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An average man enters, late 30s maybe even 40s. He kneels down on a doormat and removes his shoes carefully, so as not to put dirt on the carpet. This is STEVE JONES, and careful and considerate is what he is.

Standing up, he hears a sound. It alternates between a pained whimper, and an erotic gasp.



The sound continues. Steve sprints through the door at the opposite side of the foyer.


Steve enters the room, and then stops in shock.


What the fuck?

Steve sees his girlfriend, fit and gorgeous EMMELINE (EMMY) KENNEDY, impaled on the enormous cock of THE SUPERMAN. The Superman is moving Emmy up and down his huge phallus with his right hand. Emmy's eyes are glazed; she is the source of the sounds.

The Superman looks at Steve impassively. His face is Aryan handsome, and his naked body is a study in muscular anatomy. Without taking his eyes off Steve, he begins to thrust into Emmy. 

Emmy moans, desperate and orgasmic, and her fingernails dig ineffectively into the Superman's glutes. 

The Superman starts to smile, then turns to Emmy and increases his pace.

Steve looks for a weapon. All he can find is an old-fashioned ornamental iron on the mantelpiece over the fireplace. He grabs it - it’s heavy - and rushes the Superman, swinging the plate of the the iron into the side of the Superman's head.

The blow does nothing. The impact forces Steve to drop the iron, and his hand and wrist are in agony.

The Superman swaps hands, now holding Emmy with his left hand only. He keeps on thrusting, not missing a beat, and casually flicks Steve's chest with the fingers of his now free right hand.

The gesture catapults Steve through the air. He hits his head on the mantelpiece, and slumps to the floor, conscious but dazed. He isn’t able to move, but he can see, and hear, the synchronized gasps as the Superman and Emmy approach, and reach, orgasm.

The Superman disengages, and Emmy drops to the floor, quivering. He walks leisurely toward Steve - the epitome of the big swinging dick. His cock is still erect - at least fifteen inches.

The Superman reaches Steve and with one hand lifts Steve, and then throws him across the room.

Steve lands next to Emmy's semi-conscious form. He looks across the room. 

The Superman has picked up a poker from next to the fireplace. He then moves back to Steve in a blur of motion, covering the fifteen feet in less than quarter of a second. 

Steve flinches from both the displaced air, and in shock


She can decide what to do with you. Hopefully, she'll just dispose of you.


Can't have you getting away though.

The Superman, with no apparent effort, bends one end of the poker into a ring around Steve's neck, and then somehow tightens it. The Superman then forces the other end of the poker into the concrete wall. He steps back, and his eyes glow red before emitting a pair of scorching rays, seemingly soldering the poker into the wall.

Steve is in shock. His hair was singed by the Superman's heat vision, and somewhere along the way he has started crying.


She's got my genes. Those of a Kryptonian. A god.


You'll get to see her




If she lets you live, remember that we'll kill you if you tell anyone about us. If she doesn’t kill you, I will. I’ll crush you.


Like this.

The Superman picks up the discarded iron. He squeezes his hand, and there is a brief scream of tortured metal. He opens his palm, and a dusty cloud of iron filings float to the ground.

Point made, the Superman walks back to where Emmy lies. He picks her up, facing away from him this time, and plunges into her again.

Steve passes out.



Steve eyes flutter open. He can see Emmy walking gingerly around the room. She is still naked, and is on the phone.

There is no sign of the Superman.


I'm okay. A bit tingly. The sex was


unreal. He hurt Steve though.


Okay. I’ll see you soon.

Emmy hangs up, but still holds the phone.

There is a whoosh from outside, followed by a crunch, as if something heavy has landed on the gravel driveway.

EMMY (cont'd)


A moment later, there is the sound of footsteps approaching from the foyer. Emmy's face slackens and she whimpers. The phone drops to the floor.

KARA KENNEDY strolls into the room.

Kara is, for the moment, the most fabulous woman in the history of the Earth. She is well over 6 feet tall, and seems to be a female equivalent of the Superman. Her legs stretch on forever, and her muscular definition is beyond belief. Kara's breasts are massive, twin spheres each bigger than Steve's head, barely contained by her tank-top. She is divine.

Kara crosses Steve's line of sight and he gasps. His cock stiffens instantaneously despite the injuries he has suffered. He is painfully hard. He scrabbles against his restraints, desperate to get closer to her.



It's true.


You're nothing.

Kara walks over to Emmy, and picks her up with one hand.

Emmy writhes against Kara. Her hands sometimes squeeze Kara's breasts, and sometimes Kara's butt. She can't seem to make an indentation anywhere, and so she sometimes squeezes her own breasts, or rubs her hand between her legs.

Kara pushes Emmy away, holding Emmy aloft with one harm around her neck. There is no sign of strain. She flexes, and both her tank top and jeans split. With her free hand, she removes both items. She too is now naked, and begins massaging her left breast, almost absent-mindedly.

Emmy struggles to get closer to Kara, her feet bicycling in the air. Kara's reach is, however, too long.

KARA (cont'd)

Just this once, Em, you're going to let me do what I want.


(nodding, panting)


Kara changes her grip from Emmy's neck to her shoulder, a movement so quick and precise that Emmy doesn’t move a millimeter closer to the ground. Kara then slams Emmy into her body, her fabulous physique crushing the air out of Emmy's lungs.

Kara lets Emmy get a breath, holding her close and forcing Emmy to look into the new perfection of her face. She then licks Emmy's ear, as Emmy writhes against her.


You want me to kiss me, don't you?

(nibbles on Emmy's ear)

You want my long, unbreakable, fingers inside of you?



(more urgently)

Yess. Yes!

Emmy continues grinding against Kara, and then screams out in orgasm. Her eyes close, and she slumps spinelessly against Kara. For a moment. Then she opens her eyes again, moans, and then, like a wind-up doll, starts grinding her body against Kara again.


It's illegal.


It's illicit.

(licks Emmy's lips)

But I'll do it anyway.  

(kisses Emmy's neck)

If you let me break another law.





I want to fuck Steve.


That's okay isn't it? All you have to do is say yes.

Emmy's writhing is becoming frantic.

Steve, unable to control himself any longer, comes.

KARA (cont'd)

You thought Kal was good. 



(squeezes Emmy against her breasts)



You get.


A piece.

(and again)

Of me.


God, yes.


What was that? I can fuck Steve?



(her voice tails off)



I want you to tell me.

Kara slides Emmy's body up and down her own, making sure her nipples are always in contact with Emmy's skin.



You can fuck him.

In one movement, Kara wraps a leg around Emmy's lower body. With one hand, she forces Emmy's face into her own. One of Kara's fingers penetrates Emmy, and vibrates at an increasing speed.

Emmy's scream of disbelieving pleasure is muffled by Kara's mouth. Emmy's eyes roll up as she experiences a world-shattering orgasm. She passes out.

Kara gently lowers Emmy to the ground. She turns and looks at Steve.

Steve comes again.



Kara approaches Steve, a panther on the prowl.

Steve wriggles, trying not to look at her.

Kara grabs the poker and removes it from the wall effortlessly. She then carefully removes the other end from Steve's neck, squishing the metal into paste. She grabs Steve's head and turns it toward her.

Steve can't turn away from her serene expression. Her face is flawless. She looks in the prime of her youth. Steve is in true, biblical-sense, awe. Now freed, he moves toward Kara. 

Kara puts the palm of her hand into Steve's chest.


Only when I let you.

She straightens her arm, slamming Steve into the wall with such force it shakes. Steve bounces back, he's shaking too, but not really hurt. Her power though, his caused him further distress downstairs.

KARA (cont'd)

There are three reasons I want to play with you.


First. Emmy's always been the pretty one. For once, I get what I want.


Second. Kal's suggested, and I agree, that our existence must be kept secret.

(she moves in closer)

I've been dying to fuck someone I like. You're the only little boy I’ve seen since, well this.

Kara admires her body, and flexes her arms. She then raises Steve to his feet.

KARA (cont'd)

Third. You need me to fuck you.






Please, Kara, please. Please fuck me.


Good. Remember how you feel. You're overwhelmed. You're insignificant. You can't resist me.


Please, Kara, fuck me. Please. I'm begging you.

Steve reaches into this pants, desperate for yet further release.

Kara envelops both Steve’s hands with one of her own, and forces them above his head.


Like Emmy, you're going to be fucked by a god. Like Emmy, your willpower is meaningless. When Kal fucked Emmy, she had no choice. I want to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you. You have no choice. Understand what I'm saying?

Steve has no idea. His eyes are glazing over.

KARA (cont'd)

I'm helping you get over what you saw. Sometimes, it's kind to be cruel.


Isn't it?



Kara's expression changes. She looks hungry now.


But the second reason's the only important one.

Kara moves Steve's hands to her her left breast, and lets them go. He climaxes instantly. His erection doesn't subside.

KARA (cont'd)

Grab it. Squeeze it.


If you can.

Steve has one hand on the outside of Kara's breast, and the other between her cleavage. He squeezes her breast ineffectively, as it is far too firm. He then tries to encircle it, his fingers at her breastbone while he tries to bring his thumbs together at her nipple. It is useless, his thumbs are separated by over three inches.

KARA (cont'd)

They're beyond triple Ds. Ten times the surface area of the average woman's. Nearly forty times the mass.

Kara's breath washes over Steve.

Steve comes again. That's five times in five minutes. His pants are a mess. He slumps against Kara, breathing heavily. Surely, he will now get some respite.

Kara nibbles on his ear. She reaches down, and removes Steve's sodden pants, ripping them off with one finger.

Steve's cock twitches, and he is rock-hard again.

KARA (cont'd)

Bet you're wondering how that works. I can tell you, it's more me than you.


I had figured as much.

Kara smiles, for a moment sincere. Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but she is impressed he has any left at all.


I know what I look like. Em will be the same. You'd be useless left to your usual refractory period.

Steve looks at her, blankly.

KARA (cont'd)

It's part of your submission. All your body's resources redirected to keep things going.


To keep me happy.


You've still got a few goes left before it gets dangerous.

Steve shows slight alarm.

KARA (cont'd)

What do you expect? When your only essential function is pleasuring me, sooner or later, your heart will fail.


I could literally fuck you to death.


And you'd beg me to.

Steve groans and starts thrashing impotently against Kara.

KARA (cont'd)

Wouldn't you?



Kara suddenly looks to one side. She smiles.


It's starting.


What is?

Kara ignores him.

Steve follows Kara's gaze.

Energy bolts are crackling around, and into, Emmy's body. Emmy arches her back, and yowls. Somewhere between pleasure and pain.

Kara grabs Steve and mounts him.

Steve's eyes roll back in his head with pleasure. His stomach is butterflies, wanting to join with his cock inside Kara. It can't though, and he feels as if surrounded in warm molten concrete. His arms and legs jerk spastically.

Kara looks back at Steve.


This is going to fun. For the both of us.


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