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I’m in love. I have to be honest. I just can’t take my eyes off her. I’ve always liked her, but after I noticed her at the Cosplay event two months ago, I know for sure that she is my match. She was wearing a gorgeous Wonder Woman outfit, and I immediately recognized her. Lucky for me she didn’t recognize me in my Green Lantern outfit. I don’t know if I would have been able to speak with her at that time.

I am Kyle, a 28 year old IT specialist and scientist at a large tech company. The girl I am talking about is my colleague Trish. Since I started working at my current company two years ago, my attention was drawn to Trish. She is a bit of a goofy and nerdy girl, and I really like that. I am a huge nerd myself as well. I did an IT study, wear glasses, love to read comics, and I go to Cosplay events. You can say I am one of the biggest nerds in town. I have to be honest with myself and accept the fact that the more beautiful girls in town are not interested in me. Trish is gorgeous as well, don’t get me wrong. She is just different, and I hope she is within my league.

Today I am going to ask her on a date. Wonder Woman 1984 is playing in the cinemas, and I’m planning to ask her out. At the end of the date I will have a surprise for her. After a long study, I was finally able to produce a piece of ‘X-kryptonite’. I have called it that because it refers to the piece of mineral which was able to give regular humans superpowers in various DC-Comics. I found out that by combining various earthly minerals which have healing abilities, I could create the same effect. The radiation of these minerals is able to improve the human body. To manage the amount of radiation I built a machine around the mineral which manages the outflow of radiation. The mineral can only give a certain amount of radiation. I used the first 2% of the radiation on myself, and my eyesight and stamina clearly improved. I am also a lot stronger than before. As I want to keep things secret, I am still wearing glasses, but without the prescription lenses. Since I am dreaming of Trish as Wonder Woman, I want to give her this gift as well. I want to make her super. I want to make her my Wonder Woman. I just can’t stop thinking of her as a real Wonder Woman since she wore that outfit to the Cosplay event.


I am so happy. Trish wants to go on a date with me. I will pick her up at 7 o’clock tonight, and we will watch Wonder Woman 1984 together. She was surprised by the fact that I was interested in the movie. I didn’t tell her everything about my fascination with comic books yet. That will come later tonight.


I park my car in front of Trish’s house and step out of the car. Before I can ring the doorbell she opens the door and smiles at me. She wears a blue and white dress which is tight at the top and loose at the bottom. Her upper body looks quite good in it and I can’t help myself looking at her breasts for a brief moment. Together, we walk to my car. Besides greeting her I haven’t said a proper word. I am just too nervous. We sit down in my old Volkswagen and Trish tries to break the tension.

Trish: ‘Are you excited as well?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, really excited. I hope it will be worth the wait.’

Trish: ‘Me too. How did you know I wanted to see this movie as well?’

I am panicking. Should I tell her already about our shared interest? I decide it’s the best thing to do and confess I saw her at the Cosplay event.

Kyle: ‘I… I saw you at a Cosplay event two months ago.’

Trish: ‘You did? And you didn’t even come by to say hello?’

Kyle: ‘No sorry, I didn’t know if you wanted to be seen by your colleague.’

Trish: ‘Oh Kyle, of course I want to. It’s fun to share the same interest with someone. And I am really open about my hobby.’

Kyle: ‘That’s great. I hope I can be more open about it too.’

Trish: ‘You have to! So, what was your outfit for the event?’

Kyle: ‘Green Lantern.’

Trish: ‘Cool! Too bad the movie sucked…’

Kyle: ‘Ha, you are right about that.’

The tension is broken and on our way to the cinema we talk about comics, cosplay and all related stuff. We enter the cinema, and we order two cokes and a large bucket with popcorn to share. During the movie I’m sometimes looking to my right to see how Trish is enjoying the movie. I am enjoying the movie as well, but mostly because I am watching it with her. Gal Gadot looks spectacular as Wonder Woman, but I just can’t stop thinking of Trish in her WW outfit. I am daydreaming about Trish having the powers and feel my cock becoming hard when I think of it. I shake my head and am drawn back to the movie.


Trish and I leave the cinema. We are laughing and discussing the movie. We both think it was great. Kristen Wiig as Cheetah was really hot as well. Never thought I would like her appearance in a movie that much. We get in my car, and I am really enjoying my time with Trish. Now I need to ask her for a drink at my place. My heart is bouncing and I am nervous to ask.

Kyle: ‘So uuh… do you want to have a drink at my place to talk further about the movie?’

Trish: ‘Of course Kyle, I would love to.’

I smile and she smiles back at me. For now everything is going exactly as planned. I am just trying to figure out how to tell her about my gift for her.


We’re sitting on the couch and are talking about comics, cosplay and related stuff again. Trish is giving me some dilemmas, and I need to choose. When she is finished I am giving some dilemmas to her as well.

Kyle: ‘DC or Marvel?’

Trish: ‘Tough one. Movies Marvel, comics DC.’

Kyle: ‘Supergirl or Wonder Woman?’

Trish: ‘Wonder Woman… although I like Supergirl as well.’

Kyle: ‘Wonder Woman or Cheetah?’

Trish: ‘Wonder Woman!’

Kyle: ‘Hero or villain?’

Trish: ‘Hero.’

Kylie: ‘If you had the dreamstone, what would be your wish?’

Trish: ‘To be as magnificent and powerful as Wonder Woman!’

The answer makes me smile. I am dreaming about giving her powers again, and I feel myself getting lost in her eyes. Trish would be a gorgeous Wonder Woman. She would be the perfect superheroine for this city. Arousal starts to build inside me when I think of it, but Trish pulls me out of my daydream.

Trish: ‘Kyle, I think it’s time to go. Tomorrow is another day at work. But I really enjoyed tonight.’

Kyle: ‘Yeah, yeah, of course. Time flies when you are having fun.’

Trish: ‘True that!’

Kyle: ‘Hey, I want to show you something. It’s in the basement.’

I stand up and signal to Trish to follow me. Trish is really hesitant, but she follows me. We’re both entering my basement as I point my finger at a marked spot.

Kyle: ‘Could you please stand on the spot? I want to show you something.’

Trish: ‘What is it?’

Kyle: ‘You are going to like it. It’s beautiful.’

Trish: ‘Alright, if you say so.’

Trish walks to the spot, and I walk to the machine. Trish has no idea what this machine is capable of. I touch some buttons and manage the settings. I exposed myself to 2% radiation. I want Trish to have more, so I decide to put the radiation on 15%. I know it will take some time before the radiation has any effect, but I hope it will be before my second date with Trish. The hatch opens and a beautiful light becomes visible for Trish. Every colour you can imagine is visible inside the machine.

Trish: ‘Wow, it’s gorgeous. What is it?’

Kyle: ‘A synthetic mineral which I created.’

What Trish doesn’t know is that she has been exposed to a dose of radiation which will have a very positive effect on her. I can’t wait for the changes to take place, but I know I have to be patient. It took two days before I didn’t need my glasses anymore. I close the hatch after 10 seconds and wave Trish to step away from the marked spot.

Trish: ‘That was beautiful Kyle. So many colours. What can you do with the mineral?’

Kyle: ‘For now I can only create a light show with it.’

Trish: ‘It was beautiful.’

Trish and I leave my basement. I am barely able to hide my excitement. I know that Trish will change the coming days, and I can’t wait for that to happen. We’re getting in my car, and I drive her back home. When I drop her off in front of her house she thanks me for the lovely evening and gives me a kiss on my cheek. I’m blushing but cheering deep inside. With a broad smile on my face, I drive back home.


The next morning I sit behind my desk at work. I haven’t seen Trish yet and I hope everything is fine with her. After a couple of minutes I see her entering the office, walking straight to the desk of Anne, who is also a colleague. Anne and Trish are really close, and I assume they are talking about the date of last night. I am glad Trish is alright, and I try not to pay much attention to her.

I am really focused on my work and take a sip of coffee when I suddenly hear Trish’s voice next to me. She bends forward over my desk and I almost choke on my coffee. I am staring right into a gorgeous cleavage.

Trish: ‘Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you. I want to thank you for last night. I really enjoyed it.’

Kyle: ‘Yes, me too.’

Trish: ‘So, this is normally the point where you ask for a second date.’

Kyle: ‘Ooh yes, I am sorry. Do you want to go on a second date?’

Trish: ‘I would love to. How about grabbing a drink in the city tomorrow night?’

Kyle: ‘Sounds good. I will pick you up at 8.’

Trish: ‘Great. See you tomorrow.’

Kyle: ‘Yes. And today of course, because we are colleagues.’

Trish: ‘Haha, yes and today as well.’

Trish smiles and walks away. She wears a tight black dress which she has worn before, but I am pretty sure the dress fits a lot tighter this time. I can’t stop staring at her ass when she walks away. The ‘X-kryptonite’ is already doing a fine job.


It’s Saturday, and tonight I am going on my second date with Trish. I really can’t wait to see her again. I am also really eager to see how she looks right now. Should I get myself an extra dose of radiation as well? I decide to wait until I see the final result on Trish. She is my guinea pig, but I am not feeling guilty. Yesterday she looked amazing. When I think of that cleavage again my heart rate increases.

Dressed in my finest jeans and shirt I step into my car, and I drive to Trish’s house. I park my car in front of her house. It’s a nice summer evening and I walk to the front door. This time Trish doesn’t open before I ring the doorbell. The door is already open and I hear Trish calling me from her house.

Trish: ‘Just through the door in front of you. I am almost done.’

I walk through the door and enter the living room. I look around, but there is no trace of Trish yet. On my left side I hear footsteps, and, when I look, I can’t believe my eyes. In the kitchen is Trish, but not the nerdy one of two days ago. In front of me stands a woman with confidence. Her body looks amazing and I can’t stop staring at her. She doesn’t wear her glasses anymore, which tells me these changes are really because of my ‘X-kryptonite’.

Kyle: ‘Wow Trish, you look amazing.’

Trish: ‘Thank you so much Kyle!’

Kyle: ‘Where are your glasses?’

Trish: ‘Yeah it’s really strange. I don’t need them anymore. My eyesight improved.’

It was clearly not the only thing that improved. I can’t stop staring at Trish. Her body is amazing and definitely improved as well. Her curves are toned and the little surplus of fat she had two days ago is now gone as well. Her breasts expanded as well. Her previous B-cup breasts are replaced by a delicious firm pair of C-cups. I wonder if she knows what is going on. The changes are really obvious. Trish grabs her bag and smiles at me.

Trish: ‘I am ready to go!’


Trish and I are having a lot of fun this evening. We are talking about our mutual interest, but this time also more about family and work. The entire evening I am wondering if Trish knows how and why she is changing, but she doesn’t bring up the topic at all.

It’s almost midnight and after a couple of drinks, Trish and I decide it’s time to go home. We walk through the city centre in the direction of my car. At that same moment two drunk men leave a bar and walk towards us. Both of them are speaking really loud. They notice Trish and me and are suddenly really interested. When we want to pass them they stop right in front of us.

Guy 1: ‘So, what’s a beautiful girl like you doing with a nerd like him?’

Trish: ‘We went out for a drink.’

Guy 2: ‘Lucky for him. Why don’t you come with us darling?’

Kyle: ‘Hey, leave her alone!’

I step forward, but before I know it a fist lands on my left cheek, and I stumble backwards. The impact didn’t hurt as much as I expected, but I was caught by surprise by the sudden outburst of violence. The other guy grabs Trish and drags her with him.

Guy 2: ‘My friend is going to have some fun with your girlfriend.’

I know I need to eliminate this guy first before I can think of saving Trish. I walk in his direction and ready myself for a fight. In the corner of my eye I see how the other guy pushes Trish against a pick-up truck in the parking lot and wants to have a nice time with her.

Trish: ‘NOO! Get off me!’

I want to save Trish, but I know when I run in her direction the guy in front of me will attack me from behind. Suddenly I see the other guy flying through the air and landing on the ground at least 20 feet away from Trish. I am surprised, just like the guy in front of me, and look in Trish’s direction. She stares at her hands in disbelief before turning her attention to the other drunk guy who is ready to fight me. Before I can even blink my eye twice, Trish stands behind the guy, grabs him and throws him to the parking lot as well. It looks like it doesn’t took her any effort. Both of the guys remain half unconscious in the parking lot. As soon as we can Trish and I walk to my car and drive away from the scene.

Trish: ‘What was that?!’

Kyle: ‘Two drunk guys trying to…’

Trish: ‘I mean what I did. It didn’t take me any effort to throw those guys around. It’s almost like…’

Kyle: ‘I think you have really strong adrenaline. And they were drunk, of course.’

Trish: ‘Kyle, I’ve never thrown a man 20 feet before!’

Kyle: ‘I don’t know Trish, I just don’t know. The good news is that we are safe now.’

Trish: ‘You’re right. That’s the most important.’


We arrive at Trish’s house and she asks me to come inside for a final drink. I park my car in front of her house and together, and I walk to the front door with her. We enter her house, and I sit down on the couch. Trish brings two glasses of coke and sits down next to me.

Trish: ‘Kyle, what is happening to me?’

Kyle: ‘What do you mean?’

Trish: ‘Don’t play dumb with me. You notice it as well. My body is way more toned than before and my breasts have grown by at least a full cup. I don’t need to wear glasses any longer as my eyesight improved and I just took care of two guys on my own… with a little help of you of course.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t know Trish. Maybe it’s…’

Trish: ‘It started after you let me watch that light in your basement. What did you do to me Kyle?’

Kyle: ‘I exposed you to X-kryptonite.’

Trish: ‘To what?’

Kyle: ‘To X-kryptonite. It’s a synthetic mineral which I invented. It has multiple minerals with healing capabilities combined. I never thought the results would be this big.’

Trish: ‘Why did you expose me to it? Why didn’t you tell me?’

Kyle: ‘I’m sorry, Trish. Since the day I saw you at the Cosplay event I can’t stop thinking of you as Wonder Woman. You know, the real Wonder Woman. And when you told me on our first date it was your desire as well I thought it would be nice if I could help you with that.’

Trish: ‘So I will become Wonder Woman?’

Kyle: ‘No, not exactly. I don’t know the exact results.’

Trish: ‘I… Did you even test it on yourself?’

Kyle: ‘A little bit. I was exposed to 2% radiation. I exposed you to 15%.’

Trish: ‘I can’t believe you just did this without letting me know.’

Kyle: ‘Trish, I am sorry. I wanted to help you. I didn’t want to…’

Trish: ‘Get out!’

Kyle: ‘Trish, please…’

Trish: ‘GET… OUT!!’

I know I screwed up and I stand up from the couch. Fighting tears, I leave Trish’s house and walk to my car. She is right, I should have told her about it. Why am I so stupid? Did I really think Trish wouldn’t figure out when her changes started? I learned one thing: it’s safe to be exposed to 15% radiation.


It's Monday, and I am at work. Trish is there as well, but she doesn’t say a word to me and doesn’t even look in my direction. She looks absolutely stunning, and I can’t stand the fact that I screwed things up between us. I gave her what she wanted, but I didn’t think of the consequences of doing it behind her back. I hope she will see that my intentions were good and that she will give me another chance.

I am really productive today. I can only think of Trish and how gorgeous she looks. I am imagining her in her Wonder Woman outfit, and I am sure she will look astonishing. Arousal builds inside me and I can feel my body longing for her. Shit, I really need to stop thinking like this. Trish is mad at me and she won’t forgive me any time soon.

It’s afternoon, and I am still struggling to stop thinking about Trish. I am thinking of ways to get her back. Should I use the machine on myself again? To transform me further as well? I am thinking of it and the feeling of doing it becomes stronger every minute. I look at Trish and try to get her attention, but she ignores me again. My emotions are everywhere and I can’t think clearly anymore. I just can’t believe it. I gave Trish a huge gift: improvement, power, strength and potential. Why is she doing like this? I become angry. Right at that moment, my colleague Rachel stops at my desk. She needs help with one of her projects and asks me for my help.

Rachel wears tight blue skinny jeans, a striped black / white shirt with a denim shirt on top of it and a pair of glasses. I don’t work with her very often, but she sometimes needs my help with programming. Rachel explains why she needs my help, but I only have eyes for her body. Her body looks nice, although she is really slender and therefore lacking curves. I am imaging what the mineral will do with her body. I can’t stop thinking about it, and Rachel notices I am not paying attention.

Rachel: ‘Hey Kyle, are you even listening?’

Kyle: ‘Sorry Rachel, I am really busy today.’

Rachel: ‘But I really need this done by tomorrow. We have a deadline.’

Kyle: ‘Why don’t you come by this evening at my place so we can take a look at it together?’

Rachel: ‘Can’t you do it right now?’

Kyle: ‘Sorry, really busy.’

Rachel: ‘Alright. I have no other option. Text me your address and you will see me tonight.’

Kyle: ‘That’s fine Rachel. See you tonight.’

Rachel walks back to her own desk, and I watch her ass, which barely fills her pants. I look at Trish, who is still ignoring me and staring at her screen. Screw her. If she will not become my Wonder Woman someone else will.


I just finished dinner when someone knocks on my front door. I walk to the door, and when I open it, Rachel is standing in front of me. She brought her laptop with her, and I ask her to come in. I notice that she changed clothes and that she is wearing her skinny jeans, but now with a black shirt and a colourful shirt over it. We both enter the kitchen and sit down at the kitchen table. I pour something to drink for Rachel and me, and we start working on programming a new piece of software. During this time I sometimes can’t help myself and look at my right. When Rachel leans forward, I can see a glimpse of her breasts. I guess it must be small B-cups which are nicely pushed together by her bra. I start to think about the changes and imagine her breasts expanding and power flowing through her veins. I don’t think about Trish any longer, I’m only thinking about Rachel.

Rachel: ‘Kyle? Kyle?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, sorry… I was thinking about the next step.’

Rachel: ‘You’re not really paying attention.’

Kyle: ‘I’m sorry… I just have a lot on my mind.’

Rachel: ‘Does it have to do something with Trish?’

Kyle: ‘How… how do you know?’

Rachel: ‘Well, it’s quite obvious. You were talking and looking at each other quite a lot lately. Today you two ignored each other completely.’

Kyle: ‘Yeah… well…’

Rachel: ‘You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.’

Kyle: ‘I just don’t understand why she is so upset. I gave her what she wanted.’

Rachel: ‘It’s not always about getting what you want, there is also…’

Kyle: ‘Well, I gave her the greatest gift ever. I gave her beauty and power.’

Rachel: ‘What are you talking about?’

Kyle: ‘Did you notice Trish her changes?’

Rachel: ‘Well, she looked quite gorgeous yesterday…’

Kyle: ‘I exposed her to a certain type of radiation which made her more beautiful and stronger.’

Rachel: ‘You did what? You have to explain this to me, Kyle. I am not getting it.’

Kyle: ‘I invented and created a synthetic mineral which I call ‘X-kryptonite’. This mineral has certain healing capabilities. When a human is exposed to a high dose of the radiation of the mineral the body will heal and eventually improve.’

Rachel: ‘What do you mean improve?’

Kyle: ‘Trish doesn’t need her glasses anymore, some imperfections disappeared, her breasts expanded, she became stronger etcetera. I saw her taking out two men who were harassing her.’

Rachel: ‘Incredible… And why is she exactly mad at you?’

Kyle: ‘I didn’t tell her about it. I exposed her to the radiation without letting her know. But it’s not fair. I gave her that beauty and power. Shouldn’t that outweigh not telling her.’

Rachel: ‘You are right Kyle. I wouldn’t be mad at you if you wouldn’t tell me. I think it’s a great gift.’

Kyle: ‘Would you want to receive it as well?’

Rachel: ‘What? Me? Well, it sounds tempting…’

Kyle: ‘Follow me!’

We leave the kitchen and I enter the basement. Rachel follows me closely. I stop at the machine and show it to Rachel. I explain how everything works and Rachel listens carefully.

Rachel: ‘So I just need to stand on that spot over there?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, you are right.’

I can’t think clearly anymore at this point. I want Rachel to improve so badly that it hurts. I want to make her stronger and better than Trish. Trish needs to become jealous. And Rachel told me that she would be really thankful. She wouldn’t be mad at me for secretly giving her these powers. I also want Rachel to improve faster, and I will test the theory that when a person is exposed for a longer time to the radiation the changes will occur sooner.

Kyle: ‘Alright. Please stand on the marked spot over there.’

Rachel walks to the spot and looks at the machine in front of her. The look on her face betrays the fact that she is nervous and tense, but there are also glimpses of excitement. I set the machine on 25% for 30 seconds and press the right buttons. The hatch opens and radiation shoots in Rachel’s direction. We can’t see or hear it, but we both know it’s there. The first 10 seconds everything seems to go as before, but after these 10 seconds Rachel starts to breathe heavily.

First she was looking at the wonderful colours inside the machine, but now she closes her eyes and throws her head backwards. Moans escape from her mouth and I am wondering if everything is still alright. I yell at her from behind the screen.

Kyle: ‘Rachel! Are you alright?!’

Rachel: ‘YESSS!! OOOH GOD YESSS!! Don’t let it stop! OOOHH!!’

Rachel’s words make me go crazy. It’s ridiculously hot to watch her enjoy the fact that her body is absorbing all the radiation. I was right about the changes taking place sooner when the body is exposed to the radiation for a longer time because I can already see her shirt getting tighter around her bosom. Rachel is clearly enjoying what’s happening to her. She puts both her hands behind her head and let them slide downwards via her shoulders, breasts and hips. I completely forget about the time when watching Rachel. When I look at the timer she has been exposed to the radiation for 40 seconds. I immediately close the hatch and the flow of radiation stops. Rachel moans and smiles at the same time. Her face betrays the fact that she is enjoying the feeling inside her.

Kyle: ‘Rachel? Is everything ok?’

Rachel: ‘I can feel it Kyle… I can feel the radiation spreading through my body, improving me!’

Kyle: ‘I can’t wait for the results.’

Rachel: ‘Me neither. Thank you so much.’

Kyle: ‘You are welcome Rachel. I hope you are not as ungrateful as Trish.’

Rachel: ‘Absolutely not. I am going to enjoy this very much.’

Rachel walks in my direction and presses her lips against mine. A shiver of arousal runs through me, and I immediately kiss back. Her breasts, probably expanded to a firm B, maybe a small C-cup, press against my chest. I feel my cock reacting and becoming hard. I want her, I think about her potential and how she will change and it arouses me even more. Suddenly Rachel breaks the kiss and I look at her, the shock is noticeable on my face.

Rachel: ‘Thank you so much, Kyle.’

Kyle: ‘You… you are welcome.’

Rachel: ‘I have to go home now. Tomorrow is a long day at work again.’

Kyle: ‘Yes, yes of course.’

Rachel walks back to the living room, and I am still processing what just happened. I gave Rachel the power, but she only thanked me with a kiss. I shrug and hope she will thank me later after her transformation is completed. I walk to the living room as well, and Rachel has already grabbed her stuff. She walks to the front door and when I walk behind her, I notice that her ass is already filling her jeans better than this afternoon. She gives me another kiss, this time on my cheek, and wants to leave my house. Before she does, I ask her a question.

Kyle: ‘Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow? At my place?’

Rachel: ‘Sorry, I am really busy tomorrow. Another time, ok?’

Kyle: ‘Yeah… sure.’

Rachel: ‘Great. See you tomorrow at work.’

I close the door and sigh. I have mixed feelings. Rachel gave me a wonderful kiss, but later she was clearly not interested in me. Was it a mistake to give her powers? I really need to talk to Trish tomorrow…


It’s the next day, and the alarm on my smartphone goes off. I press the ‘off’ button and see a Whatsapp message from Rachel:

´Thank you so much, Kyle. I never felt so good in my entire life. Tonight was amazing. I just felt my body improving. I don’t need to wear glasses any longer, I am super strong and my body looks fucking hot.’

I read the message and feel the disappointment growing inside me. I wanted to see her transformation. I just wanted to see Rachel fulfil her potential. I start to type back:

´That’s fantastic news Rachel. Can you show me? When do you have time to meet again?’

It only takes two minutes to receive a reply. This time she also sends me a picture:

I made a selfie this morning. Don’t pay attention to the horrible lamp on the ceiling. I don’t know when we can meet, I really need to check my agenda because I am very busy.’

I look at the picture and am completely speechless. Rachel looks amazing. How can I pay attention to the lamp when she is in the picture? What a body, what a beauty. Her breasts seem to have reached a gorgeous C-cup. I really created a wonder woman. I am still wondering how strong she will be. Trish easily defeated two men and Rachel must be even stronger than her. I immediately start to fantasize about Rachel and her powers. Then I realize I need to go to work. I put my phone down and get ready. I can’t wait to see Rachel in person.


I arrive at work and am a little late. I see Trish already sitting behind her desk. Today she looks at me when I enter the office and gives me a wry smile. I smile back, but don’t have the guts to go to her desk. I look at Rachel’s desk, which is still empty. It’s strange that she isn’t in the office because she was awake on time.

After an hour Rachel is still not in the office and I decide to send her a Whatsapp message to ask why she’s not in the office. After another hour I didn’t hear anything from her and she is still not in the office. I walk to her manager Phil.

Kyle: ‘Phil, do you know where Rachel is?’

Phil: ‘Rachel? She quit her job this morning.’

Kyle: ‘She what?!’

Phil: ‘Yes, she called me this morning and told me that she immediately quit her job.’

Kyle: ‘I… I can’t believe it.’

Phil: ‘Me neither…’

Kyle: ‘Well thanks Phil!’

Phil: ‘You are welcome Kyle.’

I can’t believe Rachel just quit her job. Is it because she doesn’t want to explain her transformation? I decide to call her and dial her number. She doesn’t pick up her phone, and I start to worry. I sit down behind my desk but can’t really focus on my work. Suddenly my phone rings, and I see on my screen that Rachel is calling. I immediately answer the phone.

Kyle: ‘Rachel, where are you? I was worried.’

Rachel: ‘You don’t have to worry about me Kyle. Thanks to you I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.’

Kyle: ‘You quit your job. Why?’

Rachel: ‘Because a woman like me can earn her money in better ways…’

Kyle: ‘What are you talking about?’

Rachel: ‘I just robbed the local gang of their money earned with drugs. You should have seen me. Six men couldn’t stop me. You really made me something Kyle. I didn’t believe it until I felt it.’

Kyle: ‘You robbed the local gang? Are you insane? They will kill you.’

Rachel: ‘I don’t think so Kyle…’

Kyle: ‘No, you didn’t… Tell me you didn’t.’

Rachel: ‘What’s wrong? They shoot and kill a lot of people as well.’

Kyle: ‘Rachel, you can’t do a thing like that.’

Rachel: ‘Ooh I can. And you made it possible Kyle. I will reward you with 25% of the loot.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t want it. I created my machine to do good things.’

Rachel: ‘I am doing good things. I am eliminating criminals. You should see me as a Robin Hood. Bye Kyle, good luck in the office.’

Kyle: ‘No Rachel, wait…’

Before I can finish my sentence she hangs up. I can’t believe it. Rachel was definitely not the right person to give these powers. I need to talk with Trish. I walk to her desk.

Kyle: ‘Trish, can I speak with you for a minute. It’s really important.’

Trish: ‘Not now Kyle, I am busy.’

Kyle: ‘But it’s really important.’

Trish: ‘Alright. What’s the matter?’

Kyle: ‘Not here. Can you please walk with me?’

Trish sighs and I know that’s not a good sign, but I really need to speak with her. I go first and walk to a quiet part of the office. Trish follows me and when I think nobody is able to hear us I start to talk to her.

Kyle: ‘I made a mistake…’

Trish: ‘I don’t have time for this Kyle. You know how I think of what you did.’

Kyle: ‘No listen, I made an even bigger mistake.’

Trish: ‘What did you do?’

Kyle: ‘I was frustrated because you were mad at me. I gave you one of the best gifts in the entire world, but you became mad at me for not telling you. Last night Rachel was at my place and I…’

Trish: ‘Really? So you gave Rachel these powers as well?’

Kyle: ‘Not only your powers. I maybe gave her a little more.’

Trish: ‘Really? I didn’t even know that was possible.’

Kyle: ‘Yeah, you were exposed to 15% of the radiation and Rachel to 25% for a longer period of time. So she improved faster as well.’

Trish: ‘Great. And where is she now?’

Kyle: ‘That’s the problem. She quit her job and has robbed the local gang of their drugs money this afternoon. I am pretty sure she killed 6 men.’

Trish: ‘She is stealing from criminals. That’s admirable.’

Kyle: ‘That might be only the beginning. We have to stop her.’

Trish: ‘How do you want to do that?’

Kyle: ‘I can set my machine even higher and make you even stronger so you can bring her to the basement. I might have a way to reverse the process.’

Trish: ‘Ooh no, Kyle. I am not going to do that. I don’t want that radiation inside my body again.’

Kyle: ‘Trish, please… I don’t know…’

Trish: ‘You have to clean this mess yourself Kyle. End of discussion. I am going back to work.’

Trish is serious, and she walks back to her desk. I sigh and go back to work as well. During the afternoon I can only think of Rachel and Trish and how to get things straight. I know I have only one option left, I need to give myself a little boost. It’s something that I didn’t think of because I was so focused on giving Trish and Rachel powers that I forgot about myself. This evening I will boost myself.


I finish my dinner and clean the mess. I decide it’s time to set everything in motion to stop Rachel from doing more bad things. I also found out that I could definitely reverse the process. With the machine I can create negative radiation which will drain the radiation that’s left in someone’s body back into the source. Before I can use this on Rachel and maybe also on Trish I have to give myself a little power boost first. I walk down to the basement and turn the machine on. I want to expose myself for 30 seconds to 30% of the radiation. Suddenly the doorbell rings and I am wondering who it will be. I hope it is Trish who changed her mind. I leave the basement and walk to the front door. When I open the front door I am really surprised to see Anne, our colleague and Trish’s friend.

Before Trish’s transformation Anne was the better looking of the two. She has a very long and slender body. She doesn’t have really big breasts or curves, but she does have a nice slender figure, which gives her an attractive, feminine appearance. Her brown hair and green eyes also contribute to her good looks and pleasant appearance.

Kyle: ‘Anne, I didn’t expect you. What brings you here?’

Anne: ‘I need to speak with you Kyle. May I come in?’

Kyle: ‘Of course.’

I step aside, and Anne enters my house. It’s the first time she is at my place, so she doesn’t know the way. I close the door and lead her to the living room. I pour two glasses of soda, and we sit down at the kitchen table.

Kyle: ‘So, why do you want to talk with me?’

Anne: ‘I know what you did with Trish and Rachel.’

Kyle: ‘I… I don’t know what you are talking about. Nothing happened. Only a kiss, but nothing else.’

Anne: ‘That’s not what I mean. I know how they improved…’

Kyle: ‘How… how do you know?’

Anne: ‘I heard you talking with Trish in the office. I was just heading for her desk when I heard you two talking around the corner. I might have heard the entire conversation.’

Kyle: ‘Shit…’

Anne: ‘No worries. I won’t tell anyone…’

Kyle: ‘Thanks Anne. Really appreciate it.’

Anne: ‘… If you expose me to the radiation as well.’

Kyle: ‘No Anne, I can’t do that. I already caused too much trouble.’

Anne: ‘I know. And I am going to help you stop Rachel.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t know Anne.’

Anne: ‘Come on Kyle. You don’t want your little secret to become public, do you?’

Kyle: ‘No, I don’t.’

Anne: ‘I think we really need to catch Rachel, because with her on the loose it’s only a matter of time before questions will be asked.’

Kyle: ‘You are right. Alright, follow me.’

I walk to the basement and Anne immediately follows me. I show her the machine and give her a short explanation of how I created the mineral and how the machine works.

Anne: ‘So Trish was exposed to 15% radiation and Rachel to 25%?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, she was. I want to expose you to 27% for 30 seconds.’

Anne: ’27?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, I want you to be slightly more powerful as Rachel. I think it will be sufficient.’

Anne: ‘27%? You can’t be serious? We need to be sure that we will win!’

Anne does a step in my direction and looks at me. She smiles and slides her hands over her body. Her hands follow every curve. I swallow and try to hide my arousal.

Anne: ‘If 15% did that with Trish, imagine what more radiation can do for this body…’

Anne is playing me, but I can’t withstand her seduction. Her body already looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how she will look after the improvements. I feel Anne’s hand sliding over my chest and she smiles at me. I want to get out of this uncomfortable situation because I can feel my arousal growing.

Kyle: ‘Alright, I will put it on 30% for 30 seconds.’

Anne: ‘Did Rachel change immediately?’

Kyle: ‘No, she didn’t.’

Anne: ‘Expose me to 35% and for a longer period of time to the radiation. As long as necessary to change immediately.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t know if…’

Anne: ‘Don’t be a pussy, and do it!’

Kyle: ‘Alright, alright.’

Before I know Anne is already standing on the spot. I set the machine to 35%. I am still not sure why I comply with Anne’s request because there will only be 23% radiation left after this, but I really want to see what the radiation will do to her already great body, and she really needs to be stronger than Rachel. I press the right buttons to open the hatch and Anne is exposed to the radiation.


I look at her and know that, just like Rachel, she doesn’t feel anything in the first 10 seconds. However, after only 5 seconds Anne starts to breathe heavily and soft moans escape from her mouth. She gasps for air when the radiation starts to spread through her body. Her face betrays the intense pleasure she is experiencing. Anne throws her head backwards and bites her lip. She holds her hands in front of her and clenches her fists. Inside of me, I feel the arousal growing. I watch how Anne really enjoys what’s happening to her, and I wonder how soon she will visually improve. I am not even finished thinking when I can see her breasts expanding underneath her white shirt. A loud moan echoes through my basement.


Kyle: ‘Anne, are you alright?’

Anne: ‘OOH YESS!! More than alright! I want it… I WANT IT ALL!!’

Anne’s hands slide over her body, and she cups her already expanded breasts together. Her hair becomes shiny and gains some extra volume. I can see the imperfections on her skin disappearing. Every muscle in her body expands and transforms. I see her legs getting more toned and the fibre of her skinny jeans is reaching its limits.

Anne: ‘OOOHH… YES!!’

I can’t take my eyes off of Anne. Her transformation is ridiculously hot to watch. I can feel the arousal growing inside of me. Her skinny jeans really stretch to their limits because of the power of her expanding legs. Her skinny, slender legs are replaced by toned and incredible feminine legs. Her ass and hips expand and the fibre of her jeans around these parts of Anne’s body stretch as well. Her stomach stays flat, but her waist reshapes so it becomes a better fit for the rest of her body. A perfect hourglass figure is formed right in front of my eyes. I close the hatch and see how Anne is completely lost in the sensation. The changes occurred much faster than I expected. The higher the dose, the sooner the changes occur.

Anne: ‘That was… fucking amazing!’

I see how Anne’s hands slide over her body. Her long and slender body is gone and she looks far better than before. She is simply stunning. Anne looks at me and slowly walks in my direction.

Kyle: ‘How do you feel?’

Anne: ‘I feel fantastic. Will I transform even further?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, I think so. This was just the beginning… Both Trish and Rachel improved even further after some time.’

I still sit on the chair in front of the control panel. Anne leans forward and places her hand seductively on my upper leg. I immediately feel a shiver running down my spine.

Anne: ‘I can’t wait to improve further. The power, the beauty… It’s addicting, Kyle.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t know, I haven’t used it yet and…’

Anne: ‘Give me more… Give me everything!’

Kyle: ‘I can’t do that Anne, I… OOOHH!’

Anne places her hand on my crotch and gently rubs it. She feels that I am rock hard because of her transformation.

Anne: ‘I feel you want it.’

Anne sits down on my lap and presses her breasts, which are a full C-cup, against my chest. With her soft lips, she kisses my neck. She moves her hips back and forth over my crotch. My body shakes, and it doesn’t take long before my underpants are wet. I feel the cum dripping over my hard cock, and Anne feels that I’ve reached my climax as well. She pulls her lips away from my neck and bites her lip when she looks at me.

Anne: ‘That was quick… Do you like how I look?’

Kyle: ‘You… you look stunning.’

Anne: ‘I can give you more if you want… And I can be even more stunning.’

Kyle: ‘Yes… yes.’

Anne smiles, and she knows that she doesn’t need any more words to convince me. She walks back to the spot, and I start to set the machine. There is only 28% radiation left, but I want Anne to improve further. I want to feel her lips in my neck again. I want her to rub my crotch. I want her to undress me and I want to undress her. I want to feel her amazing body, from the outside but also from the inside. I look at the screen and want to keep a little radiation for myself as well. I look at Anne, who can see my doubt. She bites her lip and she needs only one word to persuade me.

Anne: ‘Everything…’

I adjust the settings on the machine and open the hatch. Anne sees the hatch opening and closes her eyes to prepare for what’s coming. As soon as the radiation hits her body, I can see the desire in Anne’s movements. She gasps for air as her body eagerly accepts the extra dose of radiation. Her further improvements start as soon as the radiation hit her.

Anne: ‘OOOHHHHH…!!’

I thought that Anne was already really beautiful, but the radiation proves that there is still room for improvement. Her skin becomes even silkier and smoother than it already was. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. There is no flaw or imperfection to be seen on her skin. Even a small scar on her elbow disappears. Her body reshapes itself as well. Her hips and ass expand even further and her figure becomes almost absolute perfection. Anne’s moans are replaced by a laughter which can be best described as a combination of satisfaction and desire for more. She places her hands on her breasts and squeezes them together.

Anne: ‘YESS!! Come on. Give me EVERYTHING!!’

I see the amount of radiation inside the machine decreasing fast. I know it’s all being absorbed by Anne’s body. Her breasts expand even further, and her bra can’t handle the power of her improving physique and snaps. Anne pulls her white bra from underneath her white shirt and throws it on the ground. I look at Anne, and my jaw drops. Her breasts look incredible. I guess they must be a full C-cup by now, but they are perfectly proportioned. As far as I can see, they are the best breasts I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s a shame that her white shirt is still covering them. I look at the screen and see that all the radiation of the X-kryptonite has been used. The final amount is now being absorbed by Anne’s body. I close the hatch and when I look back at her, I am in shock. Anne is hovering a foot inthe air. She has thrown her head backwards and her chest forward. Her breasts press against the fibres of her white shirt.


I swallow and feel my cock getting bigger and bigger, just by watching Anne enjoying her power. She slowly lands back on the ground and licks her lips. A satisfying smile forms itself on her face. Anne moves her hands over her body and she feels how her body transformed into a vessel of beauty and power. Her hands follow every curve, and she clearly enjoys her newformed assets.

Kyle: ‘Anne… Are you alright?’

Anne: ‘Do I look alright?’

Kyle: ‘You… you look stunning.’

Anne: ‘I feel so powerful. I can just feel the power flowing through my veins. And I can feel I am still getting more powerful with each passing second.’

I can’t take my eyes off Anne. She is an absolute goddess and the fact that she says that she is getting more powerful makes my fantasies go wild. Her loose-fitting white shirt is now stretched to its limits and her breasts look spectacular. Her entire body just radiates perfection. She walks in my direction, and I feel my heart racing. Anne stops in front of me and places her hand on my chest. Just by her touch, I can just feel the strength and power she possesses. She bends forward and places her incredibly soft lips on mine. Her breasts gently press against my chest. I have never felt and tasted something like it in my entire life. The softness of her lips and her perfect breasts which press against my chest make me cum again. Anne knows what she is doing with me and she clearly enjoys it. She breaks the kiss and looks me in the eyes.

Anne: ‘Hmm… You couldn’t hold it any longer?’

Kyle: ‘I… I am sorry. You are just so hot and…’

Anne: ‘I know. You don’t have to apologize.’

Kyle: ‘Thanks Anne.’

Anne: ‘OOOHH… All this power. Using it on Trish would have been such a waste! It’s mine now.’

I immediately think about Trish and how she would have looked with this amount of radiation. I don’t think it would have been a waste. Although I have to admit Anne looks absolutely stunning. My small friend between my legs showed that twice within the past 15 minutes.

Kyle: ‘Anne, we also have to think about Rachel and how we can stop her.’

Anne: ‘That’s right. Tell me your plan. I know where she lives, so I can bring her here if you want.’

Kyle: ‘You know where she…? That’s amazing! If you could bring her here then I will make change my pants and underpants and make sure the machine is ready.’

Anne: ‘What’s your plan with the machine?’

Kyle: ‘I found out that the X-kryptonite can be used in two ways. To put it simple, one way is to give powers and the other one is to take powers. I made the machine ready so I can change that with the flip of a couple of switches. Unfortunately not when a process is in progress. I need to close the hatch first before I can change the settings.’

Anne: ‘Interesting. So we only have to make sure Rachel stands on the spot in front of the machine?’

Kyle: ‘Yes, that’s correct.’

Anne: ‘And she doesn’t know about the ability of your mineral to take away her powers?’

Kyle: ‘No, not really.’

Anne: ‘Then why didn’t you just called her to tell that you want to give her even more powers?’

Kyle: ‘Because… I never thought of that.’

Anne: ‘Call her!’

Kyle: ‘Yes, of course.’

I wanted to change my pants and underpants first, but Anne is really persuasive, and I immediately grab my phone. I search for Rachel’s number and I dial it with a little bit of hesitation. What if she can’t be fooled or just doesn’t want to come? The phone goes off and it doesn’t take long before Rachel answers the phone.

Rachel: ‘What do you want, Kyle?’

Kyle: ‘Good evening, Rachel. Nice to speak to you.’

Rachel: ‘I am in a bit of a hurry, Kyle. So what do you want?’

Kyle: ‘I have thought about your offer.’

Rachel: ‘Alright. And…?

Kyle: ‘I want to make a deal. I will make you more powerful, but I want 50% of the loot.’

Rachel: ‘You want to make me… hmm… interesting offer. Make it 35% and we have a deal!’

Kyle: Great! Would you be able to come over?’

Rachel: ‘Of course. I can always reschedule something for an extra portion of radiation.’

Kyle: ‘I’ll be at home. See you soon.’

Rachel: ‘I’ll be there within 20 minutes.’

I put my mobile phone away and turn my attention to Anne who smiles at me because her idea worked. It is stupid that I didn’t think of this myself. Well, if Rachel finds out about my plan before I turn the machine on, I have a back-up plan in the form of Anne. So that gives me a lot more confidence in a good result.

Kyle: ‘She will be here within 20 minutes. I will get some clean clothes. I want you as a back-up in case Rachel finds out before I turn the machine on.’

Anne: ‘Of course. I will hide in another room and follow you two down the basement.’

Kyle: ‘That’s a great idea!’


I am wearing clean pants, and Anne has hidden herself in my sleeping room. I am just on time, because the doorbell rings and I am pretty sure it is Rachel. I open the door and Rachel is indeed standing in front of me. She says hi and almost runs over me when she enters my house.

Kyle: ‘Hi Rachel. Nice to see you again.’

Rachel: ‘We need to get to work Kyle. There is a meeting between two of the largest drugs gangs of the city tonight. I want to be there on time.’

Kyle: ‘Of course, let’s go downstairs.’

I walk down to the basement and Rachel follows me. We reach the basement and I walk to the machine. I ask Rachel to stand on the spot, but she doesn’t listen and she approaches me. I try to stop her, but I am too late. She watches the screen and sees that there is no radiation left.

Rachel: ‘There is no radiation left… Why did I need to come? Where did you use the other radiation for?’

Anne: ‘For me!’

Rachel: ‘Who are you?’

Anne: ‘Hi Rachel. I can imagine you don’t recognize me anymore. Does Anne ring a bell?’

Rachel: ‘Anne? Oh my god, you look amazing.’

Anne: ‘Thanks. You look quite good as well.’

Rachel: ‘Thank you. So, what is this all about? Why did I need to come?’

Anne: ‘To give your powers back…’

Rachel: ‘To… what? No, that’s not what Kyle told me, he wanted to give me more powers.’

Anne: ‘He lied. Didn’t you Kyle?’

Kyle: ‘Well… yeah.’

Rachel: ‘No. No. No way I am giving up these powers.’

Anne: ‘I don’t think you have a choice.’

Rachel: ‘We’ll see about that.’

I see how Rachel clenches her fist and moves it towards Anne’s head with amazing speed. To my surprise Anne is able to counter the punch and easily catches Rachel’s fist. Rachel is in shock and can’t deflect Anne’s high kick which causes Rachel to crash against the wall. Rachel crawls up, and Anne smiles at her.

Anne: ‘You are no match for me. I possess more than two times as much radiation as you.’

I know Anne possesses more radiation than Rachel, but Rachel received the radiation a longer time ago. This means Rachel’s powers must have grown during that time. Anne doesn’t possess her powers very long, but apparently long enough to overpower Rachel. Anne lifts off from the ground and hovers above the ground. Rachel can’t believe her eyes and fear becomes visible on her face. Anne flies in Rachel’s direction who thinks of a possibility to escape from the situation. Rachel starts to run, but Anne is faster as well and flies to Rachel and stops right in front of her. With one hand Anne grabs Rachel’s neck and lifts her from the ground. Rachel groans and gasps for air.

Anne: ‘You can’t win this. Accept it and give your powers back.’

But Rachel isn’t giving up so easy and she throws a punch to Anne’s face again. This time Anne can’t deflect it because she is holding Rachel with that hand. Rachel’s fist lands on Anne’s cheek, and it hurts her. Anne immediately releases her grip on Rachel, and Rachel falls on the ground. Anne is a bit surprised by what just happened. She didn’t expect that Rachel could hurt her. Rachel uses this in her advantage and throws another punch at Anne, this time aimed at her stomach. Anne feels the punch hit her belly, and she collapses on the ground. Rachel is getting the upper hand, and she wants to launch a kick with her right foot at Anne. I see Rachel is right in front of the machine, and everything is set to activate the reversed process. I immediately tap the right buttons and the hatch opens. Rachel stiffens and feels the power flowing out of her body as the radiation is sucked back into the piece of X-kryptonite. Anne crawls up, and sees Rachel is having a difficult time. She immediately knows what is happening and walks away from the machine. Rachel is struggling not to collapse on the ground. The reversed process goes even faster than expected. Within a matter of seconds the radiation is sucked out of Rachel and stored back inside the piece of X-kryptonite. Rachel falls on the ground and her improved body disappears quickly. It doesn’t take long before Rachel looks exactly like she did before she received the radiation. Anne walks to Rachel and drags her away and puts her on the other side of the basement.

Anne: ‘She is still breathing. I think she will be fine.’

Kyle: ‘It worked! The X-kryptonite contains 25% radiation again.’

Anne: ‘That’s fantastic news…’

Kyle: ‘So Anne, now that Rachel is defeated you can return some radiation as well…’

Anne: ‘Hahaha, absolutely not.’

Kyle: ‘I don’t understand. You wanted to help defeat Rachel. We did, so you can…’

Anne: ‘Ooh Kyle. You are so naïve. You are going to give me that 25% as well.’

Kyle: ‘What? No. Anne, what are you talking about?’

Anne is walking in my direction and stops in front of me. She grabs my throat, lifts me from the ground and pushes me against the wall. I gasp for air and struggle to break from her grasp, but she is way too strong for me.

Anne: ‘You are going to give me Rachel’s portion right now!’

Anne throws me against the control panel of the machine and points at the screen. I know what she means. I don’t want her to hurt me, so I press the right buttons and set the machine back to emitting radiation instead of absorbing.

Anne: ‘Now step away from the machine.’

I listen to Anne and do a couple of steps backwards. Anne walks to the machine and keeps a close eye on me. She wants to be sure I am not touching anything during her short walk to the spot in front of the machine. When Anne stands on the spot in front of the machine she signals at me.

Anne: ‘Open the hatch, no tricks!’

I listen to Anne and open the hatch. It will take too long to set the machine to absorbing radiation. Anne would notice it. So I have no other option than to open the hatch. I am afraid, though. After this, Anne possesses 83% of the radiation. The hatch opens and the radiation shoots in Anne’s direction. After a couple of seconds the effects become visible as Anne throws her head backwards, opens her mouth and starts to breathe heavily. Her face betrays the fact that she is enjoying it.

Anne: ‘Ooooh Kyle… I can feel it. I can feel the radiation entering my body… I feel so OOOOHHHHH!!’

Anne’s body eagerly absorbs the radiation and her adapted cells immediately start to change. Her beautiful body improves even further. Every curve reshapes itself into pure perfection. Her arms, legs and belly become more toned and every part of her body really shows the amount of power that is currently held within her body. Her hair turns darker and gains a beautiful shine. Her skin turns a little darker, giving Anne a very healthy look. Almost every imperfection fades away and her skin looks like the softest and silkiest skin ever existed on this planet. Her lips and cheekbones reshape into pure perfection.


Watching Anne’s transformation makes me super aroused. She is transforming into the most beautiful and powerful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Her body is becoming the perfect combination of beauty and strength. Her breasts show this again by expanding further into the best D-cup breasts I have ever seen. In all those magazines, on Instagram, on TikTok, I have never seen such amazing boobs. Maybe it’s also because I am seeing them in real life. I look at the screen and see that all radiation is gone and that Anne must have absorbed everything by this time. I see that she slowly comes back to her senses. She still breathes heavily, but she moves her face forward and bites her lip. A mysterious look appears on her face. It looks like she is still enjoying the changes. Anne looks down and can’t suppress a smile when she looks into her cleavage. She places her hands on her breasts and cups them together. Her breasts look ridiculously firm, but perfectly soft at the same time. She releases her breasts and moves her hands via her side and hips further downwards to her ass.

Anne: ‘Oooh yes… I am almost perfect.’

Kyle: ‘Anne, you are perfect!’

Anne: ‘No, I am not… I am still missing something.’

Anne walks in my direction and I try to figure out what she is talking about. She looks absolutely perfect, and I feel the arousal inside my body growing when she walks in my direction with that delicious body of hers. I just can’t take my eyes off her. She is mesmerizing me with her entire appearance and she knows it. She stops in front of me, and I can’t stop staring at her gorgeous face and ridiculously teasing cleavage. I just want to grab her body and experience my wildest desires with her.

Kyle: ‘Wha… what do you mean?’

Anne: ‘I am still missing 17%…’

Kyle: ‘17%?’

In first instance, I have no idea what she is talking about, but soon it hits me. Anne wants to have the other 17% of the radiation as well. I am in shock and didn’t expect this of Anne who seemed so willing to help me, but shows more and more that she did this only for herself.

Kyle: ‘No Anne, we can’t do that. Trish is your friend.’

Anne: ‘She made clear that she didn’t want your gift. So we can do her a huge favour.’

Anne shows so much confidence that it is really hard not to obey her. And it’s also not helping that Anne is already incredibly hot and powerful. She really is mesmerizing me. Deep down inside I want her to have that last 17% of the radiation and see what she will become. I can’t imagine Anne could become even hotter and stronger than she already is, but I am curious to see it.

Kyle: ‘You are right Anne. We need to do it. You deserve those powers!’

Anne: ‘Ooh, yes I do.’

Kyle: ‘How do we get Trish here? It’s already late in the evening. And we also have Rachel. I think she will wake up soon.’

Anne: ‘I will bring Rachel back to her house and bring Trish here.’

Kyle: ‘How are you going to do that?’

Anne: ‘I assume you can imagine.’

Anne walks to Rachel’s lifeless body and lifts it off the ground like it’s a feather. She walks to the stairs which lead to the exit of the basement.

Anne: ‘It won’t take long. Prepare everything.’

Kyle: ‘Of course.’

With that being said Anne leaves the basement. I follow her to check what she is going to do. She leaves my house via the back door. Anne is in the back yard and shoots into the sky with Rachel on her shoulder. I can’t believe my eyes and could never imagine that the ‘X-kryptonite’ would have this effect.

I head back to the basement and sit down behind the machine. It won’t take long before Anne is back and I adjust the settings on the machine so that it will take away Trish’s radiation and powers. Deep down inside I feel really sorry for her and I can’t hide the fact that I still have feelings for Trish. She is the reason I started all this. Trish needs to be the person with all the powers. I sigh as Trish made it very clear that she didn’t want the powers. Anne on the other hand is really grateful and wants to have them all. Anne turned into a goddess. She is the purification of beauty and power. My dream has come true with a woman like Anne. She will be unstoppable.

Unstoppable… Do I want Anne to be unstoppable? She is selfish and wants those powers only for herself, which is also kind of arousing. My thoughts go in all different directions. I look at the machine and know that Anne will not allow me to try something against her. She will monitor everything very closely. Suddenly I think of an idea and theory. I hope it will work, otherwise I will probably be a dead man.


I was right about the fact that Anne would return very soon, because within 5 minutes of leaving, she enters the basement with Trish over her shoulder. Trish tries to fight, but Anne has tied her up with some metal which is bent around Trish’s ankles and wrists.

Anne: ‘Hello, Kyle. Is everything ready?’

Kyle: ‘Anne! How did you… Yes, everything is ready.’

Anne: ‘That’s great!’

Trish: ‘Kyle!! What did you do!? You stupid idiot!’

Trish’s words hurt me as I know she is really mad at me. She will become even angrier when we start draining her powers.

Kyle: ‘I will go first, Anne. I will give you everything. You can have my 2% as well.’

Anne: ‘That’s so nice of you, Kyle.’

Kyle: ‘Everything is ready. You just have to open the hatch.’

I walk to the front of the machine and Anne puts Trish down on the ground. Anne walks to the machine and looks at the screen. I can see that she is surprised when the machine is set on absorbing. She opens the hatch and I can immediately feel the radiation being sucked out of my body. My eyesight gets bad immediately. Luckily, I grabbed my glasses from the living room. I can feel the extra energy being sucked out of my body. Anne closes the hatch when she sees that the mineral contains 2% radiation. I step away from the front of the machine and take my glasses from my pocket. Anne smiles at me, grabs Trish, and drags her to the place where I was standing a couple of seconds ago. She places Trish on the right spot, does a couple of steps to the side and signals me to open the hatch. I know I have no other option than to obey Anne, and I open the hatch.

Trish: ‘No Kyle, don’t do it!!’

I hear Trish begging not to open the hatch, but I close my eyes and open the hatch. I can’t look at Trish and keep staring at the screen. I see the radiation level rising and I know the radiation in Trish’s body must be declining.

Trish: ‘Noooo… Kyle. Stop this!’

Anne: ‘You didn’t want those powers Trish. You even dumped him for giving you them. I happily take them for you. I am almost complete.’

I see that the radiation inside the ‘X-kryptonite’ is at 17% and I close the hatch. I look at Trish and see that her body turned back to normal. Her eyes become heavy, and she is losing consciousness. Anne is just on time to catch her and carefully lies her down on the ground and drags her away from the machine.

Anne: ‘Now, it’s time for my final portion of radiation!’

Kyle: ‘You need to release Trish first. You can’t leave her like this. She is still your friend.’

Anne: ‘You are right…’

Anne grabs the iron and bends it with her bare hands. I can’t believe my eyes. Anne really possesses inhuman strength. I look at her body and can’t take my eyes off her. When she bends forward to release Trish her cleavage looks amazing. Anne is pure perfection and she will become even more. Anne throws the iron aside and stands up. She takes my hand and pulls me towards her. Anne wraps her arms around me and I feel how her delicious breasts press against my chest. Before I know it she presses her soft lips against mine and rewards me with the best kiss I ever received in my entire life. My entire body immediately longs for more, but Anne isn’t going to give it to me. She breaks the kiss and looks at me.

Anne: ‘Thank you so much for everything. Now, make me complete!’

Kyle: ‘Of course…’

I walk to the machine and prepare it to give Anne the final 17% of the radiation. Anne checks if I am doing the right things and when she sees I am doing what she wants, she walks to the spot in front of the machine. Both Anne and the machine are ready, and I open the hatch. Anne prepares for what’s coming, and it doesn’t take long before the radiation reaches her body which it eagerly absorbs. I can see that Anne feels the radiation flowing through her body. She has closed her eyes and her face betrays that she is intensely enjoying it. The screen shows that the radiation inside the machine is dropping, which can only mean the radiation level inside Anne’s body is rising.

Anne: ‘OOOOOHHH!! YESS!! I can feel it. I can feel the radiation… It’s so addicting! With this, I will finally be complete! OOOOOHHHH!!’

Anne was already a goddess, but the radiation is able to improve her even further. Every part of her body becomes pure perfection. She was already incredibly gorgeous, but this bit of radiation really completes her. Her ass becomes slightly bigger and firmer, her hips expand and the hints of a six pack become even more visible on her belly. Her breasts expand a bit as well.

Anne: ‘I want it all… OOOOH! Give it all!’

Anne is completely lost in the sensation. Trish slowly gains her consciousness and sees how Anne is turning into a true goddess. I signal Trish to stay down and try to explain with hand gestures that I have a plan. Trish rolls with her eyes, but she stays down.

I look at the screen and see that all radiation is gone from the machine. I hope Anne trusts me enough and I hope that my assumptions are true.

Kyle: ‘Anne, there are small traces of radiation inside the mineral. The machine can’t emit them, but if you grab the mineral you can absorb the final bits as well.’

Anne: ‘Yes, I want it all… I need it all!’

Anne walks to the machine and puts her hand through the hole and takes the piece of ‘X-kryptonite’ out of the machine. Anne holds it firmly in her hand and looks at it eagerly.

Anne: ‘All the radiation needs to be mine. I want to be complete!’

Kyle: ‘Close your eyes and feel it, Anne…’

Anne: ‘Yes… I can feel the last bits of radiation flowing into me. HMMMM!!’

I know that the mineral will become unstable after some period outside the machine, and I hope that it will absorb Anne’s powers. My assumption is that it will also suck the radiation out of Anne before it does. I just hope I can convince Anne long enough that there really is some radiation left. Suddenly Trish stands up and runs in Anne’s direction.

Trish: ‘Stop this, Anne!’

Kyle: ‘No, Trish!’

Anne smiles and knows Trish can’t hurt her. With one finger she is able to hold Trish back. Anne closes her eyes again and focuses on the last bits of radiation. I see that the stone changes colour and that it soon will implode and hopefully absorb Anne’s radiation.

Kyle: ‘Trish, get back here!’

Trish: ‘No, I have to stop her.’

Anne: ‘You can’t stop me. I am perfection. I am almost complete!’

Trish: ‘Give that thing here!’

Trish reaches for the mineral, which starts to shake as it gets really unstable now. Anne opens her eyes and sees the mineral is doing something she didn’t expect. Trish’s finger touches the mineral and there is immediately an explosion of a bright white light. I need to close my eyes because the light is too much for me. I hear a mix of screams and moans coming from where Anne and Trish are standing. I have no idea what is going on, but I expect the worst. After a couple of seconds the brightness of the light decreases. It does take a longer time before I am able to see properly, so I can’t see anything first. I am only able to hear what is being said.

Anne: ‘No, no! What’s happening?’

My eyesight slowly returns, and I see Anne sitting on the ground. To my surprise she turned back to normal. All her improved assets are gone and she looks exactly like her old self. I question where the radiation has gone, but when I look to the right I see Trish standing a couple of feet away from Anne. The ‘X-kryptonite’ is nowhere to be seen. I try to figure out what happened and where the radiation has gone, but that question is answered soon.

Trish: ‘I… I feel… OOOOHHH!!’

Trish closes her eyes and clearly enjoys something that is happening within her. I immediately know where the radiation is: Trish absorbed it all. I can see how Trish throws her head backwards and slides her hands over her body. Soon her body starts to change quite rapidly. Her curves expand and her skin becomes silky smooth. Imperfections fade away and power flows through her muscles and veins.

Trish: ‘AAHHHH… So much POWER!! HMMMM!!’

Trish can’t hide the fact that the power really does something with her. She let me know that she didn’t want it, but she is now really enjoying her own transformation. I can’t believe my eyes. The girl that I am in love with is becoming a goddess. She is turning into absolute perfection. Her ass, hips and thighs expand and become super firm. Every surplus of fat disappears and Trish’s face reshapes. Her hair becomes shiny and gorgeous. Every muscle in her body expands a little bit and becomes super dense and firm. She doesn’t become really muscular, she still keeps that very feminine look, but due to her toned body it’s clearly visible that she possesses a lot of strength and power.

Trish: ‘This feels so good!! Please, I want more. Give me mo… OOHHHHH!!’

Trish places her hands, with her gorgeous slender fingers on her breasts and feels how they expand within her hands. Her black shirt is stretched to its limits and when she releases them from her grip she shows the most magnificent cleavage I have ever seen in my entire life. Trish moans as the power gives her a final boost. She lifts off from the ground and throws her head backwards. Every curve, every vein, every muscle and every cell in her body becomes perfection. Every curve expands just a little bit further and so do her breasts. They reach a magnificent D-cup and I can’t hide my arousal any longer. The sight of Trish turning into the goddess of my dreams is extremely arousing and my rock hard cock creates a huge bulge in my pants. A loud, excitement-filled moan echoes through the basement.


Trish lands back on the ground and comes back to her senses. Anne is horrified and can’t believe what just happened. She lost all the radiation and Trish took it all. Trish is still breathing heavily and looks seductively and sultry in my direction.

Kyle: ‘Trish, are you alright?’

Trish: ‘I have never felt better in my entire life. I can feel the power flowing through my veins… OOOHHH this feels amazing!’

Trish slides her hands over her body and they follow every perfect curve. She clearly enjoys her newformed assets and moans softly as her new body is obviously still very sensitive.

Kyle: ‘You… you look amazing!’

Anne: ‘No, this can’t be. I wanted to be complete. I wanted to be perfection! You took it from me! I want it back!’


Trish turns around towards Anne. Trish looks very confident and her face betrays a certain disdain towards Anne. I just can’t believe how perfect Trish has become. I am already doing things with her in my fantasy.

Trish: ‘I am afraid I can’t give it back to you Anne.’

Anne: ‘You didn’t even want those powers. I do and I did everything to get them! I deserve them!’

Trish: ‘Who decides that?’

Anne: ‘I decide that?’

Trish: ‘I don’t think so. And besides, what would you do with these powers? I bet you would mainly do things which would be beneficial for you.’

Anne: ‘Of course. Every man, every woman, every human being on earth would obey me. They would all be puppets to me.’

Trish: ‘Well, you can forget about that dream. Tomorrow will be a normal working day for you again. I will bring you to your car.’

Anne: ‘No, let me go!’

Trish walks to Anne and lifts her off the ground. Anne tries to resist, but her attempts are useless. Trish hovers a couple of feet above the ground with Anne bent over her arm and shoulder. Trish flies away and leaves the basement. I am still in shock about what happened, and I can’t stop drooling over Trish. She is just so hot and powerful. I am planning to leave the basement, go to my sleeping room and fantasize about her. Suddenly I hear something and when I look, I see that Trish enters the basement again. I didn’t expect her to return.

Kyle: ‘Tri… Trish. I didn’t expect you to come back. Where is Anne?’

Trish: ‘In her car. I think she is driving home now.’

Kyle: ‘I am sorry Trish. I fucked things up. I don’t know what happened with me, I just wanted your attention. I just wanted…’

Trish: ‘You just wanted me?’

Kyle: ‘Well… yes.’

Trish: ‘You did fuck things up, but I owe you an apology as well. I treated you too harshly. I know you have good intentions.’

Kyle: ‘Thanks. I don’t think we can take your powers away. I know you don’t want them, but…’

Trish: ‘Kyle, I do want them. It’s the best gift ever.’

Kyle: ‘Really?’

Trish: ‘Yes. I can’t believe I never wanted this.’

When Trish says ‘this’ she slides her hands over her breasts, side and hips. I swallow as I feel my cock reacting. Arousal builds inside my body and I am mesmerized by the beauty in front of me. I can’t think clearly anymore. I can only look at Trish and stare at her magnificent cleavage and perfectly formed body.

Trish: ‘I see you also want it?’

Kyle: ‘Sorry… I just…’

Trish: ‘I understand Kyle…’

Trish walks in my direction with a seductive look on her face. She stops right in front of me and stares into my eyes.

Trish: ‘Do you want me?’

Those words, spoken with a soft and seductive tone, make me crazy. Of course I want her. She is my ultimate dream. She is perfection.

Kyle: ‘Ye-yes, of course… I can’t take my eyes off you. You are just perfect.’

Before I know it Trish presses her soft lips against mine. She grabs me with both hands and pulls me towards her. I can feel her firm breasts pressing against my chest and the combination of her delicious lips and perfect breasts make me rock hard again. This time Trish feels something pressing against her and she knows that she is causing it. She breaks the kiss and looks in my eyes.

Trish: ‘You gave me this Kyle. Time for your reward…’

Trish lifts off from the ground and hovers a feet above the ground. She lifts me and together we fly to my bedroom. I can tell you, it was the most wonderful night of my entire life!

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