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First Contact

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 19 December 2020 21:04] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:58]

Written by Delta7447 and Akane

Art by lichadesu, Ganozzu, enlargerjack and PrivateCaller

Sunday, March 15, 2178

Super Goddesses from all over the world had reunited in the Gunma prefecture of Japan. Empress Shizuko had generously invited them to spend a day together in the renowned hot springs of Kusatsu Onsen--her personal favorite--to catch up with each other, rest from their many daily duties, and discuss plans for a new project of theirs.

Most of the Super Goddesses were in attendance, though there were a few absentees.  Mei and Lei decided a hot spring wasn’t worth their time and let Ha-neul represent them instead.  Brunhilde couldn’t stand bathing in anything but the milk of her designated cowgirl maids, and even if she could, she had a new therapy client who required a great deal of her attention.

CoCo outright didn’t exist for the time being, as she was currently wearing a particularly avant-garde dress she designed: one made of non-existence itself.  In order to fully immerse herself in the article’s nature, she had to not exist herself.  Shizuka was a fashionista herself, though even she only barely understood CoCo’s rationale behind the idea.  It wasn’t as if CoCo was truly gone or helpless anyway, so there was no cause for concern.

As for Sofia, well... she was Sofia.

The girl at the counter, Yukiko, was a Shizukan--a new term to refer to the empress’ descendents.  They shared her traits of being petite, extremely busty, and possessing big eyes and straight hime cuts.  The distinction was muddied somewhat, as most women in Shizuka’s Japan had giant tits anyway--something of a cultural signature at this point. However, despite Yukiko’s incredible beauty, she paled in comparison to the Super Goddesses before her now.

There she was, dressed with the official yukata offered to every customer at the hot springs: a vision of true perfection. Silvery brown hair that caressed her perky ass, golden leonine eyes that hid untold millennia of knowledge and experience behind them, and a permanent, unmistakably smug expression on her face that projected an air of confidence and superiority. It was Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette, looking her in the eye and accompanied by Paula and Irina at her sides. Paula was the only one still wearing her usual outfit, her trademark police uniform.

Jennifer’s presence was so powerful and overbearing that Yukiko’s instincts took over, forcing her to kneel, internally insistent that she was unworthy of looking at her. Not only that, her pussy felt funny, as if Jennifer was fingering her just with her eyes.

“Come on Yukiko,” Jennifer giggled, “I’m not your empress, I don’t need such formalities. You know me well from the last time I came here.”

The employee somehow felt instantly relaxed and managed to stand back up, still breathing heavily and blushing.

“You’re always like this,” Irina sighed, being very familiar with the position Jennifer put Yukiko in.  “Can’t you think with the right head for once, just for one outing?”

“I just forgot to turn off my omni-charisma!” She flipped her hair majestically, proud of the effect her mere existence had on the people around her.

“You guys turn that off?” Paula asked with a giggle. “Why?”

“O-oh, pardon me!” Yukiko broke out of her trance. “Welcome, goddesses! Her Majesty and the others are waiting for you in the Garden of Spirit and Time, two doors down this corridor and to the left. They are our best waters, so I hope you enjoy them and your time together!”

“Thanks, cutie pie. See ya later!” As they resumed walking, Paula decided to wink at her, causing Yukiko to collapse in a truly rapturous orgasm--one that made a few nearby customers jealous.  Paula knew that Yukiko would discover in a few months she was pregnant with her baby. After all, that’s what she wanted from Paula the moment she saw her, and the goddess was more than happy to oblige. 

In their way they crossed an old wooden bridge surrounded by nature.  The place was saturated with beautiful women and equally breathtaking men.  They noticed several of them resembled crosses between Humans and various creatures from Japanese mythology, including kitsune, oni, yuki-onna--even dragons.  Shizuka’s presence on the island caused many people to be born magical half-yokai.  In fact, the entire country had returned to its pre-industrial roots, being in harmony with nature and relying on magic instead of technology.  Not even she had an explanation for this phenomenon, but the most feasible explanation was that her essence was affecting everyone and everything around her.  In the year 2178, her nation looked like some fictional anime version of feudal Japan.  What’s more, it seemed everyone including her enjoyed this simpler way of life.

When they finally arrived at their destination they found the other Super Goddesses enjoying the views of Mount Fuji in the background as steam ran through the spring and little fairy-like women flew around and served them food and sake. The newcomers were received by the beautiful moans of Paige who was being massaged in the back by a group of those small creatures, the stress of having thousands of different people inside her was relieved in a matter of seconds. Blushing and slowly closing her eyes, she slowly submerged into the water, leaving only a few little bubbles rising up to the surface.

“Having fun, girls?” Jennifer chirped, trying to contain a giggle after watching Paige’s reaction to the back massage.

“Jen, Irina, Paula!  Welcome!” the petite Japanese bombshell answered. She enthusiastically floated outside of the water and went to hug her omnipotent sisters with her oppressive, humongous chest almost making them lose balance. “I’m so glad you all could make it!  How are you?”

“Magnificent as always, but...” Jennifer held the hostess’ chin with ineffable, princely grace, “how about we talk more in the water?”

Shizuka found herself utterly charmed like no one else could.  Her pupils turned into hearts after this bold advance, leaving her stammering a bit. “I-I’m okay with that.” 

Their lust for each other was palpable.  They would have kissed next, if it wasn’t for Irina grumpily interrupting them.

“You are always like this, Jennifer!” she interjected, blushing.  “One would expect you to mature with age, but you still act like a horny college student, even at 154 years old!”

Jennifer replied as she stripped down, revealing her perfect body to the world, “Ha! I suppose you’re right, but it’s much better than becoming a boring granny. Or worse: a closet pervert like you!”

It wasn’t until that moment that Paula realized, “Oh man, I haven’t taken off my suit in decades.  Might be a little dangerous for the universe if I strip.  Is it okay if I keep it on?  I don’t want to break decorum.”

“Nah,” Shizuka replied, “you should be fine removing it.  If anyone’s endangered by the effects, we can make sure they’re taken care of.”

“Alright, here goes nothing!” The Venezuelan Super Goddess didn’t waste any time--her characteristic police uniform disappeared into thin air.  Needless to say, all hell broke loose after that.

Not only was her body the most delicious and voluptuous thing ever, but the smell--rather, the sheer sexual stench that radiated from it instantly saturated her surroundings. The very audible sound of a gas leak echoed through the mountains as a thick, pink mist started taking over Honshu.  The skies turned the same color very quickly as Paula’s incredibly erotic body odor spread through the world even further. The effects didn’t take long to manifest in the populace.  Giant impromptu orgies started happening all around the world, regardless of the sentimental relationships between people.  It went like this: The horniness was so powerful, so compelling that every single adult on Earth jumped onto their nearest fellow and fucked them like their lives depended on it--gender, status, and appearance be damned.

Paula’s aphrodisiacal body odor was so powerful in fact, that it managed to extend into the wilderness, forcing every animal into a state of perpetual copulation as well. Eventually, the cloud left Earth, too powerful to be kept in line by its own atmosphere and travelled the universe, causing a new global baby boom with each planet it covered. In a matter of minutes, every living being in the local spiral arm was having sex at the same time... everyone except her fellow Super Goddesses, who were just crossing their legs to hide their wet pussies and biting their lips in anticipation. They were the only creatures powerful enough to resist raw pheromonal stench of that caliber, but it was becoming more and more difficult with each passing moment.

Despite her stoic reputation, Elza turned her head away to hide her blushing.  Ha-neul hid her tattooed body under the water and Shizuka inadvertently transformed into a kitsune form.  Her hair turned snow white as matching fox ears appeared, alongside mock whiskers on her cheeks.

“Oh my!  Sorry girls; I’ve spent a lot of time in this form lately, so I tend to slip into it when I’m excited.  It’s become quite a fad around here.” She fidgeted like a tiny nervous wreck with her giant titties bouncing around, trying to shake off her arousal.

Jennifer licked her lips at the sight of Shizuka’s puppers and her perfectly sized, pink nipples as she stepped inside the spring, after which she magically poofed her characteristic headphones out of nothing. Her idea of relaxing as of today required listening to the chill acid jazz album she had composed earlier that morning in one of her spontaneous moments of divine inspiration. “Ahhhh, that’s the stuff~!  Hi girls~”

Elza nodded in acknowledgement.  As usual, she wasn’t very talkative.  Paige was too dazed by her massage to properly respond.

“Welcome, Jennifer!” M’Wela chirped, polite as ever. “I am delighted with your presence as always. Tell me child, how is everything?”

“Quite well, thank you,” she answered as Irina joined at her side.  “You might find this interesting--I’ve noted an influx of Prosperians attending my art courses in recent months.”

“Ah, so that’s why you’ve been crossing the frontier without permission,” the queen replied with a teasing tone.

“Well, I promised my students that I’d visit every single one of them at the same time.  It’s much easier and personal to teleport one of my clones to their houses than making them come to mine.”

“Don’t lie--you just want to fuck them,” Irina chimed in.

“Hey, I don’t fuck all of them, okay?”

“Why not?” interjected Ha-neul, who had just resurfaced. “Every yoga mom who comes to my programs gets fucked by me, guaranteed!”

M’Wela laughed deliciously with her deep, motherly voice. “Have you girls noticed that anytime we hang out like this the only thing we do is talk about Humans?”

“We can’t help it--it’s in our nature!  Well, except for Ms. Closeted Degenerate over here.” Jennifer smirked.

“Hey, I’m getting better at it!” Irina was blushing again.

“What’s with you two?” asked Ha-neul. “Always bickering like that, you act like a married couple.”

“I’m always telling them,” Paula commented as she slowly descended into the pool, enjoying its warmth, “They need to fuck.  Hard.  The way I see it, the moment you feel sexual tension with someone, you give them a good ol’ fuck and call it a day!  I especially like how normal people react to me smothering them after 36 seconds of conversation, give or take.  The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless!  I actually have a theory in the works stating that their cum tastes better in that state.”

As she was talking, the spring’s water began to match the new pink hue of Earth’s atmosphere, thanks to her thoroughly sweaty body.

Simultaneously aroused and horrified, Irina muttered, “Paula, you... really should bathe more often....”

Giggling, Paula replied, “You know, there are civilizations out there who’d go to war for even a single drop of my sweat!  Why deprive them of their most valuable resource?  Besides, it smells like roses~”

She proudly spread her arms to show off her perfect armpits and melon-sized tits to her sisters, making them all even hornier than before.  It did indeed smell like roses, though learning that fact made it increasingly difficult to not pounce at each other and just fuck each other’s souls away.

M’Wela and the kitsunefied Shizuka were suffering a great deal from Paula’s pheromones since they were the first to exchange glances.  When they couldn’t handle it anymore, they teleported into each other’s arms so their lips could touch as quickly as possible.  As more and more seconds passed it became obvious they wouldn’t stop kissing and fondling their ginormous titties for a long time.

“O-oh dear, not like this...” Irina instinctively covered her eyes with her hands in a cutesy way.

“Come on, don’t be a prude!” Paula grabbed the Russian Super Goddess from behind and went to town with her boobs.  “Have some fun!”

She used her super speed to vibrate Irina’s breasts at rates that would destabilize normal molecular bonds and cause objects to essentially melt into oblivion.  Of course, that was hardly the case for someone as indestructible as Irina.  The experience was exceptionally pleasurable instead, though the embarrassment of being handled like that in public caused her to squeal like a schoolgirl.  Deep down, however, Irina knew there was no denying that she loved it.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Ha-neul returned to her underwater ways. This time she telepathically asked a nearby Chopstick Fairy to grow a gigantic dick.  Happy to comply, the fairy did so.  The Korean tomboy spread her legs, instantly conveying her intent to the tiny creature, who eagerly began fucking the Super Goddess like no one had ever done before. Her sweating and panting betrayed her.

Elza silently looked away, since she preferred her sexual encounters to be more intimate.  Jennifer hummed along with her own tunes and enjoyed the calm, hot waters caressing her flawless skin. 

Paige’s wits finally returned to her.  She was surprised to find she was surrounded by a total sexual mayhem. “Oh, d-did I miss something?”

Of course it eventually devolved into an out-of-proportion orgy that lasted for eons. The Super Goddesses used their magic to make sure time was frozen while they fucked each other, after which they ended up in a pile, almost having passed out from the pleasure with their bellies full of cum. The sky and spring water had returned to their normal blue shades, but Paula’s miasma hadn’t entirely dissipated from either yet.

It was now bearable enough for the group to focus on relaxing and chattering like good old friends again. Even the silent, redhead giant Elza was happy to include herself in the conversations telepathically. After all, these Super Goddesses had lived with each other on the same planet for at most 160 years--not counting all the eons they spent without time passing normally.  Their love for each other transcended friendship, family, even romance.  The English language lacks the words to accurately describe it.  Their existence itself was a mystery even to them.  They were all parts of the same grand omnipotent puzzle.

“Hey Shizurin,” Paige asked eagerly, indicating the Chopstick Fairies, “What’s the deal with these adorable cuties? I love them! Can I take one home?”

“Oh yeah, as long as they’re okay with it, feel free! The story behind them is a bit goofy, actually. I was having lunch at my palace.  The chopsticks I was using were mostly brown with a sky blue portion at the end.  Seeing them sitting on their hashioki right next to each other made me think of a girl in a kimono and pantyhose.  I apparently unconsciously warped reality and turned my utensils into a cute little kimono-and-pantyhose-clad fairy!  A really cute fairy, in fact--I was overcome by how lonely the poor thing would be, entirely alone in a universe devoid of others like her.  So I made a few more to fix that, and they’ve started fucking like bunnies and forming a civilization of their own!  Cool, huh?”

Shizuka’s effortless explanation of how she absent-mindedly created intelligent life would have been humbling for anyone except her sisters, several of whom had already willed new species into existence through various methods.

Paige squealed in delight. “That is cool!  I should try siring a humanoid species like them for myself!”

You would absorb them all anyway, Sofia teased her telepathically, proving she was observing them despite not being present.

The blue-haired goddess pouted like a child. “Sofia?!  Why do you have to be so mean? Hmpf!”

Perceptive as ever, M’Wela changed topics.  “Anyway, shall we start giving attention to the matter at hand, then? I’m sure our cute empress here hasn’t invited us over just for a social visit.”

Shizuka, who had already transformed back into her usual form, seemed to have forgotten it completely.

“O-oh, right, yeah. Sorry, we got a little carried away back there; I almost forgot what I wanted to tell you.”  A precious smile appeared on her face as the feelings she wanted to communicate returned to her mind. “Well, we did say that Humans make us all very happy before, right?  Well, I thought that perhaps it’s time to get more involved with them--help them a little, as a whole.”

Paula raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “We’ve Enhanced a lot of them already. What’s next?”

“Right, but I was thinking more like... giving Human civilization a teeny, tiny push.” Shizuka’s explanation was accompanied by adorably frantic gesticulating to help get her point across.

“But we promised a while ago to not do that, right?” Jennifer pointed out.

“It’s not like we have been particularly good at it,” Irina replied. “Compare the world today to two centuries ago.” Irina was an objectivist; she recognized that humanity had been quantifiably altered by their antics, so the next step would only be a natural evolution.

“I concur,” Shizuka said. “Thanks to our powers we have visited other planets, galaxies, even alternate timelines and realities.  We have experienced so many wonders that... I seriously think we should start sharing them with Humans.  What do you think?  There are a few other species in our galactic neighborhood with the technology or natural talents required for space travel.  Perhaps introducing humanity to them and vice versa would be a thrilling and marvelous exercise in learning about other cultures.  It would be good for the universe as a whole.”

M’Wela interceded. “Hmmm, it’s not like I disagree, but humanity is pretty young technologically, and they collectively lack our powers.  Making them all ultipotent to grant them the ability to travel through the universe might be a tad too much, especially since that would squander what makes them special to begin with.  Millennia of natural progress made irrelevant because of us... we don’t have the right to deny them their own discoveries.”

“You’re right, which is why I’ve devised a plan.  We could help them build a manned spaceworthy vessel capable of FTL travel, powered by a clean, low-storage energy source! We would only need to form a research group and give Humans little tips so they come to the conclusion themselves.  We could have the first tripulated journey to another inhabited planet in a matter of years!  What do you think?”

“Well, you did promise space travel to your voters a century and a half ago, if I’m not mistaken.  I trust you want to fulfill that promise.  Better late than never, am I right?” Jennifer teased.

“To be honest with you, I kinda forgot about that promise for a while...”

“I’m pretty sure ‘a while’ is less than 119 years,” Jennifer giggled.

“I got a little bit excited during that speech and ad libbed that part hard...” Shizuka continued awkwardly.  “I mean, it’s not like it completely left my mind for all these decades; my memory is perfectly eidetic just like yours.  It’s just that I’ve been too busy with other matters that I deem a higher priority for my people.”

“So now you want to rectify that?”

“That in part.  Mostly, I just really think Humans deserve a chance to meet other species.  The feeling of loneliness in this universe was exasperating for me before my omnipotence developed, but once I did it, I couldn’t stop visiting new places and meeting aliens and so on. Mankind should also know the same joy.”  She closed her beautiful crimson eyes as she reminisced some of the worlds beyond Earth.

“I’d be happy to help with this enterprise,” Irina said, “but I’ll have to limit my time around Humans.  I can only exert myself so much.”

“Fair enough. I don’t want to force this on you, girls.  We could hold a vote to determine interest, but no one is obligated to participate.”

“Are you kidding?!” Paige exclaimed. “I love the idea!  I can’t wait to help as much as I can!  We should give it a cool name and design cool suits and futuristic machines like in that one sci-fi show that all the geeks love!”

“You didn’t strike me as the type who’d be interested in that sort of thing,” Irina commented.

“Well, one of my dates was a nerd and he couldn’t stop talking about it.  Personally, I’m more interested in real stuff than fiction. Though it’s not like there’s a difference for us, right?”  She giggled.

“Right.” Paula brought her hand to her cheek. “I think I can make arrangements for it with the current city states in South America. I could also help with security for the project.”

“That would be delightful! What about you, M’Wela?  Would Prosperian citizens help with the project?”

“I guarantee there will be interest aplenty, though I will also be careful to exclude Aishan Elves and other ultipotents from the research phase, otherwise it would become too easy.”

“Sounds good!  Jen?”

She made an ok gesture with her hand. “Sounds like fun!  I’m in!”


She nodded wordlessly with her trademark emotionless expression.

Shizuka telepathically added, Mei and Lei?

Ha-neul responded in their stead. “The twins are in favor, though they aren’t inclined to contribute.  They wish us luck in our endeavor!”


I must... focus my attention on... my new patient.  I... concur with... the Zheng sisters.

And Sof--?

Piss off.

Alright then.

“We have the majority!” Shizuka happily proclaimed. “Eleven in favor, one neutral, and none opposed!  We’ll have humanity reach the final frontier!”

After wrapping up their reunion with another orgy, the Super Goddesses headed back to their respective residences to inform their harems of their new project: the nascent Earth Space Agency.

Shizuka’s harem got right to work on the PR and promotional sides of things, as well as logistics and designs.  Ha-neul and Paula worked on recruitment, each of them focusing on one half of the Earth’s inhabited land.

M’Wela’s prediction was correct--Prosperia’s population was practically unanimously enthusiastic about helping with the project.  Their paradisiacal country was amazing, but it didn’t allow for many challenges.  The Aishan Elves understood the project was intended to be a big step for humanity.  Since they possessed the intellect and power to create a spaceworthy vessel with an FTL engine in mere seconds, they collectively decided to sit this part of the process out.  Taking inspiration from Japanese folklore, they all flew over to the Moon clad in bunnygirl costumes to enjoy a non-stop marathon orgy.  Such orgies were common in Prosperia but this was the first where every Aishan Elf is present. The Queen-Mother herself and Shizuka worked together as the project’s co-leaders.  She would stay on Earth to head mission control while Shizuka would command the vessel.

Irina didn’t have much of a harem.  What few members she did have were in the same boat as the Aishan Elves: she had Enhanced them all to the point that they were basically gods, if not outright ultipotent.  Even the weakest of them could create a starship with a perfectly efficient FTL engine with the snap of their fingers.  They were all interested in joining the team, but for the time being, they opted to have some fun in Irina’s castle.  They transformed into pure energy like the Avidyne and explored new realms of consciousness and existence, discovering and experiencing pleasures never felt before.  Jennifer, Carol, and Brigitte joined them, in large part because the Canadian Super Goddess remembered all too well how amazing it felt being one with an ultipotent energy being.

Prosperia’s unique nature allows for the nation to contain potentially infinite landmass, and by extension an infinite variety of materials.  It was reminiscent of a procedurally generated video game, in that one could travel in one direction for an arbitrarily long period of time without ever looping around the Earth and arriving back where one started.  Because of this, Prosperians and people from Shizuka’s harem scoured the land for rare, newly discovered, and otherwise unique metals to be used in the construction of the vessel.

Several viable Super Metals were found and collected.  Ha-neul had arrived in Prosperia while taking a break from recruiting.  A crowd of Prosperians was handling a variety of exotic metals she wasn’t familiar with--telekinetically carrying them or placing them into the hammerspace pockets in their cleavages.

“Hey guys!  What’s up with all the weird metal?”

“We’re gathering resources and supplies for the starship,” Imosa, a towering woman clad in a tight blue bikini, replied. “Prosperia has some truly astonishing materials if you search far enough.  We found several new Super Metals that could work well for the ship’s hull, so we’re going to test them and see which is best.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun!  Mind if I come with?”

“It would be an honor!”  She outstretched her hand to the Super Goddess, which Ha-neul shook.

The group stepped onto a huge cargo elevator platform.  It dropped practically into a free fall, though no one riding it was at all startled.  On the contrary, Ha-neul thought it was a little slow.  To a normal Human occupant, it probably felt like the platform had malfunctioned and was seconds away from crashing.

In reality, of course, it slowed to a halt smoothly and efficiently, by way of locally adjusting gravity’s pull.  That process was made visually apparent by its passengers’ breasts, especially given the generally-skimpy clothing they were wearing.  It was very much the norm for Prosperians to never lose their sexual prime upon reaching it.  Ha-neul’s body was similarly Rubenesque, meaning everyone’s busts temporarily lost their gentle sag as gravity affected them differently.

Ha-neul decided to freeze the lift for a short while, leaving everyone’s breasts appearing extra perky.  She smirked.

She resumed the elevator’s functionality and it arrived at the lab.  She stepped out positively radiant in orgasmic afterglow while the others were too overwhelmed with ecstasy to move.  Each and every one of them was impregnated by the Super Goddess.  Naturally, being in a confined space with one was bound to get the imagination raging.  Everyone on the lift was invariably thinking about it and desperately yearning for it, and M’Wela definitely didn’t mind, so Ha-neul decided to indulge them all--and herself, of course.

Ha-neul helped the newly gravid women up and gave them some extra energy so they could finish the tasks they came down here for.

The lab was enormous, but had surprisingly little equipment--mainly just storage bins and tanks.  A single person appeared to be managing it all effortlessly, thanks to their Enhanced powers.  They were surprisingly small--just shy of 150 cm tall--but their powers and their mastery of them more than made up for their stature.  Their erect penis was almost as long as they were tall, twitching in the telltale patterns of an ongoing dry orgasm.

Imosa telekinetically lifted her samples into the air to free her hands, so she could wave to the simultaneously small and large scientist. 

"Hi Umri! We brought lots of samples, and even a Super Goddess!" 

“Ah, excellent,” Umri replied. “A Super Goddess will definitely help speed up the research process.  We’re behind schedule and I have other commitments.  With that in mind, please place your samples anywhere where there’s room.”

Ha-neul pulled samples out of her cleavage, grabbing hold of them telekinetically so they didn’t clang onto the floor.  The other women produced their samples and let Ha-neul set them down gently as well.

Grids of electric blue light formed around each sample, moving so quickly that they appeared to be cubes.

“You’ve got twenty unique metals here, all unknown to the current periodic table.  They won’t stay that way for long, though.  565 elements on the periodic table, not counting these twenty, and practically all of the last hundred of them were found deep within Prosperia.  You gotta love this grand nation of ours, right?”

“Indeed!” Ha-neul chirped.  “Finding a suitably tough metal would’ve been a lot more difficult without it.”

“Definitely.  These samples are all excellent choices.”

Ha-neul proposed, “Then maybe we could make an alloy out of them?”

“Ah, good thinking!  I’m growing to like you.”

Ha-neul grinned. “I do have that effect on people!”

Umri’s powers coalesced the samples into a large clump.  They began glowing red-hot, then yellow, white, and even blue.  The metals’ melting points were insanely high--over four billion Kelvin, outdoing even the universe’s temperature minutes after the Big Bang.

It was a positively herculean endeavor to produce that much heat, but Umri persevered.  More than that, they didn't even look inconvenienced by the feat!  Umri’s powers were able to mostly contain this ungodly heat, allowing the lab's complement to sweat through whatever clothes they were wearing.  Ha-neul ensured any harmful excess was contained. 

Once the metals were all liquid and properly mixed together, Umri cooled the concoction, filling the room in hot and thick steam.  Such an environment would have been lethal to Humans several times over, but fortunately everyone present was at least godlike, making it feel like a sauna at worst.

The resulting alloy had an ethereal silvery gleam to it.  Umri telekinetically lifted it up, turning it gently to examine it.

Ha-neul outstretched a hand. “May I?”

Umri nodded and Ha-neul took it, examining it herself.  Then, out of nowhere, she slammed the plate against her head.  The resulting noise was literally deafening, though she saw that coming and suppressed the noise just enough so it was still startlingly loud for dramatic effect without causing any harm.  She gently felt the vibrations it produced with her other hand, as if gathering data that way.

Umri, Imosa, and the others stared in awed bewilderment for what felt like an eternity, with only the plate’s perfectly resonant ringing making any sound at all.

As that gradually faded, Ha-neul smiled.

Umri said, “I’m confused.  Why did you...?”

“Oh, I subjected this to the most intense forces our ship will likely encounter in space.” Ha-neul explained. “It probably didn’t look like it, but I regulated how much force to use very precisely, taking into account a worst-case scenario in which we confront a certain hyper-advanced and militant space empire’s fleet of warships.  This, I’m pleased to report, took the blow like a champ.  Congratulations, Umri--you've just created the most resilient alloy ever!”

Umri scanned the plate, still in Ha-neul’s hand.  They gasped.

“Th-this is orders of magnitude stronger than even Irina’s tougher-than-neutron-pasta material she discovered 120 years ago!”

“You can probably thank all the latent magic within Prosperia for that,” Ha-neul added.

Umri’s stoicism wavered. “I... I did it.  We did it!  I... I’m having trouble believing it, but...”

They took a moment to recompose themself.

“Imosa, spread the word and focus your efforts on finding more of those metals.  We’ll need a lot more than this to build an entire starship.”

Imosa nodded and headed back up to the surface with the others, leaving just Umri and Ha-neul.

“Seeing as you created this new metal,” Ha-neul said, “I think it only fair that you name it.”

“I was just thinking about that.  How does prosperium sound?”

“Appropriate!  Now then, don’t you think you deserve a break?”

“Hm?  What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s hard not to notice your huge cock, and it’s clear you’ve been cumming this whole time I’ve been down here--probably several dozen hours before then too.”

Umri chuckled.  “I really should have expected a Super Goddess to notice that.  Yes, you’re exactly right.  One of the perks of my Enhancement is that if I’m cumming, I don’t ever get fatigued.  So I often keep myself cumming for extended periods for maximum productivity.  Dry orgasms are cleaner and no less effective, so I generally go with them over the wet variety.”

“Logical,” Ha-neul replied, “but you did just make a revolutionary discovery.  Our starship’s hull will be made of an alloy so insanely durable that it can resist galaxy buster-tier weapons fire with ease.”

A smirk formed on the Super Goddess’ lips.  Umri was transfixed on her.

“And that’s not even taking the shields into account.”

She shrugged off her lavender sleeveless hoodie.  Umri picked up a whiff of something exquisitely erotic.

“As a result, the mortal crewmembers will be the safest they’ve ever been while aboard the ship.”

Her tight yoga pants and sports bra followed suit.  Umri’s cock managed to grow even bigger as the intoxicating scent became obvious: the Super Goddess’ pheromones were rapidly filling the lab.

“Wouldn’t you say after making a discovery that significant, you deserve a break?”

Ha-neul had Umri cornered.  She towered over the Prosperian by almost a whole meter.

“A... release, if you will.”

Her eyes were transfixed on Umri’s cock.  She poked its tip gently, like a cat leisurely playing with a toy.

Umri was very familiar with pleasure that would break any lesser being.  They spent the majority of their life at work and thoroughly tranquil, despite experiencing waves upon relentless waves of pure ecstasy.  It was through that ecstasy that they were able to work tirelessly, so naturally their limits were extremely high.

Of course, to a Super Goddess, any kind of limit is interpreted as a challenge.

That brief little poke on Umri’s glans caused them to explode with cum.  Their serene focus was gone and replaced with lust that would put most Enhanceds to shame.  By all rights, that poke should have utterly sublimated Umri’s mind, reducing them to a sort of sex zombie, driven only by an insatiable urge to fuck.

Ha-neul liked Umri too much to subject them to such a fate, so she ensured they remained lucid to enjoy their colossal orgasm.  Cum shot out of their cock like a fountain--though most fountains didn’t produce liquid at speeds and pressures that would cut through rock with absolutely no resistance.  Fortunately the lab was very well protected against this very hazard.

Umri ultimately unleashed the equivalent of over six Olympic swimming pools worth of cum before succumbing to exhaustion.  Ha-neul cleaned up the cum as it emerged, preventing any sort of flooding.  Once Umri calmed down, they were out like a light.  Ha-neul produced a luxuriously soft bed for them to rest on, leaving a note next to their pillow: “Great work today!  I look forward to seeing you aboard! --Ha-neul”

As the weeks progressed, thousands of tons of Super Metals were mined and smelted into prosperium, which was then quickly fashioned into the nigh-indestructible hull of the starship.  Thanks to the literally tireless efforts of Enhanceds putting it all together, what should have taken decades took just weeks. 

The prosperium hull modules were sent to Japan instantly via huge portals to be assembled.  The modules were designed to be simple and easy to put together and swap for others.  The hard part was over, so at this point, ultipotents and Super Goddesses were allowed and encouraged to help to speed things along.  Everyone was understandably excited for humanity’s first FTL space flight.

More and more Enhanceds traveled to Japan to help with preparing the ship and to serve as its crew.  Perfectly skintight and color-coded latex uniforms were distributed to everyone involved.  Each color corresponded primarily to which Super Goddess headed their department.  Shizuka had a hand in their design, ensuring she got a crimson red uniform.

Early in the morning on April 5, the ship’s construction was finally completed.  It resembled a huge silvery rose, glistening with an otherworldly pearlescent sheen.  Prosperium was a fitting material for its construction, given its beauty and indestructibility in near-equal measure.  A pattern of circular triangles spanned the outer hull.

Shizuka witnessed the last few petal-shaped bulkheads get affixed from afar, which coincided with the sunrise.  She couldn’t help but tear up a bit at the sight.

This is where it all begins...!

She examined the vessel and aimed a beam of energy at it.  With precision that made a trained sniper seem laughably incompetent by comparison, she etched a name for the ship into its hull: Yamato, registry number ESV-01.  With a smile, she made a note to add the name to the ESA’s records later.

She kept a close eye on the creation of the ship’s schematics, offering suggestions here and there and committing it all to memory.  In theory, she could have weaved through the corridors like she had always lived there, but she knew schematics alone couldn’t compare to the real thing.  She wanted to tour the ship for herself.

She removed gravity’s hold on her and pushed off from the ground, letting her gradually drift towards the ship’s underbelly, where the gravity beam was active.  It was admittedly designed for ship-to-surface travel, but floating inside in the middle was quite doable, especially for one who could ignore gravity.  Shizuka oriented herself like she was floating on her back in water, letting her admire the beauty of her starship.  Even the lower portion of the ship veiled in shadow managed to glisten--albeit thanks more to magic than conventional reflection of light.

As she drifted into the beam, she let it take hold of her and send her inside.  Upon stepping aboard, she found herself immediately enjoying the aesthetics.  White and crimson suited her country, this ship, and her to a T.

It didn’t take long for a crew member to notice the Super Goddess’ arrival.  The woman’s orange uniform indicated she was in Engineering, Ha-neul’s division.  Having finished her task in an access tunnel, she stashed away her tools into a small hammerspace device attached to her forearm.  She nearly dropped one as she saw Shizuka walk by.

“Oh, Captain-- er, rather, Shizuka!  I... I didn’t know you would be here this early.  I was just wrapping up here--did you need something?”

“No, but thanks.  I’m just wandering for now.  I was thinking I’d get a look at the power core!”

“Ah, it’s a sight to behold, indeed!  I’m sure you’ll love it!”

“Will you be going on the trip with us?” Shizuka asked.

“You bet!” She saluted as her uniform’s holographic yoctoemitters displayed her basic credentials, producing a frame around her face instead of producing a photo on file.  “Elizabeth Patel: design, power transfer, and propulsion engineer.  Current assignment: ESV Yamato!”

“Nice to meet you, Liz,” Shizuka replied with a wink.  “I need no introduction, but if you’d like one, I could stop by your quarters once we’re underway....”

“Y-y-yes, that would be fantastic!  Thank you, Captain!”

“Shizurin is fine.”

“Ah, yes Ca-- Shizurin!”

Shizuka continued down the corridor, taking in the sights.  These halls would be her home for quite some time, starting soon.  She inverted gravity’s pull on her and became intangible, letting her drift upward through several decks to reach the ship’s center: main engineering, where the power core was located.

Along the way, she noticed the ship was significantly larger on the inside than the outside.  Externally speaking, it appeared large enough to comfortably house a couple hundred people, but its entire crew complement was 138,390.  Once in main engineering, the first thing she noticed was the sheer size of the power core.  The spatial warping throughout the ship was at its most intense here.  A normal Human wouldn’t feel the difference aside from being confused at the architecture, but Shizuka was no normal Human.

She spotted Ha-neul clad in her orange uniform, telekinetically checking and adjusting dozens of different controls simultaneously.

“Ha-neul, hey!” Shizuka chirped.  “How are things going?”

Without stopping her work, Ha-neul created a duplicate of herself to talk with the empress.  “Quite well, thank you.  We’re just about ready to bring the power core online.”

“I didn’t read the schematics for the ship too closely.  What does it run on exactly?”

Ha-neul smiled.  “I think you’ll like it.  That’s a subject that Jennifer’s department will deal with.  I was about to call them here to brief them--you’re welcome to listen in.”

“I’ll do that!”

Telepathically, Ha-neul said, Jennifer, could you and your people come to main engineering?  We’re about to bring the power core online, and you’ll need to be briefed.

You got it.

Just like that, Jennifer and several other pink uniform-clad crewmen appeared in the room--so many, in fact, that Ha-neul had to apply more spatial warping so they’d all fit.  It was nothing she wasn’t already familiar with doing, given that it had become tradition for every Super Goddess to appear before the parents of a new goddess as she is conceived--it often required enlarging a room to fit everyone.

Jennifer stepped up before the power core, alongside Shizuka and Ha-neul.

Ha-neul began, “Hello everyone.  I’m glad to see most of you have become familiar with your uniforms and each other.  The harem division--your division--is arguably the most important of this vessel for one simple reason, which I will now demonstrate.  Could I have a volunteer, please?”

Brigitte raised her hand immediately.

“Excellent.  Jen, please bring Brigitte there to an orgasm--quickly, for the sake of time.”

With just a smirk from the Super Goddess, Brigitte collapsed, shrieking in ecstasy.  Thanks to her uniform, the deck floor remained pristinely clean, otherwise the cum regulation systems would have to be activated.  The other crewmen tried their best to hide their arousal at the sight.

“Please redirect your attention this way,” Ha-neul continued.  “Brigitte’s harem uniform absorbed the sexual energy of her orgasm and magically transmitted it to the power core.  Moreover, the energy from Jennifer using her powers was similarly absorbed and transmitted.  Just like that, we have power to sustain the ship for slightly over two years, assuming all systems are in constant use.  Realistically, it’ll probably last us more like four.  The core’s max capacity is over a millennium at that same rate.

“In summary, we have an insanely efficient method of powering the ship and it’s dependent on all of you fucking each other’s brains out--with your collars on, of course--to ensure the Yamato has the power she needs at any given time.  If there are no questions, you’re all dismissed.”

The harem division disappeared more or less as one, eager to get started.  Several individuals embraced each other moments before teleporting away.

“No chance of a power shortage with them on the job,” Shizuka commented.

“For sure!  Excuse me, girls--I’m sure they’re all eager for me to join in~”  Jennifer teleported away with them.

“Sounds like your and Jen’s teams are in business.  I should be going too.”

“Later, Shizuka!” Ha-neul waved.  Before she could absorb her duplicate and resume her work, Umri approached her.

“Excuse me, do you have a minute?”

“I have all eternity, in fact!  What can I do for you, Umri?”

“Well, I’ve been put in the harem department, but I feel like my talents would be better utilized elsewhere... since it’s second nature for me to work while cumming indefinitely, you see.  Do you think you could arrange something?”

“You know, it’s funny you mention this now.  I was just about to make some extra lubricants.  Though, with your handy perma-orgasm ability, we could kill two birds with one stone--get you some extra work and get me the lubricants I need.”  She smirked.

“Ah, I see!  Yes, I can absolutely help there!  I can easily modify the attributes of my cum at will to produce whatever you need!”

“Excellent!” Ha-neul clapped her hands together.  “Let’s get to work, then!”

Ignoring gravity again, Shizuka kicked off a bulkhead and flew like a ghost up through several decks, weaving her way to the security hub.

Once there, she found the entire security division engaged in a raucous orgy, with Paula in the middle of it all.  The prosperium deck plates were completely soundproof, otherwise there would have been noise complaints coming from all over the deck.  The cum regulation systems were active in full force, siphoning away excess cum to prevent flooding with incredible efficiency.  Shizuka noted that she should thank Irina for developing that system overnight and on a whim.

“Er, Paula...” Shizuka asked. “What’s going on here?”  She spoke in a normal tone of voice--ordinarily not loud enough to be heard over the ecstatic moaning of some three thousand security officers in various states of undress.

Paula didn’t want to stop her fucking, so she produced a duplicate of herself to speak with the captain.  “Hey Shizuka.  Sorry, but the security girls were getting bored and restless with nothing to do right now.”

“Ahhhh, I see,” Shizuka nodded in realization.  “Security was a bit of an afterthought, after all.  Who would seriously think of infiltrating or sabotaging a space vessel run by Super Goddesses?”

“Exactly.  I didn’t want to change the game plan without speaking with you first, so we’ve been making the most of our down time in the meantime, as you can see!”

Shizuka thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers.  An alert klaxon began sounding, accompanied by indicator lights across the hub’s walls turning red.

A computerized voice rang out over the intercom, “Intruder alert!  Hostile boarding parties approaching all airlocks!  Security teams to the airlocks immediately--repel and neutralize the intruders!”

“Well, Paula,” Shizuka smirked. “Looks like your team has their work cut out for them.”

Paula immediately understood.  “All security personnel, form up into your squads and get your fine asses to an airlock!  Squad leads, keep in contact telepathically!  Let’s move it, people!”

The orgy swiftly dispersed and uniforms were put back on, simply by pressing a button on their chokers, causing them to expand and envelop the wearer’s body, clothing them almost instantly.  In seconds, the entire security hub was vacated, leaving only Shizuka and Paula behind.

“Smart idea, unscheduled spontaneous drills,” Paula commented.  “Helps keep my teams on their toes.”

“I try.”

Paula turned her attention to a holographic display mapping out the locations of her teams.

Squads 45 to 47, none of the intruders are heading towards your airlock.  45 and 46, head over to airlock 53 and give the squads there a hand.  47, stay where you are, just in case.

Out loud, she added, “We should be fine at least until liftoff, Shizuka.  I’ll let you know if anything changes.”


Shizuka headed out the door, only to get nearly thrown to the floor by a blur shooting past.  Before she could even get back up, the blur came back the opposite way.  It was about to come around again, but Shizuka saw who it was and stopped them.  It was Paige, frantically running back and forth between the engineering and science departments.

“Whoa, whoa!  Easy there, Paige--where’s the fire?”

Paige responded with admirable precision and efficiency.  “No fire, Captain, just performing my duties to the best of my ability.”

“Th-that’s good to hear, but I think you might be pushing yourself too far.”

“Not at all, Captain.  I’m incapable of overexerting myself.”

“Er, Paige, where’s your staff?”

“They are split about evenly between the mess hall and their respective quarters, enjoying their downtime prior to launch, Captain.”

“Don’t tell me... you’re doing all the work for the entire operations department?”

“Yes Captain!”

Shizuka sighed.  “You have some 23 thousand people in your department.”

“Yes Captain.”

“Paige... you have those people so the workload can be distributed evenly.  You’re very correct that any one of us could run the ship ourselves, but that’s not why we’re doing this.  The whole idea is that we’re helping humanity get into space.  To be blunt, all this is for their benefit.”

A beat.  “Oh my god, you’re right.  I’m sorry, Shizuka--I got so caught up in wanting to help as much as I can.”

“Oh, it’s quite alright.  This is very much a new experience for everyone involved.  Now, go ahead and call some of your people down.  Remember, many hands make light work.”

“Aye, Captain!” Paige teleported away in a flash of sky blue light.  Irina poked her intangible head through a bulkhead moments later.

“Irina?  What are you doing in there?”

She stepped out into the corridor.  “I trust you spoke with Paige?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m afraid she was...” Irina paused briefly to choose the right words. “...getting to be a bit much for me, Captain.”

“Oh?  Explain.”

“As you saw, she was acting as the sole intermediary between the engineering and science departments... very rapidly, at that.  I needed a break from her appearing and disappearing all the time.  I’m afraid my instincts got the better of me; I opted to hide and let her interface with one of my subordinates.  I’m sorry, Captain.”

“I just got done telling Paige that we're all treading new ground here.  Don’t worry about it, but be sure to work on it.”

Irina sighed, not enjoying being reprimanded... but she followed it with a nod regardless. “Understood.”

“Good to hear!” Shizuka patted her on the shoulder with a smile.  “Now, let’s head to the bridge!”

Shizuka ghosted down several decks towards the ship’s center, analogous to a rose’s pistil.  Irina followed, less than a second behind her.

“Captain on deck!” Irina declared the same moment Shizuka’s heeled feet touched down.  The bridge officers snapped to attention.

“At ease,” Shizuka said, making a point to talk to Irina about that.  “Before we launch, I’d like to say something.”

She projected her voice throughout the ship’s interior, ensuring every crewmember could hear her.

“I’m abundantly aware that this is a first for all of you--us included.  We Super Goddesses have been to space, of course, but never in a starship as incredibly advanced as this!  It’s nerve-wracking, for you and me alike.  Each and every one of you are the best, pure and simple.  I have the utmost confidence that you will perform beyond expectations and we’ll make some truly amazing discoveries!  Make me proud, but more importantly, make yourselves proud!  Alright, let’s do this, Yamato!  Helm, engage when ready!”

“Aye, Captain!”

The drydock’s antigravity clamps deactivated in unison with the Yamato’s thrusters flaring to life, gradually propelling the metallic flower skyward.  As the ship ascended into the mesosphere, the thrusters deactivated and the sublight engines took over, accelerating to meet and exceed escape velocity.

The sheer majesty of the vessel left the thousands of other satellites orbiting the Earth simply awestruck, instinctively adjusting their orbits and velocities to avoid any collisions.  Regardless, tactical officers were at the ready throughout the ship to use their powers and deploy the shields and ensure the satellites weren’t damaged, just in case.

Shizuka stared out the viewscreen, to the endless expanse of stars before her.  She had seen the firmament many times before, but it didn’t have the same weight to it that it does now!

“Launch successful,” the helmsman reported.  “We are clear of Earth’s atmosphere and satellite field.  Heading, Captain?”

Shizuka took a moment to consider the question.  She didn’t actually have a course planned.  So many other exciting things took precedence in her mind.

“Out there....” She gestured towards the viewscreen, eyes fixed on an infinitesimal point between a few stars in the vast distance.  “Thattaway.”

With a few quick commands inputted to the helm computer, the vessel’s FTL drive activated.

The starscape stretched and curved around the ship as it approached lightspeed, rapidly blue-shifting all the while.  Blue became violet became ultraviolet, surpassing the visible spectrum.  The frequency shift continued, turning the ultraviolet light into X-rays into gamma rays.  It ultimately caused the universe’s cosmic microwave background radiation to lapse into the visible spectrum, filling the viewscreen with an ethereal silvery light.  Many crewmembers were struck with awe at the sight of it--understandably so, as it was effectively the birth of the universe laid bare for them all to witness.  It wordlessly represented why they were all here.

“Velocity is now 15,200 c,” the helmsman reported.

“Let’s get a good distance from Earth, to someplace plenty far away and uncharted--we can start charting and analyzing and exploring and all that then!”

Shizuka sat down in the captain’s chair, only to stand back up moments later.

“Oooh, I’m so excited!” she exclaimed while bouncing on her toes.  A burst of magic involuntarily shot from her body.  It magnetically redirected itself into the nearest and most concentrated source of magic: Jennifer.  From her, the energy arced into Irina, and in turn into Paula.  Shizuka eliminated it before it could expand any further, stopping it only three units of Planck time after it manifested.  Her quick reflexes weren’t quite quick enough, as that magic discharge already began its work.

Jennifer’s pink uniform was replaced with otherworldly-looking robes--elegant and flowing, but simultaneously managing to show an abundance of skin.

Irina’s new outfit was of a similar style to Jennifer’s, only hers was a bodysuit: largely silver with purple accents and prominent openings revealing her thighs and chest.  She preferred the full coverage her proper uniform provided, so she filled in the gaps.

Paula was still wearing a uniform, just not hers.  It was decidedly more militaristic than the ESA’s aesthetic, though that wasn’t to say it was unsexualized by any means.

Something as simple as a wardrobe change ordinarily wouldn’t have fazed the Super Goddesses, but something about the particular kind of magic Shizuka unconsciously used managed to get all three of them quite riled up.  It was an unexpected development, to be sure, but Shizuka wasn’t complaining.  She sat down in the captain’s chair and crossed her legs, eager for the inevitable show.

Paula quickly found the hidden zipper on her new uniform’s collar, breaking both its mechanism and the belt at her waist immediately to make way for her hand to become jammed inside her vulva.  With her other hand, she pulled out both of her breasts, revealing that they were letting out steady streams of milk.  She eyed Jennifer and Irina hungrily, licking her lips as droplets of aphrodisiacal ambrosia dripped from between her legs.

Jennifer put her hand to her cheek.  “My my... sister, isn’t this overwhelmed Human just the cutest thing?”

Irina giggled.  “Indeed!  Let us give her a proper Iskandari welcome!”

In an instant, they were both on top of Paula, drinking from her breasts and penetrating all three of her orifices with huge, imposing, and multipresent cocks simultaneously.  Paula’s body convulsed wildly, unable to stop cumming and lactating.  Every orgasm she experienced produced a wave of power that augmented Jennifer and Irina’s libidos, filling them with more ecstasy, motivating them to go at her harder and harder.  Paula’s body kept becoming more and more sensitive with every orgasm, rapidly building up to a Super Orgasm.  Paula’s hair took on an increasingly golden hue as it rapidly grew.  Several large hail tendrils swooped inward and enveloped Irina and Jennifer, hugging them tightly against Paula’s super-ecstatic body and cocooning them all into a levitating, amorphous, aureate mass of pure euphoria.

The other bridge officers tried their absolute hardest to restrain themselves and not jump on top of the cocoon in hopes of being sucked in themselves.  No matter how much they wanted to, they knew they didn’t have a chance of surviving the kind of infinite rapture that the three goddesses were enjoying.  They just had to withstand being on the bridge with a downright nexus of pure sexual energy and continue carrying about their duties.

Shizuka had spaced out watching the spectacle until an alarmed voice sounded through the intercom.

“Engineering to bridge!  What’s going on up there, Captain?!”

“Wh-what?  Explain, Engineering!”

“The power core is being overloaded!  A harem uniform on the bridge is transmitting way too much energy to it!”

Shizuka immediately put two and two together.  She reached into the golden cocoon and pulled Jennifer out, phasing her through the membranes.  The Canadian emerged in a stupor and covered in cum, to the point that Shizuka had to produce a skintight force field surrounding her to keep the pheromones from overwhelming the bridge crew.

“Jen, you good?” Shizuka asked.

“Mmmm... I wanna go back...”

“Later!  Right now, you and I have business in engineering!”

Shizuka brought Jennifer up to speed while they were en route, which helped clear out the residual cum in her mind.  She realized she was at fault along with Shizuka for the current crisis.

“To sum up,” Shizuka concluded, “we just have to jump start the power core.  For the likes of us, we should be able to phase inside and unleash enough power to get it going again.”

“I’ve never attempted something like this before.  Sounds like fun!”

The two casually stepped into the power core, phasing right through its prosperium plating, awing the engineering staff.  Nothing happened for a long moment, causing a handful of the engineers to worry.  Fortunately, the flickering lighting panels stabilized and main power restored in seconds.  The two Super Goddesses phased out of the core just as effortlessly as they entered.

“I actually didn’t expect it to feel that good in there,” Jennifer commented.

“Gotta love the kinds of insane pleasures we Super Goddesses can enjoy!” Shizuka replied with a giggle.  “But as long as you’re in that uniform, no Super Orgasms, understood?”

Looking playfully disappointed, Jennifer replied, “Aye aye, Captain.”

Shizuka projected her voice throughout the ship as she and Jennifer left engineering.

“Attention all hands: the power core has been re-stabilized.  All is well.  Resume normal operations.  Navigation, resume previous course.”

Restoring her normal speaking voice, she added to Jennifer, “One aye.”

“Ah, right.”

One engineer, a short but particularly voluptuous Aishan Elf with large-lensed glasses on her face, was left positively stunned--not quite at what she had just witnessed, but more the implications.

A Super Orgasm caused the power core failure?  Wow... I can’t even begin to imagine how good that must have felt... With any luck, that will change.

“I never did check how Elza’s doing in sickbay,” Shizuka added.  “Wanna come with?”


The Yamato was designed to allow for easy access to critical locations, like sickbay.  Several doors on every deck served as portals to sickbay, ensuring any injury could be rapidly tended to.  Utilizing one such door, the two Super Goddesses turned a corner and found themselves in sickbay.

The space was actually even bigger than the harem chambers.  Its aesthetic design was quite unlike the rest of the ship.  Instead of being functional and spartan, it had fluffy seats and beds with warm colored pastels on the walls. The doors were all hand crafted and made of wood to express a homely feeling.  Instead of the utilitarian kind of bed you’d find in your typical sickbay or hospital they were cushy and ample to provide maximum comfort to the ill.

There was no connection to any other area of the ship, save for the main door.

The towering, two and a half meter tall Super Goddess Elza stood in the middle of the room, wearing her painfully tight-looking black-and-silver medical uniform, surrounded in holographic displays filled with data.  For someone with her titanically thick figure, her uniform looked just about painted onto her body.  That, coupled with her trademark stoicism, gave her an ineffable allure that no one--Shizuka and Jennifer included--could resist getting wet upon entering the same room as her.  She silently checked a holographic console with the names of the incoming Enhanceds and logged them with incomprehensible speed.

Interestly enough, the Super Goddess wasn’t tending to those exhausted by Jennifer’s impossible sex perfomance, instead delegating that job to her nurses. 

At intervals ranging from several minutes to a few seconds, a new woman teleported into a nurse’s bed.  As the patient struggled to cling to life, the Enhanced nurse sitting next to her offered her humongous and motherly mammaries and started feeding her straight from the nipple while humming a soft lullaby. Their magical milk was enough to cure their fatigue and revitalize their broken bodies in a matter of seconds.  A flash of light dispatched them back to work, freeing up the bed for a new patient.

One in particular caught Shizuka’s eye: Umri, the androgynous Prosperian that Ha-neul mentioned.  Despite their tiny frame, they were apparently a cum machine, gifted with the power of infinite semen production and no refractory period at all to boot.  After helping the chief engineer produce some extra lubricants, she decided to have some fun with them, leaving them in an uncontrollably orgasmic state.

Even after passing out from all the ecstasy, their pipe kept on going, spewing out countless gallons of cum like a fountain.  Even at full intensity, the cum suppression systems struggled to contain the excess, causing it to start pooling around the nurses’ ankles.  They erected a dome-shaped force field around their bed to keep the surrounding area clean.  A total of twelve extremely powerful Enhanced nurses were needed to calm her down, using their inviting wombs to suck all the cum in until she was finally laid on top of the bed to get fed like the rest.

Jennifer smirked devilishly at the sight.  She was utterly and shamelessly proud of how infinitely masterful she was in all matters sexual.  Maybe she could become so good that it affected her partners’ future selves....

Shizuka enthusiastically raised her hand to greet her sister twice her height.  “Elza!  How’s it going?”

The immovable amazon tilted her head and brought a finger towards her kissable and plump lips, not changing her stoic expression in the slightest.  She made no sound, but ensured Shizuka understood her meaning.  The flustered empress forgot she was the captain for a moment and yielded to Elza’s order.

Lowering her voice, she added, “Oops, sorry.”

The CMO was right--this was a place of rest, so noise was not allowed.  She would simply have to restrain her cheerful personality while here.

Proud of her sexual mastery, Jennifer teased, “Looks like you girls are doing well here, despite the rate I’m sending them to you.”  Taking a moment to observe the patients teleporting in and out, she could’ve sworn she saw a few repeats, even in the short time she was paying attention to them.

The colossal redhead nodded as her mind processed trillions of entries per second, telepathically inputting data into the computer.

“I’m a bit surprised by this arrangement,” Shizuka commented. “You’re the most powerful of your staff and so overwhelmingly motherly, I would’ve expected you to be feeding the patients yourself.”

She bit her lips at the sight of how the Enhanceds were so swiftly brought to an energetic state. The magical milk and lullabies rendering them fresh and ready to work, their dicks raising like powerful masts, their balls inflating like perpetually producing cum balloons....  The smell of the room was sexually overpowering, but still somehow sweet and even nostalgic.

Elza telepathically instructed one of her nurses to come explain the situation in her stead since it was well known that she didn’t like to speak.  A cute and voluptuous shortstack named Mabel arrived.

“The chief has the utmost confidence in our ability to placate the near-constant influx of patients to the sickbay, so she almost completely relies on us for it.  She only intervenes for extreme cases, when a patient is close to Agape.”

Jennifer flinched, embarrassed. “Oh my... seriously?  I didn’t think I was going down that hard on those girls.... maybe I’m just too loveable?”

“So it would seem,” Mabel replied, straining herself a bit to remain calm.  “You have caused 55,621 Agape cases since liftoff, many of whom reach a critical state several times.  In fact, the Agape cases attributable to you more than double those of all other Super Goddesses aboard put together.”

And she understood it abundantly well, too.  Jennifer was a sexual beast very much unlike Elza.  They were both titans in their own right, but at least Elza’s intimidating presence made it so people felt unworthy of Agape to begin with.  Unless one is intimately familiar with her, just a simple look at her stoic face can erase one’s self-confidence completely.

“Oh, you...” Shizuka looked at her funny and Jen laughed.

Suddenly, Elza turned her attention elsewhere.  A huge woman appeared in sickbay: five meters tall and built like a truck, with a body perfectly balancing muscle and fat to maximize her sex appeal.  She was positively delusional, babbling about how much she loved Jennifer, wanting nothing more than to be one with her for all eternity and so on.

“Speaking of which,” Mabel added, “here’s 55,622.”

The 250 cm tall Super Goddess didn’t bother to use her super speed or teleport to the problem.  She instead melted into the floor and resurfaced kilometers away just as easily.

“Oh my... we’re gonna see her in action!” Shizuka couldn’t contain her childish euphoria and used her super vision to bask in the details.

Since Elza was always the tallest in the room, her body suddenly grew to triple her original height, adjusting sickbay’s ceiling in the process so she wouldn’t hit her head.  She lifted the six ton woman in her gloved arms with ease.

Her expression deadpan as ever, she started swinging the woman around while feeding her with her giant tits, making everyone instantly jealous of her.  Elza’s milk was the tastiest and most nutritious in the universe.  Instead of a lullaby, the giant Super Goddess decided to send a stream of positive, identity-reinforcing thoughts into the Enhanced’s mind, quickly overriding her unhealthy Jennifer obsession.

After a few seconds she decided to scale down again, to a size more appropriate for what was about to happen next.  Elza proceeded to have extremely sweet and romantic sex with the woman, who was completely overtaken by the sexual mastery of the omnipotent.  At this rate, it wouldn’t take long for her to resume her normal duties once again.

“Well,” Jennifer uttered, “it seems Elza is doing very well here.”  She had to fight to hide her intense arousal from Elza’s display.

“Y-yes...  I, uh... damn... Elza is just... amazing...” Shizuka was in awe and couldn’t look away from it.

“Captain, don’t you have other matters to attend to?”

“R-right...” With that, they exited sickbay, letting the intense moaning and sucking sounds echoing across the bulkheads fuel their mental fantasies.

Captain’s log: November 28, 2179.  Today is our 602nd day in deep space.  We’ve proceeded on a varying course, prioritizing exploration over reaching any specific destination.  No real plan or deadline, just learning and documenting all we can.  In just over a year and a half, we’ve accumulated just over 253 petabytes of data!  Fortunately for us, data storage is laughably simple to accommodate.  The vast majority of that data has come from ultra-long-range sensor sweeps, charting a significant portion of the galaxy in unprecedented detail.

Irina turned from her science station on the bridge and eagerly reported, “Captain!  Reading life on a nearby planet!”

The exclamation caught Shizuka off guard momentarily, leaving her stunned for nearly two yoctoseconds.  “Distance?  Bearing?”

“0.794267 parsecs, bearing 96-mark-24.”

“That can’t be right--that’s virtually the center of the galaxy!”

“No mistake,” Irina replied, confirming her data.  “If we drop to one-third normal cruising speed, we should be able to safely and productively reach planetary orbit in just over five hours, taking into account a somewhat circuitous course to avoid black holes.”

“Certainly an anomaly, but also undeniably intriguing.  Transfer the coordinates to navigation.  Helm, lay in a new course and engage when ready!”

Irina’s ETA was quite accurate.  Five hours and seven minutes later, the Yamato assumed a geosynchronous orbit above the strange world--no simple feat, but the helmsman was both profoundly talented and able to utilize advanced prescience to anticipate errors ahead of time and compensate for them seamlessly.  Even so, the shields remained at full intensity for the duration.

The planet’s orbit and positioning of its star were extremely fortunate, as it very narrowly avoided the grasp of countless black holes all around it.  Such precision wasn’t impossible naturally, but it was staggeringly unlikely.  It was baffling and fascinating all around.  Shizuka couldn’t resist.

Per her orders, the ship’s silvery petals began moving, as if the flower was blooming.  The stamen-analogue was the center of a gravitational transport beam, allowing fast and easy access between the ship and planet by selectively altering gravity on an individual basis.  An Earth-like atmosphere consistent with the ship’s interior was maintained inside the beam.  Outside it, however, was a cold vacuum.

Human crewmembers would have to vacuum-seal their uniforms before exiting the beam, but Shizuka naturally didn’t.  Upon exiting the beam, she took a long deep breath, surveying her surroundings.  She stood in the middle of a valley, with enormous dark brown mountains all around.

“Ahhhh!  Nothing like the smell of vacuum in the morning!” she said nonchalantly.  She had warped reality ever so slightly to allow the sound of her voice to travel to its recipients’ ears without the need of a medium.  Additional teams gently touched down and began setting up around the beam, creating a base camp.

“I can already tell this planet is filled to the brim with alien life--thoroughly alien at that, to be able to somehow survive in this hostile environment with no atmosphere.”

Shizuka utilized her infinite awareness to perceive the entire planet to perform an initial survey, simultaneously relaying her findings to the other team leaders.  The planet was apparently barren and devoid of vegetation, but it did have some ice deposits inside its subterranean cracks.  There didn’t appear to be any viable way of reaching it, though.  Presumably these lifeforms didn’t subsist on water.  It was within the realm of possibility that they didn’t need anything to survive, especially considering the less-than-hospitable environment.

“Well!  Now I’m really in an exploratory mood!” She started bouncing slightly out of excitement.  “Irina-chan, will you be okay if I take two or three Sakimori and go look for aliens while you guys build the settlement?”

The all-powerful chief science officer summoned an entire laboratory out of nothing, fully equipped for her needs.

“I have no objections,” Irina replied, “so long as you don’t do anything rash that might turn those beings against us.  I don’t mean to tell a world class socialite and master diplomat what to do in a first contact situation, but regardless, please be careful.  We really shouldn’t make first contact with them if they’re significantly less advanced than us.  But, if it comes to that, we naturally want their first impression of us to be pleasant.”

“I don’t think that level of caution is at all necessary,” Jennifer countered.  “We’re here specifically to meet them, so why not do so?”

“If they’re the equivalent of apes, they won’t be able to comprehend us!”

“Did we stop being omnipotent and no one told me?  We can absolutely work around that.”

“We have no right to contaminate their natural development.  We reached the point we did through natural means.  Whatever life on this planet has the right to grow through that same process.  We have no right to override it.”

“You’re assuming the lifeforms here are cavemen or something.  What if they’re on par with Humans?”

“That would require the decision-making of our captain.  I can’t claim to have all the answers--this isn’t my mission.”

“Indeed,” Shizuka replied.  “I appreciate both of your viewpoints... Let’s just figure this out once we meet them.”

The infinitely cute Super Goddess wandered around the base camp, enjoying the sight of normal Humans, Enhanceds, Super Goddesses, and even other species of their creation working together in this shared enterprise.  She began humming one of her most famous songs from the mid-21st century, titled simply “Spirit”.  The slew of awards it earned resulted in it practically becoming the new condensed definition of Japanese spirit, handy especially for foreigners unfamiliar with the local mindset.

Her wandering led her to a wondrous, hyper-feminine voice. “My my!  Do you need something from us, Shizurin?”

Despite the fact that Shizuka was the empress of Japan, most of her underlings still treated her like a close friend and casually used her idol nickname.  Arisa Kikuchi was a century and a half old but still looked like an extremely tall young woman in her thirties, with a voluptuous and motherly body gifted with gigantic and only slightly sagging tits and an ass to kill for.  A veritable wealth of meat was also accumulated in her thighs and hips, conveying her superior fertility and then some.  Her face radiant with beatific kindness was framed by her beautiful raven black hime cut hair that reached the floor and even outdid Shizuka herself, in terms of tradition. No one really knew what color her eyes were, since she seemingly never opened them, preferring to instill a sense of calm in those who met her.

“Yeah!” Shizuka chirped. “I need some strong security officers to protect me!  We’re going on an expedition!”

Arisa laughed deliciously at the petite bombshell’s statement. “Since when do you need protection, Shizurin?”

“Oh fine, you caught me,” Shizuka mock-pouted.  “I don’t want to be bored, okay?” She played with the much bigger woman’s hair locks and put on a seductive smirk. “It’s much more interesting when I get horny after discovering something and women like you are around.”

“Meeting a new alien species is boring for you?” Meiko Tejima, a veteran Sakimori, joked as she arrived in the middle of the scene.  “Damn, Shizurin, you really are something.”

Meiko was responsible for retrieving Arisa back when she was a kid just starting to develop her Enhanced powers and had accidentally stumbled outside of the space-time continuum.  In a panic, her mother begged Shizuka for assistance.  After her rescue, Arisa became enamored with the idea of Sakimori after her incident and became one herself once she was of age.  More recently, she and Meiko became engaged after almost a full century of beating around the bush.

“By the way, if I were you I’d get your paws off my girl.”

Shizuka complied and let Meiko embrace Arisa.  

The much smaller, leaner Meiko affectionately kissed her fiancée.  The lovely stare-off following it nearly took forever.

“What do you say, onee-chan?” Meiko purred. “Want to go on an adventure with Shizurin?” Despite being the older of the two, she treated Arisa as her senior, which was consistent with how they appeared.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not, provided she doesn’t mind getting sandwiched between us when we make out.”  Arisa giggled.

“I won’t allow that, you degenerates!” The always clingy Yomi Shirogane cried out as she phased through one of the walls. “I will take care of the empress myself!  After all, I’m her most trusted Sakimori!”  She always took her job very seriously and was very much in love with Shizuka, more so than anyone else.

“Oh? Are you jealous Shizuka talked to us first?” Meiko teased.

Scoffing, Yomi replied, “I have no doubt that I was her first choice!”

“Come on girls, it’s time to go.” Shizuka snapped her fingers, sending her team and herself into the sky.  They immediately got the idea and got into formation, maintaining telepathic links to each other.

The four stupidly powerful beings travelled through the skies of the not-so-lifeless planet at astonishing speeds, covering hundreds of kilometers in seconds. For anyone else this couldn’t be called a proper expedition since they were blazing through the land with their surroundings completely blurred as they flew. However, their superior senses and brains could perfectly perceive and process every single bit of information on the terrain even from that height.

Meiko bit her beautiful lower lip as she stared at her girlfriend’s ass, perfectly vacuum packed in the black latex of her suit and engulfed in a trail of pure energy surrounding and suffusing her body, casually showing off the ridiculous amounts of energy that her hot body generated.

“Mmm...” Meiko cooed.  “Onee-chan, you have no idea how much you’re turning me on right now.”

“Oh~?  If you love my ass so much, Meiko-chan, then come get it~”

The smaller woman obliged and grabbed her ass just for Arisa to squeak and turn to embrace Meiko, then kiss her slowly. The two lovebirds weren’t even paying attention to their surroundings but they could perfectly navigate and keep the pace.

Yomi sighed. “Shizurin, why did you even bring those two with us?”

“Oh?  Is someone feeling jealous?” Shizuka’s smugness right now was off the charts.

“W-Well, I...” She instantly blushed at the offer, which was compounded by a sudden daydream coming to her, in which she was sucking on her empress’s gigantic nipples.


Shizuka smiled tenderly.  Despite how she seemed on the outside, Yomi could absolutely be cute when prompted.

“Let’s take care of business first, then I’ll see to it that you feel reaaaally good.”

Yomi remained flustered for the remainder of the trip.  She was also sopping wet, as well as thankful that her uniform was completely airtight, hiding any visual evidence to that effect.

The four hyper-voluptuous Japanese women landed atop one of the biggest mountains of the planet, 26 megameters away from the camp.  From up there, they surveyed the vista, mostly just for the sake of documentation.  Yomi pinpointed the source of the life readings were, so she and the others leapt off the peak.

A series of telekinetic upward pushes as they descended let them touch down gently in the middle of a city of sorts.  It eerily resembled a fairy tale locale with castles and their tall, spiky towers.  The only difference was the materials used.  There were no roads, just structures built over a foundation of rocky soil.  It was like an alien’s interpretation of a generic fantasy village.

“It’s deserted.” The silence allowed Meiko’s voice to echo off the various structures.

“Isn’t it wonderful, girls?” Shizuka replied with an eager giggle. “The first planet we choose at random has not only life, but intelligent life!  And, as it turns out, there’s a certain parallel between their aesthetic values and ours on Earth!  Irina will love this!” Shizuka couldn’t help touching the walls on one of the many castles.

“But isn’t it a little suspicious that it looks so... familiar?” Yomi asked. “Maybe it’s a trap that uses our memories to lull us into a false sense of security.”

“Yomi sweetie, you’re as powerful as me.  You can tell just as well as I can that this is real.  I admit it’s remarkable how similar these structures are to historical Earth, but I can’t seriously believe it’s meant to trap us.  Even if it is one, would it be a problem for three ultipotents and me?”

“Maybe on a diplomatic level?” Arisa suggested with a shrug, causing her enormous tits to jiggle.

Yomi said, “Well, we’re here.  If they want to attack us, why don’t they show themselves and do it?”

“We shouldn’t assume they’re hostile,” Shizuka countered.

“Fine, but in that case, why are they hiding from us?  I can feel their presence but my eyes don’t detect anyone inside the buildings.” Despite her extreme power, Yomi wasn’t the most creative with her powers, so she tended to take things at face value.

Shizuka’s voice took on a weirdly seductive tone. “I have an idea to lure them out....”

The three ultipotents didn’t take long to start panting in heat as the temperature rose and Shizuka’s Super Pheromones overpowered their nostrils.  The Super Goddess was amplifying her already outstanding sexuality, having learned some time ago that it attracted beings of any species.

Before any natives revealed themselves, however, the three ultipotents were unable to withstand the pheromones and broke down into a threesome, incapable of controlling their behavior in the wake of Shizuka’s sexiness.  Even Shizuka herself started fingering her pussy in anticipation.

Nonetheless, after a while this strategy proved effective. Small chunks of teal-colored slime started to sprout from the cracks on the ground.  Each of them looked to be spheroids roughly 30 centimeters in diameter.  Their viscosity resulted in their every move producing funny sounds as they crawled and sloshed around. They were featureless but undeniably alive and sentient, and perhaps more interested in reproduction that their simple bodies suggested.

Suddenly, about a dozen of the creatures leapt onto Shizuka and attached themselves to her body.  The Sakimoris’ first instinct was to step in and defend their empress but she stopped them with her telepathy.

It’s okay, girls!  This is just their way of greeting me, apparently.  It’s touch telepathy.  I can feel it... these beings... they are so horny... it feels so good... Ah, I couldn’t have asked for a better first contact....

“S-Shizurin, t-they’re...” Yomi muttered somberly.

The slimes squeaked in anticipation as they started rubbing against the goddess’ perfect body, some of them using a powerful acid formula to dissolve her suit and access to her delicious, pale skin. Shizuka giggled because they tickled, but their advances quickly became more daring as they squeezed between her legs, massaging her most sensitive spots.

At first they attacked her colossal boobs and her armpits, making her moan and pant with her cute little voice. The Sakimori were beyond horny at this point, opting to just start fucking each other at the sight of Shizuka’s interaction with the aliens.  Then a few of them decided to stretch their hyper elastic bodies and turn into tentacle binds to tie her arms and legs so others could constrict her softer body parts and make her scream in pleasure.

It was then that a ton more of them leaped to milk her already-leaking udders, covering them completely and leaving others to reach her pussy and fuck it. Shizuka was awash with pleasure and rapidly approaching climax.  These creatures were apparently built for fucking someone like her.  The experience of being gangbanged by blobs of gelatinous slime being the perfect turn-on for a degenerate like herself.

After a while she couldn’t even move, only convulse in ecstasy as many of them just had their way with her boobs and pussy.  Her intense body heat melted some of them into organic liquid that managed to get into her most secret crevices, introducing her to an appropriately otherworldly sort of pleasure.

However, these beings were still powerless mortals, unable to give Shizuka a proper Super Orgasm.  Nevertheless, the orgasm they brought her to was so powerful that a barrage of cum was shot with supersonic power and speed past the sky, shooting through one of the planet’s moons and turning it into a doughnut.  The goddess screamed angelically as every single slime leeching off her juices melted on top of her--effectively an alien bukakke.

She could tell they weren’t dead.  Melting was a natural effect of them losing control of themselves.  With this little exchange, Shizuka had managed to apparently communicate with them on a deeper level.  Furthermore, she established a sexual bond with them, which gave her tons of information about their culture and biology.  It was as if their method of communication or sharing memories was through sex.  Shizuka experienced it all in an instant.  Had she been a normal Human, her brain would have been irreparably warped by this monumental discharge of raw data, but Shizuka’s prodigious mind quickly made sense of it and archived it for posterity.

“S-Shizurin...” After nearly passing out from how violently hard she was going at herself, Yomi crawled towards her mistress as Meiko was making babies with Arisa, more than content to ignore everything else.

“D-Don’t worry, Yomi. I think I... I finally understand them.  They can’t communicate verbally, but this evolutionary development speaks volumes about them.” Shizuka stood up, covered in leftover slime, milk and cum.  With a giggle, she added, “And besides, they are very friendly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, my theory is that a Super Goddess created this species, or at least catalyzed their evolution to become non-dependant of sustenance and oxygen.  It would also account for their remarkable appetite for interspecies sex.”

“But that’s impossible... or at least it should be.  Don’t you Super Goddesses instinctively know when another one of you is born?  Surely you’d be able to tell which of you did this.”

“Well, I could be wrong--I’m not perceiving another Super Goddess aside from the rest of our party.” Shizuka shrugged, only to follow it up with a squeal of delight.  “Ooooooh, I love this mystery~!  If you girls care to help me a little, we could probably get some more information from these little ones.”

Yomi knew what that entailed.  Arisa and Meiko did too, though they needed a bit to finish up and regain their wits.

After a whole afternoon of slimy tentacle sex, Shizuka's party gained a greater understanding of them.  These beings weren’t even alive originally.  They were literally just hydrogel that at some point gained thought, consciousness, and the need for reproduction, both to propagate and communicate.

Being hydrogel, they were virtually immortal.  They organized themselves on a caste system composed by the drones, a queen, and a princess to succeed her. Their ‘language’, if it could be called that, didn’t use exactly those terms, but the concepts were roughly analogous to royalty.  The queen and princess gels were considered religious figures and the creators and protectors of their whole species.  Apparently, their citadel looked the way it did because the queen ordered it into existence.

“Very interesting!  Say, could I meet with your queen?  Something tells me we would get along.” The little critters twitched as if they didn’t understand her. “Ah okay, I get it.”

Once again, Shizuka fucked millions of gels to ask them for directions.  At first they seemed reluctant to let her meet their royalty and it took the entire citadel and the plains surrounding it to become a sea of cum and gel for them to accept.  By now the Japanese Super Goddess had officially become the first true friend of their race.

Her party was guided through the city and into an underground catacomb to reach a round chamber that seemed to be a throne room.  It was surrounded by ornate columns with designs unseen in the rest of the city and a giant block of ice shaped like a diamond hanging from the ceiling. Inside the ice there were two distinct silhouettes--one much larger than the other.  They were presumably gels, given their hue.

As if by magic, both of them reacted to Shizuka’s presence in the chamber and somehow leaked through the ice and fell into the floor. The smaller blob looked like any of the others and wore a tiny golden crown on top of the anterior part of its body while the other one was gigantic and had the unique trait of possessing two eyes made of pure, purple magical energy.

You girls will love this--I think I just found a long lost sister! Shizuka telepathically announced.

But all Super Goddesses until now have been Human, right Shizurin? Arisa asked.

Yes, but as it turns out, this cute goo lady over here is and has always been a Super Goddess. Somehow she eluded us at birth--possibly because of our drastically different biology?

U-Uhm, excuse me... An incredibly cute and girly voice interrupted them, sending shivers down their spines. Could you please tell me who you are and why are you here?  I’ve never seen anyone like you before.  Are you here in peace? This is... unsettling.

Wait, you know our language? Meiko was positively stunned at how fast this big pile of goo managed to learn it.

W-well, usually it’s easy for me to get inside other people’s minds, but this lady in the center here is quite impenetrable, so I reached into yours and I got all I needed to learn your language. My form doesn’t possess a mouth or vocal cords, so I decided to use my telepathy instead.

The ultipotent Sakimori suddenly felt weaker than ever. She really had to be a Super Goddess to be able to effortlessly probe their minds just like that.  Plus she seemed to have absorbed a lot of knowledge on top of that.

My name is Shizuka Hirose.  We are known as Humans from a planet called Earth, 7,794 parsecs from here.  We mean no harm to you or any of your species.  In fact, our only wish is to know you better and collaborate with you.

The goddess bowed to the two royals.

I’ve become quite intimate with your subjects and they’ve told me that you rule this world.  I presume you are the queen?

No, I’m the princess.  My mother over here is the queen.

The princess’ energy eyes had a soft, adorable roundness to them as she looked at the much weaker, more primitive lifeform she identified as her mother.

I am curious, how is it possible that you can resist my power?  No one else before has been able to do so. You must be very powerful!

I believe we have a lot to talk about, Your Highness. I would love to share knowledge about us, if Her Majesty finds it appropriate.  I presume you are under her authority like the rest of your kind.

We will deliberate.  Would you please leave us for now?

Of course.

The Super Goddess and the three ultipotents were escorted out of the chamber.

“What do you think, Shizurin?" Yomi asked. 

“She seems nice enough.  If I can get a few minutes with her, I’m sure I can sort this out.”

“What do we do now?” Meiko chimed in.

“You girls go back to camp and tell Irina about this, she’ll love it!”

“Will you be okay by yourself~?” Arisa asked in her worried mommy tone.

“Of course!”

The three Sakimori teleported away.  Shortly after, the gels allowed Shizuka back into the chamber.

My mother has decided to let me speak with you, the Princess informed her.

Since I’m here representing my people, Shizuka replied, would you be kind enough to show me around while we chat?

The queen jiggled her gelatinous body, as if to protest the idea that her daughter would leave the chamber but she didn’t object.

The princess’ energy eyes gleamed with strikingly expressive joy. But of course!

A flash of light brought them high over the city, casually floating before the naked firmament.

So, Princess-chan-- is it alright if I call you that?

O-Oh, that is... peculiar.

Have I offended you?

Not at all; it’s just... different.  But that is to be expected from aliens like yourselves.  My real name is...

What followed was a swarm of sounds impossible to replicate by a Human.  In fact, attempting it would probably result in hurting oneself.

I see.  I wouldn’t have a problem using your real name, but I’m quite different from normal Humans.  I possess infinite power, after all, so correctly and safely pronouncing your name would be easy for me.  A normal Human’s biology wouldn’t allow them to, however.  With your permission, I ask that you allow my kind to refer to you as Princess.

Hmmmm... that is acceptable.  This means you’re like me, right?  You are much more powerful than the rest of your kind.  This is exciting--euphoric!  It’s something I don’t share with anyone else, not even my mother!

Shizuka could tell her feelings were much more advanced than those displayed by the rest of her species.  She smiled tenderly and waved her hand at the stars before them.  Countless galaxies swirled at her whim to form the shape of a female humanoid--with insanely big hooters at that.  The goddess giggled and blew a magical kiss that travelled half a billion light-years instantly, striking the starry body’s apparent center.

Princess was awestruck and mystified by this casual display of reality warping.  The humanoid form somehow emerged down from the sky, as if it were pulled through a permeable membrane.  What was an exaggerated constellation moments ago was now gleaming crystal before her widened energy eyes.

W-What is that? How can you do all of this? This surpasses my powers by far.... There was some fear in her voice, though Shizuka thought it was just insanely cute.

Try it on!

Wh-what?  W-Why?  She seemed wary of compressing her body in a smaller form.

It’s so you can interact better with Humans.  Besides, I think it’ll look cute on you.

Are you sure you don’t want to hurt me? I-- I don’t mean to be overly cautious, but this is all too new for me.

I couldn’t hurt you even if I wanted to. You are just like me, a Super Goddess!  Ergo, omnipotent! Shizuka’s crimson eyes glimmered in the dark, brighter than ever before.

S-Super Goddess? Omnipotent? I’m not omnipotent. I have some magical powers, sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m all-powerful or anything.

The empress asked, Wait, have you been unable to do something?

Well, that hasn’t been the case so far.  Everything I try works.  My mom says I’m a miracle and a great asset to my people because of this.  I can telekinetically move things easily--that’s how I built the city.

Ah, that would explain how the queen ‘ordered your citadel into existence’.

Exactly!  There’s also my telepathy--I can communicate with anyone I want from anywhere.  And... I can fly, obviously.  But that’s everything I think I’m capable of.

So you’ve never left this planet? Shizuka raised an eyebrow. You’re telling me you have all these wonderful powers and you’ve never tried to do more with them?  For that matter, if you’re the most capable and powerful of your people, why are you still only a princess?

Well, it wasn’t ever necessary so I never really considered it...

Shizuka understood that this was all too much for her in one sitting so perhaps a demonstration would be in order.

Would you like to try now?

Do you promise you won’t harm me?

I promise.  I’m certain you are as powerful as me, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Princess merged with the suit the same way she did whenever she entered and exited the ice block she usually lived in.  At first it looked very goofy, with her slimy body barely fitting inside and her eyes clumsily existing in the chest.

Smirking, Shizuka snapped her fingers.  Magical sparks engulfed the suit in a whirlwind, allowing Princess’ gelatinous form to better fill the body’s curves.

“I-is this... me?  I look... I look just like... you...” she said... realizing moments later that she said that!  Verbally!  She gasped and brought her hands to her new cavity, only to then become entranced by her hands: their delicate and smooth crystalline texture, their many points of articulation, the sensations she felt as she touched them....

With the flick of a wrist, the Japanese goddess materialized a full-length mirror in front of Princess.  “What do you think?”

The vision before her would be invariably defined by any Human as either perfection itself or very close to it.  Her crystal body was petite but still extremely well endowed--shorter than Shizuka’s but still enticingly adult and erotic.  Gelatinous, watermelon-sized tits descended into a firm, tight waist and wide, motherly hips, supported by thighs so thick they practically defied the tenets of structural integrity.  While she didn’t have any skin or organs per se, her teal-colored slime filled her crystal receptacle perfectly, giving her form an unmistakable, exotic hue--clear indication of her extraterrestrial nature.  Her previously violet energy eyes were now the irises of large humanoid eyes, accompanied by black scleras and pupils but managing to convey pure innocence and gentleness to an even greater degree than Shizuka’s and even Paige’s.  The rest of her face was just as cute and round with a tiny nose and inviting lips.

“Oh... this feels so... weird, but also... good at the same time...?  I don’t know how to describe it....”

“The word you’re looking for, Princess-chan, is beautiful.  You feel beautiful because you are!  Although...” It occurred to Shizuka that, while she was a real beauty, Princess still lacked something.  She was completely bald and naked now.  She needed some extra details.

Using her powerful imagination she brought stuff into reality once again, just like that. On top of Princess’s head appeared a full stack of hair, brilliant teal and so shiny that it looked like an extension of her body’s crystal to the untrained eye, though every filament was as sharp as a monomolecular blade.  It reached her shoulders and had impressive volume, plus a gigantic ahoge.  It bore a certain resemblance to one of the main characters of a magical girl anime Shizuka loved, Cutie Pure--complete with a shooting star-shaped hairpin.

Princess squealed in a delightfully adorable way, surprised and excited by the sheer might of a Super Goddess--power she possessed but hadn’t realized yet.

Shizuka chuckled.  “Sorry, I thought you’d look really cute with this hairstyle for, ah... some reason.” She felt like she was dressing one of her dolls.  She was thankful that Super Goddesses couldn’t read each other’s minds and moved onto the next step: clothes.

Being Shizuka’s specialty, she was able to manifest an original design conceived on the spot for her sister.  Her outfit was primarily white with blue and gold accents.  A tiny bikini top covered her tits while an appropriately alien-looking skirt that wrapped around her legs, creating the outline of a short, wide skirt while showing her matching bikini bottom in plain sight.  The skirt loops connected directly to her thigh high boots, adorned with gold-bordered amethysts just like her new rings and necklace, the latter of which joined her bikini top’s straps to a choker.  The 50s space pulp- and anime-inspired design was completed by two detached sleeves delimited by big blue and gold wristbands.

“And for the final touch....”

Shizuka giggled as she grabbed Princess’ ear helixes and magically elongated them to a simultaneously familiar and exotic elven shape.  A Super Goddess with bare ears just didn’t look right, so she added a pair of golden saucers dangling, consistent with the sort believed to have crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico in the mid-20th century.

Voilà! How do you feel now?”

“I-I’m ecstatic, Shizuka!  What do we do now?”

“Well Princess-chan, I think it’s time to show you what it really means to be a Super Goddess!” She struck a pose straight from MoMo’s Extraordinary Ordeals, creating an alluring air of mystery.  “Are you ready?”

“I am!” For the first time, Shizuka finally saw Princess’ smile.  It was so genuine and bright that her heart almost stopped beating.

She gulped down and called upon her nearly 160 years of monastic discipline to resist the desire to fuck her on the spot, maintaining her calm and collected persona, but not without effort. “Well, come with me!  Not to brag, but after helping guide the last nine Super Goddesses in their youths, I’ve become quite good at it!”

The two goddesses wandered aimlessly through the barren landscape until Shizuka found a place she considered adequate for her demonstration. “This valley is secluded enough for what we are going to do.  Watch me, then try to imitate~”

A thin wave of magic traveled up from her feet, removing the lower half of her uniform, turning it into a snug leotard.  She closed her eyes and let her mind loose, seeing everything that there is.  The entire universe rested in the palm of her almighty but dainty hand, awash with possibilities.

There was no reason, no intent, only pure instinct.  Her brain entered the dream state through a self-induced meditative trance.  A Super Goddess has control over one’s dreams just as she does over reality.  That boundary is usually left untouched, but Shizuka made a point of breaching it.  The ludicrous amounts of bioelectricity produced in her brain thoroughly stimulated her nervous system.

Shizuka sat down, taking root in the dead soil with boundless grace, causing grass, flowers, ferns, and even trees to rapidly appear and grow all around her, as if her random thoughts had usurped nature itself.  The newly grown flora became more beautiful with each passing second.

Princess watched the display, mouth agape.  Never mind miracles like this, she hadn’t even imagined the concept of vegetation before!

Following it was the introduction of fauna--starting small and simple, but gradually growing larger and more complex over time.  Before long, creatures resembling small mice, birds, squirrels, even insects emerged.  Some of them even climbed onto Shizuka’s body, instinctively (and understandably) finding comfort in her tiny voluptuous body.  She was now all but literally a statue--both an unstoppable force and immovable object.  Reality had no chance of resisting her.

Shizuka’s body lifted off the grassy carpet, as if gravity had ceased to exist.  Sure enough other flora and fauna not attached to the ground began floating too.  The goddess looked increasingly zen-like as her mind totally let loose.  A miniature atmosphere now forming like a whirlwind in the sky.  Small clouds were converging, threatening to bring rain--another thing Princess was unfamiliar with, having lived on a thoroughly arid planet for decades. 

Instead of water however, what those clouds dropped were meters-long strands of spaghetti with meatballs, nonsensically falling from the sky and making a bizarre sound.  Colors and even dimensions began changing locally at random.  Some of the trees shapeshifted into furniture not unlike the one at Shizuka’s palace in Tokyo. 

Princess touched the things that Shizuka was creating with her mind. They were real!  Her random thoughts were literally becoming reality!

This is incredible!  I... I can’t believe this.  I’m not sure I can believe I’m also capable of these things....

As the precipitation intensified, an egregious amount of spaghetti rained down on her.  Curious, she decided to ingest some with her facial orifice.  Her teal interior adopted an orangish hue from the tomato sauce, causing her to giggle.

A skintight field of energy reminiscent of static electricity now surrounded the empress.  A Super Goddess brain was so unimaginably energetic that even one of her nerve impulses traveling across a single synapse could power an entire ecumenopolis for decades.  She had done this many times before and knew how to maintain its stability as instinctively as a Human knows how to breathe, meaning no harm could possibly come to the planet as a result.

The amber-tinted Princess approached Shizuka.  Her posture was so perfect and admirable, it was kind of... erotic?  It really shouldn’t have been possible, given the dramatic difference in their biologies, and yet... she was attracted to her regardless.  There was something about her controlled and calm command over reality that triggered something primal inside the alien monarch.

Instinct took control of her hands.  One gravitated toward breasts and the other between her legs-- but all of a sudden, the demonstration ended.  If she didn’t have superior vision and enhanced time perception, she couldn’t have seen what happened next.  Everything Shizuka had brought into reality hastily became energy and was swiftly absorbed back into her miraculous mind, as quickly and effortlessly as she made it all emerge.

The twintailed beauty opened her precious crimson eyes and smiled at her colleague. “Well, what do you think?  Isn’t brainstorming fun?  Now you try!”

“But... the stuff that you just did is crazy.  Do I really have that kind of power?”

“Yeah, totally!  It’s easier than you think, really?  You just, like... let your mind loose.”


“No buts!” 

Shizuka pushed the shorter goddess’ shoulders down, forcing her to sit.  Her eyes were wide open in disbelief, unable to process how she was supposed to bend reality like that.

“R-really, Shizuka, I don’t have any idea of how to brainstorm.”

“Nah, you’re fine.  Just do it!”

“What does that even mean?”

“You just do it!  Come on~”

Princess sighed and mimicked Shizuka’s posture earlier, returning to her usual color and then closed her energy eyes.

At first nothing happened.  It just felt like it did when she closed her eyes to sleep.  Shizuka was surprisingly quiet though; perhaps she wanted her to focus?  Was that the way to activate Super Brainstorming?

So she did just that.

It worked! Suddenly her awareness of... everything became clearer than ever, clearer than she even thought possible.  Planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, every single detail about them... like a light background noise, it was all there.  She could perceive and process all of it with incredible ease.

So this is the unlocked power of my mind... She still couldn’t believe it but it was definitely true.

Reality was hers to grasp and toy with.  Everything made sense--everything!  She could tell it was all connected now.  She understood it fully, from the most cosmic of scales to the microscopic particles conforming the matter around her.

Every Super Goddess on the planet and back on Earth suddenly noticed how Princess had unlocked her omnipotence.

“A little late to the party, but... not bad, not bad at all.  I look forward to having my way with this one in the future~” The alien girl’s awakening managed to distract Sofia from one of her demonic fuckfests inside her thoroughly isolated pocket universe.

This power is so pure and gentle, yet so overwhelming.... Ha-neul was impressed with how quickly Princess was learning her powers.

Elza was uncharacteristically awed, though still silent as ever.

I already wanna meet her! Paige cheerfully chimed in.

Can’t wait to fuck her! Paula confessed with a mischievous smile.

I concur. I wonder what our fusion will look like.... Jennifer pondered.

I believe she would do well under my tutelage, Irina added. 

Girls, please! She’s about to brainstorm! protested Shizuka.

Please be careful, Shizuka, M’Wela added stermly. I trust you remember what happened when you were in her shoes.

She pouted childishly. Yes, Mom.

Princess, content and confident about her new almighty power, followed Shizuka’s instructions and, after linking herself with the fabric of reality, shut her ridiculously powerful brain off, letting her mind truly wander aimlessly.

The effects were instantly apparent and brutal.  An atmosphere materialized around the planet all of a sudden--a perfect medium for a world-sized storm.  Shizuka stepped back and carefully observed the situation.  If it got out of hand, she was more than ready to intervene.

The Super Brainstorm started going a bit awry.  Even if Princess seemed to be at peace and calm, her brain was getting overloaded with godly levels of electricity which were summoned outside her head.

A blast of lightning so powerful that it momentarily blinded everyone in the universe fell from the sky, striking the peak of the planet’s tallest mountain.  The thunder following it was so intense that it caused earthquakes around the globe. The Super Goddesses and ultipotents used their powers as quickly as possible--within the same unit of Planck time--to make sure everyone was protected from the planet nearly collapsing on the spot.

Shizuka could quickly see what had happened.  Instead of the blast turning the mountain to dust, it instead became a gelatinous being, not unlike her own species, only this specimen was the size of the mountain--just over 14 kilometers tall.  The new lifeform was extremely dangerous and primitive.  It grew legs of its own and uprooted itself from the ground, quickly figuring out to walk by itself, causing earthquakes literally every step of the way.  Shizuka’s crewmates at the camp saw to it that the force was contained to minimize damage.

“After being trapped here all your life,” Shizuka said, “it makes sense that your brainstorming would be so monotonous and familiar.  You haven’t had sufficient opportunity to think or do anything else in your life, right?” She sighed. “It’s okay, we’ll fix this!”

Shizuka formed a crater as she sped up towards the giant creature while Princess kept twisting reality during the brainstorming.  Each time a bolt of lightning shot from the sky, another thing was twisted into a gelatinous turquoise aberration bent on destruction, each more horrifying than the last.  They rallied together like an army, marching toward the inhabited regions of the planet.

Meanwhile, Princess’ irresistible mind projected invisible hands all around the globe.  Her appendages were effectively non-existent but still undeniably solid, quickly reaching for every single being on the planet and trapping them in a tight grip.  Smaller, finer tentacles extended from those, fucking them relentlessly.

The least powerful Humans and aliens took only a few seconds to reach the orgasms of their lives and pass out.  The stronger Enhanceds and Super Goddesses gladly took Princess’ rough, psychic sex like champs, moaning, panting, blushing, and asking for more and more.  They were utterly entranced in the neophyte Super Goddess’ sexual prowess, even removing their clothes themselves to give easy access to their magical pussies.  The horniest of the group, like Jennifer and Paula, enjoyed it the most, but that wasn’t to say the more bashful likes of Elza and Paige didn’t.

Space and time were getting torn apart by her lazy mental effort.  Black holes shaped like zippers started appearing in the background of the universe, consuming entire galactic superclusters.  Nearby planets were victims of shapeshifting, being transformed into all sorts of beings and objects.  They were more earthly in nature, visualizations of what had captivated her about Shizuka’s home planet and society: assuming the shapes of animals, plants, and even clothes.  Many people were eaten by the ground they were walking on, which manifested eldritch excesses of mouths and eyes.

Shizuka was still being thoroughly facefucked by the invisible tentacles, but she didn't surrender and kept flying to reach the biggest of monsters.  Suddenly, another blast of lightning flared, so big it encompassed the entire planet!  Shizuka found herself falling to the ground... but upside down!  Princess apparently changed reality’s sense of direction--up was now down and vice versa.

Taking advantage of her momentary freedom, the Japanese empress teleported away from the perverted vines created by Princess’ supercomputer brain and appeared next to the giant monstrosity.  One tiny flick of her finger was enough to not only completely obliterate it but also erase the matter it was made of completely from existence.

The destruction of her first creation apparently saddened the turquoise deity--she shed some tears after the fact, but she was still trapped in her dangerous and irresponsible brainstorming session.  She had to be stopped.

It was natural after experiencing a saddening loss to seek relief.  For a Super Goddess, no greater relief existed than the Super Orgasm.  Princess wasn’t ready for that by any means, but her powers slipped and unlocked the best feeling ever.  No matter how removed her mind was from the material world right now, it was upon her and she had no choice but to withstand it without any preparation.  Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her expression became silly and horny.  She stuck her tongue out and absentmindedly panted and moaned like a bitch in heat, reveling in pure euphoria beyond all comprehension.

Her biology was fundamentally different to that of the other Super Goddesses, so the effects of her Super Orgasm manifested quite differently.  Instead of cumming with more than enough force to destroy the universe a duovigintillion times over, she instead exploded into countless gelatinous balls, each one somehow the size of a continent.  Dividing oneself into portions larger than the whole was new to Shizuka, but certainly not unheard of when it came to omnipotence.

Those bits of herself blasted off to space in all directions, containing her genetic material.  They splattered down onto countless young and fertile planets, filled with imperfect and simplistic life forms.  Many globs of herself flew into the countless black holes all over the galactic core, going who knows where.  Whatever primitive beings who encountered the masses of goo would invariably evolve into extremely powerful creatures.

Meanwhile the storm around Princess was becoming unbearable, forming a country sized tornado with lightning striking hundreds of thousands of times every second, each of them warping reality in increasingly absurd fashions.  The space surrounding her quickly became a pure random zone.  The term was coined in a theoretical context 49 years ago, though it was now a very real and proven concept.  As expected, it was downright lethal to anyone less than a Super Goddess.

The ecstasy of Princess’ first Super Orgasm meant her countless tentacles continued having their way with Shizuka’s crew, though a small handful of individuals managed to keep their wits about them anyway.

Time is being compressed now, M’Wela told Shizuka telepathically.   You should wake her up.

She might turn into a Super Witch... Ha-neul added, if not something worse.

Agreeing with them wholeheartedly, Shizuka rushed to rescue her friend... but before she could, an unexpected someone appeared right in front of Princess.

Floating at eye level with her, her arms were crossed and her expression annoyed.  Her beautiful, angry eyes were appropriately tinted red by her crystal glasses.  The top hat- and spandex-clad Spanish Super Goddess Sofia had appeared in the middle of all the chaos.

After a quick 4-yoctosecond survey of the situation, her all-powerful eyes could easily see the shape, texture, and color of the mental tendrils.  By now they had embraced the whole planet, creating a gigantic ecosystem of one solitary gel-based being. 

There was no hiding her indignation.  “Hey you.  Green slut.  Are you even fucking listening to me?”

“Sofia, now isn’t the time for--”

“If I want to hear the voice of an anime doll that filthy men enjoy cumming on, I’ll ask.  Did I fucking ask?  You didn’t even show up for my challenge last time, you coward--are you really in any position to speak to me?”

Turning back to Princess, she raised her voice once more.  “AS I WAS SAYING, WHY ARE YOU IN MY POCKET UNIVERSE?  WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO FUCK MY DEMONS, HUH?  ANSWER ME!”

Princess didn’t respond aside from tears falling from her eyes.  Sofia decided to change her tactics and swiftly flicked Princess’ tiny nose.

She instantly reacted to the stimulus by exclaiming.  Just like that, the chaos surrounding them was reversed.

A priceless dumbfounded look was plastered on Shizuka’s face.

Sofia clicked her tongue.  “Aren’t you supposed to be all wise and experienced by now, putita japonesa?  You should know that noob Super Goddesses like her are very easy to disturb when they’re focused on using their powers.”

Something in the tone of her harsh but wise words might have come from experience.

“Well, I’m not going to waste any more of my time here--I have a sex dungeon to sort out.  If you make me come fix your shitty mistakes again, you will regret it.”

Just like that, Sofia ex Machina vanished.

Tearing up, Princess instinctively moved to hug Shizuka. “W-who was that?”

Shizuka wasn’t sure how to respond.  “Well, she’s, ah... complicated.  I’ll explain later.” She cleared her throat. “Hey, it’s alright--don’t cry.  The Super Brainstorming didn’t go quite as we expected, Hime-chan, but everything is okay now.”

“A-are you angry with me?” She asked with a sad expression and puppy dog eyes. She was truly adorable despite what she had just done.

“No, not at all.  It wasn’t your fault.  If anything, it was mine.  I introduced you to something very advanced just after you learned about your omnipotence.  I became overexcited and got carried away.  I apologize.”

“Are the others angry at me?”

“Well, let’s find out, okay?” Shizuka grabbed Princess by the hand and floated away, back to the Human camp. “Now you are going to meet the other Super Goddesses.”

“So... it’s true, huh?”


“That... I’m just like you.”

Wanting to assure and calm her down, the empress paused and made direct eye contact with her, holding both of her hands.

“Absolutely.  You’re my sister.  You will never be alone anymore, I promise.” She tightened her grip and made Princess squeal in a cutesy way.

“S-Sister...” The word was new to her, but it warmed her soul regardless.

Shizuka’s warm confidence became goofy as she added, “And a perverted one at that, to be honest~”

That made the alien blush, despite her lacking any Human concept of perversion.  It was an entirely instinctual response, perhaps stemming from her divine genetics.

Upon their return to the Yamato’s base camp, they found it utterly decimated and devoid of life.  Not even the structures or machinery they brought down was there.  Princess lowered her head in shame.

“Hey now,” Shizuka said, placing an arm around her shoulder. “It’s okay.  I can say with confidence no one is dead.  Try finding them with your powers--it should be pretty easy for you now.”

“Okay...” The alien goddess closed her eyes again and expanded her mind.  Instantly, the entire planet was available to her now.

Wow, this is actually really easy to do.  I should experiment with this more later.

Finding them was indeed effortless.  The Humans, all her subjects, and her mother were all standing together atop a huge plateau that somehow survived the earthquakes.  It was closer to her kingdom, which was now completely destroyed.

“Your people saved mine!”

“So it would seem!  After nearly two centuries of exposure to us has made them quite... powerful.” Shizuka smiled gently. “The same could happen to your people, too.”

“You think I could help my people become this advanced and admirable?”

“Absolutely!  It’s just a matter of time.  Come on, let’s meet them~”

Princess exerted her powers once again, willing to be at her mother’s side. Suddenly both goddesses had been teleported to the plateau, where everyone looked at them funny.

I suppose you aren’t aware, Shizuka, but Mother is very angry right now.

She whispered back telepathically, No, I can definitely tell.  Super Empathy, remember?

Ah, I see.

The two species were separated and licking their wounds after their incident. However, from Mother’s perspective, it was clear who was at fault.

The other Super Goddesses had explained the situation to her, but she decided Shizuka--and by extension Humans as a whole--were at fault for corrupting her daughter.  They had also tried to convince her that Princess was a Super Goddess, but the queen wouldn’t hear it.  She was too focused on mourning the loss of her city and civilization, even if the Humans managed to save all her subjects in time.

The turquoise angel swallowed and approached her side of the plateau to interact with her mother.  Paula and several of her security personnel stood watch around the perimeter of the relocated camp.  After a kiss on the cheek and some sweet words she let her pass. Shizuka wished her luck and returned to the camp.

“What happened here?” she asked Paige.

“There’s a... bit of tension between our peoples right now.  We told the others not to intervene.  As you can see, they’re grateful for our assistance, but many of them also blame us for the disaster.”

“That is fair, I guess...” the empress admitted her responsibility.

“Additionally,” Jennifer added, floating cross legged just outside Irina’s tent,  “Irina healed some of them and got some samples.  She’s analyzing them right now--I imagine she’ll want to share her findings with you.”

Shizuka entered the makeshift laboratory out of pure curiosity. The other goddesses were inside.

Ha-neul was doing push-ups and sit-ups far faster than lightspeed in hopes of calming herself down.  Being in the same place for long without any physical activity wasn’t her style and this was taking too long.

On the other side of the tent, Paige was clearly distraught, hoping they could fix this situation.

Elza silently leaned on the side of the desk where Irina was working, her expression nonchalant, looking like an edgy, brooding anime protagonist as usual.  Her gaze remained fixed on Irina’s work.

Irina appeared unaffected both by the tense atmosphere and Elza’s staring, as she was completely immersed in her work.  With each passing second she understood more about these alien beings.  Her curiosity was more than piqued.  She certainly couldn’t blame Elza for feeling the same.

“Shizuka, take a look at this.”  She gestured to a microscope.  Despite being able to perform these menial tasks with her magical powers, Irina still enjoyed the feeling of using traditional, analogical research equipment. “These beings haven’t been created by evolution.  They’re a natural impossibility.”

“I suspected as much, Irina-chan.  Princess was probably the first complex organism to form on this planet.  The rest of the population was entirely created by her, strung together by her magic.”

“It’s a likely theory, yes.  Perhaps she even created a mother for herself, to satisfy her growing emotional needs.  Truly fascinating....”

She pinched the air before a flat device and made a fist, then moved her hand in front of her and spread her fingers, transferring her analysis results to a holographic display for Shizuka to look at.

“Look at this.  97.42% biogel--the tentative name for that unknown gelatinous substance they’re primarily composed of--2.17% steam, 0.41% various trace elements.  None of that resembles anything involved in life as we know it.”

“Biogel...” Shizuka repeated. “It obviously supports life, but it shouldn’t.  How are they able to think, let alone speak and reproduce?  It sounds like they owe their very existence to magic.”

“Maybe, maybe not.  It’s a big universe, lots of opportunities for complex life to emerge... and with infinite diversity in infinite combinations, there’s bound to be some strange but functional results.  Hopefully, once this conflict is resolved, we can get some answers from them.  In the meantime, you know where to find me.”

Irina produced a blank taxonomical entry.  She stared at the species box for a long moment, finally inputting AnGel and denoting it as the common name.

Apt, Elza thought.

“Thank you,” Irina replied.

The Japanese goddess sighed and walked out of the tent to find something she didn’t expect. All the AnGels were now surrounding Princess and her mother, who were having an argument.

Shizuka looked directly at you, the reader, “Real quick aside here: they’re gonna be speaking in their native language, so I’m gonna magically translate the scene for you, okay?”

And just like that, their incomprehensible babble became understandable to Humans all around.

Princess’ mother stated, “You have dishonored us all by bringing the Humans here. They have caused nothing but trouble.”

“But Mother, they’re omnipotent.  I’m omnipotent!  This can all be easily fixed on a whim.  We can become friends with Humans and share their knowledge and culture to become better, to prosper.  Besides, it was my fault that I lost control.”

After having seen what Shizuka showed her, Princess was overwhelmed with an insatiable sense of wonder and curiosity.  She wanted to visit other planets, experience new things, and of course use her newfound powers.

“Their powers are dangerous and you should stop practicing them.  Remember, you are to stay here with me and--”

Suddenly, for the first time in her life, Princess interrupted her mother.  She had the patience of a saint but she had become tired of being ordered around.  Now that she knew she was a Super Goddess, she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Not even from her own mother.

She was the mistress of her own destiny.

“No, Mother.  I’m sorry, but you have to face reality.  I am a Super Goddess, the most powerful being in the universe, and I should act as such.  I can’t be here with you any longer.  My nature asks me to explore and learn and I’m afraid I can’t do it if I stay here.” There was restraint in her cute voice but also determination.

The queen suddenly realized she couldn’t stop her. There was no questioning Princess’ omnipotence--anything she wanted couldn’t be contradicted.  She had no power over her anymore.

“B-but... you can’t be serious... What will happen to us if you leave?  Will you seriously leave your mother all alone?” She pleaded with a much less authoritarian tone than before.  She had lost the power in the relationship.

“I won’t leave you alone, Mother.  I can visit you and everyone else whenever I want, even simultaneously.  Let’s just say that the distance between two planets is nothing for someone like me anymore.”  It felt good to say that.  She had always been shy and demure, but her new powers gave her a very needed boost of confidence.

“Do you intend to live with the Humans on their planet?”

“Yes--at least for the time being.  The other Super Goddesses are my sisters, so I want to be with them for a while to know them a little better.  For that to work, however, I ask that both our tribes collaborate.”

She turned to the subject AnGels. “I hereby renounce to the crown and declare Humans our...!”

Psst, what was that she said? Jennifer telepathically asked. I haven’t bothered to master their language yet.

M’Wela answered, It roughly translates to other, companion, friend.

Shizuka heard that and smiled tenderly as she saw Princess’ leadership skills in action.  She rallied the AnGels with ease and started teaching them about the virtues of interspecies teamwork and cultural diversity.  Her speech was passionate and heartfelt.

“...Therefore I will relegate the governing duties to my mother.  She will continue to be your queen since I don’t want that title anymore.  And just to show you how committed I am to the friendship between both our species, I will proceed to unite our planets!”

Suddenly, the foundations of time and space shook as Princess started floating in the air.  Her eyes turned into bright, featureless lamps of magenta light that quickly transitioned into fully fledged, thick laser beams that she shot upwards.  Her power was perfectly under control, allowing her to effortlessly bend reality.

At several spots spread across the planet’s surface, wormhole apertures just large enough for people to walk through appeared at an alarmingly quick rate.  In space surrounding the planet, larger wormholes materialized, leading directly to the space around Earth.  They were all perfectly stable and clearly led to their respective destinations--very well crafted for a beginner, Shizuka commented.

Once she considered there were enough of them, the universe stopped trembling and she descended.

“Phew.  That was easier than I expected, actually.  Well, there you go!  Our planets are both connected now!” She turned to the Humans and the Super Goddesses.  “You all are welcome to visit again via these wormholes I made!  Don’t worry, they are perfectly safe for your spaceships!”

And then she gazed back at her mother. “Likewise, Mother.  Well, whenever others of our tribe want to go to Earth, you know what to do.”

The queen was both amazed and frightened by that godly display of power.  She had to accept the truth, she was nothing compared to her daughter’s sheer might.  She still had her prejudices about Humans, even after Princess’ compelling speech, but she was willing to trust her judgement.

“I have a destiny to fulfill.  I love you, Mother.  Don’t worry, we will absolutely see each other again!”

“I-I love you....” The big blob of gel managed to say.

In the heat of the moment, the three ultipotent Sakimori that had accompanied Shizuka to her field mission returned and, quickly grasping the joviality of the situation, used their super speed to construct a replica of their empress’ palace back in Tokyo, built out of rock. 

Yomi considered the replica for a second and decided to further use her powers to warp the molecular structure of the rock, perfectly mimicking the materials used in the original palace. “This will make a perfect embassy for Earth!  Don’t you think so, girls?”

Arisa nodded. “It’s a bummer we don’t get to use this reality warping stuff most of the time.”

Meiko added, “Yeah, but Shizurin told us to be responsible with it.”

“You’re right.  Maybe we should talk to her about relaxing that restriction....”

The slime goddess smiled and sent a mental message to everyone present: it was time to celebrate. Of course, for both the Human Enhanceds and the tiny AnGels, that meant sex.

As everyone started fucking each other in a passionate, joyful orgy, Paula approached Princess. “You were so cool back there. Well done, girl!”

She patted the much shorter cutie in the head as the other Super Goddesses arrived and formed a line to welcome her in the family.

The first one was Jennifer which opened with a passionate kiss on the lips--with tongue, of course. “I’m Jennifer!  Welcome to the family.  I can’t wait to show you what real lovemaking feels like~”

Second was Paige, who hugged her tight with tears of happiness in her eyes. “I’m Paige, I hope we become very good friends!”

M’Wela was next. She gently enveloped Princess around her infinitely strong arms.  “I am M’Wela.  Do not be afraid to call me if something troubles you, my dear.”

“...” Elza’s imposing form and silence unnerved her.  After a few seconds of judgemental staring, she hugged the AnGel tight, lifting her petite body in the air.  Once Elza let her go, Princess found herself momentarily stunned by what just happened.

“Name’s Ha-neul!  Hope you don’t mind me capturing this moment for posterity!” The athletic Korean goddess created a camera out of nothing and took a selfie of her arm hovering Princess. “Wow, it’s insane just how pretty you are!”

She was fascinated by the device Ha-neul materialized and the compliment caught her off guard. “Th-thanks, y-you too.”

A gentler and shorter hug from behind came from Irina. “Nice to meet you, I’m Irina. I hope to speak with you at length to help with my research on AnGels.”


“Yes, that’s what we call your species.  I coined the term, actually--it’s partially a pun and an allusion to a very beautiful being in several Human mythologies.  I’ll show you pictures of them later.” Her tone was warm and genuine which told Princess she wasn’t trying to offend her people.

And then came Shizuka.  Her face was as radiant and beautiful as ever, to the point that Princess almost fell in love right then and there.

“Well, no need to introduce myself. We’re already besties!” That made Princess smile in such a way that she left the Japanese empress dumbfounded like never before in her life.

Suddenly, the Zheng twins and Brunhilde materialized in the background, releasing her from the trance. “A-are there even more of you?”

“Yeah!  These three didn’t come with us for our maiden voyage.  They didn’t expect us to find another Super Goddess so far from home, so they’ve come to meet you!” They gazed at each other for a moment and Shizuka couldn’t but help but giggle. “We can talk more later. Go introduce yourself to them!”

“O-okay!” Princess trotted happily towards the new Super Goddesses.

Shizuka found her body abruptly being lifted with one arm by Paula. She was now sitting on it like a swing. Irina and Jennifer appeared at her sides.

“Well Captain, consider yourself lucky everything went well. I told you not to intervene with the locals so early but... it all worked out rather nicely in the end.”  Irina smiled knowingly, happy to be wrong for once.

“All's well that ends well~” Jennifer was more than happy to rub her victory in Irina’s face with a smug, condescending gaze.

Paula interrupted the little strife between the rival goddesses. “Now what, Shizuka? Has the Yamato achieved the results you expected?”

“Yes, but still... something tells me this won’t be her last mission.” Shizuka sighed happily. “For now though, let’s go fuck~”

“Aye, Captain!” Jennifer chirped.

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