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Lady Patriot

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Lady Patriot

Elizabeth sat behind Chris in calculus class, tapping her pencil on her desk. Chris could tell how stressed out she was. He sat in front of her and her shaking leg was sending tremors through his desk. She always disliked math classes. It had been her worst subject in school since she was a little girl.

Chris suddenly felt a tap on his back. “Hey Chris… what did you get for #4?” Elizabeth asked. He could tell she was desperate and couldn’t blame her. Parent-teacher conferences were a few days ago, and she had her parents on her back telling her that she needed to raise her grades because an “F” on the midterm would likely mean a failure of the class.

He jerked his head to the left signaling for her to look at his hand. She followed and saw him flash four fingers surreptitiously. “D, got it… thanks, sweetie!”

After finishing the exam, Chris walked out with his girlfriend as she hugged him tightly. “Thank you so much for helping me back there. I would’ve been dead as hell if I didn’t pass that shit. Fuck calc.”

Chris smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “No problem, honey. Consider it a thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done in my life.”

Elizabeth blushed. “Oh, it was nothing.” The statement caused Chris’s eyes to open wide.

“Liz, I was broken when my father passed away. I didn’t know what the hell to do with my life. I was frustrated, confused, angry. And throughout all that you stood by my side. Even when I told you to leave me alone, you refused and hugged me and literally gave me a shoulder to cry on. It was then that I realized that I love you. I love you so fucking much, Liz.”

Elizabeth couldn’t help but tear up, hearing that memory. Seeing her lover in pain was her greatest weakness. “I love you too Chris…”

The lovely couple hugged for a few seconds before they pulled apart, still smiling at one another affectionately. “Anyways! My uncle’s cabin upstate is empty this weekend! I was thinking you and I could maybe go and hang out there… maybe have some alone time? I mean we deserve the break. I also heard there’s gonna be a meteor shower! Should be fun!”

Elizabeth moaned just hearing that. She’d had enough of school for this week. Three exams back-to-back, and her mind was completely drained. “That would be lovely! when do we leave?”

Suddenly the bell rang loudly. “How about right now?” Chris smirked, extending his hand.

Elizabeth took it and smiled. “Let’s do it!”

The loving couple drove upstate for 2 hours before arriving at their destination. Nice and secluded, around a 20-minute drive from the nearest Seven Eleven and any sort of civilization.

“Oh, Chris! This is perfect!” Liz cooed as she left the car and sucked in a lungful of the fresh, mountain air.

“I’ll get the grill started and cook the steaks. In the meantime, freshen up and relax.” Her lover ordered a gleeful grin painted all over his face.

“Aye aye, captain!” She saluted as she went into the house and unpacked her bags, changing into more comfortable clothing.

Her phone vibrated. She pulled it out of her pocket and noticed it was a call from her mother.

“Yes, mom?”

“Hey, Lizzie, hope that exam went okay! Where are you?”

“Oh yes! The test went great! I think I got at least an 80!” Liz enthused as she bit her tongue, giving silent thanks to her boyfriend.

“That’s great, honey! See? When you put in the effort, good things will come out of it! You know how much your father and I want you to succeed in life.”

This hit Liz hard. The truth was that she didn’t even know what she wanted to do in life. None of the career interests her guidance counselor had suggested aligned with her preferences. She disliked math and science, so engineering, architecture, and anything that involved heavy calculations was automatically out. She wasn’t into debating mainly because she was a shy woman but also due to the fact that her memorization levels were less than suitable for that sort of activity, so the lawyer was out of the picture as well.


She was startled from her trance, daydreaming of an empty and hopeless future.

“Uhh, yeah yeah… I know, you guys are just looking out for me!”

“Exactly, sweetie!”

“Anyways, mom, I gotta go. I’m with Chris upstate by the way! He said we would celebrate a job well done on midterm week!”

“What? I wish you would’ve told me earlier! But I’ll let this slide. Have fun and be careful. If you know what I mean, wink wink…” her mother responded, causing Liz to groan.

“Ugh, mommm. Jeez!”

As she hung up, she heard Chris calling her from outside. She quickly finished changing and headed for the front yard.

“Hey, sweetie! You called?”

Chris nodded and rushed toward her. “Yes! I need to use the restroom; the steaks are almost done. Can you take them out when they are ready in the meantime?”

“Of course! Seems like you’re in a hurry!” she laughed. “Go go go!”

“Thank youuuu!” Chris yelled as he bolted into the cabin.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle seeing him running like that. “Okayyy, readying the steaks! Easy peasy!” she said to herself before she heard a loud noise from the sky.

Looking up, she gasped. “Oh, wow! Looks like the meteors are early! Aw, man! Chris is gonna miss it! Damn it!”

She looked up at the sky in awe at the ignited rocks as they passed by from the literal void that is space. She couldn’t help but look at one in particular, though it shined brighter than the others and headed on a different course.

She squinted her eyes before noticing it was getting bigger. “Huh… that’s odd…” she began before she realized that it wasn’t just her but a meteor was in fact heading in her direction. “Holy shit…” she commented as the meteor was getting nearer and nearer.

Panicking, she didn’t know what to do running around back and forth but before she tried calling Chris, the meteor flew just over her and landed a few meters away.

“Fuck…” she said to herself as she began running towards the field carrying some water bottles in trying to put out the small fire that started as a result of impact.

“Okay… let’s put you out,” she said before she took a closer look at the rock and noticed a blue glow radiating from it. “What the…”

Upon putting out the fire, she walked closer to the rock that was as big as a twin-sized bed. “I feel kinda funny… like it’s pulling me towards it…” she said before it began glowing brighter and before she could make any movements, the rock exploded releasing a blue wave of radiation directly at her.

Liz screamed as she was being blown away from the impact, but what she didn’t notice was during the microseconds of flying across the field, the radiation found its way into her skin. She felt like her body was being burned to a crisp by how much heat was being emitted.

Eventually, she landed on the ground looking at the sky as she felt her body heat up from her abdominal area to her legs, arms, and even her breasts. She watched as the sky began dimming, as she began to lose consciousness. She would not realize that this would be the last time she would close her eyes as a regular human.



She heard her name being called, but it was oddly faint. “Chris…?” She moaned as she began to wake up.

“Liz! Holy fuck!” Chris gasped as he ran toward his lover.

As she gained back her ability to move her body she noticed Chris arrive by her side, kneeling down and giving her a tight, meaning-filled hug.

“Oh, God… what have I done…” she heard her love say as he began to tear up.

“I’m… I think I just got hit by a meteorite ray?” Liz questioned as she pointed at the rock beside her.

Chris turned around and gasped. “Did… did it hit you?”

“What? Oh, I didn’t ACTUALLY get hit by it but it landed a few yards away from me and there was a fire… I tried to put it out and then the rock was glowing… and before I could notice why, it exploded and I was knocked out…”

Liz could tell that despite telling her lover this, he clearly was having a hard time believing it.

“The rock glowed? What?” Chris said with confusion as he helped her up and walked towards the rock, much to her reluctance.

“No Chris don’t go near it!” She said, afraid that he would be blown up as well.

“Uh, I don’t see any glowing Liz…” Chris responded as he walked around the rocks. “It looks like any old meteor…”

“Wait whaaaaa,” Liz said as she began walking towards Chris. “I could’ve sworn it was blue… you gotta believe —“

Liz paused when she turned around and looked at her boyfriend, but something was wrong. Before, she’d always look up to him as he was always slightly taller. Chris was 6 feet tall and she was just two inches shorter. However, that was no longer the case. Instead, she was looking down at him.

Chris immediately noticed this change as well. “Liz?!” Was the only thing that came out of his mouth. He was so full of shock that it left him completely speechless.

“Chris! Y-you shrunk!” Liz panicked as Chris began to shake his head.

“No… no no, Liz, you GREW!” Chris yelled before he began examining other parts of his girlfriend’s body.

He noticed her arms were a bit bigger than normal, but he decided it was a result of her towering new height.

“What the fuck did that meteor do to me?” he heard his lover say to herself as she fell on her knees.

“I’m a freak…”

He watched as she buried her face in her hands and began crying. Chris immediately ran toward Liz and wrapped her hands around her. “Hey, hey, Liz, look at me… look at me!”

The towering brunette looked at her lover as he continued to console her. “You are not a freak, you are still the most beautiful and sexiest Colombian girl I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I’m just glad you are okay…” he said as he continued to hold her tightly, this time harder than normal. “I thought I lost you…”

Liz embraced her boyfriend’s warmth and support, drawing him into her taller body. What more could a girl possibly want?

“You really mean that Chris?” She said, her mascara all over her face from her tears.

“I know so.” Chris calmly responded, causing her to moan with happiness. Now she was the one who was initiating the hugging. She continued this for a few seconds before she heard him gasping her name.

“Liz… LIZ… you are… crushing me…” he said, before she immediately yelped in surprise, releasing him from her grasp as quickly as possible.

She was shocked to see him trying to breathe in the air once again. His deep breaths sent him into a fit of coughing.

“What the hell…?” She thought.

“I didn’t know you were that strong…” Chris commented as he continued panting.

“I never was…” she replied as she looked at her arms and began flexing them. Her biceps bulged under her skin, causing Steve’s jaw to drop.

She remembered she felt pain all over her body, her arms, legs, stomach area… could it be…?

Liz lifted her mostly worn-out t-shirt as they both stared at the 6 pack etched into her stomach.

“No way…” Liz commented as she looked back at her boyfriend to see his reaction and just as she expected, he was also frozen with shock.

“Liz… what did that rock do…?” Chris replied slowly as he walked toward her to continue observing her new improvements.

“I don’t know… but you do believe me now, right? How the rock used to glow and now it doesn’t?”

Chris nodded. “Could it be that whatever was in there may have entered into your system when it exploded?” He guessed as Liz agreed without hesitation.

“Yes yes… probably…”

Chris then began reaching out for her tits, but not before asking of course. “May I?”

“Honey, of course, you know you can touch me wherever you want. unless we’re in public,” she giggled before she felt his cold hands on her twins.

“They feel… kinda warm…” Chris commented as he tried to expose her full breasts.

Liz noticing this, took off her shirt to make things easier but this only led to another level of surprise. Not only has she gained some muscle and abs but now her breasts were bigger as well.

“They used to be B cups… now they are Double D’s holy shit…” Chris said, causing Liz to smile. She liked feeling her boyfriend's hands on her tits. He always preferred that body part over anything else and now there was more of them for him to like.

“Do you… do you feel alright? Are you hurt?” Chris asked with worry.

“Actually… if I’m being completely honest… I feel… great!” Liz cheered. “I got a new sexy body and now we can have some fun!”

As she yelled, she wanted to jump up with joy but what the couple didn’t realize was that by doing that, instead of rising a few feet in the air, she rose around 50 feet, strong winds swirling in her wake, their current strong enough to knock Chris back.

Liz panicked as she rose higher and higher away from the ground. “What the hell!!” She screamed as gravity soon took over and she began to descend.

“Chris, help meeeee!” She whined as she continued to fall and reach the ground closing her eyes bracing for impact. However, that impact never arrived. She slowly opened her eyes and saw she was still about 3 feet away from the ground.

“W-what… am I?” Liz began only for Chris to finish it. “Flying?… yes yes you are and can I just say… WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!”

Liz tried to reposition herself so she was floating upright. “I… guess I am…” she said as she tried to lower herself but instead went in the opposite direction and began rising instead.

“Chrissss!” She screamed, stopping soon after and peeking at her tiny lover watching her from the ground. She began to look around the area and had to admit it was a nice view from up here. Her nervousness turned into happiness as she began to take advantage of this ability and moved her body and positioned herself like Supergirl did in the comics. Is that what she was now? Supergirl? Goosebumps began forming on her skin just thinking about it. However, supergirl had almost every power she could think of, strength? She thought about accidentally almost crushing her boyfriend with that hug. Maybe… flight? Automatic check I guess… laser eyes? She tried to squint her eyes but to no avail as no lasers shot out. Speed?

To be determined…

She began descending as she finally reached the ground after spending a good five minutes in the air. She felt her toes caressing the grass, only to be interrupted by her boyfriend

“Hey Liz, think fast,” he said as he threw his phone directly at her. Liz, not expecting this, panicked as the phone suddenly began slowing down while still flying in the air, heading in her direction.

“Super speed… *gulp* check…” she said as she walked toward the phone and saw it moving so slowly it looked like it was at rest, while in midair. She grabbed the device and began walking toward her boyfriend who was still in a position of having thrown the device at her.

She couldn’t help but giggle at the face he made as he threw his phone. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked until he was behind him.

The surroundings sped up and went back to normal as Chris repositioned himself and had a puzzled look.

“Liz?” He asked as his lover tapped him on his shoulder from behind causing him to emit a high-pitched scream.

“What the… but… but you were there!” He said pointing at her original position when he threw the phone.

“And now I’m here!” Liz finished his sentence with joy only to giggle as a result of his confusion.

“Liz… you are supergirl…” Chris said with a huge smile on his face.

“Wellllll, we don’t know that yet…” Liz replied with a pouty-yet-smiling look.

“What do you mean? You can fly… you can run at superspeed, you almost killed me with your hug…”

Liz began to see his point.

“I guess, but doesn’t supergirl also shoot lasers and is bulletproof?”

Chris nodded. “well I don’t have my gun…” he began, causing her jaw to drop.

“I’m kidding… plus I don’t think testing that power would be a good idea… especially if you are still human. Getting shot by your boyfriend would be a no.”

Liz couldn’t help but giggle, her laughter becoming more all-consuming until she was completely dying of laughter. “God I love you. Come here.” She said as she walked toward him and kissed him passionately before he returned the favor.

This went on for a few minutes before he looked down on the ground.



“What are we gonna do about these powers? Are we gonna keep them a secret? Or?”

“Hell yeah we are keeping this shit a secret, I don’t want anyone hunting me down. Next thing you know I am in Area 51 being dissected.”

They both chuckled before getting serious again.

“Okay secret it is… let’s go eat and then we can go to bed for the night!”

“Sounds like a great idea, my love,” Liz cooed as she gently hugged him this time and kissed him on the cheek.

As they finished their meal and got ready for bed, Liz took a look at the bathroom mirror and noticed her upgrades once again. She took off her bathrobe and let it fall to the ground, leaving her stark naked. She couldn’t help but feel her newly developed abs and gave her huge left tit a squeeze with her right hand, a moan escaping her mouth.

She began to feel wet as she continued to explore her body causing her nipples to swell. She was hungry… and she knew exactly how to satisfy it.

She opened the bathroom door as her lover was watching tv.

“Hey, honey!” Chris cheered as he turned around and gave her a look that made her feel hot all over.

“Liz… you look amazing…” he said as she began to walk towards him.

“You think so, baby?” Liz cooed, jumping into bed.

She desperately wanted Chris inside her.

“I know so Liz… you looked great before but now… holy fuck…”

She giggled. “Same… same now come here.”

They began to make out yet again but this time she began to open up Chris’ pants and gently ripped it wide open. “Let’s get this mini you out…” she winked as she pulled down his boxers and out popped his erected cock.

Liz loved the fact that Chris’s member was huge. It was always just perfect whenever he fucked her. But now, he was going to fuck a goddess.

Liz wrapped her fingers around his shaft as she began moving her hand up and down, slowly, only to begin increasing her pace.

“You like that?”

“Oh god yes…” Chris moaned as she continued to rub his meat.

“Wanna see this new trick… you most likely won’t last but it would be pretty cool to see,” She said as Chris nodded in approval.

“Check this out,” she replied as she continued to speed up her hand up and down his shaft to the point where her hand became a blur effectively jerked him off at superspeed.

“HOLY FU—“ Chris yelled as he laid back and a few seconds later his lower body jerked up involuntarily and cum busted out of his piss hole all over the bed and on his chest.

Chris moaned as he came and continued to lay down in defeat.

Liz leaned in and began to lick the cum off her chest. “Delicious baby…”

Chris smiled before she placed her arms around his chest and applied some pressure causing him to look at her with concern.

“We aren’t done yet…” she said as she mounted him and placed her newly DD cup tits on his face and began shaking them. “Let’s get that dick of yours hard again…”

It didn’t take long for his member to get back to work as he moaned and was trapped in between his girlfriend’s enlarged breasts. “Mmmm yeah… that's it, baby…”

Chris and Liz knew at that moment that their relationship dynamic for better or worse had officially changed.

After a weekend of fun and games, the couple drove back home not before stopping by the grocery for a couple of drinks.

“Thanks for a lovely weekend, Chris! Even though it definitely had an unexpected outcome.” Liz laughed, looking at her new form.

“Yeah… it certainly will be a night to remember…”

As they approached the store, an explosion erupted from the nearest apartment.

The people in the general vicinity ducked and covered thinking they were being attacked.

“What’s going on?” One lady asked.

“I don’t know…”

“There!!” A second man responded, pointing towards a 2-story building that had people running away from it while 3 people were hanging from the mostly destroyed balcony.

“Help us!!!” One of the three screamed, causing the people nearby to take out their phones and panic.

Chris looked at Liz who returned him a “what you want me to do?” look.

“Help them!!” Chris yelled.

“I can’t!! What if they see?” Liz tried to say as she heard the balcony crack. “Uh oh…”

“Uh oh?” Chris asked. “Why ‘uh oh?’”

“You didn’t hear it cracking?” Liz asked, as the balcony finally collapsed from the structure and caused the 3 individuals hanging on to enter free fall.

“No!” Chris screamed as time began to slow down around and distort his yell.

She blinked once and looked at the people in danger as they seemed to have been frozen in the air but falling nonetheless. She began running towards the building, maneuvering around the bystanders.

She jumped and began ascending in the air, catching the man who was closer to impacting the ground, followed by the other man slightly above him and the woman to their side.

Upon rescuing the three people in danger, time began running normally again as the pieces of the balcony hit the ground with a loud thud, cracking the sidewalk in the process.

The survivors looked at themselves asking what the hell just happened before they looked to their side and noticed a towering Latina brunette standing by them.

“Are you guys okay?” she asked with a worried tone. The people were still perplexed.

“But… we were in the air a second ago… how…?” One started before Liz interrupted him.

“What matters is that you are okay… are there any victims inside the house?” she asked before the woman stood up.

“My little boy is on the second floor in his room!” She yelled with tears in her eyes.

Liz looked at the second floor before making eye contact with the woman. “I’ll get him.” She asserted before she charged into the house that was catching on fire as a result of the explosion.

Liz walked around debris fairly easily before she noticed part of the stairs was blocked from the rubble. She looked in all directions to see if she could fly around it but realized going back outside and flying up could potentially put the child at even more risk. She was going to have to punch through it.

She looked at her red manicured hands and broad arms and remembered how she almost accidentally crushed her boyfriend. “Oh boy… please work…” she said to herself as she got into position and charged at the debris. She punched a part of the concrete and masonry out of the way giving her clearance to the second floor.

Liz couldn’t believe it. She actually punched through solid concrete… and it didn’t even hurt! “Huh…. neat!” She cheered before she remembered why she was doing this.

“Help!!” She heard with her enhanced hearing. “Guess I unlocked a new ability…”

Liz bolted through the stairs and went from room to room before he saw the one with “Star Wars” stickers. “Duh,” she told herself before she used her leg to break through the door. And scan the area.

She couldn’t find the boy anywhere. “KID WHERE ARE YOU? YOUR MOM IS WORRIED!” She yelled.

There was so much noise coming from outside and the collapsing building. He was probably in shock and couldn’t speak. “Okay Liz… come on come on, you used your super hearing before, let’s do it again…” she said calmly as she entered a state of tranquility and her eardrums began muting the noise she wasn’t looking for. Eventually, it got to a quiet moment before she heard the sniffling from the child crying. She looked at the closet. “Bingo…” she said as she moved a heavy piece of steel in between her and the closet like it was tossing a pillow away.

She tried to unlock the door but noticed it was locked. She began knocking. “Hey, kid… I’m gonna come in okay? Stay away from the door!”

She could hear the kid say “okay” very softly. She smiled as she got ready and took a deep breath before she grunted and broke through the door who couldn’t stand a chance as it broke into pieces causing the kid to raise his arms hoping no debris would hit his face. She looked down at the little boy in what appeared to be about 7 years old.

He looked up at the towering and female figure as she extended her hand. His hero and Angel had come to rescue him, the poor kid thought as he reached his hand towards hers and she picked him up.

“Okay, I want you to close your eyes okay?” Liz said as she was preparing herself to crash through a brick wall to the outside. “This will all be over soon!”

The nervous boy nodded as he shut his eyes and buried his face into her chest. “Here we go,” she said as she breathed in and out and began running towards the wall readying the side of her that wasn’t holding the kid, increasing her speed and bursting through the wall like she was tearing through paper. It was all too easy, she thought. Not even a wall can stop her.

As she exited the building, she fought against the Earth's gravity as she slowed down her descent, landing gently on the ground and walking towards the crying mother.

“Oh god my baby… my beautiful baby…” she yelled as she hugged him so tightly.

“Mommy mommy, this superwoman saved me!” The kid cheered causing her to smile and rise from her knees. “who… who are you… how can we ever repay you?”

Liz couldn’t help but fall in love with this feeling. People needed her and she was able to help them. She was a hero. Perhaps this was something she saw herself doing in life from now on?

“Just a friendly neighborhood… superwoman!” Liz said biting her tongue. Did she legit just quote Peter Parker?!

She grabbed Chris and she ascended from the ground once again as she flew above the general vicinity and watched as the fire trucks arrived just in time to put out the fire.

Chris couldn’t help but look at his girlfriend in awe as she was carrying his pathetic body across the town. “You are a hero Liz!” He cheered, causing her to blush.

“Aww shucks… I will admit, it was nice to be noticed and wanted… ya know?”

“Not only that but you saved lives as well… I’m so happy for you!” Chris said sincerely as he rose to kiss her on the cheek.

“God I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” Liz said as she continued to fly towards her boyfriend's house.

A few days after the explosion, Chris and Liz went on a date to celebrate the new secret hero this neighborhood would now have.

Before they had the opportunity to toast, a man in a suit interrupted their fun time. “Elizabeth Rodriguez? I’m wondering if you and your husband can come with me. We have important matters to discuss.”

“Wait who the hell are you?” Liz asked before she tried to correct him.

“I’m Agent Graham, US government, and I have orders from the President to bring you towards him. He’d like to have a word with you.”

Liz’s face turned red thinking what the hell did she do to get under the fricking President of the United States’ radar.

“Am I in trouble?” Liz squeaked.

“I don’t know, he just asked me to pick up an Elizabeth Rodriguez and tracked you to this location. Now I will ask again if you and your husband can please follow me. We got a flight to catch heading to Washington!”

Chris’s jaw was still dropped as he too couldn’t process what the hell was going on.

It didn’t look like they had any other choice noticing 3 other men in suits patrolling the perimeter in a discreet way.

“I guess we are going to Washington?” Liz asked Chris before he got up.

“Do we need a lawyer?”

“Oh no nothing like that, he just wants to talk.” Agent Graham responded as he talked in his AirPods. “Subjects are rolling out.”

The young couple tried to pry information regarding the reason for their sudden change in plans but either these guys in suits did not have a clue or they did and just didn’t want to tell them.

As Liz sat in the plane directly in front of her boyfriend she spoke for the first time since the restaurant. “Do you think they know?”

Chris looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping only to lean closer to her. “I think… Why else would he want to talk to us? I don’t think we are that famous to gain his attention if it wasn’t for you showing your powers.”

Liz nodded reluctantly as she leaned back against the chair. “I’m so sorry for bringing you into this mess Chris,” she said as tears started rolling down her perfect face.

“No no baby… listen to me… you have NOTHING to apologize for. We are in this together ya hear me?” He asserted as she began to nod.

“I love you, Chris.”

“I love you more!”

Suddenly the agent appeared from the cockpit. “We are 5 minutes from DC, get ready for descent!”

The couple nodded as the plane began to get closer and closer to the nation's capital.

Approaching the White House, Liz couldn’t help but feel scared as hell. Sure she had powers that made her insanely durable but she was still scared nonetheless. She couldn’t even imagine how her lover must’ve been feeling.

They made their way as they approached the Oval Office. “Sir, they have arrived.”

The President got off his seat and rose to his towering height as he walked towards the young lovers and began to smile.

“Well if it isn’t the superwoman!” He said as he opened up his arms with joy and then extended his hand. “I know this is obvious but I am President Gordon, and may I say it’s an honor to meet you in person!

Liz nervously laughed as she shook the hand of the most powerful man in the world.

“Wow may I say… you are marvelously tall…” he added, trying to compare her height with his. Unfortunately, his 5’11” foot height couldn’t compete with her 6’3.

“Nice to meet you… Mr. President… may I ask… why have you brought me and my boyfriend here?”

“Oooh straight to the point huh? Well, can’t say that I blame ya! Well let’s get to it!” he said, clapping his hands. “I know what you did in Texas, Liz.”

The towering superwoman’s eyes opened widely upon hearing this. He pushed a button on the remote and then the screen showed her saving the three people from the balcony along with the little boy. It appeared someone was recording the whole damn thing. Curse social media!

“I must say… it’s impressive how you not only jumped so high… but you broke through the wall and fell at such a slow speed… I must ask… where… where the hell did you become… THIS?” The President asked with a hint of desperation, gesticulating with his hands to emphasize her improved body.

Liz hesitated. She quickly slowed downtime allowing her to think of all the possibilities. Should he tell him the truth? I mean he is the President, Right? She thought before she quickly heard a nooo telling her that if she does, she risks them finding out a weakness, or worse, a way to end her. She looked at Chris as he stood frozen looking at the President with a scared look at his face. No… she wasn’t going to let them break their relationship, so lying it was…

Time sped up to normal time again as he looked at her with a curious and eager expression.

“Oh uhh I actually don’t know… one night I was feeling like a normal teenage girl cramming for midterms and then I woke up with this,” she said as she flexed her right bicep.

Chris noticed him moaning just admiring how powerful his girlfriend had become as he tried to hide a potential erection. Is he fucking serious.? President or not, no one thinks about my girl like that!

“Huh… well that is odd, well anyways, I’ve called you here because I wanted to discuss a potential deal or pact we can have, that I feel will benefit you and the nation as a whole!” He said cheerfully causing Liz to raise her eyebrow.

“How would you like to work for the US government and help save us from domestic threats?” With your speed, you can run to any state in a short amount of time and help this country BIG TIME! And in return, we will pay you guys handsomely,” he said as he wrote down something on a piece of paper, folded it, and handed it to Liz.

She opened the piece of paper before her jaw dropped and placed her hand on her mouth in shock.

“No… I can’t accept this…” Liz began causing Chris to try to understand what he wrote down that caused her girlfriend to immediately deny before he walked toward her.

“Too low? How about this?” He said, adding an extra zero. “And on top of that, the government will provide a perfect uniform or suit for you to wear to symbolize unity to the nation!”

He pushed another button and the closet door opened as a suit with red white and blue colors appeared with stars all over it.

Liz stayed in a quiet mood before she spoke again. “Can I talk to my boyfriend in private?” She asked before he nodded immediately.

“Yes yes of course!” He replied as he opened the door to the busy hallway and guided them out. “Take all the time you need!” He said as he closed the door and headed back to his office.

Liz looked down at her now shorter lover with confusion handing her the piece of paper, causing him to gasp. “Holy fuck Liz…”

“I know!” She yelled, trying to walk back and forth, biting her nails. “I don’t know how I feel about being part of the government. I don’t trust them…”

Chris completely understood her point and stopped her pacing and held both of her hands as he looked up at her. “I’m scared too, Liz but I think you should take the offer. You said you always wanted to help the little guy right? It felt nice? You would actually be helping the country. Plus, knowing the kind of abilities you possess, you shouldn’t be worried…”

He signaled her to lean toward her as he whispered in her ear. “You are a goddess Liz, I doubt these dudes can do anything if you object to something YOU feel crosses a line.”

Liz giggled upon hearing that only to look worried again. “If we do this… you promise you will stick with me? I… I can’t do this alone…” she begged as she looked down in despair. “They are probably gonna turn me into some celebrity or something and it’s going to be overwhelming…”

“Honey, whether you are in another state, country, or planet. I will always support you and be with you!” Chris said as he leaned in to kiss her perfect lips as she wrapped her arms around him bringing him towards her.

“Okay…” she breathed in and out quickly. “I guess we are doing this…”

“Haha, I guess we are! You’ll be an amazing superwoman.

The couple entered the Oval Office as the President looked up from having signed some executive orders and smiled at them. “So?”

“We’ve talked it over… and yes, I will take the job!” Liz said as the president cheered with excitement. “I’m so glad you agreed! Trust me your life is going to change for the better Elizabeth or as the public would soon begin to refer to you as Lady Patriot!”

Liz giggled at first but given that she was going to be a symbol to the country it actually made sense.

The first few weeks were heaven for Chris and Liz. As a result of her new government-issued paychecks, they had enough money to move to a nice fancy home in Amarillo, Texas. Their parents weren’t okay with the move at first but given that they trusted Chris and Liz to take care of each other, they finally gave in.

The nights that followed were ones to remember as Chris heard Liz’s sonic booms from her flight back from work as she landed on the balcony and entered the house in her Lady Patriot suit.

“Hey, sweetie!” Liz cheered as she levitated off the ground a few inches in the air and flew toward her lover. Chris couldn’t help but fight his urges as an erection formed seeing her lover flying above him. With the few inches of floating in the air, her 6’3 stature now looked like that of 6’5. He got in his tippy toes as he kissed her.

“How was work, baby?” Chris asked as she finally touched the ground.

“Exhausting, even for me! They had me go from city to city introducing myself as ‘America’s protector’ even visiting some grade schools to do some readings.” Liz said as she began taking off her suit revealing her broad back before she turned around and revealed her accessories.

Chris began to drool seeing how voluptuous his lover has become. Liz’s arms were spread wide as she exposed her rock-hard abs, her thick, long, but still feminine arms and legs, and finally her breasts… god they were huge… Chris recalled the conversation she had with him asking him for advice on whether or not she should get implants since she hated how small her tits were. Clearly, this was no longer the case.

“Care to take this to the bed, hon?” Liz said with a seductive and infectious voice, causing Chris to immediately nod as Liz suddenly flew towards him, causing the timid man to flinch for a second as Liz scooped him off the floor and flew him to the bed.

Once they arrived, she gently placed him on the comfy mattress as she kissed his forehead. “I love you, my sweet little man.”

“My Love for you is forever, Liz,” Chris replied, causing her to moan. “That deserves a reward…”

She laid on the bed as she spread her long and thick legs. “Come to me, my love…” she said, curling her fingers toward her.

“With pleasure,” Chris grinned as he arrived and began kissing her neck passionately, extending her head backward and beginning to moan, feeling his gentle touch caress her tougher skin. Chris continued exploring her body until she reached her enlarged DD breasts. Choosing the left one, his mouth proceeded towards her nipple and began sucking on it.

“Ohhh god, Chris…,” Liz moaned. She didn’t expect her nipples to be as sensitive as they were at that moment. She was somewhat confused in how he barely felt his touch in any other part but once he reached her nipple, all hell broke loose.

Chris began to suck harder, causing Liz to make a weird moaning face like she was being somewhat drained.

Chris continued to groan as he stuffed his whole mouth with her girlfriend's oversized tit but frowned when he began tasting something sweet coming out of her duct. Milk? But… she isn’t pregnant… is she?

Liz also frowned as she felt her tiny lover beginning to extract milk from her breasts. Nah it can’t be… I tested negative a few days ago.

They both didn’t expect what happened next as Chris began to feel his body tingle, especially his member. “What’s happening to me… he thought. He felt his body changing. But he didn’t notice any difference as he looked around his body.

“Incredible…” he heard her lover say as she appeared to have observed and understood what had happened.

“It seems you drinking my milk is making your body a little more durable… though minimal effects… but I wonder…” she said as she began guiding his member towards her exposed cunt.

“Fuck me, Chris…”

He didn’t need to be told twice as he quickly entered his penis head into her pussy and proceeded to bury himself deep inside her.

The couple moaned simultaneously as this occurred. Chris began to move in a rhythmic motion.

“Mmm that’s right baby… keep going…” the superwoman moaned as she gently held on to her lover’s body and guided him into hers as gently as possible.

“I’m not hurting you, right sweetie?” She asked as he quickly shook his head. “Okay… good…”

They continued to make love for the next 6 minutes before Chris felt himself levitating, thanks to Liz’s body. He began to worry as he tried not to lose balance before he felt two powerful hands holding his buttocks.

“I got you, sweetie,” she said as her body continued to levitate in the air until they reached 7 feet from the bed.

“Relax my love, you are no longer with Liz, you are with Lady Patriot,” she said confidently as she leaned in to kiss her lover.

Liz woke up half an hour late. She moaned at the thought of going to work again. A small part of her was beginning to ask herself whether or not taking this job was a good idea, but it was too late. She already exposed herself to the country and by now the world. There was no going back.

She turned to look at her boyfriend still sleeping soundly in bed, she could hear those faint snores that escaped his cute mouth. She giggled seeing him all bundled up with pillows. Chris was the one thing that made this experience worth it. The fact that he was supporting her no matter what made her feel so happy and so damn lucky. She leaned in to kiss him gently on the forehead.

“I’m gonna buy some milk to get some eggs for breakfast okay?” She said softly as she began to change her clothes and walked to the balcony only to jump out and fly away.

Liz landed a few blocks away from the grocery to avoid attention, hence why she wore clothes that wouldn’t make her noticed as Lady Patriot. As she walked down the street, she couldn’t help but notice faint yells coming from an alley across the street. Liz super sped to the alley to gasp seeing two tall and bulky men surrounding this girl who appeared to be in her early 20s.

“Cmon, princess, how about you show us some of the good stuff,” one of the men said as he attempted to expose her bra, only for her to walk back in disgust.

“Please just leave me alone…” the short blonde said before she was blocked by the second man.

“Alright, we're doing this the hard way then…. Dan?” he asked as Dan nodded and began bending her over.

“NOO! PLEASE STOP!” The girl screamed.

“Trust me, sweetie, this is gonna b—“

“She said to leave her alone!”

The two men paused what they were doing and looked back to notice Liz in her hoodie and jeans. It didn’t take long before they began to laugh together.

“Look, uh this is none your beeswax miss, so unless you wanna be next, I’d suggest you leave the premises,” the head male said walking towards Liz. “Besides… Why are you hiding your adorable little face… I’m assuming ya know with the glasses and hoodie…”

As he reached for her glasses, Liz grabbed his arm, shocking him when he realized he couldn’t pull away from her strong grip. Eventually, she began applying more pressure, causing him to begin yelling in pain.

Dave and the girl could only look in surprise seeing a random woman seemingly taking one of the assaulters down just by squeezing his arm.

“FUCK!! Let go of me, you bitch” The man yelled as Liz used her other hand to tilt her sunglasses down to reveal her blue eyes at the terrified man. “It sucks when someone takes advantage of you and you are powerless to stop them right?”

Liz grinned as she saw the man beginning to learn his lesson. This moment didn’t last as long as she wanted it to be as she watched Dave pull out a handgun from his back pocket. Causing both women in the area to gasp.

“Let him go or I will shoot!” Dave said with some level of confidence.

For the first time since her transformation, Liz was worried. The surrounding area began to slow down. She was ready to superspeed her way towards the man and just pluck the gun right off his hand easy peasy. However, she thought back to the explosion by that building, when she rescued the three people in need along with the little boy. She recalled how easily she burst through the debris along with the masonry wall. She was fucking strong. Time then sped up again as she smiled at the man.

“Do it.”

The three people looked at her like she had 3 heads. Did she really just ask one of the assaulters to shoot her?

“Because I still gotta teach this guy a lesson,” she said as she increased the pressure in her fingers, even more, this time hearing several bones beginning to crack on his arm.

The man could no longer yell as he began tearing up. Dave couldn’t take it anymore and finally pulled the trigger.

Liz, despite feeling cocky not even a second ago, eeped with fright as she covered her face for a good 3 seconds only to slowly place them down and begin examining her body on where the bullet must’ve hit her. Was she numb and just didn’t feel the bullet? she thought before she noticed the ground, causing her eyes to open widely. She crouched and picked up what appeared to be the deformed bullet that should’ve otherwise killed her.

“Wow…” Liz said with shock and glee. “I’m bulletproof…”

She then looked at Dave and a smirk formed on her face. She noticed the first dude was still weeping and just tossed him to the side before beginning to walk towards Dave.

“Well, well, well… guess that backfired… didn’t it Dave?” Liz mocked, causing him to begin panicking.

“Y-you are that girl from TV… L-lady Patriot…” he stuttered causing Liz to smile.

“Smart man. Well, clearly not that smart since you thought you could take advantage of someone smaller and defenseless against a big man like you.” Liz commented as she walked around Dave.

“L-look, I’m sorry… we will leave her alone, just don’t hurt us…” he begged causing Liz to tsk.

“You better… because If I ever see you hurt another defenseless person again, we are going to have serious problems!” Liz asserted, as he grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him in the air a few feet. He rapidly nodded in agreement.

“Good, now take your crybaby of a friend and get out of my sight!” She said as she launched him a few feet away accidentally, causing her to giggle. “Whoops. Guess I still don’t know my own strength!”

The two men got up and began limping away from the alleyway allowing Liz to look at the woman still trying to process what just happened.

“You okay miss?” Liz said as she lent a hand to help her get off the ground.”

“Thanks to you… thank you so much, Lady Patriot!” The woman said as she bowed to her, shocking Liz.

“Hey, there’s no need to do that, I just help people ya know?”

“Of course… but can I just say… you are such a kind and beautiful superwoman… I mean the way you crushed his arm like he was nothing and just moved from there to here in like less than a frickin second! It’s amazing!

Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing. All she did was scare off a few guys, at least in her perspective and now she has a worshipper at her feet. She couldn’t deny that a part of her was turned on by this. But she quickly dismissed that feeling.

“I’m flattered, but like I said, I’m just here to help!” Liz smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Abby,” the petite woman said she leaned in to hug her savior. “Thank you… we are happy to have you!”

Liz giggled and hugged her in return. “You’re welcome! Hey uh, I gotta get going, but uh stay safe alright?”

“Will try,” Abby chuckled as she watched Liz put on her hoodie again and disappear suddenly as the resulting wind blew her hair away and tossed her to the side, landing on her ass.

“Damn super speed,” Abby said with excitement.

Liz returned back to the mansion as she saw her lover in the kitchen.

Chris was getting ready to grab a bowl of Froot Loops before Liz materialized in front of him, knocking off the cereal from his hand and flinching.

“Oh jeez… Liz… we gotta talk about that superspeed,” Chris said as he placed a hand in his heart and felt it beating quickly.

Liz laughed. “Sorry sweetie, but I thought I told you I was going to make you breakfast today!” She said as she placed her hands on her hips which were now more defined thanks to that meteor.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey. I guess I was still knocking the hell out from last night,” Chris replied with a grin as he walked toward his lover and kissed her on the lips.

“You liked it?” Liz asked coyly. Part of her wanted to hear it from him.

“God Liz… that was honestly one of the best sex we’ve had… I mean… I’m not saying you weren’t beautiful before because you definitely were, but damn… you just look irresistible now…”

Liz giggled and blushed. “You think so, Chris?”

“What kinda boyfriend would I be to lie about something like this?” He said innocently.

She wrapped her arms around him. “How did I get so fucking lucky?” She cooed.

“I ask myself the same thing, sweetie,” Chris replied.

“Anyways… you better sit your ass on the couch while I go make you some eggs and ham,” Liz said as she gently smacked her lover’s Ass.

As she prepared the ingredients, she heard Chris turn on the TV only to gasp, causing Liz to superspeed to him.

“Everything okay?” Liz asked as Chris was glued to the TV. Liz froze as she saw herself on TV except not as superwoman but her regular getup taking down the, would be, rapists. Then she looked at the headline. “Lady Patriot, hero or vigilante?” She then looked at Chris who now seemed like he had just seen a ghost.

“You tortured those people?” He asked.

Liz didn’t know how to respond. “I… well yes but they were about to rape that poor girl! I had to do something!”

“You could’ve called the police!” Chris responded with an elevated tone.

“Chris, it would’ve taken the police god knows how long, if I didn’t do anything they would’ve not only raped her but probably gotten away with it!” Liz screamed hoping he’d understand.

Chris sighed as he grabbed his girlfriend’s hands. Liz smiled seeing him being nice and gentle. “It’s Okay… you didn’t know…”

Liz was shocked to see him take this surprisingly well. “Really?”

“Well yeah, it’s your first time, you wanted to show them you were tough and probably got carried away. Plus If I’m being honest, If they were gonna do nasty things to that girl, I can’t blame you. I hate guys like that…” he said coldly.

“Thank you for understanding sweetie,” Liz cooed as she touched her lover’s forehead with hers.

Her phone then began to vibrate, noticing it was agent Graham. “Hello?”

“Come to Washington, I need to speak to you.” He said with a stern voice.

“Is… is everything okay?” Liz asked nervously before he interrupted her. “Just get over here and we will brief you.”

The phone call ended as she turned around and looked at Chris.

“They need you?”

Liz nodded as she got upset. “I’m sorry… today was supposed to be our date night.” She said before her lover's finger was placed in her hand.

“Shhh, the world needs you, I can wait, hon,” Chris smiled as he leaned in to hug his girl. “Go make me proud… not that you already haven’t made me proud, of course,” he chuckled.

Liz giggled as she super sped into their bedroom and reappeared in front of him in 2 seconds with her Lady Patriot suit. Chris still couldn’t help but admire her improved voluptuous figure that her suit had the pleasure of showing, aside from her ass since it was covered by her red cape.

“My girlfriend is a superhero!” Chris cheered as she began to levitate off the ground.

“Love you!” She said as she went out the window, a sonic boom cracking in her wake as she flew across the country.

Five minutes later, she landed in front of the White House as tourists were caught off guard by strong winds that formed as a result of landing only to surround her with cheers.

“It’s Lady Patriot!” One cheered.

“Omg, you are so pretty!” Said another.

“Can I have your autograph Lady Patriot?”

Liz smiled and tried to maneuver her way around the crowd as she approached the gate and the guards gave the all-clear to let her in.

As she walked into the property, she couldn’t help but turn around and see all the support she was receiving from the public. The people loved her! She was like a popular celebrity from Hollywood after the premiere of an Oscar-worthy movie.

Walking into the building, he was met with Agent Graham. He clearly was not in a good mood. “You and I need to talk…” he said as he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into the room only to realize she was going to move at the pace she wanted due to her strength.

He cleared his throat trying to avoid the embarrassment. “Follow me.”

Liz followed the distressed agent into a conference room with other members whom she had not met.

As he closed the door, he began to let lose some steam.

“Liz… what the hell were you thinking?!”

Liz looked at him with a perplexed look. “What do you mean?”

Agent Graham picked up the remote, pushed a button and the screen in front of her showed the news video she saw back at home regarding her beating up and humiliating the rapists.

“I took down the bad guys… so?” Liz asked once again with a confused expression.

“You broke the guy’s arm and launched the other guy across the alley injuring him in the process… we cannot allow that to happen!” He said, trying to contain his emotions.

“They needed to be taught a lesson! I wanted to show them they can’t think they are some big shots who can take advantage of women like that!” She yelled at the agent before the woman sitting behind her rose up from her chair and placed her hands on her shoulders which were as tense as they could possibly be.

“What agent Graham means to say is that you are a role model, one who’s supposed to help the vulnerable WHILE upholding the law. You are not above it. You are representing the president now, you need to look good in front of the public. The last thing we need is pure protests against you…”

Liz calmed down hearing that. “Fine… and who are you?”

“Oh, my name is Samantha, Samantha Keller.” The lady responded with a smile which didn’t affect Liz’s pissed-off expression.


“Okay… now that that’s in order, Lady Patriot, you are needed in…”

Suddenly an alarm began ringing causing everyone to look around. “What’s going on?” Liz asked an agent Graham on his phone.

“Yes sir… yes she’s here… okay will let her know… bye.” He said as he shut off his phone and began running towards Liz. “Change of plans, we just got word of a hijacking of Delta Airlines flight 1342, Lady Patriot, you need to board that flight and stop them before they, god forbid, crash into a heavily populated area !”

Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing, a terrorist hijack?! Was she ready for something of that magnitude?

“Uhh okay… where is it?!” Liz panicked as he and the other personnel in the area began triangulating the location.

“Got it… it left JFK Airport about 20 minutes ago and is heading west! It’s around Philadelphia right now! Lady Patriot, you need to bring them alive if possible!” Samantha started causing Liz to nod.

“Okay… on it!” She said as she disappeared from everyone’s line of vision.

Liz blew 50 feet in the air as she looked around DC and tried to picture which way was north to Pennsylvania. After 5 seconds of thinking, she blasted her way as quickly as possible causing the people of Washington to think it was going to rain as a result of the boom which sounded somewhat like thunder.

It took her around 10 minutes to get near the general facility of Philly as she used her super sight to notice a plane, Delta Airlines making an unusual U-turn. “Bingo…” she said as she tried to fly outside the view range of the cockpit so they wouldn’t expect her.

As she approached the plane from behind, she approached the right-wing of the plane and used her enhanced vision once again to notice 2 guys with machine guns patrolling the aisles.

“You had one job, airport security…” she groaned as she looked around and noticed the emergency exit.

“This will have to do.”

Liz flew toward the door and dug her fingers into the door. She twisted the locking mechanisms and opened her way into the plane immediately closing the door to avoid people flying off the plane.

“FREEZE!” One of the terrorists yelled as he pointed his machine gun at her before noticing her red white and blue costume.

“Is that really necessary?” Liz said as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Die you super-bitch!” He said as he pulled the trigger and shot as many rounds as he could while yelling in anger only to stop and realize all the bullets just bounced off her amazing body and landed on the floor.

Too distracted from what had just occurred, Liz grabbed the guns and without ease broke it in half before using one part of it to swing it at his head and knock him out cold. “He will be fine… I think…”

The passengers on board rejoiced to see their savior taking down the terrorists realizing that maybe just maybe they could still survive this situation.

The second patrol grabbed a knife and attempted to stab her in the neck only for the knife to break upon impact on her sturdy and improved skin.

“Well that’s not nice,” Liz smirked as she grabbed the man by the neck, picked him up, and slammed him against the wall of the plane. She stopped smiling when she saw he wasn’t scared, not even one bit. Instead, he was smiling.

“Why are you so happy?” Liz asked, while still having the upper hand.

“You lose.” He said as he took out a remote and pressed a red button which caused an explosion from the cockpit. She turned around and flew towards the area to notice the blast took out both the pilot AND copilot. “Fucking hell…”

She was pissed. She flew back towards the middle of the plane running into the second terrorist and flying him all the way to the back of the plane before he made a heavy impact on the back wall cracking his spine in the process, paralyzing him from the hips down.

Hearing him scream was now music to her ears. “Why did you do that?!” Liz yelled as he tried to laugh while still feeling pain. “And why the fuck are you still laughing!”

He looked up at the powerful woman. “I-I like seeing a god-like you feel so powerless and desperate…”

Liz screamed as she grabbed him by the throat.

“Plus… the best part is… who are you gonna choose them… or your boyfriend…”

Liz’s heart sank. “How…?”

“In order to take down a supergirl… bring in kryptonite.” He coughed.

Liz has never felt so angry in her entire life. She felt her head beginning to heat up but she couldn’t believe this bastard dared to threaten her.

“After all… they should be holding him, hostage, right now… sucks to be you Lady P—”

Liz had reached the last straw as her anger built up so much that red lasers shot out of her eyes and tore holes into his throat, causing him to choke on his own blood.

Liz was shocked by what had just occurred as she let go of him and watched his mangled body collapse on the floor. She looked at her hands full of his blood. “Oh my god… laser eyes… check…”

Liz super sped to the middle of the plane. She didn’t know what to do. There was no pilot, no copilot. This plane was plummeting every second and her lover was probably being tortured by terrorists. She thought about lifting up the plane but she didn’t know if doing that would cause injuries or even more deaths to the people not to mention the plane may explode if she Tampers with the machine too much. She looked at the people who were yelling and staring at her asking her what she’s going to do to help them.

She thought through many possible ways to save them but time was running out and unfortunate for them, they weren’t Chris. She looked at the people.

“I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry…” she said as she walked towards the door she entered.

“Is she leaving? OH MY GOD, SHE'S LEAVING US!” A woman yelled as the crowd started panicking and began running to block the entrance from Liz, making her feel even more guilty.

“Guys please move out of the way, I don’t want to hurt you—” she said before someone interrupted her.

“You bitch! My daughter looked up to you! You are a coward!” He yelled as he began charging at her causing her to become pissed off.

“You don’t deserve to wear that suit, you supercunt!”

“I hope you burn in hell!”

Liz couldn’t take it anymore. “UNLESS YOU WANT TWO HOLES IN YOUR FOREHEAD, YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY!” Liz yelled as her eyes glowed a bright red, scaring half the people who attempted to stop and attack her, back down.

She saw someone recording her, and in panic shot a laser at a teen’s hand causing him to scream in agony as his hand was sliced off along with his phone.

“I’m sorry…” Liz said as she opened the door and flew as fast as she could.

She didn’t look back, doing so would add more grief and disgust to her conscience and she didn’t need that.

Liz strained herself as she caught on fire due to how fast she was flying to Amarillo.

Chris woke up only to realize he was tied to a chair and had a sock up his mouth. He muffled and tried shaking the chair before one of the men slapped him in the face.

“Stay still you runt.” The tall blond man said as he took off the sock.

“What do you want from me…?” Chris said with nervousness as the man began to pull a knife from his pocket.

“Nothing much… I just want to see an empire fall… the United States has always been known as the best and wealthiest country in the entire world, not realizing that it’s at the expense of our countries…” he said with a loud tone. “And now they have this superwoman… as if this wretched country isn’t already spoiled enough…”

He walked up to Chris and placed the knife on his stomach and began slitting his skin causing Chris to scream like hell.

“I heard your girl can’t get hit with bullets or sharp objects… Many people think of her as invincible, maybe even a god, but boy are you her greatest weakness.

“When she comes here… you are dead…” Chris groaned as he began to laugh.

“We shall see if she does make an appearance she did have to choose between saving a plane full of innocent passengers or you…”

“W-what?” Chris said with shock. “She wouldn’t…”

Liz then landed on the balcony with a loud thud. Chris should be relieved and thankful her lover has returned, however, this girl was different… the anger, the rage… this was a different Liz.

She walked slowly as the man torturing Chris began to smile. “Well if it isn’t the famous Lady Patriot! Pleasure to…” he began before she fired lasers from her eyes and cut his two henchmen in half.

Both Chris and the lead terrorist were in shock. They’d never seen this side of her before.

She walked toward Chris and tears fell down her cheeks as she saw the wound in his stomach. Those tears and temporary sadness turned into anger once again. “What… did you DO TO HIM?” She said as she flew right at the man, knocking him on his back.

“I wanted to piss you off,” he chucked before Liz placed her boot on his chest and began applying pressure causing bones to crack.

“That was your mistake,” Liz responded coldly before her boot tore through his body. The man exhibited a louder scream before he teared up and began to chuckle, confusing the powerful superwoman standing before him.

“What is it with you people and laughing while I’m ending your lives!?” Liz said with a disgusted look.

The broken man tried to move his hand and placed pressure on his chest where the boot once was before he spoke, while stuttering. “I… I’ve… turned the world… against… you…” he said, laughing maniacally only to die a minute after.

Liz didn’t understand what he meant before she began scanning the area to notice an odd-looking camera all the way in the corner. As she brought it toward her, she noticed it was in “recording” mode. It only took microseconds before Liz opened her eyes widely and began panicking. She crushed the camera in frustration but it was too late. The terrorist recorded her commenting on all these murders and now it was on live TV.

Chris grunted as he got back up slowly, causing Liz to notice his struggle and immediately carry him and fly him toward their bed. “I’ll get some alcohol okay? You are gonna be okay…”

Chris nodded as he laid in bed.

A second later she materialized in front of him and brought him the stuff needed to help in the healing process. She scanned his body just to make sure.

“I don’t see any injuries… but then again I’m not a doctor. It seems like he didn’t cut you in too deep though so I think you are going to be okay, sweetie,” Liz said as she began tearing up.

“Thank you, Liz,” Chris whispered. “For everything…”

Liz kissed him on the forehead as she went to the living room and turned on the TV. Not a surprise every damn news channel was covering her and the recording.

“Lady Patriot: a killer?” read one headline, “the golden girl has got a dark side. Are we safe?” Showed another.

Liz continued tearing up and fell on her knees, placing her hands on her face. “Oh god what have I done…” she cried.

“Honey?” Liz heard her lover and immediately cleaned her face and ran towards her lover in the other room.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Honey… listen to me… you are NOT a bad person… you hear me? You are a kind and sweet girl who defended her own lover from a group of psycho terrorists, I would’ve done the same thing If it was the other way around…”

Liz looked up at her boyfriend while still sniffling. “Y-you would?” She asked sincerely.

“Hell yeah I would… and I wouldn’t regret it one bit.”

Liz got up and placed her lips on his while hugging him tightly but not enough to hurt him. “But… I killed… all those people… those poor people in the plane…”

Chris saw her break down again from PTSD. “I don’t know what happened on that plane but if there’s one thing that we do know, is that you can’t be in two places at once, even with your superpowers… you made a decision and you stuck with it. That takes guts, and it’s honestly what I love most about you.”

Liz began smiling again. “You always know when to make me feel special.” She said, causing him to chuckle.

“Graham and the president are gonna be so pissed off…” Liz moaned. “They are gonna kill me, Chris.”

Chris tried to playfully punch his girlfriend in the arm only to regret it as it caused his knuckles to tingle. “Can I be honest with you?”

Liz looked up and nodded.

“Based on what I’ve seen, which If you asked me a few months ago, I would’ve laughed my ass off, it would appear nothing can hurt you.”

Liz raised an eyebrow and began walking towards him and eventually sat down on the couch which was still mostly intact from the fight. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, you may be this hero that everyone looks up to, but even with all these powers you are still human, you make mistakes and in the moment, you had to make a decision. Sure, I’m not in favor of it because it led to more lives as a result, but…”

Liz frowned.

“Of course I would choose you! Chris, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me… even if that means I have to, unfortunately, deal with collateral damage… you will ALWAYS be my priority. I would literally drop what I’m doing if there’s even a 1% chance that your life is in danger.” Liz started with a worried and elevated voice.

Chris hugged his Titan girl. “Plus… it’s not like they can arrest you right?” He chuckled. “I’d like to see them try.”

Liz giggled. “Yeah would be pretty funny.”

Chris’s laughter paused and went back to a serious look. “No matter what they or what the public tells you… think of me… know that I support you and I know you are a good person! Ok?”

Liz nodded and began to tear up. “I love you so fucking much… I don’t deserve you…” she said as she hugged him tightly

Chris felt himself becoming more constricted, not enough to hurt him, more uncomfortable, but he didn’t mind. He loved his girlfriend, his body could take it.

The couple let go of each other as Liz began to blush. “Well, I guess I gotta fly back to D.C, heard they want a meeting with me…”

“Remember what I told you… be assertive… tell them the situation and that you still want to help them.”

Liz agreed. “You know I am a comic book nerd like you, right Chris?”

Chris raised an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

“I’ve read the Injustice comics… if this world even dares to take you away from me… may the odds be in their favor…”

Chris chuckled nervously. “I guess I’m your male Lois lane then?”

Liz giggled. “I guess so… love ya!”

She walked to the patio before smiling and waving goodbye to her man, before looking up at the sky and blasting up into the air, emitting a sonic boom loud enough for the general vicinity to hear.

Flying somewhere over Kentucky, she began thinking about what Chris had said. He’s right… I’m a good person… she thought.

As she arrived at Washington, she noticed the huge crowds that formed in front of the U.S. capitol. They seemed to be protesting, obviously about her. Lowering herself to ground level she turned around and looked at the crowd with worry. She noticed some of the signs “Lady Patriot is a killer!” “Lady Patriot with a huge red “X” over it”. On the other hand, she saw a handful of people cheering for her calling her their savior and protector to America.

Liz may have been invulnerable physically, but there was no superpower that protected her from being vulnerable emotionally. She cracked a smile seeing the fan base that still supported her. “At least not everyone is against me,” she thought. Then again maybe they did not watch the footage yet.

The superwoman turned around and began to slowly walk up the steps. Guards in the general vicinity held their hands on their guns resting in their sides of their uniforms, not that it would do them any good, but if it made them feel safer and more secure, by all means.

She walked down the main corridors, looking down on the floor and avoiding eye contact. Those few seconds when she did look up she would see government officials pause to look at her mainly fear, but also shock and unexpected expressions.

Upon arriving in the chamber she was being bombarded with flashes from cameras as she placed one hand in front of her face with slight annoyance, but still nervous throughout. She gradually stepped forth towards the front of the chamber where the front panel curved inward with several US senators sitting, patiently waiting for her.

She could tell some of them were nervous, judging by their increase in heartbeats as she neared closer. She couldn’t help but giggle at the thought that a shy girl like her would cause so much anxiety for powerful members of the US Congress, it made her feel incredible. Other senators on the other hand were pissed off like they Lowkey wished she could just drop dead or just not exist.

She stood by the stand and placed her hands on the podium, clearing her throat.

“Lady Patriot…” one of the senators said with hesitation. “My name is Senator Williams, from the state of Pennsylvania, these are my colleagues: Senators Tejada of California, Smith of Missouri, Davidson of Texas, and Sanchez of New York,” the female senator smiled as she made eye contact with each senator, nodding in the process.

Liz gulped as she began to speak. “Good evening senators, it’s good to be here.” She replied, trying to make her lie as believable as possible. It was obvious neither she nor the senators wanted to be in this situation. Desperate times she guessed.

“Lady patriot, if I may,” Senator Tejada began, “you mind if I start off with a few questions before we officially begin?”

Liz nodded.

“Excellent. Your official name is Elizabeth Amilia Rodríguez correct?”

“Yes, Senator Tejada.”

“And you are from Amarillo, Texas?”

“Yes, Senator”

“Do you know why you were summoned here today?”

Liz shook her head. “No, but I’m guessing you are going to tell me?”

She began hearing silent conversations occurring in the background. What they don’t know is she can hear every single one of them. “Who the fuck does she think she is, with that attitude?”

“What attitude?” She thought to herself. She was trying to be neutral and asking a question.

“You were brought here today because you left several U.S citizens for dead in flight 1342.” Senator Tejada said with a more strict tone.

“Oh… right…” Liz said as they were delving deep into this already.

“Elizabeth, we saw what you did to one of the passengers in that plane… you… lasered his hand off…” Senator Sanchez added with strain in her voice as she said it. “Why did you do it?”

Liz’s heart began to beat faster. Why did she do it? Because she didn’t want THIS to happen. That’s why. How could she be so stupid, she thought.

“I… I didn’t want people to film me and in the moment, I was still learning about my powers and… I don’t know… just came out of nowhere I guess…”

Liz spoke honestly.

The senators remained quiet before Senator Davidson from her home state spoke. “Look Elizabeth, I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m sure you purposely didn’t just leave the plane just because… but if I may… why did you?”

Liz sighed before admitting the truth.

“Before one of the terrorists died, he told me that he was going to kill my boyfriend and they were already at my house. I panicked and flew directly to my love and stopped the terrorists from finishing the job. I can’t be in two places at once senator… unfortunately, I had to come to a choice… and I chose my boyfriend, and I don’t regret it…”

“Murderer!” One person in the back yelled before the led senator in the committee smacked his gavel in the table. “There Will be order! Quiet down!”

As the chamber began simmering down, Senator Davidson continued. “Well given that you had the ability to help the people and chose to abandon them that can be argued as being an accomplice to a murder of about 75 citizens.”

Liz’s expression turned into that of depression as if the guilt couldn’t eat her alive even more.

“How did you even get your abilities? I still find it hard to believe that something out of a frickin comic book can be a reality…”

Liz hesitated and chose not to respond.

“Ms. Rodriguez? I asked you a question. How did you get your abilities?” He asked with a louder tone.

Liz began to sweat trying to think on whether or not it would be wise to let the US government know the source of her abilities, knowing them, they’d find ways to kill her or even worse make more of her. She shivered at the thought of that. Another being with her abilities. That could not happen. This world isn’t big enough for two superwomen.

“I don’t know. I went to the beach, felt sick when I got home and the next day I woke up to these amazing powers.” Liz explained as she flexed her biceps.

The senators looked at her with suspicion, clearly not buying what she just said.

“Regardless, It is clear that you are unfit to serve this nation, and rather we have to have people keep a better eye on you and hopefully see that you don’t cause any more trouble.”

Liz gulped at the thought of having someone breathing down her and Chris’s shoulder. Because of her, Chris was going to suffer and lose his freedom and privacy. It was then that something began to change in Liz. Everyone froze in place as she began to think quickly. She thought back to what Chris told her, how she was a good person. It’s not like they can arrest her right? She would love to see them try.” Chris is right… she realized. I can bend steel like it’s made of paper, I can fly to whatever height I want! I can run faster than a fucking bullet I can make a move before anyone could birth their next thought. Why should I let them run the show when it’s me they fear not the other way around? I can’t control their fear, only my own. Everyone began moving at a regular speed.

“No.” She replied, causing a gasp to arise from all over the chamber, especially the senators.

“I’m sorry?” Senator Davidson said with a surprised but annoyance tone in how she just mocked him in front of national TV.

“I said no, you will not have people watching over my back like I’m some potential terrorist ready to break loose. I know who I am, I am a powerful being who’s willing to do good for the world, and I’d be more than happy to help my fellow citizens out, but I’m not going to be told what I can and can’t do when it comes to something like being tracked or having a collar on me. I’m a human being, I am an American citizen and I have my rights just as much as everyone around me. And let’s be clear, you need me a HELL of a lot more than I need you. One could argue that I am the closest thing there is to a god. I could do a lot of ugly things but I choose not to because I have morals and a conscience, it’s what makes me human. So if you want to arrest me, then do it, but for their sake and yours, I’d suggest saving the time and effort for actual criminals that are lurking in the streets. So now if you’ll excuse me, I best be going back home, my adorable boyfriend is expecting me. Thank you for your time.”

Liz left the podium and began walking down the hallway as the only noise being emitted was from her boots as she went down the aisle. Everyone was speechless by what was just said and Liz could not give a fuck. It needed to be said.

Liz walked outside the capitol building. The crowds had gotten bigger and the divide between her supporters and opposers was now quite clear. She walked towards her supporters and smiled at them. She saw a group of young girls cheering her name.



“An absolute goddess!”

Hearing that, caused her to emit a silent moan from her lips while her nipples began to swell. It was true… she was a goddess… a goddess among women.

“Can we have a selfie, Lady Patriot?” A teen girl said, causing Liz to giggled.

“Of course!” Liz took her phone and began to stick her tongue out being her goofy self with her fans. “There we go!”

“Wow… you look so beautiful Lady Patriot, I wish I could be like you one day.”

Liz chuckled hearing that. Sure it’s adorable but it's also laughable how that clearly wasn’t going to happen. But she was a fan of course.

“Hell yeah, you can! You just gotta believe and you can do anything in life!”

Liz almost choked saying that. Probably the cheesiest, dumbest thing she had heard in many circumstances whether on TV or in the real world. It was obvious from the start that only a few could succeed in this competitive world. The strong would prevail and the weak would sadly die out.

“Anyways girls! And guys!” She said noticing a group of men, nerds and jocks alike, simping over her.

“Marry me Lady Patriot!” One guy screamed.

“Sorry but I’m taken,” she winked as she began backing away from the crowd.

“See ya guys!” She said as she looked up and blasted off into the sky, the swirl of wind causing some fans to be knocked off balance.

Liz couldn’t help but sigh of relief as she flew throughout the sky, she felt free, unleashed. Rose higher and higher as she went through clouds passing from one to the other. She paused somewhere above Tennessee and looked up. “Let’s experiment…” the superwoman said as she propelled herself higher and entered the stratosphere, then the mesosphere, ionosphere to the point where the sky began getting less bluer and darker. As she continued going up, her eyes opened wildly as she just realized that doesn’t know if she could even breathe in space. She didn’t feel any different as she continued rising eventually reaching the point where she left earth’s gravitational field and felt lighter than ever. She finally paused and began to turn around slowly. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing as she saw the entire planet situated below her. She did it… she left Earth.

“No way…” Liz commented as she flew around and observed the planet from different points of view. She then saw the sun shining on the live planet. She felt a warm and tingly feeling as the sun's rays passed through her, closing her eyes as she moaned at the level of power she possessed.

Being too busy admiring her powers, she forgot she told Chris she was coming home soon. “Oh shoot… my baby must be worried…” she said as she looked back at earth and noticed she was looking at the African continent. “I don’t want you… I want America…” she said as she flew across the Atlantic from space and locked on to Texas, USA. “Bingo.”

She charged down as she blasted and reentered Earth’s atmosphere. Her clothes began to catch on fire as she flew as fast as she could. She giggled at how a fire that would’ve burned any normal human alive felt like a nice touch of warmth. Just fueled her delight of being powerful.

As she arrived at Amarillo, she found her mansion and landed in the front yard as she landed with a huge thud causing the ground to crack underneath her now bare feet. Turned out the boots couldn’t handle a goddess.

Chris ran outside and opened the door to see what the noise was about as she saw her beautiful girl with her costume with most of the 50 stars on her suit burned or ripped off. Revealing a good amount of her amazing figure.

Liz walked towards her lover and picked him up giving him a big and gentle hug before kissing him with passion.

“I saw what you said on TV?” Chris said as she broke up the kiss, causing Liz to raise her eyebrow.

“Oh? And what you think?”

There was a brief but suspenseful silence before Chris kissed her back. “I'm not gonna lie, I Lowkey loved how assertive and powerful you were…”

Liz was hit with shock hearing him say that. “R-really?” She replied with joy as her smile began to grow.

“Of course baby… or should I say… of course, my goddess…” Chris smiled as he hugged her.

“You really see me as a goddess?” Liz said, beginning to tear up.

“Well duh… I mean not only in looks but power… you could take over the fucking world and they couldn’t do shit…” Chris said, not believing he actually let those words emerge from his lips.

Liz on the other hand cooed and eye-rolled at the thought of hearing the love of her life say that. “I could… and if I ruled this place… you would be my lovely emperor at my right hand hehe.”

“That would be nice, I gotta admit,” Chris laughed as his girlfriend joined in.

“But naw, I’ll admit I do like being a hero, helping people out ya know?” Liz shrugged and smiled, pride glimmering in her eyes.

“That’s my lovely girlfriend!” Chris chuckled before they embraced in another hug.

Liz let go and lowered her head bringing her mouth to his ear.

“How about I go get some food, and you prepare the bedroom for us to have a nice and lovely night together. Maybe we can do some role play too!” She said causing Chris’ eyes to open wide and turn towards her face. “The whole goddess and emperor fantasy got me feeling wet as hell… and this goddess needs her right-hand man…” she purred.

“Yes my mistress,” Chris bowed, causing Liz to giggle. A moment later, she looked towards the sky and blasted away.

“God I love her…” Chris said as she flew further and further away from their home.

Liz flew as fast as she could. Before she bought some food, she needed to make one pit stop…

Entering the upstate area she landed at Chris' uncle's cabin. Using her super speed, she did quick reconnaissance before getting the all-clear that no one was home.

She proceeded towards the field to find the meteor

that transformed her from a shy petite girl into the goddess she is today. She walked around it cracking a smile at how crazy life can be. Eventually, she couldn’t help but use her heat vision and noticed that the rock while dormant on the outside contained a lot of the blue energy pulsing on the interior.

Liz gasped realizing that the stuff that made her powerful was still in there. She thought back to what she said regarding the US government if they ever found out about the true origins of her power.

Not wanting to take any chances, she quickly picked up the meteor with ease and began blasting off towards space. It didn’t take long before she left the earth's atmosphere once again and turned around towards the sun. She nodded and began making way towards the big star upon arriving at an appropriate distance away from the sun which would’ve burned anyone other than her of course.

She looked at the rock and got her body ready as she tossed it at the sun with all her force. “Thank you for your gift,” she thought as the rock made contact and began burning away.

What she didn’t expect was the explosion that resulted from that contact as a white glow began increasing to the point that even she had to look away due to the harsh intensity.

“Whoa…” she commented as she prepared to head towards earth only to notice something strange. Blue energy leaving from the sun and heading in her direction.

“Wait… whaaaat…?” She said as she started to fly away only for the blue energy to catch up to her and make contact with her body. For the first time since her transformation, she began to feel pain.

She couldn’t help but release a loud scream despite it not being audible due to floating in space.

Liz felt her body burning as the blue energy continued to overwhelm her. She then sensed something running down her nose. Placing her hand on it and looking at her fingers she noticed she was bleeding.

Oh, God! Had she lost her powers? Was she dying? She should never have been so careless as to destroy that rock without knowing what effect that might have.

Her thoughts turned to her lover, despair surging in her sculpted stomach as she realized she might never see him again.

“CHRISSSSS!!” she screamed in desperation.

She gasped, trying to rid herself of the pain before the blue energy began to enter her gorgeous body. The pain began to lessen and the warmth in her body began to elevate as she began to calm down. The pain eventually dissipated and was replaced with another feeling.


Liz moaned as she felt her body begin to tickle, her feelings of despair disappearing as quickly as they had come, quickly building to absolute ecstasy. Her skin which was already durable and made her bulletproof began to increase in density at an incredible rate. Her abs clenched, feelings of pressure pushing from her stomach as her six-pack was morphing into an eight.

Her arms and legs, which could’ve pulverized anything in her path, were becoming more toned. She was still retaining her basic form of a fitness model despite all the changes that were occurring simultaneously to improve it.

After two long minutes of unbelievable pleasure, all the blue energy had fully transferred into her new-and-improved body. Her breasts, already enough to make models jealous, had grown an extra cup size. Her nipples had become more sensitive than they were before, every touch sending jolts of electric arousal through her body. Finally, her body began to elongate to the point where she grew taller, now topping out at a statuesque 6’6.

Liz floated around in space briefly passed out from the multiple orgasmic experience before she opened her eyes as they glowed an even brighter red causing a grin to form on her face.

She blasted toward earth, excited to see what her awaiting lover would have to say about her new improvements. She was sure he would love them but even if he didn’t, what’s done is done.

“Earth can only have one goddess. And that goddess is me.”

The end?

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