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Oh No III – Jedd and Johanna, the Sequel

Written by HikerAngel :: [Saturday, 12 June 2021 02:15] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 June 2021 09:56]

Oh No III – Jedd and Johanna, the Sequel

Many thanks to Marknew who gave his blessing to this sequel of one of his classic stories and even gave feedback that contributed to the end product. And to Lefan71, whose story idea was so perfectly suited for it. :)

Original story and characters by Marknew

Sequel commissioned by Legfan71

Sequel written by HikerAngel

Edits by Legfan71, Au Goose, Garth, Oogber, and Marknew himself! :)

Jedd’s stomach twisted into knots as he saw Supergirl’s tweet.

“If any1 has info about my cousin from the time he went missing 2 weeks ago, please reply asap! --Sgirl4REAL”

His lips trembled as he placed a trembling finger on them. Surreptitiously, he glanced over his shoulder to where Johanna lounged, engrossed in some reality TV show or another. She had taken to dropping in on him from time to time, eating his food, watching his television, and basically taking over his apartment whenever she liked.

As his eyes roamed her curvaceous form, he felt his heart rate accelerate. It always did. The idea of the incredible powers contained in that deliciously sexy package always set his body on fire. His eyes settled on the “SJ” symbol situated precariously between her awe-inspiring breasts. The sweet scent that always seemed to waft through the air when she was around clouded his mind even further, his hormones seeming to consume his every thought. He shook his head, swallowing hard before returning his gaze to his phone, pondering what to do as he felt his body respond to her seductive presence.

If he replied publicly, Johanna might see it. Jedd feared what she might do to him if she found out he told Supergirl about what she had done. Supergirl was probably the only being on the planet who had a chance of stopping the wicked woman...

…but that was exactly why he needed to talk to her.

Jedd’s thumbs zipped over the on-screen keyboard, opening a direct message to Supergirl.

“I know what happened to Superman. I was there.”

He knew she would probably receive a plethora of responses. He could only hope that his attracted her attention. He googled the address of the nearby coffee shop, adding the meeting location to the message with a request to meet him the following morning.

Johanna didn’t drink coffee. Jedd’s daily visit to the coffee shop down the street was one of the few places she had never harassed him, so it seemed like his best bet for a meeting place. He sent the message and quickly closed the app before turning his attention once more to his staggeringly sexy visitor.

“Whatcha doing, Jedd-sey?” she asked, her voice suspicious as put away his phone, approaching her. Her eyes, however, remained glued to the episode of the Real Housewives of… Somewhere that she happened to be watching. 

Jedd’s heart lurched. Did she suspect? Did she know what he had just done?

He gave his head a subtle shake as he neared the woman, dismissing the notion from his thoughts. Johanna always sounded suspicious. It was simply her nature. Super senses or not, she couldn’t possibly know what he had done. His message had been private, and his phone made no sound. While she might have been able to see what he’d written through his turned back if she’d been looking, she hadn’t been. Her attention had been firmly fixed on the insipid show on television. And he hadn’t met with Supergirl yet, so she couldn’t have seen him with her. No, there was no way she could possibly know what he was up to.

“Just checking my messages,” he said, willing the nervousness out of his voice. It was the truth anyway.

Her steely blue eyes turned in his direction, her sculpted brow furrowing slightly as if attempting to gauge his truthfulness. He must have passed her eye test because her expression gradually shifted from one of suspicion to one of amusement. She rose to her feet, her huge breasts barely jiggling, riding high with the support of superhuman musculature. 

She approached him with a languidly sensual gait, extending a willowy arm to run her fingers down his well-developed tricep. “Well, don’t get too busy with work or whatever. You never know when I might feel like dropping by for another booty call.”

She laughed at Jedd’s look of trepidation, her hand dropping from his arm to brush against the bulge in his pants. Her other hand rose to his broad, muscular chest, and she extended a pinkie, pushing it into his sculpted pecs to send him windmilling to the ground.

Johanna was instantly at his side, kneeling beside him as he rubbed his concussed head. She pressed her index finger to his chest this time, crushing his body to the hardwood floor.

“I was thinking about ending your Super-Johanna support payments, now that I ‘convinced’ Lex Luthor to transfer a billion in assets to me. That little trip to Luthor Tower was very productive.” She giggled at the memory of whatever she had done to the poor billionaire. “And I could get into any vault in the world if I want. I mean, who is there to stop me?”

She re-focused her distant eyes on Jedd’s pinned, helpless body. “But I don’t think I will. After all, you need to pay for what you tried to do to me…”

Jedd grimaced, recalling the events of that night with pained clarity.

Suddenly, however, he grew irrationally upset. Just how long was she going to make him pay for his perceived offenses?!

Jedd began to struggle, his massive biceps flexing as he grabbed her wrist and attempted to remove her hand. The effort was useless, of course, merely eliciting a dark smile from Johanna’s sultry lips.

“Oh, Jedd-sey, you’re not nearly strong enough to be able to compete with me. Maybe you should work out more…” She laughed again, the sound edged with icy cruelty.

“See you around, little Jeddikins…” she said with a sly smile before hopping into the air and rocketing out his open window.

Jedd rose, staggered to the sofa, and plopped down, his eyes unfocused as they looked past the insipid show that Johanna had been watching. As his thoughts swirled, bitter regret settled into the pit of his stomach. How had he been so stupid! How could he have allowed that woman to gain Superman’s powers? Of all the undeserving, self-centered, horrible people he could have lost them to, why did it have to be her?!


The next morning, Jedd awoke, yawning as he stretched his muscular arms above his head. As he rose from the bed, he looked through the open doorway to ensure that Johanna wasn’t around. Thankfully, she wasn’t. After assuring himself that he was alone, he thought back to his message to Supergirl, sent the previous evening. Reaching for his phone, he checked his twitter account, finding a notification of a new message.

It was from Supergirl.

“See you there,” it read. Jedd’s heart skipped a beat. It had worked! He was really going to meet Supergirl this morning at the coffee shop! Maybe she could fix what he’d done! Maybe she could finally make things right!

Feeling a lightness in his step he hadn’t felt since Johanna had stripped him of his powers, Jedd waltzed into the bathroom to shower with a smile on his face. He got ready quickly, then hustled out the door to the coffee shop.

When he arrived, he scanned the area, feeling a tinge of disappointment when he didn’t see a blonde in red and blue. Still, it was only a minute or two past the meeting time he’d given her. She could still show.

He ordered a coffee, and after picking it up, turned toward the interior of the small shop. Instantly, his eyes flowed to the figure just inside the door. He couldn’t help but stare. A young, blonde stunner stood just inside the door, casting a curious gaze over the cluster of occupied tables.

She wore a cropped blue tank and tiny red shorts, and she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen—better looking, even, than Johanna, despite her far less voluptuous form. As her sweeping gaze turned in his direction, her gorgeous visage turning toward him, his heart leapt. He didn’t even notice as his coffee slipped from his fingers to splatter all over the floor.

“Jedd?” the girl queried, her small hands clapping together as she gave a little hop of excitement, causing her tiny top to lurch upward, revealing another, higher swath of toned, tanned midriff. 

He nodded, momentarily speechless at the vision before him. He had dated models. He had dated celebrities. He even had an ongoing fling with an evil superwoman. But none of them were quite as breathtaking as Supergirl. The girl was a bundle of innocence and sunlight, wrapped in a magnificently sensual package, impossibly appealing in a youthful, pure sort of way. He couldn’t help but feel his heart leap.

She ran up to him and gave him a lung-emptying hug, her small but luscious breasts compressing his broad, well-muscled chest. She drew back with an uncertain twist of her lips, her eyes suddenly bashful, blinking coquettishly as she pulled her hands behind her back.

“Thank you so much for answering my message. I’m so grateful that you reached out to me. I’ve been so worried about my cousin! I never thought…” the girl’s eyes grew glassy as her throat choked up with emotion.

Jedd gave her a moment to gather herself, his own heart rising to lodge in his throat as he saw how emotional the girl was. Supergirl was so different from the women he’d been attracted to in the past. Every bit as beautiful, if not more so. But he already knew that she would never simply be another of his conquests. He could tell immediately that this girl shared Superman’s—and his—desire to do good for the world.

Supergirl’s eyes dropped to the floor, the breathtakingly gorgeous girl sucking in a calming breath before continuing. “I’m sorry if I was a little overly enthusiastic, Jedd. I just… I don’t know. My emotions are all over the place these days, and you’re the only one that seemed to know anything, and I was just so thankful that you were willing to help me, and…”

She looked up, her wide, luminous blue eyes mesmerizing as they gazed into his. “...I’m babbling aren’t I?”

Her hands unclasped behind her, coming together before her stomach this time, her fingers fidgeting nervously as her gaze dropped from his once again, darting frantically from side to side. “God, I’m such a mess.”

Jedd finally found his voice, blurting a question that he probably shouldn’t have asked, given her state of mind. His brain just didn’t seem to be functioning properly in the presence of this beautiful girl. “No costume?”

Supergirl’s eyes widened in surprise, meeting his only briefly before resuming their nervous flitting. “The costume always draws so much attention! I just kinda wanted to be a regular person right now, I guess.”

Jedd’s eyes softened. He truly felt for this girl. She seemed so innocent. So in need of his assistance, in spite of her powers. So different from Johanna. 

Jedd guided her to a nearby table, and the two sat down. Supergirl’s huge eyes found his once more, their brilliant cobalt irises watching him with expectant eagerness. Jedd blinked, her hypnotic eyes causing him to momentarily forget what he’d been about to say.

She reached out to place her small, soft hands on his, giving him an encouraging nod. The girl’s touch was electric, and Jedd felt his body respond to hers almost as strongly as it did to Johanna’s when she emitted her pheromones.

He sniffed the air but failed to detect the sweet tingle of that fragrance in the air. She was just that attractive. Her wholesome, innocent air gave her a girl-next-door appeal that brought him back to his teenage years in Iowa. To a time when he himself had been a better person. Before the cogs of the Wall Street machine had burned a streak of arrogance into him. He felt inspiration welling with him, fueled by the simple, honest appeal of the young woman before him.

Perhaps helping Supergirl could give him a fresh start, a chance to be the man he’d always aspired to be. To be the man the world needed, powers or no. To be the man Superman had envisioned him to be. Perhaps this could be the way he earned the trust that Superman had placed in him all those weeks ago.

He cleared his throat, tearing his eyes from hers as a hint of shame colored his cheeks. “I know exactly what happened to your cousin,” he said reassuringly, feeling Supergirl’s slim fingers tighten over his hands as they rested on the table before him.

“Superman came to me after having been poisoned by Lex Luthor. He thought I would make a perfect Superman, more powerful than he ever was, even more capable of doing good in the world. I think he saw me as another midwestern farm boy with similar values who could carry on his legacy.”

He ventured a look into Supergirl’s eyes, seeing deep respect swirling within their depths. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Did he really deserve respect after some of the things he’d done? Somehow, the youthful blonde had a way of truly making him feel his deepest flaws and mistakes in an unexpected bout of introspection. He wrestled momentarily with his emotions as he stared into the girl’s sapphire orbs, a strange combination of shame and hopefulness welling within his heart.

Managing to set the feelings aside for the moment, Jedd set his jaw, willing himself to continue. He needed to be strong for Supergirl “He gave me his powers. But just as he was about to finish, I heard some people in desperate need of help, and I left to save them.”

Supergirl continued to stare at him in rapt attention, her gaze almost adoring now.

“So I saved a plane full of people, then came back to find Superman dead, with this bitch named Johanna hovering over him.”

Supergirl looked shocked, her eyes trembling as tears began to well.

“She wasn’t the one who killed him, Lex Luthor poisoned him. But she’s awful, Supergirl! She stole my powers. She took them away from me somehow, against your cousin’s wishes!” Jedd’s speech began to quicken as his voice grew more passionate. . “Now, she’s making my life a living hell, lording over me, taking over my apartment whenever she pleases, making me pleasure her… She even got me fired from my job!”

Tears began to run down Supergirl’s cheeks as her lips trembled, curling downward into an angry frown. Her voice quavered as she spoke. “So my cousin is dead?

Jedd nodded gravely.

“And this Johanna woman has his powers?” 

Jedd nodded once again, feeling a twinge of guilt that he had allowed Superman’s power to fall into the evil witch’s hands. 

Suddenly, Supergirl’s hands pulled away from his own, her small fist slamming down on the table, shattering it, chunks of wood raining down on the floor. Several of the restaurants’ patrons cast the two of them startled looks, but Supergirl didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes blazed with simmering anger, her cheeks still wet with free-flowing tears.

“Come on,” she said, her voice seething with barely controlled fury, the sound seeming strange as it issued from her ethereally beautiful face. “Let me show you something.”

She took his hand and hustled him outside before launching the two of them into the sky. She landed on the balcony of an apartment building not too far away, sliding the glass door to the side before stalking swiftly into the place. She marched over to her dresser and began flinging lingerie from the top drawer before pulling out a small, silver device.

“Superman and I developed this with Star Labs in case something like this ever happened,” she said, her eyes glistening with glassy intensity as they locked onto Jedd’s. “It transfers our powers from their current host into a new one.”

Her eyes softened slightly, however, a warmth filling them as her gaze flowed over his heavily muscled body. “No one was a better judge of character than Kal-El. I trust his judgment completely. You should have the powers she stole. That’s what he wanted. His last wish. And I’m going to make sure that it stands.”

She walked over to Jedd, running her fingers over the outer ridge of his overdeveloped tricep. “You’ll be sooo powerful, able to do so much good.”

She jammed the transfer device into the skin-tight pocket of her tiny shorts before giving him another hug, this one longer and significantly more sensual. She looked up, her innocent eyes finding his once again. “You’re such an amazing guy already. So handsome. So muscular. So strong.”

Her voice took on a hint of breathiness, her eyes growing distant. “So sexy…”

As the words left her lips, she broke the hug, a flush coloring her cute cheeks. “I mean… I’ve just never had a man more powerful than me that I could actually… I mean… you know...”

Her blush grew deeper, turning crimson as she attempted to backpedal. Jedd smiled, not unaccustomed to the effect of his well-developed physique and chiseled, masculine features on members of the fairer sex. He took her departing hand in his, looking her directly in the eye. “We’ll do this. Together. Then, once I have Superman’s powers back…”

He left the unspoken thought lingering in the air as Supergirl nodded, the flicker of a smile curling her sensual lips before they sank back into their previous frown, the corners of her mouth reaching new depths as she spoke with quiet fury. “Yes. And once you do, we’ll go after Luthor. Together.”

Jedd felt the power in her grip on his arm as it became painfully tight, unable to keep from flinching as he saw the fiery look in Supergirl’s eyes.

Yes, he mused silently to himself, the two of them would make a brilliant team. They would work together to take down Luthor. They would battle evil together. Perhaps, he thought as he gazed into Supergirl’s beautiful eyes, she would want to spend their lives together as well. He was certainly warming to the idea. Every moment he spent with the pure, angelic superheroine, his admiration for the young woman grew.


Johanna’s long fingers slithered through Aquaman’s hair as she held his head in position, her voluptuous hips quivering as she felt his tongue on her moist sex. He was barely adequate as a lover, underpowered as he was, but her choices were limited with Superman out of the picture. So oral it was. Just like with Jedd. Except at least he had some talent. Aquaman’s tongue felt sort of… slimy.

Johanna sniffed, crinkling her nose. Aquaman paused, looking up at her quizzically.

“You know, you smell kinda fishy,” she said, peering down her nose at her good-looking but pathetically weak partner. “And when we were kissing before? You tasted pretty briny.”

Aquaman frowned, staring at her uncertainly, before shrugging and resuming his work.

Bored, turned off by her lover’s low-tidal fragrance, Johanna reached for the remote control, turning on the 80-inch television that was mounted on the wall of her lavish Metropolis penthouse.

A local news report blared over the speaker of her television as it flickered to life. “ post has gone viral, blasting Metropolis’ newest superhero, Super-Johanna. The original poster, SManJedd, boldly accuses her of stealing Superman’s powers! Metro5 News attempted to confirm the claim by reaching out to Metro PD, but they refused to comment, saying that the alleged theft of alien powers doesn’t fall within their jurisdiction, if it even meets the technical definition of theft at all!”

Johanna’s legs tensed, her smooth thighs snapping together as rage filled her eyes. The superhero between her legs felt two steely legs crash into his head, one from either side, his consciousness shattered as the twin blows knocked him out cold.

The superpowered woman rose to her feet before launching herself out the picture window of her apartment in a spray of glass, her jaw set as she decided an emphatic end to Jedd’s stupidity, once and for all.


Jedd had been expecting her, but the icy fingers of fear inexorably squeezed his heart as he saw Johanna’s voluptuous form rocketing toward his apartment through the window. In a fraction of a second, she crashed through the wall, her hand outstretched to grab the large man by the throat as she swooped across his living room. She landed gracefully, slamming him against the interior wall of his apartment, causing the large man’s vision to erupt in a dizzying array of fireworks as the back of his head cracked a concrete pillar.

“I knew you were a no-good, back-stabbing bastard, but I never knew you were so stupid as to try to tell the world that I stole Superman’s powers!”

Jedd attempted to reply but could move no air through his constricted throat. The movements of his mouth looked like those of gasping fish at the bottom of a boat as the iron fingers of Johanna’s right hand rearranged the location of his larynx.

“Having trouble with that voice of yours, Jedd-sey?” Johanna smirked. “Maybe you shouldn’t have used it to go spreading nasty rumors about me…”

She tightened her grip, the pressure causing Jedd’s face to turn crimson. His eyes bulged as he squirmed against the wall. “Maybe you need a reminder about just how easy it would be for me to end you!”

Her eyes flashed dangerously with the telltale red glow of power. The huge man clutched desperately—and uselessly—at her hand, his legs kicking spastically at the curvaceous body before him.

He might as well have been kicking a bronze statue for all the good it did, managing only to injure his toes.

After another long moment, Jedd’s struggles became less animated, his energy beginning to fade. Finally, after giving him one more long, meaningful look, she released him. He slumped to the ground, desperately sucking in a lungful of oxygen as he looked up at Johanna’s icy visage.

“Now that you’ve embarrassed me publicly, Jedd-sey. I suppose I’m going to have to do the same to you. After all, you do need to be taught a lesson you won’t easily forget.“ Johanna gave him a wicked grin, her full lips parting in a brilliant smile. She walked over to where his phone sat on the table, then brought it to him, holding it before his wide eyes and panting mouth to unlock it. She set it to a live social feed and propped it against a vase on his coffee table.

Positioning herself in front of the camera, thrusting her prodigious breasts outward in a subconscious display of physical superiority, she reached down, pinching a lock of Jedd’s thick hair between her thumb and forefinger, raising the well-built man into view of the camera.

“Just in case any of you don’t know who I am,” she addressed the phone. “I’m Super-Johanna, and this unfortunate little twerp…” She rotated him from side to side with a casual twirl of her slender fingers, his face contorted in pain. “ Jedd.”

She paused, shifting her hips as she continued to hold a helpless Jedd above the ground, giving the pained man an amused look.

“Little Jedd-sey here is a very stupid man. He didn’t treat me with respect.”

She frowned, glaring at him now. “He’s not smart enough to treat a super-powerful being with the respect she deserves. Someone with ALL of Superman’s powers.”

Johanna turned, her eyes boring into him as her gaze became calculating. “And I simply can’t let something like that go unpunished…”

At that instant, a powder-blue beam lanced out from the far corner of the room, striking Johanna in the middle of her back. 

“What?!” Johanna yelped as she felt the beam strike her. Her tone was surprised, if not particularly concerned. She was invulnerable, after all.

A moment later, however, the arm holding Jedd aloft began to tremble, the tendons in Johanna’s neck popping into visible relief as she began to struggle with his 280-pound weight. A few seconds later, her elbow gave in to the pressure of gravity and Jedd crashed on top of her, the two of them collapsing to the ground in a heap.

Jedd leapt to his feet, his eyes dancing with excitement as he turned to see that Johanna remained on the floor, groaning softly beneath him, her eyes looking up at him with incredulous horror.

Supergirl sauntered into view, a flowing red skirt swishing over toned thighs. The nubile heroine’s confident stride drew the well-endowed woman’s eyes causing them to widen even more. The Girl of Steel’s look was smug as she held the silver device between two fingers, wiggling it theatrically for Johanna’s benefit.

Johanna’s brows furrowed as she focused on the device. She turned toward Jedd, giving him a questioning look. “You’re working with Supergirl?”

Jedd’s victorious grin broadened. “Absolutely.”

Supergirl stopped as she reached Johanna’s fallen body, her red boots standing less than an inch from the woman’s voluptuous form. “It’s disgusting that someone as unworthy as you received my cousin’s powers, but thanks to Jedd’s plan, you are super no longer,” Supergirl’s dulcet voice lowered, turning threatening as her sapphire eyes narrowed. “Now, it’s time to pay for the crimes you used his abilities to commit.”

“Oh spare me, Supergirl,” Johanna rolled her eyes. “Just like your cousin and the womanizing douche over there, you act like you’re all high and mighty. But none of you deserve your powers any more than I do. You didn’t earn them.”

The Girl of Steel frowned, her chin trembling with anger at the downed woman’s insolence.

“So spare me the lecture and just do whatever it is you’re going to do,” Johanna finished, not seeming to care about Supergirl’s angry reaction to her words.

Jedd walked over to the phone and stopped the video feed before strolling back to Johanna. He hoisted her with one hand, his massive muscles rippling as he pulled her to her feet. Even his normal human strength proved sufficient to lift the buxom woman off the ground and set her down on the chair.

Jedd ran his hand over one of Johanna’s beautiful breasts, the impressive orb no longer gravity-defying but still absolutely spectacular. His eyes were irresistibly drawn to its shapely swell, his attention succumbing to its breathtaking slopes as if pulled inexorably by the same force of gravity that bound his still un-super body to the earth. “What a shame that these were the cause of so much trouble…”

He looked up to see Supergirl’s delicate features knotted in an expression of jealous envy, her arms crossed tightly over her far less impressive chest. Seeing Jedd’s gaze upon her, however, she quickly shook herself out of her envious gawking to force an insincere smile.

“Now, to give my cousin’s powers to someone who’s actually worthy of them,” Supergirl snarled bitterly, clearly less than thrilled with Jedd’s enamored fondling of Johanna’s magnificent mammaries. “To the one he entrusted with them originally, not some big-breasted bimbo…”

Supergirl strode confidently toward Johanna, sliding her slim fingers over the gorgeous woman’s shoulder to hold her firmly in place.

Jedd stepped back, a nervous smile tugging at his lips as Supergirl aimed the device at him, the same blue-white beam erupting from its tip to enter Jedd’s tall, well-built body. He stiffened, eyes closing, posture straightening. His already impressive physique seemed to swell, his upper arms tensing with a breathtaking eruption of masculine sinew until they virtually quivered with power.

Jedd gasped, shuddering as he felt Superman’s incredible might soaking into his already extraordinary muscles. He raised his arms and flexed experimentally, the sleeves of his shirt tearing under the pressure of the massive biceps that exploded from his powerful arms.

“God, that feels amazing!” he breathed, tensing massive quads that tested the seams on his fraying pants. Jedd’s lips released a breath as his eyes slowly opened. His hand ascended to his chest and he grabbed a fistful of fabric, tearing the shredded remnants of his shirt from a body that made Superman’s former glory pale in comparison.

Johanna scowled angrily at the man, but Supergirl gaped at his spectacular body. The Girl of Steel licked her lips, her eyes roaming the chiseled, rock-hard muscle that pulsed with superhuman strength within Jedd’s staggeringly perfect physique. Her fingers touched her sculpted stomach, lightly drifting its toned ridges as they descended her taut abdomen. 

“God, Jedd. Your body makes my cousin’s look puny in comparison!” Supergirl’s voice held a note of awe, her eyes hungry as they took in his otherworldly appearance. Jedd didn’t need x-ray vision to see the reaction of her body to his new appearance. “I’ve never seen a man so… so…”

She paused her gushing mid-sentence, her eyes meeting his with sudden embarrassment. She shifted, fidgeting as she crossed her arms awkwardly over her small but well-formed chest as her cheeks flushed crimson.

Clearly, Supergirl wasn’t accustomed to being around supermen that weren’t family.

Jedd laughed, amused by—and quite enjoying—the nubile young superheroine’s reaction. “It’s okay, Supergirl. It’s only natural for you to have a reaction like that,” he said cockily, unable to help falling back into his former macho swagger as he felt impossible strength flowing through his super-powerful muscles. “You should have seen what Johanna here wanted to do to me when I transformed the first time…”

Johanna started, laughing bitterly at his comment. “What I wanted to do to you, huh? Really, Jedd?”

Jedd smirked, showing off his perfect upper body with a number of poses and flexes. “You can’t honestly tell me that you don’t want this, Johanna…”

Johanna turned away, but Supergirl let out a soft whimper of desire, drawing Johanna’s scornful gaze. “I can’t believe that you’re actually working with this asshole. You’re such a naive little girl. Why don’t you go back to cheer camp, you stupid little ditz?”

Supergirl’s eyes narrowed in anger as they tore away from Jedd’s magnificent physique to stare daggers at the older, more voluptuous woman.

Jedd laughed, then used his super-speed to instantly appear behind the buxom stunner, hauling Johanna roughly from the chair. He scanned the room with x-ray vision for something to secure the obnoxious woman, his eyes finally settling on the closet.

A blur of tanned, sculpted flesh zipped to the closet, then to the adjacent room. When his body ceased to blur, Johanna seemed to have been instantly tied to a chair before him, her shapely body wrapped in an orange extension cord. Jedd fired several bursts of heat vision, soldering the ends of the cord together.

Johanna looked around, dazed by the fact that she was now in another room, bound to a chair. To Jedd’s amusement, she began to squirm and struggle against the bindings.

“It’s no use, Johanna. Without your stolen powers, you’re pretty much helpless against even an ordinary man. And I’m far from ordinary now...”

Jedd cast Supergirl a curious glance, noting that her bare thighs were rubbing together as she watched him with hungry eyes. Jedd knew an invitation when he saw it, flashing across the room to take the Girl of Steel into his arms.

Massive biceps, their diameter at least as large as the girl’s slender waist, hauled her to him, slim, sexy curves molding themselves to his rock-hard torso. She gasped at his strength, so much greater, even, than her own.

“I’ve never been with a man before,” she said, seeming startled by her own sudden confession. But she continued, her cheeks flushed with either embarrassment or desire. Possibly both. “But I’ve always fantasized about being with someone stronger than I am. I just never thought something like that could actually...”

She trailed off, her embarrassment finally getting the better of her. Jedd smiled, crushing her athletic body to his hulking form, feeling his prodigious member stir to life as the warmth of her soft curves ground against his rock-hard body. He carried her to the bed, her tiny form seeming absolutely weightless to him as he lay her slender, alluring form gently on the mattress. Her nipples tented the taut fabric of her form-fitting costume.

Jedd smiled as his super-smell detected the faint aroma of her arousal. He knew what was about to happen, and nothing had ever felt so right to him before. This was the start of an attraction, a relationship, that would be the last one he ever had. Once he and Supergirl were bonded, consummating their mutual attraction, they would never again be parted. They would be the world’s first super-couple, an inspiration to everyone in the world with both their deeds and the depth of their love.

She shifted on the bed, rising to her knees as he stood beside the mattress, watching her with warm, appraising eyes. Slim fingers reached for him, gripping the waistline of his pants and tugging downward, peeling the cloth away from the striated surface of his rippling quads.

Supergirl’s achingly blue eyes were completely entranced, gazing adoringly at his lower body as if she were unwrapping a particularly succulent confection. It was clear that she had never wanted anyone more than she wanted him. She was enamored with his body, certainly. But it was more than that. When he had told her that Superman had chosen him, Jedd had seen the way her eyes had lit up. She was attracted to him too. Not just his body. With her by his side, he would never stray from the path of righteousness. He would be the man he should be, the man she wanted him to be.

Jedd sighed with satisfaction even as his desire for the young blonde before him surged. The huge man’s massive erection tore through his straining boxers with a fierce ripping sound, the cotton fabric no match for his shaft of steel.

Supergirl swallowed hard, hesitating for the briefest of moments as her soft, trembling fingers reached for his bared member. Jedd smiled as he looked down at the girl, her silky tresses shifting over her sleek shoulders as she explored his phenomenal body.

Her expressive eyes looked up, locking onto his as her fingers curled over his erect shaft. A hint of a smile graced her angelic features as she licked her sensual lips, as her gleaming sapphire irises smoldered. She leaned forward until her mouth neared the tip of his foot-long phallus, her long, curled eyelashes fluttering as she turned her gaze from his eyes to his magnificent manhood.

“You’re huge!” she breathed, her voice dripping with both adoration and desire as Jedd felt the heat of her breath wash over his sensitive flesh. He shrugged even as his body shuddered in sumptuous anticipation. 

Finally, Supergirl’s lips parted, her long, nimble tongue slithering out to touch Jedd’s tip. His hips twitched with the contact, erotic electricity lancing through his lower body. Jedd groaned softly, scarcely believing that the angelic, nineteen-year-old virgin was pleasuring him as her very first sexual act. He felt honored at the notion, his body responding even more strongly to her touch as its significance washed over him.

She continued, encouraged by his reaction, her soft lips flowing enthusiastically over his rigid member, enveloping him with their silken warmth. Jedd moaned as she worked her way lower, her fingers massaging the thick base of his massive erection the entire time.

He barely had time to react, the pleasure radiating from his super-member too intense for him to withstand. He erupted before she had made it more than two inches down his length, her tongue undulating as it pressed firmly into the underside of his shaft.

Supergirl seemed startled as hot, sticky fluid pulsed into her, but she quickly adapted to the unfamiliar sensation, swallowing it down in hungry, desperate gulps.

When he had finished, the Girl of Steel pulled away from his powerful member, wiping her moistened lips with the blue sleeve of her costume. Her huge eyes returned to meet his, their expression forming an unspoken question: Was I good?

Jedd gave a shuddering sigh, his knees weak with the intensity of the rapid orgasm. “That was… amazing,” he said, his words of approval garnering a beatific smile from Supergirl’s youthful lips.

“Now it’s my turn,” he smirked, causing the Girl of Steel’s brief, brilliant smile to falter momentarily as she attempted to ascertain what he meant.

Jedd knelt beside the bed, his large hands gliding over the graceful curve of Supergirl’s rounded hips. They gripped her sleek body tightly, turning it until her toned back met the mattress, her long, slender legs curling around his heavily muscled shoulders. He flipped up her thin red skirt, finding the interior of her smooth thighs slick with glistening moisture.

Smiling hungrily, Jedd pulled the slight girl toward him, her blonde mane splaying over the bed, flowing like a mass of silken snakes as her shapely ass slid over the covers. He leaned forward, his tongue curling behind his teeth in anticipation as his mouth approached her flushed, heated folds. He couldn’t wait to return every bit of the pleasure that the angelic girl had given him. And then some...


Johanna watched the super-lovers through the doorway, deciding that their moment of distraction would be her best moment to escape. She struggled against her bonds, but they were too tight to allow her any significant mobility. She looked down to see the extension cord burrowing deeply into the bulging, fleshy surface of her breasts, and it gave her an idea.

She sucked in a breath, her bountiful bosom expanding as her lungs filled with air. The extension cord strained, then snapped, Jedd’s soldering proving no match for even the un-super version of Johanna’s voluptuous curves.

Johanna wriggled free of her restraints, quietly slipping through the doorway as Jedd’s head bobbed between Supergirl’s legs, the young woman’s back arched, her platinum tresses splashing against the wall as she threw her head back, eyelashes fluttering as she moaned.

Johanna scowled, remembering the feel of Jedd’s talented tongue inside her own body, a brief flare of jealousy jagging along her spine. She crept toward the door, carefully checking to ensure that the pair didn’t see her, when the glint of silver on the table caught her eye.

That weird device Supergirl had taunted her with was sitting there, unprotected! The same one that had stolen her powers from her!

A wicked grin formed on Johanna’s plump lips as she quickly changed direction. The possibility of getting her powers back was too tempting to ignore. She flinched as she heard a floorboard squeak beneath her feet. Luckily, at the same moment, Supergirl cried out, her superbreath turning to pants, coating the ceiling in glittering icicles as her thighs closed around Jedd’s undulating head.

Johanna released her held breath, her fingers finally closing around the strange device. She examined it carefully, seeing settings for various attributes that appeared to be switched off. Her eyes flashing darkly, she flipped the switches for muscle, height, and sexual characteristics to the “on” position. Then, she turned the main dial from its previous setting to its maximum setting.

She pointed the device at the writhing pair, two blue beams materializing from its tip just as Supergirl began to repeatedly cry “yes!” between short, staccato gasps.


Supergirl’s body was just beginning to clench when she noticed Jedd’s tongue slowing in its lapping motion. She popped one eye open to look at him beneath her skirt.

“What’s wrong?” she said, her voice holding a note of concern.

Jedd emerged from beneath the red fabric, his eyes wearing an expression of puzzlement. “I… I don’t know. I was moving at super speed until I just wasn’t!”

Supergirl’s brow furrowed, her body, so near climax, beginning to relax as her feelings of arousal began to fade. Then, she heard it.

A laugh of delight echoed from across the room.

Propping herself onto her elbows, Supergirl’s confused expression morphed into one of absolute horror as she saw Johanna beside the table, the small, silver device clutched tightly in her hand. The curvaceous woman turned the silver object toward herself and pressed the button on top.

“What is it?” asked Jedd, immediately noticing the change in Supergirl’s demeanor. He turned, his expression mirroring that of the Girl of Steel’s as he laid eyes on an increasingly muscular version of Johanna’s breathtaking body.

“Oh no!” Jedd cried in horror, his features contorted in dismay. “She did it again!!!”

Supergirl shivered as she felt her body collapsing in on itself, her breasts deflating to leave the upper portion of her costume loose with wrinkles. Her hips narrowed, the muscle tone in her arms and legs disappearing as she shrunk to a more prepubescent shape.

The diminutive blonde’s eyes trembled as she watched Johanna’s already prodigious breasts surge outward and upward as they firmed, rising on her chest even as they gained volume. But it wasn’t just volume that they seemed to gain. Their dramatic swells re-formed, their shape becoming achingly luscious as they added the elegant curvature of Supergirl’s shapely form to her far more womanly figure.

Supergirl swallowed hard as she watched Johanna’s luscious body transform from merely gorgeous to heartbreakingly perfect. The infusion of Supergirl’s sexual characteristics awakened Johanna’s ascending body, putting it through a second puberty in mere seconds. Inches of nubile flesh enhanced the woman’s already succulent form, her waist narrowing until it became even tinier than Supergirl’s had ever been. Her hips, on the other hand, flowed outward with exaggerated curves that could make Aphrodite herself turn green with envy.

The Girl of Steel’s wondering eyes dropped to see Jedd’s body shrinking in the same manner as hers, his massive muscles dwindling to look softer and more adolescent by the second.

Ridges of sculpted muscle erupted from Johanna’s body, her legs lengthening as cabled of muscle slithered down their length, their diameter growing until deep trenches appeared within the ultra-defined musculature of her increasingly magnificent body, the transfer device taking not just Superman’s powers from Jedd, but also the best of his own genetic potential.

Her arms began to expand as well, powerful muscle exploding over her rising upper body, thick slabs of feminine might rising from under the surface of her increasingly flawless skin. She tensed her biceps as she threw her head back, screaming in pleasure now as her body added every ounce of Supergirl’s youthful beauty and every pound of Jedd’s incredible strength to itself even as it filled with the combined superpowers of not one, but two Kryptonians.

Her growth began to slow as her height passed seven feet, her muscles so defined that every fiber of her deliciously sexy physique became visible as they slithered and tightened into lushly sculpted magnificence.

Supergirl’s jaw tightened, her lips trembling as she witnessed the birth of a goddess, a woman possessed of the combined powers of her and her cousin, amplified by Jedd’s gifts to create a body far beyond any of theirs.

This woman, the destroyer of her all-powerful cousin, was now the most powerful being the universe had ever seen. She was absolute physical perfection. A monument to sensual feminine might.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Johanna screamed as her body shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy, the explosion of muscle that clenched simultaneously over her massive physique so breathtakingly powerful that a shockwave radiated through the room, shattering every piece of glass inside.

As her heavy panting slowed, her heartbreakingly gorgeous eyes opened to stare pointedly at the two slender, childlike forms on the bed.

“And Jedd always thought I was the stupid one!” she laughed, clearly enjoying Jedd’s wince as the five-foot tall, sticklike figure on the edge of the bed stared open-mouthed at her achingly perfect body.

“But you’re the one who blew the chance to be Superman not once but twice!” Johanna’s laugh was cold, her expression haughty as she looked down her nose at the two underdeveloped bodies before her, her voice velvet as the words poured from deliciously sensual lips. “At least before you manage to still look like a man. This time, you even gave your height and muscles to me.”

Jedd felt the piercing nature of her words but, though he wanted to, he didn’t look down. He couldn’t. The addition of Supergirl’s youthful, innocent appeal to her already staggeringly attractive face gave it an appeal that shifted from angelic to seductive with every shift of her exquisite features. 

“I feel soooo strong now, Jedd-sey. Like I could lift the fucking planet without breaking a sweat! It’s absolutely indescribable!” she teased, still idly caressing herself.

Her iridescent blue eyes turned toward Supergirl. “And Supergirl, what were you saying to me before about not being worthy? Making fun of my breasts because you were jealous of my body? Well, now your tiny little curves make a nice complement to mine, don’t you think? As small as you were, your body was quite the tight, well-formed little specimen. What little you had going for you actually looks pretty fucking stunning on me, don’t you think?”

Supergirl opened her mouth, seeming to want to issue some sort of barb, but all that came out was a soft, breathy squeak.

“What was that, Not-So-Supergirl?” Johanna said scornfully, striding toward the Girl of Steel, forcing her chin to tilt upward to behold her breathtaking rival’s mesmerizing eyes. “I couldn’t hear you…”

Supergirl couldn’t speak, a soft moan escaping her thin lips, the tiny nubs on her flat chest rising.

“So your body acknowledges its superior, at least, even if your mouth can’t. Maybe I’ll let you kiss my feet later…”

Supergirl felt her head begin to nod, unable to resist agreeing with this divine beauty as the woman’s overwhelming aura of power washed over her.

Johanna seemed to flicker for a moment, blinking as if absent for a single beat of a strobe light. “I stashed the device somewhere far away for safe-keeping. Can’t have you two getting any ideas now, can I?”

She chuckled softly, the sound sending shivers along Jedd and Supergirl’s spines. “Besides, I have an idea of my own. I think you’re both going to love it!” She stared into their gaping eyes and shrugged. “Or maybe not. But I certainly will…”

With that, Johanna released a powerful burst of pheromones. Jedd and Supergirl shuddered as their bodies responded to sudden, overwhelming need. Supergirl gasped, sucking in a lungful of the divine scent. By the time Jedd’s tiny member reached full attention, the Girl of Steel’s hips were bucking in a gut-wrenchingly powerful climax. Jedd’s body soon followed, his small penis spasming violently under the fragrant onslaught.

As cries erupted from the neighboring apartments, sounds of orgasming men and women drifting in through the shattered windows from ever further away, Johanna smiled. “I may have overdone it a bit. Still getting used to my new powers.”

Her look turned sly. “Now, it’s time for even more fun…”


Johanna touched down just outside her family’s Florida farmhouse, a pair of tiny, limp childlike bodies dangling from either hand.

“Where have you brought us?” Supergirl murmured, half to herself as a woman with flowing gray locks emerged from the screen door with a shotgun at her hip.

Johanna released her two passengers, their sticklike bodies crumpling as they landed. She laughed as she watched her mother’s jaw drop open, the seven-foot goddess floating to her mother on the front porch as two extremely well-endowed younger women emerged from the house to gape at her similarly.

“Put that gun away, mom,” the buxom amazon chided the older woman. “It’s just me…”

“J-Johanna?” her mother stuttered, the woman’s steel-gray eyes tracing the lines of her daughter’s heavily sinewed physique.

“In the flesh…” Johanna beamed, spreading her arms wide for her family to admire the absolute magnificence of her new body.

Once she was satisfied with the awe in their admiring eyes, Johanna turned, gesturing toward the two tiny figures on the lawn. “And let me introduce my, um, friends. That’s Supergirl, and that’s my ex, Jedd.”

“Supergirl, Jedd, this is my mother Jan, my older sister Jenna, and my kid niece Jovie,” the giantess said magnanimously.

Jovie’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not a kid anymore, auntie. I’m eighteen! I just graduated high school!”

“No you didn’t, twerp, Jenna nudged her. You barely managed to pass yer G.E.D.”

“Ow!” said Jovie, shoving her mother forcefully away. “So? It’s the same thing! And it was hard! Who knew that someplace named Georgia was north of us?! I thought it was near them Chinese ‘r somethin’!”

Jenna did her best to ignore her daughter as she stumbled away. “So sis, how the fuck did you git like that?!” she made a series of gesticulations with her hands that clearly indicated a tall height and large muscles.

“It’s a long story,” Johanna said, her eyes sparkling with delight. “But I have all of Supergirl and Superman’s powers now.” She paused, considering, before pointing at Jedd and speaking again. “Oh yeah, and this guy’s muscles and height.”

“Muscles and height?” said Jenna incredulously. “He don’t look like he’s got much o’ neither to me!”

“Exactly,” said Johanna cryptically. Her sister looked baffled, scratching her head as her face contorted in what Jedd supposed must pass for a thoughtful expression.

“Why are we here?” Jedd asked, drawing five pairs of eyes to his tiny body.

“Well, funny you should ask,” Johanna spoke up, placing her large hands on ample hips. “You’re going to be staying here from now on. You see, my family needs a couple of farmhands.”

Supergirl turned, her eyes surveying the farmland around them before coming to rest on her pipe-cleaner arms. “You want us to do physical labor? Like this?”

Johanna moved at super-speed, seeming to appear from nowhere beside Supergirl. “Yes, Supergirl. At least you don’t have to worry about carrying around breasts like the women in my family. As I’m sure you can see—it’s pretty much impossible not to—all the women in my family are rather well-endowed.”

“I was actually the smallest one in the family,” she continued before gesturing down her incredible body. “Until recently, of course.”

“So mom, because you’re going to make sure that these two are worked so hard they don’t ever think of escaping, I’m going to give you a little gift,” Johanna said, giving her mother a knowing glare.

Her mother blinked several times as her slow-churning mind worked to comprehend her daughter’s words. Before she fully grasped Johanna’s meaning, however, Johanna blurred into the house then back to her previous position, now holding a small silver device.

The sexy amazon made some quick adjustments, then pointed the device at herself, a small blue beam striking her directly in her prodigious chest. This time, the beam didn’t seem to have any discernible effect, Johanna looking almost identical now to how she had appeared moments earlier.

She turned the device toward the trio of women, making another adjustment, then zapping each of her family members in turn.

“I’ve given each of you 5% of my powers,” she announced matter-of-factly. “I’m still the most powerful being in the universe by quite a margin. But each of you have the strength of 1,000 menfolk.”

Jan, Jenna, and Jovie gasped in unison, each turning to give the others a wide-eyed stare.

“Now don’t get too excited,” said Johanna. “You won’t fly, but you’ll be just about invulnerable, run faster than that old pickup of yours, and be liftin’ the tractor like it’s a feather.”

“Hey! I’m gettin’ bigger!” Jovie exclaimed, looking down at herself as her breasts added another inch, her legs added several, and muscles began to inflate on her growing arms and legs.

“So am I!” said Jenna and Jan in unison, their bodies passing the six-foot mark as they physiques packed on pounds of sexy feminine muscle.

Satisfied with her handiwork, Johanna curled her fingers over the silver device, a series of sparks and crackles erupting from its crumpled surface, before tossing it aside.

Jovie moved staggeringly fast, skidding to a stop next to a grazing cow. “Holy shit! I’m fast as a damn yard snake!”

Her mother gave her a confused look. “I didn’t really realize that snakes was all that fast!”

“Well, they is!” replied Jovie emphatically before sliding her hand under the cow and lifting its hooves off the ground. The large animal gave an alarmed “mooo” as the young amazon tossed it over her head as if she were juggling a ball.

Jan reached out to one of the porch posts, snapping it off and causing the roof overhead to lurch threateningly downward. Jenna reached upward, her hand bracing the roof, straightening it once more.

Supergirl watched the three women’s feats of strength with growing dismay. When Jovie began to juggle a second cow, however, it was more than she could bear any longer. She turned to Johanna, her eyes imploring.

“How can you do this to us?” Tears welled in the Girl of Steel’s dull blue eyes.

Johanna shrugged, her massive shoulders rising and falling. The woman’s visage was heartbreakingly magnificent even wearing its usual expression of haughty arrogance. “When little girls mess with real women, things tend to end badly for them.”

“You’re a horrible person,” Supergirl lashed out, her tears beginning to fall.

Johanna merely laughed. “If you think I’m horrible, just wait until you been here a full day with my family! Mom gets really nasty when she drinks… which is pretty much every night. Jenna hasn’t gotten over her last husband’s beating on her. And Jovie… she’s become quite the man-hater after having her boobs ogled her entire life.”

Johanna looked toward Jedd, who was staring lasciviously at Jovie’s huge breasts.

“See?!” she pointed. Then, she shrugged. “None of that’s going to change, except they can do something about it now. You two had better work your tails off around here. You won’t want to see what happens when they get angry. Not before, and definitely not now.”

Johanna rose from the ground before seeming to remember something. She paused, floating above the two diminutive new farmhands. “Oh yes, one more thing I forgot to mention. They are all insatiably horny. Get used to your tongues being worn down to the pink. None of them have ever really been satisfied, so they’ve all got years of pent-up desire that’s going to need some release.”

Jovie turned to stare at her auntie, hovering in the sky. “Where are you going, Auntie Johanna?”

Johanna smirked. “I hear Batman has a thing for powerful women. I thought I might give him a try…”

With a final sly smile, Johanna rocketed into the sky, the ground rumbling in her wake.

Jedd watched as two massive orbs approached him, blinking in surprise as he suddenly realized that he and Supergirl were surrounded by three superpowered, super-endowed women.

Jan smiled cruelly, gazing at the pair of underdeveloped farmhands appraisingly. “Girls,” she said, placing her hands on her hips, her huge breasts looming over a spellbound Jedd and a terrified Supergirl. “I hope you all said ‘thank you’ to Johanna. ‘Cause we’re going to have some fun ‘round here for a loooong time…”

Supergirl and Jedd exchanged a look, each swallowing nervously before turning their attention to Jan’s wickedly smiling face.

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