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The Superwoman of Metropolis

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The Superwoman of Metropolis


Chapter 1

She instinctively groaned softly as she quickly regained consciousness feeling suddenly more energized than she had ever felt before. Opening her eyes, she found herself trapped under a huge heavy machine yet surprisingly, she was not in any pain. Reflexively, Lois tried to shove the machine off of her but accidentally sent it hurling through the roof landing with a crash several hundred yards away in an empty parking lot. “But where is Superman?” she wondered.

Now on her feet, she scanned the room with her X-Ray vision which revealed the Man of Steel lying unconscious and apneic against the far wall buried under a pile of rubble. Moving at super speed, the now Woman of Steel cleared away the debris which revealed a large head wound that was gushing blood. Lois swiftly placed a rag over it to control the hemorrhage. A quick check of his carotid artery revealed a very slow weak pulse, a sure sign of a dying heart.

With tears in her eyes, Lois began mouth to mouth resuscitation while keeping pressure on the gapping tear. Slowly, Superman’s pulse picked up and after a few minutes, he began to breathe for himself. A quick scan with her X-Ray vision revealed several broken ribs and some blood in his chest along with a concussion and the head wound, but no other major damage. What to do now, she pondered.

“I can’t take him to the hospital as Superman as everyone will know that he has lost his powers and all his enemies would jump at the chance to kill him. Maybe I can borrow Clark Kent’s clothes and ID,” she thought to herself. With the bleeding controlled, she donned her blonde wig and flew out of the warehouse towards the Planet. Once there, a quick scan of the building showed no signs of Clark so she flew to his apartment and entered through a window after melting the latch with her heat vision. She picked up Clark’s press card and some clothes and raced back to Superman’s side.

Swiftly but carefully, the new Maiden of Might stripped off Superman’s uniform and dressed him in Clark’s clothes. Out of the damaged metal beams she fashioned a stretcher with head protection and then flew the still unconscious former hero to Metropolis General. Upon arrival, she carried him inside and gently placed him on a gurney.

“Who are you?” a stunned ER nurse asked the caped woman.

“You can call me Superwoman,” Lois answered confidently. “This man has been injured in an accident and this is the only ID that he had on him.”

The nurse read the card which said Clark Kent, Daily Planet. She looked back up to ask another question just in time to see a red caped figure go out the door.

…… One Hour earlier ……

Lois could not believe that Superman was really going to give her temporary super powers as a birthday gift. He was leaving on a mission and needed someone to watch over the Earth while he was away. She had made a costume for herself as he had asked and was now standing next to the machine that would turn her into a Superwoman!

Superman gave the signal. Lois closed her eyes and grabbed the handles tightly. The energy coming through the machine felt so good she could hardly stand it. Her breasts were engorging and her nipples were becoming erect. It was all she could do not to give in to the growing feelings building in her loins.

Superman heard the dynamo starting to slowly speed up. “I have probably transferred enough energy to Lois at this point”, he thought. But just then, he felt a strong electric shock in both his arms, and it was causing an involuntary contraction of his hand muscles and he could not let go. The strength of the shock intensified and paralyzed him completely as the dynamo continued to wind up to dangerous levels. And then his whole world went dark.

Chapter 2

Superman slowly opened his eyes as he drew in a breath. He was greeted immediately with a terrific pain in his right chest and reflexively stopped his inspiration.

“Nice to see you are finally coming around Mr. Kent,” said a buxom young nurse.

Clark was unsure where he was or how he got there. He did not know what to say so instead he answered with a question. “Is that my name?” he asked.

“That’s the only ID you had on you when Superwoman brought you into the ED.”

“How long have I been here?” he inquired stalling for time.

“About three days,” she answered.

“Any chance I can get something for this headache,” he asked.

“I will go and check your chart,” she responded.

He tried hard to think back to what had happened. He was trying to give Lois temporary Super Powers to teach her a lesson on how hard it is to keep a dual identity when the machine he was using went haywire shocking him and then everything went dark. Lois must be the Superwoman she is referring to, but does Lois know my secret, or did she just check me in under Clark’s name? It really doesn’t matter as she will figure it out soon so I might as well play along with it.

By the pain in his side he knew he had lost his invulnerability, and none of his super vision powers seemed to work either. Could the machine have transferred all of his powers permanently to Lois, or was this only temporary? He refused to even seriously consider the former.

The nurse came back into the room and said, “I have a couple of APC’s for you. They should help take the edge off, but due to your head injury we can’t give you anything stronger. “

“Thanks, and by the way, what is this tube coming out my chest for?”

“That is a chest tube to help re-expand your punctured lung and drain out all the blood,” she said as she waltzed out of Clark’s room.

Lois flew high in the sky over Metropolis reveling in her new super body. Already this morning she had stopped two bank robberies, rescued a family from a burning car and freed twenty miners from a cave-in in Kentucky and it wasn’t even 11 am yet! There was just nothing that she could not do! And how good did it feel when she took up her power pose and was showered with bullets that just bounced off her super chest? The look on the men’s faces was priceless when they realized that their weapons had absolutely no effect on her as she rapidly placed them all in custody. Coming down from cloud nine, Lois realized that it was time to look in on Superman and then get back to the Planet and do a little work.

“How did I get myself into this?” Superman pondered as he gently rubbed his lower side. And then from a corner of his room behind him, he heard that unmistakable laugh.

“You are the one responsible for this,” he shouted out in anger at Mr. Mxy

“Oh no Supes. That is what makes this so funny,” he just managed to get out while laughing hysterically. “You built a machine to temporarily transfer some of your powers to Lois so that you could tease and torture her about her secret identity and then accidentally, you permanently transferred all your powers to her. I just can’t imagine anything funnier,” he said while rolling in laughter.

Lois had caught the last part of the conversation with her super hearing and vision. “Some birthday present”, she thought to herself. “And I fell hook, line and sinker for it when he said he wanted to have someone who knew his methods fill in for him while he was off in outer space. That would not have been much of a birthday present, but superpowers for the rest of my life sure is! Now what is your favorite saying Superwoman? Don’t get mad, get even, and you are never even until you are one up!”

Clark’s heart sank when he heard Mxy say that the power transfer was permanent.

While the Imp always enjoyed teasing Superman, he was usually honest with him. “I don’t suppose you would like to help me get my powers back,” Superman asked.

“Why would I want to do that?” he responded. “What would be in it for me?”

“Maybe you could make a game out of it,” the former Man of Steel replied.

“I doubt that it would be any more entertaining than watching you deal with a Super Lois Lane. Klx,” he said while disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Chapter 3

Back at the Planet, Lois was quickly finishing up her stories on Superwoman’s recent exploits when Perry White burst out of his office screaming.

“Kent! Lane! Olsen! My office, now!”

“What’s up chief?” Lois asked as she strolled into Perry’s office while Jimmy cowered behind her.

“This is what’s up,” he said while shanking a rival newspaper over his head. “The other papers in town are making all kinds of speculations on just who this new Superwoman is, everything from another visitor from Krypton to Superman being turned into a woman somehow.”

“Ah Chief, you don’t expect us to print crap like that, do you,” Jimmy asked.

“No I sure as hell don’t Olsen. I expect MY REPORTERS, to go out and get the real story. And where the hell is Kent,” he shouted. “And Olsen, if it is not too much trouble for you, do you suppose that YOU COULD GET A PICTURE OF THE NEW WOMAN OF STEEL?”

“Sure thing Mr. White,” Jimmy said as he headed for the door.

Outside Perry’s office, Lois caught up with Jimmy. “Have you talked to Clark recently?” she asked.

“No,” he replied.

“It’s been three days since I last saw him. Why don’t you go over to his apartment and I will check the hospitals,” Lois replied.

“Ok, but just how does the Chief think that I can get a picture of Superwoman when no one else can?”

“If all else fails maybe you can try using your signal watch and ask Superman who and where she is,” Lois replied. “Now get moving.”

Ducking into the same storeroom that Superman had used many times Lois quickly changed into her dynamic outfit and headed for the hospital. Once there, she changed back into her civvies and headed for the information desk. “Excuse me Miss,” she asked the young candy striper. “Do you have a Clark Kent here in your hospital?”

“Let me check for you,” she said while quickly flipping through the card file in front of her. “Yes we do Ma’am. We just moved him out of the ICU this morning. He is on Seven East, room 702.”

“Thank you,” Lois replied as she headed for the elevators.

“How are you feeling Clark?” Lois inquired.

“Like I have been hit by a truck,” he replied.

“That makes for a very good story if you ask me. Funny thing though, I can’t seem to find the real Clark anywhere. Did you call him and ask him to stay out of sight, or as I have long suspected, are you and he the same person?”

Clark paused and let out a long sigh. “The latter,” he replied. “And how are you feeling Lois?”

“Still pretty Super, if that is what you mean. What went wrong at the warehouse,” she inquired.

“I don’t know,” the former Man of Steel replied. “Just about the time I was going to shut off the machine, it started shocking me and I could not let go. It got so bad that my entire body was frozen. I could not move or speak. And then the world went dark. What was it like for you?”

“Truthfully Clark, it was incredibly pleasurable and it ended with the greatest orgasm of my life so intense that I briefly blacked out just as the machine blew up.

When I woke up, I cleared the rubble away that was suffocating you. You were not breathing and your heart was barely beating. I compressed your head wounds and gave you mouth to mouth resuscitation. I got your press card from your apartment and then flew you to the hospital. I did not stick around to answer any questions. What have you told the hospital personnel?”

“Nothing,” he responded. “They called me Clark Kent and then I asked them if that was my name.”

“Smart move,” Lois replied. “Let’s keep this simple. You can tell them you know who you are and where you work. You can also add that you were walking somewhere and then the next thing you remember is being in the hospital. They will most likely assume that you are a hit and run victim. Do you have plans for the power transfer machine? Do you think we can rebuild it?”

“Unfortunately no, I kept those all in my head and I cannot remember anything about it or how it worked. What are you going to tell people,” Clark asked.

“I think I will stick to the original story that I am a friend of yours and you asked me to watch over Earth until you complete a long mission in space. Speaking of talking to people, Jimmy has just activated his signal watch so I best get on my way.” Lois leaned over and gave the now powerless former hero a big kiss on the lips and then whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry, we will get through this,” as she turned and headed briskly out the door.

Once out the door, a devilish grin came across Lois’ face as she realized what a golden opportunity she now had to get even with Superman for all the teasing and ridicule he had put her through.

Within minutes, the Woman of Steel was hovering twenty feet in the air over a deserted parking lot near Clark’s apartment. She called out to the man below, “You must be Jimmy. What can I do for you?”

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