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Marufuji's Journal

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Monday, 01 February 2021 16:25] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 03 February 2021 18:27]

The following story contains mild spoilers for the first volume of the Lady Justice manga.

January 26th, 2021

My name is Marufuji Enta. I've never written in a journal before. But sometimes, you just have thoughts that are so strong that you just have to write them down somewhere.

I am madly in love with Kenzaki Ameri. I think about her day and night. I can't stop thinking about her.

First of all, she's smart, caring, and kind. I first met her in middle school. I was having a bad day with some upperclassmen who shoved me around a bit, then stole my wallet. I also lost my glasses at some point during the incident. So, I didn't see the moment that my life had changed. I only heard it. They started yelling at some girl to get out of their way, followed immediately afterward by the pained grunts and meaty thwacks of two grown men getting the crap kicked out of them. She'd later tell me that a much larger guy happened to walk by and he was the one who beat them up. I actually believed her at the time. But now, it's obvious who those two men were really up against. I still remember the sounds of those two getting beaten up, and my brain still loves to try and visualize what happened, even to this day.

Anyways, I put my glasses back on. And that was when I first saw her: My hero, looking down at my prone, bruised body with motherly concern as she handed me my wallet back. She didn't need to get involved with me. She could have just kept walking. In hindsight, she could have even beaten up those two thugs to take their lunch money and then walk away with all three of our wallets like a true alpha.

But she specifically chose to help me. She saved me.

There was also something else about her. Something that was more obvious by the time we got to high school. Kenzaki-san is so beautiful that it can't be described with words. But I can certainly try. She has the face of an angel, without a single imperfection on her youthful face. She has two deep-blue, beautiful eyes and black hair (or, so I thought at the time, but we'll get to that). She walked on a pair of shapely legs that curved outward into a pair of thick thighs that were clearly perfect, despite being infuriatingly obscured by her school uniform's skirt at all times. At the time, I could only imagine what her body looked like underneath those clothes.

But we'll get to her body. Ooooh, we'll get there.

Anyways, one day I suddenly learned that Kenzaki was an insanely powerful superhuman. I was actually caught in the crossfires of the debut appearance of the mask vigilante that would soon be known as Iustitia, or Lady Justice. That was the day that she went from "childhood crush" to "marry me now".

I saw her stop an armed robbery while safely rescuing me, the hostage. I saw her stop a speeding car by simply holding out her hand. Then saw her rip that car in half. Then I saw her jump in front of me and block a hail of machine gun bullets. I saw at least a dozen bullets bounce right off of her skin without even leaving a scratch. I felt her grab me by the back of my shirt collar and take flight, carrying me up into the sky to the safety of a remote skyscraper.

Then, I saw Kenzaki's true face for the first time. First of all, her black hair has a sharp blue highlight over her left eye, and it's completely natural. She had just been concealing it by combing a portion of her black hair over it and keeping it in place with a hair pin whose placement never seemed suspicious to me during all those years. Not only that, but she also wore one colored contact. Because her left eye is a sharp, inhuman yellow. I then learned that her yellow eye can literally see the evil inside of people's hearts and that her other eye (the one that's actually blue) can read a postage stamp from miles away. Through a brick wall. I already thought that Kenzaki had a beautiful face. But now, every time that I look at her, I see the features of somebody who isn't a regular human, but rather the face of a higher being that is far greater.

And then, over the next few weeks, I started seeing glimpses of her body. First, it was two or three machine guns firing simultaneously that tore her shirt to shreds. A week later, it was an RPG. Each battle basically resulted in every inch of her skin being exposed except for the specific bits that the news networks couldn't televise. I didn't see her crotch, I didn't see her butt, and I didn't see her breasts. Or rather, I didn't see her nipples, specifically.

But I saw everything else.

Even back then, I could tell that the rest of her body was just as flawless as her legs. Her chest was magnificent. Underneath her often destroyed shirt, she had two huge, round breasts that were truly incredible when directly compared to the thin waist below them. And her thin waist was equally arousing when compared to her wide hips below that.

Later, after her clothes got ruined three battles in a row, she asked me to design her a suit that would be more durable. Without even thinking about the implications, I asked for her measurements. And I got them.

  • Height: 167cm
  • Bust: 90cm
  • Waist: 60 cm
  • Hips: 87cm

That was when I had confirmation that I wasn't just imagining things. In addition to the smooth perfection of every individual, womanly curve on her body, you can also take a step back and look at her entire frame at once and discover that she has the dictionary definition of an hourglass figure. And I had the measurements to prove it. There wasn’t a single imperfect anywhere on her. There were no ribs visible, no excess fat anywhere to be seen, and no visible muscles, either. Kenzaki Ameri is 100% curves. It was as if God himself took the very essence of every teenage boy's fantasies and gave it form. And then he gave that form enough power to be able to easily crush all of the world's militaries combined, if she so desired.

Oh, I haven't talked about her power yet. Oh god, that power…!

I said that she got hit with an RPG without getting a single scratch on her and I said that she ripped a car in half with her bare hands. But I never talked about the even more mind-blowing things that she's done after I learned her measurements and made her costume. I've seen her get hit with experimental weapons that can shred right through solid titanium. They were just as ineffective as the machine gun bullets and RPGs were. I've seen her lift a freaking CRUISE SHIP with one hand, and she even casually tossed it up and down a few times. Then, she got into a fight with another superhuman who was strong enough to lift a car over his head like it weighed nothing. Although, it wasn't much of a fight. She showed up, punched him hard enough to send him flying straight through a brick wall and out of everybody's sight except for the sight of her own superhuman eyes, and then it was already over. And then she said that that devastating punch was only using 0.002% of her strength.

So in summary, Kenzaki Ameri is drop dead gorgeous, powerful enough to conquer the planet with less than one percent of her strength if she wanted, and kind hearted enough for me to know that she will never use her mind boggling strength for anything other than saving and protecting people.

It's been two years since her debut appearance as Lady Justice. And if she was a "perfect" woman at the age of sixteen, she is now somehow even more perfect. In the past two years, she estimates that her strength has grown by an extra 3.2271%. Her measurements have also changed. Her height has grown by an additional 7cm, her bust has grown by an additional 3cm, her hips by an additional 2, and her waist by an additional 0. She is now even more desirable than I ever thought possible.

Which brings me to the main reason why I'm writing this; the main thoughts that I need to get out of my head. Namely, the horny thoughts that I have for her that are growing stronger by the day.

I always imagine that our first time would start out innocently enough. We would be up in my room while I made adjustments to her costume. She would once again say that she is eternally grateful for all the work I put in for her while never asking for anything in return. But, after two years of being her faithful partner; two years of slowly building up her friendship with me, it would finally pay off when she decides to kiss me. My heart would practically stop for a moment, but I would still return the kiss. Then we'd start touching each other. My hands would explore her smooth back and her plush bottom as the kiss continued to get more intense. Finally, she'd take the initiative to push me onto my bed.

And that "push" would be the moment that my already out-of-control hormones would go nuclear. Because if there's only one thing one the planet that I think is more arousing than Kenzaki's body, it's Kenzaki's strength. That push would contain the speed of an average human arm, but I would still be gently knocked over with the force of a record-setting tsunami, completely bowling me over with its sheer might. Then, while I'm still flat on my back, she would climb on top of my and take off her shirt, revealing… admittedly nothing that I haven't seen on accident, but it would still be erotic beyond words because of how she would willingly show herself to me in only her underwear. Then, she would lean over me, staring down at me with an intense hunger in her heterochromatic eyes. She would plant a hand on my chest, a hand that I would instinctively grab, marveling at its softness and testing its strength by pushing against it. As the most beautiful woman on the planet went down on me, I would subconsciously try harder and harder to pry that hand away from me and get more aroused by the second when my struggles get me nowhere.

After a few minutes of her tangling herself around me, I'd still find myself subconsciously putting all of my strength into attempting to remove Kenzaki-san’s lone hand from my chest, and she’d notice. I’d look up at her with excitement at having my life so completely and totally in her hands. She’d look down upon my futile resistance with confusion at first, but then then understanding. She’d understand that I love her strength just as much as her pure heart and her flawless body. She’d grab the front of my shirt, and then I’d feel myself being lifted into the air with the raw power of what feels like an industrial crane within her slender forearm. Kenzaki would lift me as easily as if she were lifting a sheet of paper. And at that moment, as she looks at the excited face of a man who had been fantasizing about her powerful body for years, she would realize that she too might enjoy being more forceful than an average girl. She would then drop me back down onto the mattress. Crawling on top of me again, she would start by grabbing my shirt and tearing it in half right down the middle. Then she would tear my pants to shreds in a similar fashion. Then my underwear. Then she would take off all of her own clothes, as well.

Then, once both of us are naked, she would just go completely nuts on me.

She would wrap her thick legs around my waste and her soft arms around my back, hugging me tightly against every incredible curve of her thick, womanly body and pressing her naked tits tightly against my bare chest as she sealed her mouth over mine and forced me into a passionate, sloppy makeout session. I imagine that it would be incredibly painful if it wasn’t for the silky smooth padding of her womanly curves that was in between her incalculably strong muscles and my fragile body. I would thrash around underneath her with all of my might, just to feel the sheer superhuman power of her perfect body wrapped tightly around me and easily holding me helplessly in place. Not a single one of her all powerful muscles would move a single millimeter. I might as well be trying to outmuscle God, which would be all the more obvious as she would writhe around on top of me. She would decide to sit up straight, and I would be dragged along with her by the unopposable power of the two slim arms wrapped around my back. She would use her powers of flight to carry me up into the air, and there would be nothing I could do to stop her. With her thick thighs still wrapped around my waist, she would press me up against my bedroom wall several feet above the floor with only her round hips pinning me helplessly in place. She wouldn't even need to use her hands. They would both be free to take my hands in hers and pull them towards her breasts. And while there are certainly worse fates than being forced to play with the massive G cup breasts on her chest, I would still fight with all my might to wrestle my arms out of her grasp, despite it being a fruitless struggle against a woman who is literally millions of times stronger than me.

After she's had her fill of my fingers (with the help of her fingers) kneading the huge, round, and soft yet bulletproof mounds on her chest, she would grab me by the waste and fuck me right there, high up against the wall. I imagine her riding my dick, almost like a normal girl would, but with the perspective rotated ninety degrees. With my back flat against the wall and Kenzaki "sitting" with her back perpendicular to mine with the help of her power of flight, she would impale herself on me. She would be gentle at first. Each time she went down on me, her plush hips would nearly crush my mortal body underneath her naked skin. And each time she bounced back up, she would pull me away from the wall, only to go back down and pound me against it once again. Then, she would slowly gain speed. What would have started out as a slow but powerful grinding against my body would slowly evolve into a brutal pounding where Ameri's super ass nearly gives me whiplash by merely slapping her hips against my thighs with less than a thousandth of a percent of her strength. But to me, those luscious curves of Kenzaki's lower body would feel like a smooth, warm, and inviting frame that was hitting me like a freaking truck, knocking me around like a rag doll again and again and again and again. My bedroom would actually start to tremble a little bit from the earth-shaking might of Ameri’s body making love to me. My vision would start getting spotty. My vocal chords would be producing nothing but panting, gasping, and strangled screams of my over's name. And my exhausted, sweat-soaked, inferior human body would slowly shut down from the ceaseless battering of Kenzaki’s nude body fucking me senseless like a savage beast.

It’s fine, Kenzaki. Go ahead and knock me out. You are so powerful that you might as well be God. You should act like it. If my pathetic body can’t handle you, then that’s my fault being weak. You own me. In fact, you own the whole planet, but you just choose to let it continue running as is. So go ahead. Let that thick, juicy butt of yours ride me until I break. Oh, yes… harder, Kenzaki… Oh Kenzaki-san!!

Kenzaki Ameri was blushing, sweating, and visibly shaking by the time she got to the end of the journal entry. She heard Marufuji’s bedroom door open behind her, but she was too shocked to even react.

“Kenzaki-san!" Marufuji enters the room. "The pizza is here, and I got-” He suddenly trails off. Kenzaki turns to Marufuji and sees the embarrassment and the fear in his eyes, staring straight at the notebook in the hands of his crush. “K-kenzaki…” he desperately tried to salvage the situation. “I—”

That’s as far as he got before Marufuji’s face learned what the terminal velocity of a spiral notebook was.

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