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By Shadar

Kal El’s underground weight room, located inside a building built over an old stone quarry.

Way down on the quarry floor, a massive Big Boy steam locomotive, the largest ever made, wobbled slightly as it rose slowly into the air. Kal El floated beside it, dressed only in his iconic red shorts. Beneath the hundred-foot long locomotive, looking like an ant lifting a boulder, a red-headed girl struggled mightily, sweat pouring off her, her muscles flexing fantastically.

“You can do it this time, Caitlan,” Kal encouraged. “I’ll steady it while you just lift.”

The green-eyed beauty gave off a guttural groan as she tried again, her arms and chest expanding in curves of sculpted steel. This time, instead of tilting toward her weaker left arm, she managed to finish her mighty lift and lock her elbows.

“Ok, that’s one clean rep. Give me another. Come on!”

Caitlan Fairchild lowered the incredibly heavy steam engine, resting a massive steel plate that Kal had welded onto its center of gravity on her chest, the incredible weight flattening her breasts as it bent her ribs slightly inward. Unable to breath now, she croaked with her last air: “Let me… do it… all myself…”

“Ok,” Kal said as he backed away. “But I’m right here if it starts to get away from you again.”

The teenage girl flexed her impressive chest again as she put her arms, shoulders and back into it, and the largest steam engine ever made slowly rose again, swaying slightly as she struggled to balance it.

A huge picture on the wall of the quarry showed the steam engine back when it was being retired from service, long ago.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4012 May 10th 2021.aadfbb24cf5448499d460f3bc67cffc4

“That’s it… this isn’t just a test of raw strength, but a challenge to control such a huge weight,” Kal said. “It’s great practice for the real world, where you won’t have a spotter. Besides, you never know when you have to save a train.”

“Modern locomotives… don’t weigh half… this much,” she grunted.

Her left arm started to give a little again, but this time she cried out while throwing everything she had into it, and barely managed to straighten it before Kal could reach out to steady the massive machine. She finished her mighty bench press.

“Ok, that was all you. You’ve got it! Just hold it there for a moment, elbows locked. Catch your breath.”

She gasped for air, her chest heaving, long red hair covering her face. She looked so small beneath such an ancient piece of 20th century machinery.

“One more rep. Come on. And this time, don’t rest it on the down. Just let it gently touch your chest before starting another rep. Give me your all.”

The huge locomotive rocked slightly as it descended, Caitlan’s triceps bulging with incredible definition, her entire body a maze of tight muscle. The huge plate on the bottom of the engine flattened her large breasts as she cheated by resting some of the weight on her chest again. Then she gathered her strength for one more rep, and cried out in a scream as she threw everything she had into one more lift. The locomotive started to rise again, but this time her arms started to shake from exhausted muscles, and she got it only halfway up before her left arm gave out again.

Kal quickly grabbed the tilting locomotive and lifted it clear of her. Wearing only his red shorts, every impossible curve and cleft was on display as he floated across the huge quarry with the ancient engine over his head, and gently set it back down on a section of rails.

When he turned back, his guest was sitting up, wiping the sweat away with a towel. The meter-thick bench of high tension steel she’d been laying on was slightly dimpled as it retained an impression of her muscular back, the super-hard steel having yielded to muscles that were even harder.

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She turned to look at him, having caught her breath after just a few gulps. “So, now will you tell me what that damn thing weighed?”

“381 tonnes. That’s twice what you could lift a month ago, Caitlan, and more than I could have possibly dead-lifted at your age. Keep working like this, and who knows where you’ll wind up. Your GenFactor power is even more impressive than I’d expected.”

“Can she lift this?”


“Diana. Surely you’ve brought her here.”

“No. But her supreme skill is combat. Despite my being stronger, she always beats me during sparring. But armwrestling… I own that.” He flexed his right biceps, his huge muscle expanding beyond anything any bodybuilder could ever develop.

“And Kara?”

Kal laughed. “Opposite story completely. She had to prove how strong she was in her typical fashion — by doing this one-handed. Then balancing it on that one hand while slowly sitting up, and finally crossing her legs to rise from the slab to stand on her tiptoes. She did it all with smooth, effortless movements that made that thing look weightless.”

“Wow. That would have been something to see. I wouldn’t have expected that of such a skinny thing. Kara’s what, 16 now?”

Kal nodded. “She is impressive.”

“You know she just does that to make a point, Kal? She’s very competitive.”

“No kidding. But she had vastly more solar exposure getting here from Krypton than I did. Plus she grew up there. The 40+ years she spent in a tight solar orbit around Sol, barely outside the sun’s photosphere, bathed in all that yellow sun energy, up close and all, all the while in suspended animation, did amazing things to her. Whenever strength is involved, she has to remind me that she’s much stronger.”

“Well, my poor muscles are just sore,” Caitlan said as she reached behind herself while twisting side to side, stretching. “Did you mean that when you said I’m stronger than you were at my age?”

“Absolutely. I wasn’t into working out heavy like this. Not back then. Didn’t have a super gym or anything. But we Krypts grow stronger every year, with or without exercise.”

“And I have to work for every muscle I’ve got. I really appreciate your giving me access to your gym.”

“It was Lois’ idea. She thought you needed some strength training after you two first talked. Some discipline too. After that chaos over at Gen-13.”

“Yeah, about that, Kal, Lois and I talked last week again, while you were off-planet. She’s got some interesting ideas about what I need, and Gen-13 isn’t it. She thought you were the coach and mentor I needed, especially now that Diana has gone back to Paradise Island for who knows how long.”

Kal froze, a worried look on his face. When Lois Lane had an Idea, even Superman had to go along.

Caitlan continued. “She told me how gentle and kind you are with her, always focused on her needs. She says your lovemaking is astounding attentive.”

Now Kal was really worried. When Lois started to talk about sex, things usually went sideways in a hurry. Humans had such a powerful sex drive, not to mention a very imaginative one.

“She’s worried about you, Kal. The way you deny yourself. She says that starts driving you crazy after a while. Even affects your judgement. She told me that’s why she gave you license with Diana, who is hardly a threat to her, given she’s an immortal Amazon. Steve Trevor was it for her when it comes to men.”

“Ah… that must have been one hell of a discussion,” Kal replied, growing even more uncomfortable. “About stuff that should be private,” he said under his breath.

Caitlin shrugged. “Just girl talk. So I was thinking, now that Diana is gone, maybe I can help.”

Kal swallowed hard. The world might see him as the powerful, confident Superman, but beneath all that, at his core, he was still a Kansas farm body and a Boy Scout. “She said that?” he replied nervously.

“Kind of. I mean, not directly, but I think that’s what she was hinting at. Thankfully you and I don’t have to mince words, Kal, being superheroes and all. You feel the chemistry too, I can tell. As controlled as we have to be around ordinary people, I think we both have to let off some steam once in a while.”

Kal shifted to stand behind a chest-high block of steel. Thankfully Caitlan couldn’t see through things, given he was struggling with his reaction to her.

“You’re barely 18, Caitlan. Just starting at Pacific U. I’m old enough to be your father. And then some.”

“Yeah, and Diana is an immortal goddess. I get it. But I don’t think those rules apply to us. We’re both super, and we don’t have a lot of other choices. I mean, who else can you be yourself with besides Diana. Maybe Jennifer Walters, possibly Carol Danvers, likely Mera, although Aquaman might have other ideas about his wife. And of course there’s Kara, which you both have decided isn’t an option, being cousins and her being underage and all. And then there’s Maxima, except that she claims she’ll kill you if you meet again, probably during sex, and she probably can. Not much of a list.”

“And you want to put yourself on that list?”

“Not just on it. At the top of it. I just benched 381 fucking tonnes, Kal. I rested that thing on my chest for a bit, which didn’t even hurt. I think I can handle you.”

“I, ah… I thought you and Thor had something going on?”

She smirked. “Had is the right word. It was hot for a bit, him being both a god and a super-hunk and all, but after I goofed around by lifting Mjolnir and swinging it around, he got all cold on me. Whatever he has going with that hammer of his, he’s not looking for a girlfriend who can handle it.”

“He and Mjolnir are one,” Kal said, wisely deciding not to share more.

“Yeah. Kara had warned me about him, but, of course, I didn’t listen. She said to never touch the hammer, but after I started working out here, and got so much stronger, I wanted to challenge myself. But that was the end of our relationship. A shame, because he really knew how to bring it.”

“This is becoming a very inappropriate discussion, Caitlan…”

“Bullshit,” Caitlan interrupted. “I know how much it turns you on when you meet women in your strength class. Lois was pretty clear on that. And I’m one of the strongest females on the planet, other than your cousin and maybe She Hulk. Bullets bounce off me like they do you.”

She picked up a thick steel bar, which was three times the thickness of the usual barbell, and proceeded to twist and bend it like it was made of soft rubber, the steel shrieking and screaming from the massive overload, heating up from friction until it was smoking hot. “I have the muscles. Along with all the other important parts. So why not you just be you and I just be me, nothing held back. It would be fucking awesome.”

Kal shook his head, but his body had other ideas. He’d never gotten used to modern young women talking so frankly, and so pointedly, what with him being a mid-20th century kind of man. “You’re an inexperienced teenage girl, Caitlan. This would be so wrong.”

“No, Kal. It would be so right. And don’t worry, I’m not going to get in the way between you and Lois. Last thing I want is a relationship. I already have a guy I like. But he’s normal. We kind of manage despite his limitations. Just like you and Lois do. With you and I it would be all about hooking up. Who cares if we blow off some steam? Lois certainly doesn’t. Nobody else will know. It’ll keep us both safe and sane around the normal people we love.”

“And your boyfriend can handle this?”

“No way. But he won’t know.”

“That’s not the best relationship strategy, Caitlan. And what if Diana comes back? Which she might.”

Caitlan shrugged. “Always wanted to try a threesome,” she giggled. “Either that, or she and I can fight for you. Maybe I’ll be strong enough by then. Or maybe Diana could teach me something about the Amazon side of things. Given she’s Bi and all.”

Kal sighed. “You think you’ve got this all figured out, don’t you? But you don’t have the experience to handle this. Diana is many thousands of years old. It was different with her.”

“‘Bullshit. She’s had even less experience with men than me, other than her long-dead Steve Trevor. I’m not as innocent as you seem to think.”

“There is one thing you aren’t considering. Maybe Lois isn’t as ordinary as you think. Why do you think she hasn’t aged much in the last 60 years? Do you know how much she can bench?”

Caitlan looked puzzled. “I don’t know, she looks pretty fit, maybe a hundred pounds or so?”

“How about seven tons.”

“Huh? That’s impossible. Nobody ordinary can do that.”

“Except Lois isn’t ordinary. Not any more.”

“I don’t understand…?” Caitlan said.

“What you don’t know is that we Kryptonians kind of rub off on our lovers. It’s a power transfer thing. It can be fairly significant given enough intimacy.”

Caitlan’s eyes grew large, her nipples tenting the fabric of her top even more. “So, the more we fuck the stronger I get. Damn! Sign me up!”

“Except you can barely handle the strength you already have.”

“Ah, back to the age thing again. So how would you know that?”

“You’ve had some unfortunate outcomes this last year. While trying to save people.”

“You mean the bridge I tried to support before the whole damn thing fell into the river. Have you considered that if I’d been stronger, I could have held it maybe?”

“The fact that you tried something beyond your strength was the problem. People died who didn’t have to.”

“You don’t know that Kal. If I hadn’t been there, lots more might have died. I at least slowed the collapse. Gave people some time to get to safety.”

Kal shook his head. “No. It’s too big a risk. I truly appreciate the offer, Caitlan, but there is far too large a gap between us, experience-wise as well as age.”

Caitlan slid angrily off the huge bench, walking over to grab the car-sized block of solid steel that Kal was standing behind. She slowly sunk her fingers into the soft steel, the metal screaming in protest as she lifted and threw the block halfway across the huge quarry, where it landed with a ground-shaking BOOM, sending new cracks through the stone floor of the quarry. She strode closer to Kal, proving that even in bare feet, she was taller than the Man of Steel.

“Kal, you know that Darkseid is coming back someday, right? You and Kara and Diana and everyone else barely defeated him last time. He’ll come back stronger. You need another heavy hitter at your level. You need more allies who are near your own power level. You need to do what you can to strengthen our forces. Meaning me.”

“Are you are trying to lecture me?” Kal said angrily. “I was protecting Earth before your parents were even born.”

“Maybe it’s time you let others lead the way, Kal,” she replied, getting hot now. “And as far as your ability to transfer power, Jennifer’s too volatile to handle any more power, powered by rage as She Hulk is, and Carol Danvers is mostly Kree, and who knows how that works. Mera is married and from what I hear, Aquaman isn’t into sharing her, and if you were going to elevate Diana, it would have happened by now. You need me more than you realize.”

“No. I’m sorry, Caitlan. But we don’t know what happens with GenFactor when combined with Kryptonian power. Maybe you’ll go insane.”

“I won’t, Kal. I went from an ordinary girl to this, and I didn’t lose perspective. I’m the leader of Gen-13. I’m the one with the brains and the restraint and the reasoning to keep everyone focused. The foresight too. I can handle power better than anyone. And I just benched this ridiculously huge locomotive of yours.”

“Prove to me you can handle the power that you already have, and I’ll consider it. I don’t want you winding up like Maxima, who went insane seeking more power. She desperately wanted to bear daughters even stronger than herself. Enough that she’d rather kill me than be turned down.”

“I’m not Maxima. I’m human inside. And besides,” she said with a sexy smile, “we would be so damn hot together.”

“Not happening…” Kal started to say, only to have a voice float down from above.

“She’s right, Kal.”

They both turned to look upward toward the voice. Lois was standing on the 6th level catwalk near the metal ceiling of the quarry. She was dressed in a tight black leather cat suit, and despite being in her early 60’s, she could easily pass for an extraordinarily fit twentyish. As they watched, she jumped over the railing to fall 70 feet, landing cat-like on the floor, bending her long legs to absorb the shock.

“Caitlan could help solve some problems, my dear Kal,” she said as she walked closer. “First, the two of you won’t go insane from unrequited desire — being super isn’t easy — and we potentially gain a more powerful ally who truly might make a difference when Darkseid’s minions return.”

Kal looked from Caitlan to Lois and back, his head swiveling several times before he laughed. “You are both wise and fearless, Lois dear. Aren’t you afraid she’s just trying to steal me? That she has her own agenda?”

“Everyone has agendas, but who says hers don’t fit with ours? And are you afraid she might steal you away, Kal?”

“No… no… of course not,” he stammered. “I just don’t want her thinking that.”

“Ah, guys… I’m right here,” Caitlan said. “You don’t need to talk over my head.”

“Glad you’re still realistic, Kal,” Lois continued, ignoring Caitlan. “Besides, what would an 18 year old girl from Southern California want with a Boy Scout from Kansas who’s older than her father?”

Caitlan giggled as she blushed. She knew exactly what she wanted with Kal El. For the first time since her GenFactor kicked in, she wouldn’t have to hold back around someone. She wouldn’t have to be so damnably careful not to hurt someone that it got in the way of her own pleasures.

“Caitlan wants this, Kal,” Lois said as she startled them both by reaching down into Kal’s red trunks. “She lusts for a super man, powered by Kryptonian muscles and with near infinite endurance. And you want it too, even if you won’t admit it.” She turned toward the red-headed girl. “I’m hardly fragile now myself, Caitlan, but even at that, I can only handle a small part of my husband’s power. Sometimes he just has to let it all out.”

Her words were still floating in the air when she shockingly tugged Kal’s red trunks down and took him out, gripping his shaft while his normally suppressed erection surged to full size.

Caitlan stared wide-eyed down at the largest dick she’d ever seen. “Jesus!”

Lois laughed. “Yeah, no shit. But you’re a big girl.”

“It’s… it’s like a work of art,” Caitlan gasped, licking her lips, her nipples tenting her green top. “Just like those huge Superman phallic symbols that some people sell as sex toys. I figured they were exaggerated and all. Not.”

Kal’s eyes were huge as he stood there, his wife holding him as he curved upward, almost reaching his navel. The feel of his wife’s hand on him and Caitlan’s shocked but excited response turned him on even more.

“Give me your hand, Caitlan,” Lois demanded. “There’s a little ceremony involved here.”

Caitlan’s eyes grew large, but she hesitated.

“This is my way to help you both understand that this is my choice,” Lois said. “To prove you aren’t stepping on any toes.”

Caitlan stepped closer, towering over Lois as Kal’s wife took her outstretched hand and wrapped Caitlan’s fingers around the head of Kal’s erection, her fingers barely long enough to close around his head. “I hereby give you my permission to do as you wish with this, Caitlan. To share your power,, all of it, and Kal will share his.”

The sinews of Caitlan’s hand and wrist turned to steel cables as she gripped him, her forearm bursting into chiseled muscle as Kal gasped, a hint of pain twisting the glow of desire on his face now. This wasn’t the first time Lois had done this little ceremony. It was as odd as it was sexy.

Lois quickly stepped back.

“That is how he transfers his power, Caitlan. Hold him tightly enough and you’ll start to feel it.”

Caitlan gripped Kal hard enough to have squished steel, hard enough to have crushed the hardest rock, yet she felt absolutely no give. Instead, a breathtaking surge of raw power began to flow through her hand and up her arm, bringing with it a rush of energy like she’d never imagined, all of which turned her on even more. My God… she’d dreamed about Superman since she was just a girl!

So much power started to flow into her that her red hair lifted to swirl over her head, her green eyes glowing as they opened wide.

“Wow… such… such power…!” she gasped.

Lois laughed at the stunned look on Caitlan’s face. “Exactly. But this is nothing compared to what you’ll feel when you two really get into it. Now go with my blessings and make happy.”

And with that, Lois turned and quickly walked away, leaving Caitlan and Kal staring into each other’s eyes, her hand still gripping him with all her strength. Without realizing she was even doing it, she lifted Kal slightly off the ground as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Lois bent her long legs and leaped upward so powerfully that she landed back on the 6th level catwalk in a single leap. Looking back down, she saw Caitlan wrapping her arms around Kal’s neck, the two of them lost in a passionate kiss, his powerful arms crushing her body to his. She smiled… clearly they’d gotten past their awkwardness in a hurry.

She quickly made her way outside to her car, only to have its suspension start to sway rhythmically just as she got inside. They were already at it. Sighing, she closed the door, both happy and sad that she’d pushed Kal hard enough to bring Caitlan into their circle. But the girl didn’t belong in Gen-13 any longer. She was made for better things, and better always started with Kal in her world, just as it always had.

The increasingly dramatic ground tremors made it hard to drive as she exited the small parking lot onto the narrow two-lane road. Good thing they were both down in the quarry.

She wiped a tear away as her emotions started to catch up with her. This was hard — giving her husband over to a younger and stronger woman. A natural beauty of the type Kal had always been drawn to, despite his claims otherwise. It was much harder with Caitlan than it had been with Diana. But there were some things she understood better than Kal would ever come to realize, who for all of his powers was still a Kansas farm boy whose heart remained in the simplicity of Smallville.

She knew better than him that a Superman needed a Superwoman. That would be Caitlan for now, but someday it would have to be Kara, which was Lois’ real goal, as then there would be children. But for now, keeping the Earth safe from Darkseid was their highest priority. Kal was not the kind of man to lose sight of the truly important things.

After driving for a few miles, she pulled over the side as she approached a slender, red-headed woman sitting on a large rock beside the road. Lana Lang was dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt, with her sculpted midriff bared. Like Lois, she hadn’t aged all that much since her late teenage years, thanks again to Kal’s influence. She’d been Kal’s girlfriend before Lois and he had met at the Daily Planet, and Lana had also benefitted from Kryptonian power transfer, in her case while she was still growing up. She and Kal had started exploring that when they were still in High School.

Lana had intended to go to the quarry with Lois, but along the way she’d decided it was going to get too emotional. She had trouble whenever another woman was involved. Other than her best friend Lois, of course.

“So, we got Earth tremors,” Lana smirked. “Mission accomplished.”

Lois just shrugged as she resumed driving.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

“It’s the price we pay for loving Kal El,” Lois replied.

“And keep paying.”

“Not to worry. Caitlan will steal his physical passion for a while, which is the idea, but never his heart. You will always have a piece of that, as do I.”

“Except you married him. And don’t think you are above all this Lois Lane. You believe you share a love that could never be broken, but so did I.”

“What would Kal want with a teenage girl?” Lois asked.

“You did get a good look at Caitlan, didn’t you? A girl who someday might be even stronger than him. She’s tall, built and gorgeous. Taller than even Kal. He’s always had a thing for that kind of muscular super-hotness.”

“She’s a child, Lana. But Kal lives in our world. We’re generations removed.”

“Yeah, but don’t count out most men’s lust for younger women.”

“Kal isn’t most men, Lana.”

“Yeah, but the stronger she gets, the hotter she’s going to look to him. Fact.”

“Speaking of facts, I heard you got your ass kicked in that border fight in Angola. Maybe you should stay with us for a bit. Kal might finally be ready for a threesome. Maybe he’ll get you powered up a bit more.”

Lana laughed. “I doubt he’ll have much left in him after that girl gets done with him. But thanks for the offer, and the vote of confidence. But that would be too difficult for me. I’m always amazed how you can put the needs of Earth ahead of your marriage.”

“This doesn’t bother my marriage at all. Our rules are different.”

“Liar,” Lana grinned as she flicked away a tear. “Remember who you’re talking to.” She reached over to rest her hand on Lois’s sculpted thigh. “Don’t tell me that this girl doesn’t bother you even more than she does me. She’s something special, just like Maxima was — well, except for not being a homicidal maniac. So far, anyway.”

“I agree. Caitlan’s got a good heart, but so little experience.”

They road in silence for a few minutes before Lana offered: “Perhaps we can dry each other’s tears. How about a little skinny dipping?”

Lois laughed as she pulled over to the side of the narrow road. “You’ll never change, Lana.” Both women got out to lift the heavy car from opposite ends. They carried it over their heads as if it was little more than a carbon fiber kayak, hiding the car in the bushes close to the edge of a high cliff over the river.

They both walked over to the cliff edge to undress.

“You ready?” Lana asked as she reached out to hold Lois’ hand, the two of them nude now. “I’ve always enjoyed this river. A place where it can just be the two of us for a while.”

“I’m always ready. We are such a good match in many ways,” Lois smiled. Stepping forward until her toes hung over the edge of the rocky cliff, Lois dove off the cliff toward the rock-strewn water hundreds feet below.

Lana dove after her, the two women, Kal El’s long-time lovers, disappearing into the raging rapids so far below.

The End

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