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The Monolith – Chapter 3

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 22 February 2021 15:02] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 February 2021 10:22]

The Monolith

Story Concept by Anonymous

Written by HikerAngel



April’s smile was as breathtaking as the feat she’d just accomplished. She held a barbell over her head, the solid iron cylinder bending slightly under the weight of the 500 lbs. it held. But that was nothing compared to what she did next.

The tendons of her neck straining, she used both hands to twirl the bar like a baton over her head, before bringing it down. She began to curl the bar, her huge arms trembling with the effort.

Zach, along with nearly everyone else in the gym, gasped in astonishment, staring up into her concentrating face as she brought 500 pounds to her chest again and again, grunting softly with each effort. Her arms and legs were huge and chiseled into beautiful domes and ridges of deliciously developed feminine muscle. The well-developed sinew of her back and core rippled with incredible power. April’s body had developed to the point where he’d never seen such a perfectly sculpted physique on anyone.

He felt himself growing aroused as her massive muscles swelled with the effort, exploding into steely tension, then relaxing into a state of tightly coiled relief that still looked every bit as hard and staggeringly defined as those of any bodybuilder that he’d ever seen – while flexing.

When she finished, she dropped the staggeringly heavy weight to the floor with a loud *BOOM*. The floor and walls of the gym quaked with the colossal force of its impact.

She walked over to Zach, her now-massive breasts even with his eyeline, bulging against the custom-made lycra sports bra with each breath. He swallowed hard, licking his lips as his eyes caressed the succulent swells, each of which was the size of his head. Her still-pumped muscles radiated unbelievable strength, clearly surpassing that of anyone – man or woman – he had ever seen. As she reached him, he managed to tear his eyes away from her prodigious mammaries, craning his neck to stare into her azure eyes, bright with satisfied delight.

“Another record lift!” April beamed, clearly pleased by her achievement.

She wrapped her huge, breathtakingly hard arms around him, pulling his feet off the ground effortlessly. She mashed his face into her magnificent cleavage as her mighty grip crushed the air from his lungs. By the time she set him down, he was left gasping for breath.

“Just think: a few weeks ago you were actually stronger than me. Seems hard to believe now. Maybe if you spent a little more time at the gym, you wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping up…”

Zach’s lips twitched at her pointed words, echoing his own during their first hike to the monolith, but he said nothing as April looked around the gym, basking in the admiring gazes of dozens of people. Just a few weeks ago she had used to be shy as well. She’d had difficulty meeting the gazes of others.

Not anymore.

Zach couldn’t help but marvel at her astonishing physique himself. Aside from her lush breasts, her 300-pound body didn’t look like it held so much as an ounce of body fat, each fiber of her insanely developed muscles clearly visible under flawless skin. Mesmerized, he reached out to touch her powerful arm, to taste its strength, so far beyond his own, with his fingertips. But with a twinkle in her eye, April spun on her heel and marched off to the locker room to shower, leaving her boyfriend with his hand outstretched, blinking as he regained his senses.

Zach watched her go, dropping his hand to his side with a yearning sigh of unrequited desire. Sullenly, he trod to the wall across from the entrance to the women’s locker room and awaited April’s return.

When she came out, she paused at the wall where the gym had height measurements marks up to seven feet. “Time for my daily measurement, Zach.”

April’s eyes twinkled with delight as Zach pulled a chair next to her then stepped up on it. He frowned in concentration as he measured a six-inch length on the marked portion of the wall with his hands, then carefully moved them upward, adding the distance above where the wall markings ended. The extra six inches brought him level with the top of her head.

“7’8” now,” he said, feeling a strange flutter in his stomach with the pronouncement. His girlfriend was now taller than even the largest NBA players.


As April pulled into their driveway, she could tell Zach was stewing, quiet since they had left the gym. Maybe he was upset that she had insisted on driving today? Or maybe that she hadn’t let him touch her for the last few days, even as she’d been sure to give him ever more enticing displays of her rapidly improving body? She supposed that was a little cruel.

In truth, she had wanted to have sex. Her libido had been growing every bit as quickly as her burgeoning physique. She’d wanted Zach to feel her quickly growing muscles, too hear him gasp with awe at her power. But she couldn’t have him thinking he was entitled to her body. Not anymore. When he had been the more gifted, he had called the shots in their relationship. Now that she had improved beyond him, it was her turn to call the shots. Turnabout was fair play, was it not?

Maybe she simply needed to show him just how superior she was – in every possible way.

“So did you like my little show at the gym?” April asked him, accidentally knocking Zach to the ground as they both reached for the front door simultaneously. She reached down and hauled him to his feet with a shoulder-wrenching tug, launching him inside the door where he stumbled to a stop against the sofa several yards within.

“I-I…” Zach stammered, turning to face her. She ducked to come inside, then rose to her full height, well above the door frame as she closed the door behind her.

Not waiting for Zach to gather his wits after her latest subtle display of physical superiority, April continued. “Want to see if my mind has changed as much as my body?”

She had a strong inkling, after her performance in the last couple of trivia nights, that her mind had improved every bit as much as her breathtaking body. But she wanted to make sure Zach knew it too.

“Maybe a game of chess?” She winked at him.

The two hadn’t played chess in months, both of them having lost interest in the same outcome every single time – a Zach victory. Something told April, however, that this time would be different.

As they began to play, the potential options for each piece seemed to flash in her mind as she turned her gaze from one piece to the next. She could visualize the possibilities, but her mind instantly seemed to select the best of them, intuiting the optimal move effortlessly.

As she watched him growing ever more sullen with her bold, unexpected moves, April attempted to suppress a smile. As he lifted his arm, she noticed a slight discoloration on his sleeve. Her vision seemed to zoom into the fabric, magnifying it to the point where she could see the unwelcome cluster of dirt clinging to its cotton fibers.

“You really should put some stain remover on that shirt, Zach.”

Zach looked down, running his fingers over the material, seeing nothing.

“It’s on your sleeve!” April clarified.

Baffled, Zach searched his sleeves for the stain, but again came up empty. He looked at April helplessly and shrugged.

April sighed, rolling her eyes. “Right there! At the edge of your right wrist.”

He held up his hand before his eyes, studying the material for several seconds before realization dawned upon his features.

“Geez, April, I could barely see that tiny little discoloration staring straight at it. How on earth did you see that from across the table?”

“I think my eyesight’s improving,” said April nonchalantly. “Plus, I was just thinking about when you spilled that drop of wine on that shirt four months ago about thirty-seven seconds before the love scene in the first Wonder Woman movie that we were watching for like the hundredth time.”

Zach gave her a dumbfounded look, his brows furrowing as he attempted to remember the event April described. Despite not having the faintest recollection of that event, however, he didn’t challenge her assertion. She simply sounded too confident.

Letting that line of conversation die, Zach returned his attention to the game board with a slight tensing of his jaw. A few moves later, she watched with amusement as Zach pulled at his hair, studying the board carefully for several minutes before selecting his next move. The instant he did it, she made the countermove made obvious by her foresight. Two more moves in, she knew she had won the game. The thought about telling Zach, but decided it would be more fun to simply let it play out.

Three moves later, it had. “Checkmate,” April smiled, watching Zach’s eyes dart around the board for a way out. But she had known there was no such thing several minutes earlier, leading up to the triumphant moment.

“So it looks like I might be smarter than you now too, Zachie.”

Zach’s stunned features quickly twisted in anger at that remark. He swiped his hand across the board, sending the pieces flying across the room.

“You know, April, I’ve had just about enough of you acting all superior to me lately. Yeah, you’re having a huge growth spurt and have gotten really strong. It’s probably because you’ve got some kind of fucking disease! But you won’t go to the doctor to fucking find out!”

“Do you really think a disease would make me smarter too? And improve my vision? And memory?” April responded calmly, a hint of amusement tugging at the corner of her lips. “My disease as you so eloquently put it has been a lifetime of fear. A lifetime of inadequacy. This is the cure to my disease! Do you know how long I’ve lived my life like I should be ashamed? How long I’ve let myself be suppressed by everyone around me? By you?”

She let those words sink in, seeing the shock register on Zach’s reddening face. “I don’t want to feel like that anymore, Zach. And I don’t have to feel like that. Ever. Again.”

She glared at him defiantly. “So, no, I’m not going to go to the fucking doctor. I love who I’ve become.”

Not long ago, a tantrum like this from her boyfriend would have frightened her into fearful submission. But no longer. She knew that Zach couldn’t do anything to her. She felt little more than the tiniest twinge of uncertainty in the back of her mind. These days, however, it was becoming ever easier to silence the nagging self-doubt that, even now, lingered in the back of her mind. She knew she was right. And she wouldn’t cave before Zach’s nonsensical arguments just to assuage his wounded ego. Not anymore.

Zach grew even more incensed by her words, but far more by her subtle expression of amusement. “You think this is fucking normal?” he said, grabbing her huge, steely bicep and attempting to squeeze it to the point where it hurt.

April’s half-smile disappeared, and she rose to her full 7’8” foot height, dwarfing her diminutive boyfriend. Her hand shot out in a flash, grabbing a handful of wadded shirt, and lifting Zach’s feet off the ground. She raised him until his face was level with hers, then leaned in until they were nose to nose.

“Of course it’s not normal. I’m way better than just fucking normal,” she seethed, her voice quiet and trembling. “I’m way better than you.”

“You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you!” yelled Zach, heedless, in his anger, of the fact that his girlfriend held him off the ground without difficulty and could likely crush him like an insect.

Zach continued, however, his face red, spittle flying from his lips. “But if you really believed that, then why did you lie to me about reporting that monolith? Could it be because that’s all that this is? Some fucking magic rock? And you’re afraid of the moment when this whole little fantasy world of yours comes crashing down? Because I’ve got news for you. It will!”

April looked stricken, her eyes becoming glassy as Zach’s words hit her in her most vulnerable place. Losing all that she had gained was now her greatest fear.

“Because I reported it. And I don’t lie!” he lied. “Just wait until they destroy that thing, and you go back to being the nothing that you always fucking were.”

A single tear rolled down April’s exquisite face, as she searched Zach’s eyes, finding no empathy within them, only anger. And something else.

“You’re lying,” she said simply, wiping away the tear with the hand that wasn’t holding Zach.

Doubt flashed across Zach’s face, as if he were afraid she could read his mind. His reaction, however, only served to confirm April’s suspicions. Her gaze grew icy. Her lips drew into a satisfied smirk.

She slammed him to the table on his back, nearly cracking the wood with his body. The violence of the motion sent the last remaining chess pieces to the floor. As Zach blinked away the stars, she straddled him, her meaty thighs clenching his relatively slender hips. Sweeping her hands down his shirt, April sent its buttons spraying across the room to ricochet off the wall with a plasticy clatter. She hooked a finger under his belt, popping it loose, then placed each hand on the top of his jeans, gripping the fabric with her mighty fingers. Her biceps and triceps exploded with inhuman definition as she pulled outward, straining against the denim fabric until she forced it apart, the cloth tearing around the top button like a rock in a flowing stream. Once the button tore through the last of the tough material, she gave another sharp tug, shredding his pants down the center to his crotch.


As Zach regained his senses, he raised his head off the table to see what she was doing next. He followed her eyes to his own erection. Being manhandled by his girlfriend fluttered his heart in excitement. He felt adrenaline pump into his system as he watched her.

April, sitting atop Zach’s legs, swooped forward, holding most of her weight above Zach’s body with her powerful arms. Hands reaching to grip each side of the table like a steel vises, she slid the firm slopes of her magnificent breasts along his torso. Zach felt the smooth firmness of the softest parts of her body gliding deliciously along the bare flesh of his stomach and chest, leaving a trail of tingles in their wake. But at the same time, he gasped at the sensation of her uncoiling stomach as each iron brick of her exquisite abs ground into his rising member as she stretched herself over him. Zach moaned in pleasure at the feel of her snakelike body grating against him, his arousal doubling by the second to a level he had never reached before. April hadn’t touched him for several days, though her tantalizing displays of her increasingly powerful body had continued to stoke his smoldering desire. Now, feeling her against him like this, his libido had been stimulated into a raging inferno.

April plunged her tongue into his mouth, the force of her kiss knocking his head into the table with a soft clunk. He didn’t even notice, too lost in moaning pleasure to be concerned about something as trivial as pain.

The hard, heavily muscled flesh just inside her hips felt searingly hot to the touch as his quivering member pressed into her flesh. The girl’s body felt almost like a marble sculpture. Except that her unyielding form was so warm and her skin so soft as it clung to the impossibly dense musculature within.

Zach shuddered, wrapping his arms around her expanding iron-hard lats. He clutched at the smooth, hard swells of her sinewed back with desperate fingertips, but could find no purchase. Her muscles were almost completely unyielding. His anger was completely gone, utterly replaced by his rapidly flaring desire for the masterpiece that was April’s new body.

April undulated her hips, rolling them upward until they, along with the clenched swells of her tight, luscious ass hovered above his throbbing member like a cobra poised to strike.

“Let’s go back,” she whispered breathily into his panting mouth.

“Back?” he replied reflexively in an uncomprehending, panting half-moan.

“To the monolith.” Her voice was husky now. Her hips descended until they were tantalizingly close to Zach’s straining member, crackling his sensitive skin with their electric heat. Zach’s body trembled, pinned helplessly beneath April’s immense shoulders and powerful thighs. “Just imagine how strong I could be.”

Zach released a sharp breath against April’s chin, beyond excited by the prospect, even as he dreaded it. April smiled wickedly, then licked his trembling lips, basking in the heady rush of power as her boyfriend fell ever more deeply under her sway.

“Don’t you want to see me get even better?” she whispered seductively. “Even more powerful?”

Zach whimpered, as aroused as he’d ever been in his life by the lushly muscled body above him. “Yesssssss…” he groaned in an eager, almost pained whisper, sounding like a serpent.

April’s smile widened in victory, her dark eyes and moist lips predatory. Zach clenched his glutes, raising his butt from the table in an attempt to thrust into her. Not only had she proven her superiority over him mentally and physically today, she had conquered him sexually as well. But he didn’t care. Right now, all that mattered was being a part of her massive body, her strength, her superiority. Zach didn’t care if she was manipulating him, right now a slave to the seductive promise of the powerful, slithering body that continued to grind against his.

April angled her hips over his tips and plunged downward, punctuating her domination with a climactic exclamation point as he cried out in clenching, shuddering ecstasy.


April’s greedy eyes gleamed darkly as the couple reached the clearing a third time. Her hungry gaze never strayed from the dark, matte surface of the monolith as she strode straight for it. Zach huffed loudly as he staggered behind her, struggling to keep pace with her long, powerful strides.

She knelt down before the object, colors, visible only to her, swirling in her mesmerized irises. She reached down, sliding her fingers around the bottom edge of the monolith. She tensed her massive muscles, glimmering with a sheen of sweat from the hike. They strained as she unleashed every ounce of her nearly superhuman strength.

Releasing a throaty roar, she raised the heavy tablet to her chest, then gave a victorious cry as she rose to her feet. She raised the object over her head with quivering arms, turning to face Zach, her wild eyes staggering daggers into him as she felt the object’s influence wash over her, far more strongly this time. Her hips began to buck with orgasmic pleasure as she felt her already hulking body gaining inches of height, her creaking muscles rippling as they surged anew with even greater bulk and definition.

Zach took a tremulous step backward, his eyes widening as he watched climaxes blast through his girlfriend’s massive, still swelling body. Her shoulders erupted as they grew from volleyballs to soccer balls to cannonballs of solid, striated muscle. Her biceps swelled as power gushed into them. Her triceps exploded into iron-hard ridges power as she held the monolith aloft with increasing ease.

Her abs clenched in time with her bucking hips, their chiseled web of definition growing more pronounced with every contraction, until the carved trenches that ran between each muscle became staggeringly deep.

Her smooth thighs rippled into mighty cables of corded muscle, deep ravines running between each powerful cluster of fibers. Her calves surged outward, bulging into impossibly dense, rounded balls of gnarled sinew.

April’s panting face transformed as well. Her lips filled in, becoming more lushly feminine as she panted under the onslaught of power the monolith pumped into her incredible body. Her eyes grew larger, dominating her face with their brilliance. Her delicate features sculpted themselves into sensual, expressive elegance.

April’s head rolled back, her gaze rising to focus on the dark object overhead. She could almost see the golden cascade of power pouring over her, instinctively welcoming it into her body.

As her orgasms began to subside, April gave one last shudder of pleasure before dropping the monolith to her chest and hugging it to her expanding breasts. Shouldering a stunned Zach out of her way, she carried it back down the trail to the car.

Lower lip trembling with a mix of horror and arousal, Zach shook his head in an attempt to clear the vision of an ascending April from his mind. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to do. Unanswered questions whirled through his mind, finding no answers.

When they reached the parking lot at the trailhead, April opened the door to the car, placing the monolith inside. The car’s suspension squeaked and groaned as the car’s wheel wells descended nearly to the top of the tires.

“No!” cried Zach, running toward the car as the sunset flared behind his girlfriend. “We are NOT taking that thing home! We don’t even know what it is!”

April turned to face him, her gaze calculating. She closed the door behind her, the action making it clear that she would be bringing the monolith with them whether Zach liked it or not.

Zach ran up to her and attempted to shove her out of the way to get to the car door.

She didn’t budge.

Instead, she looked down on him with contempt from her intimidating 7’8” height. “I can do whatever I want now, Zach. And with the monolith, I’ll only continue to become more powerful.

Zach’s eyes darkened, his features contorting in frustration. He reached out and shoved her again, her abs feeling like warm steel under his fingers. Again, she didn’t move. His frustration giving way to impotent anger, Zach began to strike her, again and again until his knuckles bled.

April only laughed.

Furious now, Zach ran to the edge of the parking lot, picking up rocks and throwing them at her as hard as he could. They bounced off her steely physique harmlessly.

His fury escalating to rage, he cast about for something else, his wild eyes finally coming to rest on a solid, five-foot long branch. He picked it up, wielding it like a club. He ran toward his girlfriend and swung it with every ounce of his strength.


His swing came to a harmless end against her left oblique.

April looked down on him with amusement, then covered her mouth as she gave an exaggerated yawn.

Incredulous, Zach pulled the branch back and swung it again.


Same result.

He swung it again and again until April’s hand suddenly flashed out, caught the branch in mid-swing, and wrested it casually from his grasp.

Her other hand gripped his shoulder painfully, and she forced him to his knees. Zach writhed under her immensely powerful fingers as she spoke. “Get used to being on your knees, little Zachie. You’ll be giving me pleasure whenever I ask for it from now on. Consider it a punishment for your little temper tantrum here.”

With that, she hauled him off his feet, opened the passenger side door, and threw him inside. She closed the door behind him with an emphatic, car-rocking slam, then squeezed herself inside. She drove home in silence, her eyes hard as they flicked from side to side, surveying the dark road that she no longer needed the assistance of headlights to see.

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