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Vortex Training

Written by Woody :: [Friday, 13 August 2021 09:59] Last updated by :: [Friday, 13 August 2021 17:22]

Bianca arrived at a quasi-abandoned warehouse after a long shift. She opened the door into the darkness. "I wonder why I was sent here?" she said to no one in particular, when a spotlight shone on a table and the silhouette of a shapely woman appeared.

"Welcome to training, Vortex." she said in a hushed tone.

"Who's Vortex?" Bianca cautiously replied, slowly moving toward the light.

"You are. Well, that's what you told me." said the woman stepping into the light. She was wearing a red blouse and a black skirt, her blonde hair in a messy bun with conservative glasses.

"Debra!!!!" screamed Bianca. "Don't do that to me!" She breathed a sigh of relief before running up and hugging the other woman.

"So, where are we?"

"I call this... the training room!" said Debra as she pushed a button and raised her hands.

Nothing happened

Debra looked down at the button, hitting it frustratedly. 

"C'mon work, you stupid…"

Suddenly the lights sprung into life, illuminating the entire area.

"The training room," Debra said proudly, putting her arms up like she did before. 

Bianca's jaw dropped, the room was enormous. "You can fit 3 football fields in here." 

Several more lights illuminated in the distance.

"25 actually. Plenty of room to practice and hone our special abilities."

"Awesome" said Bianca. "So how do we go about training?"

Debra shook out her bun and put her glasses down on the table, beside a thin gold rope. 

Bianca smiled, she had previously seen Debra's breathtaking transformation into her superheroine persona Quasar. It was sexy as hell, and, although she would never admit it, kind of arousing

Debra looked at Bianca and said "Let's begin." She thrusted her chest forward and pulled apart her red shirt. Bianca gasped as she saw Debra's deep cleavage explode out of her top, encircled in white. Debra then spun and changed into costume. The white suit hugged her luscious figure ending at her hips where a red belt snugly rested. Her bare muscular thighs met blue knee-high boots. Her upper arms flexed against the taught white fabric meeting gloves of the same hue at her elbows. A red cape adorned her wondrous body, gold fittings completing the outfit. Debra's hair had also shortened into a blonde bob.

"Wow, I thought you were Quasar, not Powergirl." Said Bianca, slightly disappointed she didn't change into Quasar.

"This is just for aesthetics." the blonde bombshell replied "I don’t have all her powers. It was just something I had lying around, fits nicely doesn't it," said Debra twirling her spectacular body. She was perfectly proportioned, it was as if Powergirl jumped off the pages and into Bianca's Viewpoint. "But for this you're not correctly attired." She continued, pointing at Bianca's clothes. "If you get my drift."

Bianca grabbed her sunglasses out of her pocket and placed them on her head, her finger gliding over the edge of their frames.

"Let's dance," she said, pushing a secret button.

A deep blue-black suit unfurled from her neckline to hug her athletic figure. The skin-tight garment accentuated Bianca's form, her breasts defying gravity as the fabric molded itself to them. The suit worked its way down her body and onto her long, lean, sculpted legs, ending with ankle boots enveloping around her dainty feet.

"Right then, first lesson, Vortex. Quite simple, really." She sauntered up to Vortex and touched her on the shoulder.

"Tag, you're It!" Powergirl said, then flew off. 

"That's it. You're gone, Powergirl." Vortex laughed and took off. She hit Mach one a second later and the sonic boom resonated throughout the room.

Vortex closed in on Powergirl only for her to veer left and avoid the tag. She closed in again only to need to take evasive action as Powergirl threw a boulder at her. 

She stepped out as the boulder flew by, resuming the chase. As the chase continued, Vortex caught a glimpse behind her, a subtle dust cloud. She stopped, turned around and ran back into the cloud.

Meanwhile Powergirl continued to fly, swinging left and right thinking she was avoiding Vortex. Suddenly she flew into the dust cloud, blinding her. She stopped and hovered, brown dust surrounding her. Just as she went to fly up above the cloud.

She felt something on her shoulder.


The dust started to settle and there was Vortex, hand on her shoulder.

"Nice job Vortex" Debra applauded, the dust clinging to her white suit. “Well done on completing the first test.”

She brushed the dust off her cleavage and sauntered the 15 feet to the table where she met Bianca. Her blue boots kicked up dust behind her.

Debra grabbed the rope off the table, "Onto the next test: thinking outside the box," she spun the rope and a lasso appeared. She moved it over her head and started to descend it. As it passed her blonde bob her hair turned black and a tiara formed on her head. As the rope circled her shoulders the top of her power girl suit vanished revealing her silky skin and her arms, adorning them in golden bracelets. Her breasts jiggled at their impending freedom only to be constrained by a red bustier with gold adornments deepening her envious cleavage. As the lasso lowered to her belt, it morphed into the start of an iconic pair of satin tights. With the final descent her blue boots changed into red with a white stripe

Vortex's mouth dropped as Debra, now a dead ringer for Wonder Woman, stood proudly before her. Debra immediately acted and threw the lasso over Vortex, trapping her. 

Vortex took off, but fell instantly struggling as the lasso tightened around her.

Debra noted. "You can't break this rope, and as you've discovered you can't run out of it. Think about how you can use your powers in this scenario."

Vortex continued to struggle for a minute, then she had an idea. She stopped then started to vibrate on the spot. The vibrations intensified, then suddenly her arm phased through the rope. 

"Now we're getting somewhere!" said Debra as Vortex continued her vibrations. Then the entire lasso dropped to the ground, stepping back from the place where she had just been held captive.

Debra clapped. "Well done, you don't just have speed, you can also increase the speed of your atoms to vibrate through matter."

Vortex bowed, a smirk curling the corners of her lips. “Can’t put anything past you, huh? What else can I do that you're not telling me."

Debra’s eyes twinkled knowingly. “We shall see…” she said cryptically. She retrieved the rope and recoiled it, placing it back on the table. She then grabbed something out of the draw.

Vortex, spied a necklace and smiled. She knew what was coming next.

Just as Bianca used her sunglasses to transform into Vortex, Debra utilised the necklace to initiate her transformation into Quasar. 

Debra put on her necklace and touched it at the top of her cleavage. "Now, the final test," she said and stood in her power pose. Her Wonder Woman uniform started to melt away before Bianca's eyes.

Her boots dissolved from her knees down, her toned calves exposed to the air. 

The famous satin tights faded revealing her sexy hips that merged into her muscular yet feminine thighs.

The bustier, freed from the tights, retreated up her waist, her rock hard abs coming into full view. As it reached her bust, her cleavage deepened until the bottom curves of her full breasts appeared. Then she thrust forward, a slight moan escaping her lips as her perfect teardrop breasts appeared underneath the disappearing fabric. As her nipples touched the air, they stiffened. The suit retreated, Vortex marvelling at the perfect form standing before her.

Debra smiled as the second phase of her transformation started. A white flare fanned from her rear, wrapping around her hips as it morphed into a tight yet flowy skirt that descended halfway down her thighs. At her knee, white boots flowed downward over shapely calves, encasing her feet.

Once the skirt was completed, a garment knitted its way up her sexy stomach. As it reached her naked breasts, the sides of the fabric moulded to them, gently pushing them together, recreating her monster cleavage. As the bustier completed, her pendant slid down and attached itself to it.

Finally a beam of light flowed through her hair, transforming it from Wonder Woman black to her signature long blonde locks.

"Let's see what you can do against my full power set, as Quasar!"

She flew into the centre of the room and started her signature attack, the light burn. Quasar lit up her aura, annihilating the comparative darkness of the training room with her brilliance. Vortex shielded her eyes, turned and sped off.

The light burn was designed to do one thing,  blind and disorientate an opponent. Once incapacitated, Quasar normally quickly finished things off pretty quickly. Vortex had thought about this reading through the files and was the reason she went for her sunglasses. She designed them to tint so that she could fight alongside Quasar without being compromised. 

Quasar saw the dust kick off in Vortex's trail.  She flew off in pursuit. 

Vortex turned, saw the light closing in and thought that fighting fire with fire would be the best idea. She sped off causing two successive sonic booms. As she closed in the light she suddenly stopped. Staggering backwards Quasar laughed, "That would be my light barrier Vortex. Your speed is not getting through that no matter how fast you go.”

Vortex ran off to get some space between her and Quasar. "How do I bring her down if I can't run at her?". She muttered to herself. Three words kept repeating through her mind. "Bring her down." 

Her mind flashed. She knew what to do and sped off past the table.

Quasar stalked Vortex relentlessly. Chasing after her with the light burn and other attacks. After one such maneuver, she felt a tiny flutter on her foot. Before she realised what was going on, she was pulled out of the sky and hit the ground at force.

She landed with a crash into the ground, the echo resounding through the chamber. Groggily getting to her feet, she heard footsteps through the dust. "Well done, Vor—" She stopped.

The boots that came into view weren't an inky blue, but brilliant red with a white stripe running down their centre. Her eyes panned up, the boots ended just below her knees and, after an eternity, she saw white stars on blue tights, hugging her hips and her posterior. A red bustier met at her waist, clinging to her sensuous curves and ending at her bust that obscured her view

As she got up she was greeted with deep cleavage and bare shoulders, Bianca’s smiling face, voluminous black hair and a tiara.

"I think I might need to add a rope," she grinned, recoiling it and putting it on her waist clip.  With a sly smile, she twirled for Quasar.

"You like?" asked Bianca

"Nice job, Wonder Vortex," replied Quasar, getting to her feet. 

"There's not much more I can teach you. Your speed is your primary weapon, but you need to know what to do should it be rendered ineffective for whatever reason.”

Quasar pushed a button on the top of her amulet and her costume changed in a flash, matching Bianca in her own Wonder Woman costume. 

The two wonder women looked at each other, Debra sighed in relief: "Given you were in this costume I was unsure if I would transform back into this or just be naked."

Bianca let out a wry laugh, slightly disappointed she wasn't.

"Can I have the rope?" Debra came face to face with Bianca as she passed it to her. Two heroines in matching costumes. Debra then expertly spun a lasso and raised it over the both of them. Bianca saw her Vortex uniform appear back on her body, whilst Debra's form was once again adorned by her Powergirl outfit, complete with the window displaying her impressive cleavage.

Minutes later the ladies were back in civilian attire, with Bianca asking a question as Debra buttoned up her red blouse.

"They are awesome to look at, don't get me wrong; but your transformations are really voyeuristic aren't they? Not many people will see them. They are secret identities for a reason after all"

"Hey I'm changing into a gorgeous heroine, I may as well feel sexy why I'm transforming, also the readers like it that way."

"The who?" Bianca asked

"Never mind" said Debra, as the girls left the training room and walked into the light of the afternoon.

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