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Jimmy, Part Two

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Jimmy, Part Two

by Shadar

Metropolis in the late 1950’s

Jimmy and Linda slipped through the crowd at Tarcissios and out the front door, invisible among the sparkly people of Metropolis. No one had a clue that the most spectacular and famous young woman on the planet had been among them.

Jimmy tried to flag down a cab, but several passed by without a glance. Most cabbies in this neighborhood were hoping for a famous or at least a beautiful fare, given that the society pages were always paying for tips and photos of Metropolis’ beautiful.

Eventually, an older Harlem cabbie came along who was more than happy to pick up a young freckle-faced Irishman and the slightly mousy girl on his arm, both obviously nobodies. Linda and Jimmy snuggled together in the backseat, whispering and giggling like young people do when they think they know secrets no one else does.

The cabbie’s AM radio was tuned to a Harlem blues channel. It was the late 50's, and many urban young people felt the changes coming, starting with new kinds of music.

The cabbie switched stations and Bobby Darin’s “Dream Lover” came on the radio just as they were approaching Linda’s building, the song lyrics so perfect it seemed a prophesy:

“Every night, I hope and pray,

A dream lover will come my way,

A girl to hold in my arms,

And know the magic of her charms.”

The magic was not lost on the two of them as they alighted from the cab to run up the steps of an old apartment building, its stone blackened from a century of dirty air. They slipped past tired residents who were trudging slowly up the creaky stairs after work, shopping bags in hand, the two of them running up a dozen flights to the top floor without slowing, with Linda pulling Jimmy behind her the last few flights. His legs still felt the 55 stories he’d climbed earlier.

And then they were in her tiny top-floor apartment, the least desirable one in this old walk-up building. But it had a huge skylight. And as Linda had promised, it was messy. Clothing was tossed here and there, including several different styles of Supergirl’s red and blues.

“Let me guess,” he said as he picked up a red cape with an “S” embossed in the middle. “You don’t get a lot of visitors?”

She laughed. “You’re the first. I added a little tweak of my own to ensure that even the building superintendent can’t get in.”

Jimmy looked back at the door so see a leaf spring from a truck barring the inside of the door. He’d seen her casually reach through the cracked-open door to unlatch something, realizing now that she’d bent that truck suspension leaf enough to unhook it.

“What’s it take to bend that spring?”

“A few tons. Muscles are the best key ever.”

“Yeah, if they’re made of steel. But very handy given you seem prone to leaving your red and blues lying around.”

“Sometimes I have to change in a hurry. Plane crashing, dam bursting, bad guys planning on shooting the mayor and Lois and others, you too if they’d spotted you. Little stuff like that.”

She quickly dashed around the room, picking up bits and pieces of casually discarded clothing to toss them into a pile behind the couch, leaving part of one cape hanging over the back.

Jimmy started to laugh. Clark’s oddness about ordinary things was obviously an El family trait. He was preparing to say something witty about that when a thundering roar filled the room along with squeaking and squealing, the entire room shaking, the hanging lamp over his head swinging, conversation now impossible. It grew so loud that he ducked, his eyes wide in alarm. “What the hell…?!”

“Elevated Line runs just behind the building, almost at this height. I can almost reach out and touch the top of the train cars as they go by.”

“How can you stand it?”

“With my hearing, I’m good at tuning things out. And it keeps the rent super low. Plus everyone under the elevated just hunkers down when a train thunders by, so that's a good time for me to come and go as Supergirl.”

“Yeah, but it shakes the whole building! How can people sleep?”

“The line shuts down from midnight to 5am. And everyone is used to it.”

“Yeah… or they wouldn’t be here.”

Linda reached up to remove her brown wig and then shook her head, releasing a shower of shimmering blonde hair. It cascaded over her shoulders and part way down her back, looking as perfect as if she’d just brushed it. Jimmy’s first thought was that all that gorgeous hair looked completely wrong given Linda's dour outfit.

“Wow. Wearing that is way better than Clark’s glasses. Completely changes your vibe. Mousy shy girl to hot blonde with just a shake of your head.”

“Amazing isn’t it. They call it a wig.”

“Ha ha,” Jimmy said, smiling at her mocking sense of humor.

“But as with Clark,” she continued, “it’s my personality change that really sells it. Blondes definitely have more fun, and Supergirl always looks like she’s having some serious fun. Her outgoing personality lights up the room. But Linda acts as if she’s trapped in her own shadow. Nobody but you could have connected us.”

“You ARE very distracting in your blonde form. Especially today. That was a lot of… I don’t know… superness? Burying that rifle barrel like that.”

“You liked that? See, being Supergirl is fun, like incredibly fun sometimes. I loved the incredulous looks on those soldier’s faces as their mighty bullets barely jiggled my boobs. Kind of tickled in a good way. My nipples are way sensitive."

“So that was all about nipples? I thought you were fighting crime?”

“Who says I can’t do both?”

“Everyone…” Jimmy laughed. “If they knew.”

“You have to remember, Jimmy, that I was an ordinary girl. Living on a different planet maybe, but still ordinary. Now I can to do just about anything. You ever think how that would make you feel? To suddenly get such power.”

“Only every day since I first met Superman. You are incredibly fortunate to experience it.”

“Yeah, all it took was my planet exploding and everyone I knew dying.”

“I didn’t mean that… shit… I wasn’t trying to…”

“It's cool, Jimmy. People forget. My problem now is that I have to stare into the face of evil far too often. Those soldiers on the Chronkite really were going to kill everyone, just to ensure their worldwide headline. We should call them terrorists. Pure evil.”

“I’m sure they thought of themselves as freedom fighters, Kara. Willing to sacrifice it all for their beloved cause.” He shrugged. “The definition depends on your perspective.”

She shook her head, blonde hair flying. “No! Absolutely NOT when it involves killing innocent people, Jimmy. Never. Then it’s just pure evil. There are no ifs. Not when it comes to innocents.”

Jimmy looked chagrined. “Got it. I forgot that while Kal got most of that morality from Jor El’s crystals, you grew up with it. I respect the hell out of that.

Nodding, she said, “My family and everyone I’d ever known believed that killing was never justified.”

“Yet some of your people killed your entire planet. Effectively ending your species.”

“I’ve thought about that a lot, Jimmy. My theory is that when you unbottle an ethical restriction that’s in opposition to your basic nature, one that’s been the absolute law for millenniums, then you get a rebound that turns into ‘kill everyone’ instead of “kill no one”. Somewhere deep inside, I think there is this ape part of both our brains. A violent, territorial ape capable of doing absolutely anything to protect its interests. We were a much older civilization than yours, and we mistakingly thought we’d driven that out of our species."

“That’s some pretty heavy talk for a first date,” Jimmy grinned. “But then, I’ve never dated someone from a different species and a distant planet, so how would I know what we have in common?”

“Other than liking the same music,” she mused while turning her head to stare into her kitchen. Her eyes sparkled a brighter shade of blue. “So… how does spaghetti and salad and some very cheap wine sound? I’m betting our two species are compatible enough to enjoy that.”

“Sounds incredible. But then, boiled potatoes would be a feast for a King when spent with you.”

She laughed again. “You are a born romantic, Jimmy Olson. Who knew?”

“Not me. I’m firing on pure inspiration here.”

“Speaking of which, I promised you no Linda and no Supergirl. Kara Zor El is just an ordinary girl from Krypton. I think we have a lot in common. I've never before wanted to be my true self with anyone. After getting here, I mean.”

“Here being Earth.”

She nodded.

“Then I’m greatly honored. Although I was a little intrigued by Linda and her life. Might be fun to share a bit of that.”

“But not Supergirl?”

“Heights terrify me and I'm really good at falling. And I definitely don't get off bouncing bullets off my nipples.”

She laughed again as she headed for her bedroom. “Spoken like Superman’s Pal. A man who is way more modest than he needs to be. It’s very rare to find someone who truly knows how to keep secrets.”

“Is that why I’m here?”

“Partly. I like my life as Linda and want to keep it. Clark convinced me after I first arrived that it’s very good for my soul to live part of my life each week as an ordinary person. The most ordinary person possible.”

“And nobody does that better than Clark,” Jimmy said. “I still can’t believe that Lois and Superman are intimate, yet she doesn’t see any part of Superman in Clark.”

“Yeah, that why I decided to copy him a bit, Jimmy. Lois is very physical, smart as a whip and full of drive. Fearless. But she’s blinded by the pedestal she puts Superman on.”

“And here you are. Not Linda but the blonde goddess that everyone stares up at in awe. You’re on a very tall pedestal yourself, glowing under spotlights, everyone in love with you in their own way.”

“A girl wearing a red and blue costume with a cape and amazing abilities is on that pedestal, Jimmy. A girl who dedicates herself to helping others. Instead, as Linda, I like to go to coffee shops to listen to open mike musicians. I’m learning to play guitar. Maybe I’ll be up there on stage someday.”

“This is a weird conversation, Kara, you know that. Like you really are two different people.”

“I thought you knew that? I try to be.”

“Yes, but not in the way I thought. I figured like a good actor, you can get totally into character for hours at a time, even off stage, but then can snap back to yourself or another character minutes later.”

“I’m not an actor. I’m just going with how I feel when I change my mental perspective. Inhabiting a role versus acting a role, if that makes sense.”

“Well, I haven’t seen much of Linda yet, but you were a pretty convincing Clark Kent at the bar. Ignored and overlooked by everyone. I doubt if anyone even saw us leave, and we walked right through the crowd.”

“You’d be surprised by the low lifes who try to attach themselves to me. Figure I’m weak. Vulnerable.”

“Which tells you how good your Linda is. I mean, you’re the strongest woman in the universe, and they think you’re extraordinarily weak?!”

Linda shrugged her shoulders. “I think Maxima owns that title. All I know is that I sometimes like being Linda in a weird kind of sad way. Supergirl is wildly exciting and fun, its so cool to show everyone what amazing things I can do. But Linda keeps me humble. Sometimes it feels good to be someone completely insignificant and anonymous. I mean, as Linda, I can go anywhere and never be noticed. That’s a big deal for me.”

Jimmy shook his head. “Ok, Linda, since we have obviously decided to dive into the serious end of the pool before dinner, let me ask you this: why on Earth am I the first man to stand here in your living room?”

“If you’re asking yourself that, Jimmy, it’s because you don’t know the real me yet. I have a very different view of men than most women. Different expectations too. What I like about you is that you are a really nice guy in a world that isn’t so nice. You are smart and serious too, and clever. You see the world through your camera lens, but it doesn’t change you. Even the bad stuff. It’s like you are on the outside looking in, your camera lens the window in a wall. I can relate to that. That makes you special.”

With that, Linda turned to disappear through the doorway of her bedroom, closing it behind her.

Jimmy stared at the closed door, crestfallen. “Nice” is what girls say about guys who don’t get second dates. “Serious” is what ended too many of his first dates. And “Special”?! Had he already blown it with her?

He was lost in a spiral of dark thoughts when the door suddenly reopened — and a goddess returned. Her hair was now tied in a thick braid that fell forward over her shoulder and her eyes were sparkling like blue diamonds. She wore a thick choker formed out of connected ’S’ runes, themselves made from diamonds that mimicked her eyes. That amazing choker was connected to a black tunic of very thin leather that descended to tightly hug her breasts before ending at the base of her ribs, secured with a strap tied across her back. A vast expanse of perfectly toned abs continued all the way down to the waistband of a leather miniskirt that hung low on her hips. Her shoulders and arms were bare, most of her back as well, and then there were those endless legs, shapely and tightly-muscled, ending in bare feet… that were floating in mid-air.

His heart skipped some beats as his chin hit his chest and his knees grew weak, his brain overloading as his eyes struggled to drink in the spectacle before him.

Kara laughed cutely at the awestruck, astonished look on his face, and she deepened her voice, her eyes flashing dangerously. “Behold, Earthling, I am the Goddess of the Sun. Thou shalt kneel before me or die.”

“Wha… what?” Jimmy gasped as he sank to his knees, looking up in worshipful awe.

Kara’s stern face suddenly broke into a broad smile, her cheeks dimpling cutely. “Damn, that actually worked,” she said with a flip of her hair.

Jimmy’s brain started working again as her smile and that flip of her head told him she was just messing with him. “Well, if you wanted to impress me, Kara, you’ve succeeded. Definitely. Absolutely fucking totally.”

Kara laughed again as she landed in front of him, feet crossed demurely, her flawlessly tanned skin a vision of loveliness. He struggled not to look up under her skirt.

“I first considered dressing as a cheerleader-type of Earth girl. But why? I mean, that’s maybe my look, but its not me. So to celebrate your being the first person other than Kal to get to know me as just Kara, daughter of Zor El, the ‘little lost girl from Krypton’ as Lois once wrote, I decided to wear an outfit I brought from home. It’s casual but a little conservative. The kind of thing I might have worn on a first date back on Krypton.”

“That…” Jimmy pointed, gobsmacked at the stunning outfit and all that flawless, golden skin. “If that’s conservative, then that word does NOT mean the same thing on Krypton. More like melt-your-brain goddess attire.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him, her tiny skirt now doing the teasing. She looked very pleased with herself as their eyes met levelly, her smile growing so sweet. “Sorry about that, but the look on your face was worth it. Some men have this goddess gene that I trigger. Tangles up their brains for hours, and that's the last kind of man I want around me. I needed to push it a bit to make sure that wasn't you.”

“Well, I guess since you’re studying psychology at MetU, why not take my brain apart and experiment with it.”

“No, no, it’s not like that, Jimmy. But you said you wanted to meet the real me. So, ta da!”

“You know, I kind of figured Kara would be Supergirl without her red and blues. But this is way hotter. Did every girl on Krypton wear tiny skirts?”

“Pretty much. It had been that way for generations given that we’d long ago perfected our genome. Maybe I’ll start a new fashion trend here.”

“Certainly not in the old-fashioned US. But maybe in London. Lots of experimental stuff going on there.”

“London is getting interesting, I agree.”

“Part of the reason you suck all the air out of the room when you enter, Kara, is that flirty little skirt and those legs of yours. Women’s eyes narrow from jealousy and men get stupid.”

“Useful though. I can scan the room when I first arrive to look for people who are so focused that they don’t react to me. That often lets me identify the bad guys.”

“Clever, but definitely not from the Police Handbook.”

“You also have to remember that I was turning sixteen when Krypton died, and my emotional development stopped then. I spent thirty years in stasis. And when I got here, I stopped thinking purely as a Kryptonian and more and more like an Earthling."

“Earthling?” he chortled. “I don’t get that every day. But yeah, I get you. You’ve been through bloody hell.”

"Sometimes I just want to be that girl from Krypton again.”

“I like that idea too.”

“So you’re actually Ok with all this, Jimmy? The unabridged version of me? That and the confusing mess of Linda and Supergirl?”

“I was blown away there for a moment, but that was mostly the surprise. Alien fashion styles and all. So ridiculously, wonderfully sexy. As for the rest, I’m absolutely Ok. Way more than Ok. But the big surprise is finding that you dress more conservatively as Supergirl than as Kara. I mean, judging by this outfit.”

“Actually, I just wear more secure clothing, and stick to the El family colors when I’m flying around saving the day. Belted skirt, sometimes hot-pants, leotard, sometimes a crop-top, calf-high boots, sometimes dance slippers, and always a cape to wrap someone up in when I’m saving them. Whatever costume bits I can find the quickest when I have to fly.”

"At least I now understand where the basic style comes from."

"Remember, I wasn’t super back on Krypton, so this outfit from home isn’t designed for flying around and diving into volcanoes or smothering explosives under my invulnerable skirt or whatever.”

Jimmy shook his head as he leaned back on his hands. “You are one very strange and intriguing woman, Miss Zor El.”

“Define strange.”

“Lovely, powerful, exotic, confounding, challenging, mind-bending, shapechanging. Beautiful, although that word is way too weak. I could go on.”

“Now I know why Superman likes you,” she laughed. “Steady. Good listener. You know just what to say. You’re very special.”

Jimmy laughed with her. “Let’s see… I’m nice, serious, a good listener, steady and special. My list of friend traits grows longer.”

She floated back to her feet, lifting Jimmy with her. “I need a good friend. But right now, we have dinner to make. You start the salad and I'll do the rest. I boil a mean pot of water." Her eyes flashed faintly red as a wave of heat warmed his face.

"You just heat-visioned me!"

“Something not many men can say.”

Chapter ??

They were soon in her tiny kitchen, Kara floating weightlessly as they kept bumping playfully into each other. It felt so good to just be herself again, to tease a guy with a bump or a little grind of her hips, casually touching while they both pretended to be focused on something else, but were actually intensely focused on each other.

As Supergirl, she was too serious to flirt. There were lives to save. And Linda was deliberately repressed. But Kara was just enjoying being her old self now. The flirtatious teenage girl she’d been before coming to Earth.

Jimmy started to cut up some tomatoes, but the knife he pulled from a drawer was as dull as a butter knife.

“Here, let me help.”

Kara took the knife and gripped the sharp edge with her fingernails as she drew the blade edge through them. The steel gave off a keening vibration that almost hurt his ears.

“So… Supergirl stops terrorists, but Kara sharpens knives,” he grinned.

“My highest calling so far.” She gave the knife another pass through her sharpener, and then blew the metal dust from her fingers. “Even a surgeon would approve of this blade now.”

Jimmy put it back to work, and the knife truly sliced through the tomato skins like a scalpel. “You are very handy in a kitchen. I mean, for a city girl from Krypton.”

She put a pot of water on the stove and opened a can of sauce, all the while finding every opportunity to touch him as they maneuvered in the tiny kitchen made for one. She startled him by aiming a blast of heat vision at the pot, nearly singing his hair. The water started bubbling almost immediately. She put the sauce on an actual burner on the stovetop and then tossed a large handful of spaghetti into the boiling water.

“You need to slice those smaller,” she said as Jimmy hacked some carrots into big chunks. “Like this.” She slipped in front of him, using her tight butt to gently push him back from the cutting board.

With her pressing against him, her body so warm and firm, Jimmy couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around her tiny waist to pull her close, thrilling to the way her body fit together so perfectly with his. Her skin was warm and silky soft, but when he traced his fingers across the dense muscles of her abs, he couldn’t resist blurting out: “Abs of steel.”

“What did you expect? A squishy potbelly?”

“You are just so ridiculously cute, Kara. Yet you’re just as steely muscled as Kal, albeit more petite.”

“Now there’s a Special Edition news flash. I can see the headline now: ‘She’s the Girl of Steel’.”

He cringed at Lois’ famous headline. “Sorry, but you’ve got some very feminine softness overlaying your steel.”

“Welcome to the world of differences between men and woman,” she smirked.

Jimmy sighed. “I’m being stupid. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. Would it surprise you to know that I’m actually stronger than Kal?”

“No shit?”

“Yeah. He thinks it has to do with the time I spent in stasis in my ship, trapped in orbit around Sol for so many years, bathed by the up-close radiation of the sun. Instead, Clark got here very quickly as a baby and grew up naturally under this yellow sun. But my powers were force-fed after I was already nearly grown up, and over a long time. I didn’t age a day for over thirty years while asleep in stasis.”

“Interesting…” Jimmy mused, his thoughts turning inward as she wiggled her butt against him. A weird sensation of raw strength started to emanate from her body, and that turned him on even more.

“I can beat Kal at wrestling, but that may be technique. I was into sports back on Krypton, but he never had the chance. Even as a child, he was far too strong to play sports fairly.”

“So you two do a lot of that? Wrestling?”

“Used to when he was training me. But after I started flying circles around him, and he found he couldn’t overpower me, he suddenly stopped. Things got awkward. I think he was starting to think of me as something other than his cousin. He’s got a thing for women who are as strong as himself, like Maxima. Neither of us wanted to go there.”

Jimmy pressed back against her butt, his body hard with desire now. Slipping his hands from her waist, he began tracing his thumbs gently upward along her bared back, teasing her Venus dimples before moving up along her deeply-indented spine. He boldly untied the single strap that secured her top, and then continued further upward, lost in the pure physicality of all those muscular curves. Her back was amazing, so dense and deeply defined and so smooth, and seemingly made of warm, sculpted steel. Liquid steel.

Kara stopped cutting the carrots and closed her eyes as she luxuriated in Jimmy’s touch, more sensual than sexual. But it morphed the higher he went, her nipples hardening as her body awoke. She gasped in pleasure as one of his hands boldly slipped around to fondle her breast, his fingers teasing her stiffening nipple. That elicited a sudden torrent of chemistry as power began to flow between them, making them both gasp in surprise.

Jimmy’s other hand reached the steel curves of her powerful shoulder, his fingers exploring the thicker muscles that shaped her in such a powerful yet feminine way, while his other hand continued to enjoy the softness of her breast. The contrast of feminine softness and super-steel was mind-boggling. Without thinking, he leaned against her back to kiss the base of her neck, and she sighed happily while gently laying down on top of the veggies they were supposed to be cutting. She pushed her pert butt demandingly against him as she opened her legs slightly.

Her unexpected invitation filled him with a surge of virile strength like he’d never felt before, almost like he was drinking in her native power through his hands. His body had a mind of its own now as he began to grind a little against her backside, his still bound erection searching for a way inward.

And then it hit him what he was doing. This was Supergirl. Truly the Girl of Steel. Everyone said sex wasn’t possible with her due to Reverse Niven Effect — every muscle in her body was superstrong, even her inner muscles. And if they did somehow manage to make love, he couldn’t possibly survive her uncontrolled passion. So everyone said.

Listening to that voice, he slowed and started to pull back, releasing her breast.

She turned her head to look up at him, one blue eye sparking through blonde hair that had come undone to splay across the huge cutting board. “That was starting to feel really good. Maybe dinner can wait a bit.”

Desire struck him like a bolt of lightning as her words registered, releasing his fire. His hands shook with excitement as he fumbled to unzip himself. He was more than ready as he lifted the back of her tiny skirt to reveal the most perfect backside on the planet. An absolute work of art that no sculptor could ever imitate.

Easing himself closer, she spread her legs further while wiggling her tight butt against him again, his erection finding its way between her legs. Her lack of panties told him even more about her mood. He forgot all the rumored worries, the cautions, the dark jokes. He forgot everything in the universe but one single desire as he guided himself forward and upward to find the warm wetness that told him she was ready too.

He opened her slightly as that strange surge of strength grew ever stronger, seemingly surging from inside her now, then through him. Working his hips, he leaned into her, but she was too tight at first. He tried harder, and was stopped again.

“Problems me not you, Jimmy,” she gasped. “Don’t hurt yourself… but don’t give up on me!”

He didn’t. His surging strength continued to grow as he exercised the most manly of skills, turning into a rutting beast as he tried to overcome her intimate superstrength. He was encouraged each time by Kara’s little cry as she squirmed beneath him, clearly wanting him as passionately as he wanted her. He gathered up his strength to throw everything he had into one final thrust, pulling her tiny waist toward himself while throwing his hips into action. She gave off a passionate cry as he suddenly overcame her tightness to slide deeply inside, her pulsing, tightening vaginal muscles seemingly pulling him in.

With her cries filling the room with every thrust, and her fantastic strength enveloping him ever tighter, he got harder and stronger, her wetness ensuring he could keep going. He’d never felt this athletic before, nor felt such power wrapped around his cock, the combination making him feel like a super man. Somehow his body and hers were sharing the same erotic power!

He went crazy, thrusting as hard as he could, racing toward his urgent release when the Elevated Train approached again with a screeching, screaming roar. They both lost it together while the train thundered by, her wild cries joining his groaning shouts as their shared passion shook the kitchen so badly that every glass and plate in the cabinets rattled. Pots and pans started falling and utensils flew out of drawers. Kara went so crazy beneath him that Jimmy had to hang on with all his strength, realizing with amazement that she was shaking the entire apartment, maybe even the entire building, fearful that she’d buck him off like a cowboy on a wild bronco. Her screams of pleasure rose so inhumanly high that glasses shattered in the cabinet over his head, her passionate song piercing his ears painfully as her orgasm went on and on, thrashing and vibrating so wildly beneath him that the stone floor cracked.

And then, after the thunderous roaring and screeching of the train had passed, the two of them slipped off the cutting board to collapse in a heap on the cracked floor, hugging each other, his fingers continuing to work her nipples to extend the long tail of her orgasm as best he could.

He was gasping for air as his heart pounded like a locomotive. Looking up through her now undone hair in wonder, the room suffused in a golden glow, he found they were both covered in wood shavings from where Kara had shredded the cutting board with her nails. The kitchen was a complete wreck, with most drawers and cabinets open after spilling their guts, the heavy stainless towel bar in front of them twisted and mangled. Broken glass was all over the counter tops and stone floor.

“Christ…!” Jimmy gasped, barely able to talk. “That… that probably registered on the fucking Richter Scale!”

She rose from the floor to smooth down her skirt before lifting him gently but weightlessly in her arms, the untied bottom of her leather top revealing her perfect breasts. Glass crunched under her bare feet as she carried him out of the kitchen and into the living room to stand. There she floated in mid-air to kiss him sweetly, her face flushed with post-orgasmic joy, beaming its way into his heart.

“Now I understand the train,” Jimmy gasped.

“There’s nobody else on this floor, but I figured that when the building shakes, everyone will assume it’s just a particularly loud train. Maybe with a bad wheel. Not that I’ve tried this before.”

Jimmy just shook his head in amazement. “Using a train with a bad wheel to cover up your orgasm? Not only that, but planning for it. That’s like the most Kryptonian thing I’ve ever heard!”

“You Ok? No cuts? Nothing bruised?” She trace her hands over him, her strong fingers quickly finding his resurrecting erection. He gasped as she held him very tightly, knowing what her hand could do to a bar of steel.

“Ok. Maybe I’m a little bruised. That was a really impressive orgasm.”

“Blame it on the yellow sun. But it wasn’t all me. You were a bit of a man of steel yourself. Something seemed to rub off me in just the right way.”

His eyes grew wider. “I thought I just imagined that. It’s for real? Do I keep getting better?”

She smiled sexily as she shrugged. “Maybe we’ll find out. Kryptonian women can create this harmony with the right man that really makes the sparks fly. It’s a big part of finding a mate back home. Chemistry. But I hadn’t imagined it would still work here, given my superstrength.”

His heart leaped at the promise of her words, but he tried to sound casual. “But maybe in a bed next time. Your kitchen will never be the same.”

“I hadn’t expected you to be that aggressive, Jimmy. Not that I’m complaining. It was great. You just caught be a little off-guard, and I surprised myself as well. We shared something there. But wrecking my kitchen was not part of the plan.”

“Trust me, that wasn’t the usual me. I just… I don’t know… all of a sudden I couldn’t resist. It was like we were old lovers for a moment. Or maybe it was just this outfit, or all of you, that fantastic surge of strength… or the cutting board.”

“A chunk of wood?” she chuckled.

“Always had a thing for making it in the kitchen,” he shrugged. “And I’m very partial to that position.”

“Good thing. Doggy is the safest way with me. Otherwise you might have been the one shredded, not the wood. The rule of safe sex with a Kryptonian girl on Earth is… behind.”

“You forgot rule #2: Make sure a very loud train is passing by.”

She tilted her head. “I’m very weird, aren’t I?”

“Not weird. Just strange and wonderful. That was truly incredible, even if neither of us were really ready for it.”

“It’s probably just the Italian cooking,” she winked. “Does it every ti…”

She froze in mid-sentence, her eyes taking on a faraway look as if listening to something. Then they snapped back to his, wider and bluer now. “Ok, I just got a call. A school bus is hanging by some cables on a collapsed bridge in Nepal over a deep gorge. Cables won’t last much longer. Kal’s busy so…”

She spun around while peeling off her Kryptonian clothing to briefly dance nude around the room as she assembled the pieces of her red and blues. Jimmy just stared in awe. She was so beautiful it hurt.

“How did you… you know, get a call? I didn’t hear a phone ring.”

“Implant in my ear. Kryptonian tech. Watchtower picked up a news cable.”

“Watchtower…? Implant…?”

“Later,” she said crisply.

Despite only wearing red hotpants while tying on a pair of ribboned dance shoes, she was already Supergirl. The look in her eyes was different than a moment before, more assertive, and her muscle tone was clearly more defined, like she was slightly tensed. She moved more crisply, faster, as she dug through the pile of clothing to find a tunic. It looked far too small as she pulled it over her head, stretching it over her chest until it was skintight, her nipples tenting the stretchy blue fabric.

Jimmy shook his head while watching her, amazed. While Kara was insanely cute, Supergirl looked incredibly powerful in her red and blues. Yet she was exactly the same girl he’d made love to only moments ago, but now she had a mission to save some people. She was Supergirl now. It was the thing she truly lived for.

As she positioned herself under the skylight and bent her legs to jump through it, he couldn’t help but blurt out in the dramatic style of the old-time radio shows: “This is a job for Suuu-ppeerr-giirrll.”

She laughed as the next approaching train began to shake the building, and when it arrived she leaped upward to literally disappear before his eyes. A hard blast of air filled the room as his ears were assaulted by the train rumbling and screeching by. To no surprise, her slipstream sent all the clothing and costume parts from behind the couch scattering back across the room, making the place look much the way it had when he’d first walked in.

He was grinning from ear to ear as he collapsed onto her couch, giving up on even trying to zip his pants back up. Instead, he shouted crazily over the train noise. His date with Kara had already spiraled far beyond his wildest hopes. And then there was that sense of power that he’d felt during sex — and the fact that he still had a full-on erection and she wasn’t even here any more. Clearly some of her power still filled him.

He’d thought he understood Supergirl coming in here, but Kara was totally amazing. They shared the same body, but not exactly the same persona, least of all Linda’s . He couldn’t wait to sort that out further when she returned.

Without a doubt, he was the luckiest guy on the planet. But he might not remain that way if he just sat there. He reached for her phone and dialed to order some Chinese. Some Metropolis restaurants were experimenting with delivery, and some people said it was going to be a thing in the future. He was just glad he didn’t have to go out in his current condition.

Once that was done, he forced himself from his chair to walk stiffly into the kitchen to start cleaning up the mess. While Kara was off saving a busload of kids hanging from some wires in Tibet, the least he could do would be to put spoons and forks and pots and pans back in her drawers and pick up the broken glass and wood shavings.

Chapter ??

Kara was out of the atmosphere in seconds, tensing her abs and her buttocks and calves as she converted raw strength into flight power. It felt particularly nice to tighten her Kegels given they were still warm and resonating slightly from their surprise kitchen sex.

Her speed rose to orbital and then escape velocity and then twice that again, and again, as she aimed herself at the blue horizon while flying at nearly 100,000 mph, using more and more of her power to hug the upper wisps of the atmosphere and not fly off into the cosmos. Her hair glowed like white gold as her shoulders and breasts took on a reddish glow from air friction, despite being almost completely out of the atmosphere. She could make it halfway around the planet in about eight minutes this way.

Her thoughts were of Jimmy as she flew, smiling as she realized how much she’d enjoyed the way he’d surprised her. And even more, the way she’d responded to his lead. And then there was that strange sense of shared power, flowing from her to him in ways she’d heard rumors about back home, but had never experienced.

As Supergirl, she didn’t like surprises. She always wanted to be in charge, and sex wasn’t ever on the menu. While most people assumed she lived an exotic life, dating some ultra-athletic men or whatever, in reality her life was almost monkish. Her downtime spent as Linda.

But by just being herself with Jimmy, without the burden of being an icon, without expectations, it had felt so wonderful to just fall into the moment the way she had back on Krypton, led by an assertive man. But Jimmy of all men? That was the biggest surprise. He’d seemed safe and reliable and predictable but not very physical. Potentially a great friend, but he was suddenly much more.

It felt good. She got weary sometimes from having to always be control of every situation, and had no idea how Kal could do this for years on end. He lived and breathed being Superman. As she was starting to as Supergirl.

But there were no expectations on her as just Kara. As difficult as it was to juggle Supergirl and Linda, Jimmy had somehow released the Kryptonian girl who’d forgotten she’d ever existed.

She could also tell by his eyes that he’d noticed the change in her when she started putting on her red and blues. He was a photog, his eyes always scouting for interesting visuals. But she only wanted to be Kara around him. That was the magic of Jimmy.

Yet she couldn’t hide Supergirl. They were one in the same. And like tonight, getting a call to action was going to interrupt a lot of things, even intimate moments. He was going to be there, watching her change from Kara to Supergirl and back. Sensing the change in her persona.

She just wanted to be with Jimmy as Kara again, opening herself to new opportunities. Jimmy somehow made that easy.

She knew that other women looked right through him, giving him no credit and showing no interest. He was just an odd bow-tied grown-up kid with a camera. But she didn’t care. They were all of them wrong. Amazingly, he could share some of her power. That made for exciting possibilities, like had happened only moments before.

She wouldn’t trade the hunkiest, hulkiest NFL player for him. After all, the difference in strength from one human to another was negligible compared to her own, and bigger was definitely not better for an invulnerable girl with superstrength.

She ignored the gossip columns that always paired her up with the latest and greatest sports figures. Now she had one more misconception to add to the pile that the world had created about her.

Exhaling the last air in her lungs, she forced her thoughts forward now. Jimmy could wait. She had a bus full of children to save — and fast.

The eastern coastline of China quickly rotated beneath her, at which point she began a slanting dive, aiming for a location that was still below the horizon. The calm voice in her ear — working by bone conduction now — guided her unerringly toward the crisis, using a series of satellites to track her earpiece beacon. Satellites that Kal had built with Kryptonian tech and then placed in orbit with his own hands. They were unknown to the Americans or Soviets, who had only this last year launched their first satellites. Sputnik had lasted for only a few weeks before its batteries died, and it had re-entered and burned up in months. The space race was so terribly expensive, complicated and dangerous for humans.

Yet getting to space was effortless and natural for her. Perhaps she should do something to help them, despite Kal’s demand of noninterference in the growing cold war between the US and the Soviets. Not unless a worst case event occurred. Then they’d turn back the nuclear bombers, removing their lethal payloads. But not until, or if, that happened.

Dropping lower, her body was suddenly enveloped by a corona of superheated air, the temperature soaring to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in seconds. It felt hot but not uncomfortably so, teasing her now white-hot nipples. She liked being hot. But with skin temps that would instantly melt steel, she was a blindingly bright meteor as she dove for that gorge in Tibet, her eyes flashing blue as she searched ahead to find her target.

And there it was… still a couple of hundred miles away. A large school bus dangling upside down in a tangle of suspension wires from a downed bridge, the cables somehow tangled around its wheels. Talk about luck.

Narrowing her eyes as she scanned deeper inside the bus, she saw thirty or so young children and two adults, all of them huddled together on the inverted roof of the bus, terrified that they were going to fall.

She slowed as she approached the gorge, letting her skin cool enough to not set anything on fire, finally dropping well below the Mach by the time she flew over the lip of the gorge to approach the bus. She was almost there when a cable snapped with a loud PING. Then a second one pulled free and then the rest. The bus began its long fall as a terror’s choir of screams trailed behind as the children’s worst fear came true.

With a quick tense of her legs, Kara closed the gap to grab the rear axle of the bus, slowing it as gently as she could to finally stop the bus precisely ten feet above the sharp rocks. Shifting her grip, her fingers digging deeply into the thick steel frame, the metal creaking and squealing from the stress, she slowly turned the bus back upright. The kids slid down the side wall to land on the floor to scramble back into their seats. Satisfied with that, Kara walked her hands down the greasy bottom of the bus until she found the balance point, and then flew it back up to the road on the gorge’s rim. There she set it down safely a hundred yards or so from the edge.

She’d barely released the back bumper when the emergency door opened and a bunch of kids jumped out to grab onto her, fingers tangling in her hair, panicky arms around her neck, some grabbing her cape, some wrapped around her legs, all of them holding on like a drowning man grabbing their rescuer in panic. She just sat down on the road and opened her arms as the rest of the kids piled out too, climbing all over her, the terror in their eyes fading quickly as they realized who’d saved them.

Kara didn’t understand their Tibetan dialect, but she knew from all the smiles and hugs exactly what they were all saying. Smiling and feeling so happy and proud herself, she gently eased herself from the children to float over their heads. The kids looked up with the bright eyes of a kid at holiday time, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Kara obliged them by racing around in a wide circle over their heads until a cone of mist surrounded her. Then with a final burst of speed, she gave them all a sonic boom goodbye.

Moments later, she was headed back to space to begin her journey back. That’s when she suddenly realized she’d left Jimmy locked in her apartment. He’d never be able to open the truck spring lock. If the Chinese take-out had arrived, it was likely outside in the hallway getting cold. Her cracked open door would have allowed the passing of money, not food.

No matter. Jimmy would enjoy her unique way of warming it back up. And hopefully she’d be able to hang up her red and blues for the night so she could enjoy their interrupted date.

She really wanted to explore that sensation of shared strength again. In the most intimate of ways.

To be continued…

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