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The New Year Wish...

Written by Rjjt456 :: [Saturday, 02 January 2021 20:50] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 02 January 2021 21:55]

By Rjjt456

Note: I want to thank a couple of people. First, I want to thank TRM for encouraging me to continue the work on the story. I also want to thank Woodclaw for grammar checking the story, and pointing out some of its initial flaws.

Lastly, I want to thank Hikerangel especially: Their help with the grammar was nice, their suggestions have been great, and their encouragement and ideas has turned this story into what it is. Thank you all for the help :-)

Glancing at the clock, Mark, David, and Jenna saw that the old year was almost over. A new year would begin, one that could only get better than the last!

“Ugh, I just want it to be over already!” David lamented for the 42nd time that evening, taking a final swig of his beer.

“David, I get it, but it won’t go faster just because you want it to do it.” Mark replied, also for about the 42nd time.

Jenna just stood there as her boyfriend, Mark, and his best friend kept up their usual routine, shaking her head wryly.

“You know guys, some good things also happened last year,” She reminded them, nudging her boyfriend in the shoulder to emphasize her point.

“We each got our own apartments, graduated, and got some nice jobs! We should try to be positive and believe that the next year can be even better!” Jenna said with a conviction that brought a smile to the guys’ lips.

“Sure thing, Jen…” David laughed as he rose unsteadily to his feet to get another beer, a loud belch echoing back through the living room as he disappeared into the kitchen.

All in all, the party was a success. Fewer people had arrived than they had planned for, but that was probably for the best. Most of them were spread around the huge apartment they were in, most rooms not containing more than five people in them. Mark, David, and Jenna had one such room to themselves at the moment.

Closing the distance between them to plant a kiss in her lips, Mark couldn’t help but take a closer look at his girlfriend.

Jenna was a stunning beauty. Long auburn hair framed a classically beautiful face that looked as if it had been sculpted by the greatest artists of old. Her dress for the party left little to the imagination, form-fitting to show off her nice curves, hips and a great pair of breasts. As a total package, there were few women that could draw the attention of the men in the room as she could. There were still moments when Mark couldn’t help but think he was in a dream when looking at Jenna.

“You know, you always bring so much positivity wherever you go, Jen. It’s really amazing.” Mark said as he got a glimpse into Jenna’s crystal blue eyes.

Jenna tried to turn her head away, attempting to hide her blush. “Thanks, Mark… I just…” she sighed.”I just wish I could do more to help those less fortunate… To have the power to help people instead of just standing by.”

Mark crossed the distance between them, embracing Jenna in a reassuring hug.

“I’m sure that you will one day be able to do so Jen.” Mark whispered into her ear before he let go again.

At that moment, David returned, beer in hand with a smile on his face, pointing toward the clock on the television as he nodded.

“It’s almost time, guys! If you have any wishes for the new year, it’s about time to make them!” he said, his speech a bit slurred by the beers he had been drinking til that point.

Jenna and Mark chuckled at this. David had a tradition of always making some kind of wish when entering the new year, which the group of friends had continued over time, despite them not really believing anything coming from them.

Noticing her shivering a bit due to the cold, Mark found a nice blanket, laying it gently over Jenna’s shoulders. It fit snugly over her grey, metallic dress that covered her silky thighs to her knees.

Stepping away from her, Mark couldn’t help but think how his girlfriend kinda looked like a superhero at that moment: her dress acting as a costume and the blanket as a cape. The plastic tiara, that she had won in a drinking game earlier, emphasized her stunning beauty.

The idea was idiotic, but Mark couldn’t help but smile as his fingers descended the length of her toned arms through the blanket.

I sure wish that Jenna’s wish would come true… She would make an amazing superhero if she had the powers she wanted…” Mark thought to himself, his interest in comics shaping his wish during the final moments of the year.

And at that moment, the bells rang, signaling the New Year's arrival.

Glancing around from their secluded spot, Mark could see people were either shouting, making out with each other, or, like David, trying to empty a bottle of champagne as quickly as humanly possible!

Mark returned his focus to his friends again when he heard Jenna mutter, “Guys… I feel a bit… strange?” Jenna’s voice was shaky, her hands trembling.

Mark barely locked eyes with her before it began: in a moment, Jenna was enveloped by a blinding light, making it impossible for David and Mark to look directly at her as her feet left the ground.

They couldn’t see it, but Jenna was changing right in front of them. Most of the changes were subtle, her already amazing looks became downright gorgeous, her hair lengthened, reaching nearly all the way down to her butt, gaining volume as it shimmered in the brilliant flares of light. Her legs lengthened and toned, her arms following in kind, gaining enough muscle to equal the most amazing fitness models known to man!

Her breasts surged out, announcing their dominance over those of any other woman, straining her dress to its breaking point. Moaning over the sensual touch of the changes, Jenna could feel how untold amounts of power were entering her, molding her, shaping her into absolute perfection, making her ready for the final change that was to come…

As the final act, her outfit changed: her silver knee-high dress molded itself to Jenna’s new body, becoming like a second layer of skin, proudly showing the perfect body of this new demigoddess of unimaginable power. Her high-heeled shoes became knee-high boots that matched her uniform, making her slightly taller than both David and Mark, if she stood on the ground.

The blanket she had borrowed and the small tiara she had worn, saw the greatest changes of all: the blanket, in one fell swoop, turned into a majestic silken, silver cape, with golden details along the edges, that extended all the way down to her boots.

The tiara, up to this point just a little plastic thing to be thrown out the morning after, became completely different:it instantly turned from gold-painted plastic to real gold, becoming larger and more befitting its new owner.

As the tiara found its final form, Jenna could feel her final change. The power wasn’t just power anymore. It was her power. The forces of reality were now hers to command, bowing to Jenna’s newfound authority over it.

As her transformation concluded, the glow subsided enough to let David and Mark see Jenna, revealing a goddess among men.

David and Mark were completely speechless, their eyes wide, their mouths going dry. In a matter of moments, Jenna had changed from her former self to a godlike superhero!

“My god…” Mark whispered in awe, unable to tear his eyes away from her breathtaking curves and confident elegance. Her costume blurred the lines between what royalty and superheroes would use, its golden and silver threads fitting perfectly with the tiara.

Jenna smirked. “I think Goddess is a bit more fitting, actually.” she said, rising from the ground into a graceful pirouette, letting them see her from all sides, demonstrating how gravity no longer held sway over her magnificent body.

“Dude…” David mumbled under his breath, punctuating the awed word with a hiccup. He clearly wanted to say something about this whole situation. “You are some kind of… superwoman, Jenna?”

Jenna shrugged her shoulders in answer. “Kinda? I don’t really know how it happened, I just wished to be able to help people, so unless someone else wished…” In an instant, Jenna’s expression turned from confused and into a dazzling grin that was practically lighting up the whole room.

“I guess I can thank you, Mark?” Jenna said as she hovered closer to her boyfriend. It wasn’t a question.

Mark swallowed, overwhelmed by Jenna’s sheer presence. She certainly looked like she could be some kind of goddess… And the way she was floating about? Blood was certainly flowing to at least one head.

“Um, I’m beginning to feel like a third wheel here…” David mumbled, beer, somehow, still in hand despite what had happened in the past minute.

Jenna glanced over at David, her exquisite features scrunching into an expression of mild concentration as her eyes glowed. A moment later they stopped as Jenna smiled at him.

“Try joining the other at the party. I think you will find yourself quite… lucky with the ladies at the moment,” she said with a wink.

David lifted his eyebrow, a glimmer in his eye, before shrugging and leaving Mark and Jenna alone. From where Mark stood, he swore that it looked like there was a nice blonde woman in the next room that suddenly got her focus on David.

“You really have no idea what you've done, Mark?” Jenna asked him, letting him gaze back into her crystal blue eyes. They had been beautiful before but now… They were completely indescribably amazing.

Shaking his head, he couldn’t think of much else beside the wish. “I may have wished for you to become a superheroine…” He said sheepishly, not knowing what Jenna would think about her new changes.

Jenna smiled, shaking her head in return.

“Yes and no. You actually wished for my wish to come true, which was about having the power to help people. You just phrased yours into me becoming this…” Jenna said, gesturing down her breathtaking body, which radiated an aura of power and beauty that made Mark slightly light-headed.

“I’m not just some superhero though, Mark…” she floated closer, her breath tingling his skin.

“I’m a Goddess.”

Mark could barely keep his balance as he heard it, his head swimming, trying to comprehend Jenna’s words.

“You just wanted me to be more akin to a superhero… you nerd,” she said with a tinkling laugh like an angel, winking at him.

Mark joined her in laughing, slowly coming to terms with the idea that he had turned his girlfriend into a freaking goddess of all things!

After their laughter faded, Mark found the need to ask some questions.

“Um, what did you do to David?”

Jenna smirked, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “I simply granted his wish of him being more lucky with the ladies.”

Mark smiled hesitantly, finding Jenna’s new power both amazing and a bit intimidating…

“So you can grant wishes?” Mark asked after a pause, Jenna still gently floating around the room, lighting it up with her sheer presence.

Jenna momentarily stopped, her expression one of concentration before it changed into mild surprise.

“Holy shit, I CAN GRANT WISHES!” she practically screamed, her form glowing even brighter for a moment.

“Oh, Mark, I can do so much now; right the wrongs in society, uphold the ideals of Truth, Justice, and…” Jenna suddenly stopped her triad.

“Where did that last one come from?” she said in a tone of wonder as her glow subsided again.

“It sounded like something a superhero like Superman would say?” Mark suggested, his knowledge of the genre being greater than that of his Godde… girlfriend.

“Is that so?” Jenna grinned, having realized where her little outburst came from. “Like you wished I would be like, Mark?” she gently teased as she closed the distance between them again.

Mark didn’t know what he could say to save his hide so he tried to divert the conversation a bit…

“So… if you're a superhero now… what should your name be? I mean…” He began to ramble.

“I think ‘Goddess’ would be a bit on the nose, and it is important that you have a cool name…” the last bit he quickly added, his nerdiness taking hold of him At that moment.

Jenna seems to ponder this for a moment before her eyes suddenly lit up. She practically beamed, her aura radiating pure affection!

“Gloria” she said, spreading her arms out to the sides and letting go of her ironclad hold on her divine glory.

Mark was completely overwhelmed. Jenna’s divine presence made reality bend and quiver around her, making her look even more beautiful and breathtakingly divine than Mark had ever thought possible. Mark couldn’t help but think that Jenna had been underselling herself earlier. She wasn’t just some goddess: She was The Goddess.

“And I know just who I need to help first…” Jenna said, her voice intertwining with reality, making her statement nothing but the truth. Dialing back her presence, she scooped Mark up into her arms and instantly teleported them to the shared bedroom in their apartment.

It became a very long, completely incredible first night of the new year…

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