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The Monolith – Chapter 4

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 01 March 2021 15:06] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 February 2021 10:21]

The Monolith

Story Concept by Anonymous

Written by HikerAngel


Two weeks after the incident in the parking lot, Zach stared at the chessboard in disbelief. He should have known better than to request a rematch.

Looking helplessly up at April – even seated, she towered nearly three feet above him now – he was staggered. She had beaten him in ten moves, announcing its imminence just three moves into the match.

“I knew every move you would make before we ever even started playing the game,” she said flatly, her expression almost one of boredom as she gazed into the eyes of her inferior opponent.

Zach swallowed nervously, stunned at the extreme intelligence in her luminous eyes as they seemed to bore into his brain. Those radiant irises were nearly as distracting as her heartbreakingly gorgeous face.

She rose, though she was forced to hunch over, her 10’6” stature now higher than the ten-foot ceilings of their living room. They had been measuring her daily in recent weeks until she had reached ceiling height. The final six inches were more of an estimate than an actual measurement, but with her incredibly sharp mind and eyes, she was certain that her estimate fell within 1/100th of an inch. She looked down her nose at Zach, her smile cold, gaze calculating. “Remember, we need to find a new house with more space soon…”

He remembered. He’d been working on little else for the past few days, knowing he needed to meet April’s demand that he find a place for them to move by the end of the week. Zach felt a shiver of terror jag down his spine as he recalled April’s warning about what would happen should he fail to execute any of her requests.

She sauntered over to the stairwell, picking at the hem of her tiny cutoff jean shorts, then adjusting her red tank. Her eyes lit up as she approached the place where she kept the monolith leaning beside the staircase. It was the one place in the house where she could rise to her full height without worrying about putting her head through the ceiling. She ran a finger along the top of the monolith, shivering in pleasure as she touched it once more. Her body swelled a bit, adding more inches with frightening ease after her repeated exposures to the mysterious tablet. She almost seemed to have a connection with it now. Her eyes smoldered when she glanced at it; her lips moaned whenever she touched it.

April stretched, her bare arms absolutely dwarfing those of even the largest, most chiseled bodybuilders as they rippled with unthinkable power. Her hands soared above her head to clench together in a grip that could bend steel to her will. She rose to her tiptoes, her bulging calves rounding into soccer ball-sized spheres of incredible power. Rippling waves rolled over her mammoth thighs, the tight rounded arcs of her perfect ass tightening into twin swells of absolute steel. As she reached toward the sky, her tank top rose from the upper edge of her shorts, revealing cobbled abs so unbelievably defined that two-inch deep chasms defined the grid of muscle that was her rock-hard stomach.

Zach gasped at the breathtaking display of leonine power. In spite of her size, April moved like a panther, her movements at once incredibly powerful and regally graceful as she finished her stretches and turned to face him.

“I’m going outside for my workout now,” she announced as she crossed an arm over her massive breasts, holding her elbow in place with her other hand to stretch her overdeveloped triceps.

Zach, wide-eyed, simply nodded. It wasn’t that she sought his approval; it was simply a fact. These days, she informed him of her preferences, and it was his job to accept them, carrying out her wishes whenever they required something of him.

Like finding a house! he realized with a start as the front door closed behind her. Before long, she wouldn’t be able to squeeze through the opening of even their abnormally wide front door.

Before getting back to his laptop to check for more potential living spaces, however, he walked to the front window, pulling up the blinds to see April in the driveway squatting down to slip her hands beneath Zach’s car. As she arose, she set her feet, then began to curl the Volkswagon to her chest with apparent ease. The bulges of her prodigious biceps swelled with the effort, exploding into breathtakingly smooth cannonballs of unthinkable strength.

Still curling the car, faced away from Zach’s ogling eyes, she somehow knew he was looking. “Come out here, little man.”

Zach swallowed. Perhaps she had simply anticipated what he would do? Or maybe her hearing was that good now?

Hanging his head liked a child having been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Zach emerged from the house.

“Feel my muscles,” she ordered, still looking away from him. “I know you want to…”

He did want to. He couldn’t get enough of her perfect physique.

Approaching her cautiously, not wishing to be accidentally crushed by the vehicle she was handling like a toy, Zach reached up until his heels left the ground. On the balls of his feet, his arms extended above him, he was just barely able to reach the lower portion of her beefy bicep.

“Squeeze it,” April commanded, her eyes focused distantly forward as if he were not worthy of attention as she issued him orders.

He did. Or, well, tried. Her body was like liquid steel, its sinuous curves flowing elegantly while at the same time, feeling like beautifully chiseled marble to his searching fingers. His hands could no more dent her flesh than they could the armor of a tank.

“God, Zach. You’re so pathetically weak,” said April, not bothering to hide her contempt. “I can hardly even feel your touch anymore.”

Zach released her arm, his heels falling back to the ground. His chin dropped to his chest at the admonishing words. As he turned to leave, April set down the car, the barely perceptible sheen of sweat that now covered her perfectly tanned skin glistening in the afternoon sunlight.

“Massage me,” April commanded as she grabbed his hand and gave it a shoulder-straining tug. She began to walk around the house to the back yard, dragging him in tow.

Zach dangled behind her, whisked off his feet by her unbreakable grip. He tensed his shoulder, attempting to prevent it from dislocating as she swung him along.

When she reached their deck around back, the boards groaned under her weight.

“Okay,” said Zach from between clenched teeth. He breathed a sigh of relief when she released him, letting him fall to the sanded wooden surface.

She didn’t seem to notice his words, however, as she reached down to grab the hem of her tight top. She pulled it over her head and flung it aside.

Zach gaped at her body, which became more staggeringly perfect every day. Her tanned flesh was completely flawless, lacking even the tiniest blemish. But the massive, hyper-developed musculature that it encased was beyond flawless. Her body, especially when fully revealed like this, was absolutely magnificent! Her superhuman physique seemed to radiate crackling power.

“Make sure we have a concrete patio at the new place,” she said absently, not bothering to look at her insignificant boyfriend. It was as if she knew instinctively that her bare torso would be commanding his complete and utter attention.

Which it was.

Zach watched as April pulled the cushion from their outdoor sofa and lay it on the ground. She lowered herself until she was lying face-down on the deck, her lush mane shifting as she turned her head to place once cheek on the soft cushion.

“Well?” April’s voice was expectant as she settled into position, bordering on annoyed.

Zach startled, roused to action from his ogling by her tone. He had no desire to incur April’s wrath!

He knelt down onto her lower back and reached his hands down, moving them in a kneading motion. Her back was just so unbelievably hard. Her muscles were like iron! How was he supposed to massage her?!

He regained his feet, walking beside her, looking over the firm muscles of her back. He checked various portions of her sumptuously muscled form in an attempt to find any part of her that he could actually work his fingers into. He found none.

April began to giggle, her laughter sending twitching waves of motion through her lushly sculpted physique. As Zach leaned over his massive girlfriend, his hands roaming the smooth swells of her back, the undulation of her body threw him off balance. Her arm reached out, and she placed her hand on the deck, pushing against the wooden planks to flip herself over. However, as she did so, her elbow caught Zach in the side. Stumbling backward, his head struck the deck’s railing with a light clunk, and he yelped in pain.

“You are sooo weak,” April said, turning over to face him, her eyes shining darkly. “Like a pitiful little baby.”

She reached out to palm his head, gripping it as if it were a basketball. “Come here, little one. Come to mommy…”

“Ow!” Zach cried as she dragged him atop her hard, massive body.

“You’re nothing to me now, you know. A plaything to be discarded if I tire of you,” April said, her eyes hard as she gazed calculatingly at the squirming man in her grip. “Sound familiar?”

“F-familiar?” asked Zach, attempting to pry her fingers from his head without success.

“That’s what you thought of me, isn’t it?” she continued, her voice emotionless. “Before the monolith?”

“No!” Zach lied, still struggling to twist out of her unbreakable grip, nearly breaking his neck in the process. “I loved you!”

“Loved?” April raised an eyebrow, nearly crushing his head as she pulled it back, forcing him to look at her. “You don’t even pretend to love me now, but you’re lying about then. You never loved me. Not then. Not now.”

Horrified, tears welled in Zach’s eyes. His voice was desperate. “But April…!”

“Stop!” she cut him off vehemently. “I never really loved you either. I thought I did. But you were simply a modest upgrade from my last boyfriend. Less obviously shaming, but shaming nonetheless. I can see it so clearly now.”

“I-I…” Zach attempted to think of what to say. But April seemed so certain. Her confidence was overwhelming. It seemed to steal any further lies or excuses from his mind before he could manage to speak them.

Moving one hand to the back of Zach’s head and the other to his lower back, she squeezed his hips into her cobbled abs, his face tucking under her massive breasts. Zach felt his erection rage as it ground into the deep trench between twin rows of iron bricks that lined her magnificent stomach.

Smiling darkly, April pushed him inward and upward, crushing his body into hers, grinding his member between her impossibly hard muscles.

“It’s okay,” she whispered as she pulled Zach along her perfect body, his head ascending the lower curves of her right breast, bowing him backward. “You’re still a perfectly serviceable toy, good for plenty of entertainment before I finish with you.”

April’s voice became husky as she crushed him into her, seeming to reap sexual pleasure from the act. “I know you like my new body. Let’s see how easily I can make you come.”

Zach, helpless in her mighty arms, breathed heavily. He felt his lips dragging against the perfect sphere of her breast, his breath heating her already deliciously hot skin. As his engorged cock continued to slide over the tensed, sinuously rippling muscles of her core, he could feel his heart rate rising.

Giving a quiet moan, he couldn’t resist flicking out his tongue to taste her silky flesh. He shivered, the salty sweet flavor of her sweat electrifying his mouth. Overpowering need welled within him.

The feel of her breast under his lips, her wickedly powerful muscles against his member – it was too much! Zach shuddered as he felt the flames of a coming climax lick at the already smoldering interior of his body.

Each passing second she gripped him harder against her, grinding his hyper-aroused penis into her muscles, crushing his face further into her breast, Zach felt himself falling further under the enthralling spell of her absolute physical perfection.

When his lips met the exquisite nipple at the crown of her magnificent breast, Zach suckled it desperately. The sudden attention to her sensitive flesh caused April to suck in a sharp breath. But Zach was too far gone now to hold in his impending climax. Already quivering, his body began to buck, his cock to spasm. Warm, viscous fluid exploded out of him, spattering her hard stomach before running into the chiseled grooves that separated her beautiful muscles, down her sculpted body.

April laughed heartily, tightening her grip on his head once again to pull him off her and cast him aside. Zach grimaced as blinding pain radiated from her painfully tight fingers. Her casual motion flung him across the deck like a rag doll. He crumbled in the corner, his body still shuddering and pulsing in climactic ecstasy.

April rose to her full height and walked away, the thunder of her footsteps reverberating the wood beneath Zach’s spent, still-pulsing form.


April, lounging inside the house on the carpet, since her body was now too big for the couch, clicked on her investment account on her tablet. $3 million. Not bad. The amount represented a 300,000% return on her $1,000 investment from a month earlier.

Gorgeous lips curling into a pleased smirk. That should be sufficient seed money to start her competitor to the misogynistic company she had left several weeks earlier. She had given notice after receiving a memo from upper management requesting that she remain seated as much as possible so as to present a “profile less intimidating to the company’s management”. And it just so happened that the company had a management team that was almost entirely male.

She had read seven books on the legal requirements of establishing a corporation yesterday, and her eidetic memory allowed her to recall every detail with perfect clarity. She was confident that she would have the logistical details of the new company finalized within the day. While it was unconventional to name a CEO while the formulation of the company was still in progress, April didn’t care. She had no intentions of running the company herself. She didn’t need to trouble herself with mundane affairs like running a call center firm, so she fired off a message to Susan, the most competent – and overlooked – manager at her old place of employment to request a lunch meeting. The smart, capable woman would make the perfect leader for her new enterprise.

A calculating look in her eye, April began to strategize a plan to take each of her old company’s clients within the week. Grinning, she thought of the look on Zach’s face when his boss came to him, furious after having lost every enterprise client within the span of a few days.

Stretching her unbelievably long body once again, she laughed delightedly. As wonderful as her new strength was, her beyond-genius IQ was even better.


Zach staggered into the house to find a note from April inside.

“Gone to the tailor for some new custom clothes,” it read.

He slumped into a seat, dropping his head into his hands. How had this happened? How had the dynamics of his relationship changed so utterly and completely? April could dominate him without effort physically, mentally, and even emotionally now. A part of him liked how powerful she was becoming. But a growing part of him feared it.

She was too insightful now, able to see right through his prevarications and half-truths. More concerning, however, was that her growing abilities continued to make her colder, less caring. When combined with her immense power, that scared him. A lot.

Now that she no longer needed him, she seemed to delight in toying with him. Even tormenting him. He thought back to how she had driven him to climax with just the chiseled surface of her sexy stomach. He shivered, remembering how wonderful her steely muscles had felt against his cock, how tantalizing her smooth, flawless skin had tasted against his hungry lips.

Feeling himself growing aroused once again, he attempted to shake the mind-consuming thoughts away. He needed to figure out what was happening before she became any more powerful. He needed to know what this monolith was and how to halt – or even reverse – its effects.

Pulling out his laptop, he began to search for information on the monolith. References to 2001 abounded, as did a number of pranks and other meaningless information. Revising his search to look for rectangular stones, he finally found something that caught his attention.

Clicking on it, his eyes widened as they scanned down the article to a picture. The woman, Mandy Tan, looked much like April had after her first encounter with the monolith – tall, impressively fit, and beautiful. Zach eagerly read the article. She had reported finding a strange clearing and a small, black rectangular stone.


The article didn’t give him any true information about the monolith, but it did provide him with a lead. Quickly looking up the woman’s address, he jumped to his feet and left the house.

When he arrived, Zach took a few deep breaths before knocking on the door, unsure what he would find inside. Would this woman be as strong and intelligent as April? More even? Given the longer period since she’d encountered the monolith, it seemed a possibility.

When she opened the door, he was forced to look up to meet her eyes.

She was gorgeous.

The Asian woman standing in the doorway was not as stunning as April now was, nor as huge, but she was still breathtakingly attractive in her own right. Standing about six feet tall, the woman he presumed was Mandy looked much like April had a couple of weeks ago, shortly after her first encounter with the monolith.

Clad in a sleeveless top and tight-fitting shorts, the woman’s chiseled arms and powerful legs were fully on display. As she eyed him, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, her sculpted abs tensed, rippling the taut fabric of her top as it clung to the edges of her muscled torso.

She smiled before speaking, her voice dripping with honeyed sweetness. “Well, hello there. Who might you be?”

Tingles rolled down Zach’s spine with the sensual delivery of her words and the intense gaze that accompanied them. He could almost feel the heat of her smoldering eyes as they examined him.

“I’m, um, Zach,” he replied, flustered.

“What are you doing here, um Zach?” she asked, the hint of a smile turning the corners of her lips upward. Her sultry voice again sent shivers down Zach’s spine. She leaned forward, giving him a breathtaking view of her sumptuous cleavage. The woman was clearly accustomed to using her body to influence men to acquiesce to her desires.

“I wanted to ask you about something you’ve seen. You see, my girlfriend and I ran across this monolith in the woods, and—”

“You found it!” she cried, her voice losing a bit of its seductive appeal as her tone shifted to one of excitement as she interrupted him. “Where is it? Do you have it?”

Eagerly, she grabbed his arm, pulling him into the house with a powerful tug. Zach stumbled forward into her living room until he reached her sofa, reaching out a hand to steady himself.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve gone back there to find it!” she gushed. “But I never could. I thought it was gone!”

She approached him quickly, grabbing his shoulders, her large breasts hovering enticingly just below his eyeline. Zach struggled to keep his eyes on hers, sensing the lushness of her body as it swayed before him.

“It’s at my house,” he confessed. “But…”

Mandy gave him a dazzling, slightly predatory, smile. “You’d take me there if I asked, wouldn’t you?” Her voice was back to its previous purr, perhaps even more suggestive this time.

“I, well…” Zach said, struggling to gather his thoughts. “…I’d have to see if my girlfriend is okay with it first.”

“Your girlfriend, eh?” Mandy intoned, raising an eyebrow as her smile faltered slightly. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then her gaze returned to his, blazing with intensity.

“So you have a girlfriend.” She shrugged. “Who fucking cares? Just imagine what I would be like with another exposure to the monolith…” She trailed off, letting her words hang in the air suggestively. As Zach swallowed tremulously, she leaned in, moving her lips within a millimeter of his. He could almost taste their succulent flesh. “I promise I’ll make it worth your trouble if you take me to it.”

She withdrew slightly, reaching down to grab her top by its lower hem and pull it over her head. A moment later, she shimmied out of her shorts, revealing her magnificent body in all its considerable glory. When she kissed him a moment later, Zach couldn’t resist slithering his hands over her naked back, hugging her to him.

Mandy spent the next hour making sure he knew exactly what she had to offer. The woman definitely knew how to use that phenomenal body of hers. Zach had felt as if he were in the eye of a hurricane, furious activity happening all around his prone body.

When she’d finished with him, she went to her room to shower and change. As she did, Zach, sore from the overwhelming sexual experience, fished out his phone.

He dialed the number for the ranger station. Harvey, the same ranger he had talked to before, answered.

“Why did you lie to me?!” Zach demanded immediately, skipping past all usual pleasantries to get straight to the point. He didn’t have much time before Mandy came back.

“W-what?” the voice on the other end of the line was clearly taken aback.

“Why. Did. You. Lie!” Zach repeated emphatically. “About the monolith!”

There was a pause. Then, a sigh.

“Forget that you ever saw it.” The voice was hushed, nearly inaudible.

“What?! I can’t forget it! It’s in my fucking house!” Zach hissed, venting frustration born of weeks of being manhandled by women on the only person he could.

“It’s what?!” This time, it was the ranger’s turn to be shocked.

“It’s in my house! My girlfriend brought it home!” Zach lowered his voice, not wanting Mandy to overhear. “She’s using it constantly.”

Another pause.

“Destroy it!” Harvey said flatly, a little too calm. His voice sounded as if he were making a conscious effort to control it – as if afraid of what might happen if he let his true emotions show through. “Now! Before it’s too late!”

Too late? Zach reeled, his thoughts spinning. Judging by April’s power, it may already be too late!

As he attempted to wrap his mind around the ranger’s words, he heard footsteps. Mandy was coming! Quickly, he hung up the phone and slipped on his shirt. Alarmed, he decided to leave as quickly as he could – without Mandy. The last thing he needed right now were two woman April’s size. He dashed out of the house, leaping into his car just as Mandy opened the door. She looked confused, surveying the yard for him.

When she spotted him, her eyebrows furrowed, and she began to sprint toward the car. Zach started the car, threw it into reverse, and stomped on the gas pedal, narrowly pulling away from her outstretched arms before she reached the driver’s side door.

When Zach had put twenty feet or so between him and the sexy amazon, he slammed on the brakes, shoved the transmission into Drive, then mashed the accelerator once again. He glanced at the rearview mirror to see the frustrated Asian woman stomping her feet in anger as she shrank into the distance. Focusing his eyes forward, he sped home as fast as he dared, determined to follow the ranger’s unambiguous advice and get rid of the monolith once and for all.


When Zach pulled into his driveway, he leapt from the car, ran into the garage and grabbed a hammer and his ancient chainsaw. He entered the house, eyes instantly locking onto the black tablet by the stairwell. With manic determination lighting his gaze, he studied his tools. He set down the saw, deciding to try the hammer first.

Kneeling down before the black object, he raised the hammer over his head, and tensed his shoulders, ready to unleash a stone-shattering blow on the strange monolith. He unleashed his long bottled anger, eager to drive his hammer through the cursed tablet with every fiber of his being. He willed his arms to swing the heavy tool downward with all his strength…

…but nothing happened.

Instead, a large, warm hand slithered over his own, holding back his arm effortlessly. He turned, already knowing who he would find behind him. His hands began to tremble in fear.

“Honey? Why do you look so nervous?” she said, an oddly serene smile molding her gorgeous lips. “You really shouldn’t be. You don’t have the mental capacity to predict the future.”

Her voice was light, sounding amused, in direct contrast with her hard eyes. Those breathtaking eyes flashed with anger.

“I do,” she finished.

Zach felt his lips tremble, swallowing hard. What was she going to do to him?

He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

April wrested the tool from Zach’s hands as if he were a child. An open-handed slap, carefully calibrated to avoid separating his head from his shoulders, drove him to the ground. His mouth hit the monolith face first, sending a splatter of hot, tinny liquid into his mouth. He rolled over to face his girlfriend, bringing his hand up to feel the damage to his split lip. As he did, his spinning hammer whizzed past him, embedding itself into the stairwell a millimeter from Zach’s ear. The reverberation of cracking plaster and splintering wood rattled his eardrum as it struck. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he realized just how close he had come to death.

Extending a powerfully sculpted arm toward Zach, April hooked a single fingertip under his belt buckle. She lifted him, hefting his weight as effortlessly as if he were a soap bubble. Flicking her eyes upward, she smiled cruelly. A millisecond later, Zach’s limp, dangling body accelerated skyward. He bounced off the ceiling, then slammed to the floor, this time slamming the back of his head against the stone monolith. Dazed, he reached back to feel sticky warmth leaking from the back of his head.

“I know about Mandy,” she said quietly, only her eyes betraying her true emotion. “I have a new ability, you know. I can read your body language so easily that I might as well be reading your mind. It’s really quite impressive, actually. It tells me who you really are.”

Zach gaped at her in horror, blanching as she reached a massively muscled arm toward him. When her fingers wrapped not around him, but the monolith, he wasn’t certain whether he should be relieved or even more alarmed.

Picking it up without difficulty, she placed a hand on either side and squeezed. The black stone tablet crumpled under her unbelievable strength until it was crushed into a long, cylindrical column.

“I already knew about your feelings for Laura. So I had to give the little bitch a few deformities while you were gone. She probably won’t be returning to work anytime soon…”

Ripping off her undersized shorts with a casual flick of her wrist, she threw them aside. Smiling darkly, she stared at Zach, maneuvering the re-shaped monolith until it hovered before her hips.

“But this Mandy character…” April continued, fingering the cylinder as she angled it to align with her sleek sex. “…I can’t wait to have some fun with her.”

“No!” Zach yelped as he recognized what she was about to do. But he was powerless to stop her. April was gaining abilities faster than he could keep up. She was orders of magnitude stronger than he was and far larger. Not to mention vastly more intelligent.

“After all,” April continued, ignoring Zach’s outburst. “I don’t need you anymore. Not when I have this.”

As she finished her statement, she plunged the monolith into herself, gasping in pleasure as she began to pleasure herself with the mysterious object.

To Zach’s utter astonishment, the monolith disappeared inside of her as he pulled it inward. Somehow, she was absorbing the mysterious tablet into her womb!

April let out a long, carnal moan of ecstasy. Zach’s quivering eyes widened as she grew even larger, her magnificent body absolutely exploding with incomprehensible power.

“Oh my God!” he whispered in hushed awe.

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