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Sandra, Part 1

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Sandra, Part 1

Written by Dru

Edited by HarmonyMotion

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Sandra and her boyfriend Max had been planning this trip for ages. They had been to the ruin of the Mayan cities, walked a portion of the Great Wall of China, and now they would take in the ancient wonders of Egypt. Sandra's mother had told her years ago that travel broadens a person's perspective, and this journey would broaden the young woman's horizons more than she could possibly imagine. They had found out to their great disappointment that the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza was closed to the public, but fate found a way to get them in. At the markets, a cloth seller noticed how fat Max's wallet was, and they made a quiet deal that appealed to the young couple greatly.

"My son works in security at Giza," the seedy back-street dealer informed them in a thick accent. "For the right price, even you can step into the halls of the world's greatest monument!"

It was quickly settled. For two hundred dollars, the man's son would get them inside the pyramid. The only thing was that they would only get in at night. But that didn't stop them. It was arranged, and now all they had to do was get out to the pyramids.

That night, as they wandered the halls of the ancient structure, another plan was hatching: a bold scheme, which threatened life not just on Earth, but life on all worlds. Martin Greene, a very rich and powerful man, wanted to be a god.

The idea was not as unreasonable as it sounded. It was put in his head by a manuscript—an ancient scroll found in a tomb somewhere in Egypt. The scroll was a warning, worded to frighten normal men. But as its secrets were deciphered, Martin Greene was not scared. Instead, he rejoiced as he realised that this warning also contained a carefully recorded history, showing how and why the pyramids were built. If the scrolls were accurate, and he had no reason to doubt them, then all speculation about the mystery of the pyramids was way off. They were not tombs, but batteries! Batteries containing a power that, under the right condition, would connect with him and fuse into his body and mind. Power he could then wield as he saw fit. Power that no force in the universe could possibly equal... Martin was determined, and had money behind him. He had gathered the necessary items he would need, and hired a group of elite ex-military guys to get him in and give him plenty of time to complete the ceremony. Everything was set, and his plans came to fruition.

When his men told him they had found two unexpected people making love inside, he ordered their deaths without any qualms.

"Kill them both, and make sure they're dead. Then get their bodies outside with the security guys." Without giving the matter another thought, Greene made his way to the King's Chamber and set up for the ceremony.

Max and Sandra cowered in fear on the floor of the Queen's Chamber. The men with guns had come silently from the dim corridors to disturb a rigorous spate of passion, and now they waited… but not for long. Another black clothed terrorist came running into the room

"We have to take them outside and kill them," he reported.

The leader of the group, whose Australian SAS career had ended in disgrace, had different ideas. He had no desire to waste this chance of taking full advantage of the situation. Calm as a surgeon, the head honcho pulled his dark silenced pistol and ended Max's life as he clung to his caring lover. His blood gushed from the well-aimed throat wound, blood spurting absolutely everywhere. The stone-cold killer stepped back in disgust to avoid getting any on his boots.

"Get her in the other corner." Then, ordering his men to stand back, he alone approached her.

When he was ready, the order came through on the radio from Green to clear the building. The "Captain," as the ruthless leader insisted she call him, removed his member from her for the second time. Sandra was not relieved for long, as another rudely took its place. She sank back from reality, but her new rider slapped her to keep her attention.

"You wait there. This won't take long."

"We gotta go," someone piped up from the background. "Orders are to clear the building."

"Damn," the fiendish rapist cursed. He withdrew, and zipped up with a crooked smile. "You wait here little lady. I got orders to kill you, but none of them say when." The other men didn't hear him, having made it a good distance up the hall already. He shot out the lights, leaving her in total darkness with her lifeless lover across the room. She passed out.

Martin ended the final syllable of the access code to the pyramid’s power, as he liked to think of it, and stepped into the centre of the room to await his ascension. There had been explicit instructions on how to tap small amounts of the energy, but Martin wanted every last drop. He found and had now read the passages, etched into the long-buried secret passages of the pyramid, that would make that happen.

For just a moment, the millionaire doubted his plans. He looked down, thinking himself a fool and madman. What if it didn’t work? What if it was all mystical mumbo-jumbo? He would have wasted a fortune, standing there in one of the seven wonders of the world, looking like a complete fool. But those worries were quickly dispelled. The walls started to hum, the massive stones glowing softly at first, and then forming a blinding light as they woke from millennia of slumber. The ground shook, and Martin was thrown to the floor by the violent movement. Any minute now, he thought.

The shaking subsided, and the light drained away. But Martin didn't feel any different. He could still hear the humming, yet now it seemed distant. He rose to his feet. What? Is that it? What the fuck went wrong?

Sandra had passed out. She was physically and mentally exhausted after what the guards had done to her. However, the horror of her situation receded as she sank into her subconscious, and dreamed her favourite dream where she ran through the sunny field near her uncle's rural property near Numbaa. But this time, her consistent dream diverged, taking a different path. Looking about, she saw that she had run far from the house… too far. As soon as her eyes found it, it seemed to be far beyond the horizon. How could that be? And there was a scarecrow… but her uncle never had scarecrows. In fact, Sandra had never seen a scarecrow before.

And she still hadn't. It was a man, just standing there. The ground began to shake, and the sun became bright...then brighter and brighter still until it vanished. Sandra was overcome with a becalming sense of security and warmth, the trembling earth seeming to stop as she was lifted from the ground. The distant man she was staring at was swallowed by the ever-brighter lights, leaving a disembodied voice to drift through the air with a distinct tone of sad resignation.

"You are not the one. But it is too late..."

Then the rush began as all the energy and power contained within the pyramids blasted into Sandra's body. She moaned in pleasure as her genetics were altered in such a way that her every sense was amplified, sharpened… overpowered.

She woke from her dream. She was no longer in the field, but back in the pyramid. Her boyfriend was there, dead in the corner. But now he was on fire! The whole room seemed to be on fire as it wavered before her eyes in the heat caused by the exchange that was taking place. And just as quickly, the blurry air returned to normal as the entire room cooled back down.

"Wow..." The darkness returned, but not to Sandra. She would never stand in darkness again. Her entire body had been made anew, and her super-improved eyes had no trouble adjusting to the pitch-black. Sandra gasped at the realisation that her naked feet hovered a good metre above the cold stone. She was levitating! But how could she get back down?

As soon as she considered the question, an answer seemed to come from within her. She descended smoothly and gently, realizing that it was as instinctive as raising an arm. Looking at her naked body, Sandra didn't think she had changed much. No. She looked just the same as before. But she felt different, and suddenly knowing how to fly told her that she was most certainly different. But what had happened? Her contemplation revealed the answer once again, in a rush of information and images that explained in seconds what Martin Greene had been rigorously studying over the course of the last several years.

"So. What can I do?" she asked, lifting both feet up off the ground. She was gifted with more knowledge, and had to wonder where that knowledge had come from—and then she realised that she knew everything. Everything that the holder of the power before her knew. How that being had been tricked into entering the stone monument and imprisoned there millennia ago. The charred remains of poor Max brought Sandra back down to earth, and she looked him over knowing that she could not bring him back. Even her magnificent powers could not conquer the finality of death. A rage welled within her, her eyes glowing red. Sandra flew up the hallway, in search of the ones who had killed her love.

It took a few moments for Martin to realise that if he hadn't received the power as planned—that they had gone somewhere else. Knowing what that implied, he began to make his escape from the pyramids as fast he could. Maybe he could sneak out undetected. All was not lost. But he had to do more reading. He had only glanced over the part where it explained the manner of imprisoning the power. He would have to study it more before confronting the new holder of what should have made him dictator of the universe. Plotting his next moves to block out the fear, he ordered his men into their Hummers and began the drive to the airfield. All was not lost... all was not lost...

Sandra reached the King’s Chamber to find that Martin had already left. Applying her super hearing to the task, she heard trucks start up outside and immediately knew where her targets were.

Meanwhile, Sandra saw all of the equipment and gear that the greedy fool had left behind. She tried to crush them in her grip, but she was having unexpected trouble destroying things. She didn't seem to be any stronger. Slamming a fist into a wall, Sandra discovered that while she hadn't hurt her hand, the wall was equally unscathed.

"I need more strength!" she declared, and tried again.

Nothing had changed, so she consulted her subconscious, meditating a moment. A sudden revelation taught her that she could transform the endless energy inside of her into physical power. Closing her eyes and raising her fists out above her spread feet, she opened the gates and allowed a little power to flow into her muscles. Enjoying the feeling of raw brawn coursing through her muscles, she groaned a little and opened the gate more. The sensations intensified, and her body slowly filled out with muscles harder than diamond. The rush of power gave her a wonderful feeling of elation, and she continued to bathe in it.

When she stopped and opened her eyes, her body was too big. Her muscles had grown to immense proportions to accommodate the strength she possessed. Her biceps were the size of basketballs, and that was before she curled her arms. The bulging spheres doubled in circumference, emanating pure, raw, feminine strength. Her thighs were even thicker, large groups of muscles seemingly competing with each other for space on her powerful frame. Large, elegant swells of flesh outlined her calves. Her 10-pack abs were harder than steel, rippling with her every movement.

This time when she struck the wall, the ancient stone was shattered into small chunks that flew everywhere, and a crack formed up the wall.

"If this is a prison for people like me," Sandra thought aloud, "Then I better not leave it lying around."

She walked over to the corner, deliberately slamming her feet down hard to crack and damage the floor. Placing a hand on either side of the corner where the walls met, the immense supergirl pushed out and forward to separate the stones. She thrust her arms out like unstoppable pistons, and half the pyramid collapsed into a pile of rubble. The building blocks fell on her naked body, shattering on her diamond hard muscles as she soaked in all the sensation of thousand-year-old rock crumbling all around her.

She smiled to herself, imprisoned in a chaotic pile of stone that once had been among man’s longest-standing achievements. She curled herself up, allowing the rubble to condense around her, before shooting her arms and legs out. So much strength did she possess, she sent rubble flying for hundreds of miles in all directions, and stood in the open air of Egypt.

Crossing her arms and smiling at the thought of what she could do now, Sandra stamped her foot even harder, shattering the remains of the pyramid and hovering above the square base that remained. "I'm the most powerful person on Earth!" she shouted with glee.

Jumping for joy, she found herself shooting away from the ground with the speed of a rocket. She took over with her flight powers, seeking out Martin and his crew. They would be the first to meet the new nemesis of crime…

Sandra found them in absolutely no time at all, discovering that she could invade their thoughts and trawl through their memories. With just a second of practice, she reached into their consciousness and stole their knowledge. And once again, she shattered the limits of her capabilities, and she willed the driver of one car to stop. He struggled to resist, his fear and instincts at what he had just seen happen to the pyramid in the rear-view mirror overriding her mental orders. Sandra commanded again, closing her eyes as she hovered above the truck and violently jabbed his mind once again. The man did as he was quietly ordered, his nose suddenly bleeding, a vacant look in his eyes.

Realising that something was wrong, his colleague pushed aside the mindless form of his fellow mercenary and took the driver's seat. But there was no hope of escape. The world’s new superhero stood before them, a cute smile on her face. Her completely naked body was bulging with striated muscles. As his eyes met hers, he felt himself somehow drawn toward her. Her beautiful eyes, so entrancing, conquered his soul as they dove deep into his mind. He longed for the beautiful muscle goddess before him. He ached for her.

But to Sandra, the only value he provided was his combat training. She ripped it from him, ignoring the rest of his useless experiences.

The other four men had jumped out and were hiding behind cover on the road, blasting away at her with various weapons. The bullets found their target well, but Sandra only laughed as the full metal jackets ricocheted explosively from her invulnerable muscles to kill two of the gunmen.

"Well, look at that! I'm bulletproof!" she tilted her head to one side, and held out her hand. A dead man's gun suddenly left his twitching hands and floated into her grasp. The metal squished and deformed under her fingers as she handled it. "But what about you guys? Are you guys bulletproof?" she asked sweetly, shooting off a few rounds.

They weren't, as it turned out. The bullets shredded into them, and she blasted happily away at her boyfriend’s murderers until the deformed gun exploded in her hands, its barrel sealed shut by her casual grip. Sandra hadn’t even realised it. The explosion blasted her front, but the jagged metallic pieces merely fell at her feet instead of embedding themselves in her flesh.

She reached back with her arm and brought her fist into the big four-wheel-drive. The armoured vehicle crumpled, then exploded rewardingly. Looking at the next of the two remaining Hummers, Sandra's mind discerned that one contained the rapist who had abused her last. She looked down at her huge muscles, suddenly wanting her old body back. Having beach ball-sized biceps didn't really please her, making the super girl feel ugly and masculine.

While the Hummers sped away quickly into the darkness of the night, their drivers switching to infrared and killing their headlights, Sandra changed her look. She accessed the database of knowledge in her mind, and discovered that she could change her appearance as easily as she could do anything else now. Closing her eyes, she dreamed up a costume for herself. Seeing that she was now a superhero, she might as well dress like one. A super-superhero, in fact. She didn't want a big cape, but she did want it to be recognisable… and sexy. It had to be sexy. That was important. When those men killed her lover, they set in place a need for revenge that must be satisfied.

When she opened her eyes, the costume had formed around her body. The fabric she had chosen was suitably glossy, and the tiny scraps of fabric left very little to the imagination. A small bikini top with thin straps and small triangles of fabric to cover her stiff nipples and a tiny thong for her bottom was her outfit, showing off her supercharged body. She was happy with her sense of fashion for the time being. Now, it was time to become sexier, more feminine, completely irresistible.

She closed her eyes once more and opened the gates within herself. Power gushed into her body, and her muscles grew greater still. But she reversed the flow, and reduced her strength and the size of her muscles, shrinking them to the elegant swells of a fitness model. She regretted relinquishing her strength even a little, but knew it would only be a snap of her fingers away. She cupped a hand over her flexed bicep to measure it as it shrank, but still firm as marble, smooth and indestructible. Opening her eyes when it felt right, she reached down and picked up a tyre, which had once been connected to the first Hummer. She could feel its weight in her hand, but had no trouble lifting the large wheel with her toned arm fully outstretched.

Trying to crush it between her hands, she was rewarded with the protest of shrieking metal as it yielded to her still very super strength. Tossing it aside, satisfied she was still by far the strongest person on Earth, Sandra leapt high into the air and scanned for her targets. She would not rest until Martin Greene and his horrible men were punished for the murders of Max and the security staff of Giza.

It wasn’t a surprise to Sandra to discover that she could fly at incredible speeds. She zoomed up to the next vehicle, carving through the air, hair flowing in the wind.

Through his night-vision goggles, the driver saw the now smooth-bodied woman hovering along the road behind them.

"There's someone following us! Check behind!"

One of the men rolled down the window and stuck his head out.. Before he could even react, Sandra grabbed him and dragged him from the window roughly by his hair, zooming back up into the sky with her doomed quarry.

"What the...." The man's mind raced as he looked upon the overwhelmingly sexy woman whose arm bore his weight so easily. He traced the lines of her nubile body, down her chiseled torso, her powerful legs, until he finally saw the desert sands far below him. His heart skipped several beats.

"Don't worry," she smiled at him. "This won't hurt."

She dropped him unceremoniously and watched as fell through the empty air beneath her to land right on the bonnet of the car he had been a passenger of just moments before. The vehicle swerved, but the skilled driver regained control before it crashed. Remembering what that man had promised to do to her, Sandra invaded his mind and gave him a compulsion to jump out.

"Now..." she whispered his cue, and he leapt clear of the fast vehicle into the sands. Testing herself, Sandra remained hovering still on the high breeze, and reached her arm toward the escaping truck with her palm open. Imagining the truck as if it were a toy resting in her open hand, she slowly closed her fist. In the Hummer, the mercenaries screamed in terror as the vehicle started caving in around them. The metal popped and squealed as it bent ever so slowly inward to crush the lives out of them. Reaching out with her other hand, she waved it at the sand. Once more her mind sent powerful shockwaves unto the world. Over a million tonnes of sand near the crushed ruin of the Hummer rose up into a wave at her command, and swamped over the truck to bury it forever.

"I'm gonna enjoy this," Sandra mused, arching her back and stretching her powerful body. She looked back at the man she had forced to leap—the man who had last violated her. With a gesture of her hand, she put him in a deep sleep, the corner of her mouth curling up with a sinister smile as she placed a dream in his head...using the memory he possessed of their time together back in the now destroyed Queen's Chamber.

"I'll be back for you, little plaything," she called out to him. "But I need your boss first."

The final Hummer was speeding over the desert, their superhuman female pursuer learning from their open thoughts the fear they were experiencing. She didn't want to tamper with their minds this time. She wanted them to be fully aware of what she was about to do to them.

Earth’s most powerful resident put her feet back on the ground ahead of her quarry, and waited for them to come over a hill. Closing her eyes, she imagined herself becoming more attractive, opening up the gates once more to channel her energy. Instead of raw strength, she called up raw sexual energy and infused it into her body. Her visage, her breasts, her entire body and soul became impossibly seductive. Anyone who caught the tiniest glimpse of any part of her body would become completely enrapt by her glory. She could feel her own passion growing, burning hotly inside of her, moaning as she became the absolute pinnacle of sexuality. Bolts of electricity coursed through her neck, down her spine, sending pleasure to the very tips of her fingers and toes. Her back began to arch, body clenched, fingers overextended in the budding throes of ecstasy… but just before she was about to come,she closed off the flow of beauty It was not herself she was trying to impress. She could play with herself later.

The Hummer roared over the dune and bore past her, missing the calm girl by mere inches. She waited patiently, knowing that they must have seen her. She didn't have to wait long before the armoured four wheel drive almost flipped, trying to stop too fast. Smiling, she could sense the change in their moods. It surprised her just how potent her new look was. The sense of fear was completely gone from the group of killers. Now their primitive heads were filled with nothing but lust, their bodies set on fire by the passing glimpse of Sandra.

They piled out and approached her, two already with their favourite weapons in hand. It was the second time that night Sandra had seen men approach her like this... Though this time things were very different. This time the men were much more interested, filled with greater passion than they had ever experienced before. They were already fully erect, as her enhanced eyesight confirmed. And already leaking, on the edge of orgasm. And this time Sandra was not afraid,because this time Sandra was not the helpless victim she was before. Now the men would become the helpless victims.

As the first two got near her, she swatted them to the sandy dune with a tiny flick of her open hand,, her subtly enhanced strength more than ten times theirs combined. She hoisted the next two into the air with her hands around their throats as the first two, now-kneeling, in pain from her gentle shove, but still overwhelmingly horny mercenaries grabbed at her body and tried to tear away her clothes.

Just before Sandra squished the throats of the two she held up, Martin Greene jumped out of the Hummer with a loaded rocket launcher in his trembling hands. Suddenly unsure of herself, wondering if even her new sensual, super-dense flesh could withstand a direct hit from an anti-aircraft missile, Sandra looked down its large barrel with trepidation. Martin sneered, discovering a newfound confidence, and fired.

The missile covered the distance in less than a second. Martin's aim was pinpoint accurate. It ploughed into her smoothly strong wall of abdominal muscles and exploded violently. The superhuman girl watched the whole scene in slow motion. Her eyes caught every small detail in the dim light as the pointed warhead crumpled against her hyper-sensual flesh. The metal buckled before her body even gave way. Her smooth, luscious skin didn’t even ripple as the warhead tried to bury itself in her stomach.

She no longer worried about facing down a missile launcher as she watched the pieces of the projectile spray out in all directions in slow motion, tearing all the mercenaries around her into pieces, but leaving her standing there completely unharmed with a bright smile on her face.

"You want me all for yourself, don't you, boss-man?" she asked him, putting on her sexy bedroom voice. Except this time, it was multiplied by a factor of millions. The effect of her throaty, dulcet tones, promising a pleasure greater than humanity had ever experienced, nearly rendered him into an unthinking, useless lump. But somehow, Martin remained upright despite the quivering, pulsating bulge in his pants as her voice rumbled through his soul, sending jagged arousal through his nerves.

"Stay away from me! I don't want any trouble!"

Sandra laughed. "You just shot me with a rocket-launcher! Besides, I already owe you one, asshole..."

Martin's mind raced. "That's right! You do! You owe me everything!"

Sandra crossed her arms and regarded him with her glowing eyes. "How do you figure?"

"Where do you think you got all that power from? I gave it to you! If it wasn't for me, you'd still just be a normal woman!"

"True!" she replied, leaving the ground to start hovering slowly over. "But you didn't mean to, did you? It was an accident, and you regret it greatly. But thanks anyway! I'd be happy if I was still normal, because then Max would be alive."


"My boyfriend!!" her anger caused the ground to quake. "You killed him!"

"I never killed anybody..."

Enough was enough. Sandra raised her hand and waved her fingers at him. Martin was slung to the ground. Then he was lifted into the air. He continued to rise, and Sandra followed him as she cradled him on a cushion of air.

"This is it for you. I got one other thing to do before I finish you off. I could kill you now, but I want you to think a while about what you've done.”

Looking around for somewhere to leave him, Sandra decided on another demonstration for this gentleman, just to show him what he had missed out on being able to do so he could wallow in regret. She looked down, her eyes passing the sands of the desert until she found the rock beneath. Beckoning with her hand for nothing more than dramatic effect, she employed the power of her mind once more. Selecting a large enough slab of stone, she made it rise through the sea of sand, making a huge rumbling noise as the rock tore from the bed and came up in a large, narrow column until it rested neatly beneath Martin. He was stranded up there, 200 feet in the air.

"If you’d been more careful, you could've done that. Think about that while I handle your friend."

Sandra left the terrified millionaire on his pinnacle of stone and went back to where the other man lay sleeping. She touched down on the sand beside him. He was clearly enjoying the dream that she had looped in his head. It only made Sandra more determined to reverse the roles on him."Wake up, dirtbag," she ordered, blasting the order into his mind so ferociously it made his nose bleed.

Jumping to his feet, startled so violently from his sleep, the mercenary swung a few poorly directed reflex blows as his mind adjusted to being back in reality.

"I'm over here, fool," Sandra told him, putting her hand on her hips. He turned about, and was completely stunned by the woman he saw before him. She was wearing some outlandish outfit, as though she were going to a costume party, and its small pieces of fabric left bare most of her appealing flesh. He gasped at just the sight of her bare shoulders, the unbelievably full swells of her luscious breasts, her cinched waist, and wide hips. Her skin looked hairless and soft, begging to be touched. He could even see a tiny bit of the contours of her tight bubble butt, visible from the front. He longed to touch her, more than he’d ever longed for anything before.

And when he took a deep breath, his body already yearning, aching, desperate with desire for her, his body went into shock as her scent saturated his lungs, hurling him into a sea of fantasies, all featuring her.. The rest of the world fell away as his knees gave way, hips grinding in his pants, and all that was left was Sandra's image and the overwhelming sexual urges he had for her. His member, hard and sore from his dream, throbbed with refuelled eagerness asdrool formed from the corner of his mouth.

"Like what you see?" Sandra asked, turning in a slow circle. He nodded slowly, and rose back to his feet to move toward her. His hungry eyes were not all that showed his intention. He bolted the last few steps, but before he reached his goal, an invisible force gripped his neck in a crushing grip and lifted him to dangle from thin air.

"You killed my boyfriend. And you would have killed me too if things hadn't gone wrong. So it’s only fair that you join the rest of your buddies."

She flashed him images of what she had done to the other vehicles as she held him aloft. He wasn't processing it. All he could think of was getting at her body, being close to her so he could relieve his burning, throbbing organ.

"That's not going to happen. Remember what it felt like when you were raping me? You thought I felt good then. Now...I can feel as good as I want."

Sandra looked into his eyes as she tapped into her sea of power to draw more sensuality from it. Her victim's mind tripped and stumbled as she altered herself. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but for some reason she was becoming even more gut-wrenchingly desirable. Every smooth acre of her delectable flesh sang to him, calling out like a siren, promising the most exquisite, exotic, erotic fantasies man could ever hope for. He longed to suck on her pert, cherry nipples, to bury his face in her massive cleavage, to wrap his arms around her and buck helplessly in between her legs. . His desire escalated with every passing moment. His throbbing member was harder than it’d ever been, and nobody was even touching it! He was about to explode in his pants just from looking at her!

Sandra watched his expression grow desperate with longing, and a heavy sweat broke out all over his body, making her wrinkle her perfect nose. As his heartbeat accelerated, Sandra's super hearing picked up funny sounds from his groin as he flooded his underwear with his semen.

"Came already? Don’t think it’s over. Watch this." Sandra accelerated the flow of her power, and studied the mercenary as he reacted to her.

Even amidst the most powerful orgasm he’d ever experience , his heart burning with fatigue, kept furiously pumping blood to his still-hard member as the girl before him continued to climb to new sexual heights. Then he jumped at her with his trembling legs, desperate to insert his twitching member into her. She smiled, halting his efforts with her left hand as she stroked his face.

"Now, it's time for your life to come to an end."

His hands ravaged her as best they could, groping crudely at her irresistible, lust inducing body. She released him.

"But if you leave now, I'll forgive you. And you can live."

He ignored her ultimatum, his freedom allowing him to get closer to that flesh. But now her body was too much for him, the feel of her skin burning him as it excited his nerves far too much. But the jagged pain was so full of pleasure that he continued.

Sandra smiled as this weak man tried to take his pleasure from her. His ravaging would have left a normal woman broken and bleeding, but Sandra just stood with her hands on her hips smiling with cruel amusement. Her sexuality continued to ascend with no limits, the sight of her firm, heaving bosom, her long, sinuous legs, her ruby lips and glowing eyes constantly redefining the paragon of sexuality. Before long, the mercenary just dropped dead as his heart gave out.

"Now," Sandra thought aloud, turning to look up at the high column. "I think you've had long enough."

She pointed at the base of the rock tower, and pretended to fire a gun with her finger. Backing up her imagination with her new powers, she "shot" a ball of air at her target. The tiny bubble that she accelerated from the tip of her finger was so fast and concentrated, it had more power than a case of C-4 when it impacted. The rock column collapsed as its base shattered like a toothpick model. Martin Greene came tumbling down to land hard on the sand. Sandra heard every bone in his body, except three, shatter as death took him.

The new bearer of the greatest power in all the universe looked down at the one who had made it all possible, and then she used her formidable mental energy to bury the body four miles down in solid rock, teleported his atoms with a snap of her fingers.

"Now, what should I do with all this power...?"

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