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Santa Lady saves New York City

Written by rednecko :: [Thursday, 24 December 2020 11:32] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 24 December 2020 23:26]

Authors' Note: This story started out with a question, "Who protects Santa Claus while he delivers presents?" I decided that Mrs. Claus was his protector, so that's how I created Santa Lady. If people like this story, I may use her again as a Superwomen Mania Christmas tradition. Special Thanks to Algae2k for the editing help on this story. 

On Christmas Eve morning, Mrs. Santa Claus wakes up to an even bigger smile than normal. Besides her role as Santa Claus’s wife, she has a very special task today as protector of Santa Claus on tonight’s delivery run. She has done this for hundreds of years as his delivery route has gotten longer. Most years it’s more just to show moral support for her husband, but sometimes she has to save her husband’s life.

She starts preparing the transformation to being Santa Claus’s defender. Mrs. Claus is normally a 5 foot 2-inch woman who is the same big-hearted spirit and size as Santa Claus. Her face and body show the age of being Mrs. Claus with wrinkles and iconic glasses on her face.

She takes off her beautiful red jacket and skirt to reveal a somewhat tight red full-body unitard with a hood and a mid-thigh skirt. She then activates Christmas magic inside her, which starts the transformation. Her vision improves where she doesn’t need glasses. Wrinkles on her face disappear transforming her into a 25-year-old face. Her legs start to lengthen and build muscles on them.

The waist and butt tighten up while allowing her curves to show. Her bosom reduces down a cup size from 40DD to 36D, showing her Holly leaves logo beautifully. Her arms lengthen and build musculature while her white curly hair becomes straight and shoulder length. She pulls up the white-trimmed hood to become Santa Lady once more. She is taller than her husband at 6 foot 2 inches tall.

She steps outside, and Mr. Claus smiles knowing that his protector is ready to protect him and the reindeer from whatever may come on their route. The sleigh with the reindeer starts its run for lift-off. Mrs. Claus just jumps and is in the air with them. Everyone starts to fly faster than the speed of sound unaware of what happens next.

Somewhere half a world away, another person is tracking their route with a sneer and says, “The end of Christmas is coming to the world. Santa Claus has been the world’s symbol of hope. Eliminating him along with New York City will create even more chaos than there already is in the world. A world without hope will be easier to take over.” This mysterious person launches an ICBM towards them to arrive as they hit New York City.

Around 11 PM ET, Mr. and Mrs. Claus are over New Haven, CT, delivering presents to the good boys and girls of the city. Santa Lady hears a whooshing sound in the distance. She is shocked and says to Mr. Claus, “I need to investigate this to protect you. I will see you in New York City.” She kisses him and flies off to New York City with her vision tuned to the direction of the noise.

She sees the ICBM starting its descent towards New York City and states, “Oh, No! Fifteen million people in the Metro area along with my husband are in danger.” She is reaching her top speed of 1,000 mph towards the missile. As she hits the missile’s nose, she faces the incredible force of it, and it takes her breath out for a moment. Using her strength, she is unable to slow down the trajectory or speed of the missile.

She can see her husband’s sleigh and the Statue of Liberty behind her and panics. At this moment, another mode starts in her body. Her arms and legs start to become more massive and longer. She grows past seven feet tall to 7 feet 2 inches tall. As she stops growing, she starts gaining control of the missile.

She starts using her massive strength and turns the missile from a downward to an upward trajectory. Her speed kicks into gear and reaches 7,000 mph as she takes the ICBM outside the earth. After three minutes, the missile is outside the atmosphere and Santa Lady is pointing it towards the Sun. With one final push of speed at over 10,000 mph, she pushes the ICBM towards the Sun.

She smiles having saved New York City. She flies back down towards the earth with one more thing to do. She saw Russian writing on the missile and knew she had to find who launched the missile. Her super-hearing kicks in as she starts searching for the perpetrator. She hears something from Ukraine, “How does Santa Claus have a superheroine protecting him?” Upon hearing this, she flies towards an underground bunker there.

She arrives at the bunker and prepares to enter the bunker. With a push of her hand, the door opens, and she sees this figure shrouded in darkness. She approaches this figure and grabs her with her fist. It is revealed to be a young woman with nothing except Anarchist posters on the walls.

She says, “The world doesn’t deserve Christmas. It doesn’t deserve the gifts of joy and hope. Poverty is worse than ever in the world. Governments do nothing about it. It deserves only chaos in it.” The young woman throws a punch at Mrs. Claus's head and hurts her hand. Santa Lady responds, “This world isn’t always perfect, but it deserves hope. As long as there is hope, there will be Santa Lady.” Santa Lady knocks out the young woman and takes the young woman away to the police.

Mrs. Claus walks away and starts to look for her husband. She gets a call through her radio from Mr. Claus, “Where are you? I’m almost in Los Angeles and miss you greatly.” “In Ukraine, wrapping up discovering who tried to destroy New York City,” she responded with a sound of yearning. “Let me help you get back to me quicker. Ho, ho, ho!” Santa responds.

A portal appears in front of Mrs. Claus for her to step through. In seconds, she is over Los Angeles and sees Mr. Claus above Gal Gadot’s house. She shrinks back down to her normal superhuman proportions. Mr. Claus sees Mrs. Claus and gives her a hug and kiss. “Thank you for saving both me and New York City. Let’s finish up and start on our vacation in Hawaii,” says Mr. Claus. They both fly off to finish their deliveries and bring Christmas joy to the world.

The End

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