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Synergy 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 15 March 2021 01:51] Last updated by :: [Friday, 19 March 2021 20:50]

Synergy 2

Commissioned by Koopa16

Written by HikerAngel

Laura swam toward the edge of the crystal blue infinity pool with graceful strokes, her long, toned arms accelerating her curvaceous body through the water like a torpedo. Reaching the pool’s edge, the stunning blonde placed each hand on the white stone and shoved downward, launching herself airborne with precisely enough force to land easily at the water’s edge. Her endless legs immediately broke into a graceful glide toward the lounger by the pool where her immaculately folded white terry cloth towel awaited her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched her handsome young assistant’s eyes widen as they drank in her breathtaking curves. Allowing herself a small smirk, she enjoyed the attention. It was a good thing she craved it, because her status as the most powerful and most gorgeous woman in existence garnered plenty of it.

Rivulets of water flowed down her lush platinum tresses, running over her firm, sun-kissed flesh, on magnificent display with the symbiote having taken the form of a skimpy white bikini for the afternoon. She strode to the lounger, reaching for her towel at just the right angle to give her stunned assistant a healthy eyeful of sumptuous cleavage.

Turning, she dabbed the towel over the most divinely beautiful face the world had ever known while giving the lucky man to the side a view of her luscious profile. Drawing the thick white cloth downward to dry her upper chest, Laura’s huge, expressive blue eyes surveyed the Mediterranean from her opulent Santorini villa. The panoramic view before her elicited a satisfied sigh from her sensual lips. Of all her many homes, this Greek island retreat was her favorite.

Laura proceeded to dry her taut arms and sculpted stomach, before finally sliding the soft white cloth downward over the seemingly endless length of her deliciously smooth, perfectly tanned legs.

She gave the young man another sidelong glance, amused at the thread of drool that had appeared at the corner of his mouth as his eyes drank in the sight of her body. He was cute. She might have to actually give him a chance to pleasure her one of these days…

…but then again, teasing him was so much fun! Besides, it would make Vladimir crazy with jealousy. He always got jealous. She enjoyed riling up his dark side. The Russian leader was so much sexier when he was angry.

Tossing her towel to the side, Laura lowered her luscious backside to the banded lounger and stretched out her long, lean body, arching her back to thrust her magnificent breasts skyward. Internally, she purred with pleasure, enjoying the feel of the symbiote’s thrum of power as it caressed her seductive physique. The alien creature made both her body and mind feel so alive.

She felt arousal heat her perfect form from the inside as she remembered the moment she had first bonded with it. The process had been immensely erotic, leading her to what was still the most intense sexual experience of her life.

It had been three years since that day. Three years that had allowed her to tighten her grip on company after company and nation after nation.

Hearing approaching footsteps, Laura slipped on her sunglasses, then turned to her assistant, who had apparently managed to gather himself sufficiently to approach her. He had a nice body, a tight, athletic build of the sort she most enjoyed. Yes, she really needed to give him a go. Twisting the rest of her body toward him as she bathed in the late afternoon sun, her full lips turned downward slightly at the corners.

“Yes?” Her sultry voice was as mesmerizing as her spellbinding visage. She watched her assistant shudder with her languid utterance of a single syllable.

“I, um, have some news for you, Ms. Kingsford,” he stammered nervously.

Laura’s frown deepened. “It had better be good news.”

The man swallowed hard, clearly nervous, his eyes darting away from her face only to be quickly pulled to the flawless expanse of tight, firm muscle that were her silky thighs. Laura rubbed them together to watch his eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets, partially suppressing the smug smile that graced her lips upon seeing his reaction.

“I-It’s n-not, really.” With extreme difficulty, he tore his eyes away from her phenomenal figure in an attempt to meet her gaze. Seeing disapproval in her azure irises, however, his eyes quickly fixated on the bow shape of her succulent lips, worried about the scathing reprimand that might be issued from them.

Laura’s frown deepened, and she saw the young man’s eyes twitch in fright. She hated bad news. Not that she often received it. The three years that had passed since she had acquired the symbiote had been extremely good for her. She had personally taken control of the U.N. and now required the nations of the world to send delegates from the personnel of companies she owned inside their borders. Countries where she didn’t have a business location were excluded from the international body, so every country had been eager to invite her companies in with full tax exemption.

While she didn’t own every nation’s government – yet – she controlled a good percentage of their legislatures at this point. Mostly, however, she simply concentrated on their leaders. In the rare instances where money and media influence weren’t tempting enough to buy her influence with them, her body always did the trick. A few touches and seductive gazes made any man putty in her hands, when paired with tasteful glimpses of her symbiote-enhanced form. There were still a troublesome few female ideologues out there, but their numbers grew ever fewer as she gradually tightened her grip on the hapless men of the world’s governments, getting them elected with ease through careful use of her burgeoning media empire.

Laura’s increasingly authoritarian approach was already reaping benefits for the planet, however. Concerned about maintaining the habitability of the planet for herself and her future offspring, Laura had used her unprecedented ability to coordinate companies and governments to great effect. She had ensured that sales of fossil fuel-burning cars were now outlawed in half the world’s nations, for example. With her newly acquired automotive companies abandoning gasoline-powered vehicles for a ramp-up in the production of electric cars, there was no further need for such outdated technology.

Oil companies had opposed the moves, of course, but their influence paled in comparison to hers. Besides, short-selling the stocks of those inept, archaic companies had provided the funds to fuel another blistering series of acquisitions for her growing corporate empire.

The rulers of various middle eastern nations had likewise taken issue with her electric vehicle-only approach as well, so she had used her media monopolies to incite the people of their nations to overthrow them and install democratic governments. Politicians in democracies were easily bought by the offer of free campaign advertising on her media conglomerates. It was amusing. People thought that they chose leaders in democracies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who controlled the media and communication technologies chose elected officials in such countries. That was why Laura had moved to acquire all major social and traditional media shortly after laying out her new world vision at the U.N. Elected governments also had the benefit of giving people the illusion of choice, keeping the masses nicely mollified while she took control of their countries.

As her assistant began to speak, Laura’s keen mind ceased musing over the events of the last few years, however, instantly snapping back to the present. “It’s the E.U.,” he began hesitantly. “Th-they’ve initiated an antitrust investigation over Kingsford Industries’ recent acquisitions.”

Laura tilted her head forward, her brilliant eyes intense and piercing as they stared daggers into her quivering assistant. “Get me Brussels on the phone. Now.”

“Y-yes, Ms. Kingsford,” he said, then scurried off to call Laura’s contact at European Union headquarters.

When he returned with her phone a moment later, Laura snatched the device from his hand and immediately began barking orders to her inside man, already on the line.

“How the fuck did you let this happen, Martin?” she seethed. “I pay you well to ensure that things like this DO NOT HAPPEN!”

“I-I wasn’t aware that the a-antitrust b-board was going to be—”

“Unaware?” Laura cut him off, her voice growing louder. “Unaware???”

She gathered her control, clamping down on her rising fury. Her voice streamed out of her thinned lips like a stream of caustic acid. “If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than incompetence, it’s ignorance. I expect your letter of resignation within the hour. If I don’t receive it, you’ll be dead by morning.”

There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Yes, Ms. Kingsford.”

Laura curled her flawlessly manicured fingers inward as she lowered the phone from her ear, crushing it with a crackle of broken glass and a pop of silicon before throwing it a mile into the Mediterranean Sea. She turned to her assistant, who took a frightened step backward.

“Any other business?” Laura asked, arching a perfectly manicured brow.

“N-no, Ms… Mmmph!” His words became muffled, as Laura flashed forward faster than he could see, pressing her luscious lips into his, slithering her endless legs around his. She could feel his heart rate rising rapidly – along with other parts of his anatomy – as it thundered in his chest.

Thrusting an undulating tongue between his lips, Laura smiled inwardly as the overwhelmed young man climaxed before she even properly started with him.


“How do I look?” Laura said, a mischievous sparkle in her eye as she shifted her gaze from the mirror to her exhausted assistant, who still lay motionless in the bed. The symbiote had done as she had directed and morphed into a low-cut silk blouse, short beige pencil skirt, and matching heels. As with every other outfit her alien partner formed, it clung to her voluptuous curves in all the right places, perfectly accentuating her already stunning appearance. It even completed the look with a diamond necklace and sparkling stud earrings.

The young Greek’s eyes fluttered open, widening at the impeccably clothed sight of her magnificent figure. His mouth dropped open, his eyes growing hungry with desire once more.

Yes, Laura thought, pleased at his reaction. This outfit would do nicely.

Arriving at the airport precisely on time, she checked her new phone as she walked toward her private jet. It was a text from Vladie in Moscow.

“How about an evening together tomorrow night?”

She smiled before texting back. The man was always so desperate to see her. “Going to be in San Francisco. No time for a visit to the Kremlin this week. Rain check?”

She could just imagine his scowl as he read her message, almost wishing she could be there to see it. She knew that she had probably ruined him for any other woman, and working him into increasing desperation for mind-blowing sex of the sort that only she could give was always a good position for her to have him in. Maybe she could get him to mount an anti-antitrust social media campaign within the E.U. for her if she got him hot and bothered enough. He was so talented at blatant manipulation of the masses.

Putting away her phone as she ascended the steps to her plane in her sexy stilettos, she gave the good-looking flight attendant at the top a dazzling smile. Graciously accepting his proffered flute of champagne, she was sure to brush her chest against his as she glided inside the open hatch. She enjoyed watching men squirm at the touch of her perfect body. Besides, the flight from Greece to California was a long one. She was going to need some male entertainment to pass the time.


The assembled group of Countenance’s high-ranking executives in the boardroom rose to their feet as Laura waltzed casually into the room, tossing her briefcase into one of the two open chairs before taking a seat in the other. The rest of the group took their seats as well, all eyes on her, just as they should be. Just as they always were.

“Now, what is this about blocking my media outlets from posting freely on your app?” she began with a challenging stare directed pointedly across the table at the CEO and founder of the sole social media company she didn’t already own.

“We, um, have a strict policy against spreading misinformation about elected officials, and your media outlets are blatantly and unapologetically initiating those sorts of campaigns at every opportunity.”

The tall man’s words were bold, but he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, unable to meet Laura’s gaze. It was all Laura could do to keep from smirking. Men were so weak. This one would prove as easy to deal with as all the others.

“Well, change it,” said Laura flatly, her pointed gaze fixed on his flushed face, clasping her hands together on the table before her.

“I’m afraid that wouldn’t go over well with our user base. They have responded very positively to that rule.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Laura responded dismissively. “One person’s truth is another person’s lie. It’s always been that way. So I say again: change it.”

The man across the table loosened his collar, flicking his eyes to hers momentarily before dropping them, fearfully, to the table. “I… can’t. I’m so sorry, Ms. Kingsford. Contributing to the dissemination of lies is not in line with our company’s culture.”

“Well then, it sounds like your company’s culture is going to need to change.”

“Again, Ms. Kingsford, that won’t be poss—”

“I wasn’t asking,” she cut him off. Rising to her feet, she grabbed her briefcase and flung it at hypersonic speed just past his head. It shattered the picture window behind him before sailing into the distance. “I was telling.”

The man swiveled in his chair, turning to gape at the destroyed outer window of his company’s high-rise headquarters before returning wide eyes to Laura’s exquisite face. By then, however, she was shoving in her chair. Giving him an icy glare, she spun on her heel and swept out of the room as dramatically as she’d entered. Sensing her thoughts, the symbiote peeled back her clothing to reveal her phone at her hip. The alien creature pushed the device toward her hand with a cluster of fluid-like tentacles. She took it, never breaking stride in her swift exit from the building. She pressed the second number in her favorite contacts and held it up to her ear.

“Peter. Hi. Tell all of my media companies to release a coordinated exposé on Countenance and its massive cover-up of the worst data security breach in the history of the world.”

“O-okay…? But I haven’t heard anything about it. Is it true?” came Peter’s confused voice.

“Don’t be stupid, Peter. Of course it’s not true,” Laura shot back. “How is that relevant? Just have everyone reporting on it by the end of the day. I need Countenance’s stock price to be halved by tomorrow, so that I can buy a controlling interest at a discount.”

“Understood, Ms. Kingsford.”

She ended the call, then pressed the phone to her stomach, the symbiote wrapping her clothing around it until it disappeared from view once again.


As Laura reached her hotel room, eager to get some sleep after her jet-lag altered schedule for the day. As she flopped onto the bed, however, there was a knock at the door.

“What?” she called out in irritation.

The door opened slowly, and her California assistant’s face appeared in the doorway. Like the rest, she couldn’t remember his name. It didn’t really matter. He was good-looking, trustworthy, and had a decent enough head on his shoulders. Those were really the only things she cared about. She propped herself up on her elbows, giving him an expectant look.

“Um, Ms. Kingsford?”

“Yes?” she said, now glaring at him, clearly annoyed.

“One of our informants just called in. A Russian cartel is undercutting our prices on the high-end fashion monopoly we – -er, you – have created. They’ve aligned with a number of southeast Asian sweatshops to make knockoffs of our handbags and clothing.”

“What?!” Laura seethed in anger. “Those fuckers! I knew Vladie couldn’t keep all of his mafia groups in line!”

As her assistant hurried out of the room, she collapsed back onto the bed, her eyes wild with fury. “Let me sleep for a few hours, then line up the jet for a trip to Russia. Looks like I’m stuck going there after all.”


The moment her private jet rolled to a stop in Moscow, Laura opened the door, her symbiote taking the form of its original black latex bodysuit. She rocketed into the sky under her own power, not even slowing as she neared the indicated point on her maps app. When she arrived, she fed her phone into her symbiotic suit, then stretched out both fists before her. Her small hands punched into the reinforced steel door, sending it flying inward to flip through the air until the bowed sheet of metal smashed hard against the far concrete wall, shaking the walls of the compound. The two door guards that had stood just inside were knocked aside by the hurled sheet of steel, their weapons going off in an unaimed hail of bullets as they smashed through the interior furniture.

Laura decelerated as she swept into the compound through its now doorless entry with a curling rush of air that pulled the paintings from the wall. Priceless, stolen Monets and Van Goghs clattered to the floor, their frames splintering as they hit the parquet floor. She landed gracefully just outside the twin mahogany doors that appeared to lead toward the rogue Russian’s inner sanctum. Raising a long, slender leg, she launched a front kick into the doors, sending them swinging violently inward with a sharp crack of snapping hardwood and the high-pitched squeal of twisting metal.

Three men raised their weapons. None of them managed to get a shot off before Laura incapacitated them.

Flashing across the room, a quick uppercut sending the first man sailing through the ceiling in a shower of broken plaster, into the sky. Before the second man could fire, the gorgeous woman sent a spinning kick into his jaw, sending his limp body flying through the office wall to the stone patio beyond. The third nearly managed to pull the trigger before Laura’s arm whipped out, the sleeve of her sleek costume lashing outward in a narrow tendril to latch onto his weapon and pull it from his hands just in time.

As the symbiote withdrew, molding seamlessly back into her costume, Laura bounded across the room, grabbing the stunned man by the shoulders. She swung her forehead to his, sending his head whipping back. The back of his skull cracked the hardwood floor, the rest of his limp body landing shortly thereafter.

Her outfit rippling over her luscious body to become a sexy cocktail dress, Laura turned to face Vasily, the leader of the cartel and a man she’d had dealings with in the past. She walked languidly toward him, rolling her hips in an exaggeratedly sensual motion. The corners of her lips twitched with amusement as she watched the man’s terrified eyes become lecherous, roaming her breathtaking curves.

Pushing off the ground with her toes, Laura floated upward, gliding gracefully over his large mahogany desk. Clearing it, she descended to the far side, placing her high-heeled feet on the armrests of the cartel leader’s seat. She reached her toned arms behind her, gripping the edge of the desk with both hands, before sliding her perfectly formed backside onto its polished surface. The action sent several stacks of paper and a laptop clattering to the floor behind her.

“Now, Vasily,” she said casually, as if disabling three huge, armed men in the span of two seconds then floating over a man’s desk were an everyday occurrence. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out about your little fashion operation?”

“What?!” he exclaimed, sweat beading on his brow. He pursed his lips, causing his moustache to tremble. “I would never do such a thing! Your intelligence must be incorrect!”

The man was maintaining a remarkably convincing facade of serenity, but to Laura’s perceptive eyes, it was clear that he was anything but calm. His heart rate was twice normal, his pupils slightly dilated. He might appear calm on the surface, lying with practiced ease, but Laura had no difficulty identifying the telltale signs of prevarication.

She raised a long, shapely leg and swung it outward in a smooth arc. She slipped off her shoe, letting it fall to the floor. She moved her bare foot inward, her well-manicured toes touching the inside of his cloth-covered thigh just above the knee. He shivered noticeably at her touch.

Her sky-blue eyes gazing at him intently, she began to raise her foot along the interior of his leg. By the time she had reached the midway point of his thigh and paused, he was squirming uncomfortably, clearly aroused by the sensual act.

“My intelligence is always correct,” Laura’s eyes flashed with a coldness that frightened the trapped man. “You should know that by now, Vasily.”

Vasily swallowed, his eyes darting to the ruined doorway as if gauging whether he could escape this situation if he moved quickly enough. The subtle flick of his eyes amused Laura, who deduced precisely what the man was thinking.

“Thinking of leaving so soon?” Laura chided, a dark smile curling the corners of her beautiful lips upward. “I just got here, after all, and I know you wouldn’t want to leave me all by myself…”

Her left foot began to ascend once more, caressing his thigh just below his crotch. Vasily gasped at Laura’s firm touch, the sound a breathy mixture of pleasure and fear.

“So tell me: did someone put you up to this?” Laura continued. Her expression was placid, with her mouth holding that same dark smile. Her eyes flashed wickedly as she watched the man with a predatory gaze.

Her prey merely stared at her blankly, apparently having difficulty coming up with a convincing lie under the intense scrutiny of her gaze.

“ANSWER ME!” Laura screamed suddenly. The room seemed to empty of sound in the wake of her unexpected vehemence. She brought both her feet up, one still bearing its stiletto heel, the other bare, then stomped downward, breaking off the armrests from the man’s chair. She slid her feet under his rotund ass and pulled upward with her powerful toes, launching him toward her.

He slammed into Laura’s firm breasts before bounding backward, his head whiplashing from the contact with her voluptuous flesh. She caught him on the ricochet by the front of his shirt, twisting it in her slim fingers before lifting him skyward with a single hand.

“I-I don’t know why! I j-just thought that it wouldn’t matter m-much to you,” the man began to stammer. “I m-mean you own half the major companies in the w-world! Selling a f-few clothes and handbags didn’t seem like a big—”

Laura pulled his face to hers, only stopping when her eyes were an inch from his. “Everything matters to me, Vasily,” she hissed like a poisonous viper. “Everything.”

He swallowed hard, nodding vigorously. Laura searched his eyes. “So you’ll be paying me triple for every dime you received on those stupid knockoffs. Call my accounting staff and send them all your records before the end of the day. If they tell me that anything so much as smells funny, I’ll take what you owe from your pathetic hide, understand?”

He nodded again. Laura’s intimidating expression morphed into one of grim satisfaction, and she threw him back into the chair. His pants bulging in arousal, the poor man had been frightened to the point where he was whimpering softly. Laura’s shoe flew to her bare foot as her dress morphed back into her black bodysuit, merging into the rest of the mercurial liquid that covered her perfect physique. She stood atop the desk, raised both hands above her head, and rocketed skyward, raining plaster and broken wood onto the quaking man below.

As Laura flew back to the airport, she decided against giving Vladie the booty call he so desperately desired. She’d had enough of pathetic, desperate older men for the moment. So Vladie ran Russia. Big fucking deal. Her companies were far more influential than that has-been shell of a country anyway.

She boarded her jet, she grew lost in her thoughts, sighing longingly as she sat down. As she flew back to Greece, she lamented her situation. Her companies were doing well. Her lust for power was satiated by every acquisition of a new company and her ever-expanding influence over each of the world’s governments. That aspect of her life was going quite well.

Unfortunately, her craving for sex had no such satisfactory outlet. Her assistants tried but could never truly satisfy her. Vladie couldn’t even come close. There wasn’t a man she didn’t exhaust before they could fulfill her needs. Why were there no men worthy of her?

She pondered the question the entire trip, still attempting in vain to think of a man that might be able to satisfy her as she walked back into her Santorini home. She hadn’t had a properly mind-blowing orgasm since…

the symbiote had first bonded with her.

As she strode into her bathroom, the memory prickled her skin. She commanded the symbiote to remove itself from her body, its undulating motion reminding her of that first night with it, the night that had made her crave sex while also ruining it for her. That kind of pleasure was something no human could actually give.

How she wished she could feel that again…

She turned on the shower with a sigh, her heart fluttering with the recollection of the symbiote’s bonding. The hazy, eroticly thrilling memory set her flesh afire. The symbiote left her body each day for her to shower, then reattached afterward, but the feeling wasn’t the same. It was still a sensual experience, but nothing like the moment when the creature had first slithered the curves of her body and connected with every inch of her body. That feeling of its bonding, of her body improving under its warm, liquid touch…

…she moaned.

Stepping into the shower, feeling the hot water pour over her flushed skin, she exhaled through trembling lips. The droplets of water struck the sensitive flesh of her breasts, eliciting a gasp from the breathtakingly beautiful woman. Her body quivering with the delicious sensations that memories of her bonding stoked, she slid her hands down her stomach to her lower abdomen. Her womb felt warm, beginning to buzz with anticipation as she grew increasingly turned on. Memories of searching tendrils of black liquid dancing through her aroused body, Laura slipped the fingers of her right hand inside herself, slowly pressing them into her hot, moist folds, probing, pushing. She thrust ever deeper inside, massaging her soft flesh, panting and moaning as hot water continued to patter her perfect face and lush body.

It didn’t take long for her to climax.

Standing under the showerhead, rivulets of water running over her open lips, she breathed raggedly. Laura wished she had another opportunity. She needed that feeling again. She needed to find another symbiote.


Synergy set down his beer on the bar with a loud clunk, wiping the golden liquid from his chin with his sleeve. He belched, then hiccuped as he turned his dilated eyes to the television overheard.

“Countenance shares fell over 60% in today’s trading as news of a massive hacking scandal hit Wall Street. Word is that the Kingsford Group is seeking to make an offer to the company’s angry major shareholders. Should that be the case, it would give Laura Kingsford’s company complete control of every mid- to large-sized social media company on the planet. Regulators oppose the move but say they can do nothing as a result of the recent U.N.-sponsored treaty barring individual countries from taking unilateral action against multinational corporations…”

Synergy’s lips twisted into a frown of disgust, and he motioned to the bartender to refill his mug.

The formerly well-built man’s muscles had atrophied in the absence of the symbiote, leaving him the weak, pathetic man he’d been before finding the strange alien creature. Wracked with guilt over allowing the symbiote to fall into the hands of the worst person imaginable, Synergy had fallen into a deep depression that he had been unable to shake for the last three years.

“That Laura Kingsford is quite a woman, huh?” said a wispy haired man as he took a seat next to Synergy.

Synergy turned to the man, looking him over. He was probably around forty, somewhat disheveled in appearance, with an Atronotech ID badge dangling from his belt.

“Hmmmph. Quite an evil one, anyway. Does she own your company too?” Synergy said as the bartender took his glass, placing it under the tap.

“No, she doesn’t,” said the man, Senior Science Advisor George McMurtry, if his badge were correct. He acknowledged Synergy’s comment with an approving nod. “And it’s a good thing too. Who knows what she’d be capable of if she had access to what we’re working on…”

The bartender slid a drink in front of each man from across the bar.

“So I take it you’re not a fan either?” Synergy said, cocking an eyebrow at the man’s comment as he swallowed a mouthful of beer.

“Of Ms. Kingsford’s? Goodness, no. She did manage to reduce the world’s carbon footprint more dramatically than anyone else ever has, but aside from that, pretty much everything she’s done is more than a little alarming. Can’t say I’d mind seeing her in person every now and then, though, if she did buy my company. She’s a hell of a looker.”

Synergy snorted. “I’ve seen her in person before. She’s not all that.” It was a lie, of course. One he’d been telling himself after dreaming of her every night since that one. He was hoping that if he repeated it enough, he would begin to believe it. So far, it hadn’t worked.

“You have?” the man looked at him with newfound respect. “She buy your company or something?”

Synergy frowned, the thought of Laura’s ultra-sexy form sending a shiver of desire through his unimpressive body. “More like she took something from me. There was no buying involved.”

“I’ve heard she does that too,” the scientist chuckled before sipping his drink. “So what’d she take?”

Synergy set down his beer after another long swig, his upper body beginning to sway unsteadily on the stool. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me,” said the scientist with a challenging stare.

Slurring his speech, Synergy decided he might as well tell the man the secret he’d kept for the past three years. What did he care anymore, anyway? Laura was completely unstoppable, and he had been the one to allow her to become that way. If the man thought he was to blame, he would be right. Synergy deserved this man’s scorn.

“I used to be a superhero. Synergy. I bonded with this symbiotic alien and lost it. To her!” He jabbed a finger at Laura’s picture on the TV screen.

The scientist’s eyes grew wide. “Synergy? The superhero?”

Synergy nodded, downing another mouthful of alcohol.

The man’s voice dropped to a hushed whisper. “An alien symbiote, you said?”

The other man’s expression suddenly grew serious, his eyes darting about as he thought. “Come with me.”

He rose from his seat, flipping three twenties onto the bar to pay for his drink in addition to whatever the other man had consumed, then took Synergy by the arm and hauled him to his feet.

“What are you doing?” came Synergy’s slurred response.

“I’ll tell you on the way.” George quickly hustled the drunken man out of the bar.


“Why must you always interrupt my sunbathing time, Alexandros?” said Laura, her expression dark as she turned her penetrating gaze on her assistant.

“I-I’m so sorry, Ms. Kingsford,” said the young man, frightened at her first-ever use of his name. He had always preferred anonymity. “But they told me you should be made aware immediately.”

“Fine,” she said curtly, raising her sunglasses until they rested atop her head. She tensed her slim stomach until she sat upright in her lounger with perfect posture, her athletic hips and long legs twisting sideways to face him.

Alexandros swallowed hard before continuing. “Th-they tell me that an alien lifeform has been found. It is in the United States at a scientific research company.”

That had Laura’s immediate and undivided attention.

“Where? For how long?” she demanded, rising to her feet immediately.

“At a research company called Astronotech,” he stammered. “I-I don’t know how long ago. The informant didn’t say.”

Laura reached for her robe, donning it with a whirling flourish before cinching its tie with a swift jerk of her slender fingers. “Call my pilot and have him get the plane ready immediately. Then text me the location.”

She strode purposefully into the house, calling to Alexandros as she hurried inside. “Have my car ready by the time I’m dressed.”

Alexandros scurried to obey her commands.


Laura burst through the ceiling of the scientific facility with a spectacular crash, correctly surmising that the alien would be kept in the most secure area of the building after studying its floor plan on the flight to the U.S.

Her black-suited form landed in a crouch, the fingertips of her right hand resting gently on the ground between her legs. Her gorgeous eyes held the thrill of excitement as she scanned the unfamiliar surroundings as she rose in a 360-degree twirl. She was so close to her goal, so close to finding a second symbiote. Her body tingled in anticipation of another bonding.

Her breath caught as her eyes found it. It was white. It was gorgeous. And it was spread all over a handsome, muscular man at the far side of the room.

Synergy was wearing her symbiote!

Laura had often wondered what had become of the man after their fateful night so long ago. Despite her insistence that they do so, her people had never managed to track him down. Stripped of his power as he was, she hadn’t been particularly concerned, but it had always irked her. It wasn’t her style to leave loose ends.

She smirked as she ran her fingers over the device at her hip, just inside her symbiotic suit. Her adversary’s not-completely-unexpected reappearance would give her the chance to kill two birds with a single stone.

The tall, well-built superhero smiled confidently as he strode closer. “I was wondering when you would arrive.”

Startled at his confidence, Laura took a step back. Synergy’s eyes looked darker than she remembered. They were troubled. This wasn’t the same man she’d met three years ago. He was different. Wiser. Far less innocent.

Her eyes roamed his chiseled physique.

Not only did the man look more world-worn, he looked stronger.

As she was about to tell him that his new look suited him, Synergy leapt forward, descending toward Laura faster than thought. She twisted out of the way barely in time, quickly regaining her balance as Synergy’s fist met the floor where she’d been standing, sending a shower of shattered floor tile into the air with the strength of his blow.

Quickly regaining her balance, Laura unleashed a brutal kick to his stomach from the side, sending the large man’s body upward to crack the ceiling before he dropped back to the ground to land on his stomach. She raised her foot to stomp on the superhero’s back, but he flipped over as she brought it down, catching her small foot on its descent. He shoved it violently upward, throwing Laura into the air, but she did an airborne somersault. Her symbiote-clad toes touched the floor for only an instant as she used it to propel her forward with quickness her rising foe didn’t expect. She caught Synergy just under the jaw with both feet in a double-legged, front flipping kick. He flew backward, crunching into the concrete wall at the far side of the room.

“Too slow, Synergy.” Laura laughed, placing her hands on her athletic hips. “While you’ve been out of the game, I’ve been training for hours every day at a number of martial arts.”

Synergy’s dazed eyes refocused, his lips curling into a determined sneer, and he charged at her.

Laura dodged nimbly to the side, better prepared for his assault this time, sending an elbow into his temple as he passed. Synergy landed hard on the floor, sliding along its waxed surface to the far wall.

As he pressed his hands to the floor in a push-up position to raise himself, Laura pounced on him, using her flight power to accelerate her descent. Her knee collided with his spine, sending the large man to the floor once more with an agonized groan as her blow emptied his lungs of air.

Laura sent a shiny black fist into the back of Synergy’s neck, feeling his face slam into the waxed tile floor with a nasty-sounding crack.

As Synergy’s body went limp with pain, Laura raised a fist for another head-rattling punch, only to be truly caught by surprise for once.

A second man barreled into her from the side, knocking her from Synergy’s back and sending her sprawling into the wall herself.

Shaking her head after the hard impact, Laura’s eyes widened as she saw another muscular man in a shiny red costume. Another symbiote? She hadn’t actually expected that.

Laura rose to her feet, her eyes blazing with intensity as she watched the red-suited man help Synergy stagger to his feet. The former superhero’s forehead sported a growing red lump, his nose and mouth bloodied from her attacks, but he was still able to stand.

“Well, well,” Laura intoned, licking a tiny trickle of blood from her lips. “Synergy brought a friend! What might your name be, cutie?”

“George,” her new opponent said simply. He turned to give Synergy a nod, then the two men charged her at once.

Laura could more than hold her own against a large, muscular man with equivalent powers. But against two such men? She wasn’t certain she would win this fight through pure physicality. As always, however, she had come prepared. She had an alternative plan, just in case Synergy had actually proven too much for her to handle. She would have to modify it a bit given her current situation, with two opponents, but she believed she could still make it work. Still, it wasn’t her preferred solution as it involved a bit of pain.

Laura braced herself for impact, no longer attempting to fight the men. Both were upon her in an instant, Synergy slamming his fist into one side of her sculpted stomach, George hammering the other side.

Doubled over from his blow, Laura gasped for air, unable to speak.

“I’m so glad I have a second chance to do what I should have done the first time I met you…” Synergy muttered, shaking his fist after the unexpected hardness of her chiseled abs.

George, meanwhile, grabbed her by the shoulders, kneed her brutally in the stomach before she could recover, then threw her across the room. She crashed into a table in the corner, cracking it down the center. It collapsed into a “v” shape. Breathless and hurting, Laura writhed in pain at the nadir of the broken furniture.

Laura summoned her willpower and staggered to her feet. She had to make it look as if she were still trying to win the fight. She swung her fist in a wide, telegraphed strike as the two men approached. Synergy slapped her punch aside and sent his huge fist rocketing straight toward her face. Her head whiplashed back with the force of the blow, and she crunched into the concrete wall, leaving a permanent impression of her curvaceous form as she slumped to the floor.

George followed up Synergy’s blow with a running kick, shattering the wall behind her with its force.

While the two men took turns giving her a few more kicks for good measure, Laura ignored the pain, commanding her the symbiote to re-form her costume with tears and holes designed to reveal strategic portions of her sensual form. Displaying her outfit in tatters should put a quick end to the attacks, as the the stupid men would begin to feel guilty for hurting a woman. Showing a little skin would make Synergy, at least, more open to suggestion as well. She knew from past experience that he was enamored with her appearance.

A moment later, blood dribbling from her split lip, her stomach bruised from the two heroes’ abuse, Laura felt her lithe form lifting from the rubble as Synergy pulled her up by the front of her shiny black costume. The hole she had commanded the symbiote to form over the upper portion of her breasts gave the man a breathtaking view of her sumptuous cleavage. As Synergy’s eyes dropped to check out her body, Laura smirked, pleased that her distraction was proving effective.

Laura kept her arms limp at her sides, allowing her long legs to dangle over the floor as she pretended to be unconscious.

“Go,” Synergy told George. “Get the police. Show them the video. It should be enough to get a warrant for breaking and entering while we figure out how to get evidence of her other crimes.”

The other man looked distrustful, eying Laura suspiciously. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Synergy examined Laura’s injured face and ripped costume. He placed a finger under her chin to turn her lolling head to face his. Laura continued to leave her body limp, her eyes still and closed. “I can handle her. She’s no longer a threat. She just caught me by surprise before. Now, she’s injured and unconscious. And once I get the symbiote off of her, she’ll be completely helpless.

So you want my suit off, eh? thought Laura with a mental smirk. Perfect…

George sighed, gave the woman one last wary glance, then turned and ran from the room.

Watching the other man leave, Synergy quickly returned his eyes to Laura. Still holding her aloft with his right hand, he reached his left to stroke her cheek. “Sorry, Laura, but it had to be done. I just wish things could have been different between us.”

He paused, seeming to consider. “Maybe they can be, once I’ve removed your symbiote.”

He threw Laura’s unmoving body over his shoulder and flew out the hole in the ceiling into the night sky. “I can’t do that back at the lab, though. I don’t trust Astronotech, or even George. I’m going to keep your symbiote with me until I figure out a safe place for it.”

He flew her back to his apartment, landing on the balcony before entering his room and sliding the glass door shut behind him. As he lay Laura’s body gently onto his bed, she pretended to stir back into consciousness.

“You’re awake!” he said, instantly wary.

Laura groaned, fluttering her long lashes as she opened her eyes..

“What happened?” she said breathily, widening her eyes in an innocent expression.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Kingsford, but we were forced to subdue you.” Synergy shifted his position, swinging his leg over her body to straddle her, pinning her left arm to her side.

“Subdue me, huh?” she said, adding a touch of huskiness to her voice. “I can’t say I mind being subdued by a strong, handsome man like you.”

She reached out to run her fingers over Synergy’s bulging bicep.

“I was wondering when I’d find a man capable of handling me.” She punctuated the statement with a tantalizing wink. “You have no idea how hard that is…”

Synergy’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as they met Laura’s sultry gaze.

“So rare, in fact, that you’re the first man to ever do it,” she continued, unbothered by his distrustful look. “Congratulations, Synergy.”

Willing her voice to sound impressed, she continued. “I’m glad it’s you. I think somewhere deep down, I’ve always secretly hoped you’d become your super-self again.”

Laura drifted her finger over Synergy’s heavily muscled chest, giving him her best sheepish expression. “I may have fantasized about you these last three years.”

She blinked coquettishly as she found the hidden device at her hip with the hand Synergy thought he’d pinned, activating it with a press of her finger. “I may have pleasured myself to the thought of my big, strong hero coming to take me down.”

Synergy swallowed hard as her words connected, reminding him of his own secret fantasies. Synergy looked down at her slender fingers as they traced the lines of his powerful muscles. His eyes again met hers, and he sneered. “I’m not going to be so easily manipulated this time, Ms. Kingsford.”

Connecting her vision with the symbiote’s, she read the display on the device still wrapped tightly in the alien creature’s liquid-like body. It read 6%.

Keeping the counter in the corner of her vision, Laura studied Synergy’s eyes carefully, the corners of her own lifting as she gave him a sly smile. “I didn’t think you would be. Not after what I did before. But it is different this time. You know what it’s like to be too much for any mere human. You’re the only other person who knows what it’s like.”

The display now read 19%. Excellent. Soon, the ultrasonic wave emitter she’d had her scientists create for just such an eventuality would fully strip Synergy of his connection with the second symbiote, and it would be hers. She just needed to buy time for it to work. She suppressed a shiver of excitement.

Instead, giving her voice a hint of breathiness, she spoke again. The tone wouldn’t be enough for him to notice. She didn’t want that. Synergy was already suspicious of her. But it would be enough for him to feel subconsciously. “But you don’t understand what it’s been like these last three years. I’m an intensely sexual creature, Synergy. Doubly so after my transformation. And I have yet to meet a man that can satisfy my needs….”

She allowed the words to linger for a moment on the tip of her tongue. They actually held an element of truth. She had been feeling that way. But not for Synergy. Only for his symbiote. It might be fun to let a man keep a symbiote for some fun down the road, but that was something to figure out later. For now, she needed to gain control of his symbiote. She needed to feel it growing over her body. Changing her. Again.

She couldn’t help but let a small gasp escape her perfect lips at the thought of it. Luckily, the slip suited her purpose, making Synergy think that it was he who aroused her like this.

“…until now…” she finished. She shifted beneath him, sending his weight to one side to allow her right leg to slide out from under him. She lifted her long leg, wrapping it around the man above her. The rounded swells of her sleek calf slithered about his muscular hip until it came to rest on the upper slopes of his powerful glutes.

The display of the device read 37%.

As Synergy made a move to pin her leg once again, Laura allowed her smile to fade into a subtle frown, her expressive eyes growing wider. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it as well.”

Synergy paused, the hunger in his eyes easy to see. Laura pressed her advantage, shifting him to the other side to free her trapped left arm and leg, slipping her long limb around him from the other side, just as she had the first.

The superhero fell forward, reached his huge, muscled arms before him, his hands pressing into the mattress on either side of her shimmering blonde hair.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined our bodies coming together, ravishing each other while we feel everything twice as intensely from the symbiotes’ added sensations?”

She watched as Synergy shuddered. She could feel his growing arousal against the inside of her thigh.


The sexy blonde pulled her hips toward his body with a quick tense of her thighs, her nether regions feeling his body heat as they hovered less than an inch from the impenetrable wall of muscle that was his lower abdomen, his manhood swelling into the gap.

Synergy’s eyes turned hesitant as he felt her legs tightening around him. “What are you doing? Stop this! You’re going to prison!”

Laura laughed, blinking innocently. “For what exactly?”

Throwing her lush mane of blonde hair over her left shoulder, she smiled coyly at the superhero. “Running a successful business?”

“No!” Synergy said, his voice growing shrill. “You’ve committed all sorts of crimes!”

“Care to name one?” Laura asked, still smiling. “Because I can think of a rather significant number of good things that I’ve done. In fact, I think I’ve done far more than you ever have for this world.”

Synergy looked skeptical. “Now, that’s a laugh. Name a single good deed you’ve done!”

61%. Laura mentally commanded her symbiote to expand the hole over her breasts, creating an absolutely breathtaking amount of cleavage.

“Converting the world to electric vehicles in an effort to save the environment, perhaps? Turning the autocracies in the middle east democratic? Rescuing a social media company from financial ruin over their carelessness in securing user data? Are those the crimes to which you’re referring? Because they sound pretty heroic to me.” Laura’s almond-shaped eyes took on a look of complete innocence.

“That’s not—” Synergy objected, his eyes dropping from hers only to find the luscious temptation of creamy flesh filling their view.

“I-I mean you have m-monopolies!” he stammered, clearly affected by both her words and her unbelievable body.

“Maybe,” Laura admitted. “But their only purpose is to make the world a better place. I just named three examples of that, right?”


“I’m sure you’ve done other things too! Bad things!” Synergy huffed, his face beginning to flush as the weight behind his arguments faded.

Laura wriggled her body closer to his, brushing her nipples against the hard muscles of his chest.

“Well, I haven’t attacked any women merely for coming to see me.” She licked the blood from her lip as if to emphasize what the superhero had done.

“That’s not… what I… I mean…” Synergy stammered, his eyes roaming her injuries and torn costume, suddenly wracked with guilt.

“I think you just wanted to show me how strong you are,” Laura gave him a languidly seductive wink of her long lashes, using her shapely legs to close the remaining distance between them. Her full breasts pressed tightly against the shimmering white symbiote that covered his massive frame. Her voice descended a bit closer to something resembling a husky purr. “And I’ve got to say: I’m impressed.”


Laura’s hands slithered up Synergy’s muscled back, her toned arms pulling their lips to within kissing distance. Laura watched Synergy gasp as she pressed her curves into his hard body. She clenched his waist even more tightly with her strong, sexy legs, feeling his hardness against her inner thigh. Rolling her tongue along her lower lip, she began to tilt her head forward.

He seemed to want to say something, but he hesitated, probably unsure of what to say. She had countered every argument in their verbal fencing, scoring a direct hit to his righteous heart by playing on the fact that he’d hit her, a woman. Most men of his ilk still imagined themselves knights in some sort of outdated chivalrous age. They believed they were superior to women and had to protect them. Laura was all too happy to use such ridiculous nonsense to her advantage.

“Your body is even better than I remember, Synergy. And after three years of outclassing every one of my lovers, you have no idea how eager I am to taste those delicious muscles of yours.”

She felt Synergy shift uncomfortably under her arms and legs. She felt hardness rising just below her crotch.

96%. Her plan was working.

“I think you’re just as eager to taste my body as well. Aren’t you, Synergy?” Searching her eyes, she saw the truth within them. He did desire her. He probably had all this time.

“You don’t mind, do you…?”

Her smile broadening as she sensed her impending victory, Laura allowed her voice to drop into husky territory. She was no longer concerned he would suspect that he was being played. She could tell from the hunger in his eyes that he wanted her. Desperately.

“…just a little…”

She leaned in, searching his face for any signs that he was onto her. There were none. His gaze was focused on her mouth, his erection growing harder as it slid up the interior of her smooth thigh, now just millimeters from her pulsing sex.


She pressed her pillowy lips to his as the counter on the device hit 100%, feeling his hot breath flow into her opening mouth. She flicked an errant lock of hair forward to bounce against his chiseled jaw. She could feel the intake of breath through his nose as he breathed in her scent.

His body tensing with arousal, she squeezed him even more tightly, hungrily thrusting a probing tongue into his mouth, swirling it over his.

In that moment, he seemed to lose his last vestiges of resistance, crushing her to him with his massive arms. His teeth bit down passionately on her lips and tongue. He was impossibly hard now, his member quivering against her moistening folds, only two liquid alien creatures between them.

As they continued their torrid kissing, Laura connected her mind to the more simplistic neural network of her symbiote’s, commanding it to connect with Synergy’s creature and instruct it to leave the man’s desire-addled body and come to hers.

“Oh, Laura,” Synergy breathed, his breath heating her cheek as he trailed kisses over her delicate jawline. He moved his lips down her long, swanlike neck, tasting her perfect flesh. “I’ve dreamed of this… for so… long…”

The confession startled Laura momentarily. She hadn’t realized just how deeply his obsession with her had run. The development was a welcome one, however. Maybe that’s why this had been so easy to sway despite his apparent readiness for her wiles. Of course, she had fenced him into it by playing on his goody-two-shoes nature. Years of manipulating men made it so easy for her. With a symbiote-perfected body to go along with her skills, it wasn’t even fair. She almost felt bad for the poor superhero.


But now wasn’t the time to think of the pathetic man she had just outwitted a second time. It was the time to enjoy herself. She smiled, tilting her head slightly to the side as her hopeful lover continued to suck at her long neck. She felt the familiar sensation of a symbiote pooling over her smooth skin, trembling as she gave in to the feeling she had longed for every day of the last three years.

The feeling was even better than she remembered. The sensation of warmth, of incredible, delicious, sensual power tickling her skin. She mentally ordered her symbiote to cover only her back, and it did, the inky creature rippling as it rolled over her curvaceous form to coat her sleek backside.

“Uhhhhhhhhhnnnnnggggg,” she moaned as Synergy’s symbiote flowed to her. The insipid man was too distracted to even realize what was happening. Not that it mattered. The symbiote was already hers. Instead, the white symbiote pooled over her sculpted abs, hardening their muscles into levels of invulnerability she could scarcely comprehend.

What would the combined power of two symbiotes do for her? What would it do to her already perfect body?

She couldn’t wait to find out.

The warm liquid grew warmer as it slithered over her chiseled midriff. The symbiote on her back matched its counterpart’s pleasurable warmth as it pulsed in anticipation of its host’s ascension in power.

“Omigod…” Laura breathed as tendrils of hot, viscous liquid probed upward over her naked flesh, caressing the underside of her bare breasts.

Her fingers spread over Synergy’s broad back, their tips curling inward to clutch at his hard muscles as sensation began to consume her.

“Gaaaaaahhhhh,” she gasped as the alien fingers wriggled over her nipples, teasing them with its achingly sexy caress. The liquid surface of the creature continued to pour from Synergy’s body onto her stomach, spreading over the front of her breathtaking form. The creature’s touch was unbelievably sensual as it formed countless connections to her nerve endings, enflaming them with the heat of impossibly powerful lust. Eyes growing manic, Laura’s mind became consumed with the sensation of overwhelming power flooding into her. Skin prickling and flushed under the alien’s touch, her body began to buck wildly with inconceivable levels of arousal.

The symbiote at her back vibrated in excitement as the two beings converged over her own to form something far greater. Laura felt an electric surge of absolute euphoria erupt from somewhere deep within. The jagged sensation was quickly followed by a searing heat that raced through her long limbs. The power of the symbiotes seemed to expand within her, multiplying again and again as their empowering abilities joined together. Laura could feel the strange creatures infusing her muscles with levels of power far beyond what she had possessed before. Beyond anything she had ever dared imagine.

“So strong…” she hissed between clenched teeth. “So much!”

Laura’s muscles absorbed wave after wave of power, her body shaking as it transformed from mere perfection into something so much more. Laura panted as rapidly rising rapture took her to levels of sensual exhilaration that the human body was never meant to withstand.

Synergy finally noticed that something was amiss, stumbling backward as his horrified eyes finally saw what was happening. He looked down to see that he was naked and shrinking rapidly, the symbiote now completely gone from his body. His terrified gaze shifted forward to see his new symbiote flowing down Laura’s long legs as if it were being poured over the tight, sinuous muscles of her lower body.

“God, yes…!” cried Laura, no longer afraid of alerting Synergy. He was too late. She had both symbiotes now. And she was so powerful, basking in the feeling of her ascension to goddesshood.

Her mind could scarcely contain the dizzying pleasure as the two aliens swirled together over her swelling chest, increasingly defined arms, and impossibly sexy stomach. The pair of creatures twisted over her ever-more breathtaking form like a curved yin-yang symbol as they swirled together in a combined sensual caress of Laura’s far-beyond-stunning body.

Synergy screamed as her increasingly tight embrace cracked his hips without even intending to, falling onto her incredible body as it expanded into staggering magnificence under his chest.

Laura’s body bucked, her legs straightening, toes curling, releasing Synergy’s broken body. She undulated like a wave, launching him away from her to land beside the bed with a yelp of pain.

Laura rose from the bed, her toes and fingers clenching impossibly tightly as her shallow breathing became increasingly rapid. Liquid power gushed into her, giving her almost more than she could stand. As she floated above the bed, vast torrents of strength gushed into her, pooling in a violent vortex within her staggeringly sexy form. Sweat beading on her brow, Laura’s striking features crunched together with unseen effort as she focused on harnessing the vast sums of energy that the merging pair of symbiotes were generating – more than any single being was ever intended to have.

“Yes!” Laura cried, her arms and legs spreading as devastatingly powerful shocks of electricity charged through them.

“Yes!!” she cried again, her fingernails burrowing deeply into her palms as her magnificent abs clenched, rippled, and shook.

“YES!!!” she yelled even louder, her voice growing slightly hoarse as emotion trembled her lips and eyes.

“YES!!!!” she screamed, the vibrations of her voice knocking Synergy into the wall, embedding him in the plaster. He lay on his side gazing up at her in stunned amazement, his eyes drinking in the sight of Laura’s still-swelling breasts and ever-lengthening legs.

“YES!!!!!” she howled, suddenly bringing her legs and arms inward to clutch at her own body as she curled into a fetal position, her body shuddering as every muscle in her body clenched simultaneously in an earth-shaking orgasm.


Laura’s limbs shot outward in a final burst of power, her metamorphosis finally complete. An explosion of excess energy flared through the room, shattering every piece of glass in the apartment. Synergy’s hair was blown back as he lay entombed in the wall, his expression one of complete and utter awe.

As flickers of Laura’s surge of excess energy died out in the corners of the room, the black and white symbiotes merged completely together, forming a silver coating that seemed to be in perpetual motion as it roamed the surface of her body. The symbiotes flowed around her as if her breathtaking body were the center of a thick, jellylike cyclone. The aliens’ shimmering liquid surface parted occasionally as they moved as one, leaving portions of Laura’s naked body visible for fleeting moments before their glimmering surface covered them once again.

Synergy gasped as tantalizing glimpses of impossibly full breasts, deliciously sculpted stomach, and taut, silky thigh were revealed for brief moments by the ever-circling pair of creatures.

Laura ran her soft fingertips over her sleek curves, her divine lips forming a sumptuous smile as she touched her smolderingly sexy shape for the first time. There had never been legs as endless nor as shapely as hers. There had never been breasts as heavenly as the gravity-defying orbs upon her chest. There had never been a physique as chiseled, a body as ravishingly sensual as hers had become.

She had become a goddess.

The goddess.

Her eyes blazing with dark light, Laura saw her reflection for the first time in the glassy surface of Synergy’s wide eyes.

She was perfect.

Lush waves of platinum silk seemed to glow with soft light as they rolled over her shoulders and down the smooth swells of her toned back. Shimmering, expressive eyes looked back at her, the emotion within clearly joy at her staggering levels of superhuman might. The color of her irises shifted, startling her, transforming from their original blue to a brilliant silver, then back again. They seemed to change color with every pulse of her thundering heart, the incredibly bold eyelashes that framed them making them smolder with darkly sensual appeal.

Lofty cheekbones gave her flawless visage a majestic air, subconsciously cementing her status as the ultimate superhuman queen in the minds of any lucky enough to view it. Her lips beckoned invitingly, their seductive scarlet slopes seeming to whisper a siren’s song that promised a lifetime of ecstasy with a single kiss.

Laura giggled at the mesmerized man beneath her, the sound of her velvet voice seeming at once soprano and alto, both husky and melodious. Her light, lilting laugh filled the room like a sultry symphony as it washed over the poor man’s body, eliciting a shiver of pleasure from his limp form.

A long, thin neck flowed gracefully into slim, sexy shoulders and long, willowy arms. Ridged rivers of firm feminine flesh adorned the length of her limbs, giving them a slender but impossibly fit profile.

The young goddess’ spectacular breasts seemed to leap outward from her torso, their lushness of form effortlessly drawing the eye down the heaving expanse of sumptuous curves. As Laura gasped at her own beauty, her beautifully contoured abdomen pulled inward, tightening into armored plates of absolute steel. Gorgeous hips and a luscious backside slithered into the sinuous swath of satin skin and deliciously sculpted muscle that were her perfect legs.

Laura hovered above Synergy, displaying before his eyes the ultimate specimen of the female form. Enough strength now flowed through her sleek muscles to crush mountains and level entire cities. Floating above Synergy, the poor, overwhelmed man still lying breathless and shaking inside the wall, Laura smiled. As she watched his limp body spasm under the awe-inspiring aura of her divine resplendence, her lips curled into a cruel smirk.

“Thank you so much for the second symbiote, Synergy. And the first, I suppose. I couldn’t have become who I am without you. I’m just fortunate you’re so incredibly stupid. But I suppose you’re only a man. Thinking isn’t in your nature.”

The dazed man blanched at her words, and Laura laughed at his reaction as she floated away.

Two symbiotes down. One more to go. This was going to be fun…

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