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Too Much of a Good Thing

Written by Grayface :: [Tuesday, 02 March 2021 02:02] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 02 March 2021 11:55]

Too Much of a Good Thing

Again gonna have to thank Dru for editing help and input when I was stuck.


Looking at herself in the dingy mirror of the small restroom off the warehouse floor near her work area, she adjusted her extra baggy blouse and pants to better hide her mega sexy bod, then she carefully tucked any stray locks of her short red-brown hair under her hijab-like headwrap so that the only skin she had visible was her hands and plain yet unconventionally attractive face, and yes she mostly kept her hands out of sight, because even just a flash of a finger or two could be too much and cause some people to get turned on.

Hiding her better than goddess-like bod was a feat-in-and-of-itself but she had it down as good as anyone could. Most peeps believed that her baggy clothing was of a religious nature. If pressed Abby said she had very bad allergies and the outfit was hypoallergenic and not much more. It was easier to let them fill in the blanks themselves as even her voice could cause people to get aroused.

So she was known as the quiet slightly odd woman who most people found strangely attractive. Her face wasn’t ugly, not by a long shot, but it wasn’t supermodel beautiful. Her head was long and angular giving her face a rectangular shape that was accentuated when she had her headscarf.

Lately, she often thought of the wish she’d made on her 16th birthday and that was 31 years ago. Abby had just turned 47 but she still looked like she was a young 20-something, right in her prime of her life, unless you looked deep into her ice-blue eyes and most people never got that close up to her body. Maybe she had wished for too much?

Abby’s body would make anyone from the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite to Helen of Troy and Jessica Rabbit weep with envy and shame. They were reduced to boring and ordinary next to her. She was hotter than the hottest fictional woman and yet she was real. She easily blew even the hottest of the hottest women out of the water. Supermodels or instababes all fell before her. In her 47 years on earth, she had never met a man or woman who was remotely close to her hotness, much less even coming close to matching her overwhelming beauty and sex appeal.

Would she have made the same wish again if she could? Of course, that meant she would have had to know what she knew now. For the last few years, she slowly realized that she was missing something from her life of wanton hedonism, but she had never been able to pin down just exactly what that was.

She had never had to work a day in her life for anything. Someone, whether man or woman, and there were so many, would just give her anything she asked for just to please her. From houses and cars to clothing and jewelry.

She had wished for the hottest sexiest bod ever! Her wish came true and in spades, but there were other side effects all good like she couldn't recall getting so much as a cold, and despite how much unprotected sex she had, and she had a LOT, she’d never got an STD or even preggers and she did have herself checked out and she was perfectly fertile. Luck always seemed to work out in her favor. She never worked out a day in her life and ate whatever she wanted and never gained an unwanted pound from the day she made her wish. She had gone through decades abusing her body with drugs and alcohol and through it all she had never become addicted… all while her body stayed a beacon of health and perfection. That certainly wasn't so for the people that she pulled along in her orbit.

She was like a super sexy black hole of hedonistic partying and wanton sex. Her friends and the people who got sucked into her orbit and partied with her were not so lucky. So many lives were ruined and for decades she never cared as long as her own whims were satisfied. When someone couldn't keep up she had just cast them aside for someone who, for a time at least, could.

She came to realize she had never really grown out of her selfish teenage years. At some point, she knew something was bothering her. The thing that got her thinking was seeing her original bestie, Sam. She couldn't remember most of her so-called friends who had fallen used and broken to the wayside but thinking of Sam made her smile fondly. It was only last year she ran across Sam’s Facebook profile and realized she was indirectly responsible for ruining people's lives and using people like they were so much candy for her amusement.

She was a force of nature, a juggernaut of sexiness. She was given the equivalent of a nuclear arsenal when everyone else was armed with wet matches. In those early years, Sam had never had a chance except to be pulled along with her and she was lucky enough to only end up as a teen mom. Shit, Abby hadn't even known Sam had gotten addicted to anything but there it was on her page. I guess, Abby thought, at least Sam hadn’t gotten an STD.

Reading through her timeline Abby never realized the mental damage and distress she had selfishly caused to the people around her, and the physical damage of trying to keep up with her. That is till she read her former BFF’s post and saw the pictures of her with her family and everything clicked in her mind. She was suddenly lonely even surrounded as she was by people who were all trying their utmost to please her with the vague hope of getting to have sex or even her attention for a moment of bliss, but no one was trying to get to know her.

Sam looked so old and worn out! They were the same age. Whereas Abby was a stark contrast to her former bestie, Abbs looked like she could have been Sam’s youngest daughter. She had to wonder just how much her wish had changed her? Would she eventually grow old, or was she some kind of goddess? She’s honestly never thought about it before seeing Samantha’s life spread out before her.

Sam had 3 kids aged 30, 24, and 18 Sam’s oldest son, Mark, was 30 and had a family of his own. Sam’s hubby was a thickly built man in his early fifties. Shit, she hadn't even know the kids' names, and now he had kids of his own. The worst thing was that Sam never called Abby out with her FB postings or trash-talked her for how she was left behind when she was no longer fun to be around. The few times Samantha wrote about her teen years she carefully wrote around Abby never naming her and the situations that had played themselves out in one way or another year after year till she fell apart in a broken heap while Abby’s blessed life steamrolled on and on.

The realization hit Abby like a ton of bricks falling on her. Surrounded as she was, she was alone. The next was the realization that she was a bad person. She was actually a real dick and an awful cunt! Her first thought was to go to Sam's house and take Sam and her family as only she could. The last realization was that she was jealous of Sam and her family! Of Her friends, the ones who commented on her postings, the ones in the pictures.

Abby had never been jealous of anyone and yet her first reaction was that she could show them all what was what, in no uncertain terms. But something in her hindbrain told her that wasn’t fair to Sam or the delicious little family that Sam had so laboriously clawed from the brink of the disaster of a life Abby had left her with, and that wasn’t what she really wanted.

Sam’s family was still having money troubles. The kind of things normal people had to deal with as they got older, Sam was beginning to have some medical issues and as her hubby apparently had shit for health insurance, they’d had to make some money out of the youngest’s college fund for the medical bills. She would have to go to community college but they were getting by as best they could.

And here she was living in a penthouse apartment free of rent or mortgage, she wasn’t even sure who paid for it, some rich person… she assumed… or maybe she fucked the building's owner? But then, she had at least 32 credit cards that were given to her by various people, both men and women, Abby would take anyone as a lover as long as she was mildly attracted to them and were of some use to her. Everything she had from cars, clothing, jewelry, and everything in between she had taken with simply asking or had been freely given as a gift. The idea of having to work a normal job for money was a foreign thought to her.

With that realization, that she was the cause of her oldest friend’s lifelong issues, the first thing Abby did was anonymously transfer $375,000, which was what was in her checking account, via Facebook. That wouldn't make up for the past but she hoped it would go away to helping.

In the next few months, Abby figured out how to live a semi-normal life. She was beginning to realize things would almost always work out in her favor. She cut off and cut out everyone and everything from her old hedonistic life. She dressed in the baggiest, most ill-fitting and drabbest clothing she could find. Still, her intoxicating sex appeal made itself apparent but if she was careful enough it was sufficiently muted so that people treated her mostly like a normal person.

Abby found a shabby but decent working-class apartment and a job at a nearby warehouse, she had to remind herself that most “normal” people might not find an apartment and job as easy herself as she was coming to realize how differently people were treated based on how they looked. She did her best to become a people watcher. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for but she was sure she would know when she found it.

“Abby, are you back here?” She heard James calling for her, snapping her out of her thoughts and back to the present. It has been just over a year now. “Hey, Abbs you said you wanted to talk after our shift.” James was one of the few people she had contact with over the course of a night; he was the 3rd shift Load & Dispatch Specialist, he was the one who took the pallets once she QA’d them and loaded them on the outbound loading dock.

One of the things she liked was that the 3rd shift was basically a skeleton crew, in fact, there were supposed to be two more people in QA but Abby was easily able to do the work of three people and was easily able to keep up with the work with time to spare, in fact, she’s had to slow down so she didn’t swamp James and make him look bad or worse maybe management would add another person with James.

“Umm, in the restroom, I’ll be right out.” She gave one last glance to make sure she was as drab as possible before opening the door to see James waiting by the QA desk. She had already left all her notes for the morning QA team, she never waited for them. Even though she made sure to learn all their names as she now did with everyone she worked with and knew, even acquaintances.

She lived about two-mile or so away from the warehouse. For her it was a brisk easy walk, for her tireless legs there was no effort in it, and she walked it day and night. She’d only made the mistake of walking to work in the rain once. Even with an umbrella her loose clothing and hijab-like head covering were far too wet and damp to effectively hide her curves. When she almost caused an accident about a block away from the warehouse she called in sick, it was the only time she ever called in sick, and the next rainy night she called for an uber and was extra careful to stay dry and to mind herself in the cramped space of the car least she shows too much of her curves and blows the drivers mind.

She found the walks let her have some time to think and decompress her thoughts. Any neighborhood that bordered on an industrial zone was probably not going to be the greatest and now and again some moron wannabe thug tried to mug her. The attempted muggings didn’t scare her, though she thought a normal person would be scared, probably right?

Mostly they just made her angry and sad, but even more than that she was curious. She literally just smiled the mugging away, pulling her scarf off her head shaking her short but stylishly cut red hair out and then press her arms against her accentuating the swell of her breast and the curves of her hips and T-Rock aka Shawn was a deflated jizzing fool who had only barely just got a hint of the incredible delights hidden under her baggy clothes and was near-instantly hers. If she had opened her shirt and shown him her huge rack like she had been ready to, Shawn might not have been able to recover with such a weak will.

Her first thoughts were to have him turn himself in or maybe just torture him by tempting him with her flirting, but she then had the idea that if she could change maybe Shawn could too, and he had all he needed was a helping boost, which she had very carefully given to him and now he was not just going to get his GED but he was helping others around his block.

“Earth to Abbs, are you alright? You seem really spaced out this morning.” James yawned tiredly after a long night of loading trucks.

“Sorry sorry, I'm just lost in thought,” Abby said as they walked out into the parking lot. Her tummy felt tight and fluttery.

“You sure you’re okay?” James asked, “you look nervous or something.”

“It was a long week, I’m glad for the 3 day weekend to get here,” Abby said as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Nervous! Fuck she was nervous, it was not a sensation she was used to feeling. She had probably been nervous before her wish but that had been so long ago that it was almost like a new feeling to her again. She would have smiled with delight at the “new” sensation if she weren’t so, well, so nervous.

“Are you hungry? I know a kick-ass breakfast place closer to my place. My treat.” Abby said, turning to walk out of the parking lot.

“Yeah, sure I could eat.” He turned the opposite direction to where his pickup truck was parked.

Abby froze mid-step when he made a coughing sound she slowly turned to him.

“Abbs, What's up with you? You’re a hell of a strange duck normally. You didn’t think we were going to walk to your breakfast joint? Did you? I mean I know you’ve got this whole monastic thing going on and all.”

The fact that James was not totally giving into her was still shocking to her even after all the months of working with him. It still surprised her every time he treated her just like one of the guys. At first, she had been very careful and standoffish like she was with most everyone but soon it was apparent that James was somehow not affected by her body like everyone else.

Recently she’d even tested him a few times by letting her blouse bunch up and show a hint of her fabbu bobage as she moved some boxes as he passed by her. Another time she bent over in a way that let her drab and loose pants hug her butt for just a second another guy would have at least done a quadruple take and come to a stumbling halt. James just said excuse me and kept on walking past her. She knew he wasn’t gay.

“No no! Driving is okay,” Abby had to test one more time. She turned to him as they walked to his truck in the parking lot, making sure no one else was looking, and she took off her gray cloth gloves. Turning, she smoothed her headscarf out making sure he got a good look at her bare hands.

She was almost certain she saw him blush a little at the sight of her hands but that was good. Men would involuntary shudder at full sight of just one hand and her creamy vibrant skin. Women would breathlessly comment on her manicure and how clear and smooth her skin looked and she must spend a fortune in time and money on her hands as they looked longingly at her sexy and smooth skin and they looked on in shock when she would say that the truth she did nothing special but wash then in soap and water.

The real test was sitting in the car. Even with the best minimizing bra money could buy, her massive rack was huge but her baggy clothing hanging off her body made her look kind of fat and frumpy, add in her blandly colored baggy and shapeless religious-like outfits most people didn’t pay her too much mind with her normal average face they assumed she must be fat especially with the fact she told everyone the reason she dressed as she did was that she had severe allergies and had to have special hypoallergenic clothing.

The next test was when she took off the scarf that was around her head. She turned to James and smiled and re-wrapped her head and got into the truck. If the look at her hands and naked head had much of an effect on him he didn't show it other than flushing slightly. He didn’t seem to act any different to her as he walked around and got in the pick-up truck and leaned across the seat and popped the lock so she could get in.

James’s large old pickup truck had a long bench seat that was roomy and forgiving. Abby was able to bunch up the pleats of her blouse to mostly hide where the seatbelt was pressing against her body and the ride went much smoother than she had thought, with James totally concentrating on driving and her directions to the restaurant and not constantly trying to sneak looks at her.

Both Abby and James had been hired on at the same time and they saw and worked with each other almost every night. She knew he had been in a bad break-up around the time they were hired on. It was only thanks to some stealthful intervening on her part that he wasn't fired within his first few weeks thanks to him being an emotional wreck.

She knew it had been a longish relationship that the break up was caused by some kind of medical condition on his part, and thanks to the warehouse's crappy health insurance he was still dealing with it as best he could but had not been able to afford the treatments and specialist. He didn’t talk too much about it and Abby didn’t push.

Abby didn’t know if his impotence was mental, physical, or maybe both. He’d never talked about it in any depth, he mentioned an accident a couple of times in passing. She had been leaning towards some kind of medical condition and was almost sure of it especially with her testing him in the truck. He looked right at her hands and then her full-on uncovered head and hadn’t flinched. Yes, okay, she had also done a bit of Facebook creeping on him. She had wanted to transfer some money to him but his profile was as basic and minimal as could be.

Kind of like her new profile. She had deleted all of her old social media accounts and kept the ones she now had locked tight. She still kept a stash of credit cards and her old bank account still had plenty of cash in it. Though she would only use the money in it to help people anonymously. But damn it, James was making anonymous help hard and if she were honest with herself she really was curious as to how impotent he really was. Since her sweet 16th, she’d never had a true friend, much less a boyfriend she could open up to and just talk without them turning into a jizzing fountain and lusting over her and doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, all the time.

Though after watching Jessica Jones she was frightened she might be some kind of monster just like Kilgrave. She could truly say she had never asked someone to kill themselves and she wasn’t sure someone would follow orders from her to kill themselves, sure she was mega hot and sexy but she didn’t actually control minds.

Though she did bare some dark stains on her soul. Early on, especially… she had been quite a bitch. And not until recently did she look back on her life and see the stains on her soul and realize the damage to people's lives that she had caused. The realization was something she was still struggling with herself over how to handle. She was just so glad that Sam had been as strong as she was.

“Hey, mopy rag top… Ohshitsorythsatcameoutwrong. I mean you know you always wear the-the scarfthescarfthehijab… I’m… not… I didn't mean.”

She was just more pleased that he was joking with her even in her baggy and outfit most people, but especially guys would be on the ragged edge of lust with her right now. Whether it was her pheromones or just the fact that even with the baggiest and drabbest clothing, with enough time people could still get a sense of her hidden lush bod, so if it helped people to think she was a bloated cow underneath her smock and baggy outfit then she would let them have it.

“No sweat, you big goof bucket. I know how you meant it, no worries kay?” Abby saw the smile slip off his face as he pulled into the small parking lot of the dinner.

“Yeah okay so what's up? You're moving and need a pickup truck, right?” James asked to change the subject.

“No,” she frowned, “why would you even say that?”

“Why? You go and buy a pickup truck and see if everyone you’ve ever known doesn't ask you to help move. Not that I’m saying no, I mean if that's what you need, I'm here if you need me. I mean help. If you need my help.” He enunciated the last sentence carefully all the while blushing as they walked into the small dinner.

OMG, he was such a cutie. Now all she needed to do was figure out a way to tell him she had it bad for him. It had taken her a few months to figure out the strange new emotions she was feeling. She was falling for James.

Her fall for a guy? What a crazy thought. Abby had slept with more people than she could count, she had every kind of sex, with every kind of person/s. You name the act/position, as long as it involved a consenting adult she’s done it. Abby had never been shy about using her body's overwhelming sex appeal to get whatever she wanted. She could count the times someone told her “no” and meant it on one finger.

“They make a positively sinful chocolate chip bacon waffle. Totes to die for.”

“Say,” James looked out the window to the scary-looking apartments across the street, “you said you live nearby? This is like the worst part of town!” His voice was hushed. He’d know she lived near the warehouse but it never really clicked in his brain.

“Yeah, I live across the street.” Abby pointed across the street to the shitty apartments.

“Damn, and you walk to work every night?”

“Well, I don’t walk in the rain. I usually take an uber or something. I usually get my food to go from here.”

Abby was a little nervous with the last part. Sitting in a cramped booth was gonna make hiding her curves harder, but as luck would have it one of the booths in the back had a wider gap between the table and the seat.

James watched as the waitress, a fat old white-haired woman, in a pink old-fashioned waitress outfit walked over. “Oh, ya got a friend today little Miss. Thang. Yes, you do.” Mama as the old white-haired woman’s name tag read, curiously didn’t look at Abby but looked at the sacred green Formica tabletop while speaking.

“yer’ usual baby doll?” the old woman’s voice was raspy from years of smoking. She carefully placed a carafe of OJ and 2 small glasses on the table again. She was very careful about not looking at Abby but definitely not ignoring her, but James wasn’t putting it all together yet.

“Oh! You've just gotta try the waffles, we will both have my usual… ”

“Um, yeah no, no offense Abbs but I don’t eat too heavy in the morning, makes me sleep badly.”

It wasn’t that James was annoyed or anything but after working with her for most of the year now, he knew that she had some kind of body issues. She was always really nervous, what with her skin allergies and all, she could be really awkward around people, she must bruise easily or maybe she had servier exuma, but her hands had looked so vibrant just a few minutes ago. Maybe she had been a cutter or something like that?

“I’ll just have 2 eggs over easy, 2 strips of bacon, crispy, and 2 slices of plain wheat toast.” He said quickly to make up the slightly too long pause while he’s been lost in thought. He found himself getting lost in thought a lot around Abby.

Abby was rocked to her core. James didn't say the no with any malice, in fact, he was perfectly nice, but the “no” still hit her like a sledgehammer to the gut. She couldn’t remember the last time someone contradicted her. The fluttery sensation in her belly moved to her groin in a big way. She had never been more turned on in her life. With all the sex she’d had over the years, she’d never felt the sensations she was now feeling. She had never been so turned on by any single person in her life and she had slept with the hottest of the hot.

Mama was well past her prime but when she felt downtown give a little quiver, she hauled ass as fast as her old bones could take her to the kitchen. The old waitress didn’t know just why she was suddenly frightened and turned on.

There had always been rumors about the strange white girl who moved into the roughest neighborhoods in the city, Mama never paid them any mind, but peeping out at the odd couple through the serving window, maybe the rumors were right. The outline of the female body was definite and amazing. Mama’s legs gave out and she crumpled to the floor. Luckily she had been braced on the serving window so she didn’t hit the ground hard.

Abby politely excused herself to use the ladies' room. She hit the bathroom hard slamming the door shut and making sure it was locked and then thrust her hand into her soaking wet sex. Her body shuddered again and again as she thought of James saying “no,” of him disagreeing with her. It was as far as she could remember the hottest she had been for any guy in her life.

Hells bells she’d probably had more sex and therefore more orgasms than anyone on earth, and none of them had ever been as good or powerful as the ones she had sitting on the can diddling herself in the little dinners restroom thinking about the one guy to ever say no to her.

Time seemed to stand still as Abby’s body shook in release. It was like she was going to vibrate apart or explode into a cloud of lust, it was simply amazing. She couldn’t imagine what sex with James was going to be like, and there wasn’t much about sex she could not imagine.

Abby’s pheromones and her scent when aroused had started orgies at funerals. As luck would have it, the old shabby restroom had just been clean and had the strong scent of Lysol filling the air add-in that the small window was cracked open and there was a strong draft into the back alley and most of the patrons would never know just how lucky they were, or maybe Abby was the lucky one because her secret was safe while took care of herself and then cleaned herself up as fast as she could.

Sitting at the table James was beginning to see there was more to Abby than he had thought. Sure she was strange the way she was always covered from head to toe except for her face, not even a hair from her head peeped out. The way she, for a bigger girl, always walked so carefully around. Like she was a graceful ballerina who was trapped in a world where almost everything was lava except for where she placed her feet.

Her face wasn't Hollywood perfect. It was too blocky. Her blue eyes were too small and her nose was no cute little button. Not that it was a bulbous appendage, but it wasn't exactly delicate. Her lips didn’t have that pouty full look that people were after, though they did frame the most amazing teeth, and my god her smile was brilliant! Her entire face would light up, and her light ginger eyebrows were so expressive and her skin was always, and I do mean always, perfect and clear. James had never really thought about it but he should have noticed how strange it was that her skin allergies didn’t affect her face.

Was it weird to find eyebrows attractive? Hers were incredible! Au natural, not over-tweezed check-marks that were so popular these days. He was also amazed when he learned she didn’t put any makeup on. Her completion was always flawless even after some of the busier nights.

He hadn’t ever thought much about how Abby looked till he had overheard some of the first shift ladies talking about her behind her back. Tina, the 1st shift dispatcher who was one of the most attractive women he’d seen at the warehouse, had said even she was jealous of Fat Abby’s flawless complexion. That’s what they called her behind her back. He hadn't much cared for hearing the name-calling but he didn’t say anything to stop them and he’d always regretted it. Abby was always so nice to him and he’d never heard her talk bad about anyone. In fact, she almost always had something nice to say to him and the few people with who she came into contact at work.

Maybe it was the nickname that had put the idea she was fat in his mind but now sitting across from her when she leaned over a little and James didn’t get the sense of fatness from Abbs, in fact, her face wasn't chubby, nor were her hands, in fact, her hands had the same flawless skin as her face come to think of it, and was leaning over like she was made her look like she had some whopping great tits there just for a second before her eyes locked on to his. She quickly looked away, blushing. Was he getting the wrong signal here or was she into him? He really hoped he was wrong and she needed help moving or something. At least that would be something he could help her with…

At work, she’d always kept moving and never seemed to get worn out, even on the busiest of nights. Thinking about that more he realized she never ever seemed to get tired out, and with the super baggy thick hypoallergenic outfits it was hard to get much of a sense of her body, and to be honest he never gave her looks much of a thought. Abby did seem to be a really nice person and on one hand, he wouldn't have minded getting to know her more even if she didn't have a great body, I mean it wasn’t like he was a golden Adonis. In the end, he thought who was he? Even if she was the hottest woman on the planet and into him it wasn’t like he could do anything thanks to his crippling impotence. Not that the hottest woman on the planet would be interested in him.

Abby wasn't sure how to begin; she hadn’t ever asked anyone if they liked her. She had never asked a one for a date, and to be honest, James didn’t seem too interested as he picked at his food worse than she was doing. Abbs decided to put the big guns into play but only a little bit. She leaned forward just enough for her huge knockers to be outlined as they squished between her arms and the table as she reached for some butter packets and grabbed the syrup.

O M G! When he looked at her his eyes certainly lingered… but it wasn’t the deer-in-the-headlights look she was expecting. Abby was at a loss; small talk was not something she was known for.

Hells bells! James was the only person that gave her fits like this. He seemed unaffected by her and even if he was what would happen, would he want to date her? Could he date her? She really liked him. She didn’t want to scare him… or worse. Would it break his will if they slept together? Abby had left more than a few men unable to have sex with any woman other than herself. Her body was just so far past perfection she had even caused more than a few men, and women, to pass on to their greater reward. When she really pushed her sexual appetite to its limits it inevitably took her playmates well past theirs. She’d just figured they’d have popped with someone else if not her. And hey, at least they went happy… right?

In the past, she had always used people for what they had to offer her, be it their bodies, their money, or their power. The feelings she was feeling for James were quite different. It had been bugging her for some months after they started working together and it took some searching around online in some forums before she figured it out. She was feeling respect for James. And that respect quickly turned to admiration. Admiration turned to a full-on crush.

At first, the feeling baffled her, I mean he wasn't the best-looking guy that was for sure. He was kind of soft and dumpy if she were honest. He was strong enough to load the trucks, but once in a while with some of the heavier pallets, he’d ask for her help. She was fairly sure she was stronger than him, though that honestly wasn’t fair since she was much stronger than she looked.

He didn't get defensive with her about it when she showed him what he was doing wrong, he thanked her for the help. Later, he told her she was really smart and that she was the reason he was doing as well as he was at the warehouse. She would always remember that moment as the first time she felt the butterflies flutter in her belly, and realized she really really liked James and wanted to know more about him.

So Abby was a little concerned. She knew what she was capable of… how overwhelming she was. She wouldn't want to ruin him for other women for the rest of his life with the incomparable perfection of her body. At the same time, she didn’t like the thought of him with anyone else other than her. He was such a soft cutie of a guy, so goofy she wanted to cuddle him and protect him from the world. She really looked forward to seeing his smile and his slightly crooked teeth, even hearing his voice.

James didn’t talk about his ex much, but he never talked about dating women or men, or even just hanging with friends. With the life, Abby had led she would never judge. Abby knew his breakup had been messy, and that his ex took everything from him and left him at the lowest point in his life.

She wondered if she was the cure, and if she was not, she was willing to use any means at her disposal to help him. Now all she had to do was tell him how she felt and hope that he would reciprocate the feelings back.

James looked up from his eggs, and their eyes locked. He looked so sad, Abby wanted to reach out and hold him, to whisper that she would everything was going to be okay because she would keep him safe.

“Do you think, like, people can change?” he asked.

“What?" Her voice squeaked in surprise like a toy, a very sexy toy. The small restaurant was filling up and the patrons who had been in earshot turned to look at the odd couple, some of them shivering as their gaze lingered on Abby a bit too long, she had been too carefree with how her baggy clothing had been bunching up. People weren't losing it but some of the more observant types were giving her lingering double-takes.

“Uh… ” Abby was caught off guard. That was something she had been thinking about a lot in her self-imposed exile from her old life. Did he know? Had he somehow found out about her past? Her voice became a timid tremble… was this fear she was feeling? When was the last time she was scared? And now she was getting turned on again. For most of her life, she never felt emotions like this. Was this how people felt around her?

“Yes.” Abby met his soft brown eyes. Her own voice was a whisper with a lifetime of regret, “But first I think a person needs to truly want to change. I mean it’s easy for someone to say they want to change but a lot harder to change.”

Abby’s insides were quivering with lust and fear, but she couldn’t lose control not now. It took every urge of her willpower to keep her body and emotions in check.

“Why do you ask?” Taking a deep calming breath Abby watched James for a reaction to her. She did hear a gasp and the dropping of what must have been a full cup of hot coffee from someone off to her side at the counter from the yelp she heard.

“My ex sent me a text, she said she changed and wants to talk.”

There was a crash of pots and pans from the kitchen. James and almost everyone else looked over at the commotion. Abby used that moment to adjust her outfit to be as unflattering as she could. She had never wanted to jump anyone's bones so bad! Abby was filled with concern, could this witch be trying to sink her talons back into her… into James.

What little Abby knew about his breakup was that it had been messy. His ex took everything from him, even his dog, and left him at the lowest point in his life. Abby was fairly sure James' big condition was impotence, especially after today's little test. She wondered if she was the cure? No one had ever needed those little blue pills with her, no matter their age or supposed impotence, well no one who wasn’t a paraplegic.

They were nearly done eating and things were not unfolding anything close to how Abby had imagined it. Is this what other people go through? The anxiety and stress felt awful. She couldn't remember the last time she was so upset she didn’t want to eat.

Throughout most of her life, Abby had always been in firm control of everyone around her. She remembered back when she asked Brad Gilman out and he said no, and then told the rest of the school. Kyligh Saunders had laughed at her for the rest of the school year. Well, the joke was on her. Hell, the joke was on the whole school and town. If she asked James… No… WHEN she asked James out… if he said no… She had no idea what she would do and she really didn’t want to think about it.

Now was the time to make her move. James was looking at her, and the rest of the room had calmed down. No one was paying her and James much attention now that she had adjusted her outfit. She knew what she would do when she noticed the darkening sky as it started to rain outside.

“James? Would you mind giving me a ride across the street?”

“Yeah, sure thing, Abby.”

“Great! I’ll meet you at your truck, just let me pay.”

“Can I at least leave a tip? I do know where you work.”

“No, I said my treat and I meant it.” She couldn't help smiling at him; he was such a gentleman.

Abby paid Mama at the register and thanked her for looking out for her and her date. It was a little white lie and she hoped it would explain the large tip she left. She didn’t want to stand out too much and maybe the tip would take Mama’s mind off the rest of the oddities of the morning. She normally left a decent tip even when she just got carried out. This time she left a tip over ten times the 18 dollar bill.

In just the couple of minutes, it took Abby to pay, the rain had really started to pour out of the dark sky. There was a flash of lightning followed by a small crack of thunder, there was no way she was going to even get the short distance to James' truck without getting drenched.

This was perfect, Abby thought, she made it look like she was hurrying to get in the truck but she made sure to get very wet enough so James got more than a hint of the insanely hot bod under her normally baggy outfit. Maybe this was cheating a little bit, or a lot, but with James' blase attitude towards her she felt it was justified.

The way she jumped into the pickup’s cab and slid across the bench seat shutting the door highlighted every inch of her crazy body. Even with her minimizer bra holding her ladies close in tight, the damp shirt clung to her jiggling chest showing off her surprisingly large womanly assets and the drab and baggy pants now perfectly outlined her long sensuous legs. Pulling her gloves off she tucked them in her waistband highlighting her trim waist and full hips. Lastly, she pulled off the scarf that covered her hair and shook out her short red-brown hair and gave James her best "this is the real me" smile.

“Wow, it's really coming down. I’m so wet.” Putting her hand on James' shoulder and looking him in the eyes she could feel his warmth. She used her best sexytime voice. Her mildest flirting had gotten her out of even the direst trouble many times. She had never gotten a ticket of any kind. Men had left their wives, women had left their husbands. Supermodels; Hollywood superstars; the hottest of the hot… even royalty: no one could say no to Abby when she wanted them.

“I think I have Towel behind the seat, just lean up a little."

No one except, apparently, James.

Abby was dumbfounded! She had just dropped a world-ending bomb. Any other person would have been a blithering idiot in her presence.

“Come on, Lean forward a little so I can get an arm behind the seat.”

“Uh, it’s okay my apartment is just across the street. Let's just get there.”

Abby sat stunned as James drove across the street to her apartment complex. What did a girl have to do, send an engraved invitation with directions?

“Earth to Abby? Come on lean forward so I can get you that towel, it’s clean… Well pretty clean, I mean it’s been behind my seat for a while, but I was clean when I put it back there and it hasn’t been used.”

Okay, engraved envy with step-by-step directions it is, “James, I practically just threw myself at you! What's a girl gotta do?”

He looked so cute as the realization dawned on him, he even let out a sweet little nervous chuckle.

“Huh, Uhm, you know I think you are great and all but I’m at least 10 years older than you and… ”

Abby laughed a small crazy exasperated laugh.

“You are a real cutie but come on.” Abby gushed, “You’re so sweet but I am older than I look.” She paused a moment before pulling out her driver's license from a side pocket and handing it to him.

He looked it over, and looked her over, in the dim light of the truck cab and with the storm raging outside Abby thought he looked very sad. “47? You’re 47 years old? No way you’re a day over 21!” Almost anyone could have gotten a fake ID in this day and age but he hadn’t known Abbs to be a liar or the parting type.

“Well, I can absolutely assure you I’m over 21. We just have some really good genetics in my family. We all look young.” It was a small white lie, in truth she hadn’t seen her family since she left home.

While it was kind of true, James thought, she had always seemed awkward around most people, up till today she had never acted like some bubble-headed 20 something who didn’t know what they wanted. One thing he could say about Abby was she had never had a hard time making a decision or calling someone on their BS. She was never mean or bitchy, she was just matter of fact, and that's what made her such a QA Clerk and a very interesting person to him.

“You know, just to be clear and SURE I’m not misunderstanding you… we are talking about sex, with you and me?” James wasn't sure if he wanted to be right about this. Her hypoallergenic clothing had obviously been concealing an incredible body. Now he knew for sure the only excess fat on her was probably her major rack.

“You should know I… ” Just come out and say it, let's get this over with, “I have my issues, uh, medical issues, and I don’t think it would be fair to saddle you with that. I, I can’t… you know… ” The odd look she was giving him meant she wasn’t getting what he was trying to say.

“Look, Abby… I had an accident and for the last two years I can’t get it up, total ED. The doctors said I’d probably never have sex again. The impotence. It cost me my marriage. I mean you are an awesome gir- woman… you're not like anyone else I've ever met. Hell, I didn’t think I could even be friends with anyone after the divorce, much fewer friends with a woman.”

He called me a friend! That was all Abby could think and she leaned over onto him pressing her body into his and laid a kiss onto him, a kiss that had caused many people to pass out from orgasmic overload.

“Wow.” James had actually felt a tiny buzz deep in the part of his core he thought was dead.

“Sooooooo… my place?” James still looked apprehensive. She had never been so beguiled by a man. Never had she been so turned on and frustrated. Well, that's not totally true. She had been plenty frustrated when she had caused her playmates to prematurely orgasm and even pass out before they could really do anything for her.

“Look… just come on over and let's talk, and worst case you leave and we are still friends.”

“Okay, why not?" James said. The only word for the smile that broke out on Abby’s face was beatific.

“Totes rad! Let's go” Abby said, not sounding like a 47-year-old woman but not like any 20 something he knew either.

It felt to James as if Abby was trying to melt into him as he drove down the street to her apartment. With her clutching his right arm into her. Damn, she really was hiding some kind of body all this time.

“You know I’ve never had a woman throw herself at me like this. Say I can’t um, get things going, are you sure we’ll still be able to work together?”

“I'm in the bottom apartment on the corner, let's just get inside. I want to show you something.” Abby said jumping out into the storming night.

“I still can’t believe you live in this neighborhood.” He said it more to himself, as Abby was already in the vestibule motioning for him to come on. James made sure his truck was locked before following her inside.

For Abby the time for talk was over, it was sexy sex time. She had been subsisting on only her rather large collection of toys and the thought of a man had triggered her primal sex brain. Any other person, man or woman would have been a puddle of goo in Abby’s presence, the pheromones her body was pumping out was so intense that anyone who rode in James truck in the next 2 week would blow their load without knowing why they were so intensely turned on.

One of the first things Abby did upon moving in was to have top-of-the-line air filters installed, when after her first week there she realized that when she masturbated the entire block of apartments in her building got mega horny and everyone past puberty was incredibly turned on. Luckily the shitty apartments were all on the drafty side and her pheromones were very diluted by the time they got to the other apartments, but there were two new babies in her unit nine months later.

Abby felt a certain responsibility for them and had left rather large anonymous donations to both families, seeing that if they lived in this shit box it wasn't like they could afford too much. Her donations seemed to help her neighbors and they never questioned the money.

Abby’s apartment, small and old as it was, was tastefully decorated with a rather nice furniture, nothing too extravagant, but she had a nice taste. James was looking around wondering what the hell was he doing.

“James, make yourself at home. There are Cokes and beer in the fridge.” She was spinning about in slow blissful swirls around her small place.

James heard himself say no thanks out of reflex, though a cold beer was really starting to sound good.

The apartment was a straightforward one-bedroom room apartment. There was a living room and a small dining area. The bathroom was off to the right side of the small basic kitchen, and he guessed the bedroom was through the door that was between the refrigerator and beside the door bathroom door in the back where Abby had disappeared to.

The door to the bedroom opened and Abby came out, dressed in a huge fluffy pink and white bathrobe that of course covered her from her neck to her feet. He really had to marvel at how her stylishly cut short red-brown hair framed her smiling face.

As thick and fluffy as the robe was, he was definitely seeing that she really had an amazing body and she was truly some kind of a master at hiding some of her curves. How had he never noticed?

“Okay now, James,” Abby’s voice was a husky purr, “The safe word is 'platypus'. If at any time you feel overwhelmed just say platypus and I’ll back off. I really like you. I’m not sure I ever had a real convo with anyone before you who wasn’t trying to fuck me and please me never mind actually getting further with me. It's like my wish made me the most powerful beautiful sex drug in the world.

“Now Abbs, you’re a gorgeous woman and all, but don't think that you are being just a bit melodramatic… ”

“You tell me, Big-Guy," Abby’s voice was an incredibly sexy husky breath.

Slowly she let the left side of the robe drop down over the top of her shelf-like breast, James had to wonder what kind of support she was using and if they were real. Wait… he remembered feeling them squished against him, they were absolutely real, and then he felt the twitch from deep down below.

Her wish had apparently covered a lot. Her every movement was graceful, sleek, and erotic to the extreme. She’d even been told several times that the way she used the bathroom was extremely erotic, not that that was her bag.

At first, It had taken her a fair amount of concentration to get herself to walk like a normal woman. Even in her baggy and drab outfit at first, she had moved like a sleek sexy pantheress on the prowl. After a few days of practice, Abbs had her “normal person walk” down. She had tested it in the posh hotel in Dubai, even in her regular clothing of designer jeans and mega-expensive tee she was still neck breakingly hot, and she still got plenty of quadruple takes, no one would get her confused for a lesser woman but she had walked across the lobby to her concierges and she was sure she made less of a commotion.

That was the day she had asked for a tailor and had her baggy outfits made for her. When she was done with her concierge she left the young woman and on her way back to her room she walked with her normal sway and swagger and, low and behold, she heard the normal commotion that usually followed along behind her. In fact, she had been so pleased with herself she found three business people, two men and one woman, and invited them up to her room. Of course, they enthusiastically said yes.

“Do you want that beer now?”

James' mouth was dry, his body ached with lust. How was he going to explain to her that he would just let her down and she would be better off to go now? In the last two years nothing, no meds, no amount of porn, lapdances from stripers, even his ex who he had been very attracted to tried everything to get him going and not so much as a twitch.

He was about to tell her to leave, but no… that wasn’t right. He had to leave; this was her place. The loosely tied robe had slipped open at her waist as much as it could, highlighting as much as hiding the glories of her breathtaking body.

“Do you want me to keep going, sweetie?” By this point, it would not be surprising to her in the least if her playmates had blown two or three loads. Heck, she’d had men and women pass out by this point. James just looked at her, his sad eyes locked onto hers, with his pants strangely devoid of the throbbing bulge and stain she was used to seeing.

Abby chuckled to herself, placing the beer on the end table next to him. She had never been the one to wait on anyone. Other people were the ones bending over to please and make her happy. Even in sex, she was the one giving the direction, she wasn’t a dom or sub… what she was, was in charge.

Just for a second Abby had the thought that maybe she had misjudged, maybe he had micro tiny junk or something, not that would have or had stopped her. It would make things trickier, but it wouldn't have stopped her. She had dealt with micros before. She had a large collection of toys and as long as James was willing to be an active participant in sexy time, she was willing to make it work. James hadn’t shown any signs of the big O, he had seemed more troubled than turned on the whole time she had to kick things up a notch her normal tactics of just parading her stunning body was not working.

Abby felt a funny feeling in her body as she sat next to James. This time there was no padded baggy clothing. Now it was just her in her most skimpy red lacy bra and panties. Her huge girls were in his lap as she leaned against him nuzzling his neck.

James thought he must be dreaming a cruel joke. Somehow his best work buddy turned out to be some kind of sex goddess who was totally into him in a way no one had ever been. He could feel her in the center of his being; it was a tiny vibration deep within and that was certainly far more than he had felt in the last two years. But still, his manhood refused to budge.

In a quick and dirty estimation, James guessed her lady mountains were 3 to 4 times the size of her head. Their feel was pure warm perfection as they squished against him. They weren't on her chest, they were her chest, and goddamn that bra was so skimpy and lacy it couldn't be offering any meaningful kind of support.

How the hell had she been able to hide those monsters from him for as long as they had worked together and the rest of her body it was like she was some kind of 3d picture made come to life. It wasn't that her face didn’t match her, in fact, he thought her face was maybe her best part. Shit even her hair was arousing.

She was on him on her couch. Bit by bit she was slipping his clothing off, he knew he should be stopping her, instead, he found himself helping her. He should be getting up to leave but his body was a traitor to him as he followed Abby’s lead, undressing with her. His muddled thoughts swung between docs who said he’d never get it up again and just how had he ever thought she was plain, dowdy even… just how? She was literally the beyond the most perfect woman he’d ever seen.

There was a pressure building in his groin and spreading through his core. Abbs was sliding his pants off. He had the perfect look at her, looking down on her sea of glorious breasts pressed against his legs and then the heaving and swelling as she shucked his pants off his legs and chucked them over her shoulder.

She gave him an incredibly sexy, devilishly mischievous look. “Oh, boxers… good choice,” he thought she said but he couldn't be sure as the tingling sensation had spread out through his entire body. The tingling felt like it was radiating out of his skin, he felt like he was on the verge of blacking out.

Abby ran a hand tenderly over his still soft member. It was almost painful when his dick twitched on its own, but it was a wonderful relieving pain. Abby pulled the boxers down and they both watched his slowly rising chubby.

“Well okay,” Abby purred, “You do want more.” She pulled him to his feet.

James felt more like he was floating; it was almost like this was a dream he was in Abby’s bed. His tool was rock hard but unwilling to give him any release.

Any lesser person would have jizzed themselves into unconsciousness by now. Abby herself was nearing her peak and well before her partner, and that was astounding to her. She wanted to feel him inside her… no… she needed to.

Abby slid on top of James and lithely slid him into her. James was lost to the unimagined pleasure. His body responded to Abby’s. He was vaguely aware of Abby screaming, moaning, her body shuddering as the pressure of ultimate pleasure built in him.

The pressure in his body built to a crescendo and finally, the dam broke. James felt a release so powerful that he did blackout for a few seconds. Abby didn't stop and his rod stayed rigged and when he woke moments later the couple kept going.

It had been hours by the time James went soft and was soon in a deep deep sleep. Even Abby was in post-coital sleep, having never been so fully satisfied herself by anyone in her life.


James' eyes opened with a start, the light streaming in a gauzy curtain window threw him off. Working nights, he was used to waking up to the sunlight and for a few seconds, he didn't remember where he was. His body ached all over, especially his groin and thighs, but he also felt so good. So loose, so free, something he hadn't felt in a long time.

It was her smell that triggered his memory. Everything around him had her intoxicating scent over it. Holy shit! He was still in Abby’s apartment, and looking around he saw a clock on the nightstand, it was 8 am Saturday! The last thing he remembered was Friday morning, Abby and sex, lots of sex. Oh my god. Peeling the sheets off himself, he was naked as a jaybird and he really had to piss.

It was all coming back. Abby was the hottest woman he’d ever seen and, my god! The things she could do; the things they did. Looking around her bedroom he saw the lacy red bra that he only had a snatch of memory of. Damn her rack was huge! He couldn't help but give the huge cups a sniff. Her matching panties were not far from the spot the bra had been. Goddamn, she was so trim and curvy. Another sniff and he had to admit even her scent was mind-bogglingly hot. He could feel his cock twitch. James had no idea that any other person would have been lost in multiple orgasms from a sniff of her scent-soaked lingerie.

There was a loud thump, James dropped the pantie like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Abby?” James listened but she never replied. It was only her upstairs neighbors. He found his clothing folded neatly on her vanity stool. They had been washed and there was a fresh towel next to his clothing.

Shit, her apartment was tiny, there was a post-it note on the fridge. “If you wake up before I'm back I stepped out to get us breakfast bbs -A.”

The bathroom was not hard to find in the small one-bedroom apartment and it was surprisingly roomy. His piss was a raging torrent. My god, he’d really done it, after two years. He felt pleased, happy even as the hot water seemed to help relieve some of his aches. He wondered what it would be like to shower with Abby, geezus that body, those tits, her smile. His tool twitched… holy crap this was real.

Now that he was dressed he looked around Abby’s place. It was remarkably spartan. The furniture was nice, almost too nice for this place. The place was tastefully decorated with a definite female flare.

Her sofa had little square couch pillows and a knitted sofa shawl on the couch matching the shaggy throw rug. There was a huge overstuffed reading chair and ottoman with a standing lamp table and a shelf of books. Abby apparently liked to read. She had a lot of self-help books with a smattering of books on Mythologies and Folklore.

In front of a foggy dewy window that overlooked the scenic parking lot and dumpster was an antique writing desk. On the desk was a closed composition notebook labeled Abby Diary 2017. There was an egg crate bookshelf next to the chair, the egg crates were filled with old tattered composition books along with some other knick-knacks like a beaten pink and white jewelry box, a 1988 yearbook for Quagmire city High School a few old photo booklets of a pre-wish Abby with friends.

James couldn't help himself. He flipped through all the diaries; the first diary was dated 1981. He flipped through the covers; there seemed to be on average two to three books per year. The diaries got fewer and fewer. There were no diaries from 2008 till 2017, but there were already two full books for 2017 not counting the one on the desk.

On the desk was a framed 4x6 photo of a birthday. On the bottom of the photo clearly written was Feb 7th, 1986. If he hadn't heard Abby’s story he’d have thought the girl in the photo was Abby’s older sister or something.

The Abby in the photo had an 80’s style of frizzy big hair and bright neon clothing and a normal body, maybe slightly too chubby if he was honest. The only thing the Abby of now had in common with her was their face. Damn, the photo was 31 years ago. Abby now looked more womanly for sure but damn she didn’t look 47. Could this be some kind of joke or put on? He didn’t ever know Abbs to be a liar in the time they worked together, except for the bit about being allergic, but she was so freaking hot and overwhelmingly sexy and that was no lie, and that proof was paid for in full and then some.

James started looking for the 1986 diary; the sound of the key sliding in the lock of the front door made him jump out of his skin. He tried to look nonchalant and not guilty of snooping in her private diaries.

Breakfast was from McDonald's. The nearest Micky D’s was about two miles down the road, he knew she didn’t drive. Well, that might help explain her figure and the overall incredible shape of her body.

Abbs had two full bags of food and it was all still warm. He would have expected it to appreciably cool after a two-mile walk.

“Damn Abbs you didn’t have to get an Uber to pick up food.”

Abby actually blushed as she was taking off her baggy clothing. She was dressed in the biggest, yet at the same time skimpiest sky blue sports bra he’s ever seen and matching running shorts that hugged her hips.

“It was only a short walk.”

Sausage McMuffin with egg were one of James’ favorite now and again treats. Abby set four of them in front of James with accompanying hashbrowns. She had her own pile of food, multiple sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls for her and James.

“I have OJ in the fridge, I know you're not a huge coffee drinker.”

James looked at her over the small mountain of food on the small dining room table as he got up. Wow, she was something else.

Abby pointed to a cupboard where the glasses were. He got two glasses for them.

He had to get the OJ from behind the beer, Miller High Life the champagne of beer. The bottom shelf was filled with Coke and a large jar of Welch's grape jelly.

“You have good taste in beer but I never took you for a beer drinker,” James said as he placed the glasses of OJ on the table for them.

“You said it was your fave, but I wasn’t sure how much you’d drink.”

James vaguely remembered the conversion from a month or two back, she had sort of sounded like she had been a bit of a party girl but he thought maybe she was embellishing her stories a bit, though she had never seemed like the type to do that before. Now he was seeing her in a whole new light.

Abby somehow looked smoking hot and dainty all at the same time scarfing down a sausage biscuit in four bites and then attacking a bacon egg and cheese biscuit followed by two hash browns and half a glass of OJ.

“Where do you put it all? How?” It was half meant as a personal thought but he couldn't help it, watching her eat was halfway turning him on, the idea that she ate like that and had a body as hot as she did.

She gave him an incredible shrug said “I schold ou iz ish I maa.” around her mouth full of food.

As stupid as it sounded he was inclined to believe her. He had been told in no uncertain terms that he would not ever have sex again, yet last night spoke for itself.

There it was… that radiant smile that easily lit up any room. That her face didn't look like the pouty-lipped, big-eyed, makeup slathered, Instagram girl face made her look even more unbelievably attractive to him. He felt himself stirring at the thought of Abby, but there was obviously more to her than huge tits and a smoking hot bod. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself.

Abby stood up like only she could and her beatific smile changed to a hungry look as she peeled her sports bra over her head in one smooth motion freeing what had to be the most perfect breast. They were like large pumpkins, they sat so high and firm, they swayed and wobbled with her every step so obviously not fake.

She was around the small kitchen table. her long legs kicked off her running shoes, one, two she was stratiling James in the creaking kitchen chair. His face was surrounded by her funbags as she looked directly down on him through her creamy tit-flesh surrounded and gently battered his head while with her hips she was giving him an amazing lap dance. Jr was awake and ready to play again.

“Perfection just doesn't do you justice,” as her lips met his and her tongue flicked in and out of his mouth and around his head. Even after eating five pounds of junk food, her breath was amazing.

“Someone is waking up.”

It wasn’t that he couldn’t stop himself, it was that he didn’t want to. Last night was a shock to him. Today he was going to do his best to show her what was what.

He felt like a million bucks when she came before him and then a second and then a third time. All the while he could feel his mounting orgasm building, it was like there was a dam holding the raging river of his essence back but Abby was an overwhelming force who could not be denied, but not before he showed her that he could give as good as he could get.

Finally, he blew his load; it was straddling the line of pain and pleasure. Abby’s third, or maybe fourth, orgasm was synchronized with him as their bodies were intertwined and they collapsed to the floor of the kitchen, dining room, or living room, depending on where they lay.

James lay on the cheap carpeted floor basking in the afterglow as they spooned. James had always been the big spoon and it was an interesting feeling to have all of Abby’s curves pressed into him. He wondered how she was not suffocating herself as he gently got up to look. She was passed out sleeping.

This time it was his turn to take care of her. He went to scoop her up and he realized just how solid her body was; she was definitely firmer and heavier than he was expecting and her rocking lady mountains were throwing off his center of balance a little bit as he somehow got her to the couch without waking her up and spread the shawl on her.

Abby woke with the most pleasant warm sensation radiating throughout her body. She slowly stretched like a sleeping pantheress waking up. Looking around she saw the kitchen and dining room had been cleaned of the junk food wrappers and the trash had been taken out. She had a small fright when she didn't see James but he came out of the bathroom with a smile when their eyes locked.

Abby had wanted him to stay over for the full three-day weekend. When he said no Abby had looked shocked, but the look only lasted for an instant and James didn’t give it much thought. Abby did give him a full-body contact hug and kiss that would have left anyone else senseless from pleasure overload.


Abby watched James get into his truck and leave. She was absolutely floored that he had left. He’d had the best time of his life but he was tired and sore and needed some alone time. Again with the no.

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