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Infinity Crisis 2.0 – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

10 years ago.

Dr. Morgan Gillespi introduced himself and then began lecturing an auditorium of students, “How old are you?” he asked rhetorically. “You might be inclined to tell me your date of birth, but that would be misleading. You are all the same age, about 12 to 14 billion years old. You are all made up of water and other elements that have been around since the Big Bang. The very same atoms that you are made of once existed in living dinosaurs. And if our planet survives another 200 million years, the very same atoms that spin inside your body today will spin inside whatever life form that inhabits the world at that time. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, It means - none of you are new. You did not come from non-being to being, the truth is, you came from one form of being to become another. None of you are special, not your physical being anyways”.

“The existence of consciousness is a universally accepted concept. A famous philosopher once said, I think, therefore I am. Another famous scientist had said that knowledge exists in two forms, lifeless, stored in books, and alive in the consciousness of men. Although the two men were talking virtually about the same thing, I disagree with the latter only because if we removed consciousness from the equation, do those very same books contain knowledge? I think we can safely say, that knowledge exists in only one form, alive in the consciousness… of men? No, let us just say, alive in the form of consciousness”.

“But there is a very real prejudice in the scientific community towards the exploration of consciousness, scientists have failed to provide adequate research in this field… Why is that? Well, I will tell you why. It’s because its fucking spooky”. Morgan allowed his class to stop laughing before he continued “The math doesn’t add up, the order is lost, and for some reason a theologian or a philosopher has a better chance of telling you what consciousness is, than any scientist”.

“A conventional scientist will tell you that consciousness is the product of the brain. They will say that it is a creation of the human brain. Something new with the birth of each individual, and something that ceases to exist in death. But In the world of science, and every piece of literature you will read over the course of your degree, you will be told that we do not get something from nothing. So, if we can’t get something from nothing, and consciousness is clearly something, then where does it come from, and where does it go? Consciousness cannot be a product of the brain. If it were, the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states energy cannot be created or destroyed, must be discarded. And if consciousness is not the product of the human brain, then what is it? And what is its source? Those are questions we’ll be exploring in this class. You are all proficient in the math and sciences, otherwise you wouldn’t have signed up for this course. What we will be exploring in this class is the imagination behind the math, your ability to think outside the box and consider possibilities not yet explored.”

Dr. Gillespie looked over to his right as an older man entered his class from a side door and had taken a seat in the front of the auditorium. Dr. Gillespie continued his lecture for another thirty minutes before cutting the class short “That’ll do it for today’s class, next week we’ll get into the meat and potatoes of what we know about consciousness please review chapter 1 through 4 of the Klinsmann Mind”.

Morgan waited for the class to leave until all who remained was himself and the man who entered his class late. He walked over to the man and sat next to him “What am I doing here Kent? I should be in the office continuing my research. You know I don’t have much time.”

Kent sat leisurely in his chair, nodded ever so slightly “You have plenty of time” He replied “besides, you need a break.”

“I’ll be dead in less than a year.”

“Or - you’ll live forever.”

Morgan thought about the prospect, “I don’t know which scares me more” There was a moment of silence before Morgan changed the topic “There was something else I was meaning to discuss with you.”

Kent simply replied “Bigsby”

Morgan looked at Kent curiously “I thought you said reading minds was dangerous.”

“You don’t always need to read someone’s mind to know what they're thinking” Kent replied.

“Why did you do it? You know he is guilty.” Morgan stated.

“The police planted evidence on him, I exposed that corruption.”

“But you know he’s guilty.”

Kent nodded, “Yes.”

“He’s a maniac, a sadist, a sociopath.”

Kent nodded with reflection and simply replied, “Yes”.

Morgan sighed, “You do things that make no sense.”

“He’s a part of the puzzle. I don’t know where he fits in. I just know that he does.”


Natasha looked at Kent’s body, shocked by what she was seeing. He was lying flat on his back; his fingers were crooked as if he was holding onto a rock wall. His head had melted off his body and was now a bubbling reddish ooze spilling from his neck.

Natasha remained motionless. Shaken because she had just killed someone, ecstatic because she had done it with her eyes. It all felt like a dream, so much so that Natasha started believing that it was. She felt weightless, her vision was picking up colors and shades she had never seen before.

“Kent?” she finally asked. Sure, it was ridiculous calling out a headless kid’s name, but this was Infinity Man, Surely, he could not be dead. “Infinity Man?” She said again.

But Infinity Man was most certainly dead.

It was an accident she told herself, it is not as if she deliberately killed him. But what would others think? As terrifying as the thought of being blamed for Kent’s death was, it was met equally with the euphoric thought of having the power of Infinity Man coursing through her veins. She could feel it, flowing through her body, from her toes to the follicles of her hair, from her loins to her erect nipples standing at attention on her large firm breasts. The euphoric feeling of power nearly overwhelmed her; she was tempted to scream with excitement but she reminded herself to calm down. To take a deep breath and relax.

Natasha quickly inhaled causing the classroom to momentarily turn into a vacuum. Desks, chairs, and an assortment of objects began shifting toward her. Papers, pens and pencils rolled off the tables and in a very short period of time the classroom looked as if it had been ransacked.

“Like… Holy Fuck!” Natasha finally said. Natasha’s mind was racing again, she needed to get out of there before someone came into the classroom, but what about the body? Someone was going to see the body and she was already sure Jean had told people that she went into the classroom with Kent.

Natasha struggled on what to do with Kent’s body. She was not going to touch him, he looked so gross. But, if she could melt his head with her eyes, surely, she could do the same with the rest of his body. Natasha began squinting her eyes. Hey eyebrows furrowed dramatically as she tried to duplicate her previous accident, scrunching one eye and then another, then focusing dramatically. A slight curl to her lip showed off a mischievous smile as she momentarily felt power building behind her eyeballs. Her efforts were rewarded as Kent’s body slightly smoldered. Concentrating again, she refocused and attempted to repeat her prior success. She bent over slightly, with her fists clenched and pressed firmly on her waist. Her brown eyes began to light up and then Kent’s body began to burn, slowly at first. Natasha’s mouth was slightly open as she upped the intensity. The translucent beams emitting from her eyes intensified, illuminated the room, as searing hot radioactive light fired from her eyes extinguishing all that was left of Kent Small. All of him except a steaming red belt, seemingly immune to her deadly eyes. The red belt remained in the etched burn mark of Kent’s Small’s former body.

Curiously, Natasha stepped toward the belt. Her step cracked the linoleum tile, her next step did the same. “Like… what the fuck now?” Natasha whispered as she looked at her feet which were making deep impressions on the floor. Although Natasha felt as if she weighed nothing, she clearly weighed a lot, her feet were practically sinking through the floor. Every step she took caused her foot to sink deep into the flooring. She stopped walking, closed her eyes, and tried to calm herself down. She tried again, this time instead of feeling her weight touch the ground, she stepped only until she felt her foot touch the ground. She was no longer cracking the floor with every step, but she walked awkwardly, it was far easier to simply float.

Natasha's knees curled up, but gravity did not send her to the ground, she simply hovered there. Her eyes widened in shock as gravity seemingly had no effect on her.


Jean was changing in the girl’s locker room; she had just finished gym class where the girls had been playing basketball for nearly an hour. Jean caught Becky staring at her. She looked down shyly, intimidated for several reasons. Becky was the head cheerleader, Becky was the most popular girl in school, and Becky was gorgeous. While Becky lacked the Womanly curves Natasha was blessed with, Becky more than made up for it with her fit body. Becky had golden blonde hair with bright blue eyes, the straightest whitest teeth she had ever seen, the cutest little nose that slightly curled upwards and would wrinkle every time she smiled. Becky was not at all like her friends she hung around, despite being their pack leader, Becky was arguably the nicest girl in school.

“Hey” Becky said as she approached Jean.

“Hi” Jean said as she shyly looked up at Becky.

“You’re really good at basketball, you should try out for the girl’s team.” Becky encouraged.

Jean awkwardly smiled, “I’m probably a little too short.”

“No way! trust me. Our girls’ team could use all the help it can get”.

“Are you going to try out?” Jean asked.

Becky giggled, “Did you see me out there? I was more worried about breaking my nail than throwing a basketball. Nah. I’ll stick to being thrown up in the air, rather than throwing anything up in the air. Hey listen…”

Uh oh, Jean thought. The real reason why Becky approached her was about to reveal itself.

“I just wanted to talk to you about Nat…” Becky started. “I heard that she’s been spending a lot of time with Jason.”

Jean knew where Becky was going with the conversation, the reality was that Natasha had been spending some time with Jason Brinks, and everyone in the school knew who Jason Brinks was and what he was associated with.

“I know” Jean replied. “I’ve tried talking to her about it.”

Becky nodded with concern “Nat and I have our differences. I know she would never accept my help; I just don’t want to see her throw away her future. If there is anything you need for me, you know, under the table, let me know.”

“Thanks Becky, that means a lot”. Jean watched Becky walk away and momentarily reflected on her. It was truly remarkable who Becky’s friends were. Amy and Kessa were Becky’s best friends, but those girls had far more in common with Natasha than they did with Becky. The three of them, Natasha, Amy and Kessa all suffered from a severe form of narcissism. But apparently even Amy and Kessa had their limits when it came to Natasha’s vanity. It was remarkable that Natasha had any friends at all. Jean, however, put up with Natasha far better than anyone else could. Jean would always make excuses for Natasha’s behavior. She at least could admit to herself that she envied Natasha. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a body like Natasha’s?

But Jean had an infatuation with Natasha that went beyond envy, and she kept it secret, even from herself. She refused to believe that she was attracted to Natasha. Despite being criticized by Natasha, bullied, or the fact that never once had Natasha been concerned about Jean’s feelings, Jean still loved being around Natasha. There was an aura about Natasha, and a lust Jean had for her and those emotions were tied neatly together over top an intense feeling of jealousy.

Jean was leaving the locker room; she was walking down the hallway when she spotted Natasha. Natasha was standing against the wall looking like a deer in headlights. She was clearly out of her mind high. Her eyes were wide, and she was staring at people as they passed, her head was darting erratically.

“Nat? You okay?”

Natasha closed her eyes and reopened them, “Everything is so fucked right now. I just need a moment.”

Jean looked at the burn marks on Natasha’s clothes. Natasha’s bra was clearly not on right, it was if the straps had snapped off her back. Her shoes were deformed and warped. Jean finally asked the question most pressing on her mind. “Nat, how much drugs have you had?”

Natasha’s eyes looked menacingly at Jean. “I haven’t had any! And if that bitch talks with you again about helping me, tell her I'll break her pretty little legs!”

“What are you talking about?” Jean asked.

“Oh I don’t know, the conversation you and Becky just had in the girls locker room… Does that ring a bell?”

Jean was at a loss for words, “How… could?”

“Let’s just say I have really good hearing.”

Jean grabbed Natasha’s hand, “I don’t know what’s going on with you Nat, but let’s get you cleaned up.”

“No no no no no don’t!” Natasha practically squealed as Jean pulled her. Natasha offered no resistance as Jean dragged her across the hallway and toward the washroom. It was as if Jean was dragging a hot air balloon. Nobody noticed, not even Jean, as Natasha’s knees remained bent and she hovered across the ground.

They entered the washroom, and Natasha’s feet lightly came back to the ground, she stared down at them wondering if her feet would sink through the floor, they did not.

“Okay. Just be honest” Jean opened. “What are you on?”

Natasha looked up at Jean angrily, “I already told you I’m not on drugs! Things are just really fucked up right now. I need a moment to process shit.”

“Okay… then what happened to you? Your favorite shirt is all burned up. Your bra is hanging loose, and you look like you just saw God or something”.

Natasha lips slightly curled into a smile, “Saw God? No Jean. I became God.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I need to figure stuff out. But if I tell you something, you promise not to tell anyone?”

“I promise.”

“Cross your heart hope to die?”

“Cross my heart, hope to die.”

Natasha momentarily considered telling Jean the truth but decided to change some details of past events so the optics looked a little more favorable for her. “Ok! Here is the short of it. I met Infinity Man, and he said he was leaving the planet and so he sort of transferred all his power into me.”

Jean looked at Natasha for a moment with all seriousness, but after a moment she started laughing.

Natasha smirked back, “You don’t believe me? Well why did Infinity Man give me his belt then?” Natasha tossed the red belt to Jean.

Jean sighed as she looked at the belt, “It’s a cool replica… but Natasha, why would Infinity Man give you all of his power?”

“Why did he do it? I have no idea… but he did it!”

Jean's look was a mixture of bewilderment, confusion, and pity. The kind of look anyone would expect after spouting the craziest thing in the world. Talking was pointless, Natasha would simply have to show her.

Lifting her feet and floating into the air, Natasha squinted her eyes and lasered the washroom. Turning her head 90 degrees the heat blasting out of her eyes left deep grooves in the concrete and easily cut through the washroom metal cubicles.

Jean ducked as the bright lasers squealed overtop of her head.

Natasha looked down at Jean still hovering in midair, with an expression that could only exemplify ‘I told you so’. Jean's face was white with shock, her heart was palpitating. With so many thoughts overwhelming her, she did not know what to think.

“Oh wow Jean, you look unhealthy. Are you on drugs?” Natasha asked mockingly as she remained hovering in the air with her hands on her hips.

“Holy shit!” Jean exclaimed. “Infinity Man totally fucking gave you his power!”

“That’s what I was saying!?”

Jean slowly stood up and looked at Natasha as she simply hovered in mid air. “Nat… Holy shit! Holy fuck…! So you’re like what… Infinity Girl?”

“I mean… I guess” Natasha replied as her feet came back to the ground.

“Natasha! You are FUCKING Infinity Girl!”

“Okay would you shut up, I don’t want anyone else to know”

Jean needed to sit down, she propped herself on the elongated countertop. “This is so fucked!”

“I know! Right?”

“Of all the people Infinity Man could have given his power too… he chose you” Jean said as she looked down at Infinity Man’s belt.

“Why wouldn’t he choose me?” Natasha asked while crossing her arms and tilting her head curiously.

“I mean, cmon Nat! Of all the people on this entire planet to give his powers to. He chose you! I mean, that’s a huge deal!” Jean thought for a moment. “I mean… the last time I saw you, you were going into a classroom with Kent.”

“Okay. Ready for another mind blower!” Natasha said excitedly, “Kent Small was Infinity Man”

As unbelievable as that sounded, Jean was more than willing to accept anything that came out of Natasha’s mouth. After covering her mouth in shock she asked “So… where’s Kent now?”

Natasha was a natural at telling lies, sometimes she told them so convincingly she’d fool herself, and this story certainly required some embellishment. “Okay… so! He takes me into the classroom and tells me that he needs to give me something. I follow him in, and he turns into Infinity Man. I’m like, Holy fuck! what’s going on here! Then he starts making out with me”

“Infinity Man was making out with you?”

“That’s what I said! Are you going to let me finish?”


“So, then he’s like, I need to give you something. He turns like really bright, and then there are these like weird sparks that start flying in and out of my body, and poof! I have all of his powers and he disappears.”

Jean’s mouth was gaping, “So you literally heard Becky talking to me.”

“Jean… I hear everything!”

“Holy fuck! This is so fucked! It Feels like I’m dreaming this”

“How do you think I feel?” Natasha asked.

Jean looked at the belt, “So why did he give you this belt? Think it does anything?”

“Mmm… who knows”

Jean put the belt around her waist, but nothing happened, it wasn’t until she turned the infinity symbol on the belt did she involuntarily turn 360 degrees and momentarily flashed into a bright light.

Natasha looked at Jean with surprise as Jean was wearing Infinity Man's apparel fitting tightly around her body. The red boots were a perfect fit and came half-way up to her shins, the bright yellow tights hugged her shorter legs all the way to her upper thigh where they tucked neatly into bright red spandex like shorts. The red belt and its infinity symbol tightly secured her top ensemble with her bottom. Her yellow long-sleeved top was a tight fit, leaving no crest nor wrinkle, and unfortunately for Jean revealed her slightly extended paunch. The costume was so tight that Jean's average sized breasts were pressed so tightly against her chest that they resembled pecks more than they did breasts.

Jean grabbed the long flowing red cape that draped across her back, and then looked down at the Infinity symbol on her chest. She then looked at Natasha with shock, “Oh my God do you think that I’m…”

Natasha looked at her friend, already dreading the idea that Jean had the same power as she did. She wasted no time finding out. “Let’s find out” Puckering her lips, and without even bothering to take in a breath she gently blew at Jean.

Jean’s hair flowed wildly, and the wind made her face contort, she raised her hand to protect her face, unable to tell her friend to stop.

Natasha could already tell that Jean was powerless, but to emphasize her power she blew slightly harder at Jean so that she was pushed off her feet and then blown across the washroom floor.

“What the Fuck NAT!” Jean said angrily as the winds finally subsided.

Natasha looked smugly at Jean “You wanted to know if you had Infinity Man's power, now you know. Can I have my belt back?”

Jean’s heart crashed into her stomach, why was that only great things happened to Natasha and never her, it just was not fair. Jean got back to her feet and reluctantly rotated the Infinity symbol on the belt, she turned 360 degrees, just as she’d done before and in a quick flash of light, she was back to wearing her previous clothes. She removed the belt and gave it to Natasha.

Natasha wrapped the red belt around her waist and her fingertips went to the infinity emblem on the buckle. She gave Jean a wild smile before turning the infinity symbol. Just like Jean her body rotated 360 degrees while emitting a bright flash of light.

Jean’s jaw dropped as she stared at Natasha’s striking pose. The Infinity costume which had accentuated Jean's most humble parts had the opposite effect on Natasha. Natasha’s curves were proudly accentuated and fully on display.

Natasha’s body filled out the red and yellow Infinity costume perfectly. Her legs were long and shapely emphasized by the super tight yellow material that attached to them like a second skin. Her tummy was flat as her hips narrowed into it. But her breasts seemed out of this world as the Infinity symbol warped dramatically around the contours of her chest. Her body was a perfect hourglass, and Jean couldn’t help but look at Natasha with lust more than envy. Natasha moved the cape out of the way so that she could check her ass out in the mirror. She flashed herself a kissy face as she concededly admired her own body before finally adopting Infinity Man’s trademark power pose. “Wait till they get a load of me!” She said while looking at herself in the mirror.


Thomas Voukewn had been part of the legal department of Infinity corp. He had only been practicing law for three years and had been employed with Infinity corp legal division for only one year before he was transferred and given the position of corporate liaison. The position came with a generous pay raise, and a perk that only the higher ups at Infinity corp were aware of. You were next in line to the throne.

Morgan Gillespi founded Infinity corp, and his corporate liaison was Alex Swoon. Alex Swoon was made CEO and was supposed to choose a corporate liaison when Morgan died, but he needed to pick the right person for the job. After watching Thomas for some time, he was convinced that Thomas was the right person to publicly represent Infinity Corp.

Thomas had the gift of gab, he was a very good-looking man with mixed raced blood who spoke with charisma. The position of Corporate liaison required the person in that position to be in the know on everything. Every mistake, problem, internal or external Thomas was made aware of, so if he needed to spin a situation, he would be prepared well in advance.

For all the good Infinity Man had brought to the world, he certainly had his haters. Every plane crash, earthquakes and disasters the world experienced the one question the media had was, where was Infinity Man? And Thomas was always prepared for their questions. Now, with the invasion of the Falkland Islands, the questions would undoubtebly be, what would Infinity Man do? The answer of course, would be nothing. Thomas watched a press briefing from the president of the United States. That if Britain’s task force to reclaim the islands, would not be assisted in any way by the United States. Thomas tried to remember the questions the press secretary was asked; he was certain he would be asked similar questions.

As Thomas watched the TV in his office, there was a knock at his office door. Selina entered his office.

“What’s up?” Thomas asked.

“Media wants an official statement on the ongoing crisis.”

“Okay” Thomas said, “I'll put a prepared statement together and discuss it with Kent” Thomas motioned to the phone.

“Ummm Thomas… He’s in school right now”. Selina reminded.

“Right” Thomas said as he hung up the receiver. He paused for a moment. “Do you find it weird that he’s in high school right now?”

Selina let out a slight laughter “Yes. But he’s looking for something.”

“What is he looking for?”

“I don’t know. From what I’ve been told, he thinks something is going to kill him. He thinks that somehow the school is related to that.”

Thomas thought for a while.

“Here’s some advice, don’t try to figure out Kent. Smarter men than you have tried and failed. Oh, Can you drop off a package at Kent’s place since you’re going that way?”

“Yeah. I’ll pop by his place around 6”

“Thanks” Selina said with a bright smile and left the office.


Natasha and Jean skipped the remainder of their afternoon classes and walked to Jean's house. For the entire walk Jean was like an excited barking chihuahua. Why are you re-learning to walk? Why don’t you fly? I can’t believe my best friend is Infinity Girl! What are you going to do with your powers? Are you going to be super famous? Oh my God my best friend is super famous, I always knew you would be super famous”.

“Jean” Natasha said calmly. “Please shut up.”

Jean watched Natasha walk as Natasha carefully looked at her feet with each step.

“So, why are you struggling to walk?” Jean asked.

“I can’t feel my weight touch the floor” Natasha explained, “And the moment I try feeling my weight… this happens”

Jean watched in awe as Natasha’s foot began cracking the pavement.

“But you can fly?”

“mmhmm” Natasha said as her feet left the ground, and as Jean walked Natasha hovered next to her. “I feel like a ghost.”

“Natasha! You can fly? Like if I found out that I could fly, I wouldn’t be interested in walking.”

“It’s just that… When all this happened. I pinched myself, and it kind of hurt. So, if I can feel a pinch. What do you think I’m going to feel after falling 10 stories?”

“Oh my God… Nat! You only felt that pinch because you were the one that was pinching yourself. Do you mind?” Jean asked as she placed her hand on the back side of Natasha’s arm.

“Okay but don’t go like crazy hard” Natasha warned.

“Too late” Jean advised, “I am pinching you as hard as I can.”

Natasha could feel Jean's fingers on the back of her arm, but she felt no pain. “Shut up.”

“Natasha!” Jean exclaimed “Don’t you get it? Nothing can hurt you.” Jean walked faster in a determined fashion so that she could grab a palm sized decorative stone from a resident's front yard, and then turned to Natasha.

“Jean don’t you dare!”

“Trust me” Jean said and then hurled the rock at Natasha.

The anxiety, and nervousness Natasha felt changed her environment. The rock Jean had thrown was just leaving her hand and moving so slowly that Natasha imagined that it would take hours to even reach her. But it was not just the stone that was moving slowly, birds hung still in the sky. Traffic at a distance seemed to have stopped. Natasha walked by Jean and looked at her curiously as the stone was now just leaving Jean's hand. Natasha then looked down the street.

Jean threw the stone, and watched it sail at where she thought Natasha would be. Instead, it flew through the air hitting nothing but concrete after it finally fell to the ground. “Natasha?” Jean asked, wondering where her friend was. Jean turned and saw Natasha walking down the sidewalk toward her counting a wad of cash in her hand. “Natasha… what the hell?”

“What?” Natasha asked incredulously.

“I just threw a rock at you.”

“Oh my God” Natasha said with a laugh, “That was like twenty minutes ago.”


“I think I’m figuring out this superpower stuff” Natasha said with a smug smile. Natasha finished counting the wad of cash before smiling and asking Jean “Wanna go shopping?”


Jarret was in his room talking with Tom, who all but begged him to bring Natasha to his party. The radio was playing, and between songs the DJ’s began talking about a windstorm that practically tossed little leaguers and their parents like leaves across a soccer field. Several minor injuries had been reported.

No. Natasha is not coming” Jarrett said over the phone.

“Why not?” Tom asked, clearly disappointed.

“She’s got her own thing going on that night.”

“Fuck off Jarrett, you didn’t even ask her. My sister’s friend Becky is going to be here. Aren’t Becky and Natasha best friends?”

“They had a falling out a while back.” Jarrett replied.

“Fine if you don’t want to ask Natasha, I’ll do it myself.”

“Tom. She’s not coming. I don’t want her there, or the drama that’s going to follow her. Listen, I want to drink, smoke some weed, maybe hook up with some chicks. I can’t do any of that if she’s there.”

“Why can’t you do any of that?”

“Because, listen” Jarrett struggled to describe Natasha in any kind of favourable light, he just told Tom what he was thinking. “There’s going to be drama, she’s going to piss someone off, she’s…”

“Who cares?”

“Look she’s not, what I would describe as a decent human being. I just don’t want her there” Just as soon as Jarret finished the comment, he saw Natasha at his door, looking unimpressed.

“You know I’m not inviting her because she is decent… right?” Tom replied oblivious to the situation that was before Jarrett.

“Gotta go Tom” Jarrett hung up the phone. “Hey” Jarret politely greeted his step sister. “Dad’s going to be really late so he said we could go ahead and order food if we wanted. I can go grab us some McDonalds or we can do pizza. What do you think?”

“Not -a -decent - human being?” Natasha asked with one eyebrow raised.

“I wasn’t even talking about you.”

“Oh, I see. And who were you talking about?”


“Who’s Karen?”

“Natasha” Jarrett said with some authority. “It’s not always about you. I know you need it to be, But sometimes it just isn’t. So, tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll grab it for you”.

“I heard the entire conversation Jarrett.”

Jarrett finally gave in, “Okay Natasha, fine, I said you aren’t exactly the best person in the world, at times. sorry”.

“That’s not what you said.”

“Oh my God, go tell Dad what I said, get me in trouble. Go have a cry, or throw a tantrum… I don’t care… But tell me what you want to eat?”

Natasha smiled at Jarrett, “You know I’m so mad with you right now, I’m scared that I might hurt you… like really really hurt you”

“Do you want something to eat or not?” Natasha didn’t reply and so Jarrett walked past her, and out of his room. He walked along a hallway before getting to the staircase where he saw Natasha waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. “How did you?”

“Okay… so… I’ve decided you should be grounded until I figure out your punishment” Natasha said as she did her best mom impression “So, say you are sorry. Go back to your room until I find a suitable punishment for you. You’ve bullied me for way too long, and things are going to change around here.”

Jarrett’s eyes rolled as he walked down to her. “I’ve bullied you? Sure. Natasha, I don’t have time for this, get out of my way, or I’ll throw you out of my way.”

“I’d like to see you try!” Natasha challenged.

“Oh my God” Jarrett said with annoyance as Natasha blocked his path “I’m sorry I called you a soulless bitch! Now get the fuck out of my way!”

“You know… a funny story happened to me today…” Natasha practically sang before being cut off by Jarrett.

“Awww fuck!” Jarrett had had enough and simply decided to walk through Natasha, but Natasha extended her arm and held him firmly in place.

“As I was saying, a funny thing happened to me today. I spent the day with Jean trying to figure stuff out. Then I thought, who knows a tonne of stuff about the very thing I need to know about but my sweet brother Jarrett. And then I come home and hear you talking SHIT about me! So, let me ask you something!”

Jarrett was hardly paying attention to the words coming from Natasha’s mouth but rather intently focused on Natasha’s arm which had not budged and felt as sturdy as an Iron beam.

“If I’m a soulless bitch or as you actually said, not a decent human being, then tell me Jarrett, why did Infinity Man choose me to be his replacement?”

Jarrett started laughing, “Okay, well congratulations on being Infinity Man's replacement. Were there auditions? or did you just flash him your tits?”

“You’re just digging deeper and deeper.” Natasha said sweetly. Jarret was chuckling when Natasha dropped her hand and turned the Infinity symbol on her belt 180 degrees. Natasha turned into a bright light which Jarrett shielded his eyes from, and just as soon as the flash appeared it disappeared. Natasha was floating before Jarrett in an exact replica of Infinity Man’s costume.

Jarrett looked at her for a long while, her knees were slightly bent and her feet were crossed and hovering a good meter off the ground. Her legs seemingly went up forever, right up onto her high waisted tight red undies. Her stomach was flat and her breasts fought, and easily won the compression war that it waged against the impossibly tight costume. It felt as if Jarrett had stared at her for an eternity, but what he was staring at was impossible, it simply had to be impossible. The idea that Infinity man would give Natasha all his powers was utter ridiculousness. The impossible nature of what he was witnessing simply could not be happening. Although seeing is believing, Jarret’s brain was not able to rationalize it. He had to be tripping. He didn’t smoke up today, but last week he did. He kind of wondered if Tom laced his weed with acid. He heard about acid flashbacks. Could this be that? It had to be! Jarrett desperately tried to snap out of the reality he was in.

“This is not happening right now” Jarrett stated.

“Really?” Natasha asked. “Then can you tell me what is happening?”

Jarrett turned away from Natasha and made his way back up stairs to his room. As soon as he opened his door to his bedroom, Natasha was there, still in full costume.

“Are you okay?” Natasha asked coyly.

Jarrett just stared, expressionless.

“Like oh my God, are you going to stare at my tits all day? Creepy!”

Jarrett snapped out of it. “How are you doing this, what’s going on?”

“I told you – Infinity Man was leaving, and he needed a replacement.”

“And he chose you…”

“Uhh duh”


“Yes me!”

Jarrett remained quiet for only a moment “IS HE FUCKING RETARDED…? No! This is not fucking happening… NO fucking way this happening. YOU, he Chose YOU!?…”

“Look asshole!” Natasha said angrily as she easily hoisted Jarret into the air with one extended arm. “You are testing my fucking patience!”

“Okay… okay… I’m sorry”

Natasha gently put Jarrett down, “I had no idea that my own brother thought so little of me. Like seriously, how can you be such a prick?” Natasha started to genuinely tear up,

As always, Jarret always felt bad whenever Natasha cried, he needed to provide some context to his astonishment. “Natasha you would think the same if this happened to me… Or Jean… Or anybody. The power you have… it’s like, a child with a nuclear weapon. And I don’t care who that child is, you don’t give that child a nuclear weapon.

“Oh… So now I’m a child!”

“Natasha, hear me out here, would you agree with me if I said at times you can be a tiny bit selfish?”

“No” Natasha urged, “Remember that time I gave half my sandwich to that bum?”

“I remember you taking a bite of a sandwich, telling me how gross it was, then tossed it onto a street. And someone picked up your sandwich and started eating it.”

“Well I could have told him to stop… But I didn’t!”

Jarrett rolled his eyes.

“Whatever” Natasha sang, “Regardless of what you think, or what anyone else thinks. This is who I am now. Have a good look Jarrett your little stepsister is a fucking God!”

There was a brief pause as Jarret checked out Natasha. Was it the costume? Or had her powers somehow altered her body. Was it the colours? They were the brightest and sheenest yellow and reds he had ever seen. God, she looked beautiful. Jarrett thought. And that thought was immediately followed by ‘Stop staring at her body! What’s wrong with me?’ Jarrett practically screamed in his own mind.

Natasha heard exactly what had raced through Jarrett’s head. She smiled at the thought of it. She was always beautiful, but now her beauty was literally a superpower, one of God knows how many she possessed. “Tell me though and be honest. Do these tights make my tits look too big?” Natasha posed for Jarrett giving him multiple views and angles.

“They look a little big” Jarrett confessed uncomfortably.

“Really?” Natasha thought for a moment. “But in a good way… right?”

“You have all the power of Infinity Man… and you are dwelling about how you look?”

Natasha ignored Jarrett’s statement “So I was talking to Jean, and she was like you should totally fly. And I was like, if I pinch myself, and it hurts, imagine what would happen if I fell… and she was like…”

“Natasha… get to the point” Jarrett interrupted.

“feel my tits.”


“I want to know If they feel normal.”

“I assure you they look perfectly normal.”

“And they feel normal to me, but as I found out earlier today I can crush anything with my bare hands. So my question is…” Natasha cupped her full breast and gave it a playful squeeze. If they are nice and soft for me, would they feel like steel to you? You know, a little person?”.

“A little person?” Jarrett asked.

“You know what I mean. Someone who isn’t a God… Like me!”

Natasha could tell Jarrett was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, she loved every moment of it. Natasha sauntered her way over to Jarrett “So when I come in nice and close to some guy and I press my big warm tits on his shoulder, you know, to basically get whatever I want. Do my tits feel hard? Is it uncomfortable?” Natasha did exactly what she was describing to Jarrett. Jarret could feel her large breasts compress into his arm. He could feel their softness, their warmth, and their roundness, the only thing he’d describe as hard about the experience was her nipple that scratched along his shoulder, that and his obvious erection.

“So Jarrett… How do they feel? Do you like them? You certainly seem to be enjoying them”

Jarrett certainly was, and Natasha’s perfect breasts pressing into his body certainly felt incredible, but there was something else. It was impossible for Jarrett to describe, but Natasha smelled sweet, it made his head somewhat foggy. A mixture of Honey and berries, or the strongest aphrodisiac he could imagine. Jarrett was lost in the moment and he turned to Natasha and squeezed her firm breasts. He dug his fingertips deeply into her round breasts and he squeezed.

Natasha simply looked down as Jarrett fondled her breasts, she smiled as she knew somehow she was in complete control of his behaviour. As if her beauty was so enticing, it defies logic and reason. One thing for sure was that Jarrett seemed to be enjoying himself. “C’mon Jarrett” she teased. “These aren’t regular boobs anymore, they’re super tits and you can squeeze them as hard as you like”

Jarrett was putting all of his grip strength into Natasha’s impressive body, but her skin only dimpled so far. Jarrett transitioned from feeling to kissing, he was so enamoured with Natasha’s body that he had not even noticed that Natasha was hovering in the air or that her finger was about to poke the bedroom lightbulb. The light bulb popped and an electric current flowed through Natasha, and from her erect nipples she saw electricity spark from out of her costume and into Jarrett’s face. A loud snapping sound from the electric shock shook Jarrett out his ecstasy.

“AHG! FUCK! Are you fucking Insane!” Jarret screamed, “you could have killed me!” Jarret felt his lip where there was most certainly a burn mark.

“You still don’t get it, do you?” Natasha warned. “You don’t get to talk to me like that anymore. YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Natasha stated firmly. She placed her fists on her hips and leaned over just a tad as her heat vision fired out of her eyes. “No more Ghetto blaster!”

Jarret’s cassette player melted before his eyes. He gasped, but not from the power his step-sister displayed, but rather by the fact that a summer's worth of savings, was now melting before his eyes.

“No More Music!” Natasha exclaimed,

Jarrett watched as Natasha directed attention to his music cassettes, some of them his own mix tapes. “Natasha don’t!”. There was nothing he could do as the tapes melted before his eyes.

“AND!” Natasha practically sang. “No more car!” Natasha began walking to the bedroom window from where she had a bird’s eye view of Jarret’s vehicle.

“Wait wait wait wait wait! Natasha wait!” Jarrett panicked as he grabbed her red cape but Natasha simply dragged him to the window without breaking a stride “I’m fucking grounded! I wont leave my room! Natasha I’m sorry! Listen, I’m sorry. Please don’t fuck with my car. I’m sorry”

Natasha looked at Jarrett’s car for a moment and then turned away from the window. “Fine, but only because I’m nice!”

“You’re very nice thank you.”

Natasha checked Jarrett’s expression for any kind of sarcasm but there wasn’t any, she began heading to the door.

“What are you going to tell Dad?”

Natasha turned to Jarrett, “Oh you mean how you tried to molest me in your bedroom just now? Yeah, we should probably keep that a secret.”

“I’m talking about…” Jarrett gestured to Natasha’s body and the infinity suit she wore “This!”

“Oh c'mon – like Dad would ever believe I’m Infinity girl. But let’s make sure we keep this a secret between you and I. You don’t want to see me upset. Capiche?” With that Natasha left Jarret’s room with the biggest smile on her face. This day has been the best day of her life and Natasha could not wait for tomorrow.


Thomas Voukewn pulled up next to Infinity Man’s residence. He exited the car and made his way to the front door carrying the package that Salina asked him to bring. He rang the doorbell and waited, but there was no answer.

Thomas looked at the houses across the street, looking to see if there were any snoopy neighbours. He then reached for his keys and found the one for Kent’s house, “Kent?” he called out as he entered. But there was no answer. There wasn’t a point in checking if Kent was home, Infinity man could hear his doorbell ring, or someone calling his name from miles away. Thomas was certain that wherever Kent was, it was far away from here. Thomas made his way to the kitchen where he dropped off the package Selina gave him. But before he left, he noticed a flashing red light.

Kent had two phone lines in the house, one for his personal use, that one was downstairs in his study. The other line was the phone line for anything concerning his alter ego, Kent Small. That one was on the kitchen counter, and to Thomas’s recollection no one ever called it. But now the light was blinking indicating that Kent Small had one unheard message.

Thomas walked over to the answering machine and hit play.

“You have one message. First new message. Hi this is Catherine Lewis from Percy Page high school. I noticed that your son Kent Small was absent from my class today. If you can send him in tomorrow with a sick note excusing his absence, that would be great. Thanks… End of message”.

Thomas began to think for a long while. He picked up the phone and dialed Alex Swoons office number. There was no answer. He called Alex’s home line, but again there was no answer. He finally sent out a page and waited. Nearly 30 minutes passed before the kitchen phone rang. Thomas picked up, “Alex?”

“Yeah Thomas, what’s on your mind?”

“Do you know where Infinity Man is?” Thomas asked.

“No, and he missed a briefing tonight that I know he wanted to attend.”

“I’m at his place now, and there’s a voice message from his highschool. He didn’t attend class today.”

Alex thought for a long while before saying, “It’s rare, but sometimes Kent likes to take off for a while. You know, away from everybody. I wouldn’t worry about it.” But Alex was very worried about it. This was completely uncharacteristic of Kent, Kent’s idea of R&R was to do more work. “But, ummm you know maybe do me a favour and check with the school tomorrow. See if he shows up”.

“Should I pass this off to investigations?”

“No. Don’t do that” Alex said firmly. “Just use the warning tags for emergencies, page me one of those for whatever you find. But don’t involve the investigation unit… Leave that decision to me.”


“I’m sure everything is fine” Alex said, and then hung up. The investigation unit was a branch of Infinity corp with direct ties to the government. If Infinity man was to ever go rogue, missing, or somehow died the Government would have direct access to Infinity Corp. Without Infinity Man there to stop them, there would be nothing Alex could do to stop the feds from taking over the entire operation. Alex tried to relax. He tried to convince himself that he would see Infinity man tomorrow. Everything was fine.


‘It wasn’t fair’, Jean sobbed in her bed. Why does Natasha get everything, and she gets nothing! Why is it that beautiful people have life so easy no matter how they act? And for the briefest of moments, a few glorious seconds, Jean thought she became Infinity Girl. Just a momentary peek of happiness, and pure joy. The way she transformed into Infinity Man's costume. The way the costume felt on her body. The way she looked. She may not have had any power, but for the briefest of moments she felt powerful. Jean had no doubt that if she had Infinity Man's power, Natasha would be attracted to her. Natasha would see Jean, the way Jean saw Natasha. Natasha would have been in awe of her power, envious of her power, attracted to her power. But that’s not what happened! Infinity Man chose Natasha to get all of his power. And it wasn’t just power Natasha had, ever since Natasha quit cheer leading her body was getting softer. Her breasts were ever so slightly beginning to sag. A hint of cellulite began developing on her bum. Her tummy was starting to get just a little bit bigger. But not anymore. Jean couldn’t help but reflect on her time with Natasha at the mall, buying all the clothes she wanted with all the money she stole. Natasha had tried on a swimsuit in front of her, and all indications that Natasha was being affected by gravity or age were gone. Her ass was like a peach, her stomach was like a washboard, and God her breasts were perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical. It wasn’t just that she had god like abilities, she literally looked like a Goddess. And what was Natasha doing with that power? Whatever the fuck she wanted, Jean thought with disgust. Why the fuck would Infinity Man choose her! It wasn’t fair, it was bullshit! “BULLSHIT!” Jean finally yelled slamming her fist on a desk in her bedroom.

The phone rang.


“What’s bullshit?” Natasha asked.

“You heard that?”

Natasha was lying in bed, still in costume, admiring its smoothness and the way it wrapped around her body. “Jean, I hear everything”.

“Is it not distracting? Hearing so many people?” Jean asked while trying to think of a cover story for why she was angry.

“Not really? I can tune it out If I want. But you’ll never guess what happened to me” Natasha said, eager to explain.


“Remember when I left you to get advice from my brother?”


“So I show him how I’m like Infinity Girl, and you’ll never guess what the asshole does! He like tries to molest me! Like honestly, if I didn’t have these powers to protect myself, he’d probably have raped me”.

“Are you serious!?” Jean asked in shock. “What did you do?”

“I told him he was grounded.”

“You grounded Jarrett?”


“And he was okay with that?”

“Well not at first but once I threatened to use my laser vision on his car, he was singing a different tune.”

Jean’s jealousy only intensified, it reminded her of why Natasha called in the first place. “So yeah, I said bullshit because earlier today…” Jean was in mid sentence of her lie when Natasha interrupted.

“Jean… I don’t care. My Dad’s coming. I’ll see you in class tomorrow?”

“You’re coming to school tomorrow?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Natasha exclaimed. “I’ve never been more excited to go to school. Gotta go” Natasha hung up the phone as the door knocked lightly twice. “Come in” Natasha said sweetly as she covered her body up with the blanket.

“Hey princess” Her stepfather said. “Have a good day in school?”

“It wasn’t bad” Natasha replied.

“You know Jarrett’s looking at out of state colleges right now?”

Natasha smiled, “Is he now?”

“I left money for him to get you guys food. What did you eat today?”

“I went with Jean to the mall, I ate there… Daddy?” Natasha changed the subject, “Someone said that I wasn’t a decent person today. Do you think I’m… you know… a good person?”

Natasha’s step-father smiled, “Of course you are, who said that?

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Listen… You know how everyone talks about how kind your mom was?”


“You have that in you, its genetics. But everyone makes mistakes, everyone does things they regret. It’s what you take from those regrets and mistakes that makes you a better person. You’re young and you are allowed to make mistakes. Just try to be smart and learn from them. I promise you – you are your mother’s daughter. I didn’t know your mother when she was in high school, but she wasn’t exactly described as an angel”.

“Really? How do you mean?”

“Well, lets just say, I heard that your mom knew how to have a good time”

“I miss her” Natasha confessed.

“You and me both. I’ll let you get some sleep.”

“Thanks Daddy” Natasha said as her father gave her a kiss on the forehead.


Thomas didn’t go home as he intended. Instead, he went to Percy Page high. It was late in the evening but there were many people at the school. A basketball game was being played and so he stood next to the bleachers and watched the game for a few minutes.

After a little while, he went down the hall and opened a set of double doors and was now roaming the dimly lit halls of Percy Page high.

“Sir, anything I can do for you?”

Thomas turned and noticed the janitor, “Sorry?”.

“You lost?” the Janitor responded.

“Actually, I’m a cop. Off duty, nothing formal” Thomas lied.

“Yeah – So something I can help you out with?”

“Probably not. Just a long shot. There was a strange occurrence at a nearby high school…”

“What kind of strange occurrence?” The janitor asked.

“I can’t get into the details.”

“So? Why are you here?”

“I was checking to see if anything strange happened here.”

The janitor nodded a few times and simply said, “Let me show you something.”

Thomas followed the Janitor down the hallways and finally went into the girls washroom.

Thomas followed the janitor inside.

The Janitor presented his case with an extended hand, “Strange enough for you?”

Thomas looked at the cubicles of the washroom, the top parts cut as if it were done with industrial scalpel. Or more likely by Infinty Man's heat vision. Thomas felt anxious, trying to rationalize what he was seeing. But it was not until the Janitor took him into one of the classrooms did Thomas realize that something was very wrong.

The burn mark on the ground looked almost as if it contained the shadow of a person. Was it possible, Thomas wondered? Could Infinity Man be dead?

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