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Sandra, Part 2

Written by Dru1076 :: [Friday, 20 August 2021 12:18] Last updated by :: [Friday, 20 August 2021 12:24]

Sandra Part 2

Written by Dru

Edited by HarmonyMotion

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Sandra looked at the remains of the vehicles and melted them to slag with beams of superheated air from her fingers. The sandy dune turned to glass around the melted puddles as each time she put just a little more power into it. Then she saw the bodies of the men she had killed and felt her excitement die a little.

Her rage bubbled up as she looked upon the corpses of these rapists. Sandra hoisted one of their dead bodies and threw them one by one miles deeper into the desert. Seeing them fly beyond the horizon and realizing that their lifeless bodies were weightless in her grip, she hurled them even farther by putting some effort into her toss. It still wasn’t enough. She closed her eyes and opened the floodgates, condensing the mass of her body even as it swelled with power, until her impossibly strong muscles were sleek and feminine, instead of bulging at gruesome angles.

The last two corpses were launched clear into space, the friction of escape velocity making them glow. Only a few scraps of them made orbit, but the feat astounded Sandra. She punched a chunk of Martin's fallen stone pedestal, and it was vaporized into itty bitty atoms. She hoisted another stone, and with just a flick of her fingers, sent it flying across the desert. Jumping into the sky, she flew up and cried out with joy. The power that flowed through her flesh and mind was capable of accomplishing anything she desired. She smiled and wondered who she could show off to first.

A thousand ideas flashed through her head, all of them appealing, but one stood out above them all. She would be the protector, the gallant hero, saviour of the world. But first she would need to test her strengths and look for weaknesses.

Wondering if it was possible, Sandra lifted from the ground and performed a perfect somersault-dive at the sand. Her ultra-firm flesh carved through so easily. She went deep and shattered into the underlying bedrock. Sandra laughed as the hard-packed tectonic plate parted before her. She reached forward and tunnelled with her fingertips, surprised when her environment suddenly changed.

Sandra had burrowed so deep and so quickly, she found herself smothered in magma. The heat was comfortable, the glow pleasant to her eyes. She accelerated and tunnelled far deeper than anyone had ever drilled or mined. Laughing at the impossibility of the physics she carved through molten earth far faster than man had traveled even in the vacuum of space, as she smashed layer after layer, deeper into the planet until her rugged course brought her into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Her brief contact with the ocean was not enough to cool her, and when she stood on air in the stratosphere she glowed like a new sun in the brilliant blue sky.

Dropping like a stone, she halted to dangle her feet in the water. A massive column of steam rose into the sky, and she fully immersed herself. The discharge of steam released a cloud, which covered the hemisphere and caused havoc with the planetary weather.

Sandra stayed underwater, the ocean bubbling in turmoil before calming down. Everything around her went suddenly still, and she realised that all the sea life nearby had been boiled alive as she cooled her body. She moved through the water as easily as air. It seemed she could go as fast as she wanted, the density and pressure of the depths of the ocean providing no resistance at all. The impossibly powerful young woman smiled, breathing water into her nasal passages without gagging or coughing. The toughened tissues of her infinitely-enhanced lungs filtered oxygen from the water just as easily as they did air.

She sought the deepest canyons of the ocean’s depths, traversing them until she started to find creatures never documented before. Some of them surprised her with their size, but none attacked her as she approached. Until, that is, Sandra investigated a giant squid. The unbelievably massive creature was as used to being the dominant figure as Sandra was getting to be, and when confronted by her comparatively smaller form, the animal flailed out with his long tentacles. Sandra did nothing, allowing the creature to grasp her. Filled with confidence, she allowed it to feel her body. Its venom sprayed out, and the ink blasted Sandra’s invulnerable eyes. But she blinked the deadly poison away. Driving her arms out, she shredded the tangled web of strong tentacles, and flew through the water in a series of loops to slice the soft-fleshed creature to ribbons.

Looking up through a million fish and floating bits of squid, Sandra spotted a swarm of hungry sharks scouting several hundred feet near the surface. She grasped some larger chunks of bleeding squid as bait and approached their depth. Waiting nearby, she watched the graceful killers move in to attack the mangled remains she towed. They didn't seem to notice Sandra at all as she moved away to watch the scene in fascination.

Wanting to get in on the fun, Sandra wrapped bits of squid around her body, getting frustrated as the weak flesh disintegrated in her fingers she applied her mind to the task until she was laced with strips of squid. The sharks were in a frenzy, and even as they broke teeth and several jawbones on Sandra’s unbreakable flesh, they continued to assault their quarry. To Sandra it felt like a light, half-hearted massage as the apex predators of the ocean stripped her of her improvised bloody suit. Whenever they bit down too hard or deep, they only hurt themselves. Growing tired of the novelty, Sandra started to return the assault, punching and slapping, kicking and shoving the underwater beasts. She killed the entire lot of them in less than two minutes. The bloody viscera set off a whole new frenzy of feeding as the scent of blood radiated into the ocean. Sandra's incredible eyes picked up the scene in beautiful detail. She playfully started chasing a group of killer whales, grabbing their tails and sending them high into the sky of the Pacific with a smooth motion of her arm. Then she moved in on some smaller fish. They darted about with startling dexterity, but as Sandra fine-tuned her flying ability, she could easily catch the quick buggers, squishing them like overripe bananas in her diamond-forge grip.

As she approached the cargo ship she’d seen previously, she casually puffed tiny balls of condensed water from her mouth at the fish she could see around her. As if hit by high calibre shells, the fish she targeted exploded as the super-fast projectiles speared through them.

She stopped flying through the water and paddled to the surface beside the ship. It was moving full steam ahead. Sandra floated motionless in the powerful wake of its propellers, ignoring the vacuuming force as she watched it power forward. It was huge, she mused, leaping from the water and circling the ship with her flight to get a better look. Crates were piled high on the deck, a myriad of colours all tarnished in rust. Sandra noticed a man on the bridge leaning out with binoculars as she made her third lap, and over the sound of engines and wind, she heard him shout out to the other men inside the control deck.

He spoke in some strange language, and all his buddies came out with cameras to take snapshots of the impossible flying woman. Still charged with sexual energy, Sandra approached them, Hovering in the air just a few metres from the railing, she greeted the crew and officers of the ship with a warm smile.

"Hello," she said sweetly. "I'm Sandra."

They stared in silence, all astounded by the sight of her. Not only was there a woman flying around their ship, she was the most mind-bending, lust-inspiring, paragon of sexuality any of them had ever seen. Her lissome legs, her wide, supple hips, her taut tummy, her voluptuous bosom… and even more than that, one glimpse at her heartbreaking face, and they all drowned in a sea of fantasies, head over heels in love with her.

Some men bent over and clutched their hearts, one falling overboard from her superhuman sensual effect. Others drooled. But most just dropped to the ground, dead or unconscious. It was worth it; their final thoughts were all how they would do anything and give anything for Sandra. Only the fittest of them survived more than a minute of being exposed to her overwhelming beauty.

Sandra reached out and imagined the man falling overboard landing in the palm of her hand. The fellow’s descent halted, and he floated upwards, gently into her grasp. She deposited him carefully on the deck.

"Are you the captain?"

She reached out to shake the captain’s hand, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he made contact with her painfully sensual flesh. Just the slightest brush against this goddess’s fingers was too much for his mortal heart to bear! In an instant, his erection surged beyond its limits as his body involuntarily redirected all of its efforts into ejaculating for this glorious beauty. He passed out after three large, voluminous convulsions.

Two more men gurgled and came at the sight of what she’d done to the captain, joining the majority of their sexually destroyed crew on the deck. Sandra finally realised that she was still fatally attractive. Despite the fact that her first outing as a heroine had led to some accidental deaths, she just giggled, unable to control her amusement at just how she’d done it. Aroused from her irresistible seductive power, Sandra involuntarily flooded the air with her fragrant scent, causing a few who had fallen unconscious to spasm until their hearts failed as well. Quickly though, she reduced the sexual power in her veins to a more tolerable, yet still formidable level. Several of the crewmen who remained conscious ceased their lust-arrested groans and were babbling something, now that they could focus enough to talk.

"What are you saying?" she asked, her head tilting to the side as she listened to their language. They were Germans, she learned, her mind piercing into the thoughts of the sleeping captain. He spoke English and German both fluently, as well as Japanese and his homeland tongue of Ireland. Not many people knew that he was born in Ireland, but nothing in the captain's mind was hidden from Sandra's clumsy assault on his head. She used forces akin to nuclear weapons, where all that was needed was a single bullet, to rip the useful knowledge from the poor man. His nose bled, and he died in his sleep.

Realising she had killed half of these men, most recently the captain, Sandra decided that her first meeting with other people since her progression from mortal form had not gone as well as it should have. But it proved a valuable lesson. She must remember to always be aware how much more powerful, not just physically, but also sexually, she was. So much more sexual and powerful. More than anything in the universe.

There was a loud explosion of gunfire. One of the engineers had come running up with a shotgun when he realised the ship was changing course unannounced. Released from his trance, he emptied all eight rounds into Sandra's floating form.

Having just carved a hole though the planet with her face, Sandra wasn't worried in the slightest as the hot pellets showered over her. They splashed off in all different directions, many tiny pieces shredding not only the hapless gunman but also the friends he was trying in vain to save.

"Give it up," she told them in fluent German. "I didn't really mean to hurt anyone I ..."

"Get out of here!" Someone demanded as he ran for the crates. Several others recognized his wisdom and followed.

"Hold it right there!" Sandra ordered. They ignored her and she allowed them to escape. There was nowhere they could hide from her.

This particular ship, as it happened, was carrying a very illegal cargo. And mixed in with all the hashish and heroin was an arsenal of weapons. The knowledge that these men were criminals greatly relieved her as she could now justify anything she did to them.

"Sure sucks to be to be you guys," she smiled, beaming the thought directly into their minds as she spoke. "Did you know that no force in the universe can save you from the power I control?"

"Die, you alien bitch!"

From the cargo deck a missile fired as the man who spoke aimed it carefully at her. She let it hit her square on the chest, the explosion doing far more damage to the bridge than to her exposed flesh.

"You like missiles, huh?" she asked him. "How's this for a missile?"

She accelerated toward him fifty times faster than his eye could focus and pushed through him at six-hundred kilometres an hour. Her path took her though seventeen shipping crates, shattering all of them and sending debris flying. She slowed down and turned, then returned in the blink of an eye.

This guy cowered between two crates and had never experienced greater fear than now, as this beautiful, vengeful goddess sliced a Sandra-shaped hole through the crates behind him and floated there smiling. He got up, crying and babbling about how he didn't want to die.

"You know how many people this heroin kills?" Sandra asked, reaching out both arms to grab hold of the crates that formed the narrow corridor, making handles by scrunching the cool steel in her cautious grasp. "You make me sick."

Not smiling anymore, Sandra brought her arms together in front of chest. Her super strong arms brought the crates they held  along with thrilling ease, unsettling the crates above and rapidly closing the narrow passage. While the steel walls of the crates moulded around Sandra's super-dense flesh, the man couldn't run fast enough to escape as he realised with horror what she was doing. The doomed smuggler was crushed flat just as he jumped to get clear. She pushed the gap aside and nearly gagged at his remains. He looked like a giant mosquito caught on a flyswatter. Launching again to orbit the ship a few times, she reminded herself that these people were drug smugglers and deserved whatever they got.

Sandra landed back on the deck close to some hidden crew her sharp eyes had spotted from above, her feet dimpling the steel loudly as rivets popped from the seams. So much was the strength flowing in her muscles that she felt as though she stood on a construction of alfoil, not half inch steel and iron. She crimped the weak metal and squished it between her toes.

A group of three crewmen armed with assorted guns from their stockpile, and convinced these new anti-tank weapons could kill the gorgeous superwoman who had ambushed them. They bolted from behind the cover of the crates and opened fire.

"You'll have to do better than that!" she told them as the well aimed shower of bullets gently massaged her torso. She looked down and watched in fascination as several high powered explosive rounds detonated on her body.

Seeing that their weapons had no effect, they tried something with more power. The grenade launchers they produced next felt great as the armour-piercing explosives detonated on her skin. She bathed in the burst of the heat, and watched as the men who fired the weapons were thrown to the deck by the shockwave. Sandra flew over, deliberately dragging her feet to cut through the steel of the deck. Pulling her bare feet out of the metallic gash of her making and landing neatly in front of them, she gestured with her hand, and her bizarre outfit changed at her whim.

"You guys want to fight?" she demanded, standing before them in boxing trunks with red gloves and matching halter-top.

They got to their feet and rushed her. The first one copped an uppercut in the chin that ripped his head from his shoulders and sent both pieces of him flying into the air. The guy on the left dodged a jab, but was splattered as Sandra swung her arm out to knock him flying into the shipping crates.

The third guy gave her a right hook that had toppled giants. Then he tried his personal favourite left hook. But after that he couldn't throw another punch, because both his hands were shattered to the wrist-bone.

"Nice moves," Sandra told him, her hands on her hips and her expression showing her amusement. "Did the captain teach you that? He taught me some good moves too."

Using the knowledge she had ripped from the captain’s mind, she used a simple technique of blinding an attacker: a simple nose jab. Just a light tap. His nose flattened into his face, as she intended. And then his whole body sailed, head first, out over the railing to eventually splash down into the ocean, some twelve miles west.

Enjoying the experience of physical combat so much, Sandra sought other opponents to test herself upon. She flew down through the deck, the steel bending under her naked feet before rending loudly and giving way. Sandra found herself in the cargo hold and quickly located a pocket of three men inside a crate loaded with weapons. They were armed to the teeth, and still they found more items to use against the superwoman that was killing them all.

There wasn't much room down here. So before she began her fun with her next targets, Sandra cleared some room with her mind. Making gestures with her hands as a guide, she levitated a crate. She surprised herself at how easy it was to heft the heavy container, making it spin as she sent it flying at the hull. It smashed into the steel and clanged, crumpling like an accordion. Sandra made a hole in the hull with her mind, punching out a large, jagged opening and through it she hurled the crates, tossing several million dollars worth of contraband into the pacific until she had enough room to play with her new toys.

Dressed in her controversially tiny superhero outfit once more, Sandra didn't have to wait long for one of her toys to attack her. With a determined war cry, he came at her blasting away with a shotgun. The pellets peppered her delightfully, like being showered with confetti at a wedding. It felt more pleasant the closer he got, and Sandra just let him blast away, trying to experience as much of the hot lead as she could.

Finally, the gun clicked empty. Sandra flashed forward to grab it in one hand while her other cupped his chin and hoisted his feet a few inches clear of the ground. Her fingers squeezed the hot barrel and scrunched it paper-thin with a pathetic squeal, and she easily tore it free from his grip to fling it aside. He grabbed at her wrist, struggling with kicks that bounced harmlessly off her insanely sexy body. She looked up at his red face and smiled sweetly.

The desperate man threw a punch at her face, and it landed hard on her cheekbone with a sickening crunch. Sandra smiled as he howled in pain and flailed his legs harder. Her beautiful face had broken his meaty fist rather badly, and now he was crying. A deep arousal flooded the super powerful woman as she got a massive rush from dominating the big pirate so completely.

Biting her lip, she kept the struggling man aloft with total ease and got a hold of a bruised knee as it came up to strike her incredibly hard stomach. She could feel him trying to yank it free, but her steely grip was unbreakable. His knee proved to be much easier to break, and when it collapsed instantly under the first hint of effort added to her squeeze, she let out a soft involuntary coo of delight.

In agonised confusion, the man screamed in pain and lashed out with his unbroken hand, shattering it on his superhuman tormentor's nose. With a smirk, Sandra cocked a fist and threatened to punch him in the face. He shrieked at receiving his imminent deathblow, but his wriggling proved useless. Sandra shifted her aim low and gave him a half hearted body shot. He let out a violent expulsion of air, his lifeless body limp and deflated.

While Sandra was too busy being impressed with herself, his two friends let out angry cries and came out blasting her with huge guns. Tossing the body aside effortlessly, the obscenely sexy superwoman allowed them a clear shot, wiggling her flowing hips back and forth to let her whole torso receive some of their erotically delightful attention. As their main weapons ran dry, they drew upon others, emptying those as well while maintaining their rage. These smaller machine guns were just as harmless to their happy target.

Sandra was so turned on at this point she wasn't even aware of the hand that wandered around chasing bullet impacts and massaging the stimulated areas. She only realised when it wandered across her proudly erect super hard nipples, and she looked down at the marvellous curves of her chest through a glittering storm of splattering and shredded bullets.

"Damn. That feels fantastic," she moaned to herself.

Suddenly the men both looked off over her left shoulder, and dove back into the loaded shipping crate. She had heard the man sneaking around behind her with a rocket launcher, but had ignored him. Now he got in position and fired, but she didn't bother to turn around. She let the missile strike her back and wallowed in the deeply pleasing warmth of its detonation. It felt glorious, and only served to push her arousal to greater heights.

The men came out of the container ready to celebrate only to slump in defeat as they watched their tormenter pleasuring her own marvellous body with eager hands. They gulped, only one of them mustering the strength of will to push beyond his arousal and limply raise his weapon. The shotgun fired, his aim focused on her chest, and the only response from her was a low moan.

"Oh my… it just feels… so good!"

She was only vaguely aware of them now as a hand slipped low and found her crotch. Sandra shamelessly indulged her lust, and greedily added to her pleasure by strengthening her body. Another shower from the shotgun made her sensual abs clench, and her eyes fluttered as a mild peak erupted inside her. The men around her grunted as if struck in the gut, bowled over by the sympathetic echoes of her mild delight, and dropped to their knees to violently ejaculate as Sandra's orgasmic coo reached their ears. 

The air was now dense with her scent, and the most well hidden of the smugglers came crawling out in a lust-fueled haze to either paw at the air in her direction or mindlessly crawl toward her.

Focusing all of her attention on herself, Sandra teased her limitless body toward a huge peak of orgasmic ecstasy. Her urgent moans vibrated the whole ship as she caressed her sopping pussy with eagerness. Her audience gaped in wonder as she became even more beautiful right in front of them, her body radiating obscene levels of strength and power that ensnared their minds the more they watched.

Two of the older guys were already dead before Sandra’s orgasmic cry tore through the ship. Their hearts gave out, unable to maintain a constant ejaculation of such intensity as long as their friends. The hull of the ship could not contain the immense power of Sandra's supercharged release, and it was ruptured within the starting seconds of her vocal outburst. All around her, the vessel was torn asunder, and a twenty foot section of hull just disappeared in an instant. The smugglers she had been toying with never even knew what hit them!

Sandra came off her ship-destroying peak, still luxuriating in the afterglow of her new body’s capacity to experience sexual ecstasy.

"Oh my… I'm really something!" she smirked.

Sandra floated over the waves as the bent and battered halves of the ship, sinking into the depths, disappeared forever beneath the waves. She greedily and vigorously worked herself up to another explosive orgasm, relishing in the astounding sexual stamina of her improved body. She relaxed and floated over the oil slick the ship left behind, lazily drifting up into the sky and enjoying the afterglow of her pleasure.

Her thoughts turned to what super heroic deeds she could pull off now, and what wonderful things she could do with all her new amazing powers. After all, her first act as a superhero had been a resounding success in her mind. She had just removed a dangerous threat from the world! And she was still abuzz with the rush of how incredibly powerful she had become. With a blissful look of happiness on her face, the most powerful living creature in the universe headed home and took off with a rapid string of sonic booms left in her wake.

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