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The Monolith – Chapter 5

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 08 March 2021 01:44] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 04 March 2021 18:36]

The Monolith

Commissioned by Anonymous

Written by HikerAngel


“Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!” April roared as her body absorbed the reality-defying power of the strange stone.

Every muscle in her body seemed to clench at once, their powerful fibers tensing and rippling in insanely powerful waves as she climaxed. The taut striations within her boulder-sized deltoids seemed to vibrate the very air around her as they surged outward with unbelievable might.

The aura of her absolute invincibility washed over Zach like a raging tsunami, slamming into his chest with almost tangible force, leaving him breathless and badly shaken.

April grew even taller, ascending through the second story ceiling as her mighty body expanded to contain such incredible power. She reached up, spreading her hands outward, sending a shower of plaster and wood cascading over the floor—and Zach’s prone form.

Good God! She must be over twenty feet tall! Zach thought, as detritus from his damaged house fell around and on top of him. But her height was the least of her changes. Her physique was so huge, so incredibly developed now that she looked as if she could juggle tanks with ease! Her face was so gorgeous that it bordered on divine. Zach’s pulse raced to near heart-stopping levels as he gazed at her perfect visage adoringly. Her breasts were monstrous, though still achingly magnificent, thrusting proudly outward from her breathtaking body.

She was colossal. Hypnotically sexy. Absurdly voluptuous. The epitome of feminine power.

Heart thudding so heavily in his chest that it hurt, Zach somehow managed to find it within himself to act. Tearing his eyes away from April’s heartbreakingly resplendent visage, he stumbled to his feet, a pile of building materials sliding to the ground as he rose. He ran outside, eager to escape, hoping desperately that April would be too distracted by her ongoing transformation to notice. His stomach plummeted as he saw that his eyes barely rose to the level of her knees.

Shaking thoughts of his girlfriend’s newfound enormity from his mind, he sprinted toward the car, a sudden blast of wind knocking him to the grass. Tumbling head over heels, Zach came to a stop in a seated position. He shook his head, then looked dazedly ahead to see April standing between him and the car.

Giving him a knowing smile, she reached behind, bending her knees slightly to lower her hands enough to wrap her fingers around the roof of his car, then swung it around her massive body. Tossing it casually upward, as if it were a ball, April caught it in a viselike grip, her fingers proving far harder than mere steel as they punctured and dented the groaning metal. Placing one hand on the vehicle’s undercarriage and the other atop the vehicle’s roof, she pushed down. Her smile widened as the car collapsed under her awesome might. Hundreds of pounds of muscle tensed, steely cables erupting from the tanned, silken flesh of her arms as they tightened. She pressed inward with impossible power, the body of the car lurching and crunching, glass shattering as her hands moved inexorably together. She crushed it into a rumpled, platelike slab, then, using her huge fingers, began to curl the mangled edges inward, packing the thing into a cube so small that no hydraulic compactor could ever have managed the feat.

April casually tossed the metal brick up and down, returning to her casual motion, albeit with a far smaller toy this time. “Still want your precious car, my pathetic little Zachie?”

Zach was stunned. Just how strong was she now? He’d never even imagined the kind of strength she possessed! Collapsing his car into a shape akin to that of a loaf of bread had seemed to present no challenge at all to the woman. He didn’t know what to say in reply, simply sitting there in dumbfounded awe.

April shrugged, then whirled and launched the compacted vehicle into the sky as if it were a football. It sailed into the sky until it disappeared from view.

“If you want it, it’ll be at the bottom of Oxbow Lake in a handful of seconds. Of course, that would be a bit of a hike. It’s a good two miles away.”

Zach blinked uncomprehendingly. She had just thrown a car two miles. A car! His car. Two miles!!!

“I guess you’ll have to tell your insurance company what happened. Think they’ll believe you?” she winked, her delighted smile showing that she was clearly enjoying the moment.

As Zach attempted to wrap his mind around what April had just done, a Forest Service pickup truck raced up to their house and skidded to a sudden stop. Harvey, the ranger Zach had spoken with an hour earlier, emerged from the truck, shotgun in hand. Eyes wide but determined, he trained the gun on the superhuman giantess and cocked it.

“Stop!” he shouted. His finger slithered over the trigger.

April looked completely unafraid, her confidence such that staring down the barrel of a shotgun no longer seemed to concern her. “Or you’ll what exactly…?”

Taking advantage of April’s distraction, Zach scampered into the house to find something he could use as a weapon for his own protection.

Harvey looked down at his weapon uncertainly, then glanced back up to meet her supremely confident eyes. “Or I’ll shoot!” He did his best to look calm and in control, but his voice was slightly unsteady, betraying his fear.

April smiled and leaned against the front of the damaged house, crumpling the eavestrough as her sleek back pressed into it. “Give it your best shot…” she intoned, spreading her hands invitingly, showing off her powerful, rippling stomach. Her full lips were curled into a sly smile.

Zach emerged from the house, where he had taken advantage of the distraction to collect his hammer and chainsaw. He threw his hammer at April as hard as he could, but it bounced harmlessly off the outside her powerfully muscled thigh. She didn’t even seem to have noticed his attack. Undeterred, he pulled the drawstring of his chainsaw, and it rumbled to life with a choking billow of black smoke.

At his truck, seeing no other option, Harvey swallowed hard, then let out a deep breath and squeezed the trigger of his shotgun.


A shower of lead shot ricocheted off of April’s brick-like abdominals, pelting the house and driveway. She looked down to see her perfect body completely unharmed.

Harvey gasped. He had done absolutely no damage to April’s invulnerable form.

April, seeing his reaction, laughed. She undulated her massive hips to push against the outer wall of the house and stand upright once more, glaring down at the ranger below from her twenty foot vantage point as if he were an annoying insect.

Harvey fumbled to put another shell into his shotgun, unsure what else to do, but in his nervousness, he dropped it.

As Harvey fumbled for the rolling shell, Zach cried out, sprinting toward her, his chainsaw held high before him. April made no move to stop the tiny man, as he thrust the power tool into her bulging, boulder-sized calf. The impossibly dense muscle didn’t tear apart. It didn’t even so much as dent under her boyfriend’s power-assisted assault. Instead, the chain of the saw fractured, flinging segments of its snakelike chain outward at incredible speeds. Chunks of chain embedded themselves into Zach before he could react.

Harvey, protected from the bits of chain by the door of his truck as he knelt down to retrieve his ammunition, curled his fingers around the shell and shoved it into the chamber of his gun. Hurriedly, he rose to his feet, swung the barrel of the shotgun over the top of the door, and fired another blast.

The second shot was no more effective than the first, reflecting off her flawless skin as if it were made of thick steel plating. This time, however, Zach was close enough to receive the brunt of the reflected metal. Several bits of broken lead punctured his body, already gashed and bleeding from the bits of chain that had struck him. He fell backward, flailing and bloodied, to the ground.

“Had enough, boys?” April asked them in a sultry, playful voice. “Or do you want to keep playing?”

Zach gave a gurgling choke, a small spurt of blood spattering the front of his shirt.

She laughed disdainfully. “Well, you’ve certainly managed to cause some harm. Too bad it was only to Zachie here.”

Striding toward a quivering Harvey in three long-legged strides, April knelt before him, bringing her bare hips level with his head. She ran her long fingers down his back, forcing him forward a step.

“I can see that you like my body, Mr. Ranger.” Her voice was velvet, throaty and suggestive, causing a wave of goosebumps to wash over Harvey’s skin. “I bet you’d just love to bring it pleasure…”

Harvey suddenly smelled something on the warm afternoon air. Something wonderful. His pupils dilated, and he staggered. Dizzy, he stumbled forward, his head colliding with April’s powerful inner thigh.

April plucked the shotgun from Harvey’s grasp as the man stood dazed and helpless before her magnificent body. Her powerful fingers curled around the weapon, crumpling it as if it were a child’s plastic toy. The steel barrel shrieked as it bent to her unbelievable strength. The gun’s stock burst into an explosion of splinters. When she opened her fingers again, the mangled weapon fell from her hands to the ground.

An image formed inside Harvey’s reeling mind, showing him what she wanted from him. No longer in control of his own actions, Harvey complied dutifully. He clasped both hands together and reached out to find the folds of her beautiful sex. He stepped forward, jamming his hands into her, his arms stiff as they formed a makeshift phallus large enough to please her.

April’s head rolled back, sending a shimmering ripple through her lush mane as she breathed a massive sigh of pleasure.

Harvey drove his arms deeper, eliciting a rapturous moan from April’s huge, perfect lips. In this way, he plunged his arms into and out of her, again and again. After a half-dozen such thrusts, her face turned skyward, her moans becoming pants until the ranger brought her to a ground-shaking climax. She cried out, shattering the windows of Zach’s house and Harvey’s truck.

Zach seemed to be released from his zombie-like stupor as she quaked, and he fell to the ground in terrified awe.

As her body’s tremors slowed to rumbling aftershocks, April brought down her chin to focus her luminous eyes on the small man before her—not a trace of empathy for the ranger in her cruel gaze. Rising to her feet, she picked him up by the shoulder. He cried out in pain from the pressure of her impossibly strong fingers. Examining the man for a moment, an oddly curious look on her face, she finally discarded him. She tossed him aside like a ragdoll. Harvey crashed into the asphalt, lying on the street unmoving.

Done with Harvey, April turned to face Zach. “How do you feel, Zach, knowing your April has become a Goddess?” April took two steps, until she stood beside her boyfriend, towering him as he stared, unblinking, into her hypnotic eyes. “Would you like the honor of pleasuring me too?”

Mesmerized, Zach couldn’t help but nod his head. April smiled beatifically, then straddled him, kneeling down to either side of him. He lowered herself over his head until she could feel the light spatter of hot blood against her inner thighs with his every breath. Her hips hovered above him. Receiving an image in his mind, Zach immediately understood what he was to do. He reached up to wrap both hands around her engorged clit.

Massaging it gently at first, then with increasing vigor, he felt the giantess shudder above him. The movement sent a tremor of fear through him. If she fell to the ground, she would crush him to death instantly. Knowing he had no choice, however, he continued his sensual motions.

April gasped, issuing a long, languid groan, before finding her husky voice.

“My abilities are growing by the second, Zachie. I’m so powerful now. My mind is becoming so powerful that I can communicate in images in addition to words. I can feel more strength flowing into me even as I say this. It’s… intoxicating…” Her words were breathy by the end of the sentence, her own ascending powers clearly arousing her.

Zach’s lips trembled fearfully, the reeling man having difficulty wrapping his mind around April’s accelerating changes.

“Will you worship me, Zachie?”

Mmmmmm… she moaned.

“Bring me pleasure whenever I wish it?”

Mmmmmm… she moaned again.

“Be my cute little enslaved concubine?”

Her eyes closed as she finished her question, her arousal soaring both from her own words as well as Zach’s massaging hands.

“This… will be… the last time… you get… to make a choice… of your own,” April finished breathily between pants as Zach continued to work her. As the magnificent body above him tensed in a rapidly building climax, Zach considered her words.

As the answers to her questions formed in Zach’s mind, April shuddered, her muscles exploding into relief as a powerful orgasm detonated within her staggeringly perfect form.

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