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Written by AlbertC :: [Friday, 16 July 2021 12:37] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 17 July 2021 19:48]

Written by AlbertC, English translation by Sarge

Part 1

Diana was at her rehearsal when she noticed that the photographer's assistant could not contain his excitement with her presence, after all a Goddess like this would impact anyone, let alone a teenager.

However, she was annoyed with his lack of control and decided to "cool" things a little. She decided to use her super lungs and blew a jet that hit him squarely, making him roll back ten feet.

He didn't know that in addition to her super strength, Diana could blow hurricanes if she wanted to, and after rehearsal she whispered into his ear and said, wait until later, and you'll see what I can do if you don't behave."

Part 2

Peter is a teenager and like every boy this age, his hormones multiplied in his body every time he sees a pretty woman. As an assistant to the photography studio, it is not uncommon for him to get excited about the rehearsals and this requires of him a lot of control, and since he started working there, he has done it very well.

There was only one exception: Diana. He and the photographer keep the secret of her powers very well. She had already said what could happen to both of them, so they cared a lot about her life. After the first time they saw where she threw him away with only a little breath he sought to take care of himself, and on the other two occasions he managed to control himself. She was a sculpted goddess only with her gaze she could hypnotize to a level of total submission.

After a day of rehearsals with Beatriz, an escort who also has superpowers (my boss can talk more about her), Peter left the studio and returned home. He heard a voice that even from afar would sound like music to his ears: – Hey, what's going on? Peter! Look over here!

There she was, only with black leather pants and a thin top even in the winter cold, with her high-heeled boot and fatal look at the end of the alley. Her hair seemed to reflect the sunlight and there was not a single detail that could be considered out of place, she was so sensual and hot that it seemed to be a holograph.

Peter stood still, no reaction. Was that really her? Was he dreaming? While he was open-mouthed, she just said: – Are you going to come here, or do I have to bring you to me with my lips?

He was walking up to her, at this point the fear was greater than anything. I didn't know what was waiting for him until then.

– O.. hello. N.. Don't ima.. imagined you here.

– Of course, Peter, I know. I saw that you behaved well in the studio and I liked you, and I also saw what you did in the bathroom at the last rehearsal.

– What do you mean, how do you know?

– My super hearing captured your desperation to open your zipper and I liked what I saw with my x-ray vision.

Peter turned red, and he opened a slightly embarrassed smile. That's when Diana said: – Don't worry, I came because I think I can make up for that day you went rolling from my breath, even though it was funny.

– Make it up to me? – Peter asked without understanding what was to come.

It was when Diana held him by her right arm by the waist, with her soft skin and at the same time controlling her strength not to break it in two, squeezing him against her breasts that looked steely and feeling something inside Peter's pants going on, she arched part of her spectacular ass and began to float towards the clouds.

– Can you fly?

– Of course, and you haven't even seen anything yet. – She said in Peter's ear in a voice that would make any man tremble.

Diana took off quickly and headed to her apartment in a penthouse across town. A large and open place with a swimming pool and views of the city center. She landed gracefully as Peter stood there marveling at everything he had seen.

– Did you enjoy the ride? I hope it didn't feel too cold.

– I felt a little…

Diana didn't even wait for him to finish talking. From her eyes came two rays towards a kettle in the kitchen and in seconds the steam came out of it. Peter did not know if he was awake or dreaming, while Diana went to the kitchen at a speed that his eyes could not keep up, and in seconds she reappeared only in lingerie and high heels with a cup of coffee in front of her.

– Here, it's going to help warm up a little bit. She said in a smile full of mischief.

– I don't get it. Where does all this come from? Your powers, you can fly, how?

Diana just smiled, gazed with fondness on Peter's face and gave a small kiss on his lips saying: – Peter, I'm Diana Goddess. You haven't seen anything yet. I'm the most powerful creature you've ever seen, and I chose you today for my amusement and yours too. That's all you need to know.

At that moment, Peter fainted.

Thirty minutes later, lying on a king size bed and surrounded by familiar pictures of several photos from the rehearsals he had participated in, Peter woke up. He looked sideways and found no sign of Diana. He was wearing a robe only and went towards the door, when he left came back to the room he was before.

Outside was Diana lying by the pool, this time just with the bottom of a bikini on while she sunbathed. She wasn't really lying down, she floated as the outline of her breasts was unaware of any effect of Earth's gravity. Her hair seemed to follow the fluctuation, always perfect and with the brightness of the sun became even more intense. Peter wanted to disguise his excitement as she looked and just smiled as he stood there, standing, and admiring.

Diana decided to help him get more comfortable. She stood and hovering in the air came up to him. Floating until her foot stood up to the height of Peter's head and three feet from him, she pulled out the underside of her bikini, leaving her naked body resplendent. Smoothly, she went down to hug him with her legs and arms and fitting onto his shaft, with her wonderful breasts at Peter's disposal to suck them or even suffocate him. Squeezing him slightly, she went back up, this time looking at the look of his delirium, from whom he could not believe what he was living.

Floating gracefully away with him, she hovered over the pool and let him loose at a height of about six feet, with Peter falling into the water. He fell without reaction as she laughed and said:

– Do you need a superheroine to save you?

– You want to kill me? Don't ever do that again!

Diana looked and said: – How?!

– Don't ever do that again!

At the same time, Diana just steered a smooth jet to her patterns of her super blow concentrated over the pool, from the edges to the center and starting to freeze the water around. Peter despaired at the possibility of being frozen alive and begged: – I'm sorry, I’m sorry. Sorry!

She just smiled. Going down to the edge of the pool on the ground she reached out to Peter to get out of the pool. Seeing that he was wet and shivering with cold decided to use the same lips to warm him up. With her mouth in an "O" as if warming her hands on a cold day made a stream of hot air sweep Peter's body drying him. Diana did not fail to notice that the reaction there continued and came walking while still blowing over a paralyzed Peter. After standing face-to-face with him and seeing a torrent of emotions spring up from him, she decided to show her superstrength. Taking her left hand under his buttocks, she lifted it to the height of his head and began to give him a most amazing blowjob. For Peter, the sight of being in the air being held by the hands by a super woman who made him his dildo in the flesh was unimaginable…

Part 3

Being suspended in the air during a blowjob is something no person in their right mind can imagine. Suspended in the air and with a Super Woman in front of you is something more unimaginable. Peter was living all this and looking down and seeing Diana sucking his cock and just looking at him with that saucy air made him delirious.

She was holding him by his leg now with both arms but what she did next was amazing. She simply let go of his arms while Peter remained in the same place. He imagined what power she had that could keep him afloat while she pleasured him non-stop. Suddenly at the same time she was gingerly licking his dick she began to suspend herself in the air horizontally, showing her pert ass to his eyes. While they both were in the air as if lying down, she and Peter flew over the pool deck.

Suddenly she stopped and retreated a little, asking: – Peter, I see you're almost enjoying it too much and I'm going to give you a little rest and adventure now.

Before Peter could say anything, she spun around him to get herself and her fantastic breasts below him. Her DD’s were pointing upwards at the sky, yet he was stuck in position by some sort of force field. I don't know what to say! And static as he was, he saw Diana move up to him and his downward facing cock. While she hovered inches closer, he felt a force catching his sperm from release. He looked down and saw her smiling, cranking her lips and coming very close to his balls when she suddenly felt a small wave of cold.

Diana loves using her super breath erotically and a jet of cold air hit Peter's hard cock for a few seconds when Diana asked: – Are you calmer, honey? Is that dick going to hold out a little longer?

– Yes, I believe so. – Peter said.

– So, it's time to play some more. Suddenly, the sound of a hurricane came out of her lips and Peter began to rise. He saw that Diana used a fraction of her super lungs to throw him up, louder and higher. She seemed tireless, the wind seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was only from her fleshy and erotic lips.

Her look was that of someone who wanted to make him a toy and wanted to cause maximum excitement at the same time. Peter noticed that she returned to standing but was still floating and climbing along as she concentrated her jet toward him. At that moment he was no longer standing but rolling in a hurricane, made by her, Diana Goddess. They went up a couple hundred more yards in the air until she stopped blowing and came to meet him. Hugging Peter, she sat on his cock and pistoned up and down rapidly. They flew along when she decided to change things up. She did a twist mid-flight and faced towards his feet with her gorgeous ass towards his face.

With sex at an almost impossible speed she made Peter almost collapse. She then decided to calm things down with a 69, and Peter began sucking Diana's pussy with a voracity that no person in normal condition would have, with Diana getting more and more excited and in a jet of enjoyment of her almost causing a deadly injury to him. After, she decided to end her super suction BJ with a little more of her super puff. When she saw that Peter was going to come, she removed her mouth and directed a small jet of air from her lips she directed all of the whole sperm upwards. The sperm almost hit Peter's face and they both chuckled at that.

Diana decided to go back to her apartment and open a bottle of wine to relax. Peter decided to ask once again: – How did you get all these powers? She decided to tell him. She explained that she acquired them from Beatriz in an erotic session. Beatriz acts as a camgirl Diana remarked. She said that in addition to her and Beatrice, there is also Harley who also holds multiple powers. They don't act as superheroes but at times they help some people when they feel like it. Super breath is the favorite power of the three because they use it in sex, and they can lick their lips afterwards or bite. Peter asked if there would be a second time and Diana said that now he should come every fortnight, he just smiled.


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