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Synergy 3

Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 05 July 2021 00:00] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 08 July 2021 10:38]

Synergy 3

Commissioned by Koopa16

Written by Hiker Angel

Edited by Au Goose


Laura snapped her fingers, summoning her helper as she strode from the cafeteria to the outdoor tables. A moderately attractive brunette hustled to her side, carrying the athletic blonde’s tray of food. The stunning teen idly fingered the platinum bracelet that read “Daddy’s little girl”, a warm smile gracing her pink lips as she remembered the birthday on which she’d received it.

The beautiful girl slipped into a seat at the outdoor table, the brunette delivering her tray with practiced efficiency as the half-dozen other girls at the table quieted. Laura crossed her long, slender legs and smoothed a white button-up shirt and plaid tie over a curvaceous chest, scanning the rapt eyes and attentive expressions of her assembled sycophants.

Laura surveyed the beautiful, flower-laden grounds of the elite private school campus with a pleased look lighting her sapphire eyes. She was the school’s empress, and these were her lands. There were a few who hadn’t yet acknowledged her rule, but they were growing more scarce with every passing school year. Just as it should be.

“Who’s in charge of picking out options for my prom dress?” Laura asked, her expectant gaze rolling over each of the faces over her closest followers in turn.

As one of Laura’s bright-eyed girls began to respond in the affirmative, an attractive redhead bounced out of the door of the school to find the young Ms. Kingsford at her usual table. Her eyes flashed darkly as she strode purposefully toward Laura, casting sidelong glances at the story that continued to play on the wall-mounted television. 

The ginger-haired girl came to a stop at the periphery of Laura’s vision, forcing the alluring blonde to turn and face her.

“What is it, Jenneth?” Laura asked, with a bored sigh. “Can’t you see that I’m busy?”

Jenneth seemed uncharacteristically unfazed by Laura’s eye roll, crossing her arms and tapping her foot as her expression turned smug. “So your dad is a criminal, Laura? You new-money types are all the same. Cutting ethical corners to get rich quick. Too bad he was too stupid to avoid getting caught in the process. My dad says that only losers get caught.”

Laura scowled at the redhead, long her primary rival for supremacy in the school’s social hierarchy. A rival she had crushed time and time again. She had no doubt that this was simply another in the girl’s long history of pathetic attempts to dislodge Laura from her perch at the top. “What are you talking about?” Laura, snapped, glaring at the annoying girl.

Jenneth extended a hand, unfurling her finger to point at the television mounted on the outer surface of the cafeteria wall. Laura’s glaring eyes followed the line indicated by the girl’s extended finger.

The blonde watched as a man was led from an office building to a squad car. As the man’s face turned toward the camera, Laura’s heart sunk through the floor.

It was her father.

The scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen read: “Ron Kingsford arrested after an indictment was handed down for human trafficking, possibly as test subjects. The Justice Department has also hinted at an espionage charge relating to an unlawful technology exchange with China. We’ve been informed that all assets of Kingsford Genetech have been frozen following the indictment.”

As Laura watched her father’s face, saw his features twisted into an agonized expression, she felt a lump form in her throat, the heavy weight of horrified shock settling deeply into the pit of her stomach.

“Looks like you won’t be here much longer. Daddy’s not going to be around to pay your tuition anymore, Laura.” Jenneth spoke Laura’s name with a wrinkle of her nose as if it were worthy only of disgust. She spun on her heel, hips swaying as she burst into song. “Ding dong, the blonde bitch will soon be gone...”

But Laura was too stunned to pay any attention to her rival’s nasty barbs, whirling roils of sadness and anger battling for dominance within her slender stomach as she watched her father driven away to jail.

The beautiful blonde rose on wobbly legs and left the table in an unsteady daze, not knowing where her legs were taking her. Lost in thought, she stumbled away from the courtyard, entering the school with a meandering path, so different than her usual purposeful stride. Her mind paid her destination no attention, focused solely on her father and his plight, sickening emotions consuming all other sensory input from her body.

After a moment, someone standing before her startled the girl out of her bitter reverie. Laura looked up to see a beautiful but puffy-eyed girl standing before the polished mirror. The girl’s cheeks were wet, wisps of blonde hair sticking to them. She looked upset.

As Laura watched her reflection, she began to see flames of anger in the girl’s cobalt irises. The flickering burn grew more intense as she gazed into their hypnotic depths. As her fingers tightened into fists at either side of her short, tartan skirt, the gorgeous teen assured herself that she would never again allow herself to be dependent on anyone again.

Especially not her father.


Floating above Synergy’s diminished form, Laura laughed haughtily, her perfect body still trembling from the mind-shattering strength of her recent orgasm. A faint glow lit the edges of the woman’s heartbreakingly gorgeous profile, forming a silhouette of icy silver about her. The hazy aura seemed to crackle the air, whispering of the vast stores of power swirling within the most magnificent form ever to grace the planet. The irises of Laura’s azure eyes pulsated a metallic shade of silver with every heartbeat, overflowing with the radiance of her impossible might.

“You have no idea what you’ve given me, Synergy,” she raised a shapely hand, watching intently as rays of light formed between her moving fingers. The prismatic spray of colors washed over Synergy’s awestruck face as she bent the waves of ambient light to her will. “I feel like I can do anything. I’m discovering abilities I’ve never even dreamed of…”

A sly smile gracing her luscious lips, Laura’s long lashes closed languidly. A moment later, translucent tentacles flowed outward from her chest, a flowing apparition that encircled the diminished man beneath her, black and white swirls flowing over its glistening surface. Their undulating fingers curled around Synergy, lifting his limp form until he floated before the goddess-like woman, encased in their unbreakable grip.

Laura’s eyes opened, their glimmering, writhing color mesmerizing the beaten hero without the slightest effort, his awestruck eyes wide as he gazed into the depths of unspeakable power.

“Come to your goddess,” she laughed, curling her fingers inward like talons.

Synergy’s floating body lurched forward with the small movement of her hands, his shaking fingers reaching instinctively outward to halt his progress, finding them suddenly in contact with the achingly divine slopes of Laura’s voluptuous breasts. Her writhing symbiotes parted to allow his fingertips to touch the naked perfection of her curvaceous flesh. His body went rigid as his quivering digits touched her smooth skin. Both man and woman gasped simultaneously. 

As his skin touched hers, Laura felt the presence of the man’s consciousness, visualizing it as a field of golden energy encased within his smaller, thinner body. Cocking her head to the side, the young goddess reached out with the misty, black-and-white tendrils of her own mind, their probing, smoky fingers flowing over the energy of his being as if it were a rock in a stream.

Laura felt her consciousness washing over the man’s mind through their ethereal contact, intuiting that his contact with her tingling skin was making it possible. Feeling the electric buzz from their physical connection, she began to use the eerie, billowing tentacles of her mind to probe into the thoughts and feelings that lay just under the surface of his golden energy field.

Her gorgeous eyes flashing darkly, Laura’s perfect lips curled upward into a knowing smirk as she dove into the man’s consciousness, letting it fill her senses with his. She delighted in the man’s dizzying rush of fear, basked in the joy of seeing herself through his eyes. She shuddered as she felt mind-bendingly erotic tsunamis of desire coursing through his trembling limbs at the sight of her impossibly perfect body. Similarly, she could feel his disgust for her abilities, his self-loathing for what he had given her. For his failure.

Laura’s mind reeled as she sensed Synergy’s feelings for her. They were more than merely conflicted. They were a writhing, knotted mass—a tangled web of emotions ranging from hatred to breathtakingly intense attraction. She could scarcely comprehend the complexity of his feelings as she ran telepathic tendrils over each strand of emotion, tracing them to their labyrinthine terminus.

She doubted Synergy understood his feelings for her any better than she did. Still, one thread glowed brighter than all the rest in the convoluted tapestry of his feelings for her—his attraction to her. It was undeniable, and Laura knew that she could use the power of that emotion to master him.

Laura’s fingers quivered as power gathered within them. Then, as they began to glow with silver energy, her clenching fingers pressed outward. Synergy’s body grew taut in response, the man spread-eagled before her, helpless within the spell of her power. He was now a puppet that she could command with a mere gesture.

She could do far more than simply control the movement of his limbs, however. She truly had command of his body, knowing innately that she possessed the ability to mold it to her desires.

Her cheeks flushing with excitement as she began to understand the absolute control she had over the man, Laura’s dazzling eyes flashed darkly, her fingers undulating as they coaxed changes into the now-scrawny man’s body. Desire flowing into her accelerating heart, the thrill of her own power making her giddy with anticipation, she set about sculpting his body into something more suitable to her own tastes. Tentacles of her dual symbiotes extended outward, twirling into finger-like appendages until they touched his flushed, glistening skin.

Laura sensed her symbiotes writhing energetically around her, hurrying to carry out her will. She watched in astonished awe as Synergy’s muscles expanded, increasing his strength. She watched as her alien minions improved the density of his bones, making him more worthy of Laura’s attention. After a moment’s work, she had restored his body almost halfway to where it had been in his superhero form. Satisfied, she commanded her symbiotes to pause.

Synergy remained suspended in midair before her, his eyes unable to look away from her own. Both Laura and Synergy panted, recovering from the dizzying onslaught of disturbingly pleasant sensations as his body had transformed at her mental command.

Laura smiled as she continued to sense his thoughts through his contact with her body. He wanted more.


Tell me where George is, she asked him telepathically. She had to stifle the urge to laugh as she felt the echo of her powerful mental command through their connection, fearing that such a sound would undermine the forcefulness of her demand. It was just so intoxicating, using her phenomenal power to do whatever she wished to the helpless man. Synergy had been so mighty before. So proud. So invincible. It was staggering to think of her own power now, the formerly formidable superhero literal putty in her hands.

No! Synergy replied with his mind, the mention of the scientist’s name momentarily kicking in enough fear of Laura with a third symbiote to overcome his overwhelming desire to please her by giving her the information she sought.

Tell me where George is, you pathetic little weakling, she thought to him a second time, her telepathic voice even more forceful, rattling the poor man’s mind. This time, however, she decided to dangle a carrot while letting the intensity of her tone remain the stick. I’ll continue what I’ve begun. I’ll make your body better than it was even with your Symbiote. Perhaps I’ll go so far as to make it worthy of my attention.

Laura breathed in, her succulent breasts swelling as oxygen filled her lungs, causing Synergy’s trembling fingers to splay over the proud, fleshy orbs.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Synergy…” Laura breathed, this time speaking aloud, her tone seductive as her voice washed over the poor man like a lover’s intimate caress.

Laura could sense Synergy’s will weakening, the man clearly intrigued by the prospect of a body that could attract Laura’s attention. The luscious blonde, however, sensed what truly thrilled Synergy, however, and decided to play on it further.

“I have appetites, Synergy.” Her voice was husky now, tantalizing the poor man with sensual promise. “Appetites that no normal man can satisfy. Wouldn’t you like to be the one man who can satisfy me? The one man who can pleasure a goddess?”

She pulled his body into hers with the curl of a finger, willing her symbiotes to peel away from her flesh to allow his hard chest to collide with naked, physical perfection. The man’s senses seemed to explode with pleasure as her arms enveloped him, drawing him tight.

Laura couldn’t resist a victorious smile as she felt the man’s resistance crumble, the irresistible temptation offered the implied promise of sex too much for Synergy—and probably any man—to resist.

I… I… Synergy thought back to her, his willpower buckling under the staggering might of her erotic appeal. Laura’s perfect lips curled upward as she felt him break, his will no match for her formidable powers of seduction.

She leaned forward to put the finishing touches on her absolute domination of the poor man’s mind, pressing her scarlet lips into his. She tasted his polished teeth with her slithering tongue.

Synergy climaxed as she destroyed the last of his will to resist, screaming her name as his body expressed its unquenchable hunger for her body. His hands clutched at her smooth hips as he ground his body toward her in utter desperation. His member smashed against her sculpted abs as he pulsed again and again, his mouth wide and panting as his eyes squeezed shut.

Laura felt a thrill ripple through her heart, its beat accelerating with excitement as she realized the power she now held. The power of thought. The power of pleasure. The power to bend anyone to her whims.

“Ughhhhhh…” Laura felt a rising wave of heat within her own body, groaning as she felt her stimulated body smolder with sexual power. Her brilliant mind examined the completeness of her domination of Synergy, the thought of it turning her on more than she would have ever imagined.

She could crush anyone with her might. She could have anyone with her beauty. She could control anyone with her mind.

“Oh, God,” Laura whimpered, feeling the muscles within her succulent body tighten into an involuntary clench.

Within seconds, it was Laura’s turn to climax, the dawning realization of her supreme power proving more than she could control. She hadn’t fully grasped the full magnitude of her abilities until this moment…

...and it felt amazing.

“YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!” she cried, the breathy rasp of victory coloring the edges of her orgasmic scream. Her twin symbiotes writhed around them with such intensity that everything within easy reach was quickly smashed or shredded by the whipping tendrils.

Both Laura and Synergy panted hard into each other’s lips as their bodies quaked in unison, their merged bodies shaking in rapturous pleasure.

Now, Synergy, thought Laura into the breathless man’s trembling mind as his mind-bendingly intense spasms eventually began to subside, his eyes fluttering in ecstasy. Tell me where the last symbiote is…

Her body still quivering from its orgasmic peak, Laura laughed as the information of the man’s whereabouts flowed into her mind.


Laura had been forced to call for a ride to the courthouse, all of her “friends” coming up with excuses as to why they couldn’t take her. Laura had instantly become an outcast in the wake of her father’s arrest, her enthusiastic followers turning their backs on her in favor of Jenneth as they gossipped about whether she would be back the following semester when tuition payment came due.

Laura’s pretty features were sullen as she stepped out of the car to attend her father’s trial. She walked into the courtroom, only to have her path blocked by a tall bailiff who extended his arms to prevent her from circling around him.

“What are you doing here, girl?”

“I’m here to attend my father’s trial,” Laura told him, crossing her arms to give him a defiant stare.

“Where is your mother?”

“I don’t have one,” she said, shaking back her hair as she lifted her chin haughtily.

“How old are you?” the man asked, lifting an eyebrow as he surveyed her youthful features.

“Seventeen,” she replied, her eyes simmering with petulance. She resented this man for making an already difficult day even harder.

“Then out you go,” said the bailiff, stepping forward to force the gorgeous girl out of the courtroom.

Laura backpedaled, tears of frustration welling in her eyes, before finally turning and storming out of the courtroom.

She stalked across the hall, plopped down on a bench, and began to cry. Her hunched shoulders rose and fell as she wept, despondent at her own helplessness, fearful for her father.

As the long, anguished sobs continued, Laura heard shuffling steps pause before her. She looked up. Before her was a boy her age, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. His eyes softened as he watched her tear-filled eyes rise to meet his.

Extending a hand with a silent offering, the boy’s eyes urged her to look. She did. Laura’s beautiful eyes widened as she saw the daisy between them, its long stem pressed tightly between the boy’s thumb and forefinger.

He moved it forward a bit further, and Laura’s hand rose to take it from him. He smiled at her, and she smiled back, her glimmering eyes ceasing their waterworks for a brief moment.

The boy nodded, then turned and continued down the hall. Laura’s lips began to quiver and her tears began anew.

But her eyes never left the boy as he walked down the hall.


With a resigned sigh, Laura swept into her Santorini villa, a downcast Synergy in tow. While the former superhero had divulged what he knew, it had proven ineffectual, as George was no longer where Synergy thought him to be. Still, Laura knew that the man wouldn’t be able to hide forever. Her people would find him. She had her best people focused on nothing but.

Laura had yet to reward him in the way that she’d promised, their failure to locate George dulling her enthusiasm for sex. For the moment.

Her all-male staff gaped at Laura in awe as her black-white bodysuit morphed into a two-tone bikini. She strode confidently through the place, sensing the quickening heartbeats around her as her servant staff bore witness to physical perfection. Long, deliciously muscled legs tensed and relaxed, her calves clenching and thighs firming as the gorgeous woman walked regally to the back glass doors.

Raising a hand, a black-white tentacle shot out, attaching itself to the glass and pulling it open before she arrived so that she never had to break stride as she swept to the rear patio.

Laura’s frown disappeared as she came to a stop, stretching her long, sculpted arms as she gazed over the cliff’s edge pool overlooking the azure Mediterranean.

As she stared at the magnificent view, the tentacle attached to the glass door flowed smoothly back into the fabric of her bikini until the strange appendage seemed to disappear completely into its cloth. As she stretched, her feet rose from the ground and she floated until she was over the center of the pool. She turned in mid-air to see Synergy walking from the house onto the patio, looking conflicted once again. She smiled, feeling an attraction to the man in spite of her better judgment. There was something about him. Yes, he had given her a symbiote. Twice. But it was more than that. Almost like his face looked familiar. Like someone from her past. She felt a feeling of gratitude as her eyes examined his face, almost recalling something…

...but it was lost, fluttering away like a butterfly on the afternoon breeze, even her improved mind unable to make the connection between the youthful face buried in memories she had tried hard to forget and the man on her patio.

She shook away the near-thought, then decided to unleash her delight a bit, still basking in the thrill of having gained the second symbiote. She was in the mood to show off a little.

Her sculpted abs tightened into deeply carved channels as she twisted her body in the air. She re-oriented herself over the pool’s crystal blue water, then let gravity finally have its way with her, slipping beneath its surface in a graceful dive, not a single drop of water splashing upward upon her entry. Perfect. As expected.

Her head rose from the water, her damp platinum mane flowing luxuriantly behind her. Her long lashes rose to reveal breathtaking sapphire eyes that were already focused on Synergy. His forward progress was halted completely by their brilliant gaze.

Laura smiled, enjoying this feeling of absolute power. Men were so easy to control. Even Synergy. Especially Synergy.

As her magnificent cleavage rose from the still water, her stunning breasts glistening in the afternoon sun, an ethereal tendril shot from her chest toward Synergy. It struck him in the chest, causing his muscled body to lurch in surprise.

As it contacted him, his clothing rippled and disappeared from his upper body, leaving only a pair of swim trunks to cover the small improvements she’d given him.

Laura frowned, however, as her dazzling eyes descended his lightly muscled chest, deciding he needed a bit more of an upgrade if he were to give her the proper level of enjoyment. She was in the mood for sex, feeling the flow of hormones as they coursed through her. The knowledge of just how powerful she had become turned her on, her body buzzing in a perpetual state of arousal.

She wanted release. And she wanted it with Synergy.

She willed her symbiotes to sculpt the man into something better. They instantly worked in concert with her will, their only mission to satisfy Laura’s every whim. Between the two of them, there was little that they couldn’t deliver.

More tentacles shot out from her body to his, solid this time, covering the man in shiny, black and white liquid. He tensed, his body stiffening as his muscles swelled under their pulsing touch. The fibers within his masculine sinew grew denser. Harder. Stronger. Superior.

Synergy’s eyes fluttered shut, his breathing growing heavier as Laura’s imagination changed him, making him greater than he’d ever been—even as earth’s champion. He wouldn’t be her equal. She would never allow that. But she wanted him to become adequate to the task of pleasing her.

He was no symbiote, but she would turn him into the next best thing. He would be able to pleasure her. And she him.

That last notion gave her pause. Laura was unaccustomed to concerns about anyone’s pleasure but her own. Again, she felt the tingle of a near recollection as she considered the man she was rewarding. Again, it eluded her.

Laura was unconcerned, however. Focusing her attention on the task at hand. Knowledge of Laura’s favorite pleasures flooded into his mind, burning sexual expertise and Laura’s favorite skills directly into the neural pathways of his brain. His body continued to improve, its strength and stamina multiplying again and again, molding him into a proper concubine for the earth’s empress-to-be.

As the symbiotes finished their work, they began to flow back into Laura’s clothing, leaving the man’s new physique bare to her admiring eyes.

Not bad, she thought with a sultry smile. Not bad at all.

Dark blonde hair rustled in the warm Mediterranean breeze, the smooth, unlined face of an Adonis silhouetted in gold by the rays of the sun. A thickly cabled neck descended from beneath a carved, masculine jaw, flowing outward into meaty, dome-like shoulders, ridged triceps, and rippling biceps. His chest was as sculpted as that of the David, his muscles flexed in defined perfection, carved from steel-hard flesh. His abs, cobbled, ravines running between the chiseled blocks of superhuman muscle. His legs seemed shorn from granite, the bulging sinew of his well-formed ass drawing the swim trunks tight against their globular shape.

“Now that’s more like it,” Laura purred, her silver-blue irises alight with desire as her symbiotes returned, caressing her divine form as they slithered back into her swimsuit.

Synergy’s eyes slowly opened, the powerfully built man glancing down to see his newly enhanced body before his eyes flicked upward to meet hers with a wide-eyed expression of utter shock. Laura’s lashes lowered in a sultry display, her luminous eyes half-lidded as she unfurled her long, slender arm gracefully outward, flipping her wrist before curling a slim finger toward her, the former superhero floating toward her, helpless in her telekinetic grasp.

Laura released a preliminary burst of billowing pheromones as he drifted over the pool, watching with satisfaction as Synergy’s wonder-filled pupils dilated, his lips beginning to tremble with the power of his desire. The front of his swim trunks inflated with undeniable evidence of his burgeoning arousal. She threw her hand down, dropping the deliciously athletic man into the pool. He responded with a startled yelp, the sound quickly followed by a loud splash.

He bobbed up instantly, throwing his head back, the dense sinew of his broad chest bursting into iron relief as hard muscle rippled with his powerful movements.

“I feel so strong. So alive,” the man mused aloud. His words seemed strained, as if he had to say them but didn’t want to. Perhaps he just didn’t want to credit Laura with anything. Even her gift to him for doing as she had asked.

“What did you do to me?” he questioned, his hungry eyes falling on the breathtakingly idyllic specimen of femininity floating in the pool before him. 

“What I wanted to,” she replied, her voice low and quiet as her piercing, pulsating blue-silver eyes bore into his. “I told you I would finish my work if you told me what I wanted to know, didn’t I?”

Laura could see the conflict in his eyes, knowing both his desire and his hatred for her. It only made her smile. She knew he couldn’t resist her. Deep down, he yearned for her with every ounce of his soul. She had seen his feelings when she had connected with his mind. And she intended to take full advantage of them.

“You did,” he admitted grudgingly. “I just never thought…” He trailed off.

“That I would keep my word, Synergy?” replied Laura, arching a sculpted eyebrow. “I always keep my word.”

As the desire-addled man considered her words, Laura extended her arms with a flourish, her symbiotes flowing from her body to her hands with the motion. One hand turned pure white, the other black, baring her voluptuous breasts as her bikini covering rolled away, leaving nothing but succulent flesh in its wake. Synergy stared at naked perfection, overwhelmed by the magnificence of her body. His swimsuit gave way with a ripping sound, surrendering to the rising rod of steel between his legs.

Laura was done talking, done waiting, ready to take her creation for a test spin. She was eager to feel those huge muscles against her flawless flesh, eager to feel that inside her perfect body.

Laura leapt forward through the water, her curvaceous body ripping through the liquid that separated them in the span of a heartbeat, her breasts slamming into his chest to throw him forcefully against the pool’s concrete wall. It cracked as Synergy’s head whipped back, the goddess before him all over him before he even understood what had happened.

The superhuman stunner’s symbiote-coated hands slammed into the side of the pool to either side of the man, her fingers burrowing deep into the cement, each slender digit impacting the concrete with the force of ten sledgehammers as the entire side of the pool cracked and shifted slightly from the power of her twin blows.

Laura’s lips crushed Synergy’s. His flailing arms enveloped her magnificent body, his massive muscles tightening as they enveloped her. The man was more powerful than he’d ever been, the luscious blonde giving him strength beyond what a single symbiote had ever done for him. Yet those powerful arms felt like those of a child to her, his muscles unable to so much as dent her delicious flesh.

The potency that coursed through Laura’s body was sufficient to crush mountains, to lay waste to entire cities. As strong as Synergy was, Laura’s gift had given him would be barely enough for him to survive her carnal attentions, knowing that she couldn’t be with mere humans any longer. Her new body would crush them without trying. No, she needed a superhuman male to satisfy her whims now. And she had one that was ripe for the taking.

She jabbed her tongue forward as her lips met his, knocking Synergy’s head back as it entered his mouth. Her long legs slithered over his heavily muscled hips, the muscles within pulling tight against his flailing body. She squeezed her thighs, feeling his body bend under her prodigious power, laughing even as she continued to devour his mouth with her own.

“Ahhhhh!” Synergy yelped, his voice lost in her probing tongue. Laura could feel his glutes caving to the pressure of her silky calves, the woman drawing her sex ever closer to his thick, hot member. The steely muscles of his upper back crumbled the edge of the pool as the manic woman bowed his body with enthusiastic attention.

“Uhgawd,” moaned the hulking man as the urgency of Laura’s hurricane-like passion bruised his superhuman form.

But Laura didn’t listen. Didn’t care. She was lost to passion now, eager to have this man inside her.

“Fuuuuuuuuckk!” he screamed as her steamy folds pushed over his quivering tip, sending him into a series of convulsive shudders.

With the contact, the two lovers’ minds were connected, and Laura shivered herself. She was able to feel her own body against his almost as clearly as she could feel his against hers. The effect was intoxicating, doubling every moment of pleasure, allowing his excitement, his passion, his desire to magnify her own. Somehow, it was even better than before, their connection stronger.

“Mmmmmm,” Laura purred, feeling his rock-hard erection beginning to fill her hungry body. Not quite satisfied, she reached out with nothing more than a thought, resculpting Synergy’s manhood until he was large enough and hard enough to offer her body the slightest challenge. She drove her hips down harder, caging his taut body with her shapely legs, coiling herself around him to force him into her sleek, steely form as if she were an erotic python, devouring her prey.

“Uhhhhhhhh, I. Ohhh. I...” Synergy whimpered, nearly unable to withstand the pleasure that ravaged his thrashing body as Laura drove her divine body into his muscled hips, grinding his massive member with granite-crushing force.

Laura’s slim, symbiote-covered fingers roamed Synergy’s muscled back, the alien creatures allowing her to feel his pain-tinted ecstasy as he did. The experience was becoming disorienting as it intensified, feeling the sexual experience from both sides. She could feel him inside her at the same time she felt her own body thrilling his, surrounding him in a fiery embrace. Laura couldn’t stop, even to enjoy things, the magnitude of her pleasure far too much to even consider it. Instead, her movements grew in urgency. She worked Synergy’s hips into a bucking frenzy that smashed a new web of cracks into the wall of the pool behind them with the aftermath of every powerful thrust.

Laura breathed another burst of pheromones into Synergy’s open, groaning mouth even as she continued to smother it with her own. As he sucked in her ravishing scent, his eyes grew wild with impossible desire. All thoughts of anything but climaxing inside this goddess falling away, leaving only an inferno of insatiable passion that rivaled Laura's own.

He tried to pull Laura tighter against him but couldn’t. Laura could sense the feel of her own body through his mind. Her luscious form was steel wrapped in silk, soft, smooth, and completely unyielding under his trembling fingers as he clutched at her sleek form with absolute need.

Laura curled her fingers inward, pulverizing the stone foundation of the patio under her needy grip. Synergy’s body was pinned between hers and the concrete, buried deeper and deeper as she pressed her perfect body inexorably into his. She could feel his ribs bending to the firmness of her breasts, his bones creaking as they surrendered to the invulnerability of her perfect body. 

She slammed her hips into him, forcing his endless length into the deepest depths of her womb, contracting her superhuman muscles around his iron shaft, squeezing it into rapturous submission.

“Gaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!” Synergy gasped with breathless lungs as the last of their oxygen was forced through his shaking lips by the pressure of Laura’s curvaceous body.

“Laura!” He cried out as he climaxed, his body clenching hard and long, his toes carving channels into the floor of the pool as they curled inward.

His orgasm triggered Laura’s own, her body exploding with the doubled pleasure that flooded both his mind and hers, feeling the intensity of two superhuman orgasms at once.

Their bodies writhed in unison, powerful muscles clenching with inhuman power, hips coaxing the final throes of the most blazingly intense sexual experience of either of their lives.

Blood welled along Synergy’s back as Laura’s fingers clawed at Synergy’s steely flesh. His did likewise but couldn’t penetrate the impossible hardness of her tanned, glistening skin. Meanwhile, both of them reduced the concrete around them to dust, nothing man-made having the slightest chance against Synergy’s strength, much less Laura’s.

Eventually, their undulating hips came to a stop, Laura’s nubile form unwinding to release Synergy’s battered form. She pulled herself from him, her symbiotes re-forming her bikini as she splashed backward, steam rising from her skin in the aftermath of her superhuman display of sexuality. She glided toward the center of the pool, breathing deeply as she recovered from the intensity of the experience, basking in the coolness of its crystalline water.

Laura’s head slipped under the surface of the water, her long lashes fluttering closed as she enjoyed the final spasms of orgasmic pleasure that still trembled her breathtaking form. Sinuous waves of blonde hair swirled beneath her magnificent body under the aquamarine surface, its sumptuous strands flowing upward to caress her toned back.

Synergy’s body was more than half-buried in the cement patio, his breathing shallow, eyes closed, attempting to recover from an experience even his super-strong body had been completely unprepared for.

“You look a bit worn out there, Synergy,” said Laura huskily as she emerged once again from the water, the lapping waves of the pool slapping lightly against her flawless flesh. “But was it as good for me as it was for you?”

Her question was purely for cheek. She knew full well how it had been for him, having sensed his feelings for the entire duration of their violent lovemaking session.

Synergy didn’t reply. He couldn’t. It was all he could do to remain conscious as he gulped precious air back into his desperate lungs.

Laura laughed at his lack of response before rising from the pool to float once again over its center, her mind whirling air about her to dry her off before she floated over to her favorite lounger.

As she descended to the seat by the pool, she smiled at the slack-jawed expressions of her staff, their awestruck eyes following her every movement.

“It’s okay,” she said, turning her back on the attractive men that composed her staff. “You may approach me.”

The three of them did as they were told, surrounding her with nervous expressions. Alexandros mustered the courage to speak, Laura watching him carefully with amused eyes.

“Ms. Kingsford, w-was that S-synergy?”

Laura smiled knowingly. “It was.”

“And y-you just…?”

“I did.”


“Like this,” she purred, extending her symbiotes to touch all three men at once, changing their bodies, not permanently, as she’d done with Synergy, but long enough for them to survive what she intended to do next.

She rose from the lounger, gathering all three men in her long, willowy arms, ready to be worshipped again as she so richly deserved.


The judge’s gavel struck the round piece of hardwood with the clack of finality. Laura’s heart seized as the sharp sound startled her drifting mind, tugging it instantly back to the horror of the moment.

Her father was going to prison.

She wouldn’t be able to see him more than once per month.

She would go to live with foster parents until she was eighteen.

She would have to leave her elite private school to attend public school.

Her life as she knew it was over.

She placed her head in her hands and wept.


The rooftop of Brussel’s economic policy boardroom collapsed, sending plaster and building detritus showering the suited people below. A large section landed in the middle of the large room, the people seated behind the polished wooden panel gasping in shock.

Then cowering in fear.

Laura, covered from neck to toe in a suit of what appeared to be black latex with white inlaid symbols, landed atop the mangled chunk of superstructure with a crack of snapping wood and the groan of bending steel.

Her bent knees straightened, her hands finding their place at her hips as she rose to her full height, her intense blue-silver gaze boring into each of the stunned EU decision makers’ fearful eyes in turn.

Six tentacles shot out from her body at lightning speed, one for each of the board members. Viscous black and white liquid splashed wickedly onto their chests, attaching to each person’s body with inhuman force. The six people shook in their chairs as Laura took control of their minds.

“You will take no action against Laura Kingsford’s companies. In fact, you will defer to her on all major decisions involving E.U. policy,” a commanding female voice reverberated in their heads.

Each person’s pupils dilated, their heads nodding in slow subservience.

“And for that you will be rewarded.” Each of her new pets felt their fear leave them, replaced by a dreamy sense of warmth and security knowing that Laura was close and that they served her well.

Too easy, Laura thought with a satisfied smirk. Machiavelli—like most men—was wrong. It was better to be loved. If you could enforce it.

And she could. She absolutely could.

She was finished working in the shadows. There was no more need to be furtive with her activities. No one could stop her now. She could operate in the open without bothering to disguise her true intentions. The time for subtly had passed. Now was the time to flex her might for the world to see. It was time to take the next step in the consolidation of her power.

Now for the E.U. leadership…

Laura’s tentacles whipped back from the board members, slithering through the air to be reabsorbed into the tight, shiny costume that covered her unbelievably perfect body.

She strode casually out the door, leaving the destruction for the economic council to figure out. She had more important things to attend to now.

Laura entered the hallway outside the large room to find a squad of armored security personnel hustling toward her. Upon seeing her stunning visage, the team drew their weapons, training them on her luscious form.

Laura sent a tendril lashing out from her shimmering costume. It coiled around the first soldier’s torso before pulling him violently toward her. His back bowed with the force, arms and legs trailing awkwardly behind. Laura’s fist flashed out, cracking into his skull and sending him spinning to the ground as her symbiotic tendril snaked back into her costume.

The rest of the soldiers gaped at their fallen comrade for a shocked, silent moment before pulling their triggers in near unison.

A hail of bullets whistled toward the supervillainess, but time seemed to slow for her. She dodged to the side of the first bullet, a smirk forming over her lips as she again began to realize just how powerful she had become.

The next cluster of bullets traveling slowly toward her, Laura swung a hand to slap them from the air, sending them thudding into the wall and shattering the glass window to her left.

Then, she leapt forward, faster than thought, her blonde ponytail whipping horizontally behind her as the rest of their bullets passed harmlessly underneath. She landed in a crouch on the shoulders of soldier #2, snapping her knees together to knock him senseless, riding him back to the ground as he fell.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she rolled forward and launched herself into the air with a quick tense of slender thighs, her body rotating as it lurched at a ninety-degree angle to her previous leap. Her long leg came around in a spinning kick, connecting with soldier #3 and sending the uniformed woman right through the hallway wall.

Before the remaining three guards could so much as adjust their aim, Laura was upon them. She snapped the next man’s neck before he could move, twisting her hip to send a kick into the solar plexus of the guard next to him, launching him fifty meters down the hall.

Laura was panting, not from the exertion but from arousal. Dispatching a half dozen armed men with bare hands was exciting in a decidedly sexual way.

The final soldier, another woman, squeezed the trigger just as Laura’s hand grabbed her wrist. The burst of bullets struck her in the chest, flattening against her voluptuous, shimmering breasts before being absorbed in ripples of liquid-like latex. Laura looked down at the woman’s pathetic attempt to injure her before trapping her slender chin in one inescapable hand, turning her head this way and that to examine her face.

It reminded her of a girl named Jenneth. A redhead from her past, mocking her on a day that she’d tried so hard to forget...

Laura squeezed with half-remembered rage, her blonde ponytail swinging wildly. A loud crack echoed through the hall as the woman’s face contorted in agony, her wrist snapping with terrifying ease under the pressure of Laura’s fingers. As the rifle clattered to the floor, Laura sent a tendril to the top of almost-Jenneth’s head, yanking it downward. At the same time, she sent her knee blasting upward. Neck bones snapped as she made contact, the woman’s entire body spinning in an airborne circle before slamming back-first into the floor.

A smoldering look in Laura’s glimmering eyes as she surveyed the downed guards, she stepped over the man before continuing down the hall with a sensual sway of her succulent hips, her stunning body turned on at her own display of power. She couldn’t wait to finish the job she’d set out to accomplish.

The visiting EU leadership were in a room at the end of the hall, guards working swiftly to barricade the door as they listened to Laura’s casual approach from outside. They had called for reinforcements and air support but both were several minutes away.

As Laura neared the doors, she launched herself into the air, accelerating to several times the speed of sound as she slammed into them.

The doors flew inward, spinning into the room with terrifying force before exiting the far windows with a spray of broken glass. Laura decelerated to a nearly instant stop just past the entrance, staring straight ahead at the empty room, her lips parting in a satisfied smile. Those doors must have knocked the enemy out of the room before she’d even had any fun. Too bad.

As she brushed off her hands, however, she heard the clatter of a pin on the floor. As she turned toward its source, a grenade struck her in the chest. Her symbiotes grabbed it, covering it as it exploded, the sound waves reverberating her chest but doing no actual damage.

Laura saw five soldiers to her right before her head swiveled to see five more to her left. A volley of five more grenades came at her from both sides at once, the soldiers’ commander smiling cruelly as the clever man watched his men test the superwoman before them.

Tendrils spiraled out from Laura’s costume, however, each slamming into a grenade at an angle with the precise amount of force necessary to send it back to its thrower. The commander barked a command, and the men in front pulled a steel shield up from the floor just in time to block the explosive force from the many explosions.

Still, the grenades knocked the men on their backs, their blast shield flying upward to embed itself in the ceiling. 

Laura turned to see the other group of men lift their shield a split second too late. Her symbiotes rolled upward from her neck to provide her a form-fitting mask as the five grenades detonated at once, just inside their protective steel. Flame and body parts flew outward, the steel shield rocketing toward Laura with frightening speed.

She caught its edge with one hand. In one fluid motion, she twisted her perfect body, flinging the steel slab toward the first group of men like a frisbee.

The opposing commander anticipated her move, breathtakingly quick as it was, however, quickly ordering his men to mold themselves to the floor. The steel whipped over their heads, ripping off the helmet of one man on its way through the far wall but injuring none.

Laura frowned, her eyes giving a look of grudging respect to the men’s commander. She was beginning to like the man. Too bad he was going to die.

Laura leapt forward, one tentacle of black fluid affixing itself to the ceiling, another to the wall. The men before her attempted to roll out of her way, not realizing what she had in mind. Laura landed far to the side of the men, giving a forceful tug on each tentacle.

A moment later a huge section of wall and ceiling collapsed atop all but one of the men, their screams ending the moment the concrete landed on their fragile bodies.

Laura’s eyes flashed darkly as she saw who remained.

It was the commander.

He didn’t waste any time staring at her, however, already in motion as he aimed a sidearm at her chest. He squeezed the trigger repeatedly in her direction, knowing it wouldn’t hurt her, but hoping it would buy him some time. He leapt out of the room just as a helicopter swung over the roof, spinning in place before the destroyed picture window to release two rockets into Laura’s symbiote-covered form.

Much like the commander before her, however, Laura was already moving. As the rockets fizzed toward her former position, she shot a hand outward, tendrils flying from her fingertips to latch onto the rockets’ sides. Laura used the tethers to swing the rockets around before impacting the rubble in the room, twisting her hips to give her body more power, she pulled the rockets around her before willing the symbiotic tentacles back into her body. The rockets sailed true to how she’d aimed them, striking the helicopter gunship in rapid succession.

The aircraft erupted in flames, tilting before dropping from the sky, its blades ripping apart to sheer off the corner of the building that Laura occupied. Panting as much from the thrill as the exertion, Laura heard a soft, tinny sound coming from the direction of the window.

She walked toward the jagged edges of ruined glass and looked down to see the commander hanging by his belt, having used it as a makeshift harness to catch the pole of an E.U. flag on his descent. He was speaking into a walkie-talkie, ordering another airstrike on her position.

Laura's eyes filled with respect for the man once more, she fired a lance-shaped tentacle toward him, but it zipped past him when his head darted to the side at the last second. Annoyed, she fired a dozen more in a wide spread in his direction.

The man reached for his belt, but the tendrils struck the tattered uniform that covered his body before he could unbuckle it, his body going taut as Laura’s mental command told him to freeze. A small portion of symbiote wrapped itself around him, then reached out to snap his leather belt in two.

The man dropped from the flagpole, the symbiote flowing over his body to cushion his fall. Laura stood high above, watching from the window, pleased that she had been able to incapacitate the man for her later use. She would absolutely find a use for a man like that later. He had been her most challenging opponent since her first transformation. Synergy included.

Laura turned to survey the rest of the room with her silver-blue eyes. Where had they moved the E.U. leadership then? That commander was smart. He would have gotten them as far away as possible with the little time he’d had available.

She saw a small, secondary door in the large room, and leapt into the sky to crash through it. It led to a narrow corridor, then a service elevator. The elevator seemed to be locked down, however, unmoving after the damage that had rocked the building.

Laura pushed her fingers into the crack in the elevator doors and pulled them apart. The stainless steel squealed as it gave way to her superior strength as the symbiotes that had moved to cover her head retracted, flowing back into her costume to leave her gorgeous face and thick blonde hair uncovered once again.

She straightened her arms to either side, crushing the last of the metal against each wall as she leaned forward to peer into the darkness below. She hopped from the ledge, landing hard on bent knees atop the elevator several floors down.

As the metal box shuddered with the force of her landing, she heard gasps and screams from inside. Firing a hand downward five tendrils of swirling black and white embedded themselves in the top of the car. Laura pulled upward with all her might, and the top of the elevator car peeled away, making a small group of cowering, well-dressed leaders visible to her stunning eyes.

She hopped from her perch at the edge of the curled metal and landed inside the car. A tentacle for each person inside grew from her costume, bending and weaving slowly as they approached their intended targets, ready to bend their minds to Laura’s unyielding will.

Laura gave a shuddering exhale of pleasure as she prepared to use her powers to dominate the minds of several of the most powerful people on the face of the planet.


Laura’s eyes wore a look of amusement as she strolled past dozens of dead bodies in Triad headquarters in Kowloon. She had improved her technique since Brussels, thanks to a quick absorption of the commander’s tactical skills. These men hadn’t even lasted a second. While it was good combat practice, it was hardly a good use of resources. She had plans for this organization and weakening them didn’t serve her interests. She decided on a more stealthy approach the rest of the way.

She looked up at the television that blared in Cantonese as she tore the handle from the door that gave entry to the Triad’s inner sanctum. She smiled as her white symbiote flowed upward to cover her ear, realizing that it was enabling her to understand the language.

“In a surprise move today, the leaders of the European Union announced that not only would they be dropping their antitrust investigation into Kingsford Enterprises, but that going forward they would be deferring to the company on all matters of economic and environmental policy…”

Laura had expected that the news would generate some fallout, but as she consolidated power in the world’s other significant nations and the people saw every nation acting in solidarity for once, much of the wind would be taken out of the protesters’ sails. After all, she would be achieving something that the vast majority of loudmouth protester-types always claimed that they wanted—a world united behind a single purpose, acting in concert to help save the planet.

Currently, she was tending to the underworld, however, knowing that she needed them in alignment with her to truly make her plans work. She had already seen to the Russian mafia, but she had yet to make her presence felt in southeast Asia. Today, she was taking care of that little detail.

Laura’s mask flowed over her breathtaking face before her entire body faded from view. She was not actually invisible, but the symbiotes copied the images on the opposite side of her at every point from every angle, so she was camouflaged to the point where she might as well have been.

She crept deeper into the compound, passing by chatting Triad members who never knew she was there. As she drew further inside, the decor seemed more residential, telling her she was nearing the object of her quest.

She climbed the carpeted stairs to the roof, where she heard voices through the door. Opening it with a soft push, she crept onto the roof, the nighttime view of skyscrapers on Hong Kong island across the water gorgeous under the night sky.

Surveying her new surroundings, Laura spotted the Triad leader relaxing with two women in a rooftop hot tub.

Laura smiled in predatory fashion, willing her symbiotes to turn into a swimsuit with a diaphanous cover-up, the outfit giving tantalizing glimpses of her flawless body to anyone who cast a gaze in her direction. She strode toward the tub with a model’s gait, instantly catching the eye of the powerful man within it.

His jaw dropped as he saw the most stunningly gorgeous woman he’d ever laid eyes on, completely forgetting the beautiful, bikini-clad Asians in his arms. Laura suppressed a dark smile, never tiring of the effect her goddess-like body had on members of the opposite sex.

She walked up the steps to the edge of the tub, looking down on the trembling man before her as she reached down to pull off the cover-up. Awe filled the gaze of the powerful mobster as the full glory of Laura’s body was revealed before his saucer-like eyes.

Laura stepped into the bubbling water, her silky calf slipping under the foam in a smooth, elegant arc. As her barely-covered hips drew to eye-level for the Triad leader, he swallowed hard, his lips trembling with hunger. Laura decided that she didn’t even need her symbiotes to control this man, her stunning body was more than capable of doing so without additional aid.

Her sculpted stomach slithering downward, she made a show of sliding the rest of the way into the steamy water, her breasts beginning to glisten as moisture collected over their luscious upper slopes.

Laura’s eyes twinkled with dark desire as she pushed forward through the heated water, forcing her way between the two buxom girls to either side of her target.

“Hi there,” she said in a seductive purr. “I thought you might like to play.”

The man seemed to attempt speech, his eyes latched unblinkingly onto her succulent breasts, but only a soft hiss issued from between his lips.

Laura allowed the corners of her plump lips to fall into a sexy pout. “Awwwwww, not up for any games?”

The mobster blinked once, his pupils dilating as he attempted, unsuccessfully, to engage his desire-addled brain. His look turned pleading.

“Actually, Mr. Lin likes games,” came a dulcet voice in accented Cantonese to Laura’s right. “He plays them with us all the time.” Laura turned, re-examining what she had dismissed as mere arm candy. The mob boss’ paid playmate was both bold and astonishingly composed to still be able to form complete sentences so close to the withering heat of her presence.

Laura smirked, deciding that she liked this woman. She might make for a good canvas for more biological art. Her eyes flashed wickedly as she sized up the woman’s voluptuous form, modifying her plan to accommodate the intriguing idea that had formed in her razor-sharp mind.

“Oh, really…” Laura’s voice rumbled with sensual interest as her calculating eyes shifted to refocus on the struggling man before her.

The seductive blonde pushed forward through the bubbling water, her body gliding until it came tantalizingly close to the quivering man, the model-like women to either side serving as garnish to her main course. “That’s wonderful. Because I love games. Especially when they involve men…”

Laura’s voice dropped to a husky whisper as she turned her jaw, her rose-colored lips pursing to savor her next words. “...and women.”

She reached out with a manicured nail to lift the chin of the woman who had just spoken before touching her lips to those of the girl. She felt the sudden rush of humid breath as the woman gasped with arousal, the chaste kiss from Laura’s perfect lips leaving the sexy girl breathless before the looming onslaught of the blonde’s dominating sexuality.

She gave Mr. Lin a sidelong glance as the woman’s surprised eyes fluttered closed, the woman’s tongue slithering over her lips to savor the lingering tingle of Laura’s unexpected act. The man was completely agog, spellbound by Laura’s flirtatious display.

A sly smile gracing the moistened voluptuousness of her lips, Laura dove in a second time, this time sending her tongue into the woman’s mouth with a forceful lunge, eliciting a surprised yelp from the tensing woman before the caress of her soft lips began to relax the girl’s curvaceous body.

She felt the girl undulate beneath the swirling water, her breasts brushing Laura’s sensitive, symbiote-coated nipples. The contact with the sexy girl’s curves sent a sharp thrill into Laura’s increasingly aroused body, her libido still insatiable after her second power-up. Briefly, her mind flashed to the moment that the second symbiote had flowed over her body, a powerful surge of arousal pounding her heart. Laura groaned huskily, still kissing the girl, almost able to feel the downward creep of the symbiote for a second time as her mouth crushed the poor girl’s open lips.

After a long, breathtakingly intense make-out session with the first swimsuit model, Laura managed to break her kiss, leaving the girl panting and writhing with barely contained desire. After the brief but intense trip into her memories, she was in much the same state herself.

“How did you… I mean… I’ve never felt…” the trembling girl exhaled, dazed by the sudden release of the erotic kiss.

Laura paid her no heed for the moment, however. Her lips shone in the dim light of the city night, the cool evening breeze rustling her damp hair as she returned her focus to her true quarry, her hungry eyes piercing him with a smoldering glance. Steam rose before her stunningly gorgeous face, making it look as if she were a magician’s illusion. An impossibly sexy, impossibly seductive magician’s illusion. 

He reached out for her, but Laura evaded his grasp like a twisting column of sensual smoke before dropping beneath the surface of the foaming water.

Mr. Lin stiffened, rising to his feet, water streaming over his rigid erection as his gaze raked the bubbles, looking for the sultry vixen that had him more turned on than anyone else had ever achieved with nary a touch.

A surprised squeal drew his eyes toward the second girl. As his gaze fell to her delicious curves, she shuddered, another urgent moan erupting from her pink, glossy lips as each of her hands shot to the sides of the tub to steady herself.

“What was—? Ooooooooh!” she breathed in a shuddering voice, her breasts rising slightly from the foamy water, fierce nipples tenting the top of her golden bikini.

“Oh, God,” she yelped, the pitch of the girl’s voice rising as the muscles in her slender arms grew taut with tension, her hands still locked over the edges of the tub with a white-knuckled grip. Her pink-painted toes rose from the churning foam, her smooth legs parting as they extended.

“Oh, Gaaaaawd. I’ve never… unnnnnghh!” she groaned, her eyes widening before squeezing shut. “How is she—?”

“Omigod,” she breathed, interrupting her own sentence as her train of thought was destroyed by whatever was happening under the water’s roiling surface. The woman’s eyes rolling with increasing vigor beneath her closed eyelids, she suddenly sucked in an urgent breath.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!” she cried, the guttural scream sounding almost agonized as her feet fell under the churning waves, to lift her breasts fully from the roiling water. Bubbled droplets dripped from their rounded swells as they began to shake with pleasure.

As her lungs ran out of oxygen, she sucked in a shuddering breath, just as her hips began to buck with loud, urgent splashes.

“Oh, Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!” she screamed, her body thrashing wildly, sending sheets of foamy fluid splattering over Mr. Lin as he watched the girl’s sexual detonation in silently trembling awe.

As the woman spasmed and shook, Laura emerged from the water, her eyes open as she rose from the foam, locked onto those of the astonished Triad leader. She rose to her feet, rivulets of foamy water finding the defined channels between her sleek muscles, a long, thick tendril slithering back into her skimpy bikini.

She stepped forward, placing a hand on each of Mr. Lin’s shoulders and pressing down, forcing the man back into a seated position, his quivering erection gliding over the firm flesh of her succulent thigh as he bent to her will.

Laura remained standing above him as he gazed upward into the swirling depths of her confident, blue-silver eyes.

“Men only understand two things, don’t they, girls...” said Laura, her lips sculpting into a cruel grin as she looked down her nose at the cowed Triad leader, his body desperate to ravish the goddess before him.

“...pleasure…” she breathed, bending forward to run her fingers delicately down the Triad leader’s bare chest, the smooth curvature of her perfect ass rising as her platinum hair fanned over her bare shoulders. 

“...and pain…” her breathy lilt transformed into a growl as she dug her fingernails into his chiseled pectorals, blood welling as the man flinched, beginning to squirm with discomfort as she casually inflicted her punishment. She raked his chest with an evil glint in her eye, fingernails dragging languidly downward to leave five trails of fire in his tanned skin. The man tensed, but didn’t scream. Laura’s respect for the Triad leader rose a notch.

“You live in my world now. Whether you find it Heaven or Hell is a choice I leave to you,” she said to the man as his chest rose and fell with the whirling emotions born of her dichotomy of inflicted sensation. His eager eyes were both hopeful and fearful as her tongue emerged for a slow, desultory caress of her full lips, savoring the taste of the woman she had ravished mere seconds before. “You’re strong, which I like. But you also seem the sort that will require constant reminders of why you serve…”

“Girls?” she said suddenly, two slithering tendrils emerging from the strings at her hips to wind their way toward each of the two beautiful women. “I presume you won't mind assisting me in this small matter?”

They each stared at her uncomprehendingly, the second girl only now recovering from her powerful orgasm. The first girl proved her mettle a second time, whispering a soft, “Of course.” 

Laura looked at the first girl, fondness lighting her expression. “So you were saying before that you’ve never felt a kiss like mine before?”

The bold girl touched her lips absently, the hint of a smile tugging at her shimmering lips.

Laura glanced at the other girl. “And you’ve never felt pleasure like that before?”

The second girl shook her head slowly, her dark eyes never breaking contact with Laura’s as goosebumps washed over her tanned flesh.

“Well, ladies, it is time to expand your horizons.” At her words, the hovering tentacles lashed out, snapping taut as they coiled around each girl’s curvaceous body.

A dozen tendrils formed at the end of each larger tentacle, the finger-like appendages caressing each girl’s succulent form. As the alien creatures gently roamed each woman’s shapely flesh, the girls’ eyes fluttered shut.

The second girl began to moan, the throaty sound almost haunting at first, before it escalated into a roar that seemed incongruous with her tiny frame. Her outstretched hands were no longer merely gripping the edge of the tub, but pulverizing the fiberglass between her fingers as ridges of slim, feminine muscle hardened with strength greater than that of twenty of Mr. Lin’s toughest men. The beautiful Asian slid beneath the surface of the water, eyes closed, but the swirling eddies of foam could not conceal the soft swelling of her ripening figure. Her suit ruptured from within almost instantly, the scraps of golden cloth immediately lost to the swirl of the tub’s pumping jets. Mr. Lin’s eyes widened as a trick of the light made her submerged silhouette appear to grow dramatically voluptuous in all the right places, superhuman strength artfully concealed under sumptuously fleshy curves.

Meanwhile Laura’s favorite—the girl who had dared to speak—gasped. She was rising from the water as if pulled into the night sky by a thread that ran upward from her sternum. She rose until her downward-pointed toes barely remained in contact with the surface of the water, a pulsating black tendril coiled about her slender ankle. Droplets of water raining down, her silhouette became long, lean, and muscled, combining the sinuous elegance of a ballerina with the powerful physique of an Olympic swimmer.

Her roaming hands quickly slipped under the triangles that covered her breasts to caress full, pert curves that seemed almost obscenely luscious on such a slender, athletic frame. Dirty whispers streamed from her parted lips in a continuous exhalation, urging herself toward an imminent climax. Her sleek dancer’s thighs clenched rhythmically as she began to massage her own nipples, revealing powerful cords of muscle that proclaimed she was every bit as strong as the girl thrashing in the water below.

Laura’s hands turned and curled in an intricate pattern as she tied their minds together as she had with Synergy. She ensured each would experience every delicious sensation felt by the other, making them twins in spirit as they were complementary halves in form.

Laura withdrew her tentacles, stepping back as one woman descended into the pool and the other ascended from the water, tossing her sopping hair back with a flourish. The two women looked meaningfully at each other, then at Laura, who nodded in silent approval, reinforcing the commands she’d given them through their symbiote-assisted mental connection.

The women turned their sultry gazes on Mr. Lin, their bodies nestling against him, each stroking his arm, his face, his injured chest. The bold woman kissed his cuts, her tongue swirling over the red, irritated flesh. His wounds seemed to close, the red marks fading as her face rose to his, her piercing, almond-shaped eyes weaving a spell that demanded his rapt attention. She leaned forward, her eyes closing, the soft exhale of her breath tickling the fine hairs above his upper lip as her mouth approached his. She kissed him. As deeply as Laura had kissed her.

As Mr. Lin sucked at her newfound sister’s probing tongue, the shorter, curvier woman’s head dipped under the water at his waist, her silken tresses floating at the waterline as her nimble fingers rolled down the upper hem of his bathing suit. She dug her fingernails into his sensitive flesh, staring coldly up at him from below as his body tensed and he broke his kiss with a cry of pain.

“Remember,” Laura laughed as she left the hyper-aroused man to the supremely skillful attentions of her latest disciples. “Heaven…” she nodded to the now-healed welts on his chest. 

“Or Hell…”, she nodded again, this time toward the woman who had a painful hold on his manhood.

Laura’s skimpy costume began to fill in, expanding over her magnificent curves as she strode rapidly toward the rooftop’s edge. The blonde goddess leapt from the edge of the towering building into the night sky and was gone.


“No thanks,” texted Laura in response to Vlady’s desperate proposals, annoyed that he dared to intrude on her valuable time. This afternoon, she had already fucked one more world leader into submission and broken every bone in the hand of another. Now, she had far more important things to do… finding George.

She was in a foul mood, angry that her people showed a disturbing inability to complete such a simple task on their own. Apparently, they needed more motivation. She had come to her San Francisco headquarters to provide exactly that.

Her mind whirling with darkly sensual images of a third symbiote flowing over her body, wondering just how terrifyingly powerful she would become with a triumvirate of aliens at her disposal, Laura felt her stomach twisting with achingly strong feelings of arousal. 

God, these fuckers! Why wouldn’t they give her what she wanted most?! What she needed with every magnificent fiber of her heart-stoppingly delicious body!

Laura tore the steel double doors from their hinges, determined to make an entrance that her people wouldn’t soon forget. The metal crumpled under her slender fingers, as she tossed the damaged doors aside. 

“Who is in charge of Project Triumvirate?” Laura screamed as she strode into the headquarters of the Kingsford group, despite the fact that she already knew exactly who it was.

Shocked faces turned toward her, lines of fear etched into every expression.

“Where is Stan?” she demanded, her demand washing over the room with a ripple of force as she stopped in its center, placing her hands on her hips before slowly scanning the faces along its periphery.

“I-I’m here, Ms. Kingsford,” came a timid voice from the crowd, a middle-aged man stepping forward. 

In the blink of an eye, the man was dangling from Laura’s fingertips, her arm straight and angled skyward as his limp body dangled from her powerful grip on his neck.

“You are a failure, Stan. A complete waste of a human being,” Laura spat, eager to vent her frustrations on the pathetic man who had failed her. She felt a lesson was required.

“Those who work for me do not fail…” Laura seethed. “...they dominate every obstacle in their path!”

Tendrils fanned down her arm, wrapping around Stan’s dangling body in a subtle web. She squeezed her fingers, his eyes bulging, face turning purple as his hands shot to her wrist, tugging uselessly at her iron grip.

“Don’t you want to see me gain even more power?” Laura screamed into his face. “Don’t you want me to rule?”

The blonde’s eyes were manic, the depth of her frustration tangible. With every word, she shook the man’s body, causing his feet to quiver and sway. Under the conservative office attire, the body Laura was shaking like a rag doll seemed to wither, its already spindly limbs thinning by the second.

“I am kind to those who deserve it. To those who actually do their jobs well,” Laura said, her voice dropping to a soft hiss. “Perhaps I would have given you youth. Perhaps a scent that would land any woman you wanted in your bed. Money would have been the least of your rewards.”

Laura’s eyes flashed dangerously as they gazed coldly into the man’s dulling irises. “But failure cannot be tolerated. Failure must be met with a fitting outcome.”

Her toes left the ground, tentacles extending from her hands to steady his body as the pair drifted upward in the center of the room. “And failure on my most important project of all...” she screamed in a shrill voice, “...must be met with death!!”

Laura’s arm pulled back, then shot forward, flinging the shriveled man head-first into one of the massive pillars supporting the atrium. He shot across the chamber too fast to even scream, his skull instantly pulverized, numerous bones in his limp body shattering as the rest of him followed its deadly trajectory.

Laura spun in mid-air to glare at the rest of the staff before Stan’s headless corpse slid down the pillar into a motionless heap.

“Enough of this! How hard could it be? He’s not a CIA agent. He’s not a ghost. He’s a fucking scientist! I’ll find the man myself!!” she snarled, tendrils of swirling black and white lashing out from her breathtaking curves, expanding in every direction as if they were bowing beams of light from a dark, angry star. They shot out, winding through the assembled team until each person there was connected to their leader in a vast web-like network of snaking, pulsing alien flesh.

Laura closed her eyes, feeding on the information contained in the minds of her employees, devouring their knowledge. After a long movement of concentration, her eyes snapped open, her lips tightening into a determined scowl. Putting together the small bits of information that each of them had garnered, she was able to assemble them into a more complete picture, her brilliant mind making the intuitive leap that her people had collectively lacked.

Laura rocketed into the sky, bursting through the roof of her own building as a shrinking cone of writhing tentacles were reabsorbed into her shiny black-and-white costume.


“Hello, George,” came a sultry voice from the darkness, a long, slender, glossy black leg stepping out from the inky shadows. She moved silently, her glossy black form gliding toward the center of the room as if she were simply another pool of darkness in the quiet night—albeit an insanely shapely one. “Remember me?”

Laura’s eyes blazed with insatiable anticipation, their simmering glaze seemingly at odds with the soft purr of her velvet voice. But she didn’t care if he knew how much she wanted this. She didn’t care about anything except for the alien that clung for dear life to the man’s naked skin. She had waited days for this moment...

...the day she would ascend from powerful to omnipotent.

Breathing heavily due to the pattering contractions of her jubilant heart, Laura could barely stand her luscious body’s unquenchable hunger for the third symbiote’s power. Her perfect skin tingled, itching to feel the flow of liquid power into her muscles as with the first time. This time, she wanted to feel the symbiote inside her. She wanted to drink deep of its potency, magnified beyond comprehension by the presence of the other two.

She wanted to feel the expansion of her brilliant mind into the depths of the cosmos. She wanted to extinguish resistance to her supremacy with a thought, ignite others’ bodies in a conflagration of desire with a single fucking look at her hopelessly overwhelming perfection. She wanted all notions of opposition to die within the utter magnificence of her absolute, all-fucking-consuming power.

Laura shuddered, her womb an inferno, the moisture gathering at its entrance smoldering. Her nipples were taut, breathtakingly intense arousal practically dripping from every curve of her unbelievable body.

“Give it to me,” she said, wickedly sharp tentacles rising from every surface of her divine body, swaying into the moonlight with the self-assured lethality of rising serpents.

George jumped back as if the sight of the stunning blonde had burned his eyes, his fingers tugging the door to his underground hideout shut. But Laura threw her hands forward, black snakes ripping through the darkness, piercing the steel door and cement walls of the compound like spears. They curled around the frightened man, pulling him through the concrete wall with the cacophonic crackle of snapping of stone. The vast slab of gray rock fell with a resounding boom, a billow of dust swirling over its ragged edges as the force shook the entire room.

In the span of a heartbeat, George, his face scraped and bleeding, floated before the sexy villainess, locked in the menacing embrace of ten writhing snakes, his tremulous lower lip quivering with all-consuming fear.

“I said: give it to me,” Laura repeated breathily, her body undulating sensually as her palms ground into her sleek hips. She appeared desperate, so close to reaching her goal. So close to omnipotence. She could practically taste the power that radiated from the symbiote covering George’s trembling form. Her voice was a whisper, even softer than before, but it held a seething intensity that was absolutely terrifying to the man at whom it was directed.

Her right hand rose slowly as her symbiotes drew the man in, his feet dangling over the floor as his panicked eyes gazed helplessly into hers. Laura’s wrist turned until her palm faced the sky, her long, slender fingers unfurling toward the horrified scientist as her eyes turned manic with insatiable hunger.

“You know what I want,” she said, licking her lips as she gazed into the man’s trembling eyes. “And you know you can’t stop me from taking it.”

She floated toward the man’s taut body, her smile dark as she drew her other hand forward. Laura’s lips parted to issue a sensual moan of anticipation as her index finger pressed into the man’s symbiote-covered chest. A kaleidoscope of color sprayed across her field of vision as she felt the alien presence connecting to her wildly excited neurons. It was as if the movement of light could no longer evade her notice, its inexorable journey slowing to a crawl under the omnipresence of her visual acuity.

Laura felt every surface of her curvaceous body ignite with the initial wave of pleasure, a shocked breath rippling her sculpted abs before ascending upward in a violent undulation that erupted as a soft moan erupted from between her parted lips.

She drew her finger over his chest, drifting around his right side. She trailed her finger over his body, a rippling wake trailing its movement through the crimson liquid that covered him.

“I could strip it from you by force. As I did with Synergy,” Laura said, her voice breathy with urgent desire. “But I can think of far more pleasurable ways to suck your alien from your delicious little body, Mr. McMurtry.”

The man swallowed hard, his eyes darting to the side as if to catch a glimpse of her breathtaking body as she circled behind him.

Laura laughed as she gauged his obvious reaction, leaning forward, her delicate jaw gliding over his glistening, symbiote-covered shoulder to whisper into his ear. “I will make you scream.”

She withdrew, progressing further around, his black-webbed form, her symbiotes continuing to hold his body in place. Her chin slid over his other shoulder this time, her voice growing still quieter as her whisper became barely audible. “It’s up to you whether that scream is one of ecstasy or agony, Mr. McMurtry.”

 Laura continued floating around him, all five of her fingertips carving trenches into his symbiote now, as she solidified her connection to its simple neural network, the act exciting her body into new levels of anticipatory arousal. Her own symbiotes were surging now, buzzing as they caressed her flushed skin in curious, tantalizing places as they anticipated the arrival of their wayward sibling.

By the time Laura floated before him once again, both her libido and her symbiotes had been whipped into a frenzy by the closeness of the consummation of her triumvirate.

George continued his silence, his mouth open but no words emerging. As the pressure built in Laura’s body, however, she found that she could no longer wait for him to overcome his native timidity. She knew that George would crumble to her wishes. He was a man. She was perfection, soon to be so much more. He would never be able to resist her. He would never want to.

Laura’s hands shot forward, burying themselves in crimson liquid, the alien symbiote flowing over her fingers with warm, pulsating tendrils.

Laura’s head tilted back, her lush, platinum mane billowing outward as an inferno of desire erupted within her magnificent body. She opened her mouth as her mind caressed the symbiote, hearing whispers of its incredible power flowing through the vibrating forms of her other two creatures.

A whirling blaze of fire wound through her stunning form, all of Laura’s lust for power merging with her desire for sexual release to form an indescribably powerful storm of incandescing emotion. It was too much for her to contain. She had to have the third symbiote. She couldn’t wait any longer.

The moment was here.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” Laura shrieked, the wave of sound from her voice rumbling the building’s foundation as the scientist’s trembling hands clapped to his ears.

But Laura’s scream didn’t abate. It grew louder. More intense. More desperate. More powerful.

The walls of the compound shook with increasing fury, pieces of concrete breaking away from the ceiling to shatter on the rumbling floor.

“Fucking God!” she gasped with the last of the air in her lungs as it finally ran out, punctuating her cry with a curse at a deity that would soon cease to be her superior.

Laura grabbed at the scientist’s taut body, clutching at him violently to pull him to her breathtaking form. Her rational mind faded from her consciousness, consumed by the haze of impossible desire that raged through her powerful form.

“Aaaaaarrrghghh!” he cried as his body crashed into hers with absurd force, Laura’s strength let loose to its full extent for the first time in her hunger for the additional power she craved.

She threw George to the floor, the back of his head hitting the concrete with a sharp crack. A fresh web of tentacles slithered from her shimmering body to pin him to the floor before he could manage to struggle free.

Laura darted downward, her breasts slamming into the scientist’s body, crushing the air from his lungs. Her mouth covered his as the last of his oxygen passed through his round lips, stabbing her tongue into his wide open orifice with wanton abandon.

Her lips slammed into his, rolling over his rising erection, coaxing his body into hideous levels of excitement in spite of—or because of—the pain she had inflicted into his superpowered body.

“Give… it… to… me…” she repeated, her voice a threatening growl as it rumbled the man’s tremulous tongue between kisses, her lips and tongue more urgent than they had ever been as they did their best imitation of a symbiote’s liquid tendrils. “I… want it. I... need it.”

But Laura wasn’t aware of what she was doing any longer, absolutely consumed by raw, naked lust. She had to have the symbiote. She had to get it from George. But she no longer had the patience for careful planning. She no longer needed to. She was more powerful than anyone had ever been…

...but that was nothing compared to what she was about to become.

The thought alone nearly brought her to climax, her hips bucking violently against the man who had what she so desperately needed.

George’s member was standing at full attention now, albeit bruised by the thunder of Laura’s rolling, writhing hips. His hands enveloped the woman above him, his fingertips gliding over liquid-coated perfection, rising and falling the perfect curves of her succulent form as his body responded to the divine woman’s sexual domination with the starved passion of unquenchable lust.

Suddenly, Laura sat up on her haunches, her blue-silver eyes wild with pent-up desire as they hovered over the scientist’s breathless face. She had a device to steal symbiotes, but she hadn’t brought it. She hadn’t needed to.

She knew what this man wanted.

She knew what every man wanted.

And right now, she wanted it every bit as badly, so she had no qualms about trading for the object of her unceasing desire.

“My body... in exchange... for the symbiote,” she offered in a husky pant, feeling the heat of his raging hardness under the trickling moisture of her expectant sex. Her symbiotes withdrew from her luscious form at her mental command, leaving her taut lower abdomen bared to his trembling, awestruck gaze.

The symbiotes formed a column of long spikes over her inwardly curving spine as George’s diffident chin rose and fell, nodding slowly, his gaze tearing away from her hypnotic eyes to descend, drinking in the staggering magnificence of Laura Kingford’s body with a zombie-like stare.

Her saliva-coated lips drawing languidly into a victorious grin, Laura dove in once more, her body rolling as she struck like a sensual viper, Her lips diving into his mouth even more forcefully than before. He moaned as her tongue slammed his head to the cool concrete, gasping as her sumptuous hips aligned with his bucking lower body, hovering over his desperate cock like a predator lining up for a killing lunge.

The sleek muscles in Laura’s powerful thighs tensed, and she levered her core downward, grinding her pelvis over George’s hungry erection with a powerful clench of her breathtaking ass.

George screamed in ecstasy as their hips collided, her body clenching over his member, grinding downward with breathtaking force. The momentum of her violent action slammed the bones of his pelvis into the floor to crunch the cement beneath him.

As Laura felt the spasmodic pulses of George’s instant climax within the sensitive walls of her steely canal, sensed its tip powering into the deepest depths of her womb, a bright flash ignited in her clouded mind.

Suddenly, Laura was back in the courtroom hallway, staring after the boy as he walked away, the stem of his solitary gift clenched in her trembling fingers. A strange emotion filled her heart, the fear and tension of the day, of her father’s fate, falling away for a brief moment.

Her feelings were clear. And unfamiliar.

She had never recognized them for what they were. Not until now.

The feelings, they were....

But that wasn’t the half of it. She had finally realized who the boy was. The one person who had managed to light the fuse on the most powerful emotion of all in the most powerful person ever to exist.

He was Synergy.

Laura’s mind snapped back to the present, the sudden realization occurring in the span of a heartbeat, her body slamming into George’s, the scorching warmth of his climax filling her as he thrashed both under and within her body.

As Laura reeled from the unwanted memories, her hunger for the symbiote intensified by this new insight into herself.

She loved Synergy, the one person who was kind to her in the moment when she needed it most.

As the alien thought flowed through the dark synapses of her brilliant mind, however, something else flowed into her glistening, pumping body.

The red symbiote.

The alien creature collected in a shining pool at George’s bucking hips, attracted to the taste of impossibly sensual potency as Laura’s ravenous body vibrated with an inferno of sexual need. Crimson fluid crept upward along George’s thrusting shaft as his back bowed and body shook with terrifying, carnal intensity.

White-hot electricity crackled the suddenly startled Laura’s skin as the symbiote slid upward over the smooth flesh of her soaked inner thighs. Her body suddenly stopped, the new sensation shocking her body taut.

Laura’s lips pursed, her chest rising as she sucked in a lungful of air, her breasts thrusting ever more proudly outward with the urgent action. A dozen twisting, creeping, blood-colored tendrils rose the deep grooves of her sculpted stomach, lurching ever upward to finger her flush, erect nipples. The symbiote caressed the most sensitive portions of her shapely anatomy with a firm, but gentle, grip, massaging pleasure into her from without…

...and within.

The rest of the alien rippled, gathering itself at the base of George’s pumping cock, twisting upward over his ever-erupting phallus. The creature’s writhing, probing mass twirled as viscous tendrils slapped ever-thickening layers over George’s pulsating penis. It continued to flow upward, covering his flesh, thickening his member until Laura’s panting breaths added yelps of pain. It thrust into her rigid body with breathtaking force, its hot undulations filling Laura’s body with pure, unadulterated agonized rapture.

The creature suddenly rocketed upward into her body, using George’s still-pulsing erection as a conduit, slithering into her sopping, throbbing sex as it climbed.

“Unnnnggghhh!” Laura moaned, biting her lower lip as the warm, pulsating mass of the alien creature exploded into her body.

It felt as if Laura’s body had been plugged directly into a nuclear reactor. Unthinkable levels of energy electrified every nerve ending within her sensitive canal. The muscles beneath her perfect, sweat-coated skin slithered, tightening and coiling as they filled with strength that could crush a planet.

Visions of absolute omnipotence lighting Laura’s glimmering eyes, her dark desires guided the alien inward, welcoming it into her body, its thick, red fingers hurtling inward as it slithered purposefully toward its final destination.

Inward, it expanded, flowing deeper into her body, gaining in strength and firmness as it erupted into the blonde goddess with the explosive power of an inverted volcano. 

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunggggghhh!!!” cried Laura as ecstasy of a magnitude never before imagined rippled the taut interior of her body, shaking it with ever more violent pleasure, rocking her hips, tensing her calves, curling her toes, clenching her heart nearly to the breaking point. 

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkk!!!!” she shrieked as strength beyond imagining thundered into her hungry, throbbing womb.

Nothing had ever penetrated her this deeply before. Nothing could. Except for the symbiote. The alien burrowed into her depths, tendrils expanding within her, spreading outward from her core, gifting every cell of her body with wells of power so vast that it bordered on absurdity.

George’s head dropped to the floor with a thump as the tentacles that bound him wriggled and wavered, the other two symbiotes as overwhelmed by the sensations blasting through Laura’s body as she was.

Laura’s physical form exploded outward, her flesh rippling under her own aura of power, fueled by strength beyond imagining, energy beyond conception. But that was nothing compared to the expansion of her mind. The shockwave of Laura’s consciousness spread like a hurricane of fire, rampaging over the city above to hold all within it captive to her growing thrall.

The blonde goddess’ aura flowed freely from her body, spreading through the room like a sensual tsunami, detonating George’s body again and again, whisking away his will as if it were a leaf torn to shreds by a terrifyingly intense gale.

The symbiote flowed through her body, coiling itself about her organs, slithering into her muscles, wrapping itself around her hammering heart.

Laura rose into the air, still in a kneeling position, leaving George’s spasming body down below. Suddenly, her limbs shot outward, her hair whirling about her head like an amoebic halo, whipped by the force of a gale born of pure power

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddddd!!!!!” Laura screamed as her body detonated in a climax so powerful that it sent a shockwave through the earth’s crust. 

The underground compound was destroyed, George’s life instantly ended, the city above obliterated in a spray of metal and glass that blasted into the sky.

Laura’s fingers and toes curled and trembled within a pocket of thundering earth as she ascended through rock as if it were water. She emerged in the devastated remnants of the city as its detritus began to fall in a shower of mangled metal and brick around a body so incredible that it hurt to behold.

“I am power,” Laura announced, her eyelashes fluttering open to reveal iridescent silver eyes that glowed with unmatchable power. Her voice was rich and melodious as it reverberated over the horizon, her tone possessing confidence so absolute that the statement was the final word on the matter.

Laura’s physical form swayed as it floated over the ground. It seemed as if it were made of curvaceous liquid, shifting and writhing with restless energy even as the taut tendons in her neck began to relax. Instinctively, she knew that her physical form would bend light itself to display the form of its beholder’s deepest, darkest desires, her body appearing as everyone and everyone’s ultimate, mind-bendingly, knee-weakening sexual fantasy.

Her thoughts a whirlwind of dark desires just waiting to be unleashed, a single golden, glimmering thought nagged at her wild, thrilling consciousness.

Part of her wanted to ignore it. Part of her to embrace it.

She couldn’t understand what it meant, but she knew what it was.

She had learned she was capable of love. And she knew its source. One man. The same man who had started on her path to omnipotence with one symbiote, then ensured her success with another. The same man, who, as a boy, delivered her hope in her moment of despair. The same man for whom her love had simmered without her knowledge for over a decade.



“What do you mean? I can’t see him?” asked Laura, tugging the corners of her coat to her chin after the brisk chill of the morning air on her Saturday morning trip into the prison.

The man behind the dirty pane of glass shrugged, tugging at the brim of his blue cap. “He ain’t here anymore, miss.”

“Well, where is he then?”

“Fuck if I know. Nobody tells us shit around here.” The man’s beady eyes matched his words. Callous. Unconcerned. Cold. Just like the icy chill of the morning wind.

“But… how do I find out where he—?”

“You can call this number.” The man slid a card through the small slot at the base of the yellowed glass.

“So he was transferred or something?” Laura’s voice took on a hint of desperation, the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see her father on his first visitation day beginning to sink in.

“Maybe,” the man shrugged again. “Or maybe he just fucking died and they threw him out back.” The man’s smile mocked as Laura’s expression turned to one of utter shock.

He turned and walked away, leaving a stunned, slender girl staring after him in pure, unadulterated horror.


“Did you sense that?” Zmonq asked Lortia.

Lortia shuddered, then nodded, the green symbiote that covered her body rippling uncomfortably.

Zmonq accessed his communication system with a short, mental command to his blue symbiote. “Master, Lortia and I sensed—”

“Deal with her,” said a dark, booming voice, its low vibrations rattling Zmonq’s brain, its owner not bothering to wait for Zmonq to finish his sentence. How was it that the Ruler always seemed to know more about what was happening, even, than the people he employed to sense them.

Zmonq responded with a mental salute of acknowledgment before switching the channel of his symbiote’s mental communicator. “Team 12, assemble at the entrance to the portal immediately.”

Zmonq’s body disappeared into nothingness before reappearing by the portal. A moment later, Lortia did the same, quickly followed by the two other members of their recovery team.

Zmonq’s eyes met the gazes of each member of his team, giving them each a reassuring nod. Then, he stepped through the portal.

The four members of Team 12 appeared around Laura, one blinking into existence on each side of her, their liquid-like symbiotes slithering actively over the aliens’ purple skin.

Laura, still breathless from her recent transformation, stared at Zmonq in confusion. “Who the fuck are you?” she asked, her voice tinged with a hint of excitement as she turned her magnificent visage to either side to see that she was surrounded.

“You have broken the sacred rule,” came Zmonq’s voice in her mind. “One being. One symbiote. This is the way it always has been. This is the way it always will be.”

Laura’s lips curled into a smile as she felt a strange tingle in her mind. Were these aliens reading her thoughts? Her memories?

A momentary shiver of fear rippled through her divine body before the dark goddess dismissed it from her thoughts.

Did it really matter if they read her mind? What could they do to stop her? She was far more powerful than they were, at least individually. She could sense it. Laura clenched her fingers into fists, preparing to display just how powerful she had truly become.

“Surrender the two excess symbiotes. Now. And you may still keep the third.”

Laura’s lips curled into a cruel smile as she pondered her line of attack. It flickered for a moment as she considered what Synergy would think of what she was about to do. It couldn’t be helped, however. These aliens were clearly making a direct challenge to her. 

She couldn’t let such disobedience stand.

Zmonq watched her thoughts, processing through her memories, until he found one that would do. He shot a series of mental images to Lortia, and she fired back a mental acknowledgment, then disappeared.

“You don’t need to do this, Laura Kingsford,” said Zmonq. “I can see what you are planning, and it will not work.”

“It won’t?” asked Laura in an amused tone. “Why don’t we find out?”

“It will not,” said Zmonq, as Lortia appeared beside him, a human dangling from her fingertips as they all continued to float a hundred meters above the ground.

Laura’s eyes flashed darkly, preparing to unleash death on these insolent aliens—until she recognized the man in Lortia’s grasp. 

It was her father.

Her stomach clenching into knots, her heart leaping into her throat, she felt tears well in her eyes.

“Daddy?” Her voice was timid. Hesitant. Fearful. Years of work in building a cold, confident persona were gone in an instant. She had been taken to the moment at the courthouse when her father had been convicted. When her whole world had been shattered. When icy bitterness had invaded her hardening heart.

“Laura?” the man gasped, looking up at the alien woman who held him before returning his eyes to his daughter.

“But I…” Laura said haltingly, tears beginning to run down her flawless cheeks, her blonde flowing around her neck as if it were weightless. “...I thought you were dead!”

“Not dead, little one,” her father smiled warmly. “Just working for someone else.”

Laura’s perfect lips began to tremble with emotion, her glassy eyes narrowing slightly. “But why didn’t you contact me?” She swallowed hard, her voice thick with emotion. “Why didn’t you come to see me?”

“My research had gone too far for their liking. They captured me from my cell ten years ago. They took me to one of their planets. You see, my knowledge was a liability for them. But they didn’t know that I’d already acted on it.”

“Acted on it?” Laura said, her voice thin as she gazed at her father with imploring eyes.

It was Laura’s father’s turn to display his emotions, his eyes beginning to glimmer with tears of his own. “Yes, Laura,” he said, giving the aliens another tremulous look. “With you.”

“With me?” Laura asked, suddenly confused. “What do you mean?”

Zmonq interrupted, Lortia’s fingers tightening on the older man’s shoulder as his mental command to tell the elderly human not to answer. “Give up your symbiotes now, and you may speak further with your father. Do it not, and you will never speak to him again.”

As if to illustrate the point, Lortia’s other hand curled about the man’s throat, cutting off his supply of oxygen.

Laura’s father’s face began to redden, as the nascent goddess considered what to do.

She couldn’t give up her symbiotes now, could she? Not when she had finally completed her triumvirate of power!

She felt the might flowing through her elegant muscles, thrilling in the feel of its magnificent energy.

But her father…

Her glowing eyes shimmered as they took in the sight of her dying father, his lips turning purple as they parted for breath without success.

She had been without him for so long. Seeing him again had brought back… so much…

What should she do?

To be continued…

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