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RPG Girl, Chapter 2

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RPG Girl, Chapter 2

“I’m feeling… weird. My stomach.” She patted her abdomen as if to show me where her stomach was. “I think this is ‘hungry’.” I realized at that moment that Kitty had never had any food, not even once. How could I have let her go without food for so long? For SIX YEARS?

But I knew, of course. It was a game. A game that went from quest to quest. Regular meals just weren’t part of the narrative. But I guess they were now. Kitty may have carried all her remarkable powers from that world into this one, but she apparently wasn’t immune to this world’s needs.

So now I needed to get her some food. And me too, for that matter. We had totally missed dinner hour in the cafeteria – not that I would have traded it for what we did do.

I had been peering at the Pink Floyd poster on the back of my closed door thinking about all this when I suddenly heard a crunching sound from behind me. I turned just in time to see Kitty pop the remainder of my computer mouse into her mouth and begin chewing it. She had swallowed it in no time.

“Hey, wait, no!” I yelled as she reached for the keyboard. “You can’t eat that!” She looked at me as if I had told her the Earth was flat – but she did stop. I tried to think about where her ideas about food would have come from. True, she hadn’t ever eaten any herself, but she did see folks eating, even feasting from time to time, such as at that King’s banquet.

She was beginning to look around now for something else to eat. “Wait, hold on, We gotta get you some real food.”

There was one obstacle through – clothes. At the moment she was wearing nothing at all, and the sight of her delectable naked body was incredibly distracting. I shook my head and considered. There were snacks in the lounge, we could start with those.

“Stay here, I’m going to get you something to eat. Be right back. Don’t eat the furniture,” I grinned. I pulled on some basketball shorts and a T-shirt, but stopped short as I reached for the doorknob. “Um, Kitty? Can you peek out there with your X-ray vision and tell me if there’s anyone in the lounge?”

Kitty awarded me with a smug smile. “Sure…” She glanced at the wall and announced, “nope, nobody there.”

“Thanks, now don’t move.”

I quickly but quietly opened the door and shut it behind me. Sure enough, the lounge was empty as I made my way to the kitchen area. There in the cabinet above the sink were some boxes of Clif bars which my neighbors and I had purchased with our pooled funds. Technically I wasn’t supposed to do this, but if these weren’t extenuating circumstances I didn’t know what was. So I grabbed a box of a dozen bars and returned to my room.

Kitty was still waiting, thankfully, and still heart-stoppingly beautiful, I noticed. I ripped open the box and handed her three bars. “Here, you can start with these while I figure out dinner. I was mentally running down the list of hamburger joints and fast food places that would still be open.

She took a large bite out of the first Clif bar and started chewing. “Wow, that tastes much better!” She was talking with her mouth full.

“Oh yes, and it’ll be even better if you peel the wrapper off first. You’re not supposed to eat that part.”

She held the bar away from her face and removed the cellophane. Then into her mouth went the remainder of the bar. “Mmm, good!”

“And try to eat more slowly, ok? Smaller bites, and don’t talk with your mouth full.”

She stuck out her tongue at me. Somehow she did recognize I was sounding like her mother, even though she had never had one of her own. She wasn’t even born, I realized with a shake of my head.

Rummaging through my drawers I found a large sweatshirt and some sweat pants I had purchased with the hair brained idea I might pull myself away from the computer long enough to go running. Trouble was, I thought, not only was the game addicting – they all are – but I just couldn’t get enough of my character. If what you love is determined by how much of your time you want to spend with it, then I guess I was falling in love with Kitty.

But that was when she wasn’t real. What about now, I wondered?

I handed Kitty the clothes I had picked out, just as she was finishing the last Clif bar, and just before she started on the carton. With a shrug I topped the pile with a pair of my boring white briefs. I had no shoes for her, and figured she’d be better off going barefoot than wearing only socks. Kitty dutifully put everything on in the right order and stood up. “How do I look? Sexy?”

I had to admit that she did. Her large brown eyes and long, rich hair were part of how I’d designed her. But her ample braless breasts wobbling around inside the sweat shirt were mesmerizing.

“Oh yeah. You always are.”

She smiled proudly, but shook her head. “Yeah, but I need some girl’s clothes.”

I opened the door in a rush, forgetting to ask Kitty to check out the lounge, and sure enough Stacy was standing right there, her fist cocked and ready to knock. Her other hand held the handles of a large paper bag from ToGo’s. I felt a sudden rush of wind and before I knew what was happening, Kitty had rushed by me, pulled Stacy into the room and shut the door. “That for me?” Kitty pointed to the bag.

Stacy was still catching her balance, but managed to nod. “Yes. Well for both of you. I didn’t see you in the cafeteria so figured you were… busy and missed dinner.”

“Oh thank you thank you thank you!” Stacy handed her one of the sandwiches and me the other. Kitty held hers out at me. “Like this?” She asked, peeling the paper from the sandwich.

“You’re learning fast,” I nodded. Stacy raised an eyebrow at me. “Never mind.”

Kitty downed her sub in less time than it took me to take three bites. It really took Stacy by surprise to see my beautiful girl so quickly looking around for more. “Jeez, when was the last time you ate anything?”

I chuckled. “Never. That was her first meal, ever.” Thinking once again about what more I could give her, it crossed my mind that it didn’t really have to be food. I’d seen her eat the mouse, and I knew that nothing she ate could really be harmful. Craning my neck, I pulled last semester’s Econ book off my shelf. It was about an inch thick, but heavy. “Here, Kitty, try this,” I said, offering it to her.

“Jerry!” Stacy was horrified.

“It’s ok, watch.”

Kitty sniffed the hardcover once, then stuck the corner into her mouth and easily ripped off a substantial chunk with her teeth. She chewed it up and swallowed it, then took another bite. Out of my textbook. And chewed it up. “Not as tasty as ToGo’s, but it’s ok.”

I chuckled again, while Stacy just shook her head with incredulity.

Against that bizarre backdrop, Stacy and I made small talk. She joked about how her biology and physiology texts would be delicious compared to boring old economics. At one point Kitty interrupted to ask Stacy what level she was.

“That’s not something we find out until we graduate,” she responded misunderstanding Kitty’s question.

“Well, what level do you need to graduate?”

“What level? You mean what grade level?” Stacy looked at me for guidance.

“I think she’s asking about your roleplayer game point level.” Turning to Kitty I explained, “We don’t have those kinds of levels here. We don’t have points on skills and experience either.”

“Then how do you know who’s winning, or whether you can beat them in a fight?”

Oh boy, I thought, this is going to be interesting. “Kitty, it would be wrong to say there are no levels here - because there are, even though we like to think we’re all equal. But nobody keeps scores. There are no point values.”

“Wait, you’re all equal? What does that mean?” I could see her mind trying to reconcile the idea of equality without having equal point values.

But what I’d said wasn’t quite right, and given that this was Kitty’s first introduction to our world, I didn’t want to mislead her.

“Actually I don’t mean we’re all equal. I mean we all deserve to start our life with equal opportunity. At least, that’s our ideal.” This was kind of a hot button with me.

“But what about strength and speed and agility and all that?"

"Yes, people have different strengths and speed and stuff, but if they really want to be a lot better than anybody else, they have to really work hard at it."

"You mean, like win a lot of quests?"

"No, like practice it every day for many years."

Stacy was following this conversation with interest. "Have you ever seen a gym, Kitty?" Receiving a questioning look, she said, "Jerry, you should take her to a gym. Then she'll understand."

My heart leapt at the idea, not because I thought it would help Kitty understand, but because I thought it would be exciting to see what she would do there.

But Kitty wasn't done yet. "What about things like invulnerability and magic and X-ray vision? Can they get better at those things by practicing at the gym?"

"Well, no, you can't practice those things at the gym. I mean, those things aren't even real. I mean, nobody can do those things for real here. You're the only one. All the rest of us can do is dream about them and write comic books and make movies."

"What, like, I'm the only one here who can see through walls? Or burn stuff with their eyes? Nobody does magic? Nobody's invulnerable?"

"Nope. More than that, nobody has anywhere near your strength or speed or agility. And frankly, nobody even has your level of beauty." Stacy fidgeted at that, but didn't say anything.

"So, everybody here is at like, level zero, with zero points in everything?"

I nodded silently. Stacy just waited. Kitty considered.

"And telekinesis?"


More silence.

Stacy finally piped up. "So how does that make you feel, Kitty?"

"I don't know, kind of like I'm not where I belong." She reached over to my desk and broke off a 4-inch chunk of the wooden desktop with two fingers. "People can't do this?" I cringed, but shook my head. "And nobody can stop me if I do it? Not even the game master?"

I shook my head again. "Nope, nobody, and there is no game master."

Then suddenly she brightened. "So I can do anything then? Have all the fun I want, with whatever I want and whoever I want?" She started looking around, and I guessed she was looking through the walls at the city beyond.

Stacy looked at me sharply. "Jerry, this is your cue!"

I agreed. I'd known we would come to this. "Not exactly," I said to Kitty. "You can physically do whatever you want, meaning, you are ABLE to do whatever you want, but there are a lot of things that you should NOT do even though you can. There's right and wrong to consider. There are rules, rules that we all follow. We do have people who are more powerful and less powerful, though it's not anywhere near your levels. The rules are there to keep the more powerful from making life miserable for the less powerful. You need to follow the same rules.”

Kitty was starting to get upset. “But… but… how do I know what all the rules are? What if I make a mistake?”

“Those are the right questions, Kitty. Start with this one: don't ever kill anyone, and don't ever hurt anyone more than you have to in order to stop them from doing something bad.” I glanced at Stacy. “But we’re going to help you and guide you – me and Stacy and Harley. And you’re going to have to trust us.”

“I trust you, you made me. But—”

“And I trust Stacy and Harley. They’re good people. There are bad people out there, you’ll probably run into them. But we three are the ones you trust if ever you aren’t sure.”

“Ok,” Kitty said quietly, her gorgeous eyes staring at the floor. Then she looked at me again. “Can we go to bed now? I’m kind of tired.”

I shrugged and nodded at Stacy. "I'll fill Harley in," she said, closing the door behind her.

I turned back to Kitty. There were tears in her eyes! I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight as she rested her head on my shoulder. "I'm so afraid," she sobbed, "I'm afraid I'm going to make a mistake, that I'm going to hurt someone and not mean to. You're all so weak!"

I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that. That kind of thinking needed to be stopped in its tracks before it even got started. "Weak? Yes," I said, "but all deserving of our lives and our safety, every last one of us."

She rested again against my shoulder, and despite myself I couldn't ignore the erotic sensation of her large breasts against my chest. She must have felt it too, because she turned her face toward mine and gave me a deep, sensual kiss. "Take care of me, Jerry," she whispered, and kissed me again, with more passion.

She looked at me again, and this time a wicked smile crossed her lips. As she looked into my eyes I felt her hand touching my rapidly rising member, which only served to intensify its progress. Kitty was still looking into my eyes as a six-inch patch of denim and cotton loudly tore itself out of my pants and underwear to release my aching dick. Then I felt my feet leave the floor and Kitty's arms slip down to my upper thighs as she lowered herself to her knees, enveloped me with her warm lips and began sucking and stroking.

Oh, what a tongue she had! It could flick and swirl, stroke and suck, all without getting tired - ever. She seemed to be able to minutely control my arousal, taking me from just wood to steel and back again, sensing when I was reaching the edge and pulling me back just as I couldn't bear it any longer. She laid me down in mid-air and then floated above me, her face rising and falling on my cock, slowly, then faster, then slowly again, her lips tighter, then wetter, then tighter again. She pulled my entire length through those lips so that I could feel the back of her mouth and even a little way down her throat - and she didn't gag. She turned us over and floated us upward until my back was against the ceiling, and proceeded to suck me there as well.

And finally she put me back on the bed and rose her body, fantastically long legs spread so wide they formed a straight line, leaned forward so that her wobbling pendant breasts hung near my face, and settled her wonderfully wet pussy onto my aching member. There, with ankles still pointed outward, she rose and fell, faster and faster until I finally exploded with a huge flood of cum! And she didn't stop! She kept on rising and falling, slowing gradually, a perfect counterpart to my exhaustion, eking out every last drop of teenage orgasm I had in me.

And then she lay next to me, big naked breasts contrasting dramatically with slim athletic body, as I gradually caught my breath.

"You sure you don't have any points for masculinity?" she asked after a while.

I smiled. "No, there are no points for anything here."

"Well, I'll give you points. You're at least a 60, maybe even 65."

I was surprised! "65 points? That's way above average, almost into the remarkable range."

"Uh-huh, yes, 70 then. You're definitely in the remarkable range."

I had no idea. I wasn't very athletic, didn't spend much time in locker rooms, didn't really know how my endowment compared. I figured I was alright, but not even close to the dicks they showed on porn videos. But I had no reason to doubt Kitty. She'd certainly experienced dicks of all sizes, mostly huge ones. It was quite an honor to be classed up there with some of those!

"Well," I said, gripping my quickly rehardening penis with both hands like a baseball bat, "we'll just have to see if I can beat my own record."

With that, I pushed Kitty over on her back, and plunged my face into her breasts and my cock into her cunt.

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