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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 4

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 25 September 2021 04:54] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 25 September 2021 11:30]

<-4 to -3 months ago>

<The explosion from Kara's POV>

The same Midvale explosion was heard and felt much earlier in Leesville, given that it is located only 20 miles away to its west. As it was just around midday, class period was about to end when the loud “BANG” was heard, followed by loud rattling and shaking throughout the school buildings. Silence, followed by screams and pandemonium as chaos ensued. Students and teachers entangled with each other as people trying to get out clashed with those trying to maintain calm and order. 

Linda Lee took advantage of the chaos to slip out through her classroom window. A quick swan dive out followed by a quick push of her shapely legs, she quickly flew up towards the sky, superspeeding her change into her Kryptonian garb. Fully clad in a blue top with the House of El’s “S” rune stretched across her chest; a bright red pleated skirt and red cape, she is a vision to behold. Turning west towards the rising smoke just across town, this looks like a job for Kara Zor-El, Supergirl!


As Kara neared the scene, she realized that the explosion had occurred at LunarCorp - its large sprawling white-coloured campus easily visible from her high vantage point. The explosion seemed to have originated from one of the domed complexes near the East side, and a raging fire can be seen there. While many are streaming towards the designated evacuation area, there seem to be no one coming out from the burning building.

Her keen hearing and vision picked up 6 people wearing protective fluorescent gear who seem to be running towards the fire. She supersped down towards the ground and landed in front of them.

“Hey guys, can I help?”

The leader looked Kara sharply, before replying “I was expecting Superman to turn up, but you? You’re just a girl…”

A voice called out from behind “Do you think she’s wearing that <S> on her chest for fun, Arthur? OF COURSE she can help! We need all the help we can get!” The woman ran up to Kara, and apologized. “Sorry about that, Supergirl. I’m Lena. The team in there was running tests on an experimental solar-energy storage. I think there might have been an overload somehow. Do you think you can put out the fire first so that we can get in there quickly?”

Kara nodded and turned towards the building. She took a deep breath and was about to blow when…


Two explosions occurred in quick succession, throwing Supergirl, Lena and the voluntary response team away further from the building, crashing against the walls of the other parts of the complex. Just as Kara was about to pick herself up, she saw a large piece of debris falling onto her. Kara just managed hold up both her hands in reflex, kneeling onto the ground as she tried to hold the sudden weight with enough balance before it could crush on top of them. At that instant, she heard Superman’s voice “Kara, Are you down there? Is everything alright?”


“I’m ok Kal. Just a little peeved. I should have checked more thoroughly before THIS…” she stood up holding the large debris and tossed it to the side with barely a glance, “…came down on us.”

“This place seems to be burning down fast. Maybe we get these guys medical attention first?”

She nodded, turned back and focused her x-ray vision and superhearing on the burning complex. She heard four heartbeats, still beating but getting weaker by the minute. Following the sound, she saw the four figures sprawled near a command-center like room, which for some reason is still intact.

“You get them to safety, Kal. I’ll rescue those inside. Go! Now! Every minute counts!” Superman hesitated before proceeding to lift the closest volunteers and fly off.

As Kara was about to enter the burning building, she heard Lena’s voice “Supergirl…wait. Please…take me…along”. Kara turned back towards Lena and kneeled at her side, raising her up to sitting position. Lena gasped out “You…you need to take me in there. I suspect that the auto…auto containment has failed somehow. We need to shut down the plant man…manually, quickly.”

“No Lena, I can do it. Just tell me where and how.”

“No time. Take…take me in there, I need to override it with my personal access using my thumbprint….brute force shutdown might…will be… catastrophic.”

With no other options, Kara took off her invulnerable cape and wrapped it over Lena. Then carrying Lena in a protective hold, Supergirl then supersped into the building to try and reach the command center in the most direct route possible, by bodychecking herself through the walls, her invulnerable body blasting through them like cardboard.

All kinds of alarms were blaring inside. For some reason, the command center is still relatively unscathed despite the raging fire in the next room. Supergirl deposited Lena near the main control panel, and whose fingers then started to fly across the keyboard entering commands. While waiting for her and recovering her cape, Kara noticed that the temperature gauge in the next room indicating that the equipment has hit critical level.

“Great Rao. This thing is about to explode!”

“Just…about…done! Supergirl, you…you need to turn the valve on the floor in the next room counterclockwise to….to shut it down permanently. ” Despite her bravado, Lena sounded hurt. A quick scan with her xray vision showed that she had inhaled a lot of smoke, and her hands despite having wrapped on another layer of cloth looked burnt, no doubt due to manipulating the hot control panel.

“OK, but I’m getting you out of here RIGHT NOW!” Without waiting for a reply, she carried Lena out of the building and deposited her outside, before superspeeding back into the testing room to collect the four scientists. One of them opened his eyes slightly, and pointed towards the valve, croaking out “tu..tu..turn…” before his eyelids closed.

Once she flew all the four scientists out, Kara returned to the scene and put her deceptively dainty hands on the valve. Partially melted and very hot, it would be impossible for any ordinary human being to turn it. It is however no issue for a solar-powered Kryptonian. Holding on to the metal despite the heat making it slightly uncomfortable, Supergirl flexed her Kryptonian-muscles and slowly turned the valve, bring careful not to squeeze too hard to avoid rendering the valve totally unuseable. Soon she could hear some parts of the failsafe mechanism clicking in place somewhere within the huge mechanism, and she can feel the heat gradually dropping. She then floated up and started blowing her ice breath across the entire room, dowsing out the fire and dropping the temperature further.

As Supergirl floated down, she noticed a reddish glow radiating slightly out from her top towards her neck. A bit concerned, Kara checked every other exposed part of her body, and all are similarly exhibiting slight redness. Feeling a bit self- conscious, she looked around before pulling down her top and quickly peeked in. While there seems to redness on her youthful breasts and cleavage, it seems to be receding gradually. As noises outside indicate people approaching, she quickly covered herself and made her way outside. 

Kal had just returned to the scene just as Kara flew out to meet him. “I’ve taken Lena and the scientists to the hospital. The scientists are badly burnt, and things don’t look good. Lena had inhaled a lot of smoke as well and has burns on her hands, but her chances of a full recovery is definitely better with proper care.”

“I didn’t see any major fire around the control panel…how did Lena get burnt?”

“Well, it was extremely hot in there when she was with you, and she was literally trying to stay conscious long enough to shut the thing down. Thank goodness you managed to get here earlier.”

“Well, I am nearer, so…”

They were interrupted by newsmen who have started to congregate into the compound, shouting up to them “Hey Superman! Care to give us soundbites on what happened here?”

Kara turned around and was about to fly away when Kal placed his arm around her waist, keeping her from leaving.

“Wait. Kara…it’s time.”

“It’s time? Time for what??”

Smiling, Kal-el guided Kara downwards, and together they landed on the ground. Looking towards the camera and newsmen, he said “Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to formally introduce to you, Kara Zor-El. My cousin from Krypton. It was she who arrived at the scene first, helping with the rescue effort and also the suppression of the fire. I know that some of you might have heard of stories prior about a girl who seemed to be dressed in the similar red and blue costume, helping people in need. Well, here she is in person!”

It was a very good day for Kara Zor-El.

And for Linda Lee too, for that matter!

Save lives, check! Perfect pose and outfit for her official introduction to the world, check!

Best of all, school’s out early for the rest of the afternoon due to the incident! Supergirl had flown back to Leeville High School and changed back to Linda Lee, before leaving for home at the orphanage, creating the impression that she was hiding somewhere to ride out the chaos.

In the evening, as she lay on her bed in her nightee which basically is a super-oversized cotton t over her undergarments, she had also called her boyfriend to tell him she’s ok. Derek Anders was relieved to hear her voice, for he was worried sick when he couldn’t find her anywhere, and she didn’t respond to the multiple text messages until Supergirl got back. Such a good and concerned boyfriend...

But given that now she’s officially introduced to the world now, it does means she has earned Kal’s trust somewhat, and she is expected to be able to handle more incidents on her own in the future. FINALLY she can have Kal off her back. “Hah, as if that will work” Kara mused. And that might potentially eat into her “me-time” with Derek.

“Oh well…we’ll get there when we need to”, Linda smiled. She then thought back to the scene at LunarCorp, and how her body was showing a bit of redness. Since her arrival on Earth, her skin tone has gradually improved and is showing a most healthy tan under the invigorating yellow sun. No amount of heat or cold can harm her on Earth, not even her blonde hair. The only time she had seen her skin become red was when she had tried containing a small, depleted nuclear warheard, as part of a practice session with Kal a few months ago. She had been too confident with her abilities and neglected Kal’s advice, and had tried to contain the blast by hugging it with her body. While she did contain the explosion, the resultant super-heated blast had caused her skin to be heated up to incandescent for a few seconds, before cooling back down. It caused many days of discomfort to her exposed skin and especially her nether regions.

This time however, despite the initial redness on her body, it didn’t seem to have any adverse effect to her though. Jogging her supermemory, she remembered seeing all the scientists were either holding or were close to a Geiger counter. “Isn’t a Geiger counter used for measuring radiation? I thought the facility is a solar-power storage testing facility?”

As the Girl of Steel pondered that question, her hands roamed over her body, across her budding chest and across her thighs. She sighed, “Still super, and still invulnerable.” In fact, Kara mused, it felt…invigorating? Good? No, BETTER than good, in fact.

Cupping her budding breasts in her hands, she could feel their warmth and firmness. Kara has been amazed how much her body has grown since she arrived on Earth more than a year ago. It seems like her body is responding much faster and trying to make up for lost time, as her Kryptonian physiology continues to adapt to the Earth’s environment. Each and every supple curve seems to reflect her continued maturity into womanhood, and she could almost detect the changes on a daily basis. While still relatively modest, given that she is still young there is indication that that is much room for her chest to continue budding and grow.

Even so, Kara had not realized that her wonderfully evolved Kryptonian cells had absorbed much of the solar flare radiation during her time in the test chamber at LunarCorp. Her race’s unique DNA has always been primed for further evolution in order to adapt to the harshest environment, and the radiation flare had been absorbed together with the regular solar rays that gently caresses her body on a daily basis, causing her breasts to grow ever slightly larger, her arms and leg muscles slightly firmer and more toned compared to when she started the day. 

Her right hand moved southwards down her torso, past her toned abdomen and onto her blonde bush-covered mound. She moved her undies slightly to her side as her fingers teased her pussy lips, her slowly protruding clit evidence of her growing arousal. Her left hand gently caressed her supple left breast, feeling and pinching her firming super-nipples. As she raced towards her own climax, the air wafting with a faint scent of honey and wildflower, her last thought was how good the day was for Kara Zor-El, the Last Daughter of Krypton.

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