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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 2

Written by kshoo :: [Friday, 27 August 2021 07:17] Last updated by :: [Monday, 30 August 2021 18:14]

First, a shoutout to Shadar who have agreed to allow me to use his characters from his Aurora Universe, as well as offering much encouragement and support for someone who has just dipped their toes into writing fanfiction. Thank you.

From 2 years back until today

The backstory to everything – starting from Mandi Olson coming to Earth.

Mars. The third rock from the sun. Its red surface has led many to call it the “Red Planet” due to the high iron oxide content that is prevalent on its surface. For many years humans have theorized about the possibility of life on the planet, and many a fiction story has been written about Mars in different ways – alien civilizations seemed to be one key storyline that is being leveraged time and again.

Since the appearance of Superman and the revealing of his Kryptonian origins on the Daily Planet, the debate of whether “are we truly alone” had been laid to rest. But it had fanned the flames and continued pushing the hypothesis that there should be potential planets out there which either has living beings, or has potential to sustain life. With Climate Change gathering pace, there is growing interest in finding alternative locations beyond Earth, to move to a place that humankind might perhaps need to undertake that drastic step to migrate beyond the Blue Planet.

And so, the “Adventure Twins”, two solar-powered rovers were launched into space to explore and map the nearby planets on this possibility. Starting with the next planet to Earth.

Since its arrival on the surface of Mars, both have been able to send back many high-quality pictures of the Red Planet back to Earth. These pictures provided data evidence that confirms the hypothesis that Mars used to support life, that there used to be water on its surface. Photos of old craters showed signs of clay minerals which could form water; soil analysis also revealed metals and chemicals that are similar to those that exist in Earth’s many hot springs or hot steam. These indicated that Mars WAS indeed hospitable to life before, but one could only conjecture what happened to this planet that resulted in such a harsh environment currently unable to sustain any life.

Any normal human life, that is. For at this very moment, two metahumans are currently standing on Mars. One calls it home; another forcibly brought along for the ride home. Both about to continue their direct confrontation since events started in motion months ago.

Mandi Olson came to this Earth two years ago, traveling through a space breach to come into this dimension, to further her dreams to conquest. In essence, she is a visitor of this dimension. Initially an Beta-level metahuman, she was assigned to another dimension’s Earth as part of a wider Arion-race scout and support crew. Uncommonly among Arions, she was born a mutant, blessed with mental faculties and powers that were unheard of among her Arion community. Able to manipulate thoughts and insert suggestions she has proven invaluable in gathering intelligence and influencing activities on the ground. All under the very noses of the Velorian protector and her family who were assigned there.

However her unique abilities were not made known to the Arion High Command – Mandi knows the price of non-conformity. Should they know of her unique abilities, she might be taken apart cell-by-cell by her own race to try and take her abilities forcibly, and try to build on and improve their genetic program irrespective of whether she will survive the process. All in the name of the Arion race.

It was through her undercover work as a female model that she uncovered details of another Velorian living on Earth. Despite her borderline Protector-level superhuman abilities, this Velorian chose to live quietly and unassumingly among the frails, content enough to write and document the various exploits of Earth’s coming and goings, and its interactions with Arions and Velorians on the sidelines. Mandi was able to manipulate her closest friends to bring her to close contact with this Scribe called Sharon Best, and using her formidable mental powers, manipulated and exploited Sharon to bless and grant Mandi her unique gift – the gift of power unique to a Velorian-born.

Throughout their encounter, Mandi controlled and exploited Sharon’s libidinous desire and arousal unique to their race, making femme love continuously throughout the night. By taking her oh-so-very-close to the edge and yet denying Sharon ultimate release, Mandi had succeeded in maximizing the continuous generation of the necessary retrovirus that is part of the Velorian and Arion’s DNA that is the catalyst for mutagenesis and eventual enhancement. Holding the Velorian’s passion for hours, Mandi hungrily consumed the continuous flow of Velorian cum until she grew feverish once her transformation commenced, after which she then drank and milked Sharon’s unique solar-powered energies that emerged from her busom in a milk-like substance to fuel and complete her final transformation.


The end result was astounding to say the least, for Mandi Olson became the best combo of what Velor and Aria had to offer. When she woke-up from her deep sleep she had been overjoyed by the abundance of energy and power her body now contained. Her Arion-Beta genetics had absorbed and then pushed the envelop of her enhancement, transforming her into a goddess-equivalent just like her benefactor. Just like the vaunted Velorian Protectors, her new physique allowed her to easily transition between atheletic-toned to body-builder ripped in microseconds, always glowing and exuding the kind of healthiness that she had never known before.

Amazingly, she even gained the Velorian’s ability to fly, something that was unheard of for a raven-haired Arion. Coupled with her own powerful mental powers she became arguably the most powerful being ever created from such an enhancement.

All of this made her feel every bit the “Dark Supergirl” that Sharon had dubbed her after they made wild passionate Supremis love again, this time as true equals. The ‘dark’ obviously alluding to her jet-black dark locks, while her cross-fit modelesque figure paired with the perfect swells of her 38DDs, now as round and as large as Sharon’s own definitely confirms to the part of being ‘super’. ‘Super’ over the frail Terrans, possibly even over the ‘normal’ Arion Primes and even Protectors. She had felt an overwhelming thrill of exuberance when she sensuously tensed and flexed her body into hundreds of curves, her actions ripping her black bikini into useless strips. Then, using her full unrestrained strength to hold the Velorian scribe to herself, it also aroused Sharon into reciprocating in kind, their hands caressing, holding and squeezing each other as they showed each other their true power, eliciting moans and groans that eventually became screams of joy and pleasure as they shuddered so much, almost bringing down the entire condo building through their incomprehensible sexual frenzy.

Despite the initial temptation, Mandi decided against divulging her post-enhancement to anyone else among the Arion force, but instead continued to relay information as per her normal Betan duty. By wielding such power of two races within her incredible body, Mandi instead plotted to be more than just a pawn in a large chessboard, and dreamt of conquest instead by positioning herself as the ultimate Queen. While Arion High Command had detected some anomalies in her reporting, eventually they gave in and allowed a longer leash to Mandi due to her undercover nature.

More than once, both the Earth’s Velorian Protector and Scribe had attempted to capture and contain her, but each time she either physically deflected their attack or misdirected them with her mental powers, proving to be every bit resourceful and cunning with the powers to match.

Mandi thought it was only a matter of time before Arion High Command will either find out about her latest exploits and forcibly bring her home to Aria, or instead use her to launch a formal attack on Earth. They did neither. Instead, she was shocked when she was reassigned to this current new dimension of Earth, to again blend-in and gather intelligence for conquer potential evaluation. Apparently one Earth is not enough for Aria – being the glutton that they are, they want it all.

Since her arrival two years ago, she has successfully assimilated within the current Earth’s society and moved about its circle, noting how strikingly similar this Earth is to the previous. The obvious difference was the lack of a Velorian protector, but in its place on this Earth is the Kryptonian male named Kal-El whom humans call Superman. Given that he seems to be always zipping here and there to resolve one crisis after another, Superman seems to dominate the news cycle more than any other topics. Not a race that Mandi was familiar with though.

Luckily, she was able to find information about the dead Kryptonian race when she chanced upon the unique cavern on Mars. Feeling every bit the superwoman that she is, Mandi preferred a place that is above and beyond the frail humans where she can look down at them at her own leisure. And what is higher than the sky? With the space between the Moon and the Earth so well travelled and monitored, she decided on Mars instead, which led her surprising discovery of the ancient Atalantean cavern, an ancient civilization that has disappeared with time. Surprisingly, there were many scrolls and writings containing ancient knowledge, and a few were fortunately written in old Arion language whose topics happened to cover Aria, Velor, and Krypton. Based on what she could decipher, all three races seem to originate from the same Elder Ones, before splitting on two branches – Aria obviously had people of raven-hair, while Velorian with blondes. Krypton however seems to be a diverse race where it welcomed the best (or worst, depending on perspective) from both Velor and Aria, and they evolved on their own path to seemingly become the most technologically advanced of all three. Perhaps it is because of the different beliefs that led to Krypton breaking off all contact with Aria and Velor – try as she might Mandi just could not recall of any previous learnings about such a colony back when she was in Aria.

The proposed linage makes sense when one looks at the image of the Last Son of Krypton. Superman’s Red and Blue costume with the <S> rune displayed so prominently across his huge chest is almost the same as those adorned by all those Supremis Velorian Protectors. His ability to fly further suggests the Velorian connection. However his huge, muscular body and his handsome face topped with wavy black hair could also be regarded as the direct descendent of Aria’s best genetics. Could Kryptonians be the best of Aria and Velor through natural evolution, a similar but much longer path that is comparable to hers through genetic enhancement?

Kal-el’s abilities are definitely a mirror of what you would expect from the best Arion and Velorians. Invulnerable to almost all types of man-made weapons, coupled with powers of flight, heat vision, breath and more, he exuded power and strength through and through.

However it is his strength that truly encapsulates the term “Super”. He has tossed crooks with ease, held falling buildings together with his amazing arms, and had once carried a battleship on his back across cities. Whenever Superman exerts more of his strength, his supermuscles too will flex and expand dramatically from top to bottom, his costume stretched tightly over them. And more than once, the cameras had managed to capture the outline of his dramatic cock bulging and surging as well, leaving nothing to imagination. It had caused quite a stir and fueled the fantasy of many, Mandi included. When she first saw the video at a bar, gasping at Superman’s huge manhood outline stretching so dramatically within his tights, Mandi immediately felt stirrings between her thighs as she suddenly became moist, the entire room soon flooded with the smell of Velorian wildflower and honey musk. As she tried to contain herself by trying to cup her suddenly very aroused mammeries, she was astounded to feel her large nipples have ripped through her clothing, and it was all she could do to superspeed out the bar, and within minutes finished the job with her powerful fingers while flying between the clouds.

For all her mental prowess, it has been so long since Mandi has had a proper man. Many a night have Mandy fantasized about the perfect specimen of a Kryptonian male, caressing her firm breasts with one hand and fondling her lower mound with another. She imagined herself fighting this Superman in the ancient Arion way, both of which achieve absolute peak in performance before turning the competition into long bouts of supercoupling. As she plunged her fingers into her pussy, she imagined that it was Kal-El using his fully-erect supercock penetrating her again and again, bringing her over the edge in the ancient tune of lovemaking.

And it’s not just his skin-tight costume that looks familiar - his gentle demeanor is also reminiscent of the more altruistic Velorians as opposed to the aggressive Arions. He seemed to try as much as possible to help humankind in any way possible using his super abilities, but at the same time still maintaining an arms-length on its politics and influences. Guiding, but not actively influencing or manipulating.

In Mandi’s opinion, that is Superman’s biggest mistake.

Mandi has done enough intelligence work throughout her lifetime to know that influence swings both ways – the dials can be moved either positively or negatively depending on the right “push” and circumstances. Hence a positive spin today can easily be undone with the right coercion on the right people at the right time. This is her expertise, and is what she has set out to do since arriving – finding the most powerful people to create leverage and ultimately influence the outcome to her favour.

Leveraging her physical appearance and coupled with her subtle mental pushes, Mandi quickly established herself as the most sought-after escort among the rich and powerful. Her ability to direct conversation as desired, plus her amazing prowess in bed made her most desirable by the most powerful, men and women alike.

This led her to none other than Lex Luthor.

For a frail human, Lex is the perfect embodiment of what is possible when one combines ambition with determination and ruthlessness. A self-made tycoon, and supposedly a genius in technology and in business, everything that he touched seemed to turn into gold. Curiously, he doesn’t really talk much about his family - Dead (rich) parents, and one slightly estranged sister who is rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

One thing is certain however is that he seemed to have a higher regard for some races over others, considering some of the upper-class to be “born-leaders”, with the right to lead and eventually rule. For the longest time Lex seemed to have the world licking from his hands, as he navigated the best and worst the world has to offer, profiting and manipulating his way to top or at least, to have in his back pocket. The world seems to be his oyster, all available for his picking at any time. At least, before the arrival of the so-called “Superman”, the Last Son of Krypton.

Hence it is perhaps quite telling that inspite of all his achievements, Lex harbours a deep hatred possible out of envy for the Man of Steel. Mandi found his loathing understandable how the adulation that Lex has gained after working so hard, is so easily usurped by this up-start who appeared out of thin air literally. Unlike the Man of Steel, Lex is after all just a normal human being, and his worldly achievements are, hence, also humanly. And the media and normal people just adore anything that is so out of the ordinary.

Given Lex’ hatred of metahumans, Mandi wasn’t sure if he could be persuaded to come to see the Arion side of the story, given his deep-hatred for anything alien irregardless of their Earthen origin or otherwise. However, that all changed six months ago.

It happened when Mandi was escorting Lex on his short walk back to the Metropolis Ritz Hotel after a local function, his assistant Mercy had already gone ahead awhile ago. A light snow was drifting down as they walked along the mainstreet, when a limousine rolled-by at too slow a speed, its windows gradually lowered before two nozzles appeared in the darkness. Mandi’s super hearing and supervision had detected the drawing of the guns and the slight click of the trigger, and she managed to push Lex out of the way into a side alleyway just before the gunfire started.

As the assassins fired away, Mandi turned and walked calmly towards the car amidst the hail of bullets, the steel jackets shredding away her outer coat and the expensive blue-coloured gown beneath, revealing her perfect Arion-Velorian superbody in the cold weather. She then bent down and grabbed the bottom of the car with her left hand before flipping it over on its top with barely an effort, trapping all the assailants within. A focus beam of her heat vision on the gas tank, and the car became a burning wreck in minutes.

Walking calmly back to Lex in the alleyway, Mandi simply picked Lex up and cradled him to her almost-naked body like a doll, before leaping silently into the dark night, landing on the balcony of his penthouse hotel suite minutes later and depositing him on the lavish couch.

“Well well. So that’s what flying with your own power feels like.” Calmly, Lex stood up, walked over to the bar, poured two glasses of whiskey and offered one to Mandi. That was when Lex told her personally of his new ambition - to become more and beyond what he is now and to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful man in the world, figuratively and literally. Superman’s powers are, in Lex’ own words, “a freak of nature”. Unlike anything else that he owns, it cannot be created nor bought, even though he has tried numerous times to either turn Kal-El to his side, or to take his powers for himself.

“There is so much power, so much potential in that body of his. Imagine what our people can do, what we can BECOME should we are able to obtain and harness that potential. And who better than ME to show them the way.”

Looking into Mandi’s eyes, Lex continued “I want it Mandi, I want it all. His invulnerability. His strength, speed, heat vision. Everything! I want the world to know that should he and I are on a level playing field, he might not come up tops against people from Earth. There is no need to idolize a false god like Superman, for ultimately we are just the same. The only difference is that his powers are a fluke of nature.”

Despite his offensive remarks of supers, Mandi still sensed an opening, and decided to pull that line. She replied sultrily “What if I have a way to make you his equal…nay, even better than him, Lex? Would you be interested?”

His eyebrow raised slightly, then narrowed. “How? No one has been able to lay their hands on his DNA for the longest time despite my best effort. Anything that we can get from him is either un-useable or inadequate. And no matter how many times I’ve tried to take away his powers through different means, he always seemed to regain it quickly. Superman is also very visible – should he disappear for any reason, his allies will all come pursuing. He does have a formidable alliance supporting him.”

“The method that I’m proposing is….unconventional, to say the least. It only involves two persons – You, and I. No machines, no tricks, just me and my unique skills and abilities.” Mandi then stood up, and proceeded to flex her superbody, shredding the remants of her gown in the process, her outworldly muscles exploded across her entire body.

She then approached Lex, and boldly took his hands and placed them on her thrust out breasts, before taking on Superman’s usual power pose. As Lex caressed and fondled Mandi’s 38DD mams with his manly strength, Mandi sighed and her two bullet-like nipples grew even harder and prominent. Her twin nubs and the areolas started to poke painfully against Lex’ palm.

“You’re holding the softest part of my body in your hands, yet you have seen me deflecting bullets with it with ease. I have what you need to make you Kal-El’s superior, to make all your desires will come true. Do you want it, Lex? Do you want to defeat the Last Son of Krypton with the same power that courses through me?”

“Yes…yes!” Lex was panting slightly before he checked himself. Pulling back his hands, he folded his arms over his chest, and said “…and there is a catch, I believe”.

You don’t reach Lex’ position by being naïve.

“Of course.”

“If it’s something that money can buy…” Mandi held up her hand to cut him off. “I desire only one thing, and one thing only – I, too am interested in the Last Son of Krypton, for the Arion High Command. Do you think you can capture him alive and bring him to me?”

“And why would I do that for you? What’s in it for me?”

Mandi smiled, before sitting back down and expounded the “official” Arion protocol doctrine, about her race’s “struggle against the dominative Velorian culture who is suspected to be hiding on Earth currently”, and the ultimate desire for “help the locals liberate themselves from the undue alien influences of Velor”.

Lex merely smiled grimly, and replied “I am not gullible, Mandi. You plan to take this planet through force, no? with all the collateral damage in tow as you fight the Velorians using Earth as your main stage. However” he stopped Mandi before she could speak. “Your war with Velor is not of my concern. Again, when you and the Arions DO take over, there will be nothing left for me, is there?”

“Granted, Arion High Command will have jurisdiction over many things when we liberate a planet, but if they see that you are of equal standing in terms of power, of which I can grant, and also loyal to the cause, they can be persuaded to allow supporters and loyalists like yourself to govern on their behalf.”

Lex paused for a long while, no doubt debating the options – to be conquered, or to become one of conquerors. He then shook his head saying “Even if I agree, Superman is not a child, and he will not back down easily. I have had enough interactions to know his tenacity and his strong beliefs, and he will fight and maybe even die for those beliefs. We have had enough rounds against each other that he is most probably anticipating any possible move that I might take against him. It will not be easy to take him.”

“However” Lex continued “would you consider having a SUPERGIRL instead of a SUPERMAN acceptable?”

Mandi was puzzled. “I don’t understand. Isn’t Superman the last of his race?”

“He IS the Last SON of Krypton, but I have reason to believe that there is at least another survivor from Krypton. SHE is young, still a GIRL. Perhaps she might be an easier prey for all of us concerned.”

“If that is true, how come I have not seen her anywhere? If she is truly possessing all the powers of a Kryptonian as you say, wouldn’t there be reports or news about her demonstrating her incredible abilities?”

“Ah…it all depends where you are looking, Mandi. I have my reasons to suspect that our Superman desires to keep her presence low-key for now, perhaps until she’s ready? In any case, since she’s not as well-known as yet, it might be easier for her to disappear.”

“Ready for what?”

“Perhaps…waiting for her to mature enough to mate? They ARE the only beings left of a decimated race, you know. One male, and one female. Given his amazing endowment, I assume that fucking a normal human being at full power will be close to impossible, unless one has a deathwish in taking all that explosive power from his uncontained orgasm.” Lex laughed.

Mandi considered this latest revelation – her initial desire was actually to capture this Kryptonian “Superman” so that she can FINALLY exploit a metahuman of comparable strength and ability to pleasure her sexually. After which, she can then offer him up to the Arion High Command as the last specimen of a long dead race that was related to Aria. If she plays her cards right, she could demand anything in exchange. Even the right to rule.

But with a Kryptonian Girl…now THERE is much more potential especially for Mandi herself! Recalling the Atalantean writings, it was postulated that that Kryptonians have become much more advanced and powerful physically and technologically due to their need for survival under a much harsher environment compared to their Arions and Velorian cousins. If true, then under the same yellow sun environment, would that also mean Kryptonians have naturally evolved to become even more powerful and resilient than even the best of Aria and Velor’s genetic programs? Given the close origins of Velor, Arion and Krypton, could a Kryptonian female be similarly 'coaxed' to produce the amazing retrovirus during sexual intercourse that can trigger a further DNA mutagenesis and grant their beneficiary even more power?

So many unknowns, and so many possibilities. Mandi was hooked.

“I accept. But how do you plan to get her?”

“Leave it to me, my dear. After all, Earth is still a big place, Mandi. Even with your vast superpowers, you cannot have your ears and eyes tuned onto every corner at all times. I, however, have built up enough of my resources to do so, and I believe I have the clues pointing in the right direction. However, it does require some delicate handling of people and matters to make it work…”

But there is one more thought lingering unsaid between both of them. Is there any inkling of honour, or even trust, among thieves?

Mandi spoke first. “You have seen my abilities, Lex. So you know the penalty of betrayal.”

Lex cross his fingers and leaned back. “Oh, yes, I am well aware of that. However, I believe deep down you have some form of …faith…in my capabilities, or else you would have left me to my own demise earlier, wouldn’t you?” He leaned forward, looking Mandi in the eyes “The war between Aria and Velor is of no concern to me. You can do what you wish, and with my current resources, I can be the perfect person to help your cause. You NEED me Mandi. Aria NEEDS me”

“…Very well. I agree.”

As Mandi stood up to walk towards the balcony, she stopped. Her superhearing had detected the skipping of Lex’ heartbeat as she walked past him in her birthday suit gloyr, as he took in her perfect form admiring all the curves from top to bottom. Just like a typical man, be it an Arion Prime or a frail.

“Looks like Lex is not so different from the rest of them after all.” Mandi thought, before turning back and smiling at Lex, like a cat who has caught its prey within her claws.

“Like what you see?” as she turned her body to pose seductively. Lex’ increased heartrate was all the answer she needed.

Her Supremis exhibitionist trait taking over, Mandi walked back and grabbed the metal pokers next to the cold unused fireplace, before sitting down seductively on the lounging couch opposite Lex, giving him a perfect view of her boobs and open mound in all her naked glory.

Placing the metal pokers on top of her firm breasts, Mandi then slowly but effortlessly twisted them around and about her twin puppies, the sound of tortured steel audible throughout. Then, grabbing hold of the resulting shape, she squeezed them further as if she were making a snowball, her arm muscles flexing slightly as her fingers worked on the crushed metal, before finally placing the metal ball within her deep cleavage. Placing her hand on both sides, she pushed her super-breasts inward, crushing the metal in its folds.

Throughout her casual display of her Velorian-Arion strength, Mandi could see Lex’ arousal clearly as if it was trying to escape its confines. She laughed inwardly, “So predictable, just like a typical male”.

Picking up the flattened metal piece, she dropped it onto Lex’ lap, who immediately dropped it on the floor, still heated due to the pressure that Mandi had applied to crush it with such her softest part of the body. He watched Mandi’s bare back as she made her way sultrily to the balcony.

“Remember our deal Lex. Or that metal piece will be your own future.” Flexing her strong legs, she flew up and away into the night sky.

Lex stared at the empty balcony for a while before returning his gaze to the cooling metal on the floor. He picked it up, before remarking “Arrogant little bitch, aren’t you, Mandi?”

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