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In a Class of Her Own - Part 4

Written by HikerAngel :: [Thursday, 31 December 2020 21:12] Last updated by :: [Friday, 01 January 2021 21:04]

In a Class of Her Own


by HikerAngel

I blinked.

This should be interesting. I flicked my eyes between the two sisters, wondering which of them would act first.

I didn’t have to wait long. Fiona jumped forward to grab her sister’s wrist. Color me impressed. The girl wasn’t one to stand around drooling over the super-hottie of the fucking century. Of course, it’s probably easier when it’s your sister, I suppose.

Felicia’s arm began to glow, and I knew immediately what that meant. Fiona was siphoning her. I watched as my former rival’s face began to grow more beautiful, more like it had been when I’d first met her. I licked my lips involuntarily, in anticipation of Fiona’s coming changes.

But Fiona’s transformation was short-lived. Felicia’s strikingly blue eyes blazed with determination as she stared down her sister. Fiona’s features rippled as the two struggled, but quickly changed back to her Class 3 appearance as the glow eventually faded.

Felicia had reversed the effect of Fiona’s power, taking her levels back. Huh…well, that was something new. Confirmation of the suspicions Fiona had written in her diary. So Class 10s could do whatever the fuck they pleased.

Again, I felt a pang of longing, knowing how close I’d come to knowing first hand just how it felt to be able to do whatever I wanted.

Fiona’s eyes widened, either in shock or fear. Probably both. But she didn’t have much time to react before wondergirl Felicia broke her sister’s grip with ease and wrapped her fingers around Fiona’s wrist, eliciting a painful gasp from Fiona’s still-pretty-damn-sexy lips. Maybe she’d be up for another kiss later? I really did like Fiona’s kisses…

With a twist of her luscious hips, Felicia swung Fiona around before flinging her into the bedroom wall. The throw was hard enough that it sent her older sister completely through the wall dividing the two sisters’ bedrooms and halfway through the opposing wall as well. Fiona crumpled to the floor, leaving a voluptuous dent in the broken drywall.

Okay, so maybe Fiona wouldn’t be up to a Lilly makeout session very soon, after all. Fuckballs.

I looked at Felicia, still on my knees, wondering if she would make me continue where we had left off. Hungering for another taste of that delicious perfection, I decided that I wouldn’t entirely mind. Hell, who was I kidding. I wanted it so badly that I couldn’t think straight! I mean, she was absolutely magnificent!

But she didn’t get back to where we had left off. Instead, something else happened. Something way more concerning.

Little Miss Sexy raised her arms and rose from the floor, floating above Liam and me like some kind of hyper-sexy goddess. Which was fitting, I guess, because that’s pretty much exactly what she was. Her outstretched hands met above her head, and she rocketed through the ceiling, raining plaster and wood and insulation and probably asbestos or something all over us.

Little bitch princess could fly.

Mother. Fucker.


I crawled over to Liam, and gave his shoulder a hard shake. He began to moan and blink his eyes open, regaining full consciousness.

“What the fuck, Liam,” I demanded icily. “I thought we had a Goddamned deal!”

“I-I k-know!” Liam replied, his lower lips beginning to quiver. “I-I just thought that it would be better to—”

“To make Fiona’s peach of a sister into the most powerful person in the entire fucking world?” I interrupted, rolling my eyes. “Great idea!”

Liam averted his gaze, unable to look me in the eye. His voice was quiet as he looked upward, eying the hole in the ceiling. “What is she doing now?”

“Fuck if I know,” I huffed, rising to my feet. I kicked him in the side. Hard. Out of spite. He had pretty well screwed me over, after all. But I kept it gentle so as to not break more than one or two ribs. I smiled at his yelp of pain.

Turning, I ducked through the jagged hole in Felicia’s bedroom wall to find Fiona in a heap on the floor of her own room. Pulling her to her feet, I slapped her across the cheek. Oh, how long I’ve wanted to be able to do that…

Fiona’s long eyelashes fluttered open, and her eyes gradually focused on me.

“L-Lilly?” she asked, her speech sounding slow and muffled, as if she were speaking with a mouthful of food. Her jaw and right eye were beginning to swell. I probably shouldn’t have struck her there. But then, I didn’t really give a shit. She’d done worse to me, after all.

“So raving power-hungry bitchiness runs in the family, eh?” I intoned, unable to suppress a crooked grin.

“What?” Fiona blinked.

“Your sister – she’s like the queen bee of all things vile or something, all power-trippy and drenched in sexysauce,” I replied. “You know, pretty much like you. But worse.”

Fiona seemed to grasp my words, her brows furrowing in anger. She swung her hand at my cheek this time, but I ducked away, avoiding the blow. “Ha! You’re only class 3 now, bitch! You’ve got no advantage on me now!”

Except that she did. Her siphoning power. Fuck! I seriously needed to work out my own second power. Not knowing what else I could do was a pretty major handicap against all these people that were as strong as me. Or stronger.

I balled my fingers into fists, eager to pound some more revenge into Fiona’s already injured face, but I was still hesitant, unsure how to deal with the fact that she could suck my powers out like a straw if I got too close for too long. Maybe if I…

Liam called out to me from behind.


“Oh for God’s sake, Liam,” I said in exasperation. “You’re interrupting my long-awaited Fiona beatdown! Can’t it freaking wait?!”

“No! Look!” said Liam, running up beside me and thrusting out his phone. I eyed Fiona suspiciously, making sure she didn’t try anything, before lowering my gaze to the small screen.

His phone was displaying a live news broadcast. The reporter’s matter-of-fact tone rose over the sounds of the footage.

“…teenage girl tossing around armored vehicles and personnel carriers as if they were weightless. It’s currently being speculated that she may be a Class 6. Or possibly 7…”

Try 10, you stupid cow, I thought to the reporter. How many 6s or 7s can toss around military vehicles. Or, like, fly?

I guess I couldn’t completely blame her for undershooting Felicia’s class, though. If I hadn’t already known that the girl was a 10, my brain wouldn’t have wanted to believe it either.

“What have I done?” moaned Liam, dropping his head to his hands. “Felicia’s apparently determined to take down the U.S. government and rule the country herself, and it will be all my fault…”

“Pretty much,” I agreed. “If you’d given the damn levels to me like you were supposed to, none of this would have happened. There’s no way in hell I would have wanted to get bogged down trying to boss around all the stupid little regulars in this country. I mean, look how many idiots voted for our dumbass president in the last election? Who wants to deal with all of those fucking morons! Not. Me. That’s who. I’m totally content with leaving that shit to some old white guy who apparently always wants to deal with it.”

I placed my hand on Liam’s shoulder.

“If you’d done what you were supposed to,” I continued. “I would have been totally content to rule the school, have a little sexy time with Fiona and Emily, and pretty much just satisfy my every whim all the time.”

I realized that I hadn’t included him in my little Lilly snowglobe. “…And make you the luckiest boy this side of paradise.” There. That should do it.

“That’s all!” I continued. “I would have been pretty harmless, really.”

Liam began to cry.

“Jesus, Liam, you’re a fucking baby. Time to man up and deal with this little shitstorm of yours.” I slapped his hands away from his face, but it was no use. The mopey little dufus was still completely useless, wallowing in his annoying little pity party.

“And I tell you what…” I said as I kissed him. Hard. On the lips.

“…I’ll help!”

That perked him right up.

Breathless, he stared at me, tears ceasing to roll down his wet cheeks. Wonder replaced sadness in his eyes. “What was that for?” he asked hopefully.

“Don’t read too much into it, dude. Just had to get you out of your little funkitude.”

Liam looked crestfallen. I almost felt bad for him. Except, well, that just wasn’t something I did.

“But I’m going to need you to do something for me,” I leaned over to whisper into his ear.

When I pulled back, he nodded thoughtfully.

“Got it?” I confirmed, not particularly trusting of the dumb boy after what he’d just done. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much choice but to trust the little fucker.

He nodded again.

“Okay, then go already!” And people wonder why I’m always so bossy. It’s because I’m pretty much the only one with half a brain around here!

Liam lurched into an awkward run, leaving Fiona and me in her room, the still-sexy blonde staring at me in confusion.

“What was that all about?”

“You’ll see.”

“Is there a reason you don’t want to tell me?” she asked suspiciously.

“Yep,” I replied, adding nothing more.

She frowned. “Okaaaaay…?”

I turned to leave, but before I could make it more than a single step, Felicia appeared in the doorway.

“Where are you going, Lilly?” My God, her voice was sexy. That breathy little purr of hers made my body quiver with instant desire.

And fuck! Why did everybody always want to know what I was up to? I seriously needed to get out of here, if the plan I’d started Liam on had any chance of working. But I doubted Felicia was going to be too keen on allowing me to make a quick exit. She was kind of a bitch like that.

“Shouldn’t you be busy tearing apart tanks and toppling governments and stuff?” I asked her, attempting to keep my wobbling knees steady. The girl was just impossibly sexy. Good Lord!

Felicia moved toward me in a languid, catlike motion, her sumptuous body like that of an unthinkably powerful predator as it stalked me.

“I got bored,” she responded with a sigh, sending her dark gaze to her perfectly manicured nails before flicking her mesmerizing eyes to meet mine once more.

I swallowed, feeling my body tense with wild desire, breathing in her ambrosial scent, watching the lush perfection of her succulent body come closer and closer.

“B-bored?” I stuttered despite my best efforts to keep my voice steady. “Going head-to-head with the U.S. army made you bored? I mean, you were at it for all of, like, ten minutes!”

“Yeah,” she said flippantly, tossing her voluminous mane over her shoulder. The casual action made me wish my hair looked like that. “You’re much more interesting…”

Come again? Why was I so interesting? In a way, I was flattered. But right now, being uninteresting would probably have been preferable. I needed time to meet up with Liam before…

“Felicia, what are you doing? Why do you want Lilly so much?” asked Fiona, taking a bold step forward.

Her sister paused, turning to glare at the sexy blonde. “Don’t you?”

Fiona seemed to think about that for a moment, her thoughtful gaze drifting to me. Dumbfounded, I realized that I knew that look in her eye. I’d seen it before. Just before she’d seduced me in the principal’s office. She did want me!

Felicia saw it too. “As I thought. There’s just something about little Lilly here that just…” She shuddered, her toned shoulders rising nearly to her sexy little ears with the movement.

That’s right. Even her ears were sexy.

“Yeah, well, what makes you think that I want you,” I bluffed, knowing damn well I wanted her just about as much as one human could possibly want another. I mean, come on! She was like sex on a mother-fucking stick, for goodness sake. Sensuality practically dripped from her microscopic little pores.

Unfortunately, she called my bluff, her delicious lips curling into a knowing smirk. She spread her hands, rose above the floor, and performed a graceful pirouette, giving me a 360-degree eyeful of absolute perfection as she continued to close the distance between us while floating.

As she came to within touching distance, I attempted, unsuccessfully, to suppress the tremble in my muscles as my body cried out for hers.

Felicia raised a gorgeous hand to my quivering cheek then leaned in, igniting a breathtakingly intense orgasm in the depths of my womb as her warm, soft lips touched mine.

Her long, willowy arms slithered beneath mine, pulling me off the ground with ease. There was so much power in those sculpted arms of hers! But that was only a distant thought. Most of my brain – and the rest of my body – was focused on nothing but those pillowy lips.

Oh, God! Those lips!

Still, shuddering from the first orgasm, I felt another rising within me.

Felicia’s nimble fingers tore apart my clothes from behind, all while still holding me above the ground. Then, against the now-exposed skin of my bare back, I felt Fiona’s breasts.

Oh. My. God.

Was I about to have a threesome with the F sisters? A Freesome?!

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Before I could properly come to grips with the sensation of Fiona cozying up to me from behind, Felicia’s unbelievably long legs snaked around mine. The touch of her smooth, perfect skin against mine, rocked my already bucking body, sending me into another fit of rapturous convulsions.

“Unnnnnhhh!” I moaned, feeling my muscles clench as Felicia’s perfect form pressed against mine.

Her breasts were utterly magnificent, dwarfing mine, yet so much firmer that my flesh crushed against hers like a pair of overripe melons.

“Omigod.” I moaned again when her hips met my own, grinding her seductive curves into mine with delicious sparks of smoldering ecstasy.

My hands clutched at the impossibly hard swells of sleek muscle that ran the length of the girl’s bare back. “Mmmmmm” I breathed huskily, waves of pleasure rolling through my undulating body.

Fiona’s feathery touch slid over my naked hips from behind, dancing inward to my taut stomach, trailing titillating tingles in their wake. Her fingers splayed as they clung to my muscled abdomen.

The simultaneous touch of the twin seductresses was almost more than I could bear.

How was this happening? Why? My mind asked the questions, but my body didn’t care about the answers, quickly disbursing any wispy threads of thought that might remain by flooding my brain with deliciously erotic sensation.

“Fuck!” I breathed. “This feels soooo good!”

And it was only just beginning.

I felt Fiona’s moist lips behind my ear, the heat of her breath warming my hair. She trailed small kisses down the back of my long neck, raising goosebumps on my skin as she went.

“Yes! Fiona!” I whimpered, feeling another round of orgasmic pleasure build in my core.

Not to be outdone, Felicia lowered her lips to the upper slopes of my breasts, delivering absolute bliss with every heartstopping purse of her succulent lips.

“God! Felicia!” I rasped, my voice throaty with overwhelming desire, shivering as another wave of climaxes rippled my body from the inside out.

When her long, pink tongue swirled over my nipple, I cried out, desperate to release the unbearable ecstasy exploding within my chest.


Felicia’s mouth continued to descend the swells of my breasts, leaving a trail of heat in my flesh as it tingled with all-consuming desire.

Fiona, meanwhile, bit into the tender skin of my neck, detonating another explosion of pleasure into my trembling body.

“Oh God!” I shrieked, panting heavily, feeling yet another climax wrap its powerful tendrils around my womb.

“Fuck!” I cried, feeling the wetness of tears on my cheeks for the first time. Why the fuck was I crying? Apparently all kinds of weird shit happens when your body is racked with inhuman levels of desire.

Then Felicia’s mouth reached my sex.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!” It was a good thing Fiona’s parents didn’t live at this house. They would have thought I was dying. Or that my wall-rattling cries were an earthquake or something. Maybe I was dying. It felt like I might be. The pleasure was that intense.

If I were, what a way to go!

Felicia’s long fingers spread my legs, pressing the outside of my thighs against the covers of the bed.

I was in bed now? When the fuck had that happened? Had we floated to Fiona’s bed? I wanted to look, but realized that my eyes were squeezed shut. And I couldn’t open them. Not with the delicious feelings that continued to roll through me.

“Uuuunnnggghhhh!!” I moaned, preparing for another tsunami of pleasure under Felicia’s skilled tongue, when Fiona’s mouth muffled my cry, giving me a deep, torrid kiss as her sister worked me down below.

Then things got interesting. I felt Felicia’s mouth rise from my crotch. Fiona’s lips disappeared from mine a moment later. Breathless, still trembling with orgasmic ecstasy, I struggled to crack one eye open. When I did, I saw Fiona facing off with Felicia in the room once more.

“Lilly is mine, Fi.”

“Sure,” Fiona’s voice was uncertain, punctuated by a nervous laugh. “I was just… helping.”

“So it’s not enough that you took my powers these last few months? You want to take away my fun too?!”

“I-it’s not like that,” Fiona stuttered. “I mean, you weren’t ready for those powers yet. I was just, um, waiting until you were.”

It was funny seeing perfect, unbeatable Fiona so tongue-tied, trying desperately to smooth things over with her sister. But she knew she couldn’t drain her sister now, and without the ability to do that, she didn’t stand any more chance against Felicia than I did.

Eying her sister calculatingly, Felicia frowned. “Is that why you tried to take them again, after that boy gave them back to me?”

“I-I wasn’t… I-I was just—” Fiona murmured, her eyes widening in alarm.

“Don’t LIE, Fiona,” Felicia interrupted, her voice rising in anger. “YOU WERE JUST TRYING TO STEAL FROM ME! AGAIN!!!”

Felicia’s fist slammed into Fiona’s stomach, powering into her with a shockwave that shattered every window in the house. Fiona flew backward, tearing through the exterior wall of the house to land somewhere in the distance below.

Felicia smirked, apparently satisfied with this latest punishment of her sister.

Just as my perpetual state of climax finally subsided into still-pretty-damn intense aftershocks, Felicia turned to face me.

Her slim muscles flexing and rippling as she moved toward me, I swallowed hard as I awaited the touch of Felicia’s body to mine once again. A part of me dreaded it, knowing that she would have far more control over my body than I did once she got going again. And I needed some time away from her if my plan were to work.

But my God, just look at her. An even larger part of me wanted it. Desperately. She was just so perfect! Fuck!

As she came near, I lifted my hands in a futile, half-hearted effort to push her away. I knew it wouldn’t do any good. I don’t even know why I did it.

“Playing hard to get, huh Lilly?” Felicia straddled me on the bed, her sinuously muscled legs sliding over the outsides of my thighs with graceful ease. My fingers, pressed against her chiseled stomach, descended the grooves of her perfect abs. Good Lord! The girl felt like she was made of marble!

Before I knew it, Felicia was upon me again, her long tongue entering my folds, filling me with hot, wet lust. I squirmed, but I remained pinned to the bed by the blonde goddess’ super-strong hands.

“Uuuuuunnnnggggghhh…” I moaned as she touched me again, unable to help myself, knowing the ecstasy that was soon to follow the touch of her steely fingers. She was so unbelievably sexy. So insanely powerful. My body wanted her so badly.

An instant later, she was sucking on my lips, caressing my tongue, breathing heat into my lungs.

Then, she was back to my lower abdomen, fondling my entrance with her mouth, delivering exhilarating thrills of flaring rapture with every breathtaking movement.

Really, it wasn’t much different with just Felicia as it had been with both of them at once! Felicia was so fast that she felt like two people all by herself!

My hips bucked against Felicia’s chin as my surging climaxes became more intense by the second, urged on by her provocative touch.

“Mmmmmmmfffff!” My urgent, muffled cries were lost between Felcia’s open lips as her mouth covered mine. I desperately bucked and shuddered.

I felt sweat beading on my forehead, my chest, my stomach as I strained against Felicia’s impossible power, my muscles clenched so tightly now that I felt as if I might burst into a thousand pieces of mind-bending ecstasy.

By the time Felicia’s mouth reached my clit, I was a helpless slave to unthinkable bliss. But as the tip of her warm, slithering tongue made its electric connection, my body jolted into another level of pleasure entirely.

Nuclear blasts of world-shattering euphoria rocked my desire-ravaged body. Fireworks of ecstasy exploded my vision again and again, until my consciousness drifted away, growing increasingly distant from the dozens of star-shaking climaxes that rattled my thundering heart.

I passed out.


A tap on my shoulder awoke me.

As my consciousness returned, the first thing that crashed into it was the feeling of my poor body. It felt unbelievably sore, as if I’d just worked out every muscle for about two days straight. Managing to pop my eyes open, I squinted into the light streaming in from the window.

Turning to a patch of blurry darkness above me, my eyes slowly focused.

“Liam?” My voice was hoarse, as if I’d been screaming for hours. Then I remembered. I pretty much had been. Those minutes with Felicia sure felt like hours. I felt my lips curl into a wry smile.

But God, what hours they were!

Attempting to move brought a withering bolt of pain flashing through my stomach. I quickly collapsed back to the mattress. Note to self: no more mind-blowing sex with the F sisters for a while. Attempting once again to sit up, another surge of searing pain lanced through me. Owie! Yes, I needed some recovery time after Felicia.

Had that seriously just happened? Felicia had decided to take a quick break from conquering the world to fuck little ol’ me? With her sister? Well, with her sister for a while, anyway. Until she had decided she wanted me all to herself.

Um, yeah.

Somehow, when I put it like that, it didn’t really seem all that plausible.

Maybe it had been a dream? A really intense… really sexy… really erotic dream? That had exhausted my body to the absolute breaking point? And left me on Fiona’s bed rather than my own? With holes in the walls and all the windows shattered?

Not fucking likely.

Okay, so dream or reality – both seemed damn unlikely. Such was my life these days, I supposed. Craziness, craziness, and more craziness.

At least I was having fucking awesome sex! Almost too awesome. I mean, a round with Felicia would probably put a Class 2 in the hospital. It’d probably kill a freaking Class 1.

“Lilly! I brought them. They’re all here!” Liam’s voice was an urgent whisper, bringing my mind back to my current reality.


Okay, so I couldn’t always be eloquent. Particularly not in the first few moments of consciousness after goddess sex. Double goddess sex for a bit there. I mean, give me a freaking break!

I guess my blank look was enough to prompt Liam into further explanation. Maybe the boy had half a brain, after all.

“Emily’s got Felicia distracted downstairs. But we need to hurry!”

Emily? Hurry? My mind was struggling to keep up with Liam’s words. Now that was a scary fucking thought.

“Brought them? Hurry?” I repeated, my mind beginning to understand what was going on. Of course! I had told Liam to gather the other powereds from the school!

I shot up, feeling a wave of dizziness wash over me. It passed in a brief moment, though, and I looked around the room. Six young women stood around behind Liam, looking as confused as I was.

“Think this is going to work?” I rasped, my voice sounding as tired as my body felt.

Liam nodded.

Turning to address the rest of the girls before I could say anything else, the guy actually spoke with confidence for once. “Now as we discussed, the temporary donations of your powers will be critical in saving our government from Felicia. By combining them into Lilly here, she’ll be one level higher than Felicia, and she’ll be able to stop…”

I tuned out after that. What the fuck was he talking about! Temporary? Either he had lied to them, in which case I might gain a modicum of respect for the dude; or he was telling them what he thought was the truth. If he actually thought I’d be giving these powers back when I finished with Felicia, he had another thing coming. There was no way in hell I would be pandering to these pathetic girls after I reached Felicia’s level. Nope. Once I had their powers, they were all mine.

Given Felicia’s ability to resist Fiona’s siphoning, I was willing to bet that Liam wouldn’t be able to pull them out of me even if he tried. Of course, he had probably been too out-of-it in the aftermath of the first F sister battle to notice that little detail. So much the better.

Smiling at the thought of Liam’s face when I refused to give up my powers, I watched Liam reach out to grab the first girl by the wrist with his right hand, then touched my cheek with his other.

I saw the girl glow red, then felt the influx of power a few seconds later.


I loved the feeling of absorbing levels first thing in the morning. Or afternoon. Or whatever the fuck it was right now.

The time didn’t matter anyway. All that mattered right now was the warm feeling of delicious strength as it rippled through my soon-to-be-awesome-as-fuck body.

My cheek seemed to radiate a comforting heat where Liam’s fingers touched me. I could feel a flow of energy into my arms, my legs, my core. I could sense my body tightening, toning, becoming so much stronger.

I freaking loved that feeling.

It was almost like slipping under the massaging swirls of a hot tub, except that my muscles tingled with heat from the inside out rather than outside in as energy flowed into me from Liam’s touch.

“Yessssss…” I purred, closing my eyes as I drank from Liam’s reservoir of delicious, superhuman power. Then, just as I was really getting into it, the flow ceased.

I opened my eyes to see Liam finishing with that Class 2 and moving on to the next girl. I recognized her. She was a Class 1. I’d considered her for Emily’s position once upon a time. But she had been a little too independent for my tastes. I should probably remember her name, but stupid little insignificant details like that really didn’t matter to me.

I felt my stomach tighten again as I sat up straighter, radiating pain through my center as my tired muscles protested the effort. But the pain was much less now than it had been earlier, my extra couple of levels accelerating my body’s healing process dramatically.

As the flow of power resumed, this time from that uppity Class 1, the muscle pain from my rather epic encounter with Felicia disappeared entirely, replaced by the growing buzz of feminine power.

I stretched growing arms and legs, licking my lips sensually as Liam drained another succulent beauty of her powers, sending another tasty appetizer my way.

When he finished with her, I noticed that I was beginning to breathe heavily, excited by the thrum of power within my own body now. I was a Class 6 now, more powerful than I’d ever been.

But it only made me want more.

Liam moved on to another Class 1. I could barely make out her features by this point, another rush of power pouring in. My eyes fluttered closed as I basked in the intoxicating sensation of growing into a Class 7. My arms lowered, my hands clutching at the edge of the bed as I steadied myself from the dizzying torrent of power beyond anything I’d ever imagined before two weeks ago. I could feel my triceps hardening with unbelievable strength as I matched the level that Fiona had been when I’d first met her.

I shivered as I remembered just how powerful she had seemed to me then. Now it was me with that impossible strength, that mind-bending beauty.

“God, yesssss…” I hissed from between clenched teeth, arousal beginning to warm my body again, even this soon after the marathon of orgasmic pleasure that Felicia’s perfect body had inspired. Apparently, gaining classes enhanced one’s libido as much as it did one’s body.

I could get used to this.

“Omigod!” I muttered, as I sucked in a breath with Liam’s next conquest. My next conquest, really. I could feel the bones in my face shifting slightly, rearranging themselves into something even more exquisitely beautiful than Fiona had ever been.

“Give me more, Liam!” I breathed, losing myself in pleasure as dizzying thrills of ecstasy rolled through my sultry curves, another wave of power crashing into me.

God, by the time this power-up was finished, I might have to give Liam his due. He wasn’t as sexy in his methods as Fiona was, but damn if he wasn’t even more effective in turning me on now. Of course, that probably had more to do with the heights of power that he was taking me to than his actual style, but still… don’t let it be said that I don’t give props where props are due.

Like… now.

“Yes, Liam!” I cried. God, my voice was sexy now! It was a sultry, breathy purr, the vocal equivalent of a velvet nightgown slipping over the seductive curves of a supermodel in slow motion.

My tongue curled against the inside of my teeth as I felt my thighs tense, cables of unbelievably powerful muscle erupting from their smooth, sleek length. My abs tightened and clenched as they rippled into even greater definition, filling with steel-shattering strength.

I removed my right hand from the bed, flexing a bicep experimentally, a small but ultra-sculpted muscle erupted from my silky arm like a seductive siren’s breast emerging from the stillness of a moonlit tidal pool.

By the time I was sucking the last drops of strength from the fourth girl, there wasn’t a trace of pain left in my body. Only rapturous pleasure.

“Unnnnnggghh…” I groaned, feeling a rising tide of sexual energy from within.

And what a body it was!

I ran my fingers over the satin swells of my calves, continuing up my elegantly tapered thigh. I drifted their tips over the flare of athletic hips and the narrowing curve of my tiny waist.

Liam started with the girl #5, a Class 1 who would bring me even with Felicia. I vaguely noticed sweat beading on the poor boy’s forehead as he fought against the urge to look at me, focusing on delivering unthinkable levels of power into my goddess-like body.

“Fuck… Liam! That feels… soooooo good!”

Liam shuddered as he heard my voice this time. I couldn’t blame him. I sounded impossibly sexy now. If I were in his place, I knew I couldn’t resist me.

My hands slid inward, around my unbelievably slender midriff to dip into the carved relief of my deliciously sculpted abs. I’d never felt such power before. I might even have a better stomach than Felicia now!

Unable to stop, my fingers flowed up the dramatic lower slopes of my perfectly formed breasts, until they brushed my nipples, sending a shock of erotic power reverberating thorugh every corner of my breathtaking body, even as my breasts continued to surge outward under my soft hands.

“Oh, Gooooooooooooodddd! Yes! Yes!!!”

I felt a climax erupt as I reached earth-shaking levels of power. My cries rocked the house down to its foundation.

I gritted my teeth, bracing myself against the roaring torrent of pleasure, watching Liam’s strained face, now pouring with perspiration as his eyes threatened to pop open. But he continued to fight, reaching for a sixth girl. The one that would put me one level higher than even Felicia herself! I just hoped Liam could make it that long. He was clearly losing his shit, his knees wobbling, torso shaking, reaching fingers trembling. He’d lose his shit if he saw me, but all I needed was one… more… boost.

Too bad I never had the chance to get it.

Fiona’s door crashed inward with a pop of the hinges so loud it sounded like a gunshot. Emily flew right past me and out the window I had worked so hard to break into the other day.

Unsurprised at this latest turn of events, the absurdity of women flying through bedrooms now old hat to me, I rose to my feet, now several inches taller than Liam. Turning, placing my hands on my hips, I gazed directly into Felicia’s eyes.

I curled my fingers into fists, watching with amusement as her dazzling irises widened in shock. She knew. And I knew it too.

“Bring it, bitch.”

Oh, how I’d longed to say those words to an F sister. I didn’t really even care which one was on the receiving end. Except, well, I kinda did. Or should, at least. I mean, Fiona was like a mile away and probably bruised. And swollen. And quite possibly squishy. That punch from Felicia probably broke more than a few bones. Not to mention the flight into the distance. And the landing. Yeah. She was probably in pretty bad shape. Maybe even dead. But probably not. Fiona wasn’t the type to die that easily.

So it was Felicia I needed to be concerned with now. Right. Check.

As Felicia lunged at me, I raised my fists. For the first time in one of these showdowns, I was ready. Ready to Take. Back. My. School.

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