemed to be visible as they strained to contain impossible levels of power.

Deep ravines ran the channels between her overdeveloped abs as they rippled and surged with feminine might, a low rumble of imminent release trembling Lois’ clenching core. Her muscular quads exploded outward as tsunamis of power crashed into them, their smooth surface now shining with perspiration.

Lush, silken tresses fell over Lois’ breathtaking face as her panting, moaning lips opened wide, preparing to scream. Her overdeveloped, hyperfeminine body tensed, muscle exploding from every part of her sumptuously sculpted form as she quivered before the coming climax.

Her scream was deafening when she finally issued it, her hips bucking, impossibly powerful body spasming in earth-shaking ecstasy. Lois’ toes curled inward, her shoes shattering beneath her crunching feet. As every muscle in her body swelled in one last surge of development, the crystal case that surrounded her exploded outward, raining shards of Kryptonian glass over Superman as he raised an arm instinctively to shield his face.

“Good God!” came an awed voice from across the room as Luthor’s weakened knees gave out, sending his desire-addled body to the ice.

Superman managed to remain standing – barely – as his desire-weakened knees trembled but held. Lois’ body continued to spasm, rocked by a series of mindblowing orgasms, its aura of immense power holding Clark back as Lois’ body continued its much-needed release.

Finally, as the intensity of her massive orgasm faded, Lois rose to her full seven-foot-plus height. Her massive shoulders dropped slightly as her magnificent body began to relax. She looked down on Superman as his gaze rose to meet her radiant eyes.

“I think I might have overdone it a little,” Lois winked, still breathing heavily, the mischievous spark in her eye that Clark so loved, making its first post-ascension appearance.

“You think?” Superman said, a hesitant smile beginning to tug at his lips. His voice was husky as he eyed Lois’ voluptuous but insanely ripped physique. “What did you do Lois! You look like you’re even stronger than me!”

“You think so?” said Lois, flexing her mammoth biceps, flickers of delight dancing in her azure eyes. She took a step toward Clark, the movement causing the ridiculously defined muscles of her endless legs to pop into carved relief. “I was shooting for matching your strength with the power of the last of the three Kryptonians to be de-powered, but I think I somehow ended up with all three!”

Then she thought about Clark’s last comment, shooting the Man of Steel a dangerous smile, her usual spunk coming through. “So you think I might be even stronger than you? I think so too. Want to find out?”

Superman swallowed hard, then nodded his head in agreement.

“But, um,” his voice came out raspy. “Should we maybe get you some clothes first?”

Lois smiled, nodding, then looked down. Eyes focusing somewhere deep within the ice below, she fired a brief burst of energy from her eyes then gave a puff of her superpowered lungs. Seconds later, a sheet of shiny black fabric from the front of Ursa’s costume wafted upward, carried on the rebounding updraft of Lois’ strategically aimed breath. She fired several more blasts of heat vision into the material, slicing it neatly into a triangular two-piece bikini as it rose before her. She snatched it from the air and tied it around her luscious breasts and magnificently toned glutes and hips in a flash of motion.

“There,” she said with a grin. “That should do for now.”

Clearing his throat, Clark managed, after a long moment, to tear his eyes from her delicious, barely covered cleavage to her penetrating eyes. “Okay. Follow me.”

He shot into the sky, rotated above his fortress of ice, then put on a burst of speed to rocket toward the mountains in the distance. Looking backward, wind whipping his hair, he saw Lois rapidly gaining on him. Looking forward once again, pushing his fist before him, he pushed his speed to its absolute limit. As he looked back again, Lois was right behind him, closing the short remaining distance rapidly. Her massive body was approaching so quickly, it felt as if he were standing still.

Blasting past him, she nearly disappeared in the distance before her sleek, powerful legs curled inward. Curled into a ball, she spun in the air, then extended her massive body once again to accelerate back toward him. As she neared him, she slowed, a smile forming on her perfect lips. “A little slow, aren’t you, Clark?”

Clark watched the graceful movements of her shiver-inducing body in awe. She looked like a lioness in action, her every action a dizzying combination of power and grace. He couldn’t help but return her teasing smile, despite the strange mixture of fear and attraction that churned in his twisting stomach.

The two of them landed in the snow, a massive slab of granite and ice rising a thousand feet from the ground at their feet.

“Okay, speedy, let’s see if you can do this…” Superman said, drawing back a heavily-muscled arm, then launching it toward the stone face. As his powerful blow connected with it, the stone cracked, a web of fractures spread from his knuckles over the entire expanse of the miles-wide cliff as a cacophony of pops and snaps echoed across the icy plane.

As she contemplated a way to truly impress the Man of Steel with her newfound strength, Lois curled her slender fingers into a fist and smashed it into her opposing palm. The resulting shockwave sent Superman staggering backward to land on his firm, blue-and-red-clad butt.

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said, not seeming to notice the fact that she had put the world’s most powerful man on the ground without even trying. Instead, she looked upward into the dark evening sky.

Clark rose hurriedly to his feet before she noticed how easily she had knocked him over. Lois gave him another wink, then launched herself into the sky, the push from her powerful legs shattering the ice beneath her, leaving a spray of shattered ice in her wake. Clark’s jaw dropped as he zoomed in with his x-ray vision to watch the love of his life arrive at the moon in seconds. Setting his jaw, he followed her at his best possible speed, though it took him nearly a full minute to arrive.

Lois bit her full lower lip gleefully as he arrived, uncertain of the true extent of her abilities, but determined to show off her superior power. She wanted Clark to know with certainty that he no longer needed to worry about her well being. That she was easily his equal or better in power, just as she was in her job at the Daily Planet.

“My turn,” she said, the excitement in her eyes obvious. Superman wondered why she had come here, what she was about to do. But it didn’t take long to find out.

Turning toward the moon’s surface, she twisted her overdeveloped abs, drawing back an arm that was easily twice the size of Superman’s. Her fist lanced forward faster than Superman’s eyes could follow, smashing into the white, dust-covered rock with galaxy-rattling force. The planet-sized sphere shuddered as a deep fissure exploded outward from her hand, tearing through the center of the moon at several times the speed of sound.

Seconds later, the massive rock broke completely apart, untold square miles of rock ripped violently apart by the mind-boggling impact of Lois’ impossibly powerful punch. Peering into the depths of space made visible by the two halves of the moon splitting apart, Lois laughed in delight.

Superman gaped, his stomach sinking at the most phenomenal display of power he’d ever witnessed. There was no question. Lois was more powerful than he was. Far more powerful. She really had gained the strength of three Kryptonians.

“Lois?” Clark spoke in an awed whisper, gazing into his love’s hypnotic blue eyes. “That was completely amazing!”

He stopped, uncertain whether he should say anything more. Lois picked up on his reticence, however.

“What is it, Clark?” she asked, still smiling.

Clark decided to tell her his concern. “Do you think that cracking the moon in two will have any negative impacts on earth?”

Lois considered for a moment, then shrugged. “Hmmm… maybe you’re right…”

She flew to one half of the broken moon as it drifted from the other, gripping it tightly with the slender fingers of her right hand. Once it was secured, she turned her attention to the other half. As she pulled the mammoth rock behind her, she fired blasts of heat vision in rapid succession, targeting large iron deposits along the fractured edge. The iron melted instantly under the searing energy beams from her eyes, turning crimson as it began to bubble.

Lois turned her glowing eyes to the other relatively flat surface, that of the half she held, doing the same to this half. Both halves of the moon now criss-crossed with glowing red rivers of molten iron, she extended her left arm, grabbing the second half of the broken moon. The steel-hard muscles in her chest and arms tensing, she swung the two halves together before her, the superheated liquid metal fusing as the two hemispheres slammed together with a chest-vibrating thud.

Lois squeezed even tighter, feeling the rapidly cooling iron begin to harden. The cooling metal sealed the two halves of the planetary body together like glue. After a moment, Lois released her grip on the two sides, smiling at her successful reunification of the two halves of the white, cratered sphere before turning to Superman.

Clark felt his heart flutter with desire. Lois had him completely outclassed – but it only made him want her even more. He’d never had a super-lover, and the thought excited him more than he’d ever imagined.

Lois cocked her head to the side, seeming to pick up on Clark’s lascivious thoughts. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Her nipples began to tent the glimmering fabric of her makeshift bikini as her flirtatious glance turned smoldering. Before Clark could blink, she gathered mounds of silty moon-dust into a large, pillowy pile, then took Clark’s hand and flung him into its center. The Man of Steel blinked as he felt the incredible strength in her muscular arm for the first time, landing on his back in the makeshift bed. Lois floated toward him, the sun cresting the blue and white planet on the horizon to illuminate her sexy, insanely muscular profile from behind.

As Lois reached him, her huge, sculpted arms slithered under his back, pulling his mouth toward hers. She kissed him hungrily, delighting in the insane power of her new body as she pressed her perfect, unyielding breasts into Superman’s well-developed chest.

Clark’s hands wrapped around his über-powerful lover, his fingers gliding over the smooth, sinuous coils of muscle that flowed the length of her back as he explored her soft lips with his own.

Hands dropping to cup the swells of her luscious ass, he shivered with desire. Her body felt like warm, living marble under his touch. He pressed inward with his fingers, but Lois’ hard muscle didn’t dent in the slightest, proving completely impervious to even Superman’s strength.

Lois broke their kiss, pushing her upper body upward with swelling triceps as she undulated her hips, rolling her entrance over Superman’s engorged, quivering cock. She paused just as his tip brushed against her folds.

Superman, body tense with anticipation, gasped at the sensation. He pulled his hands from the sleek slopes of her ass, drifting his fingertips languidly along the deeply carved trenches of her powerful, trembling thighs, before raising them to the shredded ridges of her clenching abs.

The Man of Steel moaned with desire for his lover’s impossibly developed, hyperfeminine body. The mere thought of his superhuman partner’s incomprehensible power pumped surges of adrenaline into his feverishly excited heart.

Lois smiled, beyond aroused by the dawning realization that she could do anything she wanted to the most powerful man on the planet under her. She dove down for another kiss, simultaneously plunging her hips onto Superman’s steely shaft. Her tongue entered his mouth as his huge, throbbing member entered her canal, sending waves of unthinkable rapture through both of their superhuman bodies.

The dual-voiced scream that erupted in unison with the super lovers’ climaxes sent a blissful, rippling shockwave roaring through the solar system.

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