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Halloween Treat

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Halloween Treat by Ace 191

For those of you who don’t know, Dave Hoover was in my opinion, the greatest Supergirl artist ever! It was a tragedy that he died at age 56 in 2011.

Chapter One

It had been a tough two years for Jimmy Olsen at the Planet. The youngest reporter (still a cub) had not had a single front page story. Those mostly went to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Superman helped them get their stories, but Jimmy was always sent to restaurants and store openings, along with festivals and occasions where Superman was helping to raise money for charities or entertaining kids at the orphanages. Some career. He was getting really down and Mr. White was telling him that if he didn’t start getting some noteworthy scoops, he might let him go.

He put his anger aside for a moment as his favorite time of the year was about to come up, Halloween! Who should he be this year? Sherlock Homes, Frankenstein, Green Lantern or the Flash? Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him as he quickly turned around to see who it was. To his great surprise, it was the 5th dimensional Imp Mr. Myxzptlk.

“Why waste time dressing up as those losers when you could be a real Super Hero for Halloween. Wouldn’t you like to have Super Powers ten times more powerful than Superman’s with complete invulnerability to all forms of Kryptonite along with no problems with Red Suns or Phantom Zone projectors? And let’s not forget that your Super Vision will be able to see through anything including lead. And because I am such a nice guy, if you do well, I will let you keep your powers for 90 days or perhaps even longer. “

“So what is the catch for you,” James responded.

“Oh nothing much. Maybe just having the fun of watching Superman get rescued by you. I have a feeling that he is going to have a rough weekend.”

Jimmy pondered this decision. “I really don’t trust this guy, but it will probably go better for Superman if I am there to save him. After all, why shouldn’t I have a little fun on Halloween as well.”

“Ok, I am in. So what is the plan?”

“Halloween is this Friday. You need to get out of your place by 3:30 PM. I will drop off your costumes at 4 pm with instructions. You can come back at 4:30 and decide which ones you want to wear. Feel free to switch them around as you wish. You will not see me again until midnight Sunday.“

“Ok”, Jimmy answered with just a hint of trepidation in his voice. “I wonder what kind of costumes he is going to bring.”

The week just dragged by. It was the same old assignments. “School board meetings, the Mayors speech, and investigating issues at nursing homes, hardly front page news,” he lamented. But today was Friday and Jimmy could hardly wait for 4:30 to arrive. “I wonder what that imp has in mind for me. Will I be an Ultraman in a green outfit or perhaps Power Man in a bright red and gold skin tight suit with a gold mask?” Jimmy was really getting excited just thinking about all the things that he was going to get to do this weekend.

Finally, 4:30 came. With intrepid excitement, Jimmy walked up the staircase to his apartment. He unlocked the door, stepped in and relocked it. Turning around and looking at his couch, his incredible enthusiasm was displaced with grief. “Oh no, this just can’t be,” he said out loud. But there it was, right in front of him. On his couch and on the floor were the items that Myxi had left for him. There were red slippers, 3 inch red high heeled shoes, and red boots with block heels and spiked ones. On his couch, there was a tiny Bikini with an “S” symbol in the front along with a large bra top. Next to that was a very short red skirt along with a blue top adored with an “S” shield that would barely cover a pair of large breasts.

Several red capes of multiple sizes were there as well. Lastly, there was a nice looking long sleeve blue dress with an “S” shield and a yellow belt which looked to be the most modest of the group.

Jimmy let out a big sigh. “I should have known there would be a big catch to this. Ten times Superman’s powers, invulnerable to everything,” he lamented. He walked over to the couch and picked up the note Myxi had left him. “I hope you are enjoying all of the outfits that I brought for you. At five PM you will change into a beautiful 5’9” knockout blonde with all the powers and abilities that I had promised you. And don’t worry about your secret identity. The rest of the world will know you as 5’5” red haired Kimmy Olsen, Ace reporter for the Daily Planet. Whenever you wish to change between the two, just wish it. And lastly, the whole world knows about Kimmy and Superwoman , but only Clark Kent knows that there was a Superman before you. Guess why?”

It was now 4:50. Jimmy walked over to his closet only to find that everything in it was for Kimmy. Ditto for his dresser. There were bras and panties along with nylons and shorts including red and blue super panties. He took the blue one out of the drawer as he had already decided on which uniform he would wear. He put it on his bed along with the 3 inch spiked red boots and the blue mini dress with the red cape that was just longer than the dress.

It was 4:58 when Jim took off his shoes and clothes and waited for the inevitable to happen. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best. Within a few seconds, he felt a strange tingling sensation pass over him. He could feel his hair growing along with his chest while his waist started to shrink. He could feel his manhood retreating into his body. Instinctively, he moved his right hand down to where it had been but only found in its place a small opening.

All of a sudden, the sensation had stopped, but now he could hear all kinds of sounds from jackhammers to cars and thousands of people talking. He opened his eyes and he could see right through the brick wall of his apartment and was able to locate all of the people he was hearing. He turned to the mirror and he could not believe what he saw.

The image in the mirror was unbelievable. He was looking at the most perfect, beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life! From her long golden locks to her flawless complexion she was every man’s dream! Her deep blue eyes were captivating. Her incredible breasts gave way to ripped abs and implausible legs. By any standards she was the most gorgeous female on the planet!


Jimmy raised his hands and felt for the first time her fabulous breasts, making slow circles around her nipples which gave way to an odd but pleasurable sensation in her new equipment. She slowly worked her way down to her wonderful ripped abs and headed towards further new territory.

She paused for a second and then gently entered her new orifice and suddenly, she felt the most incredible sensation that she had ever had. It was beyond anything she had experienced or could possiblyhave imagined.

She slowly floated upwards in the air while rotating to a position parallel to the ground. The faster she moved her finger, the greater the sensation became. She knew she should stop, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t long until she exploded with joy!

It took several seconds until she got a grip on reality. She lowered herself back to the floor watching in the mirror as she came down. “Maybe this Superwoman thing is not so bad after all,” she pondered. She opened the panty drawer and put on her super blues. The Woman of Steel casually walked over to the bed and donned her blue super dress with a red cape that ended just below it. Lastly, she slipped into her super spiked boots that came up almost all the way to her knees.

She walked over to the mirror and gave herself a good look. Yes, I think this outfit will do quite nicely.

Chapter Two

Superwoman gazed at her closet. Hmmm? What does Kimmy want to wear tonight? Let’s try the green skirt with the yellow blouse and the brown flats.

Here goes nothing. “I wish to be Kimmy,” she thought in her head. In an instant, she was 5’5” with long red hair and green eyes. She was very petite with perky little B cups. Her flats looked good and she could easily pass for a college student if she needed to.

She made a quick check of her powers. X-ray vision and super hearing, check. Picking up a poker rod from the fireplace and using her heat vision to make it red hot, her little finger easily bend it without scorching her bare hands. A quick blast of super breath cooled the metal. OK, time to go out and have some fun!

She walked down her stairs and then down the sidewalk. At the corner of her building, she stepped into the alley and thought to herself, “I am Superwoman,” and in an instant, she was flying upwards at nearly the speed of sound.

With her cape flapping in the breeze, she did some loops and barrel rolls. Her face was just beaming with delight. She slowed down and made a pass over a large park as all the people cheered her on and many were saying how lucky Metropolis was to have a Superheroine like her to protect them. Her superhearing picked-up a liquor store robbery in progress and in a flash; she was standing behind the perpetrators.

“Don’t you know that it is not nice to point a gun at someone” she said.

The leader turned around and tried to point the gun at the store keeper, but it was aimed at a large red and yellow “S” and out of frustration, he pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Superwoman in the left breast and bounced back into the perpetrator’s right shoulder. “Little boys should not be playing with guns,” she said.

Seeing what happened to his partner, the second robber laid down his weapon and put his hands behind his head as the Police arrived. The clerk thanked Superwoman for saving the day, as she cheerfully flew up, up and away.

The Maid of Might was absolutely thrilled with her new powers. But what should she use them for tonight? “I know. I will find every little girl who is out trick or treating tonight as Supergirl and give her a chance to fly with me!”

It didn’t take long to find a Supergirl. There was a 7 year old going around with her friends and father trick or treating. The flying blonde beauty swooped down and asked the little girl if she would like to go flying.

“Would I!”

Before the father could say a thing, the two maidens of might were circling the houses to the delight of the children. She spent over two hours flying all the Supergirl’s around. Her plan for giving rides was going great, but most of the kids were heading back to their houses now. “Time to get back to my crime patrol,” she reasoned.

Chapter Three

She rocketed up to 10,000 feet and hovered there scanning all the streets in Metropolis. There was some unusual activity at the docks, and Clark Kent seemed to be in the middle of it. “He must have caught a tip that something was happening tonight. This should be interesting, so I had better keep an eye on Clark,” she thought to herself.

Using her supervision, she quickly located a massive Fentanyl shipment. So that is why Clark is here. But what is he going to do? It did not take her long to find out. He had several low light cameras set up in the warehouse to catch the smugglers red handed. And if one of them had not fallen, his plan might have worked.

“What was that?” the boss asked.

“Looks like one of those fancy low light cameras to me boss.”

“Spread out and see if anybody we don’t know is in here.”

Guns drawn, the crew spread out around the warehouse. They were moving closer and closer. Clark was about to be dead meat so he picked up his spare camera and threw it across the warehouse. The thugs took the bait so he turned and made a beeline for the backdoor. Unfortunately, there was a man concealed there. “Drop it and reach or you are dead,” the man commanded.

Clark did the only thing he could do. He had to obey. Why had his powers failed him? Who is this Superwoman that everybody thinks is great and has been around for a while? Is he losing his mind? No, but there has to be an explanation.

“Drag his ass over here!” the boss commanded.

“Hey boss,” one of the thugs bellowed. “I think he is that Kent reporter from the Daily Planet.”

“Is that so? I guess you guys know what to do. Tie him up and take him out to the pig farm. Good news Kent. You are going to be the guest of honor at dinner tonight and you will never bother me and my guys again! Get going so that Super dame doesn’t catch us.”

“Right away boss.”

Clark had heard about dead bodies that were fed to pigs. “A great way to get rid of a body with no trace,” he reflected to himself.

Superwoman was taking all of this in. “I think I will let the boss do what he wants without interference from me for now. It will be fun to watch Clark sweat a little bit. The shoe is on the other foot now Mr. Kent.”

A non-descript van pulled up and a bound and gagged Mr. Kent was placed inside. A few seconds later, Clark was on his way to a dinner party that he did not want to attend.

Five minutes later a large new Black Mercedes Van pulled up. Two large duffel bags came out and multiple large “TOXIC WASTE” boxes were put in. “It will be interesting where that van goes. I will have to keep an eye on it,” the Maiden of Might said to herself. “Oh well, time to call the police to pick up the trash!”

A few minutes later the police arrived and Superwoman turned the thugs over to the cops. “Let’s see where the van and Clark are,” she said out loud. Leaping up into the sky the Maiden of Might quickly located her targets. “Guess I should be nice and rescue Clark first.”

Clark had arrived at the pig farm. He couldn’t see it, but he sure could smell it.

His captors pulled him out of the van and dragged him over to a tree stump. “I’ll get the axe,” one of them shouted out. “I would just shoot the guy,” another chimed in.

“You guys are idiots! Cutting his head off will leave a huge amount of blood and shooting him will make too much Noise. Just get a rope and strangle him and we can burn the rope later,” the man in charge commanded.

“Really sorry about this guy, but we have to do it.” Two of the men held Clark down while the leader put the rope around Clark’s neck and started to pull.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a strong female voice said that seemed to be coming from overhead.

“Shit! That Superbitch has found us!”

“If you three want to stay alive I would suggest that none of you address me again in that matter or all three of you will be providing the hogs dinner tonight! Now drop your guns and untie Mr. Kent and I may let you live!”

Two of the men immediately untied Clark. “We were just following orders from the boss. You know how that goes.”

“Yes I do,” the Maid of Might replied, “which is why you will all be going to prison for the rest of your miserable life’s! Are you all right Mr. Kent?”

“Yes, thanks to you Superwoman.”

“All right gentlemen. Now that your hands are all tied, the three of you will get in the back of the van with me. Mr. Kent, why don’t you sit in the front seat and put your seat belt and shoulder harness on tight. It may be a bumpy ride if these guys don’t cooperate. No need to turn on the engine. I will be providing the power for this flight. Now boys, if you answer my questions honestly you will live. If not, some of you may die. Now who bought the fentanyl tonight,” the maid of might inquired.”

Dead silence. “The hard way it is. Hold on tight Mr. Kent.”

The van pitched straight up sending the thugs tumbling to the back doors. In the next instant, the van tipped 180 degrees while still going straight up which slammed them against the front seat.

“OK, OK we will all talk, just don’t do that again,” they pleaded.

“That’s better,” replied the caped beauty. They quickly told her everything that she wanted to know. Landing at the Police Station, Superwoman turned them in and suggested that Mr. Kent should be allowed to keep the van for all the trouble they had caused him. “What van,” the grinning lieutenant remarked.

“Guess I won’t need to fly you home, Mr. Kent,” the gorgeous beauty said as she once again headed for the skies.

Chapter Four

Kimmy was up bright and early Saturday morning raring to go. She had turned in her story about the the fentanyl heist last night. The Daily Planet was just hitting the streets with her article at the top of the front page. It was a beautiful morning, and she was not going to waste it.

She went down to the coffee shop and ordered a bearclaw and a cup of hot chocolate. What to do, what to do she pondered? She couldn’t help but notice that several young men were checking her out. Maybe being a Supergirl is not such a bad thing. As long as I have these powers, I might as well use them. Time for a road trip!

Clark was just getting up. He was sore all over with multiple bruises from last night. “Well, at least I am alive,” he thought to himself. He opened his door and picked up the Planet off the mat. There was Kimmy’s article about last night right on the first page.

“How does she get these scoops? I bet she gets a little super help. And how did I lose my powers? I have got to figure this out if I am ever going to get out of this.”

Superwoman was flying at a hundred thousand feet. She was over Central America moving down to South American taking in the sights. The scenery was breathtaking, but she wanted to check something out, namely Superman’s fortress. Is it still his, or is it hers?

She made it to Antarctica and located the door. She decided not to look inside with her supervision as she picked up the large yellow key. Unlocking the door was a snap so she went inside. To her surprise, it did not look like what she remembered. It had a woman’s touch to it and there was the Planet Krypton being held up by none other than Superwoman! Would Myxi go to all this trouble just for a 3 day prank? She didn’t think so. Does he really mean to replace Superman with a Superwoman? Or is he just taunting Clark?

“Time to get back to work,” she thought. “Only a day and a half until her appointment with Myxi Sunday night so she might as well do as much good as she can.”

She started in Europe and Africa saving lives, repairing dwellings and distributing food to hungry people. She then focused on North, Central and South America before heading to the Far East and Japan. She traveled across Russia and the Middle East before starting again.

“10 PM. Time to head home and meet with Myxi,” she thought.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss Goody Two Shoes! Did you have a good time using your powers? “

“Yes I did. It was absolutely incredible! I can’t thank you enough!”

“How would you like to keep them?”

“I don’t know. They really aren’t mine. They belong to Clark.”

“Yes, but what has he done for you? He gives big scoops to pretty reporters and himself, but none to you. And you did more good in two days than he does in a month. Do you want to go back to how things were, or are you willing to take your place as Earth’s greatest Super Hero!”

“Do you really think that I can do a better job protecting the Earth than Superman?”

“I know you can!”

“Oh Myxi, you are so wonderful,” she said as the Maiden of Might planted a slow sexy Super Kiss on his mouth, then at super-duper speed she grabbed his hat and put it on her head while she wished for all his magic powers to be transferred to her.


“Oh no you don’t. All you magic is gone. I am the only one that can send you back to the fifth dimension! Is there anywhere else that you would like to go?”

Myxi was too stunned to answer.

Chapter Five

It was Friday night Halloween all over again. Kimmy was excited about it.

She left her apartment and when the coast was clear, she changed into her Superwoman outfit and flew over to Clark Kent’s apartment. She knocked on the door and said, “Trick or treat!”

The door opened and a man’s voice said, “I am sorry that I don’t…”

“Have any candy for me?” the Maiden of Might said. “Mind if I come in?”

Opening the door a little wider, he motioned her in. Clark said “So what can a humble reporter do for the Princess of Power?”

“Why go out trick or treating with me of course.”

“I don’t have a costume,” Clark replied.

“Not a problem. I brought a costume for you with me. Would you like to get your powers back?”

“Would I!”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Are you absolutely sure you want to be Super again?”


“Ok then. Close your eyes and then say three times, I wish to be Super!”

Clark thought that Superwoman was being silly, but there was nothing to lose here so why not. “I wish to be Super. I wish to be Super. I wish to be Super.”

Suddenly after the last “Super” he felt a very strange sensation almost as if he was shrinking. The feeling stopped and he opened his eyes. He could not believe what he saw. He was attired in a little Supergirl outfit with red boots half way to her knees along with a short pleated red skirt and a blue long sleeve top with a big red and yellow “S” symbol on her flat chest. Her red cape stopped even with her skirt.

“You turned me into a ten year old girl!”

“No, I gave you your Super Powers back. And I told you that I had brought a costume for you to wear. Is it my fault that you didn’t ask what kind of a costume it was?”

Clark was furious that Superwoman had tricked him, but his mood started to change as he tried out his Powers. Super Hearing, check. Telescopic Vision, Heat Vision, Super Breath, check.

“Are you ready to fly over to that nice neighborhood 2 miles away? They have the absolute best candy in town,” the most powerful female in the Galaxy exclaimed.

“Sure. Let’s go.” She responded.

“So how does it feel to be flying again honey?”

“Really great, but kind of weird,” Supergirl replied

“Don’t worry. You will get used to being a Supergirl very fast. It is a good thing that we both have pouches in our capes so that we can collect our candy. And the best thing is that our Super Metabolism will keep us from getting fat!


“Young lady, I am very displeased with your behavior at school. Both your teacher and the Principal have contacted me about you. I don’t want you to EVER use your powers to bully or intimidate other people which is why I am striping you of your powers for the next month. And your choice of wardrobe is going to change right now! On Mondays, you are going to wear your pink dress with your matching pink shoes and on Fridays, you are going to wear your beautiful yellow dress with your white boots with the 1 inch heels. The rest of the week you can wear any of your other dresses or your blouse and skirt combos with sensible shoes. And that is not all! Every Monday and Thursday you are going to run the dishwasher and put away the dishes and every Tuesday and Friday you are going to take out the trash. And don’t forget to pick up your room and make your bed every day before you go to school. If you don’t follow these rules, I am sure that I can find another girl to take your place as my Super Helper!”


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