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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 1

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Metropolis. A city of bright lights and large throngs of people going about their daily lives. A city that never sleeps. And some would call it the home of SUPERMAN.

The person known as Superman to general public is not feeling very useful at the moment however. Sitting in a city cab with his wife and work partner Lois Lane, they’ve have been stuck in gridlock traffic for the past half hour. Faster than a speeding bullet? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Not very useful where they’re at now.

Clark had tried to persuade Lois to take a short flight upwards earlier, but given that they didn’t want to ruin their surprise by potentially jumping on an ad-hoc interviewee, and SHE didn’t want to ruin her hairdo and crumple her dress, that meant taking the cab. In midday Metropolis, that means sitting in slow-moving traffic as thousands of cars slowly crawl their way to the respective destinations.

Lois drummed her fingers impatiently on the door handle.

“I did warn you, you know”. Lois looked up and stared at Clark, who promptly shut-up.

“Yes Yes. Traffic is always very bad now. Used to be only us MetroCabs plying our honest trade, but now? Now you got all these e-hailing apps that anyone can be a limo driver! And I tell ya, they don’t really know where to get to any place fast! All of that just continues to clog up this whole place. Gov’ment shouldn’t have opened it up....” Loist continued to grit her teeth looking out the window as the driver droned on.

Finally after an eternity, they finally manage to get to the intersection just before the building, but the driver had to deposit them away from there. As Clark and Lois alighted, they realized why – there are police cars and ambulences in front and around the buidling, and the area has been cordoned off.

“Come on, smallville! Looks like we’re just in time”. Lois quickly rummaged her handbag for her Press credentials

“Yes, but for what?” Clark followed from behind.

As they tried to jostle their way through the crowd up to the tape, Clark spotted a familiar face amidst the uniforms. “Detective Turpin! Dan!” A slightly overweight 50-ish man with a weather-beaten face looked up, and groaned.

“Detective Turpin! Clark Kent from the Planet! Can you tell us what happened here?”

Detective Turpin just shouted back “Not now, Kent! I’m busy. Go bother somebody else”.

Looking at the crimescene, a body was found on top a car parked on the side of the road opposite Lexcorp buidling. Judging by the mangled body shape and the car being crushed almost all the way to the ground, it seems like he had fallen from a very high place with high velocity. Since the victim was wearing LexCorp uniform, and this happened around the company’s proximity, it makes sense that Metropolis PD have cordoned off a large area around Lexcorp. That Metropolis PD have sent one of their most senior officer to handle this situation reflects the department’s desire to get this resolved as past, and as delicately as possible.

Despite Lois and Clark’s best efforts, the police are keeping mum. After taking a few pictures with their phones and writing down a few notes, they jostled out of the crowd to take in their bearings.

“So, what next?”

“Well, aren’t we here initially to meet the richest man of Metropolis himself?”

“Lead the way”

Lois and Clark walked across the street, past the plaza and through the revolving front doors, before they were stopped by armed guards near the entrance turnstile to the elevators.

“But we have an appointment to see Lex!” Lois lied through her teeth but is was futile. The building is now in lockdown, and no visitors, with appointment or otherwise, are allowed at in.

They were just about to give up and leave when a voice called to them “Mr. Kent! Ms Lane!”. Mercy Graves was just about to make her way out the revolving doors when she saw them. Lex’ personal assistant, Mercy is always about looking sharp, and today is no different as she appeared in a tailored suit.

Lois practically ran up to her with Clark in tow. “Mercy! Come on! This is huge story! His own employee died in front of his own building! Surely this must be something that Lex would like to comment on?”

Mercy toed the corporate line. “Ms. Lane, protocol requires us to lockdown the entire building to allow the police to do their work without any hindrance or impediment. There’s nothing I can do for now. But” before Lois could pressure her further “the lockdown normally stays for 24 hours. Say we give all the uniforms time to sweep and comb through the building, how about I try to book a 15 minute slot for both of you the day after tomorrow?” she said while flipping through her tablet.

Clark and Lois looked at each other, before replying in unison “We’ll take it!”

“Ok then. So now if you’ll excuse me...” Mercy turned and walked out towards the crimescene. As she walked towards Turpin, Mercy exhailed slightly and mumbled to herself “Lex, I hope she’s worth it.”

Watching Mercy leave, Clark then pulled on Lois’ sleeves, and said quietly, “come on, that’s our cue.”

As the Planet’s reporters walked slowly to the Metro, Clark remarked “You know, there are few things that puzzled me there.”

Lois stopped, and looked at Clark. “What, with Mercy?”

“No, no. I mean, think about it location of the victim’s body. There is a plaza in front of the building right?” Lois nodded. “The body ended up on the OPPOSITE side of the road.”

Lois considered that comment “It IS a bit far from where you would expect a body to be, if it fell from Lexcorp building”

“Did he fall? Was it unintentional? Or was he pushed?”


Clark looked up, and then back at Lois. “Have to be very strong wind.”

“...Anything else you picked up, Clark?”

“Didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. I tried to use my xray vision, but other than some sort of a hole near the top of the tower, nada. I suspect that’s where our victim exited the building”.

Both of them became silent. The woman in the black hair, the one who was wearing Kryptonian clothes underneath her dress, was heading UP to the TOP FLOOR of LexCorp. They both looked back and upwards towards LexCorp again.

“I guess we’ll only find out later.”

It took the dynamic duo another half an hour to return to the Daily Planet. As usual the newsroom floor is abuzz with activity. Adopting an open office concept, one can litterally see across the entire room when standing up. All employees have their own desks, which in many cases are littered with sheahs of papers despite the current digital age.

On one side of the floor are the conference rooms of various sizes, all of which have a great view of Metropolis’ skyline; and on the opposite side are large screen TVs screening Planetnews, CNN, ABC etc. And then, there is the Daily Planet’s Wall of Fame – framed copies of landmark events such as the Moon Landing, JFK’s assasination, the Dotcom crash, and of course, the first appearance of Superman.

Clark was just about to find Jimmy Olson to pass him the photographs when a familiar voice thundered above the usual din “LANE! KENT! MY OFFICE! NOW!”

Exchanging glances, Lois and Clark walked into Chief Editor Perry White’s office. An oval glass office located in the middle of the floor, Perry’s office gives him a 360 degrees view of the entire newsroom floor. Famous for his direct style and sharp comments, he tends to loud and rowdy when he’s annoyed or when he had more than a few glasses.



Exchanging confused looks with his husband, Lois asked tenatively “Savoy as in...the hotel?”


Catching hold of and turning it over, Clark’s eyes grew as large as saucers as he saw the amount on the invoice.

Lowering his voice slightly, Perry continued, “Look, i know both of you have pulled multiple shifts to get to the bottom of the illegal organ transplant trade, and YOU!” pointing at Clark “almost didn’t get away with it, so I KNOW I owe both of you some good R&R. But THIS” pointing again at the invoice “IS RIDICULOUS!”

Lois could only reply “But Perry, that wasn’t us! We were all together with the Anita’s farewell party at Ginty’s down the street, remember? We partied with her until dawn!”

“That doesn’t mean both of you couldn’t have continued the party onwards at the hotel later. After all, it’s just another 3 blocks away” gesturing away. “THIS is going to come out of your next paycheck! Now get out of here and get me a story that i can print..”

Clark gave Lois a look that made her swallowed her protest. Both of them then took their leave, and Clark could still hear Perry mumbling his annoyance away.

As they walked along the hallway back to their place, they bumped into Jimmy Olson. Clark handed over his phone for Jimmy to download the photos.

“So, what gives? Did you break Perry’s mug or something”

“Oh, he just thought Clark and I was having a wonderful tussle among the sheets at the Savoy last night, and that we charged it to him.”

Jimmy grinned and looked at Clark, “So, did you?”

“Of course not! You know us better than that”.

“Well, you ARE the super-couple of the Planet, you know. And given all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve given the Planet for so long, i personally thought it would have been a nice gesture by the Planet. Maybe I had too high hopes for the Paper.”

As Jimmy started started walking away towards his cubicle “Hey Lois, do you think Planet will consider paying for my dinner date out with Lucy? Definitely will be cheaper than a night out at the Savoy.”

“Dream on Olson! Get out of my sight!” Lois shouted back.

Lois waited until Jimmy was out of earshot before turning to Clark “You think this is from our mysterious black-haired superwoman?”

“I’m not sure. But I don’t think she knows we work for the Daily Planet. I mean, she just appeared yesterday, remember? I doubt that she had time to find out about either one of us.”

“Maybe not Lois Lane and Clark Kent, but could she be tracking Superman?” She recalled the face of the superwoman who flew by her own powers yesterday. A woman who looked hungry enough to not take “No” for an answer.

“And that Kryptonian really seemed like Kara’s. But I don’t understand why is it with that woman...could she be another refugee from Krypton?”

“Well that’s for later. We need to get that latest news out before the cycle closes.” Then Lois lowered her voice further “Speaking of which, maybe you need to rethink your disguise. Spectacles are nothing much to hide behind nowadays, especially when” she pushed her finger at her husband’s chest ”you’re packing so much underneath here.” She then turned around and walked back to her place.

Clark laughed.


It was already 8pm when Lois was done with the story. She picked up her coat was just about to follow Clark out the doors when he suddenly stopped; his face and eyes cocked to one side in that familiar way. She walked up to him, patted him on the shoulder, and whispered “I’ll see you later” and continued walking ahead.

Clark smiled. Instead of following her to the elevators, he turned towards the emergency staircase, scanned and listened for people in the stairwell, and supersped his changes up the floors, emerging moments later dressed in the familiar Blues and Reds costume. Superman then flew towards Metropolis PD for his meeting.

“So unlike you to be late.”

“You look good Detective Turpin.”

Turpin grunted, offered Superman a beer, which Kal politely refused. Turpin shrugged, before handing over a folder. “Since Kent and Lane came by, I figured you might be interested too.”

Superman flipped through the materials and mentally recorded the crime scene photos and some of the preliminary findings. Mercy had given them access to the top floor, and the police and forensics havereally documented quite a lot.

“So, the original crime-scene is at the top, and that floor is a mess. I mean, other than the huge hole out towards the street, there were tons of broken stuff left over everywhere! Metal, electronic parts, furniture. You would have thought a bomb went off. Hell, look at Lex’ office door” Dan took a sip, while pointing at another photo “That door is as thick as any bank vault that i’ve ever seen; only a controlled explosion could probably explain that!”

Clark knew better. From how the door curved in and the size of it, it looked as if someone had struck powerfully into the 6 inch steel doors and attempted to pull it apart. With superstrength alone. This is becoming even more intriguing.

“Did you manage to talk to Lex?”

“No. He wasn’t in. Mercy said he was out sick today. Lucky sonofabitch huh?”

“...yes. Very lucky. What about tapes?”

“Wiped out. I checked them out personally – the last record showed a woman who walked towards the victim, they had a little chat, before everything went buzz. No records after that. Mercy promised she will try to get technical to help, but I am not holding my breath.

“And no, the video only captured her back. But I gotta tell you, based on how she looked when she came into the picture? She’s definitely dressed to try and get a rise out of the man, so to speak. ”  


 Much later evening back in the apartment, Clark brought Lois up to speed on Detective Turpin’s preliminary finding. They laying together in their bed as they continue to discuss possibilities.

“Do you think it’s her?”

“Highly possible. And judging by that door was mangled, I think Lex was trying to keep her out.”

“Do you think he succeeded?”

Clark shrugged. “I don’t know. More likely she forced herself in, but was she there to find Lex? Or to get something that Lex happens to possess.”

 “Well, I’m tired of all these talk. What i want NOW” she turned around cheekily, and straddled her husband “is a little R&R that Perry talked about earlier”. She then proceeded to rub her pussy lips against little Clark, attempting to coax it to life. Lois’ black sheer negligee had covered everywhere that needs to be covered, and yet hid nothing from her husband. And she can feel her rubbing through her sheer fabric is having the desired effect.

Even when still relatively flaccid, Clark is already larger than average. As he became more and more aroused, as more blood flowed towards his tool, it firmed up gradually by the second until it became a size befitting of his name – Superman! Lois licked her lips as she saw the steel tool tenting beneath the covers. She scooted forward slightly, positioned herself for the grand entrance, and finally plunged down on the ten-inch hard rod.


 “UUUUGGGHHHHH” Lois and Clark moaned together as Lois’ mound enveloped Clark’s rod like a tight sheath. Clark’s tightened his grip on the bed sheet as Lois adjusted herself to his tremendous size. He reminded himself to manage his hardness, before slowly thrusting upwards to match Lois’ bounces on him. It was the start of their regular nightime lullaby for the night.


Lois stirred. Having gone through several hard orgasms earlier, she had succumbed to sleep on top of Clark, still wrapping the inhuman size of Little Superman within her core. Suddenly uncomfortable, she felt the familiar stirring within her, as she felt her husband’s penis growing harder slowly but surely. She looked down groggily, but Clark is sleeping soundly beneath her, his breathing slow and steady, but seemingly becoming more excited. Unlike their earlier lovemaking where Clark controlled his every move, this time his body seems to be acting out of instinct, responding unconsciously to his urges. Powered by his fantasy.

As his member continued to rise, Lois struggled to cope with the ever expanding supercock, as it grew bigger and firmer by the second. She tried to squeeze her thighs and tighten her vagina to stem its growth, but to no avail as it only served to coax a faster reaction to his rise and expansion.  

“Clark, CLARK.’re hurting me”. He didn’t even stir. Lois tried to extract herself from his manhood as fast as she could. Fighting the pain, she finally succeeded getting herself off, feeling the <POP> of his extremely large mushroom head coming off her dry cunt, and she panted slightly from the extertion.

Looking at her husband, Lois saw that his Little Superman had grown to its true Kryptonian size, its length easily more than a foot long and at least a few inches wide. Pre-cum started to dribble out slightly from the crown as Clark started bucking slightly. She then saw a slight crease on Clark’s forehead as Superman’s famed self-control kicked-in unconsciously. His manhood stayed rigid for a while longer before slowly softening. His breathing calmed, his body relaxed, and the large penis gradually receded back to its more regular-sized flaccid state. 

Still feeling a bit sore in her vagina, Lois slid off the bed and pulled the blanket over his husband. Then  wrapping Clark’s cape over herself, she made her way out to the balcony. It was a cool and calm. A perfect night for thinking. About both of them. And about family. About what she has been trying to get Clark to do.

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For Lois is not naive. After so many years of sleeping with him, she knows his needs. His intimate dreams, one that demanded a comparable partner. Of how he is able to let loose and use his full strength and power, to bring pleasure and grant release to himself and his partner. A partner equal to him in strength, stamina, resiliance, and power. A dream that seems to have increased in frequency since Kara arrived on Earth two years ago.

Given that Clark and Kara are the last of their specis, there is only one way should they want to continue the Kryptonian race. Initially Clark and Lois had harbored some hope that perhaps science can help, with artificial insemination and the like, with the help of Kryptonian technology if need be. But when Clark tested wanked-off himself, the force of his supercum was of such explosive force that one surge was enough to create caves within mountains. Given that his Kryptonian sperms don’t live much longer outside of his body either, so it’s the traditional way, or no way at all. 

Given her frail body when compared to this specimen of the pinnacle of humankind, Lois had come to the reluctant conclusion that she will have to share, or even give Clark up to Kara or any other women who might be powerful enough to bear him a child. Given her love for Clark, that’s how much she was willing to sacrifice for him. In fact, she has been prodding Clark on this earlier numerous timees, but Clark had avoided the subject as much as he could. She knows Clark’s love for her is as strong, if not stronger, and in his simple but romantic mind he couldn’t bear to have a child with his partner of choice. Though that had also not quell her own insecurities, given the fact there are quite a few superheroines (and more than a handful of supervillainesses) out there who could also do the job.

Now, the unconscious reaction of Clark’s own wetdream has again stirred up Lois’s thoughts. Kara has always been the logical choice – same species, family relationship be damned given the circumstances. Since her arrival on Earth two years ago, she has gone through a typical teenage life in Leesburg, Leesville, given that any other options will be bring too much suspicion and blow Clark’s cover. They are the last hope of their race, and their survival despite of the odds is testament that they are meant for each other. And Lois has to admit that under the yellow sun, Kara has slowly matured, blossoming into a fine young woman that she knows will have her own sexual frustration and needs. Given that she caught Clark stealing glances at Kara numerous time when she flew in and out either on superjobs or just for a catch-up, Lois knows he’s thinking about Kara too even if he loathed to admit it to his wife.

But at least with Kara, it will be with someone of the family. However, her sudden disappearance and incommunicado is very odd given the circumstances. Even if there’s the usual “leave me alone” young woman phase, it’s still very unlike Kara to just up-and-off without leaving any messages.

And then, there’s the new arrival in town. The black-haired Superwoman. Is she really Clark’s mate as she claimed? Clad in Kara’s costume (as Clark claimed) she definitely is the epitome definition of a perfect woman – wonderful curves in the right places, toned and atheletic where it counts, and able to fly under her own power.

Who is she? What does she want? What Lois saw through the binoculars that day – her piercing green eyes and her hungry expression suggest that she too is hungry to have a taste of Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. She grimaced at that thought about eventually that if it really were to happen, that the most powerful manhood might finally find its way into the perhaps the most powerful pussy that lay between those long, mesmerising legs.

Lois sighed. They need answers.  Soon.

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