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Written by OmniScribbler :: [Monday, 07 December 2020 23:25] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 December 2020 11:25]

***CONTENT WARNING:This one gets kinda gory. Also there is a lot of destruction.***

EDITOR WARNING: he's not kidding!!!

Yazmin opened her eyes. She had slept quite peacefully despite the tattered state of the bed from the night’s activities. She absent mindedly started stretching the sleep out of her body, pushing her arms up past her head, arching her back and curling her toes. She barely noticed as her arms pushed straight through the broken headboard and the wall behind it, not even scratching one of her perfect nails.

“God, you are so beautiful.”

Yazmin all but screamed, jumped out of bed and flipped around midair. Before really taking a good look at what had startled her, she instinctively blasted the source of the voice with what was probably a lot more plasma than was necessary. After a moment, her eyes stopped glowing and she stared at the molten crater of what was once wood, plaster, and broken bed. Her outburst had affected more than just her room; she could see through several floors of the hotel where she had disintegrated the woodwork like a bullet through a wet paper towel, but with the paper towel now on fire, since everything in her vision’s path that hadn’t been obliterated was now ablaze.

The adrenaline still pounding in her ears, Yazmin frantically thought back to last night as she slowly floated back to earth.

Drinks at the bar.

Seducing the cute, green eyed young man.

And his date.

Taking them all back to the hotel room.

Fucking the shit out of them.

Yazmin glanced at the wall to her left, away from the smoldering mess. The red, splattered streaks and dented wall were still there and the crumpled and broken blonde was still in the corner of the room. Yazmin felt slight regret, but if that girl hadn’t been so good at eating pussy, Yazmin wouldn’t have involuntarily squeezed her thighs together so hard. Whatever, plenty more fish in the sea, she thought to herself

After tossing the corpse of the pussy eater to the corner, she had ridden the daylights out of whatever the green eyed dude’s name was. She couldn’t even remember how he had reacted to what she had done, but at least she had fun..

She remembered the bed breaking from her light thrusts.

The wet crunch as she pinned down his arms with just a bit too much enthusiasm.

The feeling of his pelvis giving out.

The dozens of orgasms that wracked her body as she milked every bit of pleasure out of his deteriorating body.

That one final tumultuous moment of pure absolute bliss that had sent reverberations throughout the entire building, cracked the walls, and practically rent Green Eyes in two.

Rolling over and collapsing on the mostly undamaged left half of the bed and drifting off to sleep through the hazy afterglow of sexual bliss.

This wasn’t the first time Yazmin had done this. When she had turned 19, she suddenly found that nearly everything she touched broke or bent under her gentle caress. At first her newfound strength had freaked her and her then boyfriend out. His pride had been severely injured when his dainty little girlfriend had suddenly started overpowering him at every turn. Some guys just can’t handle that level of emasculation. He had tried to break up with her. That was when Yazmin had discovered her wild side.

Now, years later, this was the first time she had woken up to one of her victims surviving. Not just surviving, but actually maintaining enough peace of mind to string words into a sentence after the fact too. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Yazmin shook her mind clear and left the remains of the half burning, half disintegrated hotel. Seconds later, she appeared on the other side of the state, having picked up a pair of denim cutoffs and a cute top that was probably several sizes too small. The morning sun reflected dazzlingly off her auburn locks which tumbled down past her tight butt. She sat down on a bench nearby and closed her eyes, enjoying the slowly warming world around her.

“You know that really wasn’t necessary.”

Yazmin froze. A cold chill slipped down her spine. She slowly turned and narrowed her eyes at the dead man before her.

“What are you?” Yazmin asked in a low purr. Not exactly threatening, but cautiously warning.

The dark haired man before her seemed distracted by the stunning figure before him for a moment, but slowly pieced together that he had been asked a question that should be answered. “I uh, I’m just a regular guy. Why do you a—”

Yazmin’s hand cut off his last words as she hoisted him up to her eye level. Now standing, she was at least a head and a half taller than him. His feet dangled a few inches off the ground.

“If you aren’t going to be straight with me, leave me alone!” The purr had turned into a growl. “Unless you enjoy being torn to shreds over and over!”

As the man struggled to breathe, Yazmin heard her green eyed stalker struggle to say something so she brought him closer to her ear to better hear him.

“Harder.” came a weak, but clearly enthralled voice.

He’s a fucking masochist?! Yazmin thought. Gah that always takes half the fun out of it if he’s enjoying it!

Contempt and annoyance fought for a place on her visage as Yazmin clutched hard enough to crush his neck and hurled the pervert across the street where his body exploded through the wall of a small shop.

It wasn’t her first time with a masochist but it was definitely her first time with a repeat customer, since usually the people she was with never got up again once she was done with them. The whole experience was weirding her out. Yazmin stared hard at the red splattered hole in the wall for a moment. Nothing was moving for now but this was the third time she had encountered Green Eyes.

“Freeze!” yelled a high pitched, clearly terrified voice off to her right. Yazmin glanced at the officer pointing his weapon at her. She lazily made her way toward her new toy. Of course, a lazy pace for Yazmin was still faster than the officer could see; to him it was almost as if the tall woman had just teleported in front of him. Sweat beaded on his brow. His hands shook so badly he could barely point the gun at Yazmin and she was mere feet away from him. He had no training for this kind of thing and he was on the brink of breaking down and running.

His fingers squeezed his weapon tighter.

He fired.

Four shots, point blank, into her chest.

Yazmin glanced down into her expanse of cleavage and gingerly brushed a crumpled piece of metal out of the creamy valley. She then shifted her gaze pointedly to the man in front of her, taking note of the darkening patch spreading out from his crotch. She didn’t know whether he came in his pants or pissed himself in fear, but it really didn’t matter to her either way. He wasn’t worth the time, and she had made her point.

Yazmin turned away from the man. Her long mane whipped around and slammed into him like a wall of razor blades. The officer was sent flying, practically flayed alive. Yazmin paid him no heed. She was staring at the insolent, undying, stalker from the night before as he staggered out of the hole. Yazmin’s bewilderment and annoyance transformed into anger. She watched with a mixture of disgust and fascination as his bones snapped and popped back into place. His clothes were in tatters, and she definitely didn’t enjoy seeing the slight flexes of his pecs and abs as he walked up to her. Nope. Not one tiny bit.

“I probably should get your name if you are going to keep following me everywhere.”

“What’s the point if you are just going to kill me every time you see me?”

Yazmin narrowed her eyes and they once again ignited with unfathomable power. However, this time the beams of plasma that shot forth were designed for cutting, not blasting. A quick sweep and she dismembered green eye’s legs from the rest of his torso, causing him to fall forward on his face. Yazmin went over and picked  him up by his hair so she could look him in the eye.

“Adrian,” he volunteered, “And would you mind not mutilating my body anymore? It's getting annoying having to keep regenerating.”

“What other powers do you have?”

Teleportation, telepathy, and slight prescience, Adrian’s voice popped up in her head.

Yazmin winced and growled. “Don’t do that.”

Adrian shrugged. “It's faster than talking, but suit yourself. Would you mind letting me go now? I think I can stand on my own two feet now, if you let me keep them that is.”

Yazmin glared at him for a moment, then dropped him to the ground and folded her arms, pushing her bust up slightly and straining the already overtaxed top even more. “So what the fuck do you want, little man?”

Adrian started to answer, but the approaching sounds of sirens made him hesitate.

Yazmin rolled her eyes. Either a passerby or that cop’s partner had called in backup.

“Perhaps we should continue this somewhere else?” Adrian suggested hesitantly.

Yazmin grinned maliciously. “What would either of us have to fear from insects with pea shooters?”

“It's just hard to carry on a conversation amidst gunfire.”

Yazmin glanced past Adrian and fired off a blast of plasma as wide as the street itself. The resulting explosion of heat and asphalt created a molten crater that completely blocked off any sort of passage. She turned around and repeated her handiwork on the other side of the street.

“There, now we have some peace for the moment. Now, what do you want perv?”

Adrian surveyed the roaring fires, sirens, and screaming pedestrians and raised an eyebrow at the questionable use of the word peace, but answered her regardless. “We are soulmates, and you will never be complete without me. I figured it was time we finally got together.”

Yazmin blinked, trying to process the words that had just entered her head. Before she could respond, Adrian went on.

“I don’t mean in the frivolous way other mortals use the word. I mean that we are literally bound by fate to be together forever. Beyond the bounds of space and time. This is an inescapable destiny for both of us.” He tapped the side of his head and finished with, “Remember, slight prescience.”

Yazmin just stared at him for a second and then drew herself up slightly as if having come to some sort of decision. “Fuck you and your destiny.” She jabbed her hand through Adrain’s chest, ripped out his heart, and crushed it into a bloody pulp, as the remaining blood in his body flowed down to his engorging member. Without a second glance back at Green Eyes, she flew up a few thousand feet into the air and glared down at the city below her. “You know what? I fucking hate this place. I don’t want to see it any more.”

Her golden irises glowed brighter than they had at any of the other points that day, brighter than they had in a long time in fact, and from them unleashed the fires of hell itself. Pulses of ever increasing pure primal heat and power coursed into the very crust of the earth below the city, ignoring the buildings, concrete, and asphalt the way a raging inferno ignored a piece of tissue paper. The quarter mile wide pillar of energy disintegrated everything it touched, and the waves of heat that radiated off melted or blasted away everything for miles. It was as if the most powerful nuke mankind had ever conceived of kept going off over and over again.

Then Yazmin swept her gaze across the rest of the town and simultaneously turned up the power a notch. The sun itself erupted from her eyes and scoured clean everything down to the mantle. It hadn't been a small town, a couple hundred thousand residents, but after a mere ten seconds under Yazmin’s cruel gaze, all that was left was a 40 square mile, mantle deep hole of fire and death. The surrounding area for dozens of square miles in any direction had been razed of any recognizable form.

That seemed… excessive… Adrian’s voice observed.

Yazmin screamed in frustration. “LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FUCKING COCKROACH!!!” Her voice sent ripples through the lake of molten earth and shattered some of the walls surrounding the crater. She raced off, instantly obliterating the sound barrier as she flew off, away from that accursed voice. Seconds later she was out over the Pacific, nearly 12,000 miles away. She collapsed on the sand of a deserted beach island and closed her eyes. The cool night breeze washed over her. Nothing made a sound save for the occasional rustle of the wind playing with plant life and the susurration of the water lapping the soft sand.

Yazmin enjoyed this kind of quiet. It was part of a balance within her. She had often been the source of explosive bursts of noise, light, and pain, all of which had provided her with endless ecstasy. However, she needed peace and quiet almost as much. The tranquility, the calm before the storm, the quiet heartbeat of nature. It was a relaxing reset point for Yazmin and something she often found herself enjoying just as much as indulging in her more sadistic urges.

Yet something felt wrong.

Like she was suddenly tired. It wasn’t a physical tiredness though - it wasn’t even an emotional or mental exhaustion. It was a feeling so alien to her that Yazmin struggled to fully put it into words in her mind. Tired was the first word that had popped into her head, but it was much more, something deeper than that. She felt…


And cold.

It was like someone had frozen her soul and then ripped it out of her body. Like a part of her that she didn’t know existed had vanished and the vacuum created by that disappearance could not be replaced by anything else. A gaping hole that was impossible to fill, impossible to ignore, and impossible to live with. A profound void of screaming sadness that was slowly consuming her.

Yazmin hated it. She hated this sudden void, she wanted to burn it to the ground, but the emotions washing over her were so all consuming that all she could do was curl up into a ball and lie there on her side.

“I told you, we are bound by destiny.” Adrian’s soft voice floated across to her.

Relief flooded her entire being. The words of that fucking cockroach had somehow given her more pleasure than any of the millions of orgasms she had ever experienced. She involuntarily arched her back, clenched her legs together, and let out some small primal sound, not quite a gasp, moan, or sigh, but at the same time all of the above. Yazmin hated herself for it. To her, it showed weakness and craving. She sprang up in the air and glared down at the pest who simultaneously filled her with so much pleasure and anger at the same time.

Adrian gave her a sad little smile. “I feel it too, when we aren’t near each other. Did you know that love and hate use almost the exact same circuitry in our brains? Those two emotions are practically different sides of the same coin.”

Yazmin’s face remained twisted in fury even as she felt her heart flutter. She could feel now everything he had said before. The two of them were connected on an excruciatingly deep level. He had called them soulmates before, but she now knew that was a laughably weak connection compared to what actually bound them. “Fuck you,” she spat out through ground teeth, “Just because we are bound together doesn’t mean I will ever love you, you… you… fucking worm!”

The fires from before had disintegrated any and all forms of clothing,and they each stared at each others’ bodies bathed in moonlight. Adrian couldn’t help but become painfully erect at the gleaming curves and captivating golden eyes all framed by her luxurious auburn locks. The attraction was mutual though. Yazmin looked down at Adrian’s well muscled frame, not hulkingly large but impressive nonetheless, his cut jawline, his sparkling green eyes. She felt her body react similarly to him just as he had to hers. Her breasts swelled ever so slightly, her nipples engorged, she could feel her vaginal walls constrict and moisten.

They continued their staring contest for a moment longer.

The air seemed to hum with anticipation.

Then an explosion of sand, dirt and water as Yazmin shot forward into Adrian. The earth still rising up from the shock wave of the impact, Adrian found himself on his back with the super girl straddling and holding him down. Somehow his body had mostly survived the impact and he could feel his minor cracked bones snap back into place.

The two had not once broken eye contact despite how close Yazmin’s expansive bust line was to forcibly breaking it for them. In a low voice, Yazmin hissed, “If I’m stuck with you forever, I might as well enjoy myself.” And she slammed her hips down.

The ocean shuddered, the air itself lost its breath, and the ground trembled. From just that one motion. Then Yazmin slammed herself down again. And again. And again. 

Adrian moaned. He was in utter ecstasy beyond anything he could have ever experienced with any other being on the planet. Not just because he was bonding on something beyond even a spiritual level, but because his wildest fantasies were being met and exceeded. He was practically ripped in half for the second time in under 24 hours. He could feel his body attempting to reconnect the torn muscles and fractured bones, but before he could fully heal those divine hips slammed down once again.

The sheer force of her impassioned motions were sending out more and more powerful shock waves. The pair sunk lower and lower into the earth as the rhythmic pounding began making a larger and larger crater. They reached the sea floor and Yazmin kept pounding away. Adrian was such a mangle mess of flesh by that point that Yazmin’s undulations were more masturbatory than anything else. The bits of Adrian’s body that were left under her crotch were barely even twitching, let alone moving. The fingers on her clit and left nipple were providing far more stimulation than anything Adrian could possibly manage.

Yazmin pressed harder. Moved faster. Thrashed in more and more ecstasy.

The crater was so deep and wide now that walls of ocean water began crashing down towards them on all sides. However, none of the water ever made it anywhere close to them as the shock waves emanating from the lovers sent out a near constant force that effortlessly beat back the gravity pulled water. Neither of them noticed. Adrian’s eyes were closed in some masochistic pain induced pleasure overload. Regenerating over and over and over again must have crossed a few wires in his head at some point.

Yazmin was focusing on herself entirely. She was currently feeling more pleasure than should be possible, even for her own heightened sensitivity, and trying to mentally hold herself together as stronger and stronger waves of ecstasy plowed through her invulnerable body like nothing ever had.

Adrian opened his eyes just in time to see Yazmin open her mouth in orgasmic climax and then everything went black. Yazmin’s cry of pleasure was so powerful that Adrian’s eardrums instantly exploded and evaporated all water for miles. Her involuntarily quivering legs shook the earth so powerfully that the entire pacific tectonic plate began to crumble apart. Tsunami-like swells of water pulsed out in all directions. Yazmin’s cry lasted for minutes, her lungs never emptying and the pleasure only building and building within her. She had never really found any limits to her abilities before, and now it seemed like she was swelling with more power and energy than she had ever even experienced drawing out from within herself, and it just kept coming.

She felt her body respond.

Her legs lengthened.

Her skin shone with health beyond mortal comprehension.

Her breasts swelled.

Her auburn hair grew longer and more vibrant.

Her muscles hardened and refined themselves, opening themselves to her now limitless pool of strength.

And her eyes started glowing.

So much power and energy filling her to the brim, overflowing any capacity within her, and then pouring even more on. Without even meaning to, she started releasing a tiny fraction of that energy. What erupted from her eyes as she released that minuscule amount of energy was leagues beyond her usual plasma. Pure, unadulterated energy pours forth from her eyes in orgasmic bliss. She wasn’t even trying to use her powers, and twin beams hotter than the sun were being released. It just felt so good.

A cruel smile twisted her lips. She wanted more.

Yazmin actively poured her newfound infinite well of energy out through her eyes.

The world turned blindingly white. The earth boiled, the ocean for miles evaporated, and a growing pillar of pure power erupted from the crater. Releasing that much energy felt even better than any previous orgasm, including the soul-shattering one she had just experienced. Hellaciously transcendent waves of pleasure raged through her.

And yet Yazmin still wanted more.

The entire Pacific ocean boiled.

The entire planet was bathed in white light.

No trace of Adrian was left under her, inside or out. His dick had long  been crushed out of existence inside of her marvelous flesh, and every atom of his that had been external had evaporated from being near the impossible concentration of energy erupting from her eyes.

After an eternity, she closed her eyes and lay back in the molten pool she had created, enjoying an afterglow of pleasure only a few gods and goddesses before her had ever even dreamed of.

“Wow, almost every time I look at this future, you keep going until the planet explodes. And then you keep going. Why did you stop?” an annoyingly familiar voice punctured the silence.

“You really just won’t stay dead huh?” Yazmin said, opening her eyes. She barely felt the weight of Adrian standing on her stomach, and she could only see his upper half past her titanic tits. “Yeah, I felt like I could go on forever but I guess I just didn’t feel like it this time.”

Faster than Adrian’s eyes could follow, Yazmin’s hand knocked his legs out from under him, then guided his fall, flipping him over, so that he landed with his back against her stomach, an immovable hand resting gently on his chest, and his head between her massive mountains. She might have broken a few dozen of his bones on the way down, but they snapped back into place almost instantly.


“Shut up. So what's with the changes? You heal quicker now and I get bigger and stronger?” Yazmin asked. She was also noticeably hornier, but she kept that part to herself.

Adrian thought for a moment. “I think it's because you finally accepted me that our souls bonded and our powers fully awakened. The longer we stay together the more powerful we will both get, endlessly.”

Both of them lay there in the quiet as the boiling mass around them slowly cools and the starry sky slowly begins to lighten.

“So what are you going to do now?” Adrian broke the silence, again. “You were a goddess on this planet before and now—”

Yazmin reached up and ripped Adrian’s jaw off. “You should learn to just enjoy silence instead of ruining it all the time.”

This time Adrian waited for Yazmin to break the silence. The two of them sat there mostly motionlessly, Yazmin delicately fingering Adrian’s well muscled chest and abs occasionally poking him to the satisfying snap of a rib or two shattering. Just as the sun peaked down at them over the edge of the crater, Yazmin finally spoke.

“I think I will…”

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