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The Goddess of Love

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 15 May 2021 20:30] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:59]

Art by MadiBlitz, kuprite, HatsukiShouji, and MNSJ

Veronica Vélez was one of the luckiest and wealthiest people on Earth from the day she was born, way back in 2156. The daughter of a former Miss World and one of the most intelligent Enhanced entrepreneurs on the planet, she was born with a promising potential of gorgeous looks and an extremely powerful mind and body. Needless to say, she not only fulfilled that potential but surpassed it by a long shot.

She was now one of the most popular and requested supermodels on the planet. Every fashion designer, professional photographer and corporation looking to announce their products fought for the rights to use her image. At this moment though, she was participating in Paris’s yearly L’Aphrodite pageant, an Enhanced-only beauty contest.

The camera of one of the venue’s attendants panned upwards. His mouth was agape at the fact that the legs of the Neo Caracan beauty never ended, they kept going and going as he tried helplessly to reach her face, covered in zebra striped stockings that left her thick and juicy thighs exposed.

As she turned slightly, he could tell by the lack of strings on her sides that she wore no underwear, showing her deliciously plump derriere, her ass crack at plain sight. Her buttcheeks were the only part of her body that didn’t have a healthy shade of tropical tan, with the exception of her…nipples...

Oh sorry, I forgot to describe her most important assets. Her tits were absolutely overgrown and covered her pussy; that’s why she didn’t need panties! Two bronze orbs the size of beachballs with a natural sag that instantly debunked any accusation of fakeness, alongside nipples the size of buttons.

She was, as some tabloids would say, an early western adopter of the figure popularized by Japanese Enhanceds, that of exaggerate proportions that wouldn’t have been possible on a normal person without superpowers. It was now catching on outside East Asia, although it had took about 120 years before this change started to materialize.

In a few decades, seemingly every trait formerly attributed to the peak standard of beauty: tallness, sleek waist and tiny hips, moderately sized breasts, thin and long limbs, lean and sharp facial features, predatory eyes...became either obsolete or relegated to one of the many varieties of beauty niches. In its place rose a new breed of supermodel, one that sported cartoonish, physics-defying proportions that only peak humans or Enhanceds had a chance of possessing.

The fashion itself changed with the times too. The more modest and restrained trends had been cast aside as society kept becoming more sexualized thanks to the influence of the Super Goddesses and their byproduct, the Enhanceds. New clothes were not only at times extremely revealing and risqué, but they also but they also mocked old, more conservative standards by covering every part of the body with the exception of the genitals and the chest.

The attire Veronica was wearing on this catwalk was minimalistic and tomboyish but also betrayed the booming hyper femininity she effortlessly emanated. Apart from her stockings, she was only wearing a black hoodie with pink on the inside that barely fit her, which of course helped expose most of her unbelievable body. This pointed to another new rule of fashion design: the model had much more control over what she was going to wear and it was extremely important that it expressed her personality and feelings as well as the designer’s intention. In this case it was the nonchalant attitude and naturality with which she was crushing her competition right now.

Four of the most beautiful Enhanceds to ever exist stood at her sides, with bodies at least as exaggerated as Veronica’s. One of them was practically naked. And still, it was her sincerity and confidence that were attracting all the looks and cameras.

Her shoulder-length, youthful brunette hairstyle gave her an easygoing and approachable appearance as well as her neotenous face and big, soulful eyes that glistered in an otherworldly emerald color inherited from her mother and which drew people instantly to her in every interaction.

Veronica was, simply put, making these other women look like trashbags in comparison. She smiled as her giant tits graced a part of the audience and she met face to face with the ones in the front. As an Enhanced, one of her special abilities was that of reading minds, and with a simple look into someone’s head, she could tell all the lewd things they were thinking about her, and how the other girls were being completely ignored. She was the most beautiful person in the room and they all adored her, and she LOVED that feeling. She also enjoyed peeking into her competitors’ psyches and finding that they were beyond jealous, another boost to her imposing confidence. They were all wearing elaborate, high art designs yet she was trouncing them with a basic gamer-girl-next-door aesthetic.

It seems less is more. She chuckled in her head at the thought while posing for the cameras. The room erupted in flashes as soon as her disproportionate udders changed angle. None there were at her level, let alone anyone in the earlier showings that day. With only one left, she was pretty confident she had it in the bag and she would, once again, become the most talked-about topic in the top fashion magazines, where it was commonplace to see her on the cover.

Even all that roaring applause accompanied by an endless barrage of mental catcalling was insufficient. She needed more so she adjusted her super hearing to properly catch every single compliment and comment about her ultra hot body. The sensation was orgasmic.

It was time to finish the show and she was in the mood to demonstrate her superiority even further. Veronica gallantly turned around, displaying her humongous flesh orbs from behind, and then she took two of the other Enhanceds on the catwalk and tossed them up with the ease of someone throwing a couple of bottles of water into the air. This was nothing for her, who despite having arms as thin as toothpicks would regularly juggle with trucks during her morning training routine. Girls gotta stay fit.

When they fell she caught them safe and sound in her flexed arms, supporting them effortlessly and gave an unimpressed look to the now-wowed crowd. They loved it. Even the girls, who were her competition and moments ago felt hate and jealousy towards her were now unexpectedly wet down there. Her sheer display of power and status as an alpha overrode any sense of rivalry. Now they just wanted to fuck Veronica and they smiled nervously all the way as the tan goddess walked away, swaying her hips and plentiful titties to everyone’s delight until she finally disappeared behind one of the curtains.

With only one showing left, it was almost a certainty she would win.

She promptly set the two supermodels she had just used as props down and smiled smugly at them. “I will be in the mood to fuck later, so be good and wait for me back at your dressing rooms. Don’t bother giving me directions, your minds are open books to me.” The flustered and incredibly horny Enhanceds nodded obediently and went to prepare themselves for godly lesbian sex with their superior.

Veronica, however, decided to stay around a bit longer. Might as well stay and see if there is anyone worth a shit. Got nothing better to do and those two sluts will not suffice anyway, she thought to herself, already predicting her lust for pussy that night was going to be legendary.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Gasps of bewilderment came from the audience as not even the Enhanceds that had night vision powers were able to see anything. This sudden loss of control over her surroundings made the supermodel nervous as the collective muttering kept going.

Then it all stopped at once as about two dozen spotlights appeared on each side of the catwalk, illuminating just that part of the room. They didn’t look like they were attached to anything but instead suspended in midair.

And what were they shining on left Veronica speechless. The sheer radiance of the person under the light was like a punch to the gut that left her breathless. As she flung her long, brown locks behind her back she looked directly into the new arrival’s eyes with an elegant, dignified glare befitting a goddess. Her glossy lips were inviting and seemed to be speaking some inaudible yet unquantifiably profound words that managed to reach her soul despite not being able to understand her from that distance. She was entirely naked, more so than the Neo Caracan. With only long, black leather boots, dark gloves and a tongue-in-cheek red scarf to cover her otherwise bare perfection. Her alabaster skin was almost vampiric in the way it seemed to absorb all the light and almost reflect it. Its touch could be felt just by seeing it. Tender, soft, divine. Not a single blemish.

However, none of that was the centerpiece, not even her gorgeous, hypnotic facial features. No, it was her chest instead. It made Veronica’s size look like a joke. Two saggy blobs of delicious udder flesh with almost no visible veins hung and rested on one of her legs, not causing her any visible comfort to support or move around as her bewitching and intimidating crimson eyes danced around, almost as if figuring everyone out, reading their most treasured thoughts and memories.

She kept posing there for a few seconds, one leg kneeling, the other supporting her breast while she crossed her arms, all of it done in the most utmost silence.

Then she was gone, just like the spotlights. Veronica found herself in a room full of unconscious people, clearly having cummed from the once-in-a-lifetime beauty on display. Some of them were involuntarily convulsing with their dicks and pussies out, still bursting fluids. She was no different, a trail of jizz cascading down her right leg.

There was no doubt anymore. She had been utterly and nonnegotiably defeated. Not only that, her own helpless reaction to her competitor’s beauty was humiliating on a more primal level. Even her body admitted she had lost, being sincere where her mind wouldn’t.

Veronica would not stay to see those incompetent fools give that slut a higher score. She broke into tears and in a fit of uncontrolled anger she rushed through the backdoor at the speed of sound. “She has to be here still…” Her eyes were glowing golden out of pure wrath as she frantically searched each individual dressing room to find her opponent, unhinging the doors in the process with her brute force.

The desperate, sweaty supermodel rested her udders on top of a boudoir, as they were weighing her down. Watching herself in the mirror, suddenly all her imperfections, which otherwise wouldn’t have been there, came to her attention when she compared herself with her mental image of that red-eyed goddess from before. How did anyone dare to make her look bad? She had been personally enhanced by Super Goddess Paula, no other woman in the world should be able to compete with her beauty.

Veronica started sobbing uncontrollably, the mark of someone that had never been challenged before in her life. She just couldn’t take it. “Why…? My career is over...if I can’t be the best I…I’ll be a nobody.”

“I don’t think you are a nobody.” The huskiest and sexiest voice Veronica had ever heard rang from behind her; it had the slightest hint of a French accent but otherwise scaringly competent at English.

The shortstack wiped her tears with her arm and turned around, just to find no one. Had she gone crazy? Was her ego so destroyed she had invented an imaginary friend to compliment her?

“No, dear. I’m right here.” The voice had responded to her thoughts and gave her an almost instinctive knowledge of how to track its location. Veronica gazed at the top of a dresser. There was a very suspicious looking vase with a rose that wasn’t there before.

It seemed to lose balance and tumble on its own, just to roll off the shelf and fall to the floor, breaking into pieces. The rose however was intact.

Then it happened. The flower began growing in size at an exponential, almost unnerving rate. A silly sound effect that reminded her of a cheap 1970s sci-fi show filled the room as it passed Veronica’s height and loomed over her. She wanted to run but something deep inside her compelled her to stay.

As if that display hadn’t been bizarre enough, the rose started glowing with an intense golden gleam that almost blinded her. She partially hid her eyes because its brilliance was too much to bear and she could only take in the detail of it opening, quite literally splitting in half and revealing something even more miraculous.

It was her, the towering goddess with preposterous udders that had beaten her at the pageant. Her pose was even more confident than before, hands on hips and looking down on her. Had she just come back to laugh at her? Veronica tried to attack in a sudden fit of rage and jealousy but for some reason she seemed unable to move. Somehow her rival’s voice calmed her even further. “There is no need for that.” she said.

Now that Veronica could look at her up close, her divinity was even more undeniable. Every second she passed in her presence was a reminder of her inadequacy and, what was worse, led to an increase in her libido. She hated her for destroying her self-esteem but she also wanted to fuck her at any cost.

However, almost as fast as she appeared, she began to shapeshift. The most important of these changes was her chest, formerly ridiculous, now getting into a more reasonable territory although still plentiful. Her body became leaner and more athletic, following modelling standards from before Enhanceds were a thing although still incredibly stylish even by modern standards. It definitely looked more natural, if still borderline impossible for women of the past.

Her legs, having lost part of their thickness, now looked neverending, almost as if she had gained a few inches in height even when that wasn't true. Her hair also got longer, now reaching the floor with a silkier texture and a lighter brown color. Something did remain, though, and that was her mature, sharp gaze, akin to that of a ferocious primal carnivore with an intense red color that seemed to glow with the same intensity as the rose she was standing on. And a tiny, last detail, an uncharacteristic flaw from a being of her unrivalled perfection that somehow gave her an air of alluring mystery: a beauty mark under her left eye.

Veronica finally understood two things. One, that less was TRULY more. It had been decades since her kind of body type had dominated the catwalks of the world and this woman’s look was too subtle to wow. However, her beauty was undeniably divine, optimized, beyond what was attainable simply by dumping more meat on bones. It was mesmerizing, she could even rival Super Goddess Paula. Second, that this woman wasn’t normal or even any variety of Enhanced she was acquainted with, her previous mental comparison had reduced her possible identity to two possibilities: an ultipotent Enhanced or a Super Goddess. Could it be…?

“Indeed, child.” She responded, once again easily guessing her thoughts. She walked towards her, slow and steady as her will commanded reality to burst into fire that morphed into clothes, covering her delectable body. Veronica almost felt cheated out of this vision of pure beauty but her clothed look was almost equally as sexy.

Ornate high heels with golden chains and platforms so tall they basically made her five centimeters taller yet showed most of her feet were followed by ragged spandex leggings with purposefully torn holes showing her milky skin, which was almost as pale as an albino’s. A thin, zebra-patterned collarless sweater with a lewdalicious boob window and V-shaped cuts in the tummy that hugged her curves like a second skin was barely tied with a pair of loose belts. Flowing behind her back and supported by her arms was a long, blue scarf that gave her an air of sophistication and fabulousness, as well as her perfectly-manicured red nails and her myriads of rings, each one appearing to be worth more than Veronica's entire fortune.

A smug smirk formed on her flawless face as two oversized, heart-shaped studs materialized on her ears; a golden monocle similarly appeared in front of her right eye, supported only by a casual display of her telekinesis. “W-Who are you?” Veronica stammered.

“Oh my apologies, cherie. I have grown accustomed to people in this industry knowing who I am.” Her voice carried a hint of pride and self-awareness of her own grandiosity but did not display any sort of animosity. In fact her aura was quite inviting and friendly despite how husky and strong her voice was. “This explains why you are so weirded out by my power. Well, my name is Désirée Delevigne though everyone knows me by CoCo. Super Goddess CoCo.”

“N-Nice to meet you, I’m Veronica Vélez.” She felt like a complete idiot for not realizing sooner. It was obvious, she had to be a Super Goddess. In a way, it was quite a boost to her self-confidence, that she was so gorgeous only a Super Goddess could beat her in a pageant, although losing that handily still stung.

“Oh I know who you are, I’ve been following your career with great interest.” She got too close to comfort and Veronica instinctively blushed and fell over the boudoir. CoCo made sure she didn’t get up by hitting the wall with her palm, trapping her in a typical kabedon posture. She was effortlessly alpha and turning her on like nothing else could.

“W-What do you want from me?” she squeaked out, almost wanting to cry. CoCo’s pheromones were hitting her nose hard and the deliciously sexual smell was overpowering her brain with a good old sensory overload, preventing her from thinking straight.

“Oh, nothing major. I would say that in fact I like you a lot, cherie.” CoCo removed her arm and let her go with a smile that signaled she was only joking and just wanted to startle the shorter girl. “But you have been pretty arrogant lately and I can’t tolerate that behavior in my dear fashion industry as a fellow model AND designer, Veronica.

Understand this: I had to put you in your place, you cannot go through life thinking you are the best and can’t improve anymore.” The refined Super Goddess opened a wormhole next to her and casually retrieved a baroque-style pipe from it, which she proceeded to light with magical fire.

She used it and then let out a puff of magical smoke that turned into a very realistic representation of Veronica’s showing that day at the catwalk before the Super Goddess puffed it out of existence. “You might be thinking I did this to sabotage your career because I am some selfish, jealous bitch and while you might be partially right it wasn’t my main intention.”

Veronica felt as if CoCo had given her permission to lash out but she couldn’t pinpoint why she thought that. “W-Well? Then what was it?! Who will want me now after losing to you?! I thought Super Goddesses were good people but you just did something terrible and you are acting all cheeky about it!”

The omnipotent supermodel sighed in a characteristically feminine manner. “Sorry but I’m the queen of the catwalk and I know it. Besides, once I make clear that I’m a Super Goddess they will disqualify me. So don’t’ll get your coveted first place in this kiddie contest…” She smoked some more, seeming a bit conceited now. “Like I said, the important thing is that you know you are not the best and get better for it. You should be grateful, cherie.”

“Well you surely could have done that in a different way! Super Goddesses are not supposed to participate in lower categories, now everyone will just ignore me and keep looking for you…” Her rage was slowly but surely transitioning into sadness. After all she couldn’t do anything against the wishes of the most powerful being in existence.

CoCo chuckled back deliciously. “Hah. If they even remember what happened after passing out.” Veronica was about to answer when suddenly CoCo raised her hand, as if silencing her. “Please forgive me, I’ve got to take a call.” This caused the Enhanced to frown in confusion.

The Super Goddess made the giant rose she came from disappear with a dismissive hand gesture and walked glamorously towards a big mirror on the wall. The sheer beauty and elegance displayed by her perfect posture and natural grace in every single part of her movement made Veronica quickly understand the giant gap between them, this woman had been born to be a universal model of beauty. She was the first woman in a very long time that actually fit the original meaning of that word, instead of the pretty person interpretation that had taken root for centuries.

The tall diva swayed her hips and stuck out her fat ass while somehow not making it feel vulgar. The movements were a treat for Veronica's eyes.


Is she talking to the fucking mirror? How narcissistic can someone be? Veronica thought to herself, unaware of the irony of her stating that.

But she wasn’t simply talking to herself. The conversation was going at the pace of a typical Super Goddess meetup, almost at lightspeed but since she was a powerful Enhanced it just felt like a sped up film. Thanks to this she could register that it was French and...they were answering to each other like they were different people...somehow?

Not only that, she could clearly see the CoCo inside the mirror was performing different movements than the one outside. She really was talking to herself in the mirror! Super Goddess magic is scary… she thought to herself. This level of casual reality warping was beyond her ability or even understanding.

It took her just a few seconds to be done with her self-parley but sure enough she returned to Veronica. “Sorry about that, cherie. My agent is making quite a fuss about my escapade here in Paris. Gotta deliver love and I’m not doing it~ They can’t keep calling me the Goddess of Love if I don’t do my job, correct?” She puffed some smoke on the other’s face. In any other situation this would have felt disrespectful, but for some reason it felt so good. The supermodel found her heart was calmer, her anger against CoCo diminishing with each passing second as her previously inhibited lust took over her senses. She found herself practically swimming in thick clouds of a perfume-like pink miasma and, at her side, the naked body of the gorgeous Super Goddess.

Veronica hugged her and gladly put their meaningless beef aside just to have a taste of the goddess’s crimson lips.

CoCo giggled knowingly and cupped Veronica’s chin before kissing her. “I hope you are ready for the ride of your life. Don’t disappoint me, you are my favorite~”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Mylène Le Neir was working at lightning pace on coordinating her employer’s schedule with different sponsors and organizers. She was pressing the keys of her futuristic terminal so fast it would have been fair to assume she was an Enhanced. But she wasn’t; in fact, she wasn’t even a peak human or a Super Goddess descendant. Mylène was simply extremely efficient and dedicated to her job as agent. And she was bound to be since, after all, she worked for the most important fashion designer and model in history, Désirée Delevigne, also known as CoCo.

Why did someone so powerful hire a simple humie like her? Or why would CoCo not wish these menial logistics away with her omnipotence? Truth was, they had an incredible chemistry together and Mylène always knew what CoCo wanted even better than her, as if she had a sixth sense for this stuff.

Her looks also helped.

She was an extremely tall woman of Asian descent, though uncommonly well-proportioned and built for her giantism. Her sensual body was covered neck-to-toe with a flawless black suit, a black tie, black pants, black gloves, and of course, black shoes. To top it off, her eyes were completely hidden behind stylish triangle-shaped sunglasses that framed her sharp, femme-fatale face with an all business, no nonsense vibe and the notorious difficulty of reading her expressions. They had also been powered up by the Super Goddess to prevent the more powerful Enhanced rival agents to have an unfair advantage over her, like using mind control.

The chauffeur of the limousine drove slowly, knowing full well Mylène’s calculations allowed for a stressless schedule with no need to hurry, which let them enjoy the view of the Champs-Élysées on their flank as they headed to their appointment with a famous photographer.

The towering suited agent smirked as she closed her laptop. She could feel it, her mistress was near and it was time to listen. The breeze coming in the car from outside ceased as the window closed automatically.

Le Neir didn’t find her face being reflected in the glass but CoCo’s. Smug, confident, self assuring as always. “I trust you are done playing games with that model you’ve become enthralled with recently, my goddess?” Her voice was booming and deep with a natural fry yet still feminine.

“Not quite. One of my clones is having sex with her right now. But I’m free, if you will.” The reflection answered nonchalantly. As if doing all these crazy things meant nothing to her.

“You really can’t help spreading love even outside our tight schedule.”

“As a matter of fact I’m eager to do it officially today. I haven’t done that in a while.”

“But first we got a photo session for your new perfume ad. This hotshot wants to see how good you look in the set you confected yesterday. It went crazy viral on social media…” She sighed, as if this was a rather common occurrence for CoCo’s posts.

She seemed mildly surprised. “Did I beat Jennifer’s publication?” Since both Super Goddesses were artistically oriented and known popular alpha bitches, they had a healthy rivalry between them on the internet.

“Indeed, for the first time in weeks. But to be frank, you look splendid in those.”

“Mhm, merci!” CoCo nodded, perfectly aware of her mindnumbing attractiveness.

Suddenly, the reflection on the window came out of the glass, literally phasing into the third dimension and materializing as a real person. Head first, then bouncing tits, then the rest of her ending with her slender legs and feet until she was sitting right next to Mylène with a triumphant smile.

The agent got close to CoCo and politely kissed her stud earrings as required per a now-old Super Goddess custom, but with a more intimate respect and love coming from the person she knew best, her most important partner and confidante. “Welcome, my Goddess.” CoCo was not as humble as the other Super Goddesses. She loved being called names like that. And after all, it wasn’t far from the truth.

“Good to see you, Mylène. Looking as radiant as always. Maybe even more?” the beautiful deity replied regally and smooched her back twice, once on each cheek as was typical of French decorum.

“Well it’s pretty easy with that magical exfoliating cream you released months ago. I feel like you have inadvertently invented the cure to aging.” she chuckled, being, as usual, more playful in CoCo's company.

“Ha. I could but that’s a huge thing to do. Would need to ask mankind first! And you know how many of you are in love with the idea of your lives being contextualized by a beginning and an end.” She sighed comically and relaxed her body into Mylène’s, leaning on her and resting her cute head on her aide’s powerful shoulder.

“Yes, perhaps you are right.” Now in her own personal heaven, Le Neir smiled. Their relationship was weird. In-and-out-faux girlfriends that couldn’t become more due to CoCo’s unsurprising poly lifestyle and overall unrestrained hypergamy. Truth was that the French supermodel had fucked billions of different people at this point and was probably having sex with thousands as they were speaking.

She couldn’t compete with that. However, it was obvious that CoCo had a special affinity for her. Of all her numerous suitors she always found some quality time for her, and, since she worked as her agent, she had managed to keep in touch with her daily. And she couldn’t be more grateful, despite the goddess’s arrogance and excessive self-awareness about her beauty and power, she was deep inside a great person and a better lover.

Even then, as they were approaching the studio, she felt these moments next to her would be treasured in her mind forever. She grinned slightly when their hands found each other’s and intertwined. “Désirée...could I...uh…” She broke her usual cool, looking pretty flustered and needy all of a sudden.

“Ahhhh you can’t wait any longer, huh? Alright, I will spoil you~” The mystical, red eyed supermodel floated in the air and positioned herself in front of Mylène, on all fours and sticking her perfect butt out.

Her puffy vulva was straining the already-thin pantyhose and the cameltoe was impossible to ignore. Not only that but the sheer stench of sex coming from it was overpowering. She was wet, and she needed someone to take care of it. “D-Désirée…” Mylène blushed and swallowed LOUDLY. She desperately wanted to eat her out.

“What are you waiting for? It’s been, what, a week since you last experienced this? You can’t fool your goddess~” she teased with her sensual, husky voice, purposefully sounding even more French than usual.

Suddenly, the small, automated window that separated the back of the limousine and the cockpit slowly opened. It showed that...a clone of CoCo had been the chauffeur from the beginning! All dressed in the typical driver getup with the black hat and everything. She turned her head and kept casually driving with one hand while not even looking ahead, then grinned almost maliciously. “Come on, you want it~” She added as the original omnipotent tore the pantyhose apart and fully exposed her more intimate parts.

She was right. Mylène was a dignified, professional woman but against a Super Goddess, one of the most attractive at that AND particularly her crush there was no possible victory.

As expected, the agent’s best judgement got overridden by her animalistic desires and she dove on her beloved’s nethers. “Ahhhh~” Le Neir exclaimed, feeling the incredible ecstasy of sniffing a Super Goddess’s vagina. The smell was so potent and sexual it was like it had been purposefully designed to be fucked.

“Keep going, that feels sooooo good!” The brunette answered, using a third telekinetic hand to push Mylène’s face into her now drenched pussy. At this point her entire nose was inside, overloading her puny human brain with a sensorial shock as she helplessly started licking it like a dog. The taste was of course delicious and beyond any delicacy she had eaten before, despite the fact she was rich and had access to the best of the best.

She quickly entered a trance where she would service CoCo on autopilot, having become a mere human machine only worthy for tonguefisting pussy as her mistress panted and moaned, enjoying her diligent labor.

Since she was doing such a good job, the Super Goddess decided to reward her with the best part of this whole endeavor. Mylène’s view was suddenly changed from the impenetrable darkness of CoCo’s meat curtains to something completely different. It was so insultingly, unapologetically beautiful that Mylène could not help it when she started crying.

They were tears of both childlike wonder and frustration at the unfairness of something like that being unable to exist in the real world, yet at the same time only residing in her mistress’s prodigious brain. What CoCo was showing her perplexed agent was well known to both: a realm so painstakingly divine and perfect that it was simply indescribable to those of lesser mental clarity but still obviously recognizable as the ultimate standard of beauty.

Mylène now found herself in the depths of CoCo’s imagination. A dimension dominated by effortless allure, grace and unparalleled refinement, devoid of any ugliness properly belonging to the mundane world, that stood as an ideal and pure landscape right from the mind of someone that understood better than anyone the true, objective meaning of what was beautiful.

It was understandable. After all, CoCo, of any being in the universe, had the highest understanding of these concepts and they were perfectly represented in this piece of paradise directly taken from her subsconscious. Le Neir loved having sex with her but her favorite part was when she would show her this fragment of reality, uncorrupted by the rubbish taste of lesser beings like herself. She felt part of something greater, something worth living for.

Just a few seconds after witnessing the Super Goddess’s imagination, she collapsed on her seat, her legs stained by her unmistakable vaginal goo and with an expression of pure bliss and enlightenment.

“It never gets old for you, hm?” The car stopped next to the studio and in a narcissistic yet characteristic display CoCo kissed her chauffeur clone. “Take care of her, she will be tuckered out for a while.”

“How sweet, you just wanted her to rest because she has been working her fingers to the bone lately~” The clone responded.

“She is a hopeless workaholic but she has her heart in the right place. Eventually I will gather the courage to ask her to marry me or something.” She had a melancholic look on her face for a second which didn’t deter her from smiling.

“Have we ever stopped to think why we love her so?”

“A person that can experience my imagination for so long and doesn’t go insane is quite the catch.” She gracefully turned around and strut towards her photo session. “Make sure she takes the day off!” Cue hair toss.

“Bien sûr~”

Pierre Girard had become one the biggest players of the catwalk scene in just a few years. His condition as a powerful Enhanced himself made him one of the fittest for the job in its current state and solicited by talented people the world over. He had already worked with Mylène a few times before but hadn’t been in the same room with CoCo yet.

As expected he was eager to meet her. She was one of the, if not the most beautiful woman in the universe so pictures and videos of her were always in demand and captivated the hearts of billions. However, he was also young and prideful, his dashing looks and incredible skill had created an ego so great it had gone completely to his head. Enough that he was thinking of unironically conquering a Super Goddess.

Everyone that could put two and two together was aware that a Super Goddess always chose when, how and with whom they wanted to play, it was never the other way around.

For a moment, he caught himself thinking about the modelling pics CoCo had posted the day before on the internet. The poses were not particularly provocative for the year 2176 and the dress was just the usual amount of sexy (well, for four decades ago, anyway), yet the composition sweated sexuality and elegance through every single one of its pores.

He had gotten hard once again. But it wasn’t like he was ashamed, culture had gotten much more sex positive in the last few decades and he was packing one hell of a tool.

“Bonjour~” said the most magical and entrancing voice he had heard in his life, which made him promptly turn around. There she was, in her full splendor, nonchalantly lying down on a prop bench with her lustrously silky mane scattered around the floor and her ferocious eyes staring directly into his soul. For some reason the all the scenery had appeared out of nowhere just like her. He was not expecting her for an hour so he had not prepared his yet but he had to admit this was better than whatever he had thought of.

Her presence was more intimidating than he had imagined. Girard instinctively took a step back and answered with an atypically bashful tone for him. “M-Miss Delevigne. I wasn’t expecting you so early.” Was that stuttering?! He had never done that before, ever. And his palms and forehead were sweating too…

“CoCo,” the Super Goddess corrected. “I thought I would test your improvisation abilities, to see if you are as good as they say.” she sat up and crossed her sexy legs while poofing her pipe into existence and having a single, drawn-out puff. “So go ahead. I’m wearing the right clothes, right? It shouldn’t be difficult for you.” 

It sounded like a challenge to him, and he couldn’t deny she was as scary as she was hot. However, he was a professional and he wouldn’t let anyone, not even a Super Goddess, humiliate him. “Of course…” He moved to grab his futuristic camera, a tenth the size of its 21st century predecessors and yet brimming with a myriad more features to make the shots as perfect as possible.

Pierre blinked as he focused the lens on CoCo and then she and everything else weren’t there anymore. “Looking for me? Fufufu~” He found her to his left and uncomfortably close, which startled him. She was incredibly fast, so much she had rearranged all the scenery and her costume to be more apt for a beach photoshoot.

“Please, CoCo. Let’s not play games, we are here to work.” He didn’t like her attitude at all and was starting to get angry. An alpha male like him wasn’t used to being toyed with.

The bikini-clad goddess pointed at him with her colorful sombrilla. “I’ll be clear, I don’t play nice with amateurs. Let alone those that have such a high opinion of themselves. I am the star here, so you will behave in my presence~” The narcissistic omnipotent giggled in divine defiance and then willed the object pointing at him to shoot some water from its tip, wetting Pierre’s shirt.

It was humiliating. He had always been under the impression Super Goddesses were selfless, benevolent beings that always put human interests ahead of theirs, yet this CoCo person was acting so uppity. He was raging deep inside but he had to admit her dominant personality coupled with her looks and attitude were bewitching as he found himself in a sort of weird half horny, half angry state. “That’s fun and all but I’d like if we took this seriously. We both have a reputation we want to maintain.” He said with a less demanding tone, trying to be conciliatory.

The diva grinned almost maliciously and her red eyes glowed with intensity behind her sunglasses. “Sounds like only you do. But that’s fine, cherie. I will indulge you, if you catch me and get a nice shot of me I’ll let you do whatever you want with me.”

He frowned and raised his voice. Those last insolent words were the tipping point of his short primadonna fuse. “W-What?! I don’t have time for games, I’m a professional at the top of my field!”

“That’s the spirit...I’ll be magnanimous and give you ten minutes.” She chuckled while holding all her fingers up.

Then she instantly disappeared just to start frantically spawning and fading away from different areas of the studio in a matter of seconds, each time with a different costume and scenery. She felt playful that day and wanted to try everything. From femme fatale, to nurse, to opera singer, to sexy nun and even her birthday suit.

These were golden opportunities for the artist’s career so he had no other choice but to take on her challenge. After the first few moments of confusion and indignation as the goddess skipped around him he grabbed his equipment and activated his superior Enhanced speed and reflexes.

No matter what though, Pierre couldn’t manage to catch her in time. The moment he shifted his camera to get a nice shot, the omnipotent model was already somewhere and someone else, laughing at his slowness. “S-Stop!” He yelled, desperate.

“Ah, ah, ah. If you are as skillful as you boast, then this should be done by now.” she teased, fully aware of the impossibility of the task, even for someone of his power level.

He was getting tired and sluggish yet her speed kept increasing, at some point appearing like a barely tangible cloud of particles that vanished way before reconfiguring into something else. By the end of it, Pierre was gasping for air and begging her to stop, having chosen an undignified retreat over a dignified last stand.

She then blew him a lovely, magical kiss with the force of a localized hurricane that toppled him over like a house made of straw.

The victorious goddess smiled triumphantly as she sat on the much larger man’s chest like a human chair. Her dumptruck of an ass felt like it weighed thousands of tons yet his body wasn’t being crushed. She puffed some smoke from her pipe. “Don’t judge me too harshly, child. This doesn’t mean I won’t let you take a picture of me ever. But you need to grow up a little first. Let go of that meaningless ego and I will consider it~”

“How can you not see the irony in that statement?” He answered back, still conserving his will despite being punched by a higher amount of powerful Super Pheromones with each passing second.

CoCo turned her gaze to a counter in the all white room.There was the excuse for this photoshoot: new perfume bottles that she was supposed to hold while posing. It was an intelligent cross promotion strategy since items marketed by Super Goddesses, and especially those personally made by them, sold like hotcakes literally every time. But if she was being honest with herself, she had already forgotten she had invented the best fragrance ever the day before. Those achievements were sort of meaningless to omnipotent beings like her.

However, she did remember one of the properties of the perfume. A secret one. It was not supposed to become public before its official release but it was worth experimenting with a final time after the original testing phase. “Well, I’ve got to go Pierre. But for your trouble I’m going to make you feel reeeally good~”

Not even bothering to get up she willed the bottle into her hand with her telekinesis and sprayed the liquid into Pierre’s face once, which in turn made him cough. “W-What is that?” It definitely had a peculiar smell, similar to that of CoCo herself but more chemical.

“Don’t worry, cherie.” A clone of her appeared a few mere centimeters away from his face. She was crouching, with her hands on her knees. “You are going to have some nice, pleasant dreams now.”

“D-Dreams? What are you talking about?” This situation was getting into a really bizarre territory. He just wanted to do his job and now he found himself as CoCo’s plaything. It was terrifying but damn if his dick wasn’t about to burst just because of her proximity.

Suddenly her crimson eyes became a whirl. Pierre felt a bigger, much more powerful will embracing his own. As if their minds were having sex with each other and the much stronger Super Goddess’s was gently spooning his. It was amazing but he also fell a characteristic lack of control and complete dominance from CoCo. He was getting easily hypnotized in seconds and with each blink of his eyes, his eyelids kept getting heavier until he lost his consciousness. “Like a baby.”

The two CoCos admired their handiwork. “Seems it’s working as intended~” One of them observed. Pierre was smiling happily in his sleep and also...cumming gallons of enhanced man-milk. Of course his oniric adventures were of a sexual nature, with the Super Goddess as a protagonist no less.

“A perfume that gives you killer wet dreams. Genius, isn’t it?”

“Well, I cannot argue with your logic. I am you after all. But what is Mylène going to say when she learns we botched this great opportunity?”

“She is still pounding us in her subconscious and will be for a while anyway. Besides, I want to do my actual job now. These scripted events bore me.”

“You really are taking this Goddess of Love moniker seriously lately, huh? Though I’d say Goddess of Dreams fits you better since you’ve been putting people out of commission since this morning.”

“Well, why don’t we fix that? I think it’s time to deliver some love to its destination!” She enthusiastically said to herself. The clone nodded and they both fused into a flash of light.

After a simple snap of her almighty fingers, she found herself standing in the middle of space. The exosphere. 1000 kilometers of altitude. While still bound by gravity, things here would get cooked on one side by the sun and frozen on the other if not carefully designed to endure it. Same with the low pressure and lack of oxygen that would kill most living beings. That’s why only machines like satellites orbited the planet in this layer.

However, CoCo didn’t mind the hellish conditions. Her magical, superior body was able to withstand any environment with laughable ease no matter how extreme. She was virtually indestructible.

In front of her she could see almost the entire curvature of Earth in all of its splendor. The place where she lived most of time but ultimately so small in scope for someone of her power. Regardless, she loved the old, tiny dirtball.

From up there, her magical eyes could detect the exact position of every single lifeform and tell them apart except for that of her Super Goddess friends. All at the same time and ignoring the mesh of matter between them like clouds, buildings and so on. Her mindblowing super mind could also process and categorize all this information without problems.

A slight smirk escaped the corner of her kissable lips. “Let’s see whose life I make better first…” She raised her hands and casually created a bunch of wormholes around her with a theatrical gesticulation number. “Ahhh these should do~” She floated between the portals, exploring them with care not to enter.

These were future possibilities, those being the things that would eventually happen to certain people should CoCo not intervene. Her targets were depicted in them, unable to act on their intended romantic advances for any conceivable reason. The Super Goddess wasn’t a fan of this, to say the least; she believed in being honest with the person you love, no matter how long you take in doing so or if the other person rejects you.

However, the latter scenario was out of the question with her entering the fray. She was going to make sure these couples broken by fate had the happy ending they deserved.

“Let’s start with a classic love story.” She observed the current couple from her location. Two potential teenage sweethearts were going about their lives at a lycée in her native France, constantly thinking about each other. At that exact time the girl had been expelled from class for using her phone and the boy was sad that his plan of confessing through notes had been ruined. Their portal proved pure bad luck had prevented them from ever engaging with each other despite clearly being interested in doing so. As a consequence, they ended up with people they didn’t connect with at all and led pretty miserable lives.

Not on her watch. Super Goddesses usually chose not to use their precognition abilities because they preferred life to be surprise after surprise but the French supermodel was perfectly ok with skipping that self imposed rule sometimes to help those in desperate need of true love.

She playfully shot a miniature lightning with her index finger and it landed on one of his chair’s legs, making him lose his balance and fall. Everyone in the class started laughing and the teacher, who was already pretty angry due to the previous transgression, decided to unfairly punish him by sending him to detention.

It was a miracle for the kid however, since he got to meet his darling and have a fun chat about their shared predicament. The snowball started rolling and making itself bigger and in a matter of minutes they were laughing and enjoying their time together, finding that they had a lot in common and were attracted to each other.

The former dreary scenes shown in the portal had now changed to a sequence of pure wholesomeness. Their first date, their marriage, the birth of their first of many children…

“A job well done!” she proclaimed and turned her head to the next conflict. Two Half Kemono were fighting to the death in a Japanese back alley. Shizuka’s Japan had become more...mythological in the last decades, leading to a fair share of the population developing magical and animalistic traits.

One of these was a cat girl and the other was a dog girl. Of course, due to the traits inherited from their animal halves their families didn’t precisely get along. Shizuka had created a near utopia but stuff like this would always rear its ugly head. “ two actually find each other incredibly attractive. Curious~”

CoCo was indeed correct. The two lesbians were snarling at each other, circling their opponent with their sharp claws pulled out. However, deep inside they had each long harbored a desire for the other that, given what the future portal was showing, had to sadly be cut short by their clan war. “How could a father order their child to kill their lover? Worry not, girls. I’m here to fix this.”

In the original future version of the fight, they killed each other in a bloody mess and only realized they made a mistake in their last moments, holding hands while letting out their last breath.

Feeling creative and quite touched, CoCo decided to assist the dog girl during the fight, magically adding more power to one of her rushes. What would have originally just sent them both tumbling over the floor, instead pushed them out of the alley and into a nearby canal.

The potent stream separated and dragged them through the city until they shored under a bridge. However, when they regained consciousness they found themselves alone, unobserved by their families and with their epic battle having lost momentum.

They barely had strength to move after such an exertion and it was cold. They glared at each other with a slowly fading hate until they realized their situation. A little back-and-forth about their differences and similarities took place and soon enough they were hugging each other for warmth and confessing how they really didn’t want any hurt to come to them and actually had repressed feelings.

The Super Goddess smiled when the future portal started to change. The two lovebirds run away from their toxic environment and started a life together in the mountains.

As a final parting gift, CoCo’s stud earrings started glowing with a mystical ruby hue while the two future kemonos were having sex. “I hope you girls enjoy the baby~” She said after basically giving the two lovers the ability to have children together.

The rest of her daily routine kept playing out like usual. She managed to help form a polyamorous relationship between a group of friends that shared a frat house, as their constant sexual tension and lack of sincerity was killing her.

She also subtly pushed an American guy with low self esteem to improve his body and skills so he could conquer an Enhanced girl that was completely out of his league. CoCo could have just enhanced him but that would have been too easy for him, a love he wouldn’t have really fought for. That he had worked towards it on his own terms made it truly mean something.

After letting out a hearty breath for a day of work well done, she relaxed and looked at her final target while smoking. Two Super Goddesses were secretly in love?!! “Ah so these two will…”

But before she could give it more thought, she found herself surrounded by pure darkness. CoCo winced and lost her trademark smug smile but as per usual she stood calm and collected, analyzing her surroundings.

Nothing around me, she stated after a quick multiversal scan that showed her she wasn’t in existence, but rather, a different plane that had consumed her. She could not even talk because there was no air, not even any matter period besides her. And whatever stood between her and her original realm was clearly trying to change that.

“What are you?” She easily altered reality so she could talk even in this conceptual vacuum. “What do you want?” Her tone was concise and commanding.

There was no response though. As CoCo expected, this entity, whatever it was, lacked the ability to reason and acted on pure instinct, though it was pretty impressive it managed to remove a Super Goddess from her original position without her consent. Then again, she hadn’t been paying attention to her surroundings for a while.

The tendrils of pure nothingness kept prying at her clothes and body to no avail. CoCo was made of much sturdier conceptual material than whatever this thing was used to destroying and it felt like inept attempts at tickling her at best. However, she could tell that there was some personality to the way it tried to tear her apart, a desperate desire to express itself in the only way it could.

She chuckled and shifted to her more playful, sexy tone. “Ah...Now I understand what you are trying to do~ You are no different than the others. You saw me helping them find the love of their lives and you want the same. How cute, too bad that you have chosen me! I am not about to get committed to you so you gotta understand why I’m rejecting your advances~” She said that but she had to admit the way her breasts were being attacked was pretty erotic. Her nipples had gotten hard and started to involuntarily lactate. “Hmmmm~”

The milk coming out of her breasts was getting obliterated out of existence instantly, as were her clothes, though slower. The power this thing was applying would probably be able turn the universe into nothingness in a matter of seconds but she wasn’t up to that fate. “So this is what happens when Non-Existence feels romantic attraction for its very first time. Gotta confess, I’m not particularly acquainted with you since you happen to reside outside of everything that exists and all that. I can only imagine how lonely you have been feeling and how frustrating it is that no one even acknowledges you.” She was an expert at being a teasy mean girl and her Super Empathy only gave her the tools to be meaner. The entity answered by tightening her constraints, pressing her body further and making her moan in heat.

She bit her lip. Angering everything that hasn’t, doesn’t or won’t ever exist was turning to be a pretty thrilling and pleasurable experience. “To think you are so big that you wrap around existence. Yet you cannot even scratch my body. Do you think you will impress me with this? That I will fall for a non-entity as weak as yourself? Think again, cherie~”

The tentacles increased in power, giving her the time of her life. Non-Existence wasn’t as good as a Super Goddess at sex but it sure got close. After all, it was infinitely bigger than reality and size should count for something, right?

“Tell you what, I’ll give you a humanoid form. After all, this Lovecraftian nonsense is getting old. If I fuck someone I want them to have a face and communicate with them.” She nonchalantly said, now completely in control of the situation.

She stared at the nothingness in front of her with an intimidating expression and then let out an explosion of scarlet-colored lasers from her eyes. It quickly became a galaxy-sized cutter that dealt with large portions of non-existence in mere moments, molding it in her image like an ancient artist would with a marble statue.

By the end of it, the universe with all its stars and clusters surrounded them both once again. But this time Non-Existence looked quite different. A mostly featureless, eyeless androgynous being with a jet-black, lithe body and a gigantic cock with a pair of balls to match. It seemed quite scared at its sudden transformation as its mouth and body language betrayed.

Non-Existence fidgeted around, now nervous and powerless in CoCo’s presence. “Ahhhhh you are scared now, huh? After trying to do that to me~” She softly hugged its smaller body, leaving him no chance to escape. Her humongous tits, warm skin and delicious smell were overpowering its newfound senses and making its pole rise. “Yet your body is being honest with your desires…”

“L-Love…” Non-Existence confessed with what seemed like blushing. Well, at least it registered like that for CoCo, who found it pretty cute.

“Awww! I love you too, little one~ Mommy CoCo will take care of you~” The now fully naked goddess slid herself onto the pitch-black meat monster and squeaked in delight as her magical pussy fit perfectly. She didn’t need to adjust her pleasure level like with humans, this was almost the real deal.

Non-Existence let out a groan, the lucky bastard was living the privilege of having sex with a Super Goddess as its first ever stimulus. It was feeling more emotion than any human would ever experience.

Yet it was not enough. Non-Existence clenched CoCo’s ass and thighs like its life depended on it and started fucking her raw, pistoning up and down to quench a need that had only been there since the Super Goddess caught its attention. Now it was its time to become one with her, but no matter how powerful its attacks were, she managed to take them with at best panting as a result. It was humiliating but also erotic.

“Good, good, just like that~” She cooed. Then Non-Existence bit her nipples in retaliation, the flood of milk that came out created a new Milky Way right in front of where they stood. It took just about a minute.

“Hngggg~ Bad boy!” As a reprimand for its misbehavior, CoCo kissed it, toying with its inexperienced tongue and being extraordinarily rough. By this point Non-Existence’s balls were about to explode and audibly gurgling. Its superdick had been pounding the Super Goddess’s insides for a while and her gorilla grip pussy had finally let it go so it could find her magical hammerspace uterus.

“C-Can I…?” It pleaded, the recently discovered arousal of being half organic was too much for it and it needed to release or else.

“Not yet...just a little bit more…” CoCo cruelly answered before biting its neck seductively, making it moan and protest as non-existential precum started to fill the French diva’s womb. “Say it...say that you don’t want to be away from me ever again~” Her pussy crushed its cock once again, sending a shiver down its spine and making it scream in both pain and pleasure.

“No...away...from you…” It confessed, having fallen in love with an existential creature and fully willing to betray its own nature for her.

“Very nice...I have an idea~” CoCo had discovered a new precious asset and wouldn’t let go, her mind had been exploring the possibilities during the whole intercourse. “I can turn you into a new dress design...that way I can wear you all the time and you won’t harm anyone.” Despite the sheer sexual prowess of Non-Existence, she was completely dominant and lucid still while it was at its most vulnerable.

A very groggy Non-Existence nodded in agreement as it passed out and cummed inside the nonchalant and smug Super Goddess. Her womb took the quintillions of gallons of antimatter sperm like nothing. She stretched her gorgeous, naked body and snapped her fingers to make it all disappear as she undocked with its now flaccid yet still imposing dick.

Still floating in space she realized the sex had been so good that she had forgotten not to impede the growth of her hair and it was now trailing for so long it reached the end of the Universe.

She observed the poor, defeated conceptual being and decided to take what it said at heart. Using her unopposable reality warping abilities, CoCo formed a cocoon of prehensile hair around its body and molded it further, slowly and methodically turning it into clothes.

There it was, a dress made out of the concept of Non-Existence. Usually she would perform further experimentations but she was too excited to test it on herself to properly think about the implications. She was too powerful for such lowly threats after all.

“There,” she proclaimed, having willed the bizarre getup on herself to cover her temporary nudity. Then something unexpected, even to her, happened. “O-Oops…”

CoCo was no more. Wearing Non-Existence had finally consumed her and she simply ceased to be.

Only the silence of outer space was left behind her mysterious disappearance, which not even other Super Goddesses managed to understand at the time.

Somehow, somewhere, someone’s future portal had shifted dramatically.

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