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RPG Girl, Chapter 1

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RPG Girl, Chapter 1

The name I gave her was Kitty. She was my character in the massively online role playing game that I'd been playing for the last six years. I was very careful with Kitty, managing to never kill her off even once. That meant I had to also be patient. You don't gain a lot of points without a lot of risk, and I needed to minimize the risk.

But patience had its reward. After six years of ardent play I finally managed to raise Kitty up through the ranks to level 99 - as far as she could go without being the game master herself. Along the way, I managed to endow her with quite an array of skills and powers, some with astounding levels of their own. I favored her with extreme levels of strength, agility, invulnerability and beauty. I also fed her psychic powers, mostly telekinesis. And finally, she benefited from pretty high point values in a smattering of other areas such as flight (she could float), vision (x-ray and heat), and resistance to magical attacks. One thing I did not spend much capital on was intelligence. I figured since I was driving the boat, I could be smart enough for the both of us. Whenever intelligence points came her way, I would trade them in for one of the other assets. As a result, Kitty was well, not exactly a bimbo, but also not the sharpest tool in the shed. Other players and non-player characters might shake in their boots when they encountered her, but proactiveness was not something she was known for. A kingdom builder she would never be.

In fact, Kitty could be a bit impetuous. She might decide she wanted something and go after it (and pretty much always get it), but she didn't tend to consider the consequences. Nor any particular strategy other than brute force. For example, there was once a scepter whose magical power was used by its wielder to keep a number of fire-breathing monsters at bay. It enabled him to protect his thriving city for quite a while, and his grateful subjects even named him king. But Kitty floated in one day, crashing through the roof of the great hall to see how the people in this fabled town lived. As the king and his subjects were dumbstruck by her ungodly beauty, she herself was transfixed by the shiny golden scepter. She knew she had to have it for her own, so she simply took it. Then, since the magical object was no longer in the possession of the king, its power structure collapsed and the monsters came roaring in. They devoured all the people and laid waste to the kingdom in short order, but were of course unable to as much as get a claw or a fang through Kitty's defenses. Nudging a 100-ton block of concrete out of the way, she calmly walked out of the melee with her shiny new toy in hand.

Speaking of toys, Kitty also liked to play games. Her playmates weren’t always so enthusiastic, not that that bothered her. And with her surpassing beauty, the games often had sexual overtones. And why not? Nobody could stop her from doing whatever she wanted.

Once at a bazaar, she was admiring her stunning figure in a dress maker’s mirror. Feeling sexy, she decided to play, “who has the biggest breasts?” She didn’t ask anyone whether they wanted to play – they almost always said no. Instead, she went to the crowded food market and picked out all the women. Using her telekinetic power she lifted them all into the air and lined them up in a semicircle facing her. Then she telekinetically ripped the top off of one woman after another, baring the chests of 65 women in full view of the crowd. It didn’t really occur to her that the women might not like that. She never minded exposing her own tits. Anyway, she removed her own garment as well and proceeded to float up next to each bare-chested woman and compared her prodigious breasts to theirs. The prize for winning would be that the loser had to kiss the winner. Never mind that you could never really tell who was kissing whom since Kitty controlled these women's every muscle with iron-clad precision. And of course, as a self-appointed judge, she won every contest anyway. So she kissed each of 65 women, discarding them one after another into somebody’s convenient wagon that she had hauled into the square from three blocks away. When she was done she forced the audience to applaud riotously as she took a triumphant bow from ten feet in the air. Who had the biggest breasts? Well, she did, of course.

These were her public games. But in private she often took her exploits much further, and her partners were often, well, willing against their will, so to speak. She has a thing for well-muscled, well-endowed men, and this being a role-playing game in which participants could mold their characters to their fantasies, such men were plentiful.

She attended a football match once (American football), to root for her favorite team, the Black Widows. The Widows always won when Kitty was in attendance, as the opposition tended to crash into invisible barriers, or go flying fifty feet into the air when they were gaining on a Widow running toward the end zone. This particular time though, Kitty was smitten by the opposing quarterback. She had zoomed in and peeked at his private parts using her X-ray vision, and now she was checking out his pecs and arms. The man was a monster, she saw, and decided she would have him. She didn’t want to mess up the game though, so she tried to be patient. But to someone like Kitty, patience was difficult, and generally unnecessary, so she wasn’t very good at it. After one and a half minutes of agony, during which time she could think of nothing else but the man’s dick, she couldn’t take it any longer. Anyway, she told herself, it was almost halftime and the Widows were ahead 191 to nothing, so there wasn’t much suspense left in the game, right?

Kitty telekinetically lifted the quarterback from his huddle and brought him to her 50-yard-line seat (she always had that seat, as any patron who had actually bought a ticket would offer it up to her, willingly or not, as soon as she asked). She threw him kicking and screaming over her shoulder and made her way to the men’s locker room. There she crushed his helmet with one hand and removed it from his head. Nice beard, she thought. Then she ripped his shirt off by tearing it straight down the middle. Ooh, those pecs and arms were huge. This man must be one of the strongest in the realm, she thought while running her fingers around his chest.

But he didn’t seem to want to be there. She could tell because every time she took her hands off of him he would try to run away. She was getting tired of running past him (at 450 miles per hour) to block his way, but she knew how to change his mind. Kitty lifted her tank top over her head and exposed her massive F-cup tits, and wobbled them in front of him. That convinced the burly man right away. He leaned toward her, but she held the big man at bay with one finger. “Not ready yet,” she said. These were her first words to the man and you could see him become visibly weak in the knees as he heard her drippingly sexy voice.

Kitty smiled, which would have made him cum right then if she hadn’t already taken telekinetic control of his loins. She removed the rest of her clothes then, exposing her goddess-like body - long, toned legs, narrow waist, firm bubble butt, flat stomach with a visible 6-pack, and gargantuan breasts which stood high and proud on a frame which looked like it was designed for much smaller mounds, long straight brunette hair that curved inward at her waist, and dark brown eyes that always seemed to be startled by your attention.

The quarterback was of course transfixed. No longer in control of his reactions, he reached for his dick, but found it blocked by his pants and groin cup. “Oh, that,” thought Kitty. She reached down with one hand and wrapped her fingers around the cup. She easily crushed it and then tore the pieces right out of the man’s pants, leaving a gaping hole where his gigantic (fantasy-enhanced) cock could finally free itself from painful captivity.

Nice, she thought. She floated the man up and toward her, then wrapped her arms around his waist and her sensuous lips around his dick, and proceeded to taste his iron-hard member in her warm and welcoming mouth. Yes, his dick was way too thick and long for any normal woman to accommodate, but this being a fantasy game, such anatomical constructions were commonplace, and I had long ago endowed Kitty with an unlimited magical capacity to service them.

Where was I in all this? Kitty was my character, and I controlled her every movement. Her emotions were the emotions I wanted her to have; her desires were those I wanted her to have. I’m not a woman but I like to imagine, and play out, how my ideal woman would feel and act. It’s simple, really: I’m on both sides of every interaction. I control who she is, and I get to enjoy who she is. Yup, about as self-indulgent as you can get.

And that’s ok, because this is just a game. No real people get hurt by her careless violence. No real property gets damaged by her careless destruction. But truth be told, I spend a lot of time outside of the game imagining what Kitty would do in real-life situations. And it really excites me.

In real life, I wouldn't get to control her so precisely. However, I have gotten to know her so intimately over six years that I'd pretty much know what she'd do in any particular situation. At least I think I would.

Something unusual happened the other day. Kitty had accepted a quest that required her to battle an army of orcs and ogres in order to rescue a princess who was imprisoned high in a concrete tower. As often happens in epic battle scenes, the rain was coming down hard from roiling black clouds that blocked out most of the light. The lightning and thunder seemed more violent than usual. A lightning bolt actually hit her, followed by another, and another, making her light up against the dark scene.

Was the game master trying to kill her off, I wondered? I smiled inwardly knowing that I had recently given Kitty the ability to absorb energy from her attackers. These bolts would likely end up making her stronger rather than weaker. Kitty stopped her forward progress for a moment to touch her pussy and massage her generous breasts. That wasn’t so unusual - she often found it erotic to use her powers. But the fact that she was glowing blue when she did was strange. Then a bright blue spark split the air across her nipples and I was officially intrigued.

After a few moments, the strange blue luminescence waned, and Kitty turned and continued wading her way through the army, not a single blow or projectile having any effect on her. And a few moments after that she looked up at the distant tower and decided that she could win this quest easily by bringing the tower to her instead of the other way around. She could telekinetically rip the whole massive stone structure out of the ground and transport it to where she was standing. She could even crumble it’s base in the process, bringing the princess’ chamber down to ground level.

A plan, I thought? That was definitely weird. I was always the one to provide the plan if we even had one at all. This was definitely a first.

And then it really happened. She turned and looked at me for approval.

She looked at me! It was the first time that she had ever shown any awareness that I was present in her life, that I, her master, was separate from her, my character. In fact, I’d never heard of that happening to anyone before. How was it even possible?

And she wanted my approval? Not only did she notice me, but she cared about me!

I suddenly felt incredibly protective of her, as if she were my fragile girlfriend.

Fragile??? No, I don’t think so. In her world, she was the strongest, most indestructible character there ever was. But still, she was asking my approval, trusting me to know what’s best.

I found this turn of events very erotic. Kitty and I had the closest and most direct connection possible, but this was different. This was a voluntary relationship. She was asking me to take care of her!

Responsibility hit me hard. I knew Kitty’s strengths (which were manifold) and weaknesses (that she really only wanted to have fun). I could see what the challenges were, and I could see her goal. I quickly determined that her plan was a good one. Looking into her beautiful dark eyes, I nodded slightly. Kitty turned back toward the tower and raised her arm, palm turned inward as if she were holding a glass. I watched the massive structure shake a little and then rise in one unit high into the air as she rose her arm. There was a huge rock, almost as large as the tower itself, attached to its base, but as I watched, it fissured, split, and crashed to the ground in two pieces, flattening an ogre and 8 or 10 orcs.

I turned my attention back to Kitty, and as I did so she twisted her pretty head to look right at me again. This time there was a warm smile on her lips which melted my heart. God, she was gorgeous. I smiled back, and her face brightened further. Then with a sly cock of her head, she placed her free hand on her naked breast and began kneading it, and without taking her eyes off me she gradually closed her other hand into a fist.

There was a rumbling sound, quiet at first but then rising quickly as fractures appeared all around the tower base, crescendoing to a giant thunderclap and a huge rock slide as the concrete broke into thousands of small rocks and rained down on the confused and scattering army, the solid concrete unable to withstand the gargantuan forces generated by the simple closing of Kitty’s delicate fist. Ignoring the army’s disarray, Kitty brought the tower’s upper portion, still intact, to the ground in front of her. Then she floated up to the lone window, ripped its iron bars out with a single mighty pull, and floated inside.

The sound of an electronic chime rang out suddenly, completely incongruous to the mesmerizing scene before me. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn’t part of the scene at all. It was my cell phone alarm. And it was telling me I had only 15 minutes to get to class.

I reluctantly put the game on pause, knowing of course that I would be back to it the moment I returned to my dorm room. This wasn’t just a normal quest. This was very strange and remarkable, not to mention erotic. My character was starting to take on her own persona, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Gradually withdrawing into the real world I remembered that I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast. Well, that would have to wait as well. With a rumbling stomach I picked up my backpack and exited my dorm room into the shared lounge.

“Running late again?” My best friend Harley was looking up from his textbook, a grin on his face. Did you oversleep, or was it your game again?

“The game,” I responded to Harley’s knowing nod. “But something really weird is happening. I’ll tell you about it when I get back. Maybe you can help me figure out what's going on.”

With that, I hurried out the door – and almost ran over Stacy, coming the other way. Stacy was short and pretty, with bobbed blond hair and a pure face that I had always found attractive. Her ready smile and flirty disposition didn’t hurt either. If I were ever bold enough to ask a girl out, it would be her.

“Oh! Sorry Stacy, I’m running late!” I raced on by, unable to quickly reconcile the attraction I felt for Stacy with the strong turn-on that still lingered from my recent immersion with Kitty.

It was almost two hours before I got back to the dorm. Harley wasn’t there anymore, but Stacy was there in the lounge cooking up some top ramen in the microwave. She looked up and smiled as I entered and I knew I’d have to stop and talk to her. Kitty would have to wait.

“Hi Jerry”! She was always so cheery. “Having trouble getting to class on time these days, eh?”

She was right, the game was absorbing more and more of my time. And right now I couldn’t get Kitty off my mind.

I nodded. “Yeah, I really haven’t been sleeping well lately.” For some reason, I didn’t want her to know about my game. I told myself it was because it would be too difficult to explain, but deep down I knew it was really that I didn’t want her to know about Kitty. That I was in love with a figment of my imagination.

“Oh, so that’s it,” and for an instant, I thought she was referring to Kitty. “You know, honey, I could help you with that…” she sang, staring pointedly at my crotch.

I smiled then, knowing she had slipped into her wink-wink style of relating to guys.

“I bet you could!” I think she really was giving me a signal, But I still could only see Kitty in my bed.

I didn’t want to be rude to her, but my game awaited and… fortunately, the microwave chose that moment to beep. Stacy’s ramen was ready. “Listen, I got a test tomorrow I have to study for.” I turned and headed for my room while her attention was still distracted by the beeping.

I stood there with my back to the closed door, contemplating my computer. It was an older tower model, but I had spruced it up with a gaming CPU, tons of memory and a large, curved screen. Yes, I lived for the games. My schoolwork and social networking? That’s what the laptop in my bag was for.

The large screen begged me to come over and wake it up. I remembered pausing the game before leaving for class, and the machine goes to sleep automatically when the computer isn't used for ten minutes. I usually only have to wiggle the mouse a bit before the screen lights up, but for some reason nothing was happening. Did we lose power, I wondered, peering down at the unlit on/off light on the tower. I immediately thumbed the power button and waited for it to come alive.

"You won't get that to work anymore, Jerry." The melodious female voice came from behind me and I whirled around to see her - my creation - lying on my twin bed.

Actually, lying OVER my twin bed.

She was floating about a foot above the covers.

"Holy FUCK," I said under my breath.

“Ooh yes, I would like that!”

My mind struggled to grasp what was happening. I was in that surreal space between two worlds, where things that could only exist in one seemed to be there in the other. This kind of thing could happen in dreams, I realized, so I looked around for something that could ascertain whether this was in fact a dream.

But nothing seemed out of place. Everything from the real world was here, and nothing from the game world was here – except Kitty. And she was floating, which meant she had apparently brought her powers with her.

“Fuck,” I repeated. But this time my tone of voice was more contemplative. I was just beginning to consider the possibilities.

“Why are you here? How are you here?”

“I liked the ‘fuck’ better.” Kitty floated off the bed to stand before me. She was still wearing the leather tunic she had donned for the epic battle, over her T-shirt and tight shorts that she intended to celebrate in afterward. The clothes were all pretty tattered though from the lightning, full of holes and tears and burn marks.

She caught me looking at the large section of her breast that was peeking out from one such tear. “Oh yes,” she smiled, “the lightning is part of the how. They tried to kill me. Then there’s the part about winning my last quest, and the part about me already being at the top of the scale, with nowhere to go but out here.”

She moved closer to me as she spoke, her voice fading to a soft whisper near my ear. She took my hand and laid it flat on that bare spot.

“And then there was the jealous game master who tried to shut down the game rather than let me beat her. But she wasn’t as smart as me, at least not since I absorbed the lightning energy and quadrupled all my point values. “

“And I …” she began to nibble my earlobe, “have…” she gently sucked my earlobe into her mouth, “you…” she turned my face toward hers, “to thank…” she kissed me gently on the lips, “for that…” and then she kissed me hungrily, standing on tip-toes, her hands on both of my cheeks.

I really didn’t know what else to do, so I just went along for the ride. It was pretty intense, that first kiss, and it included no small measure of her large breasts squeezed against my chest.

I don’t know how far this would have gone. Certainly, Kitty was no stranger to sex, though sex mixed with love would have been somewhat new to her. For my part, yeah, I was a little nervous, never having gotten even this far with a girl before, but not so nervous that I wanted it to stop. But then we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

I pulled away from Kitty’s embrace and turned toward the door, trying to remember whether I had locked it. But just as my eyes found the deadbolt knob, it turned of its own accord with a loud “ker-chunk”. I looked back at Kitty, who had her eyebrow raised.

“Um, I should find out who that is,” I turned, trying not to notice the disappointment that showed on her face.

Unlocking the door, I opened it slightly to peek out. “Oh hi Stacy,” I started, “this really isn’t a good time—” but she was already pushing the door open and stepping past me. She turned around to face me, and put her hands on her hips.

“Listen Jerry. I’ve given you just about every signal I can, and you just keep on dodging me. I know you like me, so what is it? What’s holding you back? Are you gay? Are you deformed? Do you have a secret girlfriend?”


Stacy whirled around and saw Kitty for the first time. “Who are you?”

Kitty put on her coquettish cute face, arms down with hands clasped before her. “I’m the secret girlfriend.”

Stacy’s mouth dropped open, horror in her eyes.

“Um, I can explain…” I said, having no idea what to say next.

Stacy turned back to me in anticipation. Kitty, for her part, appeared to be enjoying this.

“Um,” I repeated, “Stacy, this is Kitty. Kitty, this is Stacy.” Which is where my plan ended.

But Kitty took up the slack. “Pleased to meet you.” Eying me, she continued, “Jerry and I have actually been together for six years, and we’re quite close now.”

“Six YEARS? You would have been what, 12?” Stacy looked at me in disbelief. How come you never mentioned her? Where have you been hiding her?”

“Um,” I sensed another of my pithy utterances coming, but again Kitty spoke for me.

“I haven’t been hiding exactly, but I haven’t been here either.”

That turned out to confuse Stacy even more. She was about to respond when another voice entered the fray.

“What’s the fuss about in h—” Harley stopped short as his eyes fell on Kitty. He knew who she was, having watched me play her many times over my shoulder. But still he said to me, “Is that…”

All of this had happened so fast that I had no time to control the situation. I hadn’t yet gotten over my shock at Kitty’s appearance in my world, much less considered whether or from whom I wanted to keep it secret. But Kitty had already forced my hand. And she was the only one of us who seemed comfortable with this turn of events.

“Ok, everybody stop talking. I’m going to explain some things as best I can, and then we’re going to talk about what to do. But listen, Kitty, I decide what to do, not you. Now let’s all sit down.”

Intentionally ignoring Kitty’s quiet snicker, I led my friends into my bedroom. Stacy turned my desk chair around and sat down with a harumph. Harley leaned against the desk, while Kitty lounged on the bed. I swear she would have been chewing bubblegum had she had some. And I stood facing them all.

“Ok, now you both know that I’ve been playing a role-playing game for the last six years. Harley, you know about my character, right? The one who I patiently grew through level after level of skill and power?” He nodded, eying Kitty. “Well she finally got to the top of the game and kind of…” I looked at Kitty questioningly. “She kind of popped out of the game.”

Stacy wasn’t having any of this. “Jeez Jerry, that’s a ridiculous story. Want to start again?”

“No, I mean yes, it IS ridiculous, but it seems to have happened.”

I looked at Kitty, then at Harley. “Listen, do you remember all those powers I gave her? Pick one of them, ok?”

“Sure,” he responded, straightening himself against the desk. “How about superstrength?”

“Ok, Kitty, would you please…” I looked around for a suitable demonstration object. My eyes fell on the solid glass paperweight that my mom had given me as a parting gift when I left for college. Somehow she imagined me with stacks of exam papers on my desk that needed to be held in place. “Give her that paperweight.” Harley twisted and came back with the globe. It was about the size of a baseball, with a flat spot at the bottom. Without warning he flicked it underhand, hard, and right at Kitty’s head.

Kitty, without missing a beat, caught it in one hand. She held it out before her and without waiting for my ok, began to crush the solid glass weight in her hand. Glancing at Stacy she kept squeezing until a stream of glass dust poured from her fist onto the floor.

“This is me,” Kitty said to her, “and I gather by your reaction that it’s not you. Or you, or you.” She looked at each of us in turn. “You’ve never seen someone with this kind of strength.”

I admit to being a little frightened.

But she broke the ice almost immediately with a lighthearted chuckle. “Jerry, you said you wanted to decide what to do, right? Well, you know what I like. I like to have fun!”

“Right,” I took over quickly, I like you to have fun too. But first,” I looked at my two real-life friends. “I need you to keep this quiet for now, ok?”

Stacy nodded. “Sure, but,” she looked over at Kitty, “do you trust HER?”

That seemed a rather dangerous thing to say, especially after having watched Kitty crush my paperweight as if it were all paper and no weight.

“I’ll do my best. Jerry. But I don’t know much about your world, and something tells me you’re going to have to guide me.”

“Yeah, nobody here has any of the powers you have, and—”

“Telekinesis!” Harley was on his feet. “Show us how you can move things.”

I was annoyed at the interruption, but had to admit that I wanted to see it too.

Peering past my friends, I could see the dorm parking lot, filled with cars. Mine was out there, but it wasn’t visible from my window. Harley’s truck was there though, and his motorcycle – yes, a Harley – was parked right alongside.

“Kitty,” I said with a hint of mischief, “would you be so good as to put my friend’s motorcycle back into his truck?” She moved toward the desk and nodded. We all watched as the big bike lifted off the ground, floated over to the left, and settled smoothly in the truck bed. What none of us remembered though, was the heavy steel chain that tied the bike to the tree. That snapped with a loud clang as the machine moved without so much as a pause.

And I’m afraid it called attention to itself. Two girls who had been gossiping nearby turned quickly and I’m afraid they saw the whole thing happen.

“Oops”, said Stacy, watching the girls run over to the truck and search high and low for the pulley system that must have been involved.

I shut the blinds. Watching Kitty do her magic from behind, I remembered why I loved her so much. It wasn’t just that I knew she could do SO much more than lift a motorcycle. It was also that she loved having fun with her powers. And, I was increasingly aware as I studied her perfect ass, because she looked SO sexy while doing it.

Suddenly I wanted her to myself. “Ok, I need to think about this for a while. Can you please leave us for now? And please, please, not a word to anybody, ok?” I looked each of them in the face until they nodded. “Thanks”, I said as they filed out.

“It’s like she’s an alien or something, isn’t it? So what else can she do?” I heard Stacy ask as Harley winked at me and shut the door.

What else indeed? I stared at the closed door for a minute. I knew I could trust Harley to keep quiet. Stacy too, but I wondered whether I was going to have trouble with her. There was some jealousy there.

The deadbolt locked itself as I thought about that, and I turned around to find that Kitty had completely removed her tunic and her top. Her large breasts were oh so inviting in her white lace half-bra.

Before I had time to admire them though I found myself flying across the short distance and crashing right into her giant pillows. Her arms enveloped me and her eyes searched my face, hungrily.

“What I really want most right now is you.” I wasn’t going to argue. Her eyes were smoldering, and not from heat vision.

“Me too,” I whispered, and she placed her mouth on mine.

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