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Left Behind

Written by HikerAngel :: [Saturday, 22 May 2021 01:53] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 22 May 2021 09:32]

Left Behind

Commissioned by Luchodemeyer

Written by HikerAngel


“No one’s more powerful than Captain Marvel,” said Jack, leaning back in his camp chair with a loud creak. “I just wish that they used her original costume from the comics in the movie! That actor would have looked amazing in something that showed off some skin. Maybe then it would actually have been watchable.”

Kate’s thin lips fell into a frown, her dull brown eyes and lifeless blonde hair seeming to wilt with her husband’s words.

“Yeah, that actress is pretty good-looking, wouldn’t you say, hun?” Carl said, poking a stick into the logs of the campfire to release a cloud of rising sparks into the cool night air.

Jane sighed at her husband. “Sure,” she said tersely.

“Yeah, I keep wanting Kate to dress up in a sexy Captain Marvel cosplay for some fun in the bedroom, but she’s too self-conscious about her body.” Jack laughed. “Right, Katie?”

This time, Carl didn’t agree with his longtime friend, casting a sidelong glance at Jack’s wife instead. “Dude, you probably shouldn’t share that one with us! Just look at your wife over there!”

Jack looked. Kate seemed to have shrunk into herself, her cheeks blazing red, her eyes trembling as tears began to well. She looked absolutely mortified.

Jane rose from her chair, giving Jack a dirty look. She pulled her distraught friend into a comforting hug before leading her to the tents.

“Not cool, man. Not cool,” Carl shook his head in disgust.

Jack shot him a “what? What did I do?” look, but before he could reply, a crimson and yellow streak lit the night sky just above them before an explosion erupted from the woods nearby.

“What the hell?” cried Jack, leaping up from his flimsy camp chair as a rumble reverberated through the woods. Carl was instantly by his side, peering at the orange glow that emanated from behind the silhouetted trees.

Jane and Kate ran up behind the two men. “Did you see what that was?” Jane gasped, wide-eyed as her eyes searched the woods.

“It came from the sky!” Carl whispered.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “Maybe it was a falling satellite or something? I’ve read about junk from space falling to earth…”

“Do you think we should check it out?” asked Kate, her red, puffy eyes fixed on the glow beyond the trees.

The two men looked at each other and nodded before proceeding cautiously forward. The women followed, the group winding their way through the trees until they came to a crater where the object from the sky had landed.

There, in the center of the concave patch of earth, lay a small, roughly spherical, glowing amber crystal. From the strange stone came a soft thrumming sound that seemed to tickle everyone’s skin. Both couples stared at the odd object in wonder, Carl and Kate each taking a step toward it.

“What are you doing?” Jack hissed, grabbing his wife’s arm.

Kate, however, didn’t answer, merely pulling her arm free of his grasp and taking another step toward it.

Jack and Jane watched with furrowed brows as their spouses crept forward together, seemingly drawn to the strange object. They reached down together, their fingertips touching its translucent surface at the same time.

The pair stiffened as if they had received an electric shock, then the strange meteorite exploded, knocking them both onto their backs at their partners’ feet.

“Kate! Are you alright?” gasped Jack, dropping to his knees to check on his wife. Jane did similarly with Carl.

Both of them seemed dazed, but otherwise unhurt. They quickly rose, dusting themselves off.

“I’m fine, I think.” said Kate, checking her short, flat frame for cuts or bruises but finding none. “You?” she asked, turning to Carl.

Carl was similarly running his hands over his body, looking for signs of injury, a puzzled look on his face as he turned to Jack’s wife. “Fine.”

Jack and Jane breathed respective sighs of relief and helped their fallen spouses to their feet. The group chatted excitedly about the strange experience, the night’s earlier conflict now forgotten.

After a bit, they went back to the tents to sleep.


Kate rose from the tent and stretched as Jack watched groggily from below. Her chest seemed slightly fuller as she arched her back, stretching her arms over her head dramatically. Normally, her breasts were so small as to be barely noticeable, but today, they seemed to have a bit more volume under her tight clothing. She must be wearing one of her push-ups. That seemed strange for a camping trip, but Jack wasn’t about to comment. Not after how he’d upset her after growing careless with his tongue after a few beers around the campfire last night.

“Sorry, Kate,” he said, looking up at her. Her blonde hair seemed to glow under the morning sun, framing her face like a glowing golden halo.

She looked down at him in surprise. “For what?”

“For last night,” he said simply, not wanting to add any detail that could upset her anew.

Kate’s eyes shifted as she remembered her husband’s revealing words and how they had shamed her. She turned away. “It’s okay,” she muttered softly, almost under her breath.

With that, she walked away, toward the bathrooms of the campground, returning a few minutes later with a pleased smile as Jack rose from the tent, shaking the morning dew from its nylon surface.

“Usually, my hair is all oily and awful after a night camping. But I’m actually having a good hair day! Can you believe it?” As if to illustrate her point, Kate shook out her blonde tresses.

She was right, Jack thought. Her hair seemed to have a bit more volume than usual. It was definitely healthier and looked as if its shade might be a little lighter as well.

“I must have gotten some great sleep too! I feel so energetic this morning!” she beamed, giving her husband a soft kiss.

Jack smiled, pleased at her unusual friskiness. Maybe he would actually be able to persuade her to have sex tonight when they got home. With all of his wife’s insecurity about her body, it was often difficult to get her to make love. As she went about breaking camp with extra pep, however, he smiled. He was definitely liking his chances tonight.


Sure enough, that evening, when he hugged his wife from behind, her stomach feeling a bit firmer than normal, she responded to his advances enthusiastically. They had sex for the first time in weeks, Kate even climaxing in the end, a rarity for his anxiety-ridden wife.


Jack lifted his head curiously as Kate sprang out of bed the next morning, immediately bounding to the dresser. She pulled tight workout pants over legs that seemed longer and more shapely than usual. The swell of her ass seemed more pronounced as she wriggled into the clingy fabric.

As if not wanting to be outdone, the rest of her body seemed to have improved slightly as well. Her stomach seemed more slender, her breasts protruding a bit more this morning as she pulled a thick blonde ponytail from its collar to let it spray over the back of her synthetic top. Eyes that seemed slightly larger shimmered with energy as she leaned over Jack’s prone form to give him a peck on the cheek as he lay in bed.

“I’m going running,” she announced as she rose above him once again, her brown irises seeming a shade lighter than before, giving her eyes a slightly exotic look.

“That’s great,” said a groggy Jack, smiling as he admired the effect her recent exercise kick seemed to be having on her improving body. Maybe her breasts just seemed larger because her abdomen was becoming more toned. He hadn’t really noticed much difference in her body after these last few months of working out, but maybe he simply hadn’t been paying close enough attention until they had accumulated into noticeable differences.

Jack rose and showered while Kate went for her daily run. As he descended the stairs, he heard two voices coming from the living room. He paused to listen.

“I like the new makeup!” came Carl’s voice from below.

“Thanks, but I’m not actually wearing any,” said a bashful-sounding Kate.

“Well then, I guess you’re just growing more beautiful with age then,” Carl replied in a flirty tone.

“Says the guy whose arms look at least an inch bigger than they did at camp last weekend,” Kate said. “You must really be amping up the workouts!”

“Thanks,” said Carl. “I have been feeling pretty energetic these last few days and going at it pretty hard with the dumbbells in the garage. I lifted way more weight this morning than I ever have before, so I guess the workouts are finally paying off.”

Jack crept down the steps until the pair came into view.

He watched as Kate reached out to touch Carl’s arm lightly with her fingertips. “Well, it definitely shows…”

“Hi, guys!” Jack announced. Kate’s hand dropped instantly to her side as the pair turned toward him.

“Hi, bud,” said Carl casually, walking quickly over to greet his friend. “You’re a lucky man, Jack. Kate here is looking absolutely amazing these days!”

Jack gave him a hesitant smile before turning to glance at his wife. Carl wasn’t wrong. Kate, always a flat, plain wallflower, actually looked like a fit, athletic young woman in her tight, body-hugging workout clothes this morning.

“So what are you up to today,” said Carl, giving him a friendly slap on the arm with enough force to send him stumbling sideways.

“I’m packing,” said Jack, rubbing his arm with a poorly disguised wince. “Going away on business this week.”

“Really?” said Carl, his ears perking with interest at the news.

Jack frowned, his voice flat. “Yeah. Really.”


As the Uber dropped Jack off in the middle of the night on Friday, he opened the door and hauled in his luggage.

He flipped on the lightswitch to find his attention instantly drawn to a stunningly sexy blonde in lacy black lingerie draped over his sofa. Her legs looked like those of a ballerina, though longer and more modelesque. Shapely and sinuous, her silky calves rubbed together as he stared at them in surprise. Slim, firm thighs flowed into voluptuous hips that stretched the sheer fabric of her skimpy panties over the lower portion of a taut tummy. Her stomach was etched with smooth lines of abdominal muscles as her tiny waist cinched inward from either side.

Jack licked his lips as his eyes continued to roam upward, his mind just now beginning to form its most pressing question: who was this magnificent creature?!

Large, full breasts swelled proudly from her sculpted midriff, looking positively succulent as they spilled over the half cups of her daringly showy black bra. A slender neck rose from toned shoulders to an exquisitely featured face that was…


“Hi, Jack,” she said, her throaty voice as sensual as her body was sexy. She seemed amused at his reaction, thick, shimmering blonde tresses pouring down her back as she began to rise.

“Something’s happened to me,” she said as she rose to her full height, now an inch or two taller than his. “Something wonderful.”

Jack’s luggage hit the floor. Until he heard the sound of plastic wheels hitting hardwood, he’d completely forgotten he’d been holding it.

“It’s like my body’s been on overdrive since our camping trip,” she said, her leggy stride closing the distance between them in three steps. “I don’t know what’s happening… but I like it.”

“I’ve been getting taller…” she said, shifting her sleek hips as she looked down on him. Her slender fingers began to nimbly unbutton his shirt.

“…more developed…” she continued, pushing his shirt open and beginning to unbuckle his pants. She leaned forward to give his already parted lips a torrid kiss. She thrust her full breasts into his chest as if to emphasize her luscious new curves.

“…and far stronger,” she said in a breathy whisper as she lifted him, causing his loosened pants to fall to the floor with a soft whoomp. She tossed him casually to the sofa, where he bounced several times on the cushions before his suddenly trembling body came to rest.

She glided over to him, a sly smile twisting her saliva-moistened lips as her hips twisted in a sexy strut. “And my libido has been growing to match this new body of mine.”

Kate made a sweeping gesture with her hands, sending them down her fitness-modelesque form with a graceful flourish. Her hips rolled erotically as she lowered them to mount her husband’s clearly aroused body.

“You have no idea how long this week has been,” she said, her voice husky. “Waiting for you to come home. It’s been almost unbearable.”

Jack’s gorgeous wife wrapped her legs around him, angling her body over his rock hard erection.

“I’ve been waiting for the Jack hammer.” Her eyes were hungry now, almost predatory as they gazed into his, lacking the humor they typically showed when she used their playful nickname for his penis.

She pushed her hips over his tip, eliciting a gasp from Jack’s parted lips.

Jack groaned as his wife slid over him. He could barely enter her, the hard, sinuous muscles of her core snaking around him to squeeze him with almost painful tightness.

“Come on, Jack!” Kate moaned, seemingly even more turned on than he was. “You can do better than that!”

He reached around her waist, marveling at just how firm it felt. The muscles in her sides and lower back felt like warm, flexible steel as they writhed beneath her tanned skin. His fingers clawed at her unyielding flesh, barely able to find purchase enough to pull her toward him.

“Uggggghhhh!!!” he cried, squeezing his glutes together to generate sufficient power to ram his hips upward, thrusting himself into her inhumanly strong body as best he could. It was painful, but he pushed himself into her, bucking his body upward, feeling his quivering member grinding against her supremely tight canal.

The couple panted in rhythm as he methodically worked himself into her, Kate’s shallow breaths turning to yelps as Jack used every ounce of his strength to crush himself into her depths. Before long, however, the feel of her deliciously tight core pressing in on him from all sides proved to be too much, and he felt every muscle in his body tighten with a coming climax. Thankfully, she seemed every bit as aroused as he was, and her body began to buck just seconds after his.

She rode him through a powerful orgasm, her legs gripping him so tightly that he was sure his hips would be bruised from the pressure. Feeling her lean body shudder around him, her incredibly strong muscles contracting over his length, he cried out in a dizzying mixture of ecstasy and agony.

His fingers slipped down the flawless curve of her hips as he came harder and longer than he ever had in his life. Then, the world went black.


Jack awoke groggily the next morning to the sight of Kate stretching after her morning run, looking even sexier and more gorgeous, even, than she had the night before. Clad in ultra-tight, stretched-to-the-absolute-limit sports bra and yoga shorts, her sculpted arms, chiseled stomach, and toned legs looked breathtakingly perfect. Even the hottest, most painstakingly airbrushed fitness stars on Youtube had nothing on her now.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” she grinned, her blonde ponytail bobbing as she balanced her weight perfectly on one leg, bending forward in a quad stretch as her gaze focused on her tired husband.

“Morning,” said Jack, looking at his alarm clock. It was 7:00 AM. He briefly wondered how he had gotten into bed last night. Had she carried him? He looked at his wife’s slim but incredibly defined muscles. They certainly looked strong! Maybe she had…

“How far did you run this morning?” he asked, feeling soreness in his hips as he shifted under the covers, the memory of the tight grip of his wife’s powerful thighs from the night prior instantly coming back to him.

“Oh, 30 miles maybe?” she said, winking at him, her irises looking much lighter than ever before. They seemed to have a slightly different hue as well. They were beginning to look as much violet as their usual brown.

Distracted momentarily by her change in eye color, his brain finally caught up with her words. “30 miles! That’s like a marathon or something!”

“More, actually,” Kate corrected with a nonchalant shrug. “Took me 30 minutes.”

“30 minutes?” Jack’s exhaustion-addled brain took several seconds to do the simple math. “That’s like one-minute miles. That’s impossible!”

“Not for me,” said Kate, setting her raised foot on the ground before lifting the other, continuing to remain perfectly balanced without the need to reach out a hand for support. “I told you—my body’s becoming totally amazing!”

As if to illustrate her point, she lifted her raised leg upward until it brushed her sculpted cheek in a breathtaking display of flexibility.

Jack stared at her in awe. He couldn’t help but agree. He had never seen anyone with such a perfect combination of sexy curves and athletic muscles. Even those gorgeous Hollywood actors that trained for months to meet the stratospheric levels of fitness that comic book character roles required couldn’t really compare to Kate. Not the way she looked this morning.

“I think there’s someone who agrees with me…” said Kate, her smile widening as she nodded toward the quivering patch of blanket over Jack’s hips.

He was becoming aroused, watching her stunning body assume various positions. But how did she know that? Was she just guessing?

“It’s my eyes,” she said, as if reading his thoughts. She pointed two fingers of a single hand at her eyes before twisting them in the other direction to point toward his rising erection. “I can see through the blanket.”

“You can see through…” Jack repeated, dumbly, only just beginning to understand her words as his voice trailed off. Then, his eyes widened in sudden comprehension as he stared at her. “You’re becoming like a superhero or something!”

Kate smiled, her eyes clearly delighted. “Well, it’s a little premature to go that far, but things do seem to be progressing in that direction.”

Jack’s mind whirled, thinking back to the weekend prior. It was the meteor. It had to be! That thought led to another. One that was much less enticing and far more troubling. Carl had touched the meteorite too…

As Jack’s brows furrowed with the disturbing thought, Kate dropped her other foot to the floor and walked over to him, her stride so graceful that she almost seemed to float. She extended a hand to brush her fingertips over the blankets covering his erection as she circled the bed. Her touch felt absolutely electric, sending a shudder of pleasure through her husband’s prone body.

“Want to do it again?” she asked, her tone dropping into a sensual purr. “We haven’t had sex in the morning in forever.”

“God, you really are getting horny these days, huh?” asked Jack nervously. “Usually, we go weeks between sessions.”

Kate took his hand in hers, bringing it slowly to her mouth before enveloping his index finger with her full lips. Jack shivered again, feeling his cock harden into new levels of stiffness as he felt the tender softness of her lips combine with the heat of her tongue to caress his trembling digit to leave him breathless with sensation.

After a moment of excruciatingly pleasant sucking, she removed it from her mouth, a strand of saliva extending from her wet lower lip to his fingertip as she drew it away. “That was before I had this body.”

Then, she seemed to think of something, and she dropped his hand suddenly to the covers, running to the bathroom.

“Kate?” Jack queried after she had disappeared from view, confused by her unexpected retreat.

There was no response.

“Katie?” he said again, a bit louder.

“Almost ready!” she called back in a singsong voice.

Almost ready? What was she about to do?

A moment later, he found out.

Kate emerged from the bathroom wearing a replica of the original Captain Marvel outfit. Tight-fitting blue boots with red trim, clung to her shapely calves, leaving her silky thighs completely bare until they reached navy blue bikini bottoms. Her magnificent abs were also bared, but red fabric angled inward from her hips to her sternum in an inverse triangle until each side met just under her stunning breasts. Her chest stretched the fabric into two tantalizingly perfect swells, a golden star seeming to float between them in the center of the taut spandex.

“This is the costume you like, right?” Kate said, her voice breathy, just above a whisper as she strolled toward her husband. “The one you’re always saying you wished that actress had worn in the movie?”

Kate paused, twirling to show off just how amazing she looked in the skimpy outfit.

“How do you think I pull it off?” she asked quietly, nearing the bed.

“As good as she would?” she whispered, slithering a long leg over the sheets as she slid onto the bed.

She rolled into position beside her husband, wearing a sultry Mona Lisa smile as she drifted a fingernail over his goosebumped arm. “Or better…?”

Kate pressed her lips to Jack’s awestruck mouth, swirling her tongue over his lower teeth, her sensual body snuggling up to his, her silky calf rubbing against the outside of his leg.

Jack’s body responded instantly. He had never slept with a supermodel before. But that was pretty much what his wife looked like now. And she was wearing his favorite comic book character’s original, sexy costume to boot!

He couldn’t believe his good fortune. This was literally a dream come true!

Jack rolled atop his wife, more eager for sex than he’d ever been in his life. Frantically, he peeled down her bikini bottoms, his fingers quivering with excitement as they revealed her sex to his increasingly desperate eyes. He couldn’t help but notice the impossible firmness of her lower abdomen.

Good Lord! Her muscles felt even harder than they had last night!

He lowered himself to her, sliding the tip of his cock along the inner surface of her succulent thigh until it touched her entrance, her legs opening to allow him access as she purred expectantly.

He thrust forward with his hips, expecting to feel her moist warmth sliding over his member.

But he didn’t. He still felt nothing but the warm, steely hardness of her incredible body.

Panting with desire, he pushed his hips forward again.

Again, nothing.

He looked down to find the tip of his penis still outside her slit. He glanced up, Kate’s eyes were closed, her chin tilted back. She was waiting for him.

Desperation welling within him, he tried again, ramming himself into her even harder.

But he couldn’t enter her. His fleshy member, hard as it was, was no match for the superhuman strength of her inner core muscles any longer.

Kate’s brows furrowed, her nearly violet eyes snapping open before coming to rest on Jack’s horrified face. She gave him a quizzical glance, then sat up for a better look at what had happened.

It took a moment, but eventually she realized the problem.

“You can’t enter me!” she gasped, sending a fresh wave of raw emotion rippling through her husband’s churning, knotted stomach.

“I…” he began, but his voice went hoarse, and he could make no more sound.

“You can’t make love to me anymore?” she asked in a quiet, almost timid voice, her eyes distant as her husband rolled off of her, tears of shame welling in his trembling eyes.

She arose from the bed and walked away without another word, leaving Jack to stare at the ceiling in disbelief.


“It’s game night,” Kate announced, finding a disconsolate Jack on the sofa watching television, his emotions still raw from the morning’s revelation. He turned to see his stunning wife in a cotton sweater dress so tight that he could see the definition in her slim, sleek muscles through its clingy fabric. Its hem was so short that he could see nearly the entirety of her tanned, slender thighs.

“Game night?” Jack mouthed, the words having difficulty registering as he ogled his wife’s smolderingly sexy form. Every time he laid eyes on her, she seemed to have undergone another mind-boggling round of physical improvement.

“Yes, silly,” said an amused Kate. “Let’s go!”

She spun on her heel and walked out the front door, Jack scrambling to follow. They walked next door, Jack having difficult keeping up with his wife’s longer-legged stride.

When Carl opened the door, Jack’s jaw dropped. His worst fears were confirmed. His friend looked like a Greek god. The man’s face was staggeringly perfect, his cheekbones prominent, jaw chiseled. His overdeveloped pecs tightened the fabric of his polo shirt across his broad chest, its sleeves barely able to stretch over his massive biceps.

Jack swallowed hard as his gaze descended. Carl’s shorts were nearly skin-tight across his rippling quads, his calves exploding with stration as he stepped forward to give Kate a hug.

But the part that bothered Jack most was the massive bulge in the center of his friend’s shorts.

Good God! How big was that thing!

He watched Carl give Kate a hug that seemed to linger far too long, feeling acid churn in the pit of his freefalling stomach. Carl squeezed Kate’s body tightly to him, seemingly able to compress the rock hard muscles of her back in a way that Jack no longer could.

He had clearly been affected by the meteorite too. It was the only explanation for the godlike body his friend now seemed to possess. He had touched it at the same time Kate had, after all.

“God, Carl,” Kate said, beaming as she met his gaze. “Your body is incredible!”

“Look who’s talking,” said Carl, an admiring look in his eyes as he invited her inside.

Carl turned to Jack who approached him in shocked silence, staring up at a man who had gone from an inch shorter to at least six inches taller. His formerly blue irises held the same glimmer of violet as Kate’s.

“Damn, Jack,” Carl said as he gave the smaller man a bone-crushing handshake, not seeming to realize the discomfort it was causing his friend. Instead, his light purple eyes looked predatory. “You’re a lucky dog. You don’t deserve a wife like that.”

Carl turned to join Kate and Jane in the living room for their game of Charades, leaving Jack stumbling after them, nursing his injured hand.

As Jack entered the room, he found Carl gushing to Jane about how amazing Kate looked before sending her to the kitchen to get them some refreshments. Carl’s wife looked less than pleased, but neither Carl nor Kate seemed to notice, busily trading flirty words and glances.

Jack sat on the couch, arms crossed, stewing, and eventually Carl noticed.

“Jack, you don’t look too happy over there, do you?” said Carl, a sly grin forming on his amused lips.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he continued, huge muscles tightening and relaxing as he gesticulated. “You’re thinking: I should have touched the meteorite with Kate.”

Jack shifted in his seat, grumbling.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” the larger man winked at him, then laughed. “I guess fortune really does favor the bold.”

Watching Jack’s eyes dart about to avoid his, Carl stepped over to him, giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder that bounced him several inches over the cushions of the couch. “Just messing with you, buddy.”

Jack flicked his eyes upward to find Carl’s looming face gazing down at him with hard eyes. He wasn’t sure what to make of that look.

Then, Carl turned, giving Kate another admiring glance. “Ready to start the game? How about Team Bold versus Team Timid?”

Carl wrapped a bulging bicep around Kate’s tiny waist, lifting her effortlessly off the ground. “What do you say, partner?”

“Show off!” the curvaceous woman said, pounding at his steely muscles with her small fists, the impacts sending shockwaves through the living room strong enough to rattle the lamps and vases.

He set her back down as Jane entered the room with a frown, setting down a stack of glasses and a pitcher of sangria.

“Did you know that sangria was first made as far back as 1100 BCE?” said Carl to his wife as she took a seat next to Jack. “I read it a few years ago in a book, but lately I’ve been remembering everything I’ve ever read as if it were yesterday. Crazy, huh?”

“You too?” asked Kate, touching Carl’s forearm as she gazed into his eyes with excitement. “I’ve been noticing how much better my mind works lately too! It’s like it’s trying its hardest to keep up with my body.”

“I’ve got to say,” said Carl, using her comment as an excuse to let his gaze travel the length of her luscious body. “That’s a pretty difficult challenge. I mean, just look at you!”

Kate blushed, then reached for Carl’s massive bicep, giving the huge muscle a gentle squeeze with her perfectly manicured fingers. “Well, I’m not the only one with a body that won’t quit.”

She turned toward Jane and shot her a wink to accompany her dazzling smile. “Must be nice to have a superman in bed.”

Jack felt his blood run cold, remembering his inability to penetrate his own wife that morning. He was so distracted by his own feelings of inadequacy that he barely noticed Jane’s own reaction of discomfort.

Desperately wanting to change the subject, Jack reached over to draw a card from the box. It read: “ceviche”.

Jack knew what it was, but had no idea how to act it out in a way that Jane might understand. With the others watching attentively, he mimed catching a fish, chopping it up, then squeezing lemon over it.

Jane guessed cooking, fishing, lemon juice, and a variety of other words, but was unable to guess the prompt before time ran out.

“It’s ceviche,” said Carl and Kate in unison from the other side of the room as soon as time expired.

Jack nodded at them glumly. Jane looked crestfallen.

“It’s okay,” Kate said condescendingly. “Your brain hasn’t been enhanced by the meteorite like ours, Jane.”

Jane’s frowning lips merely twitched in response.

Rubbing his hands together, Carl looked over at the box of prompt cards. “Our turn?”

When no one objected, he drew a card, his gaze immediately snapping to Jack’s eyes as a broad grin formed on his lips. Then, he turned to face his partner. “Ready?”

She nodded.

His grin widened, and he took her into his arms, planting a passionate kiss on her stunned lips. The heated kiss lasted nearly 30 seconds before a shocked Jack leapt to his feet.

“What the hell, Carl?!” he demanded, furiously.

Carl finally broke the kiss, turning to loom over his much smaller friend. He turned the card over in his fingers, shoving it directly into Jack’s face.

“Kiss,” it read.

Carl shrugged, a breathless Kate looking dreamily at him from behind. “Just acting out the clue, man.”

Red-faced and beyond angry, but knowing any sort of physical confrontation would be hopeless, Jack stormed out of the room back to their house.

When Kate arrived at home a while later, slipping out of her dress in the bedroom, Jack approached her from behind, running his fingers over her sculpted shoulders as he leaned over them to give her a kiss on the cheek from behind. “Would you like to, you know, give it another try?”

Kate turned, patting him gently on the arm. “Oh, Jack. I’ve only gotten stronger than I was this morning. I wouldn’t want you to embarrass yourself.”

She brushed past him, her firm breasts leaving his bicep tingling where they had touched, and crawled into bed.


In the middle of the night, Jack awakened to the feel of Kate’s impossibly strong arms wrapping around him.

Jack felt her warm hips press into his cock, grinding him into engorged rigidity. She seemed to be asleep, but from the way her hips were undulating, it seemed as if she were having some sort of erotic dream.

Jack felt his eyes roll upward with pleasure as the feel of her ever-improving body against him sent powerfully intense pulses down the length of his hardening shaft.

“Oh, Carl,” she moaned, her long lashes fluttering but eyes closed.

The words were a dagger plunged directly into Jack’s heart. His heart thudded angrily in his chest, his stomach twisting in knots. But he couldn’t help his body’s reaction. Kate was just so sexy, so strong. She was more beautiful than any supermodel now. The feel of her naked form under the covers was overwhelmingly erotic.

“Fuck me, Carl,” she murmured in her sleep. “You’re so sexy, so huge. I need you inside me!”

Jack’s heart rate accelerated, his arousal growing unbearable, despite his efforts to diffuse it. He was powerless to break his wife’s slumbering embrace, powerless to resist the seductive power of her perfect body as it ground against him.

His body clenched, and he erupted, climaxing all over her inner thighs and lower abdomen. His orgasm seemed to wake Kate, and her violet eyes snapped open in surprise. She quickly released her hold on him before her brow furrowed in puzzlement.

She reached down, feeling her lower body, instantly piecing together what had happened.

“You climaxed? Just from touching me with your…?” Her voice trailed off as her sensual lips formed a mischievous grin.

“But don’t you like my other side too?”

Biting her lower lip, Kate turned onto her other side, scooching her gorgeous ass into Jack’s fading erection.

She ground the twin perfect slopes into his shrinking length, quickly teasing it into hardness once again. She reached back to grab his hips, her strong fingers digging into his flesh with ease. She pulled him toward her, crushing his cock between the two sleek, steel-hard hemispheres, dragging him upward along the perfect slopes of her backside.

He came again. Even harder this time, exploding against her body with breathless fury.

Kate turned to give him a wicked smile. “You’re so fun to play with. I can do anything I want with you now, can’t I…?”

Jack didn’t answer, his attention consumed by the simple struggle to remain conscious after the mind-bendingly powerful climax.

DAY 11

“This double date was such a great idea,” Carl said, his massive muscles rippling with superhuman power as he pressed his fingers to Kate’s sculpted back, its flawless flesh left almost completely bare by her sexy cocktail dress. He guided her forward, his hands drifting lower until they grazed the upper slopes of her divine ass. The pair followed behind the awestruck hostess, Carl clearly enjoying the pretty girl’s rapt attention as she fawned over his hyper-masculine appearance.

Jack and Jane shuffled dutifully behind, completely ignored by the restaurant staff. They each took a seat together across from their unbelievably gorgeous spouses as the superhuman duo flirted casually with one another.

A lithe waitress approached the table, breathless as her wide eyes drank in Carl’s smug smile. She swooned, catching herself on the edge of the table just in time. He reached out an impossibly strong arm to steady her.

“It’s okay,” he winked, enjoying the sight of her swaying body once again as her cheeks flushed with desire. “Pretty much every woman reacts like that when they see me.” He punctuated his statement with a meaningful glance in Jack’s direction.

Eagerly, the unsteady waitress took Carl and Kate’s orders before scurrying away. When she brought out the food a few minutes later, Jack cleared his throat, but again, the waitress ignored him, her gaze once again never leaving Carl’s approving eyes.

“Excuse me,” Jane said, but the waitress merely looked at Kate momentarily before returning her attention to Carl.

“God, you two are such a stunning couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people—-” the waitress began.

“—as sexy as us?” Kate interrupted, giving Jack a meaningful look of her own. “You’re probably right. I can drive my husband crazy without even trying.”

The waitress merely smiled. “Well, if I had a husband who looked like that, I’d be trying to drive him crazy every chance I got!”

Carl gave Jack a knowing smile, his fingers curling tightly around Kate’s sculpted shoulder.

DAY 13

“My God,” Jack gasped, unable to keep from uttering the words as his wife emerged from the bathroom in a low-cut crop top and skinny jeans. The outfit looked like something a teenager would wear…

…but the body it was attempting to contain was hardly adolescent. It was goddess-like. Her jeans looked painted on, the flowing lines of definition in her long, sinuous legs visible through the denim as she moved. Her abs, sporting smoothly rounded etchings of sexy, feminine muscle, twisted gracefully over her torso with each stride. Her magnificent breasts formed a breathtaking valley of smooth, creamy cleavage as they threatened to tear apart the taut material of her tiny top. But her face was the crown jewel above it all, achingly, heartbreakingly gorgeous as it looked haughtily down upon his awestruck face.

“I know,” Kate said, her voice smooth as velvet, the sound sending shivers down Jack’s spine. “It’s like I can’t stop improving, right?”

She fired a blast of heat vision from her eyes, bouncing it off the mirror and reflecting it onto her lush mane of thick, platinum-and-gold hair to dry it after showering.

When it was dry, she turned her attention toward Jack’s tenting pants, her lips parting in a mischievous smile. “Think I can make you come with a single finger now?”

Jack’s eyes bulged even wider, and he took a nervous step backward.

Kate grinned, a dark glint in her glimmering eye. She moved too fast for him to see, the tip of her index finger at the base of his cock before he could even blink. She drew the nail slowly upward over the outside of his denim cocoon, placing the perfect amount of pressure on his quivering member. Slowly, inexorably, she drew it to his tip, a smug smile tugging at her perfect lips as she watched his hips buck involuntarily and a dark patch appeared over his crotch.

Then, she frowned, as if another thought had occurred to her. “Must be nice. To be able to climax from the touch of another person and not just to the touch of your own fingers…”

She spun on her heel, whipping Jack’s face with her fragrant blonde mane, and walked out.

Pressing a hand against the wall to steady his wobbly legs, Jack rode out his climax, then followed her, desperate to keep her away from Carl—particularly after that last comment. He arrived at the base of the stairs just in time to see an even better-looking Carl taking his wife by the hand through the doorway.

“Wait! Can I come?” Jack huffed, his eyes pleading as they watched his wife’s lush backside sway through the doorway.

“Absolutely,” Carl grinned, his feet rising off the ground along with those of his sexy counterpart. “Feel free to come along…”

He continued to rise, his ascension illustrating the growing disparity between the two men. “…if you can manage to keep up….”

The pair of nascent deities ascended into the sky, laughing, leaving a glassy-eyed Jack in their wake.

DAY 14

Kate emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a beatific smile, shaking out her long, richly vibrant silver/gold tresses as she strode into the bedroom.

Every morning, when Jack didn’t think it possible for her body to improve anymore, it somehow managed it anyway. As he drooled over the proud perfection that was her ultra-luscious, impossibly firm chest, he felt his knees give out, dropping him to the floor.

Giving a lilting laugh that seemed to possess all the summertime joy of birds chirping in the sunshine in a single heart-lifting sound, Kate’s stunning eyes turned suddenly smoldering, and she gave him a seductive wink of her interminable lashes.

Jack felt himself erupt at the sultry display, his eyes telegraphing the sight of her succulently sensual act to his instant erection before his brain had time to realize that his wife had brought him to climax.

Kate giggled again, slipping her nude, divine body into a revealing summer dress that her ravishing curves molded its silk into a shape befitting Aphrodite herself. Her husband, meanwhile, spasmed on the floor. “I was wondering when I would be able to make you come without so much as a touch. Looks like today is the day!”

“Ughhhhh,” Jack groaned in reply, his body shaking so hard that he bit his tongue attempting to speak.

She walked past him, brushing her toned thigh against his raised knee, sending a second, more powerful wave of orgasmic pleasure washing through him at the contact.

“I’ll be over at Carl’s if you need me,” she called to him as she leapt gracefully out the second floor window into the sky beyond.

Jack cleaned himself up and walked over to his neighbor’s home, noting with disgust how Carl’s tanned, insanely muscular arm clutched his wife’s backside against his hips as he showed her how to toss the bocce ball lightly enough not to put it through the house next door. Jack knew exactly how delicious that ass felt, but Carl seemed to have perfect control over his fucking inhumanly perfect body.

Jack fumed. He was tired of perfection. Tired of Carl. Even tired of Kate and her shaming games with him. He’d had enough.

But before he could lash out, Jane grabbed his arm from behind. Jack whirled, his eyes incredulous. Why was she stopping him? Wasn’t she as frustrated by this display as he was?

“It’s okay, Jack,” she said calmly. “Look at Kate. No man can resist someone who looks like her. It’s too much to expect of anyone.”

“But doesn’t it bother you…?” Jack seethed, his eyes incredulous.

Her gaze dropped to her feet.

“Of course it does,” she whispered. “But it’s just our new reality.”

Jack shuddered as the words sunk in. Was she right? Had he already lost his wife?

Jack turned, just in time to see Carl’s hands gliding down his wife’s hips as she shimmied her magnificent tush against his crotch, a fresh round of anger testing the calming effect of Jane’s resigned words. He pulled away from Jane’s grasp and marched over to the barbecue in a huff, doing his best to ignore Carl and Kate’s flirtatious display.

He grabbed the book of matches, lighting one and dropping it into the charcoal. It fizzled out, not unlike his marriage.

He lit another. It died similarly.

“Fuck!” he hissed, throwing the book of matches across the yard to run his fingers violently through his hair in frustration.

“Here, let me help you with that,” came a deep, rich voice from behind him. A moment later, two powerful red energy beams lanced past him, nearly searing his arm as they instantly detonated the charcoal into glowing red embers.

“Careful, Carl!” Kate chided, swatting the man’s beefy arm. “You almost hit him!”

“He’s not one of us, you know,” she continued. “I mean, I dressed up as his favorite superhero, but he couldn’t even penetrate my body. I grow a body fit for a goddess, and my husband hasn’t made love to me in a week!”

Jack was mortified, turning to face his wife with quivering lips, his eyes on the verge of tears. He didn’t dare look at Carl. Not after he’d heard that.

“Not that Jack’s not orgasming every couple of hours, though. I mean, this morning, all I had to do was wink and he exploded,” she laughed disdainfully.

“Kate! Enough!” cried Jane, giving Jack a sympathetic look.

“I’m sorry, Jane,” Kate said, her gaze shifting between Jane and Carl, who was still ogling her hungrily. “You’re right. I probably shouldn’t have said that much. But Jack does like discussing our sex life with the two of you, remember? That night at the campfire?”

Kate’s violet eyes softened as she continued to stare her friend down. “And I’m sorry for wearing something so revealing to our little barbecue. It’s just a summer dress, but I think it’s distracting your husband here a bit…”

“Not at all,” Carl said, recovering smoothly with a quick blink, flicking his eyes above her bustline for the first time in the last few minutes. “I was just… taking your measurements visually. For the costumes we’re going to need and all. I mean, I wouldn’t mind seeing that body of yours in a hot little superhero number, Katie.”

Jane’s lips twitched, but she said nothing, merely crossing her arms tightly across her unremarkable chest. Jack, on the other hand, charged at his former friend like a raging bull. Carl swatted him away as he would an annoying insect, sending Jack flying through the railing of the deck in a shower of splintered wood.

“Ready to go get our costumes, Kate?” he said, ignoring Jack’s pained moans.

“Sure,” said Kate, giving her husband a final glance, her expression betraying no emotion as she took Carl’s hand and ascended into the sky with him.

Jane frowned, then walked over to help her friend to his feet, walking him gingerly back to his house.

DAY 15

Jack put every ounce of his effort into a scowl, but Kate didn’t seem to notice as she pulled the skimpy skirt of her costume over her endless legs to admire her staggeringly sexy appearance in the bedroom mirror. In fact, she almost completely ignored him this morning. Had been since last night.

She floated into the air, slowly drifting toward the window, when Jack spoke in a harsh, angry tone. “If you leave with him again, our marriage is through.”

She turned to face him in surprise, still drifting slowly away. “Seriously, Jack? After three days away from me, you’ll be begging just to hump my leg. Any man would rather have the chance to look at me up close than spend a lifetime doing anything he wanted with any other woman.”

As if to illustrate her point, she extended a finger toward Jack’s bulging pants. Damn his body! Why couldn’t it ever seem to get enough of her?!

“See? It’s okay, Jack. I am a goddess now, after all, and you’re just a man,” she shrugged. “It’s only natural. I mean, you’ll never be able to get hard again with anyone else. Not after seeing me.”

She zoomed out the window and was gone, leaving Jack quivering, cursing his barely contained arousal.


Jack knocked on Jane’s door, and she let him in, her face grim. As they walked into the living room together, however, a news alert flashed over the screen of the television.

“This just in! Two real-life superheroes just flew to the middle of the Atlantic and lifted a submarine out of the water, bringing it and its crew safely on the beach within minutes. They are calling themselves SuperCarl and Wonder Kate.” The reporter shook his head. “I never thought I’d see the day…”

Jack and Jane exchanged wonderstruck looks, when they heard the door fly open behind them, their garishly costumed hyper-attractive spouses groping each other as they zoomed into the house atop one another.

“Kate?” asked Carl breathlessly, momentarily pausing their makeout session to cast a quick glance at Jack and Jane.

“It’s fine,” said Kate, trailing urgent kisses down Carl’s thick neck as she answered his unspoken question. “They should be honored to witness the first ever lovemaking between an actual god and goddess.”

Jack took Jane’s hand in his, fingers tightening over her small knuckles as they watched their spouses in horrified awe.

“Fuck, Carl,” said Kate, her velvet voice strained with more urgency than Jack had ever heard from her in their four years together. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment for weeks. You have no idea how hot I am for you right now…”

Carl merely grunted, tearing off her tight top, his hungry lips eagerly enveloping her nipple.

“Oh, God!” she said excitedly, throwing her thick tresses back as she writhed in ecstasy beneath his hulking body. Her breaths were coming quickly now, turning to pants as her perfect calves roamed the length of Carl’s muscular legs.

Kate’s nimble fingers felt for Carl’s massive erection, tearing it free of its lycra covering. “Omigod,” she whispered breathily. “It’s so huge!”

Carl smiled as he licked Kate’s sleek curves. Then, his hands reached around her slender body, sliding up the grooves of satin steel that made up her back and crushed her voluptuous form against his hulking body. Muscle exploded from every part of him as he thrust his enormous member into her.

Kate’s slender fingers contracted over his monstrously huge arms, his biceps bursting through the overmatched fabric of his costume as his body tensed with overpowering desire.

“Take me, Carl,” she breathed, drinking in his masculine scent as she tasted his tanned skin, shuddering in tantalized expectation.

Carl smiled broadly before proceeding to ravish Kate in mid-air, plunging into his blonde goddess again and again, slamming climaxes through her clenching, clutching body until her enraptured cries simply became one long, devastatingly powerful scream of impossibly exquisite ecstasy.

Kate fell away, drifting languidly downward and away from Carl’s superhuman body, her body still shaking and spasming, toes still curled tightly into her arched feet.

With smug confidence, Carl drifted over to Jane, his eyes finding Carl’s in a steady gaze.

“You can kiss it, if you want.” His eyes remained on Jack, but his words were for Jane as she ogled his god-like member.

She reached out, her glassy eyes mesmerized by the trunklike shaft before her, caressing his interminable length with soft fingertips. Then, she leaned forward, closing her eyes. She pressed her lips to its moist tip, her body instantly shaking convulsively as she did it.

She dropped to the floor as a shocked Jack looked on.

“Good luck pleasing her after seeing this, buddy,” Carl laughed before rocketing out the open door.

Kate, a final squeeze rippling through her powerful feminine muscles, finally managed to open her fluttering eyes, finding her husband’s trembling form leaning heavily against the living room wall.

She floated over to him, reaching out to feather his hair with her long fingers. “You can kiss it if you want,” she said seductively, languidly drifting upward as his quivering gaze surveyed the ascent of feminine perfection.

As her womanhood came into view, he shuddered, fighting his desires. He wanted to resist. Truly, he did.

But he couldn’t.

He leaned forward, feeling his own heated breath reflecting from the smooth surface of her lower abdomen as it shadowed the lower half of his face. He licked his lips hungrily, then pressed them to her entrance, climaxing instantly as his soft flesh touched steel silk.

She smiled, then wordlessly floated through the doorway, her husband dropping to his knees, convulsing.

DAY 21

Jack rolled off Jane, burying his head in the covers.

“Still nothing?” she asked in concern, placing a small hand on his slim shoulder.

Jack shook his head, angry at his inability to perform sexually. Even atop his new would-be lover, he couldn’t manage the slightest bit of carnal interest in her.

They had been trying for three days, but he hadn’t been able to muster so much as a quiver from his limp member as he touched Jane’s body.

As he thought of Kate, however, lying on his back, staring at the ceiling, he felt his erection blossom instantly. The revelation gave him a sudden idea.

“Hey Jane?”

“Yes, Jack?”

“Would you be opposed to doing a sexy cosplay?” He swallowed nervously.

“Who would you want me to be?”

Jack propped himself up on his elbow, turning to face her, his eyes imploring. “Could you be Kate?”

Jane’s eyes squeezed shut, a single tear forming beneath her thin, wispy lashes.

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