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Infinity Crisis 2.0 – Chapter 1

Written by d_k_c :: [Sunday, 17 January 2021 10:11] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 March 2024 09:14]

Author’s Note: It’s absolutely crazy when I think how long ago I wrote Infinity Crisis. Twenty years ago, I was a teenager, and while I’ll leave Natasha’s age ambiguous, when I first wrote the story, I intended her age to be sixteen. A few years later I attempted to post the story but for whatever reason, every time I tried to submit it, it was rejected. It was actually Paul Smith from the Xtreme strength website that eventually emailed me that the format that I was attempting to post was unreadable. For whatever reason, word documents weren’t so easily transmitted back in those days.

Because I felt the story was rejected, I started writing a different story, the Project. But the template to Infinity Crisis, from start to finish is in my library of stories. And I can’t help but think that this is a great story, worth finishing.

To all of you who have supported me throughout the years, from kind words and appreciation and criticism, thank you.

Infinity Crisis is intended to be 10 chapters @ 8-10 thousand words per chapter. I’ll attempt to post the new chapter every month. or two

Thanks again and enjoy



“Welcome to Infinity Corp” Selina Bhatti greeted a new batch of employees with a bright smile. “Each of you brings your own unique talent set to this organization and we are thrilled to have each and everyone of you on board, before we start the tour, do any of you have any questions?”

Only one person raised his hand, and Selina nodded to him.

“Will we get a chance to meet Infinity Man?”

Selina smiled, “As you all know, Infinity Man has quite the range of powers and abilities. You might have already met him during the interview process and not even realized it”. Selina turned her head and noticed Alex walking toward his office. “Alex!” Selina called out before turning to the employees, “Alex Swoon is the CEO of infinity Corp, he’s the man that signs your pay cheques, so be on your best behaviour”

Unlike everyone in the office building who dressed to impress, Alex’s demeanor and clothes was casual as he wore Khakis and a black golf shirt. The scruff on his face and his dishevelled hair looked as if he had not seen a mirror in days. Alex was in his mid sixties and he seemed partly annoyed that Selina had called him over.

“Good morning everyone,” Alex greeted as Selina leaned into whispering something into his ear.

“There are suits waiting for you in the boardroom”

Alex looked over at the board room and noticed two people waiting patiently.

“Government?” he asked quietly

“That’d be my guess”

Alex sighed, and then looked at the new employees. “Enjoy the tour, you’re going to love working here, we have a deli on the main floor, check it out during your break. Lunch is on me”

Alex made his way to the conference room. Two men in suits sat beside each other along a conference table that could seat a dozen. Alex entered the room and the two men stood up and greeted him. British, Alex thought as he acknowledged their accents.

“What can I do for you gentlemen.”

The two men looked at one another briefly before one of them got to the point “As I’m sure you are aware, Britain is deploying a task force to reclaim the Falkland Islands, and we represent interested parties… ”

Alex sighed ever so softly, “I’ll have to stop you there, gentleman. You know we have a strict policy of non-interference. You are, I’m sure, well aware that Infinity Man will not enter a conflict zone. I’m sorry you wasted your time”. Alex was about to walk out of the conference room.

“Perhaps hear us out first, just a moment of your time” one of the suits insisted.

Alex looked at the man and got to the point “I have no say in these matters. Infinity Man will not enter a conflict zone. So, talking to me is a waste of your time, and mine”

“20 million pounds” The other suit blurted out, seemingly annoying the man next to him.

“Gentlemen… ” Alex said with pity.

“Just hear us out for 5 minutes. That’s all We’re asking”

Alex sighed “You have five minutes” Alex finally conceded.

“We’re not asking for Infinity Man to win a war between Argentina and Britain. We’re more than confident that Britain will prevail. However, the Argentinians have been provided Exocet missiles from the Russians. On the unlikely chance one of those missiles gets through to our carrier, not only will we have to withdraw, but the lives of hundreds of service men would be lost. We are simply asking that Infinity Man use his discretion, remain unseen and neutralize any missiles targeting our carrier… That’s all”

“Oh, is that all?” Alex replied. “And what do you suppose the Russians will do when they learn the most powerful being to ever exist is now a paid mercenary working for the British military?”

“The Russians won’t know. The corporation we represent is not affiliated with the British Government. The funds you receive will not be affiliated with any Administration”.

“Gentlemen, when it comes to people, my experience is this, Government or otherwise. If more than two people know, then everyone knows… ” Alex received a message on his pager. He looked down at it briefly and only saw one digit. His heart quickened, as he removed the pager from his belt line to have a closer look. It was as he feared, a single digit. The number 8. There must have been some mistake, he thought. Alex looked up at the men, “Something urgent has come up, if you’ll excuse me”

“Can we leave you our contact information?”

“Leave it with my secretary” Alex said with haste and quickly left the conference room. He took the elevator, and it seemed like an eternity for the elevator to reach the 17th floor. As soon as the elevator opened, it opened to a wide-open floor. The floor looked as if it were under construction. Centered on that floor was one room, windowless and lined with lead, Alex hurried to that room. Looking for the keys, he found them, he unlocked the door, and hurried inside. The halogen lights flickered on and he approached a corded phone on the table. He picked up the phone and dialed out.

Alex waited patiently for the other line to pick up, and it eventually did. “Thomas” Alex said, “Tell me that you sent that page by mistake”. He listened to Thomas speak, mostly in code, but Thomas’s page was no mistake. As Alex listened to Thomas, he rubbed his eyes, as every sentence Thomas muttered only revealed a situation far worse than the previous sentence. It was a disaster. The impossible had happened, Infinity Man was dead, but it was worse than that, and so Alex needed to quickly get over the fact that Infinity Man was dead and ask the only question that mattered. Who was Natasha Beland? And what would she do with the powers of a God.


7 days ago

“Can anyone tell me the length of the hypotenuse?” Mister Clover had just finished drawing a right angle on the chalkboard and he turned to address the class. While the class seemed attentive for the most part, a persistent whispering had been nagging him all class. “Miss Beland’’ he said firmly.

Natasha stopped whispering and looked at Mr. Clover, “Ummm… Yes?”

“Yes you can?… good. Come up to the board and demonstrate how you got your answer”

“I meant… Like… Yes… what did you want?” Natasha nervously explained followed by a few chuckles from her classmates.

“Come up to the chalk board please” Mr. Clover said as he extended a piece of chalk to Natasha

Natasha was rarely nervous; she had a body and a look that radiated confidence. Her intelligence however was something she was not something she was overly confident about. She rolled her eyes thinking who the fuck cares about triangles. Natasha stood up and attempted her most confident walk to the chalkboard.

The boys in the class were given a treat as she meandered to the board, wearing her tight high waisted jeans and a V neck t-shirt two sizes two small for her impressive proportions.

Natasha stood there cluelessly at the chalk board for some time before Mr. Clover said to her “How about just point to the hypotenuse”

“What’s a hypotenuse?” She bashfully asked, followed by another round of laughter.

Natasha excused herself to the washroom as the class continued chuckling, she hurried through the hallway and slammed into a student sipping a Slurpee.

Only a little of the iced drink spilled on Natasha, but Natasha gasped as if she had been doused with clamato juice. She grinded her teeth, “Watch where your going, Fucking loser!”

“Sorry Natasha” The student said, knowing exactly who Natasha Beland was, even though Natasha had no clue who he was.

Natasha grumbled angrily as she walked past the student and straight to the washroom. She went straight to the sink and removed her shirt, exposing her upper body and beige bra at least one size too small for her impressive proportions.

Natasha began scrubbing the stain on her shirt as she cursed Mr. Clover for embarrassing her. Mr. Clover was an older pudgy man who obviously gets off on embarrassing bombshells like her, who the fuck does he think he is, Natasha thought irritably.

Natasha had a natural beauty which did not require any maintenance, that did not stop her from making sure that everything was meticulously in order. From her eyebrows to her wavy shoulder length black hair.

A junior girl exited a washroom stall and joined Natasha at the washroom sinks. She did her best to ignore Natasha’s body as Natasha leaned closer to the mirror, but she couldn’t help but stare at Natasha’s full breasts as she leaned closer to the mirror. Natahsa’s body was beautifully developed, her thick, full and firm natural breasts were envied by all. For men to feel, and for girls to have. For Katlyn, a skinny white girl not yet even able to fill her training bra, she looked at Natasha with envy.

“Would you like to feel them?” Natasha asked, as she caught Katlyn’s stare from her peripheral.

Embarrassed Katlyn finished washing her hands and exited the washroom.

Fucking loser, Natasha thought. After cleaning her shirt, she put it back on. She tucked her shirt deeply into her pants, stretching it the point to ensure her deep cleavage was proudly displayed. She then brushed her dark hair and looked one last time at her youthful face, button nose and deep brown eyes.

The door to the washroom opened, and Jean Dencer walked in. Jean wasn’t nearly as attractive as Natasha, she was shorter than Natasha, but she wasn’t that short, Jean stood at 5 ft 4”, and was considered average height for a girl. She had an average body, average tits, average face, average everything really. Jean had been best friends with Natasha for a couple of years, ever since Natasha had a falling out with the more popular girls of the school.

“What an asshole Mr. Clover is!” Jean opened, “When you were at the chalkboard he was totally checking out your ass… Such a perv”

“Was he really? Fucking Prick” Natasha replied as she finished applying her lip gloss “I should totally get him to make out with me… Like, sooo get him fired” Natasha pulled a baggy out of her purse. “Want a hit?”

Jean looked at the cocaine Natasha pulled out of her purse, “No… I’m good”

“Lame” Natasha replied before opening her pocket mirror and applying the cocaine on the glass.

Just before Natasha was about to snort it Jean asked, “Where do you get the money for that stuff?”

“You know Jason Brinks?”

“Ummm yeah”

“I let him feel my tits, and he scored me some”

Jean reflected on Jason Brinks, he was a heavier set kid. A loser who thinks he was cool because he deals drugs. Jean suspected that Natasha might be getting away with hundreds of dollars worth of drugs for just a cheap feel but suspected that price was going to go way up once Natasha became hooked, if she wasn’t already. Despite believing that, Jean wouldn’t dream of mentioning it. Challenging Natasha and any of her decisions might result in Natasha dropping her as a friend, and she desperately wanted Natasha as her friend. Although she tried to convince herself that she put up with Natasha because she was cool and made up every excuse in the book for Natasha’s self centered behaviour, in actuality, Jean found Natasha incredibly attractive.

Natasha sniffed the powdery substance, and then fluttered her eyes as she raised her chin as she let the euphoric feeling take her for a moment. “Fuck that’s so good”

The bell rang to signal that the next class was starting, “We should head to class” Jean suggested,

“Nah, I’m going to cut” Natasha said as the pair left the washroom.

“Where are you going to go?”

“Anywhere but here” Natasha replied as they walked through a hallway bustling with students hurrying to their next class.

Jean began to snicker “Oh my God, look what Kent Small is wearing”.

Kent Small was walking past the two girls, he was wearing matching red sweatpants with his red sweater.

“Hey Kent” Natasha called.

“Yes” Kent replied as he turned to Natasha.

“K-Mart had a good sale last weekend?”

“Ummm what?”

“Just saying you look sweet. Like top notch” Natasha said sarcastically as she gave Kent the Okay sign.

“Uhhh… Thanks?”

Jean snorted into a giggle as the girls walked away. The girls arrived at the door to their class, “Sure you’re going to cut?” Jean asked.

“Oh I’m sure… Shit, should I hide my cleavage? Here comes the dyke” Natasha mentioned as she saw Helena. Helena was a big girl, she was nearly 6 feet tall and weighed close to 180 lbs, but in no way was she fat. Having a very muscular build, broad shoulders, short hair cut and hardly any chest, Helena seemed to exemplify the lesbian persona.

Jean giggled, “I’ll call you after school?”

“Whatever” Natasha commented as she continued past the class. Unbeknownst to Natasha Helena made b-line for Natasha and began following her. It took Natasha a moment before she realized that she was being followed by Helena. “Are you following me?” Natasha turned and asked.

“What did you call me?” Helena simply replied.

Natasha took a moment to reflect and then realized that Dyke was likely derogatory. “Oh right, I said Dyke didn’t I?… I meant Lezbo… Oops sorry” Natasha answered cutely and walked away.

Helena rolled her eyes and then continued to follow Natasha. “Excuse me – but what makes you think I’m a… Lezbo”

Natasha turned to Helena and looked over her body and clothes. “You’re kidding right?”

Helena crossed her arms, “No, actually I’m not”

“I know what this is about,” Natasha replied. “I’m flattered, but I’m really not interested”. Once again Natasha began walking away. Natasha exited the school and nearly as soon as she left the school, she could hear the door behind her reopen. Natasha walked for a little way, but she could hear footsteps right behind her. She turned to her stalker, “What the fuck do you want? I told you I wasn’t interested!”

“You are something else!” Helena answered incredulously. “What do you think gives you the right to judge people like you do?” Helena asked.

“Are you kidding?” Natasha sneered “Look at you! You are begging to be judged. You make yourself fat, you wear boys’ clothes, you have a boy’s hair cut. Are you being serious right now?”

“It’s actually not fat, it’s muscle. If you want, I can show you the difference” Helena threatened.

Natasha rolled her eyes, “Oh, I’m sure you’d love that”

“You know, I’m getting so sick of your shit” Helena pushed Natasha backwards.

Natasha stumbled back a few steps and became angry. The drugs circulating in her body made her feel overly confident and powerful. She felt like Superwoman, like she could take on the world. “FUCK OFF!” Natasha screamed and pushed Helena back.

The pair pushed each other back and forth, and soon a small crowd was gathering around them. Pushing soon turned into grappling and as they tussled Natasha heard her shirt rip. She gasped as she looked down at her favorite shirt, now drooping over her body as the collar ripped. Natasha gasped, “YOU BITCH!” Natasha screamed and followed up with an impressive slap across Helena’s face.

The slap echoed in the courtyard, and the few people who were watching Ooo’d and aww’d. It took a moment for Helena to respond, as she was shocked herself by the brazen attack, but she answered back. A closed fist, impressive over hand right cracked Natasha across the face.

Natasha clasped her face and began sobbing, but she was not getting any pity from Helena. Helena spotted a large muddy puddle a dozen or so feet behind Natasha, and so she pushed Natasha, and as Natasha stumbled backwards, she pushed her again and then again. Natasha was now stumbling backwards before her foot entered the puddle and she lost her balance and splashed into the black dirty water.

The crowd of students laughed as Natasha screamed as she looked down at her body, covered in muck. She looked at Helena who was walking away. “YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD! YOU HEAR ME, BITCH!” Natasha could hear the laughter of those who watched as her face began to pout. Natasha grumbled loudly before flinging the water and mud she sat in at the crowd that jeered at her. The laughing didn’t stop, Natasha began to cry as she pulled herself out of the cold muddy water and hurried away from the school.

Natasha felt self-conscious and ridiculous as she walked home drenched from head to toe and covered in mud. She grinded her teeth and squinted her eyes as she thought of all the ways she was going to get Helena back. First, she was going to report her, get her suspended for sure, and then she was going to make her life at the school a living nightmare. Natasha started feeling pain emanating from her jaw, she worried what her face might look like tomorrow. She felt the effects of an adrenaline dump and she began to shake, and eventually she began to cry again. She needed to be alone, and she was desperate to get out of the public’s view as more than a few cars honked their horns at her. She noticed a home that had several tall trees growing in its back yard. She made her way to that home and walked into the back yard, there she nestled herself next to a tall tree surrounded by shrubs. She sat there for a long time, feeling sorry for herself, until the warm air finally began drying her and the Sun was finally beginning to set.

Having cried her last tear, and her self pity exhausted, Natasha was about ready to continue walking home when a whooshing sound caught her attention, all she needed to do was look to her right to see what caused the sound. It was Infinity Man; he had landed in the same back yard she was in. Her eyes widened as she witnessed, for the first time in person, the most powerful man in the Universe. She had never seen him in person before, only on TV. She marvelled at his physique and powerful presence. Then as remarkable as her experience was, something far more extraordinary happened. Infinity Man, in all his glory, twirled in one place and revealed his alter ego. Natasha blinked hard as she looked at Infinity Man’s much smaller alter ego. She had to see it to believe it, but the truth, as hard as it was to believe, was right before her. Kent Small was Infinity Man.


Natasha had finished showering and walked into the living room in her housecoat, as her stepbrother Jarrett and his friend Tom were watching TV. “What are you fags watching?” she asked.

“The news. Go to your room” Jarrett replied.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Natasha shot back as she seated herself on the couch next to Tom.

“Yeah Jarrett,” Tom said, taking Natasha’s side as he observed her long smooth and silky legs. “Don’t tell your sister what to do. Hey Nat, there is a costume party this Friday. You should come”

Jarrett looked at Tom not at all impressed,

“At Steven Millers? Yeah I heard about it?” Natasha replied

“Can you guys shut up so I can watch this?” Jarrett said annoyed

Natasha looked at the TV, Jarrett was watching the news “Since when have you been such a newsie?” Natasha asked.

“A British territory was invaded by Argentina. It’s kind of a big deal” Jarrett replied.

On the TV Margret Thatcher was making a public address and after a few minutes Natasha exclaimed “BORING!”

“So how about it?” Tom said jumping right back into his request that Natasha attend the party.

“Mmm I don’t know… I’ll think about it”

“Tell you what? I’ll even buy you a costume” Tom practically begged.

“Oh, thanks Tom” Natasha said coyly, “And what costume were you planning on buying me? Is it going to be tight and sexy?”

“If that’s what you’d like” Tom bashfully replied.

“Oh c’mon Tom, you know full well it’s something only you would like”

“Oh my God” Jarrett replied as he shot Tom an annoyed look. “Nat… Go upstairs” Jarrett said with authority.

“Hey, don’t blame me if you’re creepy friends want to see me in something tight and sexy”.

“Guilty as charged” Tom admittedly replied.

Jarrett put his palm over his face and sighed. “No, she’s not going to the party! There’s not going to be any high school girls there for one, and two, I don’t want her there”.

“Actually, the only way Steve could throw the party was if he could convince his little sister to keep her mouth shut, so he said she could bring some friends… so, there will be some people from your school. I heard your friends will be there, Becky and Ashley”

“I’ll think about it” Natasha replied, not mentioning to Tom that she had a falling out with Becky and Ashley a long time ago. Natasha looked at Jarret who was staring at her. “What?” She finally asked.

“What happened to your face?” Jarrett asked.

“Why?” Natasha asked as she self consciously touched her face.

“You look like you just came back from a date with Robert Wagner”

Natasha had checked out her face in the mirror after her shower, there was a small bruise along her jawline, she barely noticed it, but now that her brother pointed it out, she became self conscious about it. She felt her face and was about to ask her brother how noticeable it was but just before she asked her brother he threw in another comment.

“Someone finally give you the slap you deserve?”

“You Know What! FUCK YOU!” Natasha said angrily.

Jarrett smirked which infuriated Natasha. She got off the couch and charged Jarrett and smacked him as hard she could as Jarrett shielded her blows.

“Relax! I was kidding! Fucking Psycho!”

“You’re an asshole!” Natasha screamed and then ran up to her room.

Tom looked Jarrett, “God do I envy you”

“Dude… That’s my step -sister”

“Yeah… exactly, your step sister. Just saying, it wouldn’t be illegal.

Jarrett stared at Tom for a while, before finally asking him, “What’s wrong with you?”


After Tom had left, Jarrett went to go check on Natasha, but she was not in her room, he called out for her but there was no reply, finally he found her. She was upstairs in the attic going through her mother’s things.

Natasha was reading one of her mother’s books, it was a book of black magic. Jarret paid little attention to the book she was reading, he simply asked. “Who hit you?”

“Nobody. Not that you care”

“I’m sorry for what I said earlier, tell me who hit you?”

Natasha ignored Jarrett.

“Look, Dad will be home soon. He’s not going to be happy that you’re up here”.

“He’s not going to have a problem with me being here… You on the other hand… you might get in big trouble… Especially when I tell him what you said to me”

Jarrett rolled his eyes “Yup, that’s right… Whatever Natasha wants, Natasha gets. You know your Mother was the sweetest woman I have ever known. For years I’ve asked how you got to be the way you are, especially when your mother was so kind and generous. And then I realized, it’s not your fault, its Dads. He blamed himself for your mothers passing. And he spoiled you, he pampered you, he gave you everything you wanted. Nothing was ever your fault, it was always someone else’s. And you believed it all”.

“Tell me about Infinity Man?” Natasha asked, ignoring everything Jarrett was saying.

Jarrett looked at Natasha with disappointment, she hadn’t listened to a word he said. He shook his head and gave into her request. “What do you want to know?”

“Like, who do you think he is? In like, real life”

“I can’t imagine he has an alter ego. He’s a big man and has a very recognizable look”

“Yeah but maybe he can change his appearance. You know… To look like someone else” Natasha challenged,

Jarrett thought for a moment, “I suppose, I mean, there’s probably about thousand different powers he has that we don’t know about”

“How powerful is he?”

“Pretty powerful”

“Like… How powerful?”

“I’ll put It this way, if I was placing a bet between him versus the entire US army, I’d put my money on him”

“Really?” Natasha asked with surprise.

“Yeah. I mean… How do you kill him? He can move nearly at the speed of light, he’s bullet proof, blast proof… Hell, he’s everything proof. He can lift practically anything, and oh yeah, he can vaporize objects just by looking at them. So yeah, he’s pretty powerful”

Natasha smiled wickedly, “Do you think he’d date me?”

Jarrett felt as though he hit his quota of being an asshole to his stepsister today and so he simply replied, “I don’t know, maybe”.

Natasha smiled as she pondered, and then asked Jarrett “Was my Mom a witch?”

“Witches don’t exist”

“But she has all these books about incantations and spells”

“Your mom followed Wicca, but that doesn’t mean she was a witch. C’mon, lets go downstairs”

Natasha took the book she found and followed Jarret down from the attic steps and walked to her room with it.

“Want to tell me who hit you?” Jarrett asked before she entered her room

“It was a girl, why? Going to kick her ass for me…? Yeah that’s what I thought” Natasha replied and then went off to her room and lay in her bed with the small booklet.

The book was fascinating, with spells and incantations and a step-by-step guidance on how to implement them. She wondered if any of them worked. But one spell caught her attention. It was a love spell, basically how to make any man your love slave. She smiled as she read the step-by-step instructions. The very idea that she needed to use a love spell on Kent Small was laughable, but now that she knew his secret identity it was not so far fetched. Infinity Man, after all, could have any woman in the world. But he was going to have her, Natasha smiled mischievously as she reflected on what she would have him do for her. It was a win win scenario as far as she was concerned. If the love spell worked Infinity Man would be her boyfriend. If the Love spell failed, then she knew his secret identity and she could use that information to black mail him into doing whatever she wanted. She sighed in bliss as she felt like the most powerful girl in the world.


Infinity man had landed in his backyard, his mind preoccupied with the bank heist he had just interrupted. Of course, he prevailed, and the bank robbers had been arrested, but the altercation created questions he needed answers to. The weapons they used were nonlethal, firing paint pellets, and the paint like substance was like nothing he had ever seen before. He could have dodged everyone, but there were people behind him. He could feel a tingle on his body from where the bullets had impacted, as if some substance within the paint was interacting with his DNA. Infinity Man twirled into his alter ego, too distracted by his curiosities to notice the lurker eyeing him within the trees of his own backyard.

Kent entered his home and walked into his basement and then proceeded to use a microscope to observe the compounds of the paint like substance. He had not seen anything like it, it was most certainly alien in origin. So why were bank robbers using firearms modified to shoot paint pellets with Alien origin? The truth was inescapable, they were not there to rob the bank, they were there to shoot him. But why? And what effect was the Alien substance having on his body, if any.

Kent broke down the substance, compound by compound, trying to understand if it was at all possible for the substance to have been created on Earth. For hours he worked in the basement trying to find a solution when the phone rang.

“Yes?” Kent answered.

“NASA wants to push the satellite launch ahead of schedule; they’d like your assistance tomorrow for 8 AM”

“Sorry, I’ve got school”

Alex slightly laughed, “I’m sure you’ll manage finals if you cut a few classes”

“Tomorrow is a big day” Kent simply replied.

“Right,” Alex replied skeptically “Tomorrow you find the answers to all the questions you’ve ever had. Going to be honest with you Kent, I have been looking forward to this day myself. The day you find out that nothing happens, and all the questions you’ve ever had will remain as pervasive as the day before”

Kent slightly smiled, “I hope you’re right. Listen, can you pull up the bio’s for the men I arrested earlier today at the bank heist? I need everything the police have on them”

“Sure. Any reason?”

“Just working on a lead”

“They’ll be there for you in the office as soon as we know”

“Okay. Thanks” Kent hung up the phone and then continued his research.


The next morning Natasha was eager to go to school despite the humiliation she was put through only the other day. That humiliation was nothing compared to the humiliation she would undoubtedly receive for hitting on Kent Small, but of course she knew something no one else did, and so she dressed to impress. She chose to wear a long sleeved black ribbed sweater. She bought the sweater when she was in Grade 9 and while it fit her like a glove back then, she had since gotten taller and her body had since matured dramatically. Now the long-sleeved shirt stretched out before her chest, exposing her flat tummy. She wore the tightest pair of cut off jeans she could find exemplifying her heart shaped hips and rounded ass and exposing her long and slender legs. She put on a red head band to contain her shoulder length thick black hair, she put on red lipstick, blush and eye shadow and then smiled as she checked herself out in the mirror. No man could resist her, she thought, not even Infinity Man, she was confident of it.

Natasha usually drew eyes wherever she went, but on this morning, she practically drew every eye she came across, but she only had eyes for one and so she made her way to his locker. Kent Small was not there, but he would be, she just needed to be patient. Class was going to start in 10 minutes, she leaned against the wall, popped some bubble gum in her mouth and waited. Finally, he showed up, unlike everyone else he didn’t seem to notice her, or at least he pretended not to notice her.

“Hey” Natasha said as she came over to him.

“Hi,” Kent said back to her.

“So… I have, like, a math exam tomorrow and I could use your help”

“You need help studying for a math exam?” Kent asked.

“Uh yeah, that’s kind of what I said”

“You? Want to study?”

“Am I not speaking English?” Natasha asked, “Oh c’mon” Natasha pleaded, “cut one class, do it for me?” Natasha asked sweetly as she reached downwards clasping her hands and shrugging her shoulders shyly, knowing full well her breasts were responding to her movements, she even flexed them causing her shirt to tighten ever so slightly. It would have had an immediate effect on any mortal, but she well knew, Kent Small was no mortal.

“Sorry” Kent said as he walked away from her.

Natasha followed him.

He paid little attention to her, but when it appeared as if she was going to follow him into his class, he stopped. “Why are you following me?”

“Oh, I was just going to go into the class with you”

“It’s an advanced Physics class”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to stay long. Just long enough to make a scene”

Kent sighed, he looked at her incredulously, “What do you mean, make a scene?

“I’m just going to go with the flow. I might freak out because you touched me without my permission, or I’ll get all sassy as I tell everyone how good of a lay you are, I really haven’t decided”

Kent rolled his eyes “Fine, lets go to the library”

“Yay! You’re so awesome Kent!” Natasha said and then kissed him on the cheek.

They arrived at the library and for the first twenty minutes Kent was explaining basic trigonometry. It at first seemed as if Natasha was legitimately looking to be tutored, but then she did something that changed all that. She attempted to get a strand of his hair. She pulled at a strand of Kent’s hair but of course it had no effect.

“What are you doing?” Kent asked her,

“Relax, I just want a strand of your hair”


Natasha rolled her eyes, “Look, me and my friends are playing a silly scavenger hunt game, my quest was to get a strand of your hair. I’m sorry I wasted your time with this tutoring nonsense So, how about it? Wanna just give it to me?”

It did not add up. Yesterday he was shot with something that was trying to bind with his DNA, and now Natasha wanted a strand of his DNA. He suspected someone put her up to this, someone who undoubtedly knew his secret identity. Kent rarely attempted to read someone’s mind. For if he wasn’t extremely careful, he could cause brain damage. He investigated Natasha’s mind carefully and briefly, all he wanted was her motivation. He found it. Apparently, Natasha wanted to cast a spell on him, get him to fall in love with her. Undoubtedly to have him do her homework for her. The very spell book she used was in her bag. He skimmed through the book using his x-ray vision. It was complete nonsense and had nothing to do with his concerns. He was wasting time. Kent pulled out a piece of his hair. “There, is that all you want?” Kent asked.

Natasha smiled at him, “Sure”

“So I can go now?”

“Why do you want to go? You’re with the hottest girl in school… Oh c’mon! Like you haven’t checked me out”

“I’m sure every kid in school has checked you out. I just know what league I am batting in. And I know you’re out of my league”

Natasha locked eyes with Kent, “What if I told you, you might be in my league”

Kent shyly looked away from her eyes, “Natasha, I gave you a strand of my hair, what more do you want?”

“Maybe I want what I can’t have? There isn’t a kid in this school who wouldn’t be rubbing up against my body or trying to kiss me by now. So, what is your deal Kent? You a fag or something?”

Kent thought for a moment, and simply replied “So what if I was?”

Natasha grabbed Kent’s wrist and gently pulled his hand toward her breasts. She felt no resistance from him as Kent willingly and firmly placed his hand on her large breast and squeezed.

Kent had the power of Infinity, he could have easily pulled away, he could have easily just as left, and yet there he was, groping her full breast with his hand. It wasn’t until Natasha moved in for a kiss that he pulled away and simply said, “I have to go” Kent said as he collected his things and left.

Natasha mischievously smiled as she watched Kent leave, she then looked at the strand of hair Kent had given her, Infinity Man’s hair she thought. If her plan worked, he would be swooning all over her. If her plan didn’t work, then she would blackmail him to get whatever she wanted. It felt so good to be this powerful, she thought.


Natasha made her way to the custodial room and there she made her preparations. She referred to the book, and drew a pentagram on the floor, at each point she lit a small candle. She then began reciting some gibberish from the book and after 10 minutes she took the strand of hair and placed it in her mouth. She cringed as she did it, but when she tried to swallow it did not go down. She coughed a few times before hurrying out of the custodial room and drinking from the water fountain. “Like fucking, ew!” she said. But she had done what the book had asked. Now all she needed to do was find Kent Small at lunch hour and see if the spell worked.

Lunch hour couldn’t come soon enough, she didn’t even know what class Kent was in. She waited by Kent’s locker and unfortunately bumped into Jean who had been walking by.

“Hey! I heard what happened yesterday, are you okay?” Jean asked

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“I can’t believe Helena tossed you like a ragdoll into the mud, what a bitch!”

“I held my own, I just lost my footing. Just wait until next time we meet” Natasha replied.

“Actually, that’s what I want to talk to you about. Helena’s been telling everyone that she’s going to kick your ass after school”

“I’d like to see her try,” Natasha replied nervously.

Jean’s eyes quickly went up and down Natasha’s body “You look super hot by the way, what’s the occasion?”

Natasha spotted Kent walking toward his locker “Excuse me” Natasha replied, “But the occasion has finally arrived”

Jean looked as Natasha made her way to Kent Small, what the hell was she up to? Jean wondered.

“Hey nerd!” Natasha greeted Kent

“Why are you talking to Kent?” Jean asked

“Jean” Natasha said with raised eyebrows. “A bit of privacy”. Natasha grabbed Kent’s hand, come follow me, I have to show you something”

Kent reluctantly let Natasha drag him down a corridor and into an empty class.

Jean stood there, dumbfounded as Natasha shut the door.

“Natasha, listen… ” Kent attempted to explain

“I just wanted to thank you, that’s all”

“Okay, well, you’re very welcome” Kent said and was about to leave.

Natasha kissed him, and although he did not respond to the kiss, he felt something very strange. He could not describe it, it felt electric, unnatural, and curious.

Natasha gauged his reaction and felt as though the spell could actually be working, her deep brown eyes looked into Kent’s blue eyes, she seductively bit her lower lip as her hand moved down toward his crotch. The spell was definitely working as Kent responded to her touch, she slid her hand into his pants, and then kissed him passionately.

Kent did not stop her. He had never felt this way before, or if he had it was too long ago to remember. He kissed her back, again there was a strange tingle, Natasha felt it too, almost as if she had placed her tongue on a 9-volt battery.

Natasha’s hand slipped beneath Kent’s pants and she began stroking him. Feeling the full length and girth of Kent’s full erection, she kissed him passionately.

Kent released his desire.

“Oh, Infinity Man” Natasha cooed.

“Wait, what?” Kent asked with surprise.

Natasha smiled mischievously “What?… Did you think I was making out with Kent Small? Ha! Yeah right. So, let’s stop playing games, turn into your alter ego so that we can have some real fun!” Natasha demanded.

“How did you know?”

“I have my ways’’ Natasha said with a smile, “So what are you waiting for, show me Infinity Man” Some of Kent’s bodily fluids were on Natasha’s fingers and so she seductively licked it. As soon as Natasha swallowed something strange started happening to her. Her head felt as if it was swelling. Her limbs began to stiffen, her fists tightened, and her breasts began to firm. “Somethings wrong,” Natasha started with concern.

Kent looked at her body in astonishment, his mind rapidly worked to find a solution to what might be happening. Light from his body began to emanate through the exact spots from where he had been shot with the paint pellets. He looked at it curiously and then was overwhelmed, as the light emanating from him intensified into a bright white flash.

Natasha looked as electric arcs began circulating around her body burning singes in her tight sweater “Oh my God” Natasha stated fearfully “Wh… ats Happ… ahhhh… ning to me?” she asked as an overwhelming sensation overcame her.

Natasha’s eyes turned bright white. An electric current arced around her body entering into different cavities around her body. Her tits swelled and felt as if they were going to explode. She cupped her breasts with her hands and squeezed “Help meeee!” Natasha cried as her clothes began to smolder. Her feet rose from the ground as her body strained to control the changes occurring to it, she felt as if she was literally going to burst.

For Kent the process was but a moment, and now he stared at Natasha as she became empowered. He didn’t need to be a genius to know that somehow, someway, all of his powers flowed into Natasha. That he was powerless and that she was empowered.

“Uhhhhhhhh…” Natasha moaned as her petite hands squeezed her electrifying breasts. A small tremor shook the school. Natasha’s feet came back to the ground and when she exhaled a puff of steam came out of her mouth.

“What have you done?” Kent asked fearfully as he realized his powers were gone.

Natasha looked around, at first confused. “I feel different,” she said. She blinked a few times and then slightly smiled. “Like… waaaay different”

Kent was aware of the impossible situation that had developed. Somehow his power had been transferred to Natasha. He had become accustomed to his powers over countless years, was able to control them and understand them. Natasha on the other hand was an infant in the grand scheme of things, and practically wielding a nuclear weapon. How could he let this happen? Today of all days! He snapped out of it, now was not the time to blame himself, he needed to control the situation.

“I feel… I feel… so strange… But like… in a good way” Natasha said while trying to come to terms with what had happened as she looked curiously at her hand.

“Now Natasha, you need to be very careful,” Kent warned.

“And I can hear… like… everything” Natasha smiled as she tilted her head as she listened in on different conversations. “This is incredible!”

“Natasha, please, relax, sit down and let’s talk”

“I think I know what happened!” Natasha exclaimed, “The only person you could possibly love is someone with your abilities, and so the spell gave me your abilities! This is like… soo fantastic!”

That’s not what happened, Kent thought. This was science, not magic, and while he couldn’t explain it, he was sure he could reverse the effects. But he needed to keep Natasha under control.

“I can see! Oh My God I can see everything!” Natasha declared triumphantly. I can see your boxers!” Natasha gasped as she looked directly into Kent’s eyes, “Oh my God, Like EW! I can totally see your brain… I can even look through your brain and see the wall on the other side!” Natasha said with amazement as she began squinting her eyes.

“Natasha! Please if you could just…” Twin beams of intense light fired from Natasha’s eyes and directly into Kent’s eyes. Kent’s eyes melted in their sockets and his brain began to melt. He convulsed momentarily and began to gargle before falling to the floor.

Natasha stood there in shock. She stood there motionless for some time before she explored the question most pressing her, had she killed Kent Small? Did she just kill Infinity Man? The Infinity Man? It wasn’t a laughing matter, she was genuinely nervous and scared but at the same time but she couldn’t help snort a slight laugh realizing she had just killed the most powerful being in the world by blasting him with her laser vision. She covered her mouth and looked at Kent whose head was still steaming and his body motionless.

“Oops” she finally said.

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