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The Superwoman of Metropolis – Part Three

Written by ace191 :: [Friday, 02 July 2021 05:55] Last updated by :: [Friday, 02 July 2021 11:25]

Chapter 8

Lois was reeling in agony. She had to somehow convince Clark not to kill her.

“Clark, I know that you are angry about what happened, but what is there that I can do for you? I don’t know how to build a power transfer device and in your current state, you don’t either. What is it that you want from me?”

“My powers!”

“And how can I give you your powers back?”

“You can’t. That is why I have to destroy you! That is the only way that I can be sure that you won’t turn rouge and appoint yourself Queen of the Earth or maybe even ruler of the Galaxy!”

“That is not the reason. You just can’t stand the idea that a Woman with Superpowers can do just as good a job or maybe even better than a male Superhero!”

“Lucky for you Lois, I still have my code against killing. I will spare your life, but I think I am going to have a little ‘Fun’ with you first!

“Some Superhero you are, but trust me Clark, if you try to rape me, I will get back at you!”

“Brave words for someone who is close to death,” Clark responded as he kneeled down and tried to pull her Super Panties off without any success. “I guess I will just have to cop a feel of your Super Breasts instead,” he replied.

Lois had no choice but to wait it out. He was getting himself deeper and deeper into trouble. She watched him get up and walk over to a large metal box. From it, he pulled out what looked like a gold brick.

“This piece of Gold Kryptonite won’t kill you, but it will take away permanently all of your superpowers. You should feel better in just a few minutes Miss Un-Superwoman, Ha, Ha, Ha!”

Chapter 9

With some effort the former Maiden of Might got up on her knees. She waited 30 seconds and then stood up and wandered over to a wall for support. “How can you stand over there grinning when you have just taken out Earth’s only protector,” she inquired?

“Because you were so easily lured into my trap Lois. Typical female behavior. I bet you stopped and combed your hair and freshened up your lipstick before you entered the room instead of carefully checking it out. You are going to regret that move for the rest of your life!”

“I think not,” the former Princess of Power stated. “And guess what Clark? One of the first things that I did in the fortress was to test myself against several different types of Kryptonite and none of them had any effect on me because I am from Earth, not Krypton.”

In the next instant, Clark found himself up against the wall with his head on the ceiling and a red glove wrapped tightly around his neck.

“Do you know what is so funny about this Clark? Recently, I have been studying Math, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics so that I might be able to restore your powers to you, but after this little stunt of yours, there is no chance of that now!”

“I am sorry, Lois,” he barely managed to get out. “Please forgive me,” he whispered.

“Absolutely not”, she replied. “If you will look down and to the your right you will see there is a small hole in the wall. Guess was is in it? If you guessed a camera and a tape recorder, you are right.”

“Oh God, she has me by the balls,” he thought to himself.

“Where do I start Clark? Kidnaping, attempted murder, sexual assault, rape? Just wait until the boys in your cell block find out that you were Superman and that you are a sexual offender!”

“Please Lois, give me a pass on this. Remember how many times I saved your life or provided you with great stories. Just tell me what you want me to do,” he pleaded.

“Oh nothing Clark”, she said as she dropped him to the floor. “It’s what I am going to do to YOU that you should be concerned about.”

Chapter 10

Lois had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do. “I think we will start with a good old fashion spanking, except we will do it in a more interesting way. Let’s strip you of your clothes. Your jacket may come in handy to keep my uniform from getting wet.”

Before he could respond, he found himself near the celling butt naked and bent over Superwoman’s legs. “Here we go Clark. Try not to soil yourself.”

At first, things were not too bad but slowly, the Maiden of Might was picking up the speed and force of her slaps to his buttocks. Clark could not take it anymore so he screamed which led Superwoman to gag him while still increasing the power of each blow.

On the verge of him passing out, Superwoman stopped the spanking and turned her attention to the yellow brick. She swiftly melted it with her heat vision and then molded the red hot metal into a super dildo. “I am sure that you know what I am going to do with this Clark,” she remarked.

An hour later Clark regained conscious. He was on a roof in a city but it was not Metropolis. After his head cleared, he realized he was in Gotham on top of the Wayne Enterprises Building.

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