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Forbidden Thoughts

Written by Grayface :: [Sunday, 31 January 2021 00:00] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 30 January 2021 19:37]

Forbidden Thoughts

By grayface23

Author's Note: First off I once again want to thank Dru. Not only did he edit this for me (just not this part where I thank him) but he found this in my drive and asked if he could edit it! This story has been mostly finished since 2018-ish and has only been seen except by 1 other person and would have never seen the light of day. So to Dru I give the best thanks I can give: Thank you.

Also gonna need to thank Michelangeli, without him I would have never written this, as I wrote this with him in mind more or less.

Donna didn't really consider herself to be a goddess, but she knew she was more than human. Much more. Ever since the "incident" as the government types would rather it be called, not that Donna gave a fig and it was so much fun to tweak them.

She didn't remember, but she'd been told a tractor-trailer had been moving some equipment that could create microscopic portals to other dimensions which somehow activated during transport, causing the big rig to crash into her small car.

The accident happened at 3:25 am on the dot, and it was exactly 6 hours later that her strength had doubled and had been doubling every 6 hours ever since. And it wasn't just her physical strength, but the rest of her that changed too but, at a much lesser rate.

To call her the strongest person on Earth was such an understatement that it would be criminal. At this point, she possessed more strength and power in the tip of an eyelash than if all the governments could somehow form some mega army.

It had been just about 2 years since the “accident,” she would call it what it was! Very few people who realized what she was fully capable of were going to argue with her. It was kind of funny at how different most people treated her to her face now, not that it was surprising to her anymore. Donna knew she was very very VERY intimidating to most reasonable people.

Donna's looks changed with her increasing powers. She grew 3 inches, and went from fat to awesomely fit and athletic within the first few days. She’d always had big fat girl boobs, but now her tits, while titanic, were oh so perfect. Yeah, they could be slightly inconvenient in some cases, but OMG she would not trade them. Even if Donna didn't want to admit it, she loved it when she caught people staring, and she always knew. She found flirting back so much fun, though she tried to never be mean about it.

The changes nowadays were so small people didn't notice them, but Donna's senses were now so sharp that she recognized the tiniest difference to her body even if it was only 1 millimeter even after 2 years. Standing just over 6 foot 1 inch her body was so very perfect that angels, succubus, or mythical goddesses (much less ordinary women) would weep with envy. What really did it was the aura of vitality and overwhelming power she seemed to radiate that really seemed to wash over people when they realized just how insignificant they were to her.

Glancing at her phone, there were no new notifications. She was going to meet her nephew after he was done at school. He was a good kid who'd had a rough life. Growing up with a minor stutter was hard, and he had been going to a speech therapist till the insurance dropped the coverage as nonessential. Donna moved in with them after his father left them. It worked out well for them. Her Sis could use the help with the bills, and so could Donna.

She couldn’t help but also glance at the time, in just 13 minutes, 7.2 seconds her strength would double! Her physical strength was already beyond incalculable. She could probably shatter the planet with the power in just a wink of an eyelid. So yeah, she could crush even the hardest substance known to man to vapor, and in only 12 minutes the doubling would happen again.

What really amazed her was how she was able to instantly adapt to her doubling. She never had once accidentally hurt anyone. Not accidentally. One thing that she learned was that there were just some people who never learned and had to be dealt with harshly. and she had learned to not feel too bad afterward, not with all the shit she’d had to put up with over the years.

She didn’t need to look at the time to know when the doubling was, but old habits die hard, and even with all her powers she still felt half lost without her phone. Though she had locked down all her social media to the max privacy settings and yet people she didn’t want to hear from still got through, and people could be very trying on her. It was as if someone always wanted her to help them, and most people seemed to think and act as if she owed them and their God, not that she believed in any god. The governments, all of them, were even worse. Always sending messages or Agents, Diplomats or shrinks, in an effort to convince her to help. It wasn't just governments either! Anyone who knew about her vied for her help from mega-corporations to the smallest of charities and even so-called social justice warriors all pleading and or demanding for her to help with one issue or take some side or another.

She never hid her strength, but she also didn’t show off...much. When she showed up back at work after missing almost 2 weeks, she brought along a very official letter from the highest levels of the government and went right back to work as though nothing had changed. Sure it was odd at first, but everyone got more or less used to it.

Donna did love the reactions she got, especially when she used her strength making her job and the jobs of the few people she liked easier. She took particular relish in snubbing all the haters, though the only 2 people she took direct action against at work were the Cashier and Store Manager. Donna would not even dignify them with their names, not even after 2 years.

Donna had always been able to control her temper. She had learned early on in life if she showed her anger it got used against her. So Donna would rage to herself, but now it was kind of a thrill. Most people got involuntarily jumpy and outright terrified around her if she seemed to get even a little bit agitated. Though after she had seen that look of fear in her Sis’s eyes once, she did her level best to tamp down her anger.

The dark thoughts would pop into her mind especially when she was aggravated. She knew she could snap her fingers with the force of a large bomb, heck...with a sigh could probably blow a city clean off the map. These thoughts actually horrified her as much as they turned her on. She never really wanted to hurt anyone, but she had such dark thoughts. Anyone could get a gun or even drive their car into someone. Most people had to worry about the police, but not Donna.

Donna still had her Family to keep her honest and her resolve firm. Then there was the fact that most unreasonable people cooled down when faced with her, though working in retail occasionally some people did their best to push her. Heck, working with people like “the Cashier” and “Store Manager” it was more satisfying for her to just watch them squirm around her then it would be to rip their arms and legs off, though that was a tantalizing thought deep in the back of her mind. When face to face with Donna even the most marginally intelligent person could feel waves of power pouring from her when she was upset, she'd caused more than one person to wet themselves the very few times she was truly well and pissed off.


So far she had mostly kept her anger and attitude in check. All she wanted was to live her life. She could pop a person to a pink mist with a poke of a finger. Not that she had ever popped a living person: On the 8th day of testing right after 3:25pm, Dr. Tembent had brought her into a meat locker where waiting on a hook was a large 250-pound whole pig carcass with 6 high speed cameras around her and the pig. Earlier that morning she had joined in as some of the guards were practicing their fighting moves, and there was this one guy who had been a real dick to her from the beginning and she “accidentally” broke his arm. The moment she broke his arm she felt like a 3 year old who did something wrong on purpose and got caught red handed, she’d known the instant the bones in his arm snapped.

The expected yelling at her never came and the mean guard was never seen again. Dr. Tembent just gave her a disappointed look before he asked her to simply give the carcass a little poke, with just a finger first, then maybe good a slap, she’s made a joke saying she should perhaps ask the pig out on a date first. No one cracked a smile, Doc didn’t even do that little forced laugh he did to her stupid jokes. This time Doc was all business which was unusual because she was near positive he wanted her very badly.

Donna poked the carcass, she used what felt like to her should be a light finger poke. The pig didn’t just explode it vaporized! She watched as flesh and bone rippled in a wave and spread into a pink film of meat vapors. The metal hook and chain were gone all the way up to the fixtures they had been attached to, the ceiling bucked like a cannonball hit it. The shiny metal tables that were near were flipped and bowed, the cement floor had cracks in it. Almost all various packages and boxes of foods that had lined the walls were leaking and crushed in from the shock wave of pink mist.

Even though Doc and the 3 people that had been with him had stepped out of the large cooler Dona found they had been knocked off their feet by the small but intense quake. After Doc and his crew had picked themselves up from the floor and had a chance to quickly go over the footage Doc told her single poke hit with the force of an anti-tank missile.

The point was made Donna hoped she looked suitably chaste and frightened by the carnage as she did her best to hide the fact that she was incredibly turned on as she thought that she was only going to get even stronger and stronger.

The next day they had blocks of ballistics jell and then some old tanks and trucks for her to play with. She found if even clipped one of the jell blocks with a fraction of her real strength they blew apart like they had been hit with a bomb. Next they brought a large armored tank!

She was told the large armored machine weighed in at 70 tons. She had expected it to feel heavy. not for it to feel like it was made out of cotton candy in her hands. As big and impressive as it was, it was just like everything else: entirely weightless to her. Well, that wasn’t totally right, she could feel it, it was just not heavy. With the lightest squeeze the thick armor crinkled under grip. It felt as if a sheet tinfoil should give more resistance, then she had to wonder what a sheet of tin foil would feel like to her? She made a mental note to find out. Donna ripped into the huge armored tank and balled it up into a mega dense, perfect sphere the size of a small compact car and placed it on the floor of the underground hanger.

She was beginning to realize the only point of the new round of testing seemed to be the Doc and others getting their rocks off as did some insane feat of strength that was supposedly impossible. By the 10th day Donna was getting bored and she politely asked to leave. When they said no she just walked out, leaving a trail of Donna sized holes behind. Even the 30-foot thick door hardened against a near hit from a nuke parted like wet tissue paper as she walked through them.


It seemed that with the rise of the internet and especially social media that there were less and less intelligent people in the world all the time. She had put an overly pushy paparazzi in the hospital and quite literally scared the crap out of more than a few people who had witnessed her fury.

The paparazzi had been following her as she and her Sis and Nephew were grocery shopping. The photographer was getting far too close to her family but her fam kept her calm. Finally as they were loading groceries in their car the so called photographer pushed her nephew aside and snapping, “stupid kid” as he snapped a few increadly close and intimate pics of her mammoth knockers in her green tank top.

A frightening calm came over Donna turning to the man as a red BMW squealed to a stop next to him carless of few others or her own fam in the parking lot. As the photog slid into the passenger seat, in the blink of an eye Donna stepped in front of the car blocking the getaway. She lifted the car up almost 45 degree angle off the ground.

The sides of the car buckled between her arms like tissue paper, except instead of a soft crumpling paper sound the crumpling car made sounds of shrinking metal, plastics cracking, and glass shattering as she pulled the front of the car into her. Then the radiator burst and the engine cracked, spraying boiling hot car black and green fluids sprayed all over her in a steaming glisaning mess. The pure fury boiling from her was enough to cause the parking lot to buckle beneath her, car fluids burned off of her. Later when she saw the video that leaked she realised just how terrifying and hot she had looked, She thought she looked like some mega hot succubus/mechanic.

As hot as Donna’s temper flared she instantly sobered when she realized that Sandy and Eddie were staring at her every bit as frightened as everyone else. Sure she had shown off for them before but seeing her with her anger flaring, handling a car like it was a polystyrene packing peanut, looking like an avenging goddess/very dirty mechanic was an eye opening experience for her.

The paparazzi and his driver were pissing themselves as they had been thrown around like they were fleas in a match box. He had assumed the rumors that she was some kind of superhuman was just simply blown out of proportion or urban legend or some shit. Sure had what was easily the most beautiful face he had ever seen, her unreal body and mega tits were outrageously impossible and she was incredibly stunning when she was moving about. He had seen a lot of beautiful women in his time in Hollywood but none of the starlets could hold a candle to her, but that hadn't meant she was some kind of comic book superman, and even if she was, there were laws. She wasn’t untouchable. No one was.

She had been frustrating him all morning. He was absolutely positive she had been teasing him all morning. She would stand in compromising positions and in ways that just pushed her sexy over ripe body over the top! It was always when only he would see. She would only hold the position for a split second when he would bring his camera to get the shot she somehow would move and the shot would be ruined. At best she was a blurry smudge at worst she wasn’t even in the shot.

His member had been rock hard the moment he saw her, “unreal,” was all he could think. He been following her throughout there grocery shopping and he had nothing to show for it except for a raging hard on, and he’d even blown his load once when she was thumping watermelons and she’d made sure he saw her as her own mellons dwarfed the watermelons, but when he went to snap the shot she had somehow caused a end display of mayonnaise to topple over all around him, he was absolutely positive she was the cause. Finally as she and her insipid sister and boy were loading groceries in the car he snapped. He had to get at least one good shot!

After that the government took her privacy seriously and even then there were the few really dense mother fuckers who thought they were untouchable. Eventually Mortonsville was unofficially cordoned off. The whole town suddenly supported a surprisingly robust police force; anyone who didn’t live in town was pulled over and checked on. It was almost like a border crossing. Rumor had it that the government even started monitoring the net for anything to do with her, and once in a while they intercepted a story or kept things from being run if they thought it might be upsetting to her, but they knew if they were found out that would bother her too. So everyone who was in the know was exceptionally delaciet.

Sure, some people in the town didn't like all these changes even if most did. Crime dropped to nearly nothing, even in the worst parts of town. Sure some people thought Donna was an affront to God and/or science: they were encouraged to move or keep quiet. Donna herself never threatened anyone as long as they did not mess with her or her fam: her older sister, Sandy and her nephew Eddie. There had been a few close calls...well, close for the people who were in her family's face. But Donna's concern how her Sis would be more upset if she lost her temper again and had an Earth shattering tantrum or even poked a person to vapor for any reason short of hurting Eddie or herself was enough to keep her temper in check for the most part.

Looking back before the “incident” She had always felt pushed around and marginalized for most of her life. Of course she had always had fantasies of fighting back. But being who she was then, a tall fat and rather unattractive person, she had to choose her words very carefully when other people could say what they wanted with no consequences. Usually other people who were very attractive and confident. Those people seemed able to break boundaries she could not cross. There were times she attempted to cross those lines, but with her sharp attitude it usually ended up with her being told she was acting like a bitch or something less complimentary.

Donna had gone to college and had taken a few psych classes before settling on a business degree, for all the good that did her. Even with an associate in business, she’d only found work in retail. No matter what type of store, from big box to mom and pop Donna had to work 10 times as hard. It wasn't always because she was a woman, though there was some truth to that, Donna thought it was mostly about her looks. There were plenty of pretty women who could say mean things and act bitchy but people hardly ever called them out on it like they did with her. If they made a mistake, as long as they looked cute, it was often no biggie; if Donna messed up it often seemed like the end of the world.

Donna had always had a dark sense of humor that she learned early on in life to keep to herself. No one liked a morbid fattie. Growing up she would think some dark thoughts about a bully be it fighting back and beating them to a pulp, getting revenge. She’d always felt wrong for having such dark thoughts. Finally in one of her college psychology classes she learned about “forbidden thoughts". She came to realize the small dark fantasies she harbored were a coping mechanism and as long as she didn’t have an impulse to actually act on them, no biggie.

“The cashier” and “store manager” were two people Donna could have said she hated. They were bullies and liars of the highest order. Both had started out as friends and each had eventually turned on her, eventually teaming up for no other reason then they could. Her dislike of them was such that she swore to never speak their names again.

Earlier on the night of the “incident” she had been written up by the Store Manager for doing her job! She had fired “the cashier” for coming in 30 minutes late. Again. It wasn’t even “the cashiers” first, second, third, or even fourth time being late. Donna had all the paperwork, the previous write-ups and documentation. She was in the right on this. Donna was tired of ”the cashier”, her lies, excuses, and petty head games. As the assistant manager she didn’t have to put up with that kind of disrespect to her and the other employees.

Disciplining and firings were within her purview, and others had been let go for less. Store Manager had flipped his lid and not only countermanded Donna but wrote her up and put her on a PGP (Personal Growth Program), which would be in her personnel file and if she didn’t eventually get fired for some minor infraction, it would certainly not look good for any raise or promotions to come her way.

After she had gotten to know and work with the “store manager” other than looking good and dressing sharp he didn’t have much going for him and he was a lousy manager who managed to get and keep his position by lying and double crossing almost all the people under him. Donna had kept meticulous notes and every email and scrap of paper from him and had more than once deflected his accusations from her. At first she had been sure it was only a matter of time before he was fired for his total incompatancy.

Later that night she was called to the conference room midway through her shift. She didn’t think much of it till she saw “the cashier” sitting there with the biggest shit eating smirk on her pretty little face. Store Manager walked in and started ripping into Donna. He was in his early 30's slim not altogether unhandsome, but Donna bet she could overpower him. She worked hard and often helped out in the back unloading trucks and stocking at 5’ 10” and 295 pounds she had been told she was light on her feet for being as big a girl as she was. It was supposedly meant as a compliment, she thought if she charged him she could knock the wind out of him and jam his thinning haired head in the doorway and then repeatedly slamming the door on his noggin the whole time he was dressing her down. Then she would take the fancy silver pen that Store Manager regularly played and fiddled with all the fucking time and jam it right into the cashier's eye socket. The darkest of dark thoughts swirled through her imagination during the meeting, as dark and horrific as they were; they were just thoughts nothing she would ever do, just the so-called forbidden thoughts.

It seemed as if all the team members in the store knew about her PGP and she had only just walked out of the meeting. She carried on with her job but the amount of smirks from people were too damn high. It seemed as if everyone she came across that night was someone she had reamed out for one thing or another.

She would have walked out right then and there and maybe she should have. Only if she didn’t have responsibility and she couldn't afford to be without a job at this moment. There were a handful of people she liked in the store: James was her Warehouse Specialist which was a fancy way of saying the full-time guy who worked in the back room, or tough-talking Rosie in the bakery, or Samie in bookkeeping. Talking to them helped calm her down.

At the end of the night she had worked 14 hours. She had to cover the cashiers shift, the store manager gave her the night off, and Donna had to get all her work done. It was 3am-ish in the morning. She was equal parts pissed and tired. This might have been the worst shift of her life. Lost in her daydreams of taking her revenge not just on the store manager and the cashier but memories of all the other times people treated her bad were popping into her head even from when she was in grade school she was practically raging. She never noticed as she came upon the lone oversized tractor trailer.

It had been a 4 days after the “incident,” and she pressed well over 500 tons over her head, her body was looking fan-freaking-tastic and getting better every 6 hours when she first realized how different the scientist were treating her and even the military types who had been oh so gruff and unforgiving lightened up around her. Everyone guy or gal would laugh at her lamest dad joke. Too a person they seemed to brighten when she smiled in their direction much less if she touched them. She thought she was just beginning to understand what  it was like for beautiful people, when they said everyone was treating them so nice for just existing. The mind is a funny thing but the seeds of the idea that her life was changing and she was going to make a better life for her and hers one way or another.


It had only been two weeks since she had walked out of the testing facility. She had thought her Sis and Nephew were dealing with her changes as well as could be expected. She had gone right back to work at the MegaCenter, her current joke being that she put the Mega in the MegaCenter. She had to admit she was loving how different people treated her. When she was called to the front for a customer complaint it was amazing to see how fast the Karrens and Jeffreys backed the hell down and were so very nice.

Best of all she got to torment  Lisa “the cashier” and  Mike the “store manager” everyday. Her favorite game was to wait for Lisa to come out of the breakroom which was down a hallway with a corner at the back of the MegaCenter’s backroom. Donna would time her walk so she rounded the corner huge rack thrust proudly out.

Her ta-tas took up enough space that if she wasn't centered in the doorway just right her girls would hit the frame, Donna had some sort of control over her firmness so as to not plow through the door frame and wall if she didn’t want too, but she had to admit sometimes is was very rewarding when she let people have a small taste of just what she could do. But tempting aside was sometimes she didn’t want to ruin her store.

So she would round the corner and OPSIES, the pretty skinny little blond Lisa was pinned against the wall. The first time she pinned the smaller girl against the cinderblock wall Donna had made sure no one was around.

Donna didn’t even hide her scorn as the smaller woman tried to squirm free. “You know,” Donna relished the fear rolling off Lisa, “I could crush you like a bug...and do you know what?”

“Errrk,” was all Lisa was able to get out as Donna took a breath. She could feel the air being forced out of Lisa’s frail body, her bones nearly at the breaking point when she let up just a little just enough for the smaller woman to get some air.

“No one would stop me. No one could stop me. I could crush you so easily.” Donna’s piercing blue eyes looked deep into her eyes and the smaller woman broke down crying. Donna smiled, “You don’t get off so easy. You are going to come to work every night. Try not showing up and see what happens.” She could almost taste the smaller women's fear and subservience. A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of how bad she was being.


Donna was all wound up with conflicted emotions after putting Lisa and Mike in their place. As thrilling and satisfying as it had been, she was also so turned on from it that it was frightening. What she really wanted was a bag of Cheetos and a Cherry slushie and some time alone.

One of the many great things was that now she could eat anything in any amount and never gain a drop of weight, though she did weigh in at an astounding 778-ish pounds. She was pretty sure her boobage was nearly 600 of those pounds. The rest of her 6 foot 1 inch 178 pound body was totally amazing, like mega hot.

Donna’s relationship with food changed drastically. Eating was just a physical habit now. Donna ate now and again but it wasn’t an addiction anymore and she didn't have to feel guilty about eating a snack or several snacks. While she was finding that eating wasn’t giving her the same feelings now she was so worked up that she was falling back on her old habits to help her cope.

The poor convenience store clerk had not been ready for the boobalishious amazon and Donna was so turned on her bod was dumping copious amounts of super charged pheromones into the air all around her. The poor clerk was barely able to ring Donna up, and Donna loved it. Her super senses soaked up the clerks reaction. She was horny enough that she was just about ready to proposition the overwhelmed the clerk and see if he would want to help her with her needs when she heard several large vehicles pulling into the parking lot.

By the sound of it the four large black SUV’s were filled with honest to god G-men types and apparently they were there to serve her or some such. The obnoxiously pushy government agents who then came to "talk" with her about how and when she could use her abilities were a really annoying drag and she sure as hell wasn’t in the mood. She had thought she had made it clear to the Doc and the military that she had just wanted to be left alone.

Turns out these dopes were the President's men. As worked up as she was she didn’t care. With the tiniest, barely there at all puff of her breath she had blown the pushy G-men away like leaves in the wind as she raised her voice. “NO!” Her powerfully booming voice was so loud that nearby trees shook the closest of the agents big black SUVs was knocked over on its side as the ground rolled and cracked as she lightly tapped the ground with her foot. Luckily the explosive force of her voice died off quickly. Still, there were plenty of cuts and bruises amongst the dozen men and women, not to mention hearing loss. All she had wanted was a cherry slushy and a bag of Cheetos and maybe a quick roll-in-the-hay with the clerk.

Her body quaked as a small but powerful orgasm exploded in her bod. "Holy crap, I'm totally badass!" she thought as she watched a dozen dazed people scattered about the parking lot picking themselves up. She had to admit she was surprised at just how much force was imparted around her by just the little bit of strength she had used. She had not meant to be quite so devastating.

She could sense fear rolling off the men and women as they picked themselves up off the ground. Donna had almost felt bad for them, but no means no and the old adage if given an inch people will take a mile was something she had learned from her years working in retail. Some of the supposed G-men were going for their guns. She ignored them as she walked over to the back of the large SUV that was on its side and let her fingers dig into the metal and lifted the huge vehicle letting the metal buckle and glass crack a little as she placed it on it’s tires.

Agent Brady, the team's leader, watched her do this and instantly gave the signal to stand down. The armored suburban weighed in at 11,000 pounds! Not only had she quite literally blown them away like they were gnats, her every step shook the ground, shockwaves from her voice had flipped one of his armored vehicles like it was a candy wrapper and further stunned his agents. He was just barely coherent enough to see the mega powerful woman lift the armored truck like it was a beach ball. She caused more damage with her bare hands then some light anti-tank rockets could have managed.

He’d thought he understood what he was walking into: he and his men had been briefed on what to expect. Dr. Tembent was against trying to coerce her in any way, but the President had not cared. This woman, he decreed, was a US citizen and if she truly did possess superpowers she was obligated to use them for the benefit of her country, and in any case: surely she couldn't be nearly so obscenely powerful as the good Doctor was suggesting, could she?

As far as Agent Brady was concerned Donna was well beyond what his mind would consider powerful. Looking back he knew he was not the only one that was scared out of his mind but at the same time so unbelievably turned on and that might have been the only thing keeping him and his men from pulling their guns. Irene had some kind of breakdown, Korky quit the next day and Tyrese just didn't seem the same. All he knew was at the end of the day he had secretly kept a copy of the video of Donna’s “rampage” and he had played the part where she lifted the armored SUV with her hands sinking into the armor like it was nothing, the way the bulletproof windows shattered as the body was crushed in like it was tinfoil and the way she seemed ever so slightly surprise like it was lighter and flimsier then she had anticipated. In his 43 years he had never seen a woman or a scene that was sexier and more frightening in his life.


Donna found she had a lot of free time as she only had to sleep 90 or so minutes about every 2 weeks  and the period between sleep seemed to get longer. The sleep she found was more to rest her mind as she simply never got physically tired anymore. Without letting her mind rest she could get a little grumpy and short of temper, although some people would have said that she had always had a sharp attitude on the best of days.

In her dreams, she was almost always her weak old fat and ugly self, and all the people from her past who had pushed her around still haunted her...especially the people she had gone back and dealt with. Heck, even in the few dreams where she was her super hot self she found herself unable to hit any harder than a feather. Waking up she was always relieved to see she was her beautiful early 20 something super self and not her old 39-year-old achy dream self. She knew she was being seen as something of a bully, but it was all mostly directed to people who had pushed her around. She thought it was strange now how people never looked back at how they had treated her versus how she would deal with said people now that she didn’t have to “hold her attitude in check.”

The first days worth of power-ups felt beyond incredible as every 6 hours her bod lost weight and got sexier and hotter by twice as much. She went from a tall, fat 39-year-old to a crazy hot super bod with an impossibly large rack in just a few days. Now she looked like she was in her early 20’s. The constant tiredness and all the aches and pains from never exercising, constant stress eating, and working harder then she should have...were gone. In their place, she felt an ever-expanding wave of invigorating energy. Physically she was always refreshed and comfortable and ready to go. Hell, she didn’t even get dirty like normal people anymore.

Soon enough she was well beyond the level of an unstoppable juggernaut. Eventually, the physical changes to her body mostly leveled off. Her now fantastically powerful senses were able to see even the tiniest tenth of a millimeter of growth in her height or increase in boob size. Her senses had become so sensitive that some people thought she possessed some sort of ESP, and in a way she did. She could pick up on tiniest of tells when talking to people, details that were imperceptible to people without expensive slow-motion and macro cameras. The tiniest blush of skin, the way people's eyes flicked back and forth, small dilations of the irises... She could even hear heartbeats speeding up and slowing down, (she had sent more than one person to the doctors as she heard something wrong with the sound of their heart) the slightest shift in breathing patterns. No sound was to faint for her ears. The craziest part was everything came so naturally to her. Her brain seemed to automatically block out the gross sounds, the constant scrambling of insects and rodents. The unfortunate smells that were imperceptible to an ordinary person or how disgusting peoples skin and bodies were. Luckily her brain edited all of this out unless she intentionally was trying to focus on it. Thankfully looking and listening as hard and carefully at herself as she could she could not find any flaws on her body...Well maybe some people tried to say her cha-chas were far too big, but not many were brave enough to tell her that to her face these days.

“Two years,” she thought to herself, and her outlook on the world changed. She thought back to the first days: she had consented to the government's testing, though they made it sound as if they were running the test for her own well being. With her years of retail experiences and having to deal with all sorts of people and their issues she didn’t need souped-up senses that had not manifested early on to help read people, It quickly became apparent to her that they were never going to let her leave. Not if they could avoid it. She was even almost certain that some of the “tests” had been designed to be lethal to her. Thankfully no one, even herself, realized what they were actually up against with till it was far too late.

As far as she was concerned, they could count their lucky stars she was as a forgiving person as she was. Finally, after 10 days, enough had been enough. Her patience had not doubled with her strength, and she knew when she was being jerked around. One test to another that had been designed to “test” her limits, but every 6 hours her limits doubled and quite quickly her limits far outstripped the boundaries of the tests. Donna decided the testing was over and she walked out leaving a trail of Donna sized holes in the thick doors, walls, and barricades when they would not open and let her out.

The super secret compound was under some mountain far enough from her home that getting back there was a story in and of itself. Suffice it to say Donna had learned a lot as she looked back on the early days. She now realized the government and scientists were a lot more scared and awestruck with her then they were willing to admit.

She recognized now that trying to live her old life was a part of her coping mechanism. Now she just needed to figure out what it was she wanted. She didn't need to work her shit job, although it had been rather amusing. She had the ultimate currency: Power. She was a true force of nature. The hard part of her new life was figuring out what she wanted and how to apply her absolute and ever growing strength to get what she wanted, whatever that was, without alienating her Sis and Nephew. And with that thought in mind she had realised what she wanted.

After the “Convicestore incident” Donna had realised that there were quite a few new residents in town, and she was quite certain that they were government agents but none of them ever confronted her. It had taken a month before her senses started to really become a real power in their own right. At first it was kind of strange being able to listen to a conversation miles away or being able to see when someone was lying to her face, or to sense their fear. She could literally taste it. It was so odd at first she ignored her senses, tamping down and hiding them from everyone, and herself, trying vainly to be “normal.” Now that she was being true to herself her senses were quite liberating and almost no one could hide anything from her if she did not want them to. Add in her looks and powerful aura and pheromones, and none but the strongest willed people could deceive her, and even then it didn’t take much before even they would be gushing their deepest secrets to her in a matter of moments. Again it was the thought of her family that kept her from simply taking what she wanted.

Donna and her sister didn’t live in a mansion or a gated community; she lived in a small-ish house with her sister, Sandy, and her 15-year-old nephew, Eddie. He was positive that someone, or some agency was messing with the freaking internet! He swore that stories and blurry pics of her would disappear nearly as soon as they went up, and everyone knew once out it was on the net it was out for good, except in this case. Unless you knew how to get to and access the dark web and even then sites quickly disappeared.

Donna was very careful around the house with how different people were acting around her. She didn’t want it to be awkward for her Sister or Eddie, and she was so relieved when after doing her best to broach the subject as carefully as could think to. She was just so glad when Eddie looked at her like she was stupid, sure Aunt Donna was hotter and with awesome superpowers, but she was his same old goof of an Aunt Donna. Sandy was not as blase as her son but was more cautious and thoughtful as to how this all was going to affect and change her little sis.

Donna usually just ran to work, she was by far the fastest thing on the planet. Often, she kept her speed under supersonic levels, as while she was invulnerable her clothing was not and she had to have a custom made blue polo shirt that had built in snaps in the sides so the polo-shirt would fit her outsized cha-chas.

The only times she drove was during inclement weather. Sometimes she wondered what would happen if she just blew the clouds away, and while she knew it wouldn't be all that hard for her there were a lot of jetliners, other aircraft, and even the birds to think about. On those rainy and snowy days Sandy or even Eddie, once he had his license, drove her to work. Driving herself was a royal pain. She had been oh so careful as she squeezed her powerful body and enormous rack so carefully into her old Ford Focus without crushing the car like a sheet of tin foil with her outrageous strength. Though Donna did have to admit she looked hot AF getting out of the car.

The first few months had been the honeymoon that ended finally after Donna had stopped to help out at an accident on the highway, in front of a live news crew. There was no hiding it when Donna lifted the Semi-Cab off the SUV that had cut the 18 wheeler off. She had to peel the SUV apart like it was a delicately wrapped present to save the mother and her kid who had somehow survived, though both needed to be hospitalized. The rescuers were absolutely confident that if it weren't for Donna, they would not have been able to get them out of the twisted carnage in time to save either of them.

It was shortly after that that the harassment from the media, paparazzi, even random people started to get crazy. People seemed to act as if she owed super-strength to them. While Donna was quickly coming to terms with being the center of attention wherever she went, this was taking things to an all new level. All she really wanted was to live her life, and for most of the first year, she had been able to do just that.

Donna didn’t hide her strength and growing abilities. Though she tried her best to not be a show-off andt to be always cognizant of people around her. It was just so much harder to not use her strength, speed, invulnerability, or any of her enhancements than just using them as they were as natural to her now as breathing was. But if she were honest with herself, the truth was she was getting bored, and she knew something had to change.

Soon enough people started hearing that the rumors of the beautiful superwoman were true and before long the Media and Paparazzi were out hunting her. The first few times were kind of neat, but they just seemed to never stop. Then they became more and more bold. Then finally they started harassing not only her but her sister and nephew too, and that was when Donna asked them all to back off. Some backed off, but most ignored the warning. Whether they were old school network journalists or self-styled bloggers, they all smelled blood in the water and just kept pushing, thinking only of the ratings, views, hits, and clicks.

Donna now understood how celebrities could get fed up with the incessant hounding from the media. She was annoyed more for her Sis and Eddie, and she was rather annoyed for own part. She wasn’t some Hollywood celeb whose paycheck hinged upon their popularity. At first, she tried to be respectful towards the journalists, and there were a few who responded reasonably to Donna’s request for them to stop bothering her family and her, and she appreciated them.

Donna was trying to restrain the bad bitch attitude that caused her so much grief in her working life. Sandy, as ever, just told Donna to let it go, and a lot of the time she did, if just to appease her older Sis’s sensibilities. Those were the Journalists who got to walk away, the others were lucky if they could crawl away. Things were building to a head as there seemed no end to the idiots that thought they could ask anything or say wherever they wanted to her under the guise of journalism and then it all seemed to taper off and she noticed more than a few new people in town. The police force seemed to double in size and all the new people seemed super straight laced and kept to themselves. Some of the new peeps almost always seemed to be in the right place to help diffuse pushy out-of-towners just in time.

Finally, of all the news crews, it was a Vulpine News crew that pushed past the envelope. The news crew was hounding Eddie at his school, and it was the kind of straw that was always going to tip her over the edge. When she got a text from one of the teachers whom she knew, they worked part-time with her, showing her the chaos the intrusive news was causing. They had literally barged into the school and pulled Eddie unwillingly out of class and were grilling him in the front courtyard.


Donna's super hearing zeroed right in on Eddie to hear Officer Marcus arguing with a woman about the legalities of bringing a news crew to a highschool. She knew Officer Marcus to be a good man. He was in the process of trying to get the news crew to leave and had called for backup, but the news crew producer was having none of it, saying the ratings were well worth the fines and legal would get them out of any jail time, and the police would count themselves lucky if they all had jobs after.

Donna literally ran the several miles to the school so fast the ground shattered and roostertailed up from under her feet. She did her level best to stay calm, and the only reason she didn’t kill the reporter and his crew the instant she saw them was that Eddie was in the midst of them. Donna didn't even say anything, practically materializing right in front of the news crew as a supersonic blast washed over her a few seconds after she appeared. Donna had blasted past a producer who was arguing with officer Marcus.

She had been moving so fast the sonic boom and shockwave knocked everyone in the vicinity to the ground including most of the cameras, lights and random equipment, but Donna had used some restraint as she was being careful for Eddie’s sake and had used her body to block the shockwave from Eddie.

Even before Officer Marcus hit the ground Donna caught him without missing a beat and gently set him on his feet before stopping right in the midst of the news crews set-up. The producer, an obnoxious sounding older but handsome woman in a forest green suit was sent sprawling head over heels in the wet grass and smacked hard into the camera tripod.

“Ed are you okay?” There was a hint of worry in her voice.

“Y-yeah Aunt D, They told me I had to answer their questions, and you said it was okay.” She could see as the realisation that they had been lying to him washed over to him, “Um you, you are...”

“You didn’t do anything wrong kiddo, and even if you did, I couldn't be mad with you. Go on back into school with Office Marcus.”

“No, I mean you-you are...” He was clearly troubled.

But Marcus took him by the shoulder, “just come on son lets get inside” as they were walking away she heard Marcus say she’ll figure it out soon enough, ain’t nothing we can do now.”

Donna focused on the news crew, she could tell from the hum of the electronics they had been getting ready to power up what she guessed was a transmitter. Walking over to the news truck she presented the most incredible profile shot. Donna saw herself on a monitor in the news truck from one of the fallen cameras and realized Eddie had been trying to point out that she was very nearly indecent. Her jeans and custom blue work polo were shredded, frazzled and barely holding together, her shoes and socks were completely gone from the supersonic run, and she was just barely decent in a hulk like way.

Looking in the open VNN news van Donna saw a small fit young blond woman who was in a navy blue skirt suit and really nice grey-blue open toe pumps that matched her blouse who had been apparently knocked into the back of the still rocking news van from the seat she had been sitting at in front of some kind of computer console. It looked important, like it controlled the camera or something.

Donna reached into the truck through the side of the van, ripping through the door and side and into the electronics and pulling a huge chunk of equipment out. Most of the monitors went blank and Donna casually discarded the mass of electronics over her shoulder in a bright streak of light that made a thunderous boom a few seconds later.

“Christ almighty Beth, the camera,” The newsman in the grey Armani suit said. He had been close enough to Eddie that he had been spared from most of Donna’s entrance though he was still slightly stunned by her sudden appearance.

 He didn’t even attempt to help “Beth” up. “Ralph turn, turn the cameras around there she is....” He was just seeing that his crew was knocked to the ground for the first time.

Most everyone who could see what was going on could sense the aura of power around Donna. The ground literally heaved like waves in the ocean where she had stepped leaving the cement walkway cracked and broken.

Even the stupidest and most self-centered kids knew to at least get into the school and not antagonize Eddie's super powered Aunt. Their sense of self-preservation took over, and most of them put their phones and cameras down and backed away. Most everyone in the town had lived with Donna for the last year. Most had seen her do some incredible feats and at the very least they had seen vids or knew someone who had seen her do something and it was well known that if you wanted a pic or vid of her to ask her and if she said not now...that meant not now.

Officer Marcus had made sure staff, and students, were cleared from the front of the school before going in himself. The Admins put the school on lockdown as soon as the News Crew had started making troubles. There were still more than a few students and staff watching in rapt attention as Donna slammed her enormous assets into the news van. The van crumpled like paper mache as she used her tits like wrecking balls. Donna managed to grab the van around her massive boobs causing them to surge even more into the front and push the engine into cab metal crumpling like tissue paper against her, and various fluids seemed to explode from under the van.

Everyone saw as a small navy blue skirted woman partly jumped and was partly shaken out of the open side door of the van, just as Donna crumple the truck into a ball and in a matter of seconds she let the roughly balled up van drop to the ground with a solid thud.

“Th-the live’’s uh, down," the cameraman said rather stupidly as he was starting to understand what real shock and awe was for the first time in his life as he looked at the waded up van and the now even more so very nearly naked mega hot Donna.

“Switch to internal memory, you get all of this god damn it all of it.” The man in the Armani suit said. He was the only one of the news crew who didn't look dumbfounded; it was almost as if he still seemed to think the power of the press was going to protect them.

Donna had only intended to talk to the news crew, but the more Donna thought about it as she raced the few miles to the school the angrier she got till she was seething mad. Her super speed wasn’t only an on or off power. She was able to use it at any time and all the time. Thankfully the world only seemed to slow down when she wanted it or needed it too, but even then she was somehow able to perceive time at normal speeds and super speed at the same time, but at the same time she could think in super speed. Combined her super speed with her senses and sometimes it seemed as if she could read minds or had precognition. It often seemed like she hadn't thoroughly thought over an answer when in fact she had probably over thought the issue many many times over. The only real limit she seemed to have was her average intelligence.

As her incredible senses were also becoming more and more potent, it had only seemed natural to her. If she touched someone or something with the tiniest fraction of what she was capable of they were probably going to be a pink mist, and if she put any real effort into it could end up as a continental-wide disaster. The weight of mountains was as insignificant as a speck of dust to her. The numbers of her strength were far too astronomical for her to visualise. She had tried to do the math, but the numbers were just too far past her capabilities. Even able to think at speeds that put supercomputers to shame Donna was still limited to what she knew, though she could learn new things in a fraction of the time but she had never realized it at this point as she had been so focused on things staying the same.

Anyhow Donna focused on the so-called journalist who would go so far as to intimidate a 15-year-old to get his story. She took such a deep and long breath as she pinched the bridge of her nose that the everyone could see and feel and hear the air rushing past them picking up speed till she stopped her inhaling and for a second everything was silent and calm.

“WOOsahhhhhh,” Donna slowly but steadily exhaled a tiny and contained gust of gale force winds that again knocked the news team off their feet that they had just gotten to, and caused a small windstorm of leaves to swirl, the only sound was from the flags rattling on the polls that that one of the more stupid and sneeky cameraman had been trying to fit in the shot with some handcam. Later it was explained to the news crew that Donna had been more than holding back if she had put even the slightest bit of force into her breath miles upon miles would have probably been scoured from the earth.

 The second camera man must have been behind the school or something as he looked at her in total shock and surprise, she just walked up to him and held her hand out as he surveyed the damage, what was the balled up van, the faces of his broken co-workers and the mega hot, mega busty amazon goddess who obviously was waiting for the camera to be placed in her palm.

“You-you're a monster!” Armani suit said in his deep manly voice as he picked himself up out of a shallow puddle he was still clutching the microphone in his hand like it would shield him with the power of the press. “You can’t do this to us, there are laws!”

“If you,” her piercing grey-blue eyes seemed to glow as they locked onto the cameraman's eyes, “don’t hand over that camera in three seconds I’m gonna show you all just what a monster I am!”

The young blond woman in the navy blue skirt suit started to sob, and Donna realized she was really young and must be an intern. Not that the sobbing made her feel bad. The world was a harsh place and they had come to hassle a 15 year old. What had she been learning as an intern? How to intimidate, threaten, cajole, twist words to walk over people to get the story they wanted? Donna had been on the receiving end of people like that more than once. She might have given them a break if it were anyone other then Eddie he was such a sweet kid.

Tony had never been so scared in his life; he had never felt so helpless as he placed the cam in the waiting goddesses hand. He had just pulled his hand back when her fingers snapped shut with such force that the small shock wave broke his hand and he stumbled to the ground in a yelp of pain.

“I'm not the one intimating a kid!” Her voice was loud and sharp, she took several steps to the grouped up new crew the ground shook with her every step. The small group huddled together there fright obviously building as the ground swayed and the wind seemed to pick up in time with Donna's anger.

She looked the crew over, stopping at the other cameraman, “Is one of your big camera’s working? I've decided I have a statement for you to take.”

“I-I-I just l-l-let me check, y-y-yes it can record m-m-ma’am”

“First, if there is any recording of my nephew on there you erase it now,” her voice was hot and sharp, “or I will find you all and erase you, no matter where you are. Understand?”

The cameraman just nodded and fiddled with buttons on the camera for a few seconds and hefted the cam to his shoulder after wiping the lens with a cloth he pulled from a pocket.

“O-o-Okay w-when the re-red light is on we a-a-are r-recording.” and the red light blinked on.

“I don't care who you are or think you are. If you harass my family too get to me at home in public or wherever we are I will flat out wipe you off the face of the Earth. End of story and no more warnings!“

That was when things started to really change. As much as Donna tried and wanted things to stay the same, they weren't. Sure the FBI vetted almost everyone entering the town there were even traffic stops for all vehicles, sure they were disguised as random DUI checks or things like that. Even with all those precautions people still snuck into town. Mostly it was self-styled internet journalism and paparazzi who saw the game and money to be made.

Mike Shaw “The News and Information Guy!” Had started out reporting on video games by reading others articles and then interjecting his own, usually negative, opinions, but his most popular video by far was his epic rant videos where would spend 30 minutes ranting and raving and tearing apart not just a game, but the entire studio and anyone who disagreed with him, and the views rolled in.

He didn’t even realize it when he started commenting on current events in his rants slowly he began to gain even more viewers and comments and that video went mega-viral and for a few days and his sub and views blew up. He was making more money than he ever dreamt of. Game companies were showering him with freebies and perks and other companies were starting to seek him out for advertisements and product placements.

He had seen the video of Donna’s confrontation with the Vulpine News news team and the pictures of her that were released, and he still hadn't been entirely sure he totally believed the super bodacious woman was real. The few pics he’d seen seemed legit, but then so did a lot of the photo manipulation on the net. It wasn't too hard with a bit of will and the proper programs to fake videos and pics and so he decided to see if she was real.

He could probably get a few sponsors for the trip and build it up, if it was some kind of fake he would make some rant and burne everyone involved to the ground and if it, ehm...she, was real and he broke that, well his subs and clicks would go through the rough.

What really tickled his pickle was the stops along all the roads leading into and out of the city by very FBI looking cops. There wasn’t a fence, and there were no keep out signs nor could he find any official information, only that almost all news and media types were turned away. He didn’t know what was in that town, but he was going to find out. Hopefully, the video would be so viral and if he got caught he would probably end up in jail, but got damn these pics and videos would more than pay for any fines and the footage would send his views and subscriber count into the stratosphere.

He'd had to rent a hotel room in the next town over. It was a moonless rainy and dreary night. Yeah, the night was crappy, but he bet it would make it easier for him to slip past the so called stops.

Once he got 5 miles from the motel the rain really started to come down hard he’s almost turned back, but it still cost a lot of money to get here from the west coast, and a night of slogging through the storms in the backwoods hick town would probably look so epic when he edited it. Getting lost wasn’t an issue. All he did was follow his phone’s GPS, and while he was soaked to the bone, tired and pissed as hell, he was coming up on the small rather crappy looking house of the supposed superwoman Donna who lived in with her sister and nephew. This wasn’t looking good, I mean if she was so fucking super why did she live a small and complete shitty house according to the online satilite photo of the area.

The downpour was coming down in heavy sheets, the thundering and lightning was heavenly music to Donna’s ears. The constant downpour and crashing thunder made a nice curtain of sound that helped her block out most of the outside sounds. In the last few months, her hearing had really gotten powerful, and she could hear conversations from miles upon miles away like they were right next to her. She usually just tuned them out but they were always there. In the last few months she was now able to keep track and listen in to her Sis and Eddie though she tried to give them both their own room, and for god's sake, she learned the hard way she did not want to listen to Eddie when the door to his room was shut!

She found small earplugs and a white noise app helped her some. She could still hear for miles with the earbuds even with the white noise app all the way up, ear damage wasn't a thing for her, but then she would focus on the static, and it helped her relax though she only did that when she knew Sandy and Eddie were both safe, and tonight she knew they were safe as she carefully put the earbuds in and turned up the white noise.

Somehow Mike made it he’d almost turned back twice now, but when he saw the GPS said he was at the right house. The house was a small rancher, it looked white or gray in the dark and rainy night, there were two vehicles one older Explorer and one old beat up jalopy looking Focus. The house had a thinning shrubbery around it, Mike walked around to where he thought the bedrooms would be and presto his first window was the right one.

Through a crack in the curtains MIke looked upon a goddess. It felt like his breath was pulled from him seeing her in person. He almost forgot to breathe seeing Donna for the first time was earth shaking! Almost instantly he had the hardest hard-on he’s ever had, and the cold rain had no effect on his raging erection. Through the small crack in her curtain, held up his phone and started recording. He had an app that would upload the video right to the cloud with one click.

He could see right into a small bathroom that connected to the bedroom room. There Donna was! She was naked and had apparently stepped out of the shower and was toweling off. He could just make out the tip of a phone jammed into her creamy cleavage with the white cable of earbuds clashing with her black hair, the wire was coiled on the firm yet jiggling large shelf of boob as Donna toweled herself off, oh good lord what perfect tits! Her boobs must have projected a foot and a half probably more, it was hard to judge looking on the small-ish phone screen in the dark and that's when he remembered to look up from his phone screen. In the rain peering through a tiny slit between the curtains, oh good lord the sight she made her naked body was well beyond anything he could have imagined. He guessed she easily had to have more cleavage then all the girls in all the Hooter within a 30-mile radius. No, she didn’t have cleavage; she had a titty canyon, no a titty grand canyon! She had a body straight out of a comic book. She had to be a real superwoman for sure to not break in half or fall over. there was a massive crash of thunder as he orgasmed just as Donna had bent over to dry her legs her jiggling tits had mashed against her as she effortlessly twisted like a yoga master. He watched as her phone was swallowed by the shifting jiggling mountains of boob, the white cable the only sign of the luckiest phone on earth. She was an actual sex bomb!

Finally dried off she slipped on a large fluffy white robe that covered her fantastic body. Cinching the robe didn't do too much to hide her curves, rather it highlighted her insane dimensions, but finally Mike was able to think again he remembered what he was doing and he checked to make sure his phone was still recording and that it was uploading to the cloud. He was now convinced she was no longer “supposedly" super even if she didn’t have any real superpowers she had to be the hottest woman he’d ever seen in his life!

The flash of lightning glaring off the wet glass momentarily blinded him followed by the loudest boom of thunder he’d ever heard. When the flash spots cleared up, Donna was gone; he had just started to realize that her bedroom door was ripped off the hinges and had been placed against the wall before a steel like vice wrapped around his shoulder and ripped him off the ground.

Donna was in the shower it was her night off and both her Sis and Eddie were home, so she knew they were safe. She had a bottle of wine waiting for her and she planned on watching Thor: Ragnarok with Eddie.

Donna didn't usually care for superhero type movies even before her transformation. Now, the thought made her laugh. Her strength was already so far past any comic book hero that she snorted a little laugh, but damn Chris Hemsworth and the equally delish Tom Hiddleston were so yummy. She had to wonder if now maybe she had a chance with them, well Chris was married and Donna would not be a homewrecker, but as far as she could see Tom was not.

She would suffer through watching Chris and Tom and then she would play a board game with her fam and relax. Then later after they were both safe and asleep, she would slip out of the house and visit James for a late night booty call once he was done his late night shift.

If he wasn't tired when he was done from unloading trucks she planned to thoroughly wear him out, she smiled at her naughty thoughts as she cinched the robe and was thinking about that bottle of wine and getting the movie going when out of the corner of her eye she spied the creeper outside of her window.

Time slowed down and the world seemed as if it was frozen. It took every erg of her self control to not bust through her wall and rip the scummy little weasel of a bug in half. She was so upset she momentarily lost her usual composer. She only tore her door off the wall at the sight of the worm invading her and her fams privacy. For an instant, it was as if ice water ran in her veins. As she ripped the earbuds from her ears most of her phone was crushed to nothingness between her boobs as her body had been so surprised.

She had to be far more cautious than she wanted. She had been so startled that she crushed her doorknob and pulled the door off the door frame. She’d never had a misstep like that before, and it just pissed her off even more than she already was. She moved through the small house silently and as fast as she could without damaging anything else. With both her family in their rooms she didn’t want them to get hurt by her blasting through the house nor did she want them to be in any danger from whoever the man was outside. He was a complete stranger, and he should not have been there.

No one since she had gained her powers had made her feel so violated and weak, and her first thoughts after the safety of her loved ones was to exact a toll of revenge and show this grub just who held the power all her dark thoughts came flooding out of the dark corners of her mind, normally she could never have brought herself to act out her darkest forbidden thoughts against someone she knew and lived around. But this slithering worm was no one and nothing to her.

Something slammed into Mike so hard he was knocked back so hard that he must have blacked out. Something like warm velvet cover steel was wrapped around his neck and had him lifted off his feet. He started to see spots and stars as his vision cleared and his eyes focused on the most stunning gray-blue eyes. The rest of Donna’s face was no less remarkable. He realized she was holding him off the ground and as magnificent as she looked she was infinitely more terrifying thanks in no small part to the blue glow coming from deep within her angry eyes.

Mike’s brain was reeling. Words were his weapons and tools, and his armor was that he never actually saw the people he criticised so he had always been free to say what he wanted, he could talk his way out of anything. She wasn’t choking him just holding him in a throat lift, so he was able to get some air and was about to speak when he glanced down into the most perfect and angry face he had ever seen. Her gray-blue eyes flashed with the lightning, but god damn her most perfect and huge breast seemed to be calling to him.

He couldn't help it as he reached out to touch their creamy perfection, even being half choked made it even more erotic as he ran his fingers over her soft, smooth, rain slick mountians. That touch took his only chances to speak away. The wet robe was drawn back exposing an immense swath of her boobs it still hid more, and the thick wet material clung to her skin dropping below his line of sight where even more curves and sexy delights that he could only imagine would be! His tool stiffened, and he orgasmed for the second time. He felt his mind clear and his consciousness started grasping for the words that would save him only he couldn’t speak with her fingers tightening around his throat, tighter than any steel cables on this or any other planet.

She felt violated! Vulnerable! These feelings brought her back to when she was a kid. Being tall and fat for her age, or as her Gran-gran used to put it, big boned and plain as a slice of bread, so yeah she was used to rude comments. She was used to being picked on all through grade school. The worst was when the kids in Middle school started poking her in the belly and doing the Pillsbury doughboy laugh. All the adults told her "just ignore them, and they’ll stop." Millie Jaspers, and her pack was mercilessly taunting Donna, and she ran full steam into her and plowed her right into a wall and broke Millie’s arm, but that only earned her the nickname Sumo and she almost got expelled. But Millie never picked on least to her face. The real takeaway was that it was her first orgasm. She’d felt horrified at herself for years eventually on the net she found she wasn't alone, but it was something to be hidden and locked deep inside her.

Donna’s skin crawled in disgust and her body gave an involuntary shudder just like the first time. She could feel his body respond to her and she was partly revolted but also so aroused. Now she had started getting used to men and women getting turned on around her in the last 2 years, and she usually liked the attention and quietly got a thrill out of it and would even flirt back in the right setting. While she did have her main guy, James, she had realized that there was no way any single man or woman could hope to keep up with her. Thankfully James understood that too, and as long as she treated him with respect and was discreet, they had a wonderful relationship. This was different and totally unwanted.

His mouth was opening, he was about to talk, he never got the chance. There was a small pop and crack from Mike’s neck, and she felt the man’s body tense as his body jolted in agony. He tried to gasp in pain but her grip was still too tight, and he couldn't breathe. This full-grown man was nothing to her, she didn’t know him and didn’t want to know him. She knew his weight was less than nothing, hell it was taking more effort to not close her hand around his neck and pop his head off his shoulders. Yet she was still getting an incredible rush from manhandling him, he was entirely powerless to her she could crush him like he was less than a bug to her, though he would be much messier than any insect.

Her preternatural speed, senses, dexterity and precision was the reason she didn’t just shake the world apart around her with her extreme strength. Sure there were other factors and powers far beyond man's knowledge at play. She could feel just how much force to apply in real time. The researchers in charge of figuring out what happened would tell Donna her sensitivity and control involuntary and otherwise was as astonishing and perplexing as her strength. The working theory was that the reason that her intelligence didn’t seem to be doubling with the rest of her ability was that it took that much processing power to keep control over her body.

She didn’t even give him a chance for the pain of his back to fully register in his brain before she roughly snatched the phone from his hand he was somehow still holding up and filming her, she felt the most of bones in his hand crush to a gory paste beneath her fingers. Donna’s honey pot quivered in delight, her nipples felt so hard and tingly she thought they could probably cut through anything right now. She needed privacy to play with her little pet.

She could sense his body tensing to scream in pain. With the tiniest flick of her toes she jumped over her small home and landed behind the little one car garage. The backyard was wrapped in a 6-foot privacy fence and behind the garage, with the storm, they would have all the privacy they would need. She could feel him trying to struggle free; his squirming was the most scrumptious foreplay, she was getting so wet.

When her Sister got her divorce and asked Donna to move across the country, Donna jumped at the chance, but she learned one small town was like the next. Now here she was, and she was so turned on. Her lady parts felt ready to drown out the actual raging storm. She was living out her deepest darkest fantasy. She had total control, and she was protecting herself and now her family!

She didn’t know what this guy was about, why he was recording her, had he recorded Sandy or Eddie? She could tell he was hurting, but the man as far as she was concerned deserved it but what would her Sis and Eddie and maybe James think? Then there was the Authorities/Government to think about.

The jump really shook him. Donna hadn't flexed with the landing, and something else in his body snapped when she landed, her lions exploded in a mini orgasm, god he was so weak he was less than a bug. She let one of her nips rub up against him and it felt so thrilling and erotic as she felt more then saw as her delicate nipple brok and shattter her pets ribs as she oh-so-delicately rubbed her pet against her nips one at a time because there was more space between her nipples than her pet was wide. Loosening up her grip, her pet was finally able to suck down a full breath.

Mike’s body was wracked by pain yet he still felt himself orgasm at the mere touch of her erotically charged skin despite the incredible agony as she broke several of his ribs with just her nipple. He tried to plead for her to stop but it just came out as a gasping sob, Mike couldn't move his legs. The worst part was that she was so incredibly gorgeous, the robe was fully open, she looked like some avenging angel as a bolt of lightning lit the sky up behind her, the thunder came. Her free hand was cupping his jaw, and then the pressure increased slowly and she was not letting up.

Donna shattered his jaw in her powerful grip. Her orgasm shot through her body so hard she felt like she would nearly blackout as the tingling sensation exploded throughout her body. She did her best to not lose total control and that only made her orgasm even more intense. Her knees buckled and when it was over with Donna was gasping for breath on the ground with a huge smile, the winds of the storm were getting more intense and the thunder and lightning exploding overhead in the dark night's sky as she took several deep breaths.

Her pet was still alive, though his legs were shattered. He must have fallen under her when her knees gave out. Donna looked at the broken body of her little pet. She roughly scooped him into a sitting position. He was so broken that he was more of a puddle than a person at this point. Anticipation was again building in her, but the storm was breaking, and she could hear Eddie and Sandy moving in their respective rooms getting ready.

Phooey! Fun time’s over... Donna looked her little broken pet up and down. “Oh my you have seen better days," she said softly, her erotic voice almost nurturing as she lay carefully down feeling his body under hers she felt his body popping and cracking she kept her boobs from totally flattening her toy to mush.

She lay down deftly inserting his somehow still rock hard shaft into herself, savoring his pained breathing as with only a few swivels of her hips a powerful orgasim racked her body in time with a huge clap of thunder. When she rolled off of her pet he was only just clinging to a shred of life.

“Oh my, was it as good for you as it was for me? I don’t think so, or maybe yes?” Her pet was in no shape to answer her. She followed it’s gaze looking behind her and she noticed the fence behind the garage was obliterated in a huge trench ripped through the backyards and the house directly behind her was in splinters and looked like a bomb had hit it and all the damage led directly to her or where her spread legs would have been as she orgasmed.

Donna looked at her pet. He was really a pathetic thing now. With the tip of her pointer finger she poked his broken body she didn't hold back. It was more spectacular than she could have expected. Her pet’s body was vaporized in an explosive shockwave and so was half of her garage; the scene looked like something from a war movie.

All sound in the house stopped as Sandy and Eddie rushed to look out the back. Donna made her escape back to the house and into her room before either of them could make it to their own rooms doors. “What the heck was that?” Donna bolted out of her bathroom in her quad x oversized t-shirt and sweatpants.

“Are you guys okay? What was that?” In a blast of super-speed, Donna was in the kitchen pushing Eddie and Sandy behind her. If her Sister or Eddie suspected anything, they gave her no clue.

It turned out that it was a series of lightning strikes right in their backyard and it had taken out their back neighbor's house too. Donna got to Mitchell’s house well before EMS and the police. She had pulled out the family of four. The husband was hurt the worst having been at the back of the house, Mom had some serious burns and a broken arm having been in the kitchen. The two kids had been in the den on the front side away from the blast and were only bruised and scratched up, not that Donna had cared about any of them much as the whole family was a bunch of quarrelsome pricks, even the 12 year old son or 20 year old daughter.

She had them all pulled out and then had moved the carport that had been attached to their house to keep them dry till help arrived. Donna had gotten some dry blankets for the kids and was using her hyper dexterity to get all of Bonnie’s jewelry and clothing off of her burns as EMS and Police finally got there.

There was nothing else to do till the morning. Donna got the wine for her and her Sis, and convinced her Sis to calm down and that soon enough the storm would be over and the lightning strike was a freak of nature and she would let no such thing ever hurt her family. Finally they all settled down and they watched the movie. Though the whole night she really looked like she was a million miles away, always drifting off into her thoughts.

Her Sister's eyes got huge when she saw the door to Donna’s room was not connected to the jam and the doorknob was crushed and twisted! Donna explained how worried she was about her fam’s safety, and that they all knew that her door had a habit of sticking shut.

Later that night Sandy and Eddie were sleeping. Donna did leave to go see James. He was used to Donna pushing him to his limits, but tonight Donna was easier on him than normal. She came quaking early often and several times one right after another. James felt like a hero having finally completed a herculean task right before he drifted off to sleep. His last sight was Donna gently kissing his brow, “Sleep tight my little pet.”

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