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Heavyweight 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Wednesday, 25 November 2020 23:15] Last updated by :: [Friday, 27 November 2020 16:05]

Heavyweight 2

Story Concept by Jenna

Written by HikerAngel

Jenna gasped as she saw herself in the mirror for the first time after her small errant dose of the beam’s energy. Her face was fit to grace the cover of a magazine. Her arms looked incredibly toned, her breasts not huge but deliciously full and mouth-wateringly firm. Her legs were long, lean, and smooth. Twisting her sexy new abs, she gazed downward, running her fingers over her perfectly formed ass. She looked almost good as Scarlett originally had.

But Scarlett was on another level entirely after another lengthy session under her father’s beam.

The girl was a sensual goddess, erotic perfection made flesh.

Thick, silky platinum blonde hair bouncing over her shoulders, she strode confidently toward Jenna like a fashion model, the cement basement floor shattering under every footfall. Jenna’s knees weakened as she neared, her mouth going dry as her eyes roamed the girl’s intimidatingly magnificent curves.

Scarlett slithered her long fingers behind Jenna’s head, her single strong arm holding Jenna in place as she leaned in, pressing her soft lips against Jenna’s own. Jenna melted into the kiss, her body going limp as Scarlett’s perfection touched her tingling, sensitive flesh.

Scarlett held Jenna’s weight easily, but lowered the overwhelmed girl gently to the floor to give her a moment to recover.

Jenna, however, didn’t wish to recover. Her legs no longer strong enough to hold her, the lovely brunette gathered herself. She willed her quivering, desire-addled body to crawl forward until she could curl her trembling fingers around the back of Scarlett’s right calf. Tilting her head, she crawled forward and pressed her mouth against the inside of Scarlett’s rounded, rock-hard flesh. Her steamy breath reflecting hotly back to her face against the blonde’s slender, ultra-feminine leg, Jenna let a moan of ecstasy escape her.

Her trembling lips parted slightly, just enough to allow Jenna’s moist tongue to touch Scarlett’s perfect skin. The electric heat of impossibly intense desire rippled through Jenna as she tasted the spellbindingly beautiful girl’s flesh. Gripping the blonde’s steely calf harder as waves of arousal crashed through her, Jenna moaned, failing to make the slightest indentation to its marblesque hardness. Scarlett’s smooth, elegantly curved muscle was so impossibly dense that it was completely impervious to Jenna’s desperately clutching fingers.

Breath shaking uncontrollably, Jenna continued to run her tongue along Scarlett’s leg, kissing the long expanse of delicious skin as her hips bucked in a long chain of mind-blowing orgasms. She fought against the feeling of her clenching abs, shaking legs, and curling toes as she attempted to focus her hazy mind on her slithering tongue and steamy lips.

After a moment, however, Jenna felt Scarlett’s immensely strong, slender fingers slide into her hair, and close. The girl pulled back Jenna’s head gently until the brunette found herself staring into Scarlett’s hypnotic azure eyes.

“Glad you like my legs, Jenna, and normally I’d be happy to let you enjoy them for the rest of the day, but it’s time to go shopping now.” Scarlett set Jenna’s body afire one more time with a mischievous wink of her interminable eyelashes. “We need some clothes for our new bodies after all…”

Scarlett tossed Jenna a revealing top and a pair of jeans, then began to put her own outfit on. The top slipped over her upper body fairly easily, though it was a bit tight in the chest. Her jeans, however, were a different story. She pulled her jeans over those impossibly long legs of hers, their hems pulled to the point of straining as she stretched the creaking fabric over the breathtaking swells of her exquisite calves.

Fingering the clothes in her hands, Jenna shivered as she remembered the feel of Scarlett’s flawless satin skin and tight, superhumanly dense muscles under her lips and tongue. God, how she longed to touch Scarlett’s perfect legs again! Maybe after the shopping trip…?

After a moment, she realized Scarlett was waiting, watching her expectantly, and the young brunette attempted to push the thoughts from her mind. She rose unsteadily to her feet and put on her own clothes, casting a sidelong glance at the mirror and smiling at what she saw as her new body filled Scarlett’s clothes to perfection.

The sexy blonde began to ascend the stairs, when the entire staircase collapsed under her colossal weight. Scarlett landed hard from perhaps three meters up, cratering the concrete floor. She turned to Jenna, embarrassed, and shrugged. Then, turning back toward where the stairs had led, the girl leapt upward with a powerful flex of her superhumanly strong legs, gripping the bottom edge of the door frame far above. Her fingers proved strong enough to hold her prodigious mass and Scarlett pulled herself into the opening to crawl onto the groaning floor above.

Turning, her alluring face appearing from the darkness of the doorway above, Scarlett motioned for Jenna to do the same. Jenna stepped forward, took a deep breath, crouched, then launched herself upward, flailing her arms as she realized she wasn’t going to make it high enough to reach the edge.

Luckily, Scarlett caught her windmilling arm and, with an amazing burst of strength, pulled Jenna upward and flung her inside the house. Jenna rolled with her momentum until she crashed into the wall, her newly dense body crunched the drywall, leaving a Jenna-sized hole in the wall. She rose to her feet, placing her hand over her mouth and giggled.

“Oops!” she exclaimed, turning her gaze toward her new friend. Scarlett pulled herself up with her fingertips, her super-strength enough to overcome her amplified mass.

The floor bowed under Scarlett’s weight, but held, despite creaking worryingly as she walked toward the door.

Putting on their shoes, the two curvaceous girls walked out the door. Scarlett leapt from the house, landing on the sidewalk on both feet, pulverizing the sidewalk under her toes, leaving a meter-wide depression in the ground. She laughed joyfully, and reached her hand toward Jenna. The sexy brunette took it and the two girls walked to the mall, leaving two trails of indented, cobweb-shaped patterns of cracks in the sidewalk as they went.

When they arrived at the mall, Scarlett leaned into the door with her hip, just as many of the other shoppers were doing. But the door’s hinges squealed and broke, the frame of the door crumpling around her coltish thigh. The glass in the door burst as Scarlett’s body mangled it, showering the mall’s entrance with shards of glass.

Despite the shocked stares of the people around them, Scarlett acted as if nothing were out of the ordinary and continued on her way, shattering each floor tile underfoot. She walked into a high end fashion shop, waltzing over to the shoe rack and pulled a thousand-dollar stiletto from the wall.

“Watch this!” she said with a wink of her dazzling blue eye and slipped on the shoe. As she pressed the shoe’s tall heel to the floor, it collapsed like an accordion under her incredible weight, disappearing with a loud crunch into the sole of the shoe.

Scarlett lifted up her shapely leg, Jenna’s heart fluttering as the blonde girl’s fingers brushed the side of her own sleek calf, and removed the shoe, tossing it aside with a mischievous giggle.

Jenna gaped at her in awe. Did Scarlett have the money to pay for that?

The clerk at the counter was staring at Scarlett wide-eyed. Jenna couldn’t tell if he was staring because of how beautiful she was or because of what she’d done. Probably both, she mused with a smile.

The young man gathered himself and came over. Scarlett gave him a flirtatious smile, her hand rising to come to rest on the upper slope of her luscious hip as it tapered outward from her insanely tiny waist. She gave a subtle twist of her taut abs, slightly visible under the high-cut hem of her tight top, turning her body slightly so that her slim thighs rubbed together.

It was such a tiny shift in posture, but it seemed to have the desired effect on the boy as he opened his mouth.

Nothing came out but a soft squeak and a soft hiss of breath.

He blinked several times, cleared his throat, and tried again. His voice came out a ragged rasp, but he seemed pleased that he is words were at least audible this time. “Excuse me, miss? Did you just crush the heel of that shoe?

Scarlett gazed at the starstruck boy, her expressive eyes innocent and wide. She fluttered her long lashes coquettishly. “I think I did. But it was an accident! I’m so sorry!”

The clerk blinked again, swallowing several times, eyes drifting after each to Scarlett’s sumptuous décolletage before snapping to her mesmerizing irises once again.

Finally, the clerk managed to control himself long enough to open his mouth and get words out again. “Well, accident or not, miss, those are expensive items, and I can’t let you…”

He trailed off, however, as Scarlett began to trace the shape of a heart over his chest with a perfectly manicured fingernail. Her eyes, trained for a moment on his chest flicked back to his face to take in an almost pained expression of need.

“I’m sure we can come to some sort of understanding, can’t we?” She punctuated her question with a heartstopping wink.

The young clerk whimpered audibly, his achingly powerful desire for the girl clearly evident. He couldn’t speak any longer, simply standing there open-mouthed, in stunned silence.

Scarlett leaned toward him and brushed her lips against his cheek, whispering a soft “thank you” after the almost-kiss.

The boy collapsed to the floor, quivering, and Scarlett gave a dulcet laugh, took a shocked-looking Jenna by the hand, and left the store, flouncing her gorgeous blonde hair as she bounced away on the rapidly disintegrating floor.

Scarlett tugged at Jenna’s arm, leading her into a lingerie shop next. Once inside this store, she made her way to the counter, each step on the carpet of this store accompanied by a muffled crunch. What was under this carpet? Whatever it was wouldn’t be in great shape by the time they left, Jenna decided. She bounced on the balls of her feet a few times, testing the floor uncertainly, wondering if they might suddenly fall through the creaking structure.

Scarlett, however, seemed completely unconcerned by the structural damage she was causing to the building, focused only on the model-pretty girl at the cash register.

“Miss?” Scarlett began, noting the amorous look in the beautiful girl’s eyes as she approached. “I need some help. It’s terribly difficult for me to find anything that large enough in the chest and slender enough in the waist. Do you have any recommendations?”

Scarlett reached down and pulled off her top, sending ripples through her firm breasts, then peeled off her wickedly tight jeans.

When she finished disrobing, Scarlett returned her purposeful gaze to the shopkeeper’s stunned face. The clark’s jaw looked as if it were mounted on loose hinges, swinging open as her eyes drank in the impossibly sexy blonde’s curves.

Scarlett gave the green-eyed shopgirl a good, long look at her perfect body before pulling a D-cup bra off a nearby rack. “See?” she said, as she held the undersized cups against the magnificent hemispheres of her breasts.

“Y-your breasts!” the woman stammered, unable to look away. “T-they’re p-perfect!”

Scarlett smiled, pleased by the effect her body was having on the attractive, slender woman.

“So I’m told,” she said with a nefarious wink. “But Jenna here likes my calves best...” she cast a meaningful glance in Jenna’s direction, giving the young brunette a dazzling smile.

Returning her knowing gaze to the shopkeeper, she winked coquettishly. “Want to touch them?”

As Scarlett mouthed the word touch, the raven-haired cashier’s fingers twitched involuntarily. But she looked uncertain as if struggling to reconcile her obvious desire with the incongruous idea of fingering a female customer’s calves in the middle of her workplace.

“It’s okay. Besides, Jenna might want to join you…” Scarlett glanced to the side and gave Jenna an inviting wink.

Unable to resist, remembering the feel of the girl’s devastatingly sexy body and unfettered by any concern of impropriety in the workplace, Jenna dropped to her knees, rubbing her right cheek against the back of Scarlett’s left calf, basking in its heat, feeling the smooth swells of iron hardness.

She was quickly joined on the floor by the other woman, who had apparently given in to temptation, folding her slender legs beneath her luscious ass. She leaned forward to kiss Scarlett’s right calf, a shudder rolling through her as she did.

As the two women explored Scarlett’s long, beautiful legs, Scarlett picked every garment off a nearby rack, and picked up the tree-like, branching stand. The seductive blonde slid her fingers along the length of the cool metal, heating it with the friction of her warm hand. As the metal began to glow softly, she began to twist the rack around her fingers, the immense pressure of her strong hands heating the metal further until it transformed into a brightly glowing viscous fluid-like state. She worked the soft steel into spirals with a single finger, winding it as if it were yarn, over her hand, in a circular motion.

As the two other women attended to each of her perfect legs, Scarlett finished her metallic spiral, smiling as she examined it, her bright blue eyes flashing with amusement. Then, the young blonde brought her hands together from each end, flattening the sinuous spiral of glowing metal into a single flat sheet that splashed out from her hands. A few drops of it broke off, hitting the carpet with a soft sizzle.

Scarlett wrapped the sheet around her like a bathroom towel, the warm metal molding to her fit body and breathtaking curves like a sexy, shiny tube dress. Reaching around, she squeezed it into place with her fingers, pinching the edges of hot metal until they merged.

Jenna looked up in amazement at Scarlett’s self-constructed metallic dress, seeing her own distorted reflection in its funhouse-mirror shape and laughed in delight. Scarlett twisted around and smiled back at her. Jenna grinned mischievously and touched her finger to Scarlett’s leg, drifting it down the long, elegant lines of the blonde’s magnificent calf.

“That tickles!” said Scarlett, laughing and beginning to squirm. She raised a long leg out of Jenna’s reach, then smashed it down to the floor.

The beams under the three girls shifted and groaned. The tile floor began to crack and pop. Jenna looked around nervously as the floor around her began to shake. A second later, the section of floor under the girls broke free from the rest of the building’s structure in a cacophony of snapping wood and screaming steel. It fell to the ground level of the mall, crushing a window display and a half dozen mannequins with a spray of glass and a tumble of hollow plastic limbs.

Jenna and the lingerie shopkeeper scrambled to their feet, looking around in shock, stunned by what had just happened as they both reached down to rub their bruised knees.

Scarlett raised a slim hand to her mouth. “Oops!” she giggled.

She took Jenna’s hand and tugged the dazed brunette, whisking her out of the mall, as people from all over the mall rushed out of various stores to see what had caused the massive crash.

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